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➡ The Healthy American Peggy Hall is questioning the details surrounding the Baltimore bridge collapse. She believes the media and authorities aren’t being fully transparent about the incident. She also discusses the importance of critical thinking and not just accepting what you’re told. Lastly, she promotes a service called Virtual Shield, which helps protect personal information online.
➡ The author questions the details surrounding a ship accident and the subsequent destruction of a bridge. They express skepticism about the lack of information available, such as the names of the ship’s crew and harbor pilots, and the absence of a mayday call. They also find it strange that a GoFundMe was set up for the victims’ families, suggesting it might be a tactic to make people feel involved and less likely to question the story. The author encourages readers to keep asking questions and not just accept the information given.
➡ This text discusses a bridge collapse in Baltimore, suggesting it might be part of a larger plan involving corruption, control, and surveillance. The author questions the lack of clear images and videos from the incident, the fluctuating number of victims, and the absence of American flags at the memorial. They also speculate about potential financial benefits for construction companies and possible involvement of political figures. The author ends by suggesting that the blame might be placed on climate change.


Hey, friends, it’s Peggy hall back with you from thehealthyamerican. org. With more digging into the Baltimore bridge collapse, there are some things that I just can’t let go. I’ve got several questions, and I know you do as well. And I wanted to do something of a generalized roundup of all of the things that are concerning to me about this incident. Notice that no one in the media is calling it an accident.

And my savvy, sophisticated, healthy Americans are telling me that that’s because that would then have some implications for the injury insurance companies. And until the investigation is complete, and of course, we know that investigation is going to be honest and on the up and up and absolutely free from corruption, I’m sure then they’ll find out where to assign the blame. There are so many questions that are coming up.

So I wanted this to be a rather comprehensive list of all of the things that you’re questioning and that I’m questioning. And let me also say to those naysayers out there, welcome on board. You are welcome to learn from those of us that actually are digging deeper. It’s called critical thinking. Or you know what the other thing is? Just accept what you’re being told. You know, it’s far easier, isn’t it? Well, easy being relevant to just accept what the government tells you, what the media tells you.

Then you don’t have to do any of the trouble of thinking on your own. They can tell you, I don’t know what to inject in your body that you have to send your kids to the prison, public schools, oh, a whole host of things that they just tell you, and it takes the decision making out of your hands, and especially for those who sadly have been drugged by their doctors, by the child school psychologists, when it comes to children.

And there are so many people that sadly have had their intellectual faculties damaged because of all of these prescription drugs that they’re on. So I do have a heart of compassion for those that didn’t know how to stand up for themselves and didn’t want to dig deeper for the truth. But if you’re like me and you have a curious mind and you want to learn more and you don’t want to accept what the headlines are telling you, then hop on board and we are going to do some more deep digging.

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I summarized a lot of these for you in my substack, and that is over here. It’s free. It’s Peggyhall dot substack. com. So yesterday’s video, I did all about the Baltimore Bridge, Brauner Construction Company. Now, they’re not necessarily the ones who built the bridge, but they told us that they had employees on that bridge that were fixing potholes. And so you can read all about that here. And they also left a message saying that they.

Here’s a sample of that. And I just want to let you know that it said that you should go to the GoFundMe site to sponsor these families. They had no names of the individuals. And by the way, this is something that one of my healthy americans pointed out. How can Brauner construction company be employing illegal workers? It’s illegal. It’s illegal to hire these workers that are in the country illegally and don’t have their legal paperwork.

Why am I drawing that conclusion. I’m drawing that conclusion because as you’ll hear in my upcoming video from a couple of the witnesses and friends of the victims, they very clearly state that they’re sending money back to their home country. And if they were not afraid of being tracked down by our, you know, absolutely watertight immigration, because, you know, no one ever can get into this country illegally or stay here and work illegally, then why would they be afraid of having their names be made public? So that’s how I drew the conclusion based on that evidence.

So isn’t it strange? I’m going to give you the roundup of the things that are troubling me, that the Brauner construction, construction company, number one, have these individuals filling potholes at 01:00 a. m. In the morning. Maybe that’s what they do. I don’t know. I would love to see the work order for that. Anyone that wants to dig into the city of Baltimore’s Pos, right, their purchase orders or any of their, whatever the name would be called, in order to have this work order, I guess it would be to have these repairs done on the bridge.

I would like to see evidence of that as well. I would like to see evidence that these individuals were actually on the bridge. There are no images of any trucks plunging into the water. There are no images of these individuals, for example, other than what we’re shown in the media, but no images of them working there. There are no names that are listed on the Brauner website. Why is that? Wouldn’t they want to celebrate these heroes, as they’re calling them? Because they undertook this dangerous work, which, by the way, they took willingly and were paid for.

So I find it very strange. Their names are not listed in the GoFundMe, but they want you to donate money to the tune of $300,000. 01 of my healthy Americans said, I’m surprised it’s not $330,000. Yeah, $330,000. Right. The 33 is another one of their numbers that they like to use one of their calling cards. So that is very strange to me. And I also showed you that there were conflicting reports that there were eight workers.

Well, no, there were actually seven. Well, there were six, but four perished. But two survived. Well, actually, another one survived. All of that conflicting information is done on purpose to confuse you and keep your mind occupied trying to do the mathematics basically as a distraction so that you’re not digging deeper into the facts. I always recommend that you watch these videos with the sound off. You can speed them up, you can slow them down.

That will help you snap out of the hypnotic trance that the media is trying to put you in. You can also just listen to the audio and not look at the video because I guarantee you that the audio and the video are produced together to elicit a type of emotional response. In my upcoming video, I’m going to play for you a very strange news report from a reporter that one of my healthy Americans thought was either, I don’t know, a little tipsy, maybe was exhibiting some after effects of the cocktail.

But maybe that’s just how they report the news in Baltimore. I’m not from Baltimore, so I don’t know. But wait until I show you the friend who also has that duper’s delight. If you’re not sure what a duper’s delight is, I know somebody in the comments section will alert you to that. So let me bring you a couple other of these, several other of these things that just don’t add up.

So the media has been so slow to disclose these identities. And my question isn’t, let’s say that these individuals were on that bridge exactly as we were told, that they were filling potholes, that they weren’t involved in any other nefarious activity, such as, I don’t know, being there in some fireworks were going off. There were no eyewitnesses. We have no images of those individuals, individuals on the bridge.

But let’s just go along with their story and say that they were there. Shouldn’t Brauner be responsible for any kind of financial aftermath of this accident or incident? Why are they putting out that individuals should submit to that or contribute to the GoFundme? I’ll tell you why. Because then it furthers the story. It furthers the narrative. Now, you are involved in the victims family’s recovery, and you have done something good to put your compassionate heart at ease.

It ties you into the story, makes you a participant. So then you are less willing to look at the facts. You are less willing to reject these flimsy stories. That’s one of the reasons why they do it. All right, shouldn’t the ship that we’re told rammed into that support structure? Shouldn’t they be responsible for whoever perished in this accident? Wouldn’t all that go to them? And I understand that these things will be fought in court in the insurance companies.

So as I told you before, we can consider that everything we’re told is exactly true. Don’t question it. Just accept it. Move on to the next event. That’s a little far fetched. That’s a little difficult for me to accept. The opposite end is that none of it happened. It was all CGI, including the destruction. And that would be a little far fetched as well, because there are people, healthy Americans, that told me that, yes, indeed, that bridge is gone now.

We don’t know exactly what happened or how it happened. It is possible that none of those workers were on the bridge at all. It’s very possible. I would like to know why. Along those lines, we never heard the mayday call from the ship. There are several reports of the emergency responders going back and forth, saying, we need to close the bridge. You know, get on with the highway patrol.

But we never hear the May day call from the captain, from the ship. Don’t be swayed. I almost was when I heard Jeff Ostroff, his video. And I don’t know if he misspoke or maybe I misunderstood, but he said, let’s listen to the May Day call. I think that’s what he said. Other news outlets did also position it that way. It’s not the mayday call. It is the emergency responders.

But the more they repeat that there was a mayday call that was released, and you hear the emergency responders, the more you’re going to believe it. So, no, we have never heard the Mayday call. We have never heard the names of the crew members on that ship. We have never heard the name of the pilot or the master piloting that vessel. The dolly. Yes, we talked about Salvador Dali and the broken bridge.

I’ve covered this already. I’ve done several videos for you, and they’re all there in my Baltimore bridge playlist. More importantly to me, we have never gotten the names of the harbor pilots in the port of Baltimore who are required by law to be on board that vessel as it either enters or exit the port. Exits the port. In this case, it was exiting the port. Now, I find it also strange that it was exiting at 01:30 a.

m. Maybe that’s normal. I am not involved in shipping or ports or anything like that. But to a layperson, I found that strange. But more strange is the fact that the names of the harbor pilots were never released. Why? How is it that we knew the captain of the Exxon Valdez before, you know, basically 24 hours was up? How is it that we know the names of all of these accused, you know, bang bang perpetrators on these mass events? And we know their medical history.

We have pictures of their family. We know how much money they make. We know exactly how many firearms they have, and how much ammunition and where they bought it. We have all of that from someone who was accused and didn’t even have a trial yet. We’re not even getting the names of these harbor pilots. Were they even on board? Was anyone on board? I would like to know.

I’ve never seen an individual on board. I’ve never seen a person waving a hand or anything. A lot of the images that were shown look strange as well. From a distance, it almost looks like they’re photoshopped. I would imagine that there would be far more destruction to that vessel than what we’re shown. So there are so many questions that I have here. I hope that there was no loss of life, actually.

What happened? Because how is it that they were able to clear that bridge so quickly of any traffic? I found that astounding as I was listening to the emergency responders saying that they’re getting the traffic breaks. How are they able to do that so quickly? Are there usually law enforcement officers right there at the entrance and exit of the bridge as you go on and off? Maybe there are.

How are they able to close that traffic break so quickly? But they were not able to get the workers off the bridge. The workers didn’t have any two way radios. They didn’t have any walkie talkies. There was no one to alert them when the bridge was being closed. It doesn’t even add up. It defies logic. And that’s where the emotional grip is going to stop people from thinking clearly.

And that’s why I’m not letting this story go. I don’t claim to have the answers. I have a lot of questions. And in my opinion, it’s more important to have questions that I don’t have the answers to than to have answers that can’t be questioned. I didn’t come up with that, but I really like that. So there’s another subsec that I did, and this also was showing you the strange CIA connection.

And I just want to revisit the image for a moment because some of you pointed this out to me and I want to share it as well. I’m grateful for all of you that email me. Support the healthyamerican. org. And of course, you can also send me your snail mail at Peggy Hall, 205 Avenida del Mar, 681 Clemente, California, 92674. I pointed out in my video yesterday that the CIA has a connection to this bridge because they were sharing the crane that is used now to clear out the debris was used by the CIA.

It was called Chessy isn’t that interesting? After the Chesapeake Bay. And what I found so compelling about the story is that they admitted that they were creating a cover story back in the 1970s while they said they were trying to recover a sunken russian vessel, yet they were telling us that it was just Howard, a ship that belonged to Howard Hughes. The point being, the CIA admitted to creating a cover story.

It’s been done before. Why can’t it be done now? And I want, I was pointing out on the CIA website, there is an eagle. It’s facing to my left. And you look at this image here from the first victim that we were told about. He’s the one that has gotten the most press. His name was the first release that I came across again and again. And if you look clear, uh, carefully, you’ll see an eagle looking to the left.

Many have pointed out that this image is transposed because there is the Nike logo. I notice everything, the logos, the colors, the red, white and blue. And yes, that normally would be the other way. More of you pointed out that Nike has been associated with the rings of Saturn. And this is not something I’ve done deep digging on yet, but many of you are more savvy in this area than I am.

And apparently Saturn is the Maleficent planet. Those born under Saturn are malicious and cruel. All his works are grievous to men’s health. Now, this is about the planet Saturn, if you believe in that kind of thing. Again, I have not done a deep dive there, but since you all were pointing it out in the comments, I wanted to point that out as well. So again, here is the image.

Out of all of the images they could show of this fellow, why are they showing one of him next to this statue? Which you also filled in the blank for me and told me that this was at Niagara Falls and it was of an indian chief. So isn’t that nice that this fellow gets to travel to Niagara Falls? Who gave this image? There is no. Usually when you have a picture, there is a photo credit.

There is no photo credit. Who gave this image? Is this even him? There? Was this a doctored photo? Was he placed at this scene with this left looking eagle to my view, looking left as some kind of wink, wink, nod, nod calling card, that this is a CIA op. I’m asking questions. Of course I’m going to be asking questions and I’m never going to stop. Let me give you a few more here on my laundry list.

And it’s so strange. One other thing, I pointed out to you that I want to revisit that. We don’t have any of the names of the individuals on the ship. We don’t have the names of the pilots. I’m going to keep repeating that. We don’t have the names of the harbor pilots yet we have the names of these bystanders, Eileen Liddy, Lisa Davies and Bill Andrews, who, by the way, you know, you can see that she’s wearing the Ravens gear.

And it says, bill Andrews recalls watching the Francis Scott key bridge get built in the 1970s, tugging on your heartstrings. Where did they find these people? It looks like a staged photo. They’re crystal clear. Yet the images that we saw of the lineup of the victims on the bridge were muddy and out of focus. This doesn’t add up. So very strange. And let me read to you a couple more of my items here from my list of things that just don’t add up.

All right. I just can’t get over the fact that there are no videos from anyone else passing over that bridge. All we are seeing, at least, all I’m seeing are the official videos that were taken from some, you know, live stream that apparently there are a lot of cameras at these bridges. People watch the ships go in and out. We’ve never seen any bodies recovered. We never saw, at least I never saw that red truck again.

The names of the workers, we didn’t get all of them. We were told there were eight, then there were seven, then there were six. And people also are asking, why would they do this? Well, I’m going to pose that question to you. Why would they do this? Terror control. Rebuilding the bridge with more control, more cameras, more surveillance. The mayor, I’m sorry, the governor of Baltimore was slashing the budget for bridges he needed, get this, $60 million million dollars for transportation, including bridges.

And guess how much build back Brandon wants to give. Yeah, that’s his new nickname now. Build back Brandon. Build back Brandon. The bridge will probably be named after him. Let’s see. He wants to give Maryland, you guessed it, $60 million. What a quinky dink. It’s a distraction, of course, from other things. There are so many reasons why they want to do this. There probably are going to be insurance increases.

Think about the construction companies that are going to get the contracts for this new bridge. Oh, maybe it will be Brauner construction. Eagle eyes will keep our eyes out. Oh, yes, eagle eyes. We will make sure that we see who are getting these contracts and maybe, just maybe, Nancy Pelosi’s husband, who is involved in all sorts of construction and transportation, investments. Maybe he’ll get some as well, because don’t you know, Nancy Pelosi is like the daughter of Baltimore.

She was born there, she was raised there, she was married there, and her father was a former corrupt mayor of Baltimore. He was so corrupt that the democratic political machine would not even allow him to run for governor because they said his dealings with organized crime, I think they call it the mafia, his dealings with organized crime were so strong and there was so much corruption and scandal that they said he would, even in Maryland, he would never be able to take office.

And then Nancy Pelosi’s brother, named after my least favorite FDR, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, he was named Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and his nickname was Rosie or Rosie. And isn’t it sad that he was running around with some scofflaws? And there were young girls, I think, around the ages of eleven and twelve that were kidnapped and held into. They were kidnapped for over a week. And there were allegations of rape and assault, and all of his buddies were found guilty.

But Rosie wasn’t. And isn’t that nice that he was an upstanding young fellow? I know. So anyhow, just to paint the picture of the corruption there in Baltimore and Maryland in general, so I’m sure that the construction companies, oh, they’re probably not going to be vying for some of these $60 million to build back the bridge, which used to be called the Francis Scott key Bridge, and now it’s probably going to be called build back better Biden Bridge.

That’s the nickname for it. So they want to usher in their 15 minutes, smart cities, their resilience and green. I mean, they probably came up with those own adjectives on their own. All right, you got to remove the past. No patriots can be mentioned here. And we need to move into the great new world disorder. That’s why they’re doing it, my friends, controlling, disrupting commerce. Oh, I could go on and on and on.

Oh, I don’t want to forget the sympathy toward the, how do I put it? New Americans. Yes. The visitors, the immigrants, the hardworking immigrants taking these dangerous jobs that Americans don’t want. Just saying. Oh, my question is, when is the movie coming out? I think they already have the t shirts, but I didn’t see any posters. Usually there are posters, you know, put up in the public square of the missing loved ones.

I didn’t see that. I did see that. There already was some kind of memorial going on there. It looked like scarecrows. Did you see that image? I’ll have to dig it up for you. It’s quite strange to say. Oh, here we go. I found it for you, friends. And again, here we go. So this is the memorial that honors workers killed in the Baltimore key bridge collapse. So it looks like a little scarecrows.

There’s the hard hat and there’s their, you know, reflective uniform. What I find interesting is there’s no american flag. Is that just me? But there’s the flag of Mexico, and I’ll need to look this up if that’s Guatemala or Honduras. El. El Salvador. Yeah, I’ll need to look up these flags here. Yes, I just did a quick search. And indeed, this is the flag of. Let’s see, we’ve got Honduras and El Salvador here.

So. So there it is, El Salvador, and the other one is Honduras. So El Salvador and Honduras and Mexico, but no american flags. So I found that very interesting. That comes from the Associated Press. All right, I’ve got just a couple other things here on my list of things to mention. I don’t know. Were there bribes to these workers so that they could go back to their country with their pockets full of money, or money that’s forthcoming from the GoFundme? They were promised that they would get citizenship instead.

Are they returning to their own countries? Somebody else pointed out my lovely, healthy Americans. They closed the bridge. So there were fewer fatalities, meaning fewer investigations. Because imagine if there had been actual victims on that bridge. Think of all of the insurance company investigations that might have, I don’t know, uncovered or revealed other facts, other information that perhaps, I don’t know, the CIA doesn’t want us to know.

Mm hmm. Mm hmm, mm hmm. Okay, I think that’s it. Friends, right now. Oh, I forgot to mention, it’s not the vessel’s fault, it’s not the crew member’s fault, it’s not the master of the ship, and it’s certainly not the harbor pilot’s fault. It is the bridge’s fault. What I meant to say is it’s actually Trump’s fault. Oh, no, no, no. It’s actually. I’m surprised they didn’t mention it, but I’m mentioning it right now.

We need to chalk it up to climate change. What say you? Stay tuned. I’ve got another video for you coming right up. .

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