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– Dr. Kirk Elliot shares his insights on the global economy, with a focus on the rising influence of BRICS nations and the weakening of the US economy. He advises consistency in investing, regardless of the amount, and highlights how even smaller investments can accumulate substantially in a growing market. Furthermore, he discusses the potential loss of the US reserve currency status and the shaky state of the Chinese real estate market.

– The US banks face challenges due to potential economic warfare led by the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), aiming to de-dollarize the world’s economy. BRICS nations are expanding their influence by adding oil-rich countries, and the potentially devastating economic impact of this expansion might be compounded by proposed green initiatives and the transfer towards digital currencies. Despite this, the text suggests purchasing tangible assets like gold and silver could offer security in the uncertain economic climate.

– Dr. Kirk Elliott and his team assist clients with financial planning and transitioning assets, such as IRAs, in a simplified, responsive, and supportive manner. They aim to alleviate financial stress, ensuring a future strategy for success.


Here we are once again. Dr. Kirk Elliott. We have enjoyed so many updates from you, and it’s kept everybody in check, especially with the world trying to throw fear in our face all the time.

Guys, as we’re going through this interview, all you have to do is go in the description box below, and we know gold. You just click on that link, you’ll be able to reach out to Dr. Kirk Elliott and his team. They’ll get back with you in about 24, 48 hours. They’ve been super busy and overwhelmed. That’s a good thing.

So how are things going now on this Earth, especially with the BRICS nations coming together?

Oh, my word. We’re so busy, which is great, because we’re helping a lot of, you know, as a company, we’re growing, we’re adding people. We just added our Twitter feed because we got back on it. Right? So. It’s Kirk Elliott, PhD. On So. But people are so hungry and thirsty for I mean, when people are just consumed with fear I read the chats as we do shows all over the country, right? And it’s like, a lot of times I hear the same kind of theme, which is, why don’t you talk to the little people? We don’t have very much, right? It’s like we’re barely scraping by. We can’t make ends meet. And it’s like, man, my heart just breaks because I was there once, too, right?

I mean, way back in the day, it’s like I had nothing. I wish we were just at zero because we were so far below zero. Right. The key is just get started, right? Because I don’t have a minimum when people invest in gold and silver, but technically there kind of is one, right? Because gold is a couple of for silver. I want to be fair to the depository because they don’t charge shipping. It’s free shipping, and it costs them to have people to put stuff together. So really, $500 on silver would probably be a minimum. Just so they don’t lose money by being good, right?

But here’s where the smallest client that I’ve ever had gave me the most money ever, because it was 100% of everything she had, and it was $300. This was years and years and years ago. And I look at her portfolio, and so that’s how she started. Gave me 100% of everything she had. It was just a few hundred dollars. And it broke my heart. But you know what I said? You keep steady. You keep being consistent. And she would save up every single week just a little amount she had on Social Security or whatever, and then a couple of months later, another few hundred dollars. A few months later, another few hundred dollars, right. And now she’s got well over $10,000 in her account, and she’s all excited, right?

It’s like, this is pretty sweet, isn’t it? She thinks she’s so rich. And I said, you have so much now but imagine if you wouldn’t have started and every week saving up the few dollars that you had. You wouldn’t be at this point. So now, as time continues to go on, it’s like these small things being consistent ultimately add up to large things in a growing market, right? So it’s like I’m speaking to those that have little and those that have a lot too. I don’t care if you have billions of dollars, right? Consistency is the key to your wealth as well. So the same principle applies to everybody. And here’s where, when there’s just a little bit that you’re working with, the downfall from a potential mistake is huge, right? Because I’m giving you everything. I can’t afford to lose this. It’s like, I know. Neither can anybody. And this is why we allocate into strength in everything that we do, right?

Right now, it happens to be silver. Down the road, it might be gold. Five years ago, it was the stock market, right? There’s a time and a place for everything. And what determines lt whether something is strong or whether something is weak, whether it’s growing or shrinking? Well, it’s the fundamentals that drive the market. Well, we’ve got some big, massive fundamental things happening right now in South Africa, right? So the Brex meetings and I know you and I were talking about this, and we’ve talked about this for quite some time because there’s been this timeline of rumors and speculation that they’re going to have a common BRICS currency backed by gold. Right? And there was reason for that speculation, because the Russian Embassy, through the Russian Times, basically their state sponsored newspaper, said, we’re excited about a BRICS common currency backed by gold. It’s like, no need to really interpret that one. But that was on July 7.

But when Putin threw this monkey wrench in to that whole plan a few weeks ago, and now we understand fully, right? It’s like when I was reading in Corinthians, it’s like, now we see in part, but then we shall see in full. Right? So it reminds me of today. We see basic little news bites, and we think, okay, we don’t know the full story, but in the end, we’re seeing the full story. Putin is out there just I don’t know how to say it. Lt and maybe you can help me interpret it, but when you see him speak, he’s speaking from a position and posture of power. Isn’t it’s, like smugness? But it’s more than smugness. It’s like, I know something that you don’t know. Kind of a where where when Biden speaks. Well, if it’s coherent, it’s from a point of right. It’s because they know that we are losing our reserve currency status. They know that the American economy is in freefall. And when they speak, it’s lies coming out. When they’re talking about how inflation is going down, about jobs are increasing, and you’re always going to have this internal heart, it’s holy Spirit operating in everybody. When you’re speaking a lie, you’re not going to have that internal fortitude and that strength of conviction.

Putin, when he speaks to me, it’s like in the past, it’s like either it’s a lie or it’s the truth, or it’s a misdirection or it’s something. But with Putin, you always know one thing. Whenever he talks, it’s going to be for his own self interest and his own benefit. Right? So we look at what he said two weeks ago, how they’re not ready for a BRICS common currency backed by gold. They’re going to trade back and forth in their own currencies to boost their currencies. And you have to realize why the point of strength, because it’s 70% of the world’s population are in the BRICS countries. When you add up China and India, okay, just those two is massive, right? But then you add the other countries. And so here’s the strength that he’s speaking from. The G Seven nations, the Western profitable economies that rule the world,US banks are currently facing fractures and a shortage of capital. This is significant in a globalized world where such issues have wider implications. The state of the Chinese and Russian economies, as previously discussed, comes into play. Putin’s preferred option, known as option B, involves completely eliminating the US dollar from 70% of global transactions. This would be achieved through economic warfare rather than a gradual phasing out, possibly via a gold-backed currency. However, the shift towards this alternative option is not currently on the agenda. Putin’s statement during the first day of a meeting indicated that de-dollarization was an objective and irreversible process. The inclusion of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates marked a significant development during the second day of the meeting, rebranding BRICS as BRICSIU. The invitation to join the BRICS nations was formally extended to these oil-producing countries. Plans are also in place to incorporate Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Iran in 2024. This is significant because these additions would mean that six of the world’s nine largest oil producers would be part of the BRICS nations. Consequently, the BRICS alliance would possess both manufacturing might and significant oil production, while also commanding a large population base and a strong economy from countries like China and India. Furthermore, the proposed inclusion of Venezuela and the mentioned countries would strengthen the BRICS nations’ position of power. While some may argue for global transition to green energy, petroleum remains a crucial resource and is unlikely to be phased out in the near future.

Discussion digresses slightly to touch on an article about 14 US cities adopting a globalist climate plan in partnership with Soros and the Clintons. This plan aims to drastically reduce meat and dairy consumption, limit clothing purchases, restrict private vehicle ownership, and encourage infrequent air travel in designated cities. Over a third of these cities are US Democratic liberal cities, which have embraced this proposed climate agenda. The conversation then shifts to a United Nations initiative to combat misinformation through the establishment of a digital army. The potential consequences of the proposed climate plan and the UN’s plans to silence opposing viewpoints are highlighted. These policies could lead to detrimental effects on the global economy. The destruction of US dollar dominance, which the BRICS nations seek, is another potential detriment. The method of achieving this would be to cease trading in US dollars, which would lead to increased money printing, resulting in inflation. Higher interest rates may be implemented to control inflation in this scenario. Despite these challenges, hope remains that overreach may encourage pushback and a reevaluation of extreme actions. It is crucial to acknowledge the belief that God remains in control and has the power to utilize any nation to rectify wrongs and remove those who perpetrate evil. Amidst the turmoil, tangible assets such as gold and silver are highlighted as viable options to address the shift towards a digital system. These assets provide a tangible means of exchange and have proven to be sound investments, offering substantial growth over the years. Despite the negative news, proactive action, guided by wisdom and the Holy Spirit’s discernment, can position individuals to prosper and thrive.Sure, here is the reformatted text:

Give us a call and let us help you. Right. Or go to the link that you have for people to reach out to us.

And here’s what the process is. You reach out to us, you fill out the form and weight and and what happens? You’ll talk to one of our schedulers. They’ll ask you some questions about what it was Lt and I were talking about that caused you to want to reach out, because we want to hear you. We want to respond to you. We want to pray for you if need be, right? But we want to make sure that your strategy for success moving forward is a good one.

So those client concierge team of mine, they’re amazing. They’re a gift to me, and they bless me every single day. They’ll set you up with one of our advisors who will dig in deep to map out that strategy for success. And then the rest of my team crosses a T’s, dots the I’s, moves money from IRAs or from your brokerage accounts that we work together on, and we want to make the transition easy and the burden light. We will take care of all of that for you.

So then by the time it’s done, a couple of weeks down the road or less, you just go, that wasn’t hard. And now I feel good because things are happening in a bad way with the news. I don’t like to watch the news anymore. It’s too negative. It’s awful. It’s dark, and it’s dreary. Your finances don’t need to be right, and that’s where we have hope in this message.

Yeah, it’s amazing. I came to you immediately and your staff worked together with me to simply fill out a few forms. It was so simple to get my IRA converted over to now it’s in silver, and, man, it just a relief. And how simple that was, number one. Number two, how helpful and responsive everybody there was on the team. And it wasn’t because they knew me or that we do this interview. It was just a one on one support. And I found out that you guys do that for everybody, and they’re just excited when they reach out to you, and we get that message. So we really appreciate your help.

Again, guys, just a forward slash gold. It’s in the description box below. Thank you so much for tuning in. We get so many views on these interviews, more than I’ve ever seen before, and you’re just having a huge impact.

Dr. Kirk Elliott, for all of us, and we just want to lift you up in prayer real quick. Thank you, heavenly Father, thank you once again for all that you continue to do in and through Dr. Kirk Elliott and his team. We thank you for the capability that we still have to be online to share this information with the public. We know that the enemy cannot stand anything that has to do with making us live outside of fear, anything that revolves around the support that you use through so many people. We know that the enemy is prowling around like a lion, seeking who you may devour. And we just ask that you would bring comfort and rest to those that are hurting, to those that are hearing this information falling in their ears every day, that you would help us find the truth behind all of this and where you are working constantly behind the scenes to provide us some rest and definitely bring the burdens off of us. So please continue to protect Dr. Elliott and his team from the enemy each and every day. We ask all this in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior. Amen. Men amen.

Thank you, brother, so much. Appreciate this time. It’s my pleasure. We’ll talk soon.

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