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The Economic System Is Breaking Down And And The People Will Know Who Is Responsible

Posted in: News, Patriots, X22 Reports

Uncover the unsettling truths behind our fragile financial system and the looming collapse brought on by unsustainable policies, inflation, and the deep state. The blog dissects the global push towards decentralized, gold-backed economies as a bulwark against corruption and corporate control. Don’t miss the crucial insights into what could be the next economic revolution. Watch Now….

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American students lag behind post-pandemic

Catching Up: Schools Seek Solutions as Students Struggle in Post-Pandemic Era

Posted in: Andy Oxide, MPN, News, Updates

Schools Double Down on Efforts to Reverse Pandemic Math Learning Slide As the education landscape grapples with the aftermath of the COVID-19…

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Sheriff Mack Warns Americans of Upcoming Digital Currency (CBDC)

Posted in: CSPOA, MPN, News, Updates

  Sheriff Mack Warns Americans of Upcoming Digital Currency (CBDC) – Find out what is really planned for Americans. Get prepared and…

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The Insane Plot To Interfere In The Election

Posted in: Dan Bongino, News, Patriots

Explore the labyrinth of today’s sociopolitical landscape, from the tussle between Trump and Biden to racial voter stereotypes. Dive into lifestyle choices, like fasting, while questioning the integrity of mainstream narratives. Our host dissects pivotal issues, from gender debates to the erosion of the middle class. Don’t miss out on this all-encompassing dialogue. Click to learn more….

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Leading Economic Indicators Collapse Again! US Debt Skyrockets.

– Greg Manorino reports that the current economic situation is characterized by increasing inflation, declining real wages, soaring home prices, and negative indicators implying an impending economic slowdown. The stock market hints signs of risk, and combined with excessive US debt, hints towards higher future inflation. There’s an implicit concern of central banks intentionally manipulating economies towards a neo-feudal system. People are also quietly revolting, withdrawing cash from banks in response to the uncertain environment. His advice to navigate this is to continue betting against the debt, “unbank” oneself, and consider oneself as one’s own central bank….

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Obama Chef Death Secrets!

Uncover the hidden truth with Judicial Watch as they delve into political arrests, alleged abuses of power, and First Amendment threats. From scrutinizing the murky circumstances around Obama’s chef to fighting big tech censorship, this watchdog is unyielding in its quest for transparency. Demand action now—read on to understand how you can support their mission and protect the rule of law.

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Maui Coverup Trump Popularity Grows Many Tired Fog of War! Pray!

Posted in: And We Know, News, Patriots

In a world grappling with divisive politics, societal upheaval, and global crises, our comprehensive blog post delves deep into the issues that matter most. From the erosion of trust in the media and government to rampant misinformation and emergency responses, we offer critical perspectives. We also explore issues around child safety, free speech, and the role of faith in turbulent times. Don’t miss this crucial dialogue—learn more now….

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Economy In Collapse… Personal Bankruptcies Skyrocket! Banks Will Get Another Bailout

– The speaker, Gregory Manorino, speaks about various societal and economic issues including the ongoing pandemic and lockdowns, media manipulation, increasing personal debt, and the growing threat of bankruptcy. He also addresses the dominance and control of central banks and expresses suspicion that another economic crisis is imminent, which he believes will lead to increased power concentration in fewer institutions. He also briefly discusses the stock market, where the risk remains crucially high, and presents a bleak outlook for cryptocurrencies and crude oil. He urges a revolution against the central banks and requests the public to share his message widely. ‘…

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Update #712 – Monday, August 28th, 2023

Posted in: Daily Updates, News, Patriots

From AI drones and global conspiracies to vaccine controversies, environmental concerns, looming economic challenges, and the debate on lab-grown meat, our world stands at multiple crossroads. Dive into an investigative journey into these pressing issues. ➡️ Stay informed; stay ahead. Read on for the full scoop!…

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LT w/ Dr. Elliott: Consistency key BRICS C40 UN plans PRAY!

Posted in: And We Know, News, Patriots

Dr. Kirk Elliot unveils the seismic shifts in global economy, spotlighting the BRICS’ rise and the US’s waning dominance. Amidst economic warfare and digital currency transitions, could gold and silver be your safe haven? Let’s navigate these turbulent financial waters together. 🔍🌍 Dive deeper now!…

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Patriots Sound Alarm on Upcoming Potential Covid Scam

Posted in: MPN, News, Updates

Patriots are sounding the alarm over potential new COVID manipulations ahead of the 2024 elections. With a “new strain” on the horizon, fears of return restrictions and mail-in voting controversies are reigniting. Is history about to repeat itself for political gain? 🔍 Uncover the unfolding story. ➡️ Dive in now!…

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Depopulation Climate Change and Weather Weapons

Posted in: Greg Reese, News, Patriots

‘Limits to Growth’ argues that drastic depopulation may be Earth’s salvation, targeting 1-2 billion inhabitants. Yet, critics push back, emphasizing sustainable solutions and hinting at man-made climate influencers. Is Earth’s capacity truly limited, or are there other factors at play? 🌍 Dive deeper into the debate. ➡️ Learn More…

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Florida prepares for a major hurricane, gulf coast gas contaminated

Monster Hurricane Idalia Barrels Toward Florida as Gasoline Crisis Looms

Posted in: Andy Oxide, MPN, News, Updates

Tropical Storm Idalia intensifies, threatening Florida’s Gulf Coast with a potential Category 3 landfall. Amidst emergency preparations, a fuel contamination issue complicates evacuation efforts. With deadly surges, powerful winds, and flooding in the forecast, immediate action is vital. 🌀 Stay informed and safe. ➡️ Dive into the full update now!…

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The World Is Now Shifting Away From The [CB] System And The [DS] Cannot Stop This

Posted in: News, Patriots, X22 Reports

Discover the startling truth about the Deep State’s Green New Deal ambitions and the global push towards controversial energy policies. As the U.S. economy teeters, are Trump and the Patriots poised for a monumental turnaround? Delve into the battle for our economy’s future. 🌍💡 Dive in to uncover more!…

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Where’s the Beef? Ranchers Take Stand Over Synthetic ‘Meat’ Label

Posted in: MPN, News, Updates

American cattlemen challenge the synthetic beef industry’s use of the term “meat.” As the USDA greenlights lab-grown alternatives, ranchers advocate for clear labeling, drawing parallels with the dairy industry’s challenges over plant-based “milk”. Dive deeper into this modern meat debate and its implications. ➡️ Read the full article now!…

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