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➡ This is a transcript of a podcast hosted by Dan Bongino, where he interviews various guests. In this episode, he talks to Aaron Lewis, a popular singer known for his solo career and his time with the band Stain. They discuss Aaron’s new song, “Made in China”, his love for America, and his views on the current state of the country. The podcast also includes a promotion for Beam’s dream powder, a product designed to improve sleep quality.
➡ Aaron Lewis, a famous musician, talks about his constant drive to improve and his fear of failure. He believes he’s only as good as his next song and doesn’t allow himself to feel like he’s “made it”. He also mentions his new song, “Made in China”. The article ends with a promotion for Omaha Steaks and a discussion about Hunter Biden’s testimony before Congress.
➡ The author discusses their frustration with people who deny evidence of Joe Biden’s alleged wrongdoings, and their refusal to engage with these deniers. They also talk about their commitment to accurate reporting, even if it means not being the first to break a story. They mention sensitive information they’ve shared about a supposed intelligence operation to spy on American citizens, including Donald Trump. Lastly, they comment on the political landscape, criticizing Nikki Haley’s continued participation in the presidential race despite repeated losses.
➡ Michael Francis, a former member of the Colombo crime family, shares his experiences in the mob and how he turned his life around. He discusses the devastating impact of the mob lifestyle on families and how the implementation of the RICO law in the mid-80s led to his decision to leave. He also talks about his current work as a content creator and his views on popular mob movies. Lastly, he expresses concern about the government’s actions, comparing them to mob tactics.
➡ The text discusses the speaker’s concerns about the government using its power against individuals they disagree with, comparing it to his experiences with the mob and the legal system. The speaker, a former mob member, also talks about his life in the mob, the threats he faced when he left, and his current life. He also criticizes a prosecutor involved in a case against Donald Trump, comparing it to a circus. Lastly, he promotes a skincare product and comments on a trial he finds absurd.
➡ The text talks about a confusing court case involving Fonnie Willis and Nathan Wade, where there’s a lot of arguing about speculation and evidence. It criticizes the way the case is being handled, saying it’s a mess and hard to follow. The text also discusses how cell phone data is being used as evidence, and criticizes a prosecutor named Fonnie Willis for saying cell phone data isn’t reliable, which could impact future cases. The text ends by saying that this situation is a perfect example of how the government is trying to ruin people’s lives.
➡ The text talks about a year-long quarantine due to a virus. It also mentions a show that can be found daily on or local radio, hosted by Dan Bongino. The host appreciates the listeners and looks forward to the next week’s show.


Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show that’s not immune to the facts with your host, Dan Bongino. Welcome to this special Weekend podcast we do for you every other weekend we like to highlight some of the really great interviews we do on the radio show. It’s not due to me, but great guests and you deserve to hear from them. If you’d like to listen to the radio show live, go to any weekday.

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That’s shopbeam. com Bongino and use code Bongino for up to 40% off. First up is our interview with this really terrific singer. He’s become a good friend, Aaron Lewis. You remember him from his solo career and from his time in the band stain. They were unbelievably popular. Still are some iconic music. He’s got a new song out, made in China. Takes you on the inside of the music business in this interview.

Take a listen. The great Aaron Lewis. You may have heard of him. He’s had a storied solo career, was also in the band stained, one of the most popular bands of at least I love them. Aaron’s an amazing singer. He chose to put out this song. It’s available for download now. And we’re lucky enough to have him on the show today. Aaron Lewis. Welcome to the show, amigo.

How are you? I’m good, Dan. How are you? I’m doing good. So listen to this. I get this guy, he sends me a Facebook message. He says, hey, I worked with Aaron in stain for three or four years as a trucker. He says, I can tell you with 100% certainty that Aaron Lewis is the same man backstage as the man you see on the stage. The voice you hear is 100% his.

No auto tune or any other electronics added. He’s a true patriot and a great husband and father and a great person to be around. What a nice message for you, brother, from someone who knew you, from working with you. You can’t ask for anything more than that, right? No man to be called a patriot and a great husband and father. That’s really all that matters to me. So, Aaron, you’ve had an amazing career.

Your solo career has been incredible. Your time with stained, everybody’s heard your music. You’re out on your own now. You have a new song out, made in China, folks, if you want to check it out on x, by the way, he’s at Aaron Lewis music. And Aaron, I think what makes you different, I say this sadly, is there’s so few of you guys know. Bobby Ritchie, kid rock.

You, Jason Aldean, you guys really love the country. You’re not afraid to say it. You’re patriotic. And that’s kind of been lost in this woke music industry now, hasn’t it? Oh, it’s been completely lost. It’s just been lost altogether. It doesn’t have to apply to the music business or anything else. We have very much lost our way as a country, as the owners of this country. We’ve lost our way.

We’ve forgotten what our responsibilities are as the caretakers of this country because that’s all we are. We’re caretakers to hand it on to the next generation in better condition than it was when it was handed to us. And that’s what it’s supposed to be. And I’m not seeing that at all. We’re talking to Aaron Lewis, just an amazing performer. I promise. You’ve heard his music. Most of you know him from his solo career and his time with stain.

He has a new song out called Made in China. I just retweeted it on x. Please check it out, download it. Know, Aaron, I’m seeing this growth of this parallel music industry now. I use that term because I have a parallel economy type business entrepreneurship enterprise where I build out these operations away from the old liberal economy because they boycott and they engage in anti business tactics. But guys like you again, John Rich, Jason Aldean and others, you’ve had such tremendous success.

Are you seeing more people, young and up and coming artists that are taking this tact now where they’re staying out of the business and just going direct to consumer on rumble or YouTube or elsewhere? I don’t see as much of it because I really try as hard as I can to not participate in the Internet. Know, I never even had an official Myspace page, like, going all the way back.

For some reason, I always had this gut feeling about the whole thing that it was just bad. And I realize that through it, we have all been able to wake up in a manner that we wouldn’t have been able to wake up with otherwise. But once we get past this, I don’t know if it’s worth the damage that it’s causing in so many other ways. It’s so refreshing.

We’re not wired this way. We’re not wired. Human beings are not wired to have a cell phone that is an instant computer, instant everything, access to the Internet, connected to them at all times. It’s become part of your body. I don’t live in that space. The entertainment, I love it. I go to concerts all the time, but I don’t know what it’s like to perform in front of 50,000 people.

I have no idea. I mean, I talk on the radio. I don’t sing. I enjoy it. But have you ever had PR people? I mean, you’ve had, again, an amazing solo career. You were part of one of the biggest bands of my era. I mean, you were just born a couple of years ahead of me. Everybody knows stain, everyone. Did you ever have PR people and hacks come up to you and say, yeah, stop with this pro America stuff, just stick to the music? And that’s old passe.

That was in the. Ever have people try to tell you to kind of shut your mouth? That you could be a whole lot richer if you just be quiet about America and conservative values? Every day. Every day in one way or another. Not from my inner circle, but there is definitely a power structure above me. I figured that, that wishes that I would stop telling the truth every day.

I think I told you in a text your song, someone is. He’s got a new song out, folks. Aaron called made in China, and it’s incredible. We just played a little bit. We’ll play a little bit more and wave back in. But your song, someone, is really special. It’s just an amazing song. One day, my wife was getting ready, we were going out for dinner, and it’s amazing how your songs are so deep and emotional.

And I just played it on my phone. I said, I want you to listen to this. It makes me think of you because we’ve had very traumatic relationship in the beginning and that you stuck with me through all these times. And your music, do you write all of your songs, or is it a compilation effort with others? Because that song is just deep. I mean, it’ll shake your soul.

So I wrote that song with Matt McGinn for the longest time. I held my writing process very close to the chest and really didn’t let anybody else in on it. And it really got to a point where it was too much for me. It was too much to carry. It would take me months to recover from the songs that I wrote in order to even be able to play them live without the possibility of breaking down in front of everybody.

So there came a point, and it came in my solo career, where I just didn’t want to bear that burden anymore and sharing it with somebody who knows me and knows my inner workings and knows how you know somebody like Bobby Pinson or Matt McGinn or Jeffrey Steele or Ira Dean. These are people that really know me very well. And so it’s almost like they get to share my brain while we write songs together.

Right. That’s powerful. I mean, my wife was in tears. It’s an amazing song, and it’s just one of a library of songs you have. We’re talking to Aaron Lewis. He has a new song out called Made in China. Again, you know him from his solo career. You know him from his time in stain. Aaron, I won’t keep you very generous with your time, but one thing I always ask a lot of people who really gained a high level of prominence in the entertainment or sports space is when you were with stain, then you guys hit it.

I mean, you guys hit it big. You were everywhere. Your music was everywhere. Was there a moment where you’re looking around with the guys and you’re like, wow, we’re here. We made it. Were you listening in a radio, in a car, headed to a gig, and all of a sudden your song was playing or something? Was there a moment out there where that bell kind of rang? I don’t know if I have that in me, Dan.

I’m always trying to fill the emptiness inside of me that comes from somewhere. I’m not capable of sitting back and going, yeah, I made it. I’m always thinking in my head. I’m always thinking that I’m only as good as the next thing I put out. Right? No, I get it, brother. Listen to me. I get it. People ask me all the time, what motivates you? The love of what you do or the fear of failure from what you’re doing.

I said, that’s an easy one to answer. The fear of failure. You were 100% correct. And I’ve got a whole crew sitting here next to me listening. Aaron. I can do three, four banger shows, 150,000 live streamers, whatever it is. And then I do one show and we’re off 10%. And I’m like, go down. I’ll talk to my wife. It’s over. It’s over. Dan Bongino show sucks. I’m quitting.

I’m the same way, brother. I totally get it. And I think what makes you special, why you’ve succeeded with both stained and on your own, is because of that emotional answer you just gave. Like, if I did make it, I don’t even want to know, because then I’ll act like I made it. Am I accurately summing that up? Yeah. It’s just not in me, Dan. It’s not. It’s not in my character.

I don’t know how to give up on something. I don’t know how to sit back on my laurels. I don’t know how to take a vacation. I don’t know how to take time off. I work a full week just like everybody else, only I work from Wednesday to Sunday while everybody else works Monday to Friday. My producers pointed at me now, he’s like, you got the same problem, Dan.

I got this. I can’t. I’m sending these guys emails at 05:00 in the morning. I’m like, you believe this crap? I’ll read some story about Biden. They’re like, bro, Jim’s 2 hours behind me. It’s 03:00 in the morning, man. Whatever. Give me a break. Stop. Send emails early. You know what that is? Job security, guys. That’s right. No, that’s right. And I think that’s why you don’t have to worry about whether you have to come into job, into work the next day or not, because you know that we’re going to be there.

That’s true. We’re talking to Aaron Lewis. Aaron Lewis. He is at Aaron Lewis music on Twitter x, whatever you want to call it. Now he has a new song out made in China. And folks, do me a personal favor. Download his song someone too and tell me it’s not the most special piece of music you’ve heard in a long time. Aaron, you’re welcome back anytime on the show, we’re going to play a little bit of your music.

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They don’t really care. That’s the point. Take a listen, folks. Right now Hunter Biden is up on Capitol Hill and I just want to err a note of caution for you here because as I’m sensing a lot of frustration is starting to build. Stop trying to convince the lunatic class, the commies, the leftists, the swamp rat republicans. Stop trying to convince them that Joe Biden is the senior member of the Biden crime family.

Why? What are you saying that for? Because they already know. They don’t care. We should plow ahead with this case because there are some sane people left who will be convinced. How do I know that? I’m basing it on polling in the last election. If there was a poll done after the last excuse me, presidential election precision here matters upwards of 17% of Joe Biden’s own voters said they would have voted differently if they had known basically about the Biden crime family activities.

So don’t tell me it doesn’t matter. It does. I’ve got the data to back it up. Getting the information out there matters. However, I’m sensing a growing frustration with Republicans endlessly trying to convince liberals that Biden’s corrupt, do what I do on social media, just laugh and mock them. They already know. You see what I’m getting at with this? I’m not trying to be a jerk or sound like I’m chastising anyone would be ridiculous.

I just don’t want you to get frustrated. You’re like, gosh, we’ve got canceled checks. We’ve got suspicious activity reports. We’ve got multiple business partners saying Biden’s the brand. We’ve got photos of Biden at meetings, testimony of Biden at meetings. We’ve got texts from hunters saying, I’m sitting next to my father. We’ve got office space rented for Biden. We’ve got the 10% for the big guy email. We’ve got a $200,000 check to Biden.

We’ve got Biden living in multimillion dollar homes on a senator’s salary. We’ve got Joe Biden talking on the phone with Poroshenko. Folks, you could produce evidence tomorrow of Joe Biden himself. I’m not kidding. This may sound like I’m making a joke. I am not. Because I’ve said this before. You could pull evidence tomorrow of Joe Biden admitting on video he did all of this, which he did. And, Jim, what do you think the libs would know? He’s got some frontal lobe dementia or something.

He’s making the story up. I’m dead serious. Jim’s laughing as if he’s. I am 100% serious. Stop trying to convince them. Just make fun of them. That is it. They know the guy’s guilty is sin. They know he’s a kid sniffing, sociopathic, plagiarizing, bribe taking, treasonous, most horrendous president we’ve ever had in us history. They know it. It’s not a joke. We know. I just wanted to get that out of the way because what did I send out this morning? I just want to send.

Let me. So you see where this is the genesis of this will make more sense. I get up in the morning in a mood sometimes and, oh, here it is. So this was posted at six, five in the morning, eastern time. I’ve been up for a little bit. And I’m putting together the show and I’m seeing Dan Goldman and everyone on Twitter. And of course they’re like, the Republicans case against the Biden crime family is falling apart.

I’m laughing as I always do in the morning. Know Dan Goldman, who is a certified moron. I mean, by the moron Society of America. He gets their stamp of approval. So I tweeted out, don’t waste your time trying to convince these people Biden’s a criminal. They already know and they love it. They’re tyrants and he’s their tool for destruction. Just plow ahead with the evidence and hope the sane people will eventually see what’s right in front of them.

Now, why am I bringing this up? Not just because Hunter’s testifying right now, but maybe an hour later, I’m downstairs, I’m working out, and Jim, did you see it on Fox and Friends? And there you go. There’s, he’s like, there’s no direct evidence. I’m like, oh, here we go again. So I tweeted again just after I posted this. It happened again. Don’t waste your time trying to convince there’s the no evidence Joe Biden was involved crowd.

These people are either lying, playing dumb, or they’re actively involved in the scam themselves. I just don’t want to, here’s Dan Goldman here. I’m going to put this in the show tomorrow. Here’s Dan Goldman. Let me send this to myself. Here he is right now. I’m watching Twitter in live time. There is a very understandable, coherent business explanation for the Biden family making millions off Joe Biden. Yeah, he’s correct.

Jim’s like, what are you talking about, dan? He said, no, he’s right. Yeah. Biden was selling out the United States and its secrets to a foreign country for money. It’s the truest thing Dan Goldman ever said. The point I’m trying to make here is an obvious one. They know liberals hate you. I can’t say this enough. We say it every day on the show. They hate the country.

They hate you. They hate themselves. If they happen to be white, they sit there all day and engage in white guilt exercises, which is the very definition of racism. They hate everything themselves, their neighbors, everything. The country, their own kids. They’re horrible people. You trying to convince them of something they already know is a total waste of your time. Speaking of which. So for the last couple of weeks, we’ve been airing some really sensitive information on both the radio show and the podcast it’s stuff I was given permission to share a long time ago.

I had kept some of it, not internal, but some of it I wasn’t kind of given permission to go with. And once we had to go on a lot of this stuff, I decided that it was time. It was time because another source had independently confirmed some information. And long and short of it is, I need you to trust me when it comes to reporting, especially on a show where people trust you for your credibility.

I say all the time, I don’t want to be first. I’m not interested at all. I want to be right. I don’t care about being first. Oh, that’s where all the clicks come from. I don’t care. Not even a little bit. I have zero interest in that. Forget it. I would actually prefer to be second or third. So then you have some independent confirmation from a different information stream.

Bottom line is we put out some information about the entire collusion hoax and the spying scandal on us citizens, including Donald Trump. And we had put out a list of people who were spied on. According to my source, I got a bunch of calls from people text during the show. By the way, I’m trying to do a radio show. People are texting me. Can you come on my show and talk about this? I’m not trying to be rude, folks.

The answer is absolutely not. This is a serious situation. I’m trying to be delicate here because I don’t want to sound like I’m exaggerating it or being overly dramatic. The people who have shared information with me that is so sensitive about this CIA overseas intelligence operation to spy on Trump and what one of my sources calls pied Piper candidates, that’ll mean something to some of you. Is so sensitive that I have to be very careful.

So before I do a show, I’m sure to write it down. So I’m sure not to slip on things. I’m not doing interviews on it. The problem is starting because here’s what’s happening. You’ve got a bunch of people out there who are on that list, and I don’t know, they want to make the story about them. It’s about a lot of people. So they’re like, oh, come on my show and talk about it.

Absolutely not. I am not burning a source. Forget it. There’s not even a 0%. It’s the total absence of value altogether. There’s no chance I’m doing it. I’m not trying to be rude or obnoxious, but you need to respect that. And sending 1000 people on social media. Oh, I don’t need to do anything. What I need to do is preserve the sanctity of this relationship with the source so the guy doesn’t get whacked or killed or something.

I’m not doing your show so you can hype up something. So, no, we’re not doing that. I want to get that out there. And I addressed it on the podcast earlier because over the last few days, it’s been ridiculous and it happens. It’s fine. But you get these morons out there, you control the opposition. Whatever, dude. Go put your pacifier in your mouth. Really, it’s pathetic. I disclosed information I’m sure nobody’s ever told you about, a massive overseas intelligence operation to spy on american citizens that weren’t just Donald Trump.

I’m not going to go do some random interview where we out this guy and he gets hurt. We’re not doing that. Okay. Now that we got both of those things out of the way, let’s talk a little bit about last night, folks. Last night in know the story is more of a Democrat party story last night because there’s really nothing to report on the republican side because it’s the status quo.

But maybe that is the story on the republican side. I’m sure at this point, Nikki Haley is going to frame this again as a win. Jim, would you agree the more she loses by the greater her gaslighting efforts to let you know that voters still want a choice? They don’t want a choice. They don’t want you. That’s just simple. They were picking Trump. Have you ever heard of numbers? So Nikki Haley last night, what did she lose by, 40 or 50? I don’t even know.

45. I’ll split the difference or something. It’s over. It is the weirdest thing, though. The more she loses by, the more she gives these speeches and these I will fight on. Voters deserve a choice. Yes. You know Ron DeSantis is on some of these ballots still too, right? No, he dropped out. Yeah, but once you’re on the ballot past the deadline, the ballots are printed. There are people you could technically say that about.

Anyone. Ron’s not in the race anymore. He’s not running. But honestly, either are you. You’re pretending to run. You’re wasting a lot of donor money. But there is not a single trajectory or single state. You are even within a single digit margin of Donald Trump, including your own state. You said it wasn’t a republican story. Now you’re talking about folks. I get it, man. I ran in races.

I’ve lost. It’s hard. It stinks. You lose. I get it. No one’s going to lecture me. Oh, you talk. You should run. I did. When it’s over, it’s over. Voters didn’t want me. They wanted someone else. Seem to like the radio better than me. In politics, sometimes you ask God for an answer. The answer is no. Don’t ask for an answer you don’t want to. The Haley team.

It’s over, man. It’s over. You ran in your first swing state, real swing state with a very, very diverse population. You got smoked. You ran in a red state, you got smoked. You ran in Nevada, you lost to the known at Bovet Lenux ticket. If you watch yesterday’s show, you get it. You ran in New Hampshire and northeastern, you got smoked. You ran in your own state, you got smoked.

I mean, there’s no state. Sean Davis tweeted it, right. We love Sean Davis from the federalist. He tweeted out, nikki Haley’s going for the full Mondale. When Walter Mondale lost 49 of 50 states to Reagan, except she’s trying to beat that record. She’s on track to lose every single state, all 50. It’s time to get out of the race. Okay, now I’m really done. Squad goals. Squad goals.

Jim said it right. Hashtag goals with a z, like the kids throw in it. Goals. Up next is another one of our best interviews. It’s from a former mobster. Take a listen to this. But first, our next sponsor. You ever wondered what happened to the legendary Chuck Norris, the action movie star, world champion black belt and us veteran? Well, I recently saw a video he made and I was shocked.

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The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Michael Francis is a former member of the Colombo crime family. We talked to him about his life in the mob, what made him turn his life around, and what he applies from those lessons he learned to life now. Really interesting interview. We got a lot of great feedback on it. Check it out. I love this guy.

And leave it to me, with a last name like Bongino, which obviously is quite italian, and a producer’s last name is Verde, not exactly irish, to mess up Michael’s last name, even though I know him. Michael Francis. Michael, welcome back to the show. I’m so sorry, man. People tell me I say my own last name wrong if there’s any solace in it. Apparently, if I’m a real Italian, it’s pronounced Bongino, not Bongino.

But my family just kind of picked up and adopted the name. So my apologies. But welcome to the show. Thanks for joining us. Well, thanks, Dan. Thanks for having me. But you got it. Know, the italian way would really be Francis American is, you know, we both do our little thing to shorten it up, but it’s all good. So, Michael, we’ve spoken before. You got a show on Rumble.

We were honored to have you. You got just thousands of people tune into your podcast and your show for your take on things. You were in the mob. You obviously don’t hide it. You discuss it, you talk about it a lot. You apply some of the lessons learned, good and bad to life today, and you become a real source for information for people. So I guess my first question is, what was the wake up call for you where you said to yourself, you know what, man? This life ain’t for me.

No bueno. I’m out. I mean, what happened? Well, Dan, it was a couple of things. Number one, I met a young girl that’s now my wife of 38 years, and she was a young christian girl. One thing that I do say, I don’t knock people in the life. And obviously, I was a part of it for over 20 years, my dad for over 50 years, I would say.

But I say it’s a bad lifestyle because I don’t know any family of any member of that life that hasn’t been totally devastated, including my own. Not my wife and kids, but mother, father, brothers and sisters. It was just devastating to the family. And back in the mid 80s, when they started to really implement the RICO law, the racketeering act, was devastating. And I saw guys that were a lot older than me getting convicted and getting 50 years, 100 years, 150 years.

I said, man. And a lot of guys were turning informative to that point. I said, man, this life is really in trouble. So it’s kind of a combination of both. And I said, you know what? It’s time for me to get out of this and try to straighten out my life. And that was back in the late 80s. We’re talking to Michael Francis. He has a show on Rumble.

It’s amazing. He is a very popular content creator. Michael, you’re right. I remember Rico well. Racketeer induced corrupt organization. And the essence of it, as you well know, is if you were in a mob organization, you could be held accountable for the crimes of others. So you could have been Michael Francis hanging out on a corner with a guy and find yourself with assault. One rap because someone in the mob committed a crime while you were there.

It was a really devastating thing that Giuliani and others used in New York to really bust up the mob. But you saw this lifestyle from the inside. You were there. I think one of the questions I get a lot, and I know it seems kind of flippant and silly, but I hear it all the time. Matter of fact, a bunch of people are actually right now on Facebook asking me to ask know, you see all these mob movies out there, and they glorify this lifestyle, which you and I know is not worth glorifying.

It’s not. This is a criminal lifestyle. It’s not worth glorifying. But which ones would you say are the most realistic? I had a friend who, let’s just say, knew some people who swears it was Donnie Brasco’s lefty character played by Al Pacino, that that was the most realistic portrayal they’d seen. But your thoughts on that? Well, I can tell you, I thought that. That Al Pacino’s best role, I mean, I knew lefty pretty well, and Al Pacino, he just nailed that in every way, not only his mannerisms and everything, the dialogue was terrific.

So I kind of agree on that. And it was a great movie. It was pretty realistic. But for me, the best movie, this may shock you. The most realistic, and I think that the script was taken off of a lot of the surveillance material, was the 1996 HBO Gotti movie with Armand Desante, Anthony Quinn. Dan, that was so brilliant. He killed a role. He was so amazing in it.

There was a scene there with Anthony Quinn. He played Neil de la Crochet. And when he came into the bar and he was sitting down with Gotti. Armand, and telling him how he almost got whacked, and if he would have got the order to whack him, it would have been done. It gave me the chills. It was brilliant. Brilliant. We’re talking to Michael Francis. He has a show on Rumble.

He’s a former member. Michael, was it the Colombo crime family? You were in the Colombo crime family. It’s an amazing show. I encourage you to check it out. Michael, I saw that movie, and you’re right. It is a truly incredible movie. Armand DeSante. And let me tell you something. I’m out to dinner in New York not that long ago, Michael, and I’m with Chaz Palm and Terry, and we’re obviously talking about a Bronx tale.

And sorry, I’m not trying to be a name dropper, it was just interesting you brought that up because my wife, who loves Chaz, loves the movie. We got to talking about mob movies. And the reason I respond that way is he said the same thing. That is his favorite mob movie. And Armand Desante, as John Gotti, was so convincing that if you grew up in Queens, like I did, not far from Howard beach, where John Gotti’s unofficial headquarters was, I mean, he played John Gotti almost better than John Gotti did.

That movie was incredible. You know, Dan, I’ve said that many. You know, Chaz is a dear friend of mine. We actually have a platform together, the wise and the wise guy on YouTube, and we run things by each other. He’s a great guy. But yeah, he agreed with that. He said that was brilliant. But I will say this about Jazz, his portrayal of Sonny in the Bronx tale, also brilliant.

It was just amazing. He did a great job. Amazing. And you know, Michael, that movie never ages. It is evergreen. You can watch a Bronx tale. You can watch that now. You can watch it ten years ago, you can probably watch it ten years in the future. And because it’s a timepiece and there’s no cell phones, that would age the project. It is mean. I’ll leave this for.

I’m not a De Niro fan. You don’t have to comment on that. But his acting was amazing in that. And even the kid who plays just an amazing movie, talking to Michael Francis has a show on rumble. It’s fantastic. I can’t recommend it enough. We’re happy to have him over there. Michael, one of the things I think when I had you on my Fox show, I addressed with, you know, you speak out often.

You’re not one of these guys who avoids politics and the politics of the day. Some of these guys, they get soft. I don’t want to talk about that. Well, okay, whatever. But there’s serious stuff going on. I think I asked you on Fox once, and I remember your answer was so deep. I remember the producer in my ear during the break going, gosh, that was good. I asked you something about how the government, now, given that you’ve been in the actual mob and you’ve seen it, the things the mob did, your government’s doing now, the same government that used to arrest people in the mob, shaking people down, threatening people, intimidating people, stealing people’s money, like what happened up in New York.

I mean, the parallels for a guy like yourself who’s seen this lifestyle have to be know. Dan, I never thought I’d see the day when they’re so boldly doing the same thing we did on the street. I mean, it’s unbelievable. I never thought I’d get to see the day where the government was acting so mob like. But they really know it’s all about money and power on the street, and they’re acting the same.

Know one of the scariest things, and this is what I’m trying to let people know. Whenever a political party starts weaponizing the department of justice, the FBI, all their federal agencies to go after their political, not only their political enemies, but anybody that disagrees with their agenda, we are in serious, serious trouble. And I see that happening. So mean. Look, you know, you say what you want about Donald Trump, it’s not even.

Not even that it’s Donald Trump. But what they’re doing to this, never. They didn’t do this to mob guys on the mob guys you knew on the street. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt you. At least they got due process. I mean, John Gotti actually had process. Like, he went to try. He got off on a couple of these trials, too. I mean, he had a legal process, and then in the end, he lost.

It seems like Trump gets none of it. Like the rules have gone out the window. It’s unheard. You know, I try to say this, at least with us, we were criminals. I mean, there’s no question about it. They were investigating us for a reason. But yes, we did get due process. But what they’re doing to this guy is so dangerous. And I try to tell people, forget the fact that it’s Donald Trump, whoever it is that the government weaponizes all these tools that they have to go against somebody because they disagree with them, they hate them, they don’t like them.

Whatever the reason is, it’s so dangerous for all of you know. I just wish people would understand that because, look, I’ve always seen the government play games and I understood that. We used to tell the FBI, listen, we get it, come after us, just don’t frame us, because we know you’re capable of doing know. And they used to try to hide it a little bit, but now it’s just so out know.

Now it is it really hard. It’s hard to. I thought we’re talking to Michael Francis, former member of the Colombo mob family. He is a show on Rumble now. And really a fascinating guy. Michael, growing up around this in Queens, where obviously you had different crime families and different operations and they all had territory and you know how it know, you’d open up a shop and they’d come in and they’d say, hey, you’re going to use our sanitation company.

Well, the price isn’t that great. They’d say, like I said, you’re going to use our sanitation. You know, the way it worked and you just did it, or mysteriously, your place would burn down. I mean, that’s the way it went down back in the day. But a lot of these guys, although some of them were, a lot of them were drug addicts and most of them, at least in my neighbor, really bad guys.

One of the things about them is if you left and got out, some of these guys, or tried to get out, these guys would really do some damage. Do you ever find. I mean, I know you don’t specifically go after guys and things like that. I get that, but do you ever get threats or anything like that, where you feel like, my gosh, maybe I better be careful.

Well, listen, I certainly had threats, and I know there was without a doubt, a contract on my life. My former boss, Carmine Persico, he took it very personal when I walked away. Very personal. He was very upset and he was a very capable boss, let me put it that way. But fortunately, he had his own troubles. He was indicted and convicted on the commission case, got 100 years.

So I had threats back then when I was in prison, they kept me in lockdown because they said my life was in danger. So I went through all of that, but mainly because people thought I was going to cooperate and start putting people in prison, which I never did. So that kind of went away. But, Dan, the funny thing, I get threats mean, it’s so crazy because people threaten me and I’ll tell them, well, now that I know who you are and I know your ip and all of that, I just had to be careful and navigate a course the way I did.

And I’ve been very fortunate, Dan. Very blessed. I don’t know if you know this, but Fortune magazine wrote an article back in 1986 was the 50 wealthiest, most powerful mob bosses. It was huge articles like half the magazine, and they featured six of us. I was one of the six. And they actually had a chart with the 50 of us on there according to rank and wealth and power.

And they had me as number 18. I was the youngest guy on a list, which I always say was a silly list. Don’t ask me how they got that. They didn’t ask for our tax returns. We just sold a lot of magazines. But what’s telling about that list? Today, some 30 od years later, 48 of those men are dead. Number 49 is in prison. And I’m the only one alive and free and blessed.

To be where I am today is pretty much an understatement. Well, Michael, we’re very pleased to have you on Rumble. I know you’ve used your platform to speak out and you change your life. Michael, thanks so much for your time. Check out his show on Rumble. You will not be disappointed. You’ve probably seen some of his clips go viral on some of these video sites. Up next is another one of my nuclear rants reacting to what happened on the radio.

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com slash Dan finally, I reacted real time to the absurdity of the Fannie Willis trial. What a mess. Total train wreck. Thank God Trump has stupid enemies. Check this out, folks. Jim just said it, man. This what’s going on in Georgia right now with this case. I mean, can we be a bigger intergalactic laughingstock right now? And I’m not talking about you, my listeners, the farmers, the electricians, the HVAC guys, the railroad road workers, the cops, the military.

I’m talking about our political leadership. Blue cities in America. If you’re watching this clown show going on right now and say you’re from Uranus and you’re flying over from Uranus, and you’re like, hey, we’re from Uranus. We’re here to observe what’s going on, you’re like, we are leaving. We are leaving right now. Jim said it. Don’t stop. Don’t ask for directions. Don’t roll down the. It was, it was, um.

It was the guy character. I forget his name. He’s like, ripley, we are leaving. That’s the Uranians. Uranus Anians. They’re like, we are out of here. You got a guy leading the most powerful country on this rock you call earth that could destroy the whole place with these nuclear fission weapons. And the guy still insists he was a civil rights activist in the 60s. He can’t even remember that the Giza pyramids aren’t in Mexico.

And now you got this Fonny Willis thing going on during the break. I was watching it on cable news, and again, it’s just a humiliating embarrassment. You’ve got a prosecutor just like Letitia James, who’s a straight up commie who is so dumb she’s apparently having some kind of with some dude who then she ridiculously hires to go and try to take out Trump in an obvious political hit.

Then they get caught and there’s a guy on tv, and Jim said it right. Don’t even bother. Typically, you tune into this stuff to watch the hilarity of Fanny Willis. She was like, yo, it’s my 50th, man. I did it big. Listen, I don’t want to know what you’re doing big on your 50th. It’s not my business. Okay? I’m not really interested. But it was at least, like tragically hilarious watching Fanny Willis humiliate the entire globe in front of the Uranians.

Right? I’m sure they’re called something else. I get it. But now you got this guy up there. Now all they want to do is figure out a way Jim just said it to not answer a question. Hey, you told me a while ago that you thought the relationship between Fonnie Willis and Nathan Wade started. I was speculating, but you said it. I object to the characterization of the speculation of the dissertation.

The judge is like, we will dissertate the speculation of the speculator, assuming the speculation was speculating on materials relevant to the prior speculation. And then the prosecutor is like, okay, sir, you said you wish. I object to the characterization of the word sir. This is a complete, total laughingstock. Humiliating embarrassment. Jim just said it. Jim, turn your mic on. Say, I want the whole audience to hear that.

What did you just say? That was an absolute, completely accurate presentation of what just happened on tv. Listening. It was a five minute back and forth about a guy saying, I think this relationship started sooner. I object. I object. I object. He was speculating. Yeah, but judge, I’m asking him about the priors. You’re speculating about his prior is. If you’re watching this, you’re like, oh, wait, you forgot.

The judge said, wait. Don’t ask it that way. Ask it this way. That’s right. I don’t like the way you asked that. Ask it a different way. This is like, imagine you’re watching this. You don’t even know what it’s about anymore. You’re like, who’s this guy again? What is he even talking about? That’s the goal. That’s the left, to destroy and decimate institutions so much. What’s happening right now is exactly what the left does.

I think of like, a Dan Goldman, one of the dumbest members of Congress by far. He’s a liberal member from New York, guys. An absolute tool. He’s on Twitter every day. And whatever you post about the Bidens, it doesn’t matter how much evidence you have, he’ll be like, this is a conjecture on a hunter Biden. Didn’t say, and he used the word as. So that throws out the testimony that he was, in fact a board member of.

This is all they do. This is all they do. The country’s got to be a complete joke. The Uranians are sitting here like, never laugh at your own jokes. Don’t. It’s a terrible, terrible thing to do. I just can’t take it, folks. We live I can’t. I started out the beginning of the show today. Did I not tell you your government hates you? It’s not just that the government is full of people guilty of misfeasance, they’re guilty of malfeasance.

They are actively trying to destroy your lives. It’s not that they’re trying to help you when they screwed up. They’re actively trying to destroy your lives. Here’s a perfect example. And this actually segued into what I was going to talk about. So Fonnie Willis is trying to tell people, this prosecutor in Georgia going after Trump, that I wasn’t having an affair with this guy, Nathan Wade. When you say I was, it happened later and it doesn’t have a lot to do with anything and let it go.

So a private investigator goes and gets a hold of her cell phone data, which clearly indicates that that story is not accurate, that this guy’s phone has been around Fannie Willis’s house a little more than they’ve been talking about. This is where the story gets totally freaking crazy. Fannie Willis, who is a prosecutor in Fulton County, Georgia, who was supposed to be a public servant whose office has probably made and prosecuted hundreds of cases, if not thousands, involving cell phone data.

In other words, this drug dealer was at that location when the murder happened. Here’s his cell phone data. Fonnie Willis, in order to personally escape any accountability for her ridiculously inappropriate, immature, abominable life decisions, is now on the record saying, quote, the records do not prove in any way the content of the communications between Wade and Willis. This is her team. They do not prove Wade was ever at a particular location or address.

They don’t prove Wade and Willis were ever in the same place during any of the times listed. Folks, you understand how many cases are now going to be chucked in the future and thrown in the garbage because the prosecutor for Fulton County, Georgia, is now on the record saying, hey, man, cell phone data stuff. Yeah, it doesn’t work. Now, I’ve got a bit of a tie in to this, showing you how sick these deranged, disgusting filth lefties are.

They will say or do anything. I’m telling you as an investigator, cell phone data, unless someone stole your phone, is pretty darn accurate. If it says you were there, ladies and gentlemen, you were there. Again, unless someone stole your phone, I’m sorry to tell you, but your phone is a homing beacon. So all these people are going to be in Fulton county jails right now. Drug dealers, murderers, are now going to basically appeal their cases saying that prosecutors lied, suggesting that the cell phone data put them at the spot when the dopey, stupid Fonnie Willis is now on record saying no cell phone data is not accurate.

Has anybody thought any of this through? Of course not. They’re morons. She’s on the stand. I did 50 pig. Oh, really? That’s good to know. Thanks, Fonny, for the update on your bizarre partying behavior. These are some of the dumbest people I have ever seen. But here’s the tie in proving again, moron liberals will fall for anything because they’re stupid. That’s why they’re liberals. If they were smart, they wouldn’t be liberals.

They’d be sensible Democrats, or they’d be Republicans. Remember when the movie 2000 mules came out? The dumbest guy in media, Philip Bump, spent countless because they were terrified of the movie that cell phone data. Dennest de Souza did a movie called 2000 Mules Disclosure. I was his partner on a later movie, police state. I was not a partner in 2000 mules at all, but I liked the movie.

The movie was disturbing. It showed some really interesting evidence that cell phone data seemed to track a bunch of mules who kept making stops between what appeared to be ballot stash houses where they were gathering ballots and dropboxes. It’s an interesting movie and very compelling. The Washington Post, Philip Bum, the absolute dumbest guy in media. I mean, a guy so ridiculously stupid. Just watch that interview with him, with the liberal guy, when a hunter Biden thing, when he gives him evidence, he’s like, I got to go.

I got to go. I got to go take a dump or something. I mean, it was so embarrassing for this guy, bump. Bump spent weeks in the Washington Post trying to discredit and debunk the idea that cell phone data can place people out of location. Bump’s not an investigator. He’s a moron. I’m the expert here, right? There you go. That was him. That was bump. I’m the expert.

You got to watch the whole, it’s hilarious watching Bump embarrass himself. What does that have to do with anything? Well, it’s kind of funny that bump spent the entire time debunking cell phone data, and yet most of the January 6 trespassing cases were built on what? Oh, yes. Cell phone data. So strange how when dumb, imbecile moron liberals who are police state hacks want to make a case against conservatives.

They’re like, cell phone data places them inside the Capitol. They were trespassing throw them into Gulag. Matter of fact, kill them. Death penalty. But she’s 90. She walked through an open door. Killer. Tomorrow, firing squad. Firing squad tomorrow, cell phone data. And then you go, oh, yeah? Well, the same data was used to place Nathan Wade and Fonnie Willis in a location they said they weren’t at. So she’s lying.

No, that’s not accurate. No, you just said it was accurate. You demanded the firing squad for grandma on that data. No, it was accurate for that. Not for this. Oh, what, what about the 2000 mules? No, it’s definitely not accurate at all for that. It’s not even close. Matter of fact, it’s not even the same street. You’re just guessing. But it’s good enough to put grandma in front of the firing squad for January 6? Yeah, definitely.

You realize you’re saying the opposite thing depending on where your political allegiances are. No, I’m not. Same thing. No, it’s like literally the opposite thing. In one case you’re saying it works and the other case you’re saying it. No, no, it doesn’t. You see how you’re left scratching your head where if you’re a uranian, you’re sitting here like, I don’t get it. Are you people sane? I’m trying to process this information.

You people can’t be this stupid. Jim Saidter are not even rolling down the window. They’re like, we were going to stop here and conquer you idiots. But we’re going to turn around and we’re going to go back to Uranus because we can’t take the stupid. There must be some virus infecting the brains. That happens. You know, they have prions and know Krutzfeld, Jacob disease and mad cow disease and animals.

Maybe they think this like, we don’t want that. We don’t want that. We don’t want that getting into our population. Then they go home and they give their report about how dumb liberals are and the Uranians are sitting in front of the Uranium king and the guy said, quarantine these people. They may have brought back that stupid virus. Quarantine, one year. Quarantine. One year. Maybe times relative time dilation will pass by quicker.

And Uranus, I don’t know. There you go. Quarantine these people right away. Thanks for listening to the show. You can find this show every day on rumble. com slash Bongino. You can also find it on your local radio if you go to bongino. com slash stationfinder. You can also find it on your local radio on our station finder@bongino. com we really appreciate it. See you next week. You just heard Dan Bongino.


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