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➡ Peggy Hall, from thehealthyamerican.org, shares her experiences and knowledge about various topics, including the Baltimore bridge incident and how ships are guided in harbors. She also expresses gratitude for the support she receives from her viewers, which helps her continue her work. Peggy promotes a product that helps reduce signs of aging and shares a heartfelt letter from a viewer named Theresa. Theresa found Peggy’s work after she was fired for refusing a medical procedure due to her religious beliefs. Peggy emphasizes the importance of expressing objections strictly on religious grounds and not discussing scientific or medical details.


Hey friends, it’s Peggy hall back with you from thehealthyamerican. org dot. There’s Teddy bear there and I’m shifting gears a little bit. I’ve been doing several videos covering the Baltimore bridge debacle, and I hope that you’ll watch all of those. We did some deep dives into some of the controversies, and then I did some more educational videos about how these vessels actually are supposed to be guided in and out of the harbors.

I found it very fascinating and I definitely will keep my eye on this story. There are others far more knowledgeable in this area than I am. So I just wanted to let you know that I’m turning my attention to something a little different for this next video. So many of you send me cards and letters and I’m so very grateful to hear from you. I’ve gotten goodies and encouragement and financial gifts and prayers and all sorts of items that really help me persevere in this battle of defending our freedom and truth and standing up for what is right and helping you get the courage to stand for your convictions.

I kind of have a heart wrenching one that I want to share with you in just a moment where this lovely woman found me just a little bit too late. But there’s always another way, and I want to help you find it. So stick with me. I do want to thank the sponsor of this video. This is how I’m able to pay off my legal bills. So give me just one moment, and if you are someone who is interested in improving your appearance in looking younger, then please check this out.

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So check out this science backed shortcut that is worth trying at home again. Dermal one. com Peggy friends, I’d like to end out the week with some encouraging words. Gosh, the work that I do here at the healthy american is intended to help you keep your head above the waves of these stormy seas of life. I want to bring you tips and techniques and strategies and solutions, resources and remedies so that you can stand up against the tyrants, push back against the oppressor.

And I want to share with you this beautiful card that I got from a woman who found my work just a little bit too late. And it says, you’re one of God’s most special gifts. Thank you so much. Encouraged with the most gentle words and love with the most caring heart. So grateful for the gift of you. This is from Theresa and she says, hi Peggy, my name is Theresa.

Thank you so much for being a blessing in my life. I know in many others as well. My lord Jesus led me to you at the height of the cooties hogwash. When employers were forcing employees to take the cocktail. I was one of those who replied for a religious exemption, but I was denied even though I was working from home 100%. This is just. I’m going to address this in just a moment.

It’s absolutely despicable, she says. I was terminated in September of 2021. You became known to me after the fact. Although there are no coincidences with God, he has a purpose and plan for everything, including leading me to you because of your strength, determination, and great wisdom and care for his people. I learned so much from you. I learned strength, endurance, perseverance, encouragement, and hope. You are truly a bright light in my life, and I thank God for you.

Our father and Lord and savior Jesus Christ is using you mightily for the kingdom of God and his glory. Many thanks again for all you do. God bless you abundantly in the mighty name of Jesus. Love your sister in Christ. Now, I wanted to share this with you because I want you to derive the encouragement that I get from your cards and letters. My number one principle and reason for the healthy american is connection.

That’s why I come on this platform, day in, day out, Monday through Friday, two videos, sometimes three videos a day, because I want you to have a place where you can connect with like minded people. Think back to the early days, or maybe even now, you might still be shunned and isolated from your family, friends, loved ones. I have lifelong friends that I don’t know if I will ever see again.

And that’s, you know, maybe those relationships have been completed. If you are interested in getting my emotional support on the journey, I do a lot of these videos over at living Swell. That’s my second channel here on YouTube, living swell with Peggy hall. And I talk a lot about healing broken relationships, about standing up for yourself, about speaking your mind without losing your mind. And that is another channel where we can connect.

So isolating you from others, isolating you, terminating you from your job illegally, all of this is a psychological ploy to wear you down. And I’m so grateful for Theresa, who is still standing strong even in the midst of being terminated. Now, I don’t know what job that led her to, or maybe she’s just grateful that she was is no longer swimming in the sea of evil. But it is always heart wrenching to me when I hear from people just a little bit too late.

Now, I don’t know exactly how she put forth her religious exemption. I’ve spoken on this channel many, many, many times about exactly how to do this. A to z. A lot of those videos have come down off of YouTube only because I was getting strikes on this channel. You can find many of them over at Rumble, and then all of my videos are at Peggyhall TV, which is my private channel.

But the summary of your religious exemption is that you need to express yourself strictly in religious terms. You cannot talk about the science, the medicine, how long these drugs have been on the market, whether or not they work, how effective they are, how disastrous. You can’t talk about the side effects. You can’t talk about the ingredients because they are coming out. I just read that they’re coming out with a vegan cocktail, a plant based cocktail to be injected because that now will take care of those who objected on the lines, along the lines of the fetal cell lines and other ingredients that were purported to be in these.

I’ve always recommended that you never talk about. Well, let me say in the last several years, I have recommended that you don’t talk about the ingredients because that is a thread that your, you know, the slimy lawyers can unravel in a way to kind of force you and pressure you to undergo this introduction of this product into your body. You should be able to say, I object on religious grounds, period.

And I believe in the state of Florida. That’s all you need to do is check a box. You don’t need to prove your belief. How do you prove a belief? Well, you just say that I prayed about it and God told me not to do it. And God has dominion over my life and I have to follow his will for my life, period. And there are more and more court cases that are coming out that are reaffirming everything that I’ve taught over these many years in terms of, that is sufficient.

You can’t prove a belief. Now, the fact is, it could be that Teresa worked for criminals. In other words, she did everything right, and the criminals are violating the law. Many of you worked for criminals. You had a right of to object. You had a right of no consent on moral grounds, ethical grounds. All of that falls under the heading of a religious belief. You are not asking for permission.

You are informing your employer of your no consent. Some people got mistaken along the lines, thinking that you were begging for permission. It’s nothing of the sort. It’s no different than telling your employer that you’re not going to be in on Monday because you have a dentist appointment. You’re going to inform them of what you are doing, period. And they should accommodate you. The fact that she worked 100% at home, it doesn’t even apply to employees that are working remotely.

They have no control over what you do in your own home, period. I heard of employers that wanted their employees to wear the suffocation device on the zoom meetings while they were at home. Now, this, my friends, is called mental illness. All right? And being tested for a disease, a disease when you don’t have any symptoms is called also a mental illness. And I mean, seriously, it’s hypochondria.

And it’s also Munchausen’s when you do it to yourself. And it’s Munchausen’s by proxy, which is what your employer was doing. Having you get tested again and again. Why aren’t you getting tested for AIDS weekly or tuberculosis weekly or anything else? They’ll probably come up with that next. Absolutely ridiculous. Now, here’s a sad story that I’ve told before that bears repeating. And this is another woman that found me too late.

And she was working for a hospital. She was a single mom. She was put on leave without pay, illegally, I might add. It is illegal to treat you any differently because of your religious beliefs. Imagine being put on leave without pay because you have an accent or because you’re older or because of your skin color or because you were hired as Joan and now you come to work as John.

They cannot put you on unpaid leave for any of those protected characteristics. Yet they’re doing it for people because of religious beliefs. It has nothing to do with your status of whether you’re a pincushion or not. This is your religious beliefs, and you cannot be treated differently. So many lawsuits have been fought and won. Clients that I have actually counseled and coached. I’m not an attorney, but I educate them on the laws, on their rights, on strategies that are successful, pitfalls to avoid, and all of that.

I’ve had some clients that really had to go through the wringer, and some of these actually had settlements with their employers because it was proven that the employer was wrong. Now, not everybody has the money or the stomach to undertake this kind of, you know, legal action against the employer. But this one really tugged at my heartstrings, because the woman was put on unpaid leave, a single mom working for one of the big, bad medical hospitals, and she couldn’t pay her rent.

She was not getting unemployment. And after a certain period of time, she acquiesced. She got the jab, she went back to work, and she was fired. Oh, your position is no longer needed. Yeah. They didn’t want her on the job because she stood up for herself in the beginning. She rocked the boat, and then think about it. She acquiesced. She gave up her dignity, her integrity, her self respect, most likely her health, and she also was out of a job.

So, no, I tell the story as a reminder that no job is worth the jab. No job at all is worth putting you, your life, at risk. So my heart goes out to this woman. I pray that she got a better job. Many people did find that they had a much better scenario. Maybe not immediately, but down the road, they realized that God was actually protecting them, because one of the sayings that I have, I didn’t come up with, but that I like, is God’s rejection, is God’s protection.

So being let go from some of these jobs, as difficult as it could be, you have to look for the silver lining. As the saying goes, where is the hidden blessing? You’re no longer in the sea of evil. You stood up for yourself. And the idea and my hope and prayer is that you will find something better. Now, I wanted to share one other. I have all these beautiful cards.

Let me just share another one here. This came from Jane and very cute little card. She says, hi, Peggy. I got your lovely card because I thanked her. I know I’m a little behind on some of my thank yous, she said, I wanted to send you our new address. Thanks to your guidance, not only was I able to keep my job, we were able to move from our condo to our new house.

Thank you for fighting the good fight. These are the cards that keep me going. Jane was a client. She was able to stand up against the tyranny, the oppression, the discrimination, the intimidation, the coercion, the harassment, the retaliation. All of that is illegal. Imagine if you had to defend your sexual preferences in front of a board at your work. That’s exactly what they’re requiring. Still to this day, employees do in order not to take the jab.

And I want to know who exactly is on this committee that is going to review your exemption request. Do they have training in title VII, which is the law that protects you? Do they know all about the EEOC and their guidelines and the technical guidance that they are supposed to follow? Are they experts in these federal cases that have gone forth saying that your religious beliefs should be accepted by the employer without question? What kind of training have they had? Who selected them to be on this committee? And my most important question is, what is their religious belief and background? What authority do they have to judge you and your relationship with your creator? It’s absolutely despicable.

And listen, you don’t need to be a christian. We have counseled people that are atheist, Buddhist, Muslim, Mormon, fill in the blank all manner of faith, because, yes, atheism is also a faith. It’s a type of belief. It’s a system that guides your life choices. And that is one of the ways that the government has defined religion. So if this is of interest to you, or if you know someone that is still struggling to get a job without the jab or you know someone who is trying to go to college, we are helping a great number of nursing students right now, and that is where they’re really tightening.

The screws is on those individuals that are going into the medical professional and healthcare, medical profession and healthcare, because they want everybody to fall in line and to follow the orders and to not step out of line. And my view is that we need clear headed, rational thinking, non pincushion individuals to be in our medical system going forward. I believe that we are in a revolution at the beginning of a revolution and new ways of helping people and helping people stay healthy, new ways of medical care that is not based on all of the old notions.

I have to kind of watch my step here on this channel. I believe that that is going to just be blossoming in the coming years. So I want to give you hope for that. Okay, I’ve got one more that says, dear Peggy, this is from Anita and Pete. You inspire me. You uplift me. You instruct me. You give me hope. I first met you on one of the online summits, and I have spread your name far and wide.

Please accept this modest donation as a thank you for all that you do. You are a beautiful soul, Anita. Thank you, Anita and Pete and all of those healthy Americans like you that are here supporting me with your prayers, with your encouragement, with the financial gift. As I started to say, having a platform here where we can connect with each other is one of my most prized possessions, if I can put it that way.

It’s one of the things that I value the most, is being able to connect with like minded people so that you don’t feel like you’re the only one who gets it. That’s exactly what the bad guys want, to isolate you, make you feel that you’re the crazy one and you’re not. So on this channel, we focus on connection, on education, and on taking action in a way that makes sense for you.

You don’t need. Need any special skills. Taking action can be sharing this video, sharing this channel, sharing conversations. I’ve got several steps that you can take, and it’s. I’ve got a video called exactly what you can do. And I’ve got substacks where I break down steps, like having conversations just with people at the grocery store. And I do all of these kinds of things, and it doesn’t cost a dime.

So I appreciate all of you for being on board. We’re closing out the week here, and I hope that you’ll take some time off, away from all the headlines, away from all the hogwash. Spend some time doing what brings you joy. .

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