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➡ Greg Reese talks with Dr. Anna Maria Mihalcia’s about a substance called hydrogel, which is used in COVID vaccines and can be programmed. This substance is found in everyone’s blood, not just those who got the vaccine, due to environmental exposure. It can store information in our brains and can be used for secure transactions, which is important for digital IDs. Researchers are also looking at how this technology can help combine humans and machines.


The following report is from Dr. Anna Maria Mihalcia’s recent article entitled Hydrogel platform enables versatile data encryption and decryption. The building blocks of hydrogels are being found in the COVID vaccine and hydrogels are being found in the blood of both a vaccine and the unvaccinated. They are the so called blood clots that are being found around the world and these hydrogels can now be programmed, encrypted and decrypted.

According to Mielcia, they are the substrate of the brain computer interface and the primary method of fusing humans with machines, as she described by referencing MIT research in the article Hydrogel interfaces for merging humans and machines elements which mielcia and Clifford Carnicom found with near infrared spectroscopy in the blood of the unvaccinated exposed to shedding and environmental contamination include hydrogel plastics such as polines, vinyl, nylon, kevlar and spider silk proteins, as well as other nanotechnology signatures such as silicone and sulfur.

This technology hijacks methyl groups which are needed to detoxify and create glutathione in the body. Hydrogels used for the encrypted programmable technology include polyvinyl alcohol and polycaprolactone. Both of these hydrogels are listed as stealth nanoparticles in the Moderna patent for lipid nanoparticle composition. This suggests that not only those who received the shot have this hydrogel encryption technology in their bodies, but also those who have experienced shedding and environmental contamination, which is just about everyone.

These hydrogels are known to be programmable and encrypted. This technology can behave as brain storage. It can store memories and visual information in an individual’s brain and it can be chemically induced to be securely encrypted and decrypted, allowing for the secure recording and storage of confidential visual information. This provides a platform for secure financial transactions, which is a requirement for a digital id. MIT researchers have discussed how this very same technology can be used to fuse humans with machines, and while they’ve had problems working it out in the past, a recent paper has announced they found success using the very same elements found in both the blood of the vaccinated and unvaccinated by Mielsea and Karnicom.

In a lecture by Professor Sakrat Kisroev at the University of Miami, it is discussed how advanced materials can be used for interfacing machines and the human brain. He references a research project funded by DARPA wherein magnetic nanoparticles are key to this technology. Mielcia has published research that shows how the COVID shots alter torsion fields in the body and produce magnetism. A review by the RaND Corporation, brain computer interfaces, us military applications and implications discuss the convergence of human with machine in an interview with big pharma whistleblower Karen Kingston.

Kingston discusses this self assembly nanotechnology and how the spike protein is an engineered device triggered by electromagnetic frequency and how the quantum dots are gene editing technology. This nanotechnology appears to be distributed via chemtrails, the food and water supply medications, and in all of the scheduled vaccines for children. It has been found by multiple scientists in the blood of both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. And the fact that this widespread technology is being ignored while the topic of mrna is being pushed into the mainstream is of great concern.

Mielcia has shown that the new protocols being sold to the public as a way of reversing the negative effect of the COVID shots have no effect on these hydrogels. And it would seem that well over a billion people are infected with them. While many are talking about an archaic implanted computer chip, it seems that the latest breakthrough technology has already been deployed without anyone’s consent. The situation almost seems hopeless.

But where there is a will, there is a way. And now is not the time to hide our head in the sand. The human body is miraculous and our potential is endless. The more people addressing this dire situation, the better chances we have of finding a remedy. Reporting for infowars, this is Greg Reese. .

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