LT w/ Dr. Elliott Bank Failure 2.0 Oil PRICES Green DOT BANK BRICS PRAY!

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LT w/ Dr. Elliott Bank Failure 2.0 Oil PRICES Green DOT BANK BRICS PRAY!


➡ Dr. Kirk Elliott discussed financial matters highlighting rising gas prices due to reduced oil production by OPEC and the BRICS nations. He warned of impending bank failures considering the closure of more than 1100 bank branches in recent months and indicated that the Federal Reserve is likely to continue raising interest rates to manage inflation despite recent pauses. He further criticized the government’s approach to managing inflation.
➡ The text discusses a recent significant withdrawal of assets from top banks, leading to concerns about the economy’s future. It focuses on the rise of central bank digital currency and the dangers of programmable money, including the power to cut off individuals from their assets based on ideological disagreements. Instances are pointed out where banks have allegedly withheld people’s money. The text concludes with the recommendation of investing in tangible assets like silver to secure one’s financial future.
➡ The interviewees discuss the increasing incidence of banks denying customers access to money and the rise of tokenizing deals and CBDCs, viewing these developments skeptically despite their positive representation. They appreciate the insights from Dr. Kirk Elliott and his team and express anticipation for future updates.


All right. It’s great to have Dr. Kirk Elliott with us once again. It’s been an amazing week. A lot going on here in September. A lot of folks are up and down. Many folks are affected by all the prices of all the goods going up. Gas prices shot up this week in California. And, man, so much more to share. We just look forward to your guidance and direction, especially when it comes to our money and how we live on this Earth.

So hopefully we get a good update today from you. Well, it’s so great to be with you. You know, things are constantly changing, right? But yet some things never change, which is the government’s never going to stop printing money, which is insanity, right? So the Fed was meeting this week. Let’s see, they met on Wednesday, and they declined to hike rates this time, which was expected. I mean, you and I talked about this.

And they’re going to probably pause so they can say that they’re winning the war on inflation, which they’re not. Right? But now after that, they said exactly what we thought they would say, too. It’s like, but rates are going to stay higher for longer because they know lt that they’re not winning the war on inflation. And you just referenced the biggest thing that’s going to be inflationary, and that’s gas prices and oil.

Right? Here’s their talking points, and they’re bragging about it, which this is nothing to brag about, but they’re saying, look, we’re winning the war on inflation. Look at housing prices. The cost of housing is coming down. It’s like, wait a second. These are people’s investments. People have equity in their homes, right? They want them to grow, but yet they’re saying housing is coming down. See, we’re winning this war in inflation.

Well, that would be the equivalent of saying, hey, America, we’re winning the war in inflation. Look, the stock market’s coming down. It’s like, what? I mean, nobody would say something that stupid except they have to say that to make it match their talking points and their agenda. So here’s where we have they’re going to pause on interest rates right now. And then I have a feeling they’re going to continue to raise them.

Because here’s the issue with oil. So oil hit $90 a barrel last week for the first time in I don’t even know, can’t even count that far back. The last time it was that expensive. I mean, it’s just booming. It’s just mushroom clouding, right? And at the worst possible time. And this is where the BRICS nations, on August 22 through the 24th, they met in Durban, South Africa.

What did they do? For the sake of this conversation, they added six of the nine largest oil producers in the world to the BRICS Nations. So what happened last week? OPEC decided, hey, we’re going to cut production. What does that do to the price of oil? Causes it to go through the roof. And the BRICS Nation just added six of the nine largest oil producers in the world, and now they’re cutting production.

So the price of oil is going to go up for everybody. Well, Kirk doesn’t that if they cut production, aren’t they shooting themselves in the foot? No. Right, because they’re over 50% of the world’s population. Probably pushing 70%, actually. So they’re going to benefit. They’re not necessarily cutting production for themselves, they’re cutting production for the rest of the world. Right. So now they know what they’re doing. This is like a masterful chess match.

Like they’re playing chess like President Trump would, thinking seven moves ahead. Right? Just a genius chess player where Biden is playing chess like he’s not even playing chess. He’s like he’s playing checkers. And he’s not even good at checkers. Right, because what they just did. So, over the last year, Biden has been selling the strategic oil reserves. The strategic oil reserves of America are guarded for times of war, right? So if we go into war, we have our oil reserves.

We’re not going to be dependent on foreign nations for our oil if we need to fuel airplanes and tanks and everything else. Right. So he’s been selling it off so we haven’t had to buy oil at more expensive prices during that whole time frame. Which means what? When you have consumer price index and inflationary pressures, they’re not actually having to buy as much oil as they would need to because they’re just taking it from the strategic oil reserves, which actually artificially lowers their official inflation rate.

But now they’ve got to replenish the strategic oil reserves because they’re almost gone. And now what happens? OPEC cuts productions. The BRICS Nations add six of the nine largest oil producers in the world, and see, this is the chess match. Now they know that Biden needs to replenish oil, and oil is now $90 a barrel. They’re going to make money hand over fist at our expense because for political reasons, they’ve been selling our strategic oil reserves.

The government has, so they wouldn’t have to have inflation go up. While they’re trying to make these talking points and messaging and narrative that they’re winning the war on inflation, it’s like, no, they’re not. Right? And our wallets tell us this, our wallets at the grocery stores, at the gas stations, like you just mentioned, they tell us that we’re not winning the war in inflation. Right? So you’ve got that going on this week.

So expect in future months they’re going to continue to raise rates to slow down inflation. But right now, they gave us a pause. Right? But don’t think that they’ve won anything. Don’t believe the talking points on mainstream media that they won, because they haven’t. Now, some other talking points that they keep talking about is, look, we’re doing pretty good with the banks. See, we haven’t had a bank fail since March, when Silicon Valley bank went under, right.

And there was like five banks that went belly up during that time, and it was awful. Well, I think we’re going to see Bank Failures 2. 0 because what’s happening behind the scenes is more scary than what happens under the coverage. Is more scary that happens over the coverage. Right. So what makes news when a bank fails, right. When the bank completely fails, that’s going to make the news.

What doesn’t make the if JP. Morgan Chase closes down a branch on main Street, USA. Well, so what? Right? Nobody’s going to care. But here, let me put it into story context, right? So let’s say lt that you and your wife are having financial problems, and you sit down at the dinner table and say, honey, we’ve got problems. We can’t make ends meet. Our expenses are too high, our income isn’t enough.

We got to start slashing expenses. We don’t want to have to file for bankruptcy. We just have to figure something out, right. That’s conversation that husband and wife would have, well, what are the banks doing? So here’s a scary stat. Over the last six months, banks are basically almost on the verge of going bankrupt, going out of if I sent you an article about yep. And in that article about Wells Fargo, it lists the number of bank branches that are going under.

So this is devastating to the global economy, I am telling you. Devastating. So over 1144 branches have closed in the last six months. In just six months. Since Silicon Valley Bank, right? And Wells Fargo has more layoffs coming, and they’ve already slashed 40,000 jobs since 20. 20 40,000. Right. So that’s a lot. So in this article, 1144 bank branches closed in the past six months. PNC 201, us.

Bank 185. Wells Fargo 160. JPMorgan Chase 54. Bank of America 49. See, this is the equivalent of you and your spouse or anybody and their spouse saying, hey, we got to slash expenses before we go bankrupt. Right? Right. So on that article, you scroll down a little bit more and it lists, like, the top ten right there. 1144 banks are failing, and that’s just the top ten. But overall, 1144.

So this tells us that this isn’t going to make the news. This won’t make the news because the news doesn’t care if a branch closes their doors. Nobody thinks anything of it. But you’ve got hundreds being closed by these banks around the country and over 1100 in the last six months. That’s the precursor to bank failures. Because ultimately, why are they closing their banks? Because they can’t afford the expenses, right.

They can’t make ends meet. So to me, Bank Failure 2. 0 is coming. Well, there’s another thing mentioned in this article that’s actually almost just as bad, and that is when you look at investment funds, right? So you’ve got mutual funds, you’ve got hedge funds, you’ve got all these they’re profitable and they know that the economy is booming when the amount of investments is greater than the amount coming out, right? So more people are investing than people that have to sell their stuff to make ends meet.

So Citadel securities has had $45 billion of net outflow assets sold, not purchased this year. JPMorgan Chase, $321,000,000,000 of assets sold more than what they purchased. Wells Fargo, 86 billion more than what they sold than what they purchased. Bank of America, 534,000,000,000 more. Just those top four. A trillion dollars in assets have left the building, right? They’ve left the markets, which means there’s a mass exodus out of investments because people are needing money to survive, right? They’re not investing.

To me, that’s another huge, massive foreshadowing of things to come, right? Now, let’s take it one step further, you and I. And where does that source, that is from their Ten K’s, these companies ten K’s, which is their IRS documents, right, that they have to for the SEC, that they have to report all their holdings. I mean, these are official documents that anybody can look up. Ten KS are public record, and you can just look and see.

Good grief. There’s a mass exodus of money. So that first article that you had on the screen, that’s another creepy thing that I think is a byproduct of everything that you and I have talked about over the last three or four months, and that is talking about central bank digital currency, right? And how, in their own words, pippa Malmgren from the World Economic Forum has said, it’s programmable money.

We have the ability to cut you off from buying or selling if we don’t like you. The bank for International Settlements had Project Icebreaker, Project Aurora that says if the ideology of the use of funds doesn’t match up, we’re going to cut you off. We’re going to not issue bank wires. You’ve got the Fed now app, which is the conduit from you and your money to the Central Bank digital currency that was initiated into law under Executive Order One 40 67 by President Biden.

The Fed now app federal docket. Op. 1670. That goes back a few years. All of this people can look up, right? But earlier this week, on Wednesday, citibank debuted and trade services on blockchains for institutional clients. So they debuted their new token service in a push to bring blockchains to institutions. So what’s interesting about that token service, right? You and I talked about the tokenization of assets that the bank for International Settlements basically defined about two months ago.

They said tokenization process is basically in the digital cryptocurrency world, bringing in all of your assets real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, cash into one token, one packet of information. In layman’s terms. Now, that packet of information is all of your financial assets. That is programmable. According to the World Economic Forum and bank for International Settlements, Meaning if your ideology doesn’t match up, they can cut you off from your bank accounts, right? So what Citibank just said is their institutional clients, their companies, they just opened up this token service to the blockchain technology that now everything is digitized, and they have the ability to cut you off from your accounts.

So, Kurt, don’t be so crazy. Don’t be such a conspiracy theorist, right? It’s like well, it’s not my words, it’s theirs. Right? But here’s where what else has happened over the last week since the last time you and I spoke? There’s a bank called Green Dot. So what is green? Dot bank. I’ve never heard of it before. I don’t think many people have. But they’re the technology background behind the Apple wallet, behind, like, some of these electronic wallets, right? But they’re also a bank.

So for the last six months, they’ve been withholding people’s money. They’re not been allowing for withdrawals for six months. So then there’s an article that talks about it because there’s people complaining on social media. It’s like, hey, we’ve been cut off from our bank accounts. This is wild. We can’t get our money. Imagine if you’re in retirement years and you have this Green Dot bank account and you’re having your Social Security payments deposited into it, and then say, well, you can’t have access to your money.

Well, as I looked into it, it got a little bit creepier. I mean, a lot of it creepier. It’s not necessarily green dot’s problem. Treasury Direct. So Green Dot uses Treasury Direct for all of their clients portfolios that want to invest in Treasuries. Short term bonds, long term bonds, whatever else, right? So Treasury Direct, the problem with that is they don’t allow you to withdraw your funds until that treasury has matured.

So if it’s a one year treasury, two year treasury, kind of like a CD, but you can always get out with a penalty on a CD, they don’t allow you to get out. So they’re saying, hey, it’s not our fault. Treasury Direct is actually withholding people’s assets. It’s like, wait a second. The Treasury Department is withholding people’s assets holding people’s accounts hostage? Are you joking? Right? So the US.

Government is now holding people’s debt hostage. So I’m thinking wait a second. So I started googling and come to find out wells Fargo actually is starting to hold people’s money hostage, as is Citibank, right? So you just can Google articles on, like, Wells Fargo denying people access to their accounts. Over $200,000 wire that showed up into a Wells Fargo account. And Wells Fargo said, hey, Mr. Client with getting this wire from the adoptive mother who died.

He got the estate. They said, we’re not giving you that money because you forged the documents. He said, I didn’t forge any documents. They said, well, that’s it. Well, you’re not getting your money. It’s. Like what? Close the account. He can’t get it. This is wild. They’re coming up with weird stories, right? Citibank, there’s a client at citibank, a retired client who had over $100,000, all of her life savings that they moved from.

What was the bank? It’s pretty big bank, huntington bank wired it into City, it showed up in her account, she looked a couple hours later it was gone. It’s like, where’d it go? And so they said, well we’re closing your account. Why? No answer is necessary, right? So you have to start thinking lt that ideology might be the reason why people are being separated from their money and they don’t have to give an answer as to why.

So they’re saying, well we refused it and it went back to Huntington and Huntington said, well we never got it back, we don’t know where it is. So there’s ladies in limbo, right? And they don’t have to give an explanation as to why. The reason I bring this up is because I’m not saying that this was ideologically based. I’m just saying imagine though, widespread stories like that where I had money in my account, my account got suspended, my account got frozen.

Because when people have ideological differences from the globalists who are running these banks, these are going to be widespread stories, not just ones that might be a mistake, might be an oversight on these two. But the reason I bring it up is because at some point it won’t be an oversight, it might not be a mistake, maybe these weren’t a mistake, I don’t know. But imagine if it’s widespread and you’ve got believers or you’ve got political conservatives, right? People who are donating money to their churches or their tithes.

You’ve got people who don’t necessarily spend their money on getting vaccines, but rather they use natural health remedies, right? I’m just thinking of things that might differ from the global agenda that they want and they freeze your accounts. I mean if that’s widespread you’ve got mayhem everywhere. But put yourself in these people’s shoes, it’s like I just had a couple of hundred thousand dollars in the bank, I don’t have it anymore.

What am I going to do? This is my life savings, right? So the reason I bring all of this up is because I believe full on, because of their own words, they wouldn’t make such a big deal about ideology and about programmable money and digital social profile and attaching your digital ID to bank accounts. If they didn’t care about it, they obviously care about it and that’s their means of people control.

So why we do what we do is to get out of the path of that hurricane, right? We want to get out of the system that’s going to basically define whether you can spend your money or not. Well how is the best way to protect it? We’ll just get out of it. Right? So take tangible assets like silver that you could use to barter with. That’s not tokenized, right? It’s because it doesn’t have title to it.

You don’t pay property tax on. It like a house, right? So that kind of a tangible asset can be tokenized. Something that’s kind of like the old cowboy movies where somebody had a bearer bond, right? It’s like whoever had it in their hot little hands owned it. Right. That’s like gold and silver. It’s non reportable when you purchase it, right. If you purchase it outside of an just it’s just an asset that you take delivery of that you can ultimately use for barter in a worst case scenario.

But the key to me is it’s not something that can be really tokenized in the sense that we’re talking about there. It’s not a digital asset, it’s not a piece of paper. It’s something that ultimately could be your mechanism to secure your financial future and your financial freedom as opposed to being a digital slave in their digital world. Yeah, it’s amazing. I mean you guys have been just talking about this mean, we’ve been interviewing since March and everything that you predicted is starting to fall into place.

I mean, just looking at some of the green dot bank stuff I just pulled up, they’re stating US. Banks are denying customers access to money. We’re starting to see that now. I mean, just little things that we wouldn’t even thought of. I never thought of a green dot bank. And this tokenizing deal CBDC going into Citibank and more, they play it off with big smiles and make it look like it’s wonderful.

Oh my goodness. And just a lot going on. So we really appreciate you guys. Don’t forget to go in the description box below and we can reach out to Dr. Kirk Elliott and team and they will get with you in the next 24 to 48 hours after reaching out, it’s absolutely amazing what you guys do. So we appreciate this week’s update. Looking forward to next week. It’s my pleasure.

We’ll talk to you soon. .

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