Jail Time For Trump? Trumps Lawyer Christina Bobb Breaks Down The Situation..

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➡ The article is about an interview with one of Donald Trump’s lawyers, who used to be a reporter. She got to know Trump after he saw her reports and liked them. They talked often and eventually, he asked her to join his legal team. She also discusses a raid at Mar a Lago, where she was present but not allowed to see anything. She mentions that she doesn’t know why the raid happened or what they were looking for. She also talks about Joe Biden’s mishandling of documents and the different treatment he seems to get compared to Trump. Lastly, she mentions that Trump currently faces many charges, but she doesn’t know of any deals being offered to him to drop the charges.
➡ The article discusses a $350 million fraud judgment against a political figure, which the author believes is an abuse of power and the justice system. The author suggests that this judgment is politically motivated, aiming to seize property and funds from a political opponent. The author also expresses hope that the judgment will be overturned on appeal, and suggests that this situation could lead to a criminal investigation into the abuse of power. Lastly, the author discusses the potential for this situation to negatively impact the real estate market and businesses in New York.
➡ The speaker is criticizing the current administration’s dealings with China and lack of oversight on large sums of money. They suggest that not signing the insurrection act was a strategic move to let people see the potential issues with the current administration. The speaker believes this could sway public opinion in favor of Trump in the future. They also mention a book called “Sealing Your Vote” and its implications for the 2024 election.


All right, folks, welcome to Nino’s corner tv. I am joined with Christina, Bob, Trump’s lawyer. You’re still his lawyer, correct? You’re still one of his lawyers? I’m sure he has many, many lawyers. Yes, he has many, but I am one of them. I met the Save America pack. And you were a former Marine, am I right? And say that or you once acknowledge Marine. Yeah, something like that.

That’s beautiful. So how did you even come across Trump? How did you meet with Trump? How did you get hired on as one of your lawyers? Yeah, I met President Trump. Prior to joining his team. I was a reporter at one America News. I did a lot of the legal commentary and investigative reporting. He got very interested in my reports and contacted me that way. And so I began conversations with him about what I was uncovering and what I was.

He contacted you? He did, yeah. Personally? Yes, he did. Wow, that’s pretty cool. Yeah, he’s pretty awesome. Like, the first time I got a phone call from Donald Trump, it’s pretty surreal. And he’s so easy to talk to. He was talking like we’d been friends forever, and he’s just like, hey, tell me what you’re working on. How’s it going? I’m curious about what you’re doing. And he just wanted to know about the information that I was uncovering.

So he really is like a people person, the guy. He’s very likable, correct? Very. And it was so disarming to get a call from him. And we chatted for a while, and it sounds funny to say, even these few years later, it doesn’t sound real, but it is. It was very easy to talk to him. And I felt like I was talking to someone I know personally, or he had his people call you and then they set up the call, or he just called you? He just called me.

Well, before he called me, I think one of his assistants called to make sure that she had the right phone number. And then she was like, okay, just so you know, he’s going to call you. And I was like, okay. And then it wasn’t right away, but at some point in the future, he called and was like, oh, my gosh. And then he’s like, hey, I want to hire you onto my legal team.

Well, that came a few years later. But, yeah, we developed a rapport. We spoke fairly frequently. And then later he was like, yeah, why don’t you join my team? I was like, all right, great. That’s incredible. So you were the lawyer during the, or one of the lawyers. You still are one of lawyers, but you kind of witnessed the whole raid thing go down. Yeah, I was there.

I was at Mar a Lago. You were at Mar a Lago? So I guess my question is, and I have a lot of questions about this because I really want to put some things to bed that I’ve been wondering about. Yeah. To me, there had to be something in these documents that they really needed to raid the property. Right. So I’ve heard different things that it’s like the playbook to take them out of the.

To stop them from being president. I’ve heard the nuclear biscuit. I’ve heard of all kinds of FBI even said nuclear biscuit. Right. To be honest, I don’t know. I have a lot of the same questions that you guys have. Even though I was on site, they did not allow me to see anything. They forced me to stand basically in the parking lot, like at the circle drive. If you’ve ever seen those aerial shots of Mar a Lago, I was pretty much relegated to the circle.

Couldn’t see, I never saw any of the. So I don’t know. I have a lot of the same questions that you. Well, maybe we could figure it out. I mean, I don’t know. And it was interesting to me because then later, when Joe Biden, the announcement came out that, oh, they found classified documents at Joe Biden’s house at multiple properties. And they were like, oh, but don’t worry, his attorneys are going through everything and DOJ is letting his attorneys.

So why are his attorneys allowed to go through stuff? But I had to stand in the parking lot. So I don’t know, how did that even go down? How did the rate go down? They obviously had to contact the secret service first, correct? I came later. I was notified, know at the time the case was being handled out of Washington, DC, and I was notified by the DC attorney that was.

Can you. Because I was in the area, I was in Florida, and they were like, hey, can you get to Mar a Lago and tell us what’s going. Can you tell us what went on? Can you go through that, with that process? Well, I mean, I have to be a little bit careful because I am a witness in the case. I say that loosely because I was on site, but I really don’t have a lot more.

Like I said, they required me to stand out on the circle drive. And then at the end, they had me sign for the inventory list. That was all I could see. I didn’t get to see anything of what they were doing inside or taking pictures or gathering. I was not allowed to see any of that. So I’m confused. If it was declassified, why is it even a problem? Well, from our perspective, it’s not.

Right. From our perspective, it is declassified and it’s not a problem. But I think it appears, it very clearly appears that they’re not accepting that he declassified. Mean, I don’t, I don’t know. I’m speculating. I’m speaking as a. But you didn’t hear any whispers or rumors that it had the battle plan to block Trump from the presidency or the nuclear codes, biscuit, anything like that? No. I genuinely had no idea what they were looking for, why they were there.

I had no information when I started, and I had very little information when it was over. The only additional information they gave me was the inventory list that has now been largely published. You can find it on the Internet. So what did they find exactly in there, do you know? I don’t mean they’re still going through those hearings now. I mean, the case in Miami with Judge Cannon, the documents case, they’re still arguing that.

And I think just recently, as recently as last week, the attorneys were having hearings with the judge to see what information they were going to have access to and the government. My understanding, again, I’m a spectator on this one because I was on site as a witness. So this is what I’m gathering from the news. I’m not privy to this information. But the hearing went forward to try to figure out what the defense could have access to.

Because my understanding is DOJ hasn’t even turned over all of what they found to the defense team. I mean, they’re still litigating that issue in court. Didn’t you work for the DOJ, or am I wrong in saying no? I was in the military. I never worked at DOJ. I worked at DHS. Okay, DHS, you work? I do, yeah, I did that. So what about Joe Biden’s mishandling of the documents? So this, like, he obviously was good for the goose, is good for the gang? I don’t understand this.

You do understand it. You understand it perfectly clearly, I think it sounds like. Yeah, I mean, they’re using two different systems of justice depending on whether you’re conservative or whether you toe the party. Know Joe Biden is a, Biden had mishandling of documents since he was a senator, correct? Correct. And he’s not subject to the presidential Records act at that point. He’s not protected by the presidential Records act.

So the public is seeing this firsthand favoritism here. Just exactly who system. So let me ask you this. Are you privy to any, or do you have any knowledge on maybe these charges that are, how many charges are on Trump right now? Like 90? What is it? 91, I think. Keep going up, I imagine. So. 91 charges. So are you privy to any backroom deals? Are they approaching Trump at all, saying, no, I’m serious.

Like asking him, hey, these charges will go away if you just step away. Step away from trying to run for president. Right. I certainly can’t betray any attorney client privileges, but I don’t think there’s any official offerings on the table at this point. But those types of conversations are very common in proceedings, and so I would anticipate something like that. I’m not aware of anything currently. You’re answering your questions like a lawyer.

Well, sorry, but no. I mean, that’s the truth. I don’t know. I don’t know of any that are offered at the moment. I wouldn’t be surprised. No, that’s normal. That’s very normal. No. Yeah, because I was thinking there’s whispers going around saying that he’s being sat down and they’ve given him offers. And I just wanted to see if there’s any truth to that. Probably, like I said, especially in the documents case, I am very clearly walled off from the trial team because I have to be.

So what’s your thoughts on this 350,000,000 fraud judgment? Give me your thoughts on this. It’s outrageous. We’re running out of words to describe what’s happening to our country. I mean, how many times do we have to say something’s unprecedented before it becomes trite to say that? But it is unprecedented in the worst possible way. I think it’s very clearly an abuse of the justice system. It’s an abuse of power.

It’s an abuse of elected office. And it’s basically extortion. It’s extortion. It’s getting their political opponents seizing property or demanding payment from their political opponent because they don’t like his views politically. And that money then goes to the state where their party controls it. I think it’s criminal. I actually think it’s borderline criminal. When all this is said and done, I think we need to have a criminal investigation into this abuse of power.

I agree with you. And it’s going to kill the real estate market in New York and development and business and anybody who has any assets who could potentially be conservative know love America is now at risk. And the fact that the governor of New York had to come out and say, oh, don’t worry, we’re not going to target anybody else just highlights the fact that it’s a political hit job is what they’re trying to accomplish.

All because they don’t like his tweets. Not just kidding. They don’t want him. Yeah, there’s a lot they don’t like about him. No, I know. I get it. Trust me. Trump lawyers seek to delay for enforcement for the 350,000,000 fraud judgment. So what are you guys hoping to achieve? And do you think they can take his property? Are they going to take his property? Well, normally I would say absolutely not.

The appellate process is there for a reason. It’s part of our constitutional rights to be able to appeal. From every case that I’ve ever worked or seen or observed, the appellate process is honored. The defense is allowed to appeal their rulings. This is quite honestly the first time I’ve seen where they’re trying to crush him before his ability to be heard on appeal. And let’s be very clear, this New York court of appeals has overturned this judge in this case before, multiple times before actually on a few different issues.

So it’s not out of the question that the court of appeals will overturn this. I mean, I think the judge is hoping it’s a foregone conclusion that the court of appeals will affirm his ruling. I think Letitia James probably knows the court of appeals will not affirm it, which is why she’s trying to strip him of the property before it goes to appeal. Because they don’t want to hear what the court of appeals has to say.

Because I think there’s a good chance the court of appeals is going to say, no, this isn’t right. Are you on the team working with this, with the $350,000,000 judgment right now? I am not on the trial team, no. Do you think that Trump will do any kind of prison time whatsoever? I mean, you think that’s a reality? No. And why is that? I can ask one. I don’t think they’ll actually get a conviction, even in Washington, DC on this case.

I know everyone says, oh, they’ve got the whole, you know, juries are always wonky, and I know it’s a DC jury, but I think the more information that comes out, the more I think the public can see what’s happening. You know, they need a unanimous decision. So I still have a lot of hope for that Washington, DC case. The Florida case is, they’re never going to get a conviction there.

The Georgia case, they’re never going to get conviction. Just don’t, I don’t see where they get a conviction. If they did somehow get a conviction, then they have the issue of he’s a former president of the United States and he cannot go to a general population prison. I just don’t see that being a possibility. So, no, I don’t think they’re going to get a conviction. And even if they did, I still don’t think they could get any type of real confinement.

I’m kind of predicting, I think there’s going to be more charges put on him. Do you see more charges coming down the pipeline at know that’s a dangerous game for them to play because every time they do that, his popularity increases and they’re already kind of at a point where they’re all in. Right. If they lose these cases, if President Trump doesn’t get convicted, I mean, he’s going to win this election in a think.

I think they have what they need to accomplish, what they want to accomplish if they’re successful, I don’t think they need any more to try to convince the public that he’s a criminal. So I don’t actually see the upside on their end for doing that. They’re all kind of crazy. So maybe they just want to indict him just because they like indicting him, but I don’t see the benefit of doing that.

So this is their last shot, their last big shot. They’re all in because they know their fates. I’m just going to say that right here. It’s not good. But the fact that they have gone after a former president and they’ve done this, they’ve kind of broken the seal. Now it’s fair game for them as well, correct? Yeah, it is. Especially this presidential immunity issue. They’ve already done away with executive know, Peter Navarro’s order to report to prison.

So they’ve done away with executive privilege. Now they’re trying to do away with presidential immunity. I mean, be careful what you wish for. Be careful what you wish for, because it would mean that everybody that has done this to Donald Trump is now fair. Aha. That’s what I wanted. So what you’re saying is, in effect, this boomerang can come back around and get all of. Yeah, yeah. It’s a seal.

Yeah, that’s right. They’ve opened Pandora’s box. Exactly right. So this is, in your opinion, absolutely election interference. We can go up 100%. Yes. This is election interference. I wrote a book on election interference, by the way. I know what I’m talking about. Oh, did you? Is it on Amazon or where is it at? I did, yeah. Stealing your vote, what it means for 2024. I thought Stacy sent it to you.

It’s still on Amazon. Oh, yeah. No, I know. Amazing, right? Yes. I’m very surprised. I’m even reluctant to put this on YouTube. I’m going to put this on YouTube. It’ll be highly edited, but it’ll go on Rumble, YouTube and Ninoscorner TV. So do you believe once he’s president again, he will be able to go after all those that were after him right now? Do you think that’s going to mean people like, okay, you did what you did, the boomerang effect is going to happen.

We’re going after all of you. Once he’s president, I would like to see Congress involved in that. Yes. I mean, they’ve effectively done away with all of the protections. I also don’t know what we’re going through right now. I don’t like the idea of one administration prosecuting their predecessor. That’s third worldish. So I think Congress needs to get involved and come up with some way of creating justice out of this situation.

And don’t leave it to the next administration to clean up this mess, because I don’t think that’s necessarily the best thing for the country. So I’m hoping that Congress can come up with some sort of solution. Maybe Congress does the investigation, whatever it know there’s a few different ways that that could play out. But, yes, I think they all need to be investigated and looked into and potentially prosecuted.

If there’s wrongdoing there, it certainly looks like there’s a lot of wrongdoing. Who’s at fault and who ran the show and all of that still needs to be totally identified. But, yeah, I think there will be justice in a second Trump term. I just hope it comes from Congress, to be honest. So let me get your insight on, see. Why do you think they deem Trump such a threat? Because he threatens their power structure.

I mean, he openly says it and the actions that he takes demonstrates that he means what he says. He is returning the power of government back to the american people. What we have right now is we have a system of elitists, people who have worked their way up in politics and now believe that they own the government and that they have a right to run the government. They don’t.

Government to be a civil servant is a privilege in this nation. And there are people that have spent their career doing it and somehow have gotten distorted into thinking that it’s theirs, that they’re entitled to it, and that they get to control who is in and who is out of government. And that’s not the way the United States works. The United States works by the popular vote, by the american people picking their leaders.

And Donald Trump proved that in 2016. They hated him because he didn’t play by their rules. He played by the american rules, and he became president. And he’s absolutely destroying what they’re doing with China and getting kickbacks. And we’re seeing a lot of the serious incident reports coming out of the SARS, reports coming out of treasury getting kickbacks, and we’re seeing a couple hundred billion dollars going with no oversight whatsoever.

And we’re just supposed to believe that’s okay when we couldn’t spend 6 billion on our southern border a few years ago? I’m here on the border. I’m watching the travesty. It’s unbelievable. It’s terrifying what they’re trying to do to this country. So don’t you think in a clever kind of way, by him not signing the insurrection act, it was probably the best move to let America witness what it would be like under a Biden administration? I mean, in order to get the people on Trump’s side so he can do what he wants to do in the next term.

This was kind of the clever way to go about it, don’t you agree? Clever. I don’t know that he intentionally did see, I see your, I mean, not signing the insurrection act was a huge action to me because it put forth this. It let this whole process play out so that american people can see this with their own eyes and witness this horrific display that’s happening with this regime.

Yeah, I mean, it’s outing them. The fact that Biden is in office and we can all see so clearly what they’re doing and how they’re trying to destroy this mean that that’s an think, I think it pains many times Trump has called it the pause, right? It’s like the pause which we can go into a whole nother show, but I think by him not signing the insurrection act, because then he would have really looked like a tyrannical dictator then.

But the fact that we’re in this now with Biden, I think it’s letting the population, the american population, the world, see what a tragedy, what a travesty this administration is. Yeah, it is. I mean, everyone can see it with their own eyes right now. So what’s the name of your book, sealing your vote and what it means for 2024. Christina, I really appreciate your time. You’ve given me a lot of insight, and you’re an incredible lady.

So I really just thank you for coming on, taking the chance to. Come on. Yeah. Thank you, Nino. I really appreciate the opportunity. Absolutely. And you’re welcome anytime. Thank you, swarth. .

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