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Mark Moss talks about the volatility of gold market

The Volatility Of The Gold Market Explained | Mark Moss

Posted in: Mark Moss, News, Patriots

Mark Moss talks about how gold prices are soaring, and this could mean big changes in the financial world. This video explains why gold prices are rising and how this could affect your investments. It also talks about how gold has been used as money for over 5000 years. Learn how to protect your money with this important information. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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The David Knight Show 4-11-24 episode

Thu 11Apr24 The David Knight Show Unabridged | The David Knight Show

Explore the intriguing world of politics, finance, and societal issues with The David Knight Show. From heated debates on abortion laws to the rising demand for gold and silver, we cover it all. We also delve into the controversies surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change. Tune in for thought-provoking discussions and unique perspectives on current affairs. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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The Millionaire Morning Show w/ Anton Daniels talks about 11 year sentence for a crime the person didn't commit

Did 11 Years For Crime He Didint Commit Gang Member Sentenced For Aamir Griffin Principal Jailed | The Millionaire Morning Show w/ Anton Daniels

The Millionaire Morning Show w/ Anton Daniels discusses the following ideas. Anthony Robinson was unfairly jailed for a crime he didn’t do. He couldn’t run due to a leg injury, proven by old x-rays. Now, he’s working hard to get a certificate of innocence. A boy brought a gun to school. The assistant principal didn’t allow a search. Now, they might be held responsible for the incident. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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David Nino Rodriguez talks about horrifying big foot encounters

Sasquatch Campfire Discussions With Steve From How To Hunt.. Who Are They Really? | David Nino Rodriguez

In this blog post, David Nino Rodriguez and Steve chat about a secret video featuring a mysterious creature, possibly a sasquatch. They also discuss investing in precious metals and the importance of developing our sixth sense. Steve, not a Bigfoot fan, aims to support those ridiculed for their sightings. They ponder why these creatures aren’t seen more often. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Judicial Watch talks about a big victory for election integrity

FITTON: Big victory for election integrity and Left doesnt know what to do! | Judicial Watch

Judicial Watch talks about how a Pennsylvania court recently approved a rule for mail-in ballots to have a date on the envelope. This rule helps keep elections fair. The court’s decision implies that any undated ballots counted in the 2020 election may have been incorrect. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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“Gerald Celente talks about new trends. He says gold and oil prices are going up because of world problems. More people can’t pay their credit cards. He thinks computers might become smarter than us. He doesn’t like how news and government care more about big companies than people. He tells young folks to learn about computers because they’re important.” …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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X22 Report recent episode 3327b episode

Ep 3327b – [DS] Sets Up War Narrative Trump Conviction Will Not Stop Him Timing Is Everything | X22 Report

Posted in: News, Patriots, X22 Reports

X22 Report explores current American politics, discussing corruption, censorship, and potential threats. It highlights concerns about social media control, border issues, and gun rights. It also delves into controversies involving politicians and public figures. Despite challenges, it suggests Trump’s enduring popularity and potential 2024 candidacy. The post encourages awareness and critical thinking in these complex times. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Universal 432 Hz | SettingBrushFires

Listen and relax, send stress to another planet. We came here to learn and experience .. take the time to contemplate your knowledge and experiences …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Update #873 – Thursday April 11, 2024

Posted in: Daily Updates, News, Patriots

Dive into today’s most crucial news with our expertly curated content designed to keep you ahead in these fast-paced times. From political debates to global events, we provide concise updates, ensuring you’re informed and prepared. Stay smart and let us navigate these times together, because knowledge is power. To learn more, click the button below 👇. Ensure your voice is heard, stay united with us, and see what’s making the headlines today…

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Andrew Kaufman M.D. talks about who you are in the eyes of the law

Who Are You In The Eyes of The Law? | Healthy Living Interview with Basilikos Nomos part 2 | Andrew Kaufman M.D.

Andrew Kaufman M.D. talks about how to discover how our personal data, like birth certificate details, help the government create trust accounts. These accounts fund systems and global obligations. Learn about legal entities, trusts, and the roles we play in them. Understand how credit systems work and the complexities of property ownership. This blog emphasizes the importance of understanding legal and financial matters …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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The Economic Ninja talks about a housing insider who just shared a secret with me

Housing Insider Just Shared A Big Secret With Me | The Economic Ninja

The Economic Ninja discusses the current housing market, where big companies buy homes, raise prices, and sell to pension funds, falsely inflating market value. It warns about risky mortgages and potential market crashes. It also talks about cash offer financing, a popular but potentially dangerous practice. The author urges readers to educate themselves and prepare for possible market changes. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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And We Know talks about win for life big turn in truth telling amazing pray

4.10.24: Get a warrant. #FISA huge comms AZ win for LIFE Big turn in TRUTH telling Amazing! | And We Know

Posted in: And We Know, News, Patriots

The And We Know channel discusses upcoming challenges for Americans, touching on political and social issues. It covers topics like abortion, social media activism, and conspiracy theories. The post also explores allegations against prominent figures and potential shifts in U.S. financial dominance. It’s a comprehensive look at current events and their potential impact on everyday Americans. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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The Millionaire Morning Show w/ Anton Daniels talks about if dexter reed deserved to be shot 96 times

Did Dexter Reed Deserve To Be Hit 96 Times By Chicago Police Black People Are In Uproar Over This | The Millionaire Morning Show w/ Anton Daniels

The Millionaire Morning Show w/ Anton Daniels talks about how in Chicago, Dexter Reed was stopped by police and a shooting occurred. Some say Reed shot first, causing police to return fire. This event has sparked debates about police actions and their timing during election season. Reed’s family demands justice, while others argue about personal responsibility and the role of money-seeking lawyers. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Judicial watch talks about biden foreign policy

K.T. McFarland Discusses Biden Foreign Policy; Ukraine; Israel; China Reagans Star Wars | Judicial Watch

In this podcast on Judicial Watch, KT McFarland, a former national security advisor, shares her experiences from Nixon to Reagan’s era. She discusses her role in shaping key Cold War strategies and criticizes current policies towards Iran and China. The podcast also explores the U.S.’s potential to use economic strength to influence global conflicts. Tune in for more insights and suggest future topics. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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Gregory Mannarino warns to expect a major false flag


Gregory Mannarino talks about our economy. He says prices are going up a bit and money is moving faster. This might cause inflation – when there’s more money but fewer things to buy. He also says debt is growing and banks are getting stronger. He suggests investing in things like silver or copper. …Learn More, Click The Button Below….

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