LT With Dr. Elliott: Central Banks HOARDING Gold Tucker GOP Bill and National Debt Pray

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LT With Dr. Elliott: Central Banks HOARDING Gold Tucker GOP Bill and National Debt Pray


➡ Dr. Kirk Elliott had an eventful week, balancing globally significant events, such as discussions on the debt ceiling and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), with personal milestones like his daughter’s wedding. On the professional front, he mentions that the House committee has passed a bill to ban CBDCs due to concerns over privacy and freedom, which will now head to the House floor for a vote. He perceives this momentum as a positive step, with even mainstream politicians acknowledging the potential drawbacks of CBDCs. He also touches on national debt issues, the de-dollarization goals expressed by the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), and their potential impact on the world reserve currency status of the dollar.
➡ The U.S. government is currently struggling with a lack of inherent demand for its currency, causing increased inflation and the potential for a debt ceiling raise and consequential government shutdown. Central banks globally are increasing their gold reserves, signaling a potential move toward backing their own digital currencies with gold, while the U.S.’s excessive printing and decreasingly valued treasuries potentially indicate an economic crisis.
➡ The text emphasizes the need for investing in gold and silver amidst global political chaos and economic instability. The importance of adopting a solutions-focused mentality rather than focusing on problems is stressed, along with the value of individual initiative over waiting for collective or political action. The text also highlights a rising spiritual awareness and suggests that amid crisis and instability, people increasingly seek faith, heralding a potential spiritual revival. Furthermore, it mentions the work of Dr. Kirk Elliott and his team in supporting people with biblically responsible investing, providing financial stability and peace of mind during turbulent times.


Well, it’s wonderful to be here again with Dr. Kirk Elliott. What a week it has been. We’ve seen so many things happening. We have the debt ceiling to talk about that’s one big one, CBDC. I love your intake on that and how it’s moving along. And maybe some good news here at the end. For positive side on Tucker Carlson, some stuff that we were talking about earlier. Looks like he might have made a move towards our Lord and saver.

Who knows? We’ll see. But anyway, how’s your week playing out there? Oh, my word. This last week has been absolute mayhem. A, we’re busier than we’ve ever been. I mean, it’s crazy busy because things are falling apart globally, right. And we’re just busy because of that, because we’re helping a lot of people. B, my daughter got married on Friday. All week long, we had family coming in. We had dinner, after dinner, after dinner.

It’s like, I need to slow down the eating parade because it’s not good for my genes. Right? So anyways, it’s been busy. But you know what? When you give away your daughter in marriage, we started praying. My wife and I started praying for her husband the day she was born. And we were praying for her husband, not knowing who he was since the day she was born. Right.

So now that she’s getting married and it’s just an amazing thing that God answers prayers, she’s happy. She’s got an amazing believer, god fearing person as a husband. And it’s just awesome that you raise your kids in the way that they should go. Sometimes there’s hurdles in life, sometimes there’s not. But you know what? God answered those prayers, brought her in an amazing husband, and so we got to give her away on Friday.

Oh, wow. Congratulations. What an amazing adventure. That’s great. It is so wild. As much as we loved it, I’m glad the week is over. Oh, that’s so good. Wow. And then you have to keep up with what’s going on in the world to help us out. You’re helping so many folks. We just really appreciate it. Just really do. Well, it’s my pleasure. It’s what we do. So what’s going on with this here? I was going to show you here.

The House committee passes a bill to ban CBDCs. How’s that working? We’re why are we talking about good news on this show? People tell me all the time, kirk unlt talk about such bad stuff. It’s like, yeah, we’re not the policymakers, though. We’re just reporting what they’re doing so we can protect and preserve. That’s the good news. There’s always a solution, right? But this is actually good news, right.

It’s not just an individual step that you and I can take or any of the viewers can take to protect and preserve our finances. So I’m not saying this is totally good news yet, but it’s a step in the right direction, right? Because the way that bills work in the House, it goes to committee. Then like the Know, it’s a financial committee or operations or whatever they’re doing, right? Defense committee.

They pass a bill in the committee that says, okay, we pass muster here. Let’s send it to the floor for a so. But what this did, the House committee passes a bill to ban CBDCs Central Bank digital currencies. Everything that we’ve been talking about, how horrible it is, ultimate loss of freedom, ultimate loss of privacy, the ability to cut you off from buying or selling if your ideology doesn’t match up.

Truly, I think it’s like the mark of the beast, right. In committee that passed in the House because of anti freedom, anti privacy issues is how it so now it has to go to the House floor for a vote for the Know House of Representatives. Right. Which, if I were to guess, I think it’ll pass. I think the House passes it, right. Because they’ve got the conservative votes there.

I think it’s probably dead on arrival at the Senate at this point. However, what I think is very positive about this is it’s mainstream politicians talking about the anti freedom, anti privacy aspects of Central bank digital currency. It’s not just people like you and me or Know podcasters in our space. Politicians in Washington, D. C. Are saying what this is like. World Economic Forum, the Globalists, they’re taking over its ultimate loss of privacy and freedom.

We can’t have this in America, right. People outside of our sphere are talking about it now, which is exciting to me because that’s kind of the momentum that needs to take place to actually kill any bad bill. People need to start talking about it and realizing the implications that it might have because politicians ultimately want to get reelected. They don’t want to pass something that everyone says, I am never going to vote for you ever again.

They want to maintain their power. So the more that this is talked about, the more that we let them know, good job, House. I love it that this past committee call them and say, you got to pass this thing. You’ve got to pass it. Then when it passes the House, call your senators and say, you got to pass us. You got to pass us. Right? Right. So it’s a good sign moving forward.

That’s a very positive thing, which is kind of first time at the federal level that we’ve seen something positive in this direction. Now we’ve seen things positive at the state level, which we’ve talked about numerous times. Texas, other, Alaska, looking at legislation to have a state chartered central bank backed by Gold to get out of that, Federal Reserve, out of that Fed now app out of the FDIC system, and numerous states already passing legislation to make Gold legal tender in their states.

So at the state level, we’ve already seen that. At the individual level, I can’t tell you. We’ve seen so much of it. This is why we’re so busy, right? Because people are taking action, doing things with their own voice, with their own vote. It’s like, what’s their own vote? Hey, I’m going to decide to do something. I’m going to take a leap of faith, reallocate my digital assets, my stocks, bonds, mutual funds, anything that’s on paper into tangible assets, because that’s the way that you can actually counteract that individually.

You don’t need politicians to pass a bill to do that. So individually, we’ve been doing this for a long time. Politically, the states have been doing this for a little while. First time the federal government has actually had a legislative body decide, let’s start looking at this. This is kind of really bad stuff. Yeah, well, they seem to have the positive side. And then there’s something that we’re used to hearing all the time, is the national debt and the shutting down of the government.

So you got a positive and then the other thing is something we constantly hear about all the time. So what’s your take on this national debt that we’re facing now? Well, of course, the government, they’re going to put a smile on your face, and then they’ve got to counteract that with something that’ll put a frown back on it, because it’s what the government does. Right. But here’s where this is literally the first time in she, I don’t even know how long, I haven’t thought that the debt ceiling talks whenever it comes up, every single September, that they’re not just going to rubber stamp it and say, yep, raise your debt ceiling.

Boom, done. We can’t let the government shut down. We can’t afford that. Are you crazy, America? We can’t let federal employees not have a paycheck. We can’t have federal pensions go without contributions. We can’t go with Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security not getting their benefits. Right. Or the Department of Defense in a time of war, or infrastructure educators, I mean, you name it, they always give these horror stories of everything bad that’s going to go on.

And I understand that because I love people, as do you. We don’t want anybody to go without paychecks, obviously. Right. But part of me says, you know what? The government spends so much money frivolously, that shut them down. If they’re shut down, they can’t waste money, right. But then people get hurt because they’re not getting paid. So here’s where this time it’s different than almost every other time that we’ve seen.

And why is it different? Because August 22 through 24th, the BRICS nations met in South Africa, which we covered on previous shows. And Putin spouted off and said, we are going to de dollarize the world. This is our goal, and it’s irreversible. Right. So how do you de dollarize the world? By trading in their own currencies between the BRICS members nations, which is now, starting January of this upcoming year, about 70% of the world’s population.

It’s a big trading bloc, no longer using the US dollar, dismantled the world reserve currency status of the dollar. They also, on the last day of that meeting, put the icing on the cake when they added six of the nine largest oil producing countries in the world as members, meaning they took away our petrodollar status. So now there’s no built in demand for our currency. Before, whenever the Congress would raise the debt ceiling, they always had this kind of feeling.

It’s like, well, man, let’s raise it because everybody in the world needs our US. Dollar, right, for international settlements, for oil purchases. So therefore, we can continue to add debt in the world. We’ll still want our currency, and we’ll be okay. We’ll be just fine. Well, now we’re not, right? We’re not just fine because we have no built in demand for our currency, which means they’re going to have to print to fulfill these obligations, which is going to increase inflation.

Then they’re going to have to have the net result of raising interest rates to slow down that inflation. So this is the difference. This is like the icing on the cake. The nail in the coffin for the demise of the US. Dollar is now when they have to raise the debt ceiling to avoid a government shutdown and complete mutiny in the streets, right. The way they do it is just print money like there’s no tomorrow because they still have a printing press.

But when there’s no built in demand for the currency, it becomes problematic, right. Because now they’re forced to print, and that just causes more and more inflation. I think this is why we’re seeing for the first time in a long time the policymakers, some of them drawing a line in the sand and saying, we are not going to give the government a blank check or any check to keep moving forward.

Right. Although here’s the problem with this debt ceiling. The last time they extended it, what did Congress do? They basically gave we were concerned and we talked about this on the show, we were concerned that they were going to raise it by a couple trillion dollars. And they didn’t. They actually did worse. They gave Biden a blank check until the election. Oh, that’s right. Remember that? So here’s where I think that that comes into play during all of a sudden wait a second.

Remember when we actually passed this before we gave the current administration a blank check. So I think, though, what you’re seeing is some serious backpedaling because what happened between then and now is the BRICS meeting. And I don’t know if it’s definitely that they’re even going to keep that. They might rescind that decision to say nobody knows for sure what’s going to happen. But what may come of this is they say, what? We’re going to have to shut down.

There’s just too much debt floating around here. All storyline, all maneuvering, right? Because then they can pretend that they’re getting together behind closed doors. They’re duking it out. They’re coming to a negotiation and negotiating. They’re going to come to a final conclusion of we both made some concessions, and we ultimately had to raise the debt ceiling after a week of shutting the government down. They’ve played those kind of games before, right? So bottom line is they raise the debt ceiling, but we might see a shutdown all political speak for just a little bit to make it look like they’re actually working on things.

But the end result is, I believe, full well that they’re going to raise it. But it might not just be a rubber stamp this time or an unlimited check like what’s currently in existence, which is insanity, right. That’s absolutely insane, because lt when you look at what that causes, what is the debt? What is the money that they’re printing? Well, those are us. Treasuries, right? So who owns us? Treasuries? Well, we can look, right? Because I was reading this article earlier today that you and I were talking about, and it was really interesting because the people who own the US.

Treasuries is the Fed, the Federal Reserve, so the rest of the world really doesn’t I mean, when you look at the total amount of US. Treasuries of us. Debt that’s owned by foreigners and by central banks, global central banks, it’s about 12% of the total. So if 12% of us Treasuries is owned by all of the rest of the world, well, who owns the 84% stinking Federal Reserve, right? So if you’re a business owner, you’re looking at this balance sheet of what you have.

You’ve got these assets and you’ve got liabilities, right? You’ve got income and you’ve got debt and all this stuff. So what does the Federal Reserve own? Tons of toxic debt because they own the Treasuries that with money that they print out of thin air. They buy the US. Treasuries that, oh, by the way, the rest of the world doesn’t want them anymore. Just over the last few weeks, china has dumped $100 billion of US.

Treasuries back on the open market. Tanking the price, because that’s a lot to come open. But, no, don’t worry about it. Everybody there’s a buyer, and they brag about it. How? Oh, the US. Treasuries went through auction, and all of them were purchased. Oh, wow. Who bought them? Who bought them? The Fed with money that they print out of thin air. That’s not a real purchaser. That’s not somebody who actually wants it.

But here’s the thing. When you look at the toxic balance sheet of the Fed and the rest of the world is dumping US. Treasuries, their balance sheet’s hitting the skids. It’s looking really bad, but whose is not? So you look at the rest of the world, central banks around the world are amassing gold like there’s no tomorrow. Oh, yeah, the amount of gold held by central banks right now is over 38,000 tons.

That’s a record. That’s never been that high, ever. It’s like, wait a second. So why are they doing that? Good question. Right? Because you and I have talked about this before, too. It’s like central banks poo poo, gold and silver. They say, oh, gold and silver, ancient relic. You don’t want that. We’ve got central bank digital currency. Why don’t you buy our stuff? That’s a stupid nobody buys gold and silver, right? I mean, they’ve been shorting it, they’ve been manipulating it, they’ve been talking bad about it for decades.

To what end? Still going up a lot. Still the best asset in the world, gold and silver. Well, silver number one. Gold number two. Stock market, a distant third since the year 2000. So for the last 23 years, those are the three best asset classes. Silver number one. Gold number two. Distant third is a stock market. Well, that’s with manipulation, right? So imagine what it would be without the manipulation.

It would just go through the ceiling. 38,000 tons of gold is owned by central banks. Why? So they’re not really owned. I mean the US. Has about seven and a half tons of gold, and the rest of the world owns everything else. Why? Well, one of two reasons. Number one is they want to back their central bank digital currency with gold so as using it as a tangible asset to attract demand into their say, why would you want the Fed now? Why would you want central bank digital currency from the United States or from the European Union, right? When the BRICS nation say we’re going to back ours with gold, right? You pull everybody in.

It’s the shiny thing. It’s the carrot that everybody wants. Because once you go into that system, you’re not getting out. Right. Or plausible. Scenario number two would be they realize that central bank digital currency might not be as easy as they thought to get it initiated. Of course, like what we saw excuse me, I was about to sneeze. Like what we saw with the House resolution and the committee, we’re going to ban CBDCs in America.

Like multiple states already saying we’re not going to take CBDC, we’re starting up our own state sovereign chartered bank, right? So maybe they’re thinking this isn’t going to be as an easy road, but as BRICS nations, we still want to be the world’s reserve currency. So therefore we’re going to actually have de facto backing of our currency with gold. We’re going to amass mountains of it. Right? So that could be what they’re doing too, either one of them.

It doesn’t really matter what the rationale is. The end result is massive demand for tangible assets like gold and silver for some end purpose. We don’t necessarily know what it is, nor do we need to know. All we know is that what banks are saying and what the globalists are saying and what they’re doing are two different things. And which one do you identify? Which one do you watch? Watch what they do.

Don’t listen to what they say, because actions speak louder than words, right? That’s right. Yeah. So those actions we can actually take on ourselves with you guys. And that’s one of the big reasons I love you guys, is what you’ve done for my family, what you’ve done for many others in helping us understand all of this. And we made a huge transfer of our IRAs over to you guys in putting it all in silver, actually, and it’s been growing pretty good.

Well, and it’ll continue to do so. Not forever, though. I mean, literally nothing goes up forever, nothing goes down forever. But in this transitionary global economy that we’re in, where it’s defined by mistrust, by lying, by unsustainable debt, inflationary pressures, political chaos, geopolitical conflict, all of that, right? Right. Every one of those things causes stocks, bonds, mutual funds to come down, but every one of those things causes gold and silver to go up.

So therefore, we allocate into that strength and we are blessed beyond blessed to be able to help you and your family with that stuff, just like we’re helping everybody else. But here’s where sometimes we tend to have a gloom and doom kind of approach to life as people because we focus on the storm rather than on the solution. And you hear everything that we talk about, you see this stuff going on.

It’s like, man, I don’t know, the world isn’t even going to be around before politicians decide to do the right thing. Maybe that’s true. Maybe it is right. But we don’t have to wait for Texas to actually start a state chartered central bank backed by gold. We don’t have to wait for the House to possibly go to a vote and then get to the Senate for them to pass something for us to be safe.

We don’t need the whole world to collapse. So gold becomes the backing of the new currency. Right. So we can do exactly what the central banks are doing already in preparation to all of that now, today. Right. Just on a smaller scale, we’re not buying gold by the ton or hundreds of tons or thousands of tons like they are. We can buy it by the ounce. We can buy silver by the ounce, which is what I would do.

Not gold. Right. But because it’s outperforming, it’s doing better. Supply chain disruptions. Every reason why we go into silver instead of gold, but we can do the exact same thing that they’re doing to protect their legacy and empire as central bankers by buying metals by the hundreds of tons. We can do simply by doing the same thing at a smaller scale, buying it by the ounce or ten ounce bars or 100 ounce bars of silver.

All it takes is an action, a decision, it’s not a big collective voice where you have to wait for every patriot in the world to actually wake up their politicians to do the right thing. It’s your own voice. Yes. That’s your own. Yeah. And speaking of voices, wanted to share this as we come to a close. You had mentioned Tucker Carlson, if you can’t see it on your screen, some quote that he was put out here earlier.

He said, I also see an awakening of spiritual awareness and the religious faith in the United States that I think is great. Not everyone is reaching the same conclusions that I’m reaching, but that’s okay. It’s better than thinking that America, that Amazon’s going to make you happy. Excuse me? Because Amazon is not going to make you happy. Actually, that’s not true. That’s a lie. And more and more people seem to be concluding that it’s a lie.

And I think that’s a great thing. There’s this idea that somehow the main threat to our happiness is from religious people. That’s absurd. The main threat to our happiness is from people who think they’re God. They’re the dangerous ones. I’m much more comfortable around religious people. I’m a Christian, but they don’t have to share my views. And so that’s good. It seems like something’s happened with him. He’s transformed.

We’re seeing a lot of that happen here recently with more than just the topics we talk about. A lot of folks are starting to really wake up with all of the things that are happening even more to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. How do you feel about that? I mean, amen and amen. Because Tucker’s got an amazingly one of the most impactful voices in the world right now.

His interview with Trump was seen over 700 million times. That’s huge. This interview that he did, it was seen about 300 million times. Right. And part of that interview, on that particular one he interviewed I don’t know what you would call it, the King or the President of United Arab Emirates, whatever the lead position is called there, I’m not sure. But what did he say about him? He said he was the most humble and wise person that he thinks he’s ever met.

Oh, wow. So he’s not talking about a US. Politician who are definitely thinking about pride. And it’s like, why would why would you agree that somebody from those Muslim nations are wise and humble and blah, blah, blah? Because he is a wise and humble person. Look at the war that they’ve been fighting, right? I’m not saying that I agree with it, but the BRICS nations for decades have been building up infrastructure, been building up their coalition of power.

Right. They’ve been waiting patiently in the wings, building up momentum, building up military might, building up political might, building up economic might. Then when they know that they have it, they say, okay, now it’s time to attack. Now it’s time to dismantle the US. Dollar. It’s time to take away the reserve currency status. It’s time to dismantle the petrodollar. Right? That’s patience. That’s humility and it’s wisdom. The reason I say that is because they’re basically winning a war without ever fighting a bullet, without even saying a word.

Right? It’s like, whoa. So Tucker saw this and he basically came to the conclusion of, well, we’re kind of right so because we’re operating out of arrogance and pride. Right. And what does the Bible say about that? Pride comes before the fall. The Bible also tells us about what happens in these last days. And we’re going to have all kinds of prophetic scholars that are going to correct me.

It’s like, I don’t know. But it talks about how the great Babylon has fallen. Are we? That babylon. I don’t know. Is the central bank digital currency system or central banks as a whole Babylon that’s fallen? Is it the monetary system that we know that everyone has put faith in, where it happens almost immediately and something new comes into it? All I know is that I’m not enough of a biblical scholar to know which one of those is the right answer.

Maybe nobody does. What is mystery? Babylon? Right. But what I do know is these things are happening at lightning speed and things are changing. And what Tucker said was during times of crisis, this is my paraphrase. People look to faith and there’s a spiritual awakening that’s happening. And I feel it. I can feel it in my spirit. I think everybody can. There’s like a revival that’s starting to happen.

People are starting to wake up. And this is the beauty from ashes moment as economies collapse and as the foundations around us seem to erode and our weakness, jesus is made strong, always, right? And so it’s like we look to Him, you can have a smile on your face. He’s going to give you answers. He’s going to give you wisdom, he’s going to give you direction. Because you know what, lt he’s always talking.

We’re just not always listening. Amen. If we just tune our ears to his voice, which the easiest way to do that is to get into the word amen. And he will give you answers. What we do is try to provide biblically based solutions of getting out of debt, investing, responsibly, at least taking care of the financial part with biblically responsible investing. Right. Can’t do much about the political part.

I can’t do stuff about your relationship status, can’t do a lot of things. But what we can help with is the finances. And this is why you and I have a smile on our face when we’re helping people, because it’s one thing that causes distress and relationship disorder and sickness in people’s lives is when we can actually help fix the financial piece of it. Oh, my word. Everything else kind of starts to fall into place just a little bit better.

Perfect. Yeah. You can reach out to Dr. Kirk Elliot and his team andwinow. com gold it’s in the description box below, and they’ll be ready to talk to you in 24 to 48 hours, especially if you guys are busy. They’ll get to you, and you’ll spend some time talking about your finances and more, and they will help you out tremendously. I mean, they really helped my family out.

We just really appreciate you guys. We’d like to close in prayer today, if we would. Heavenly Father, thank you once again for all that you’re doing in and through Dr. Kirk Elliott and his team. You have just used them to help so many folks around this earth, especially with their finances, but also just in this awakening that’s happening. And we just thank you for how you’ve raised him up through so many trials and tribulations to bring him to this moment in time to help us out.

We ask for continued protection over everyone there as they move forward. We ask all this in the name of Jesus, our savior. Amen. Amen. All right, brother. We’ll talk to you again next week. Sounds good. Congratulations again on that wedding. Thank you. .


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