Jovan Hutton Pulitzer Reveals Several Shocking Facts About Election Audits That Will Make Your Jaw Drop!

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Jovan Hutton Pulitzer Exposes The Media’s Gameplan For The Maricopa Election Audit Report Coming Out & Other Vital Info You Need To Know!

Listen to “Election Audits and 4 Words To Smoke Out Political Rats!” on Spreaker.

Here is just some of the information covered in Jovan’s podcast above.

3 Ways “The System” Can Mess Up Your Vote!

  1. If the scanning machine is calibrated incorrectly, then the ballot would not be read correctly. This messes up your vote!

  2. If the paper is wrong (ie: fake ballots) but stills get counted, that can mess up your vote!

  3. If the layout of the ballot is not correct, that can mess up your vote!    

And there’s many more! 

This is why having a FULL FORENSIC AUDIT is vital! 

It is not a full forensic ‘cyber’ audit. 

“Cyber” means only things related to computers and computer systems. 

So, a ‘cyber’ audit doesn’t include the physical ballots? 

Why would someone inject the word ‘cyber’ into the mix?

You will hear more in Jovan’s podcast above.

And FRANKly, if you’re paying attention to the election audit movement, you might have an idea of who Jovan is talking about.

So, What Does A Full Forensic Audit Include?

  • All physical ballots (NOT just ballot images!)

  • Calibration (print, paper fibers, etc)

  • Proper canvassing

  • Servers, routers

  • US Post Office records

  • & Much More!


But as you can see, it is much more than just a ‘cyber’ audit or even a full forensic ‘cyber’ audit. 

This is why it is VITAL to pay attention to the process!

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You can see a follow up to this post from Jovan Hutton Pulitzer in “Arizona Election Audit Insider Blasts “Bowtie Bozo” For Attempting To Sabotage The Full Forensic Audit Movement!”

Also, have a look at this interview with Patrick Byrne, who talks about some of the news and updates happening with Arizona audits.

BOOM! Patrick Byrne Says AZ GOP Politicians Attempting To Manipulate Audit Results

Who could it be?


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