Hidden Secrets of Money: What Is It & How Can YOU Prosper From What’s Happening Now?

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Documentary Mini-Series Reveals Hidden Secrets of Money & How You Can Prepare & Prosper!




Most people go through life totally unconscious and just think, believe and do things that others do or tell them to do.


Money is one of those things. 


Have a look at this series of videos from Mike Maloney. He is Robert Kiyosaki’s (author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad) advisor when it comes to precious metals. 


After you watch these videos, you’ll likely know more about money than 99% of people on the planet. 


As with everything else, use discernment as you watch these.


And learn more about why so many financial experts are moving to gold and silver here.



Money vs Currency – Hidden Secrets Of Money Episode 1



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USA’s Seven Stages Of Empire – Hidden Secrets Of Money Episode 2


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Is the US Dollar About to Be Replaced? – Hidden Secrets Of Money Episode 3


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Inflation: The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind – Hidden Secrets of Money Ep 4 


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Where Does Money Come From? – Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 5


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INFLATION vs Deflation – Hidden Secrets Of Money Episode 6


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STRIKE 3: USA’s Day of Reckoning – Hidden Secrets Of Money Episode 7 


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From Bitcoin To HBAR – Hedera Hashgraph Documentary


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Fall Of Empires: Rome vs USA (Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 9) 


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American Bread & Circus (Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 10) 


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Thank You For Educating Yourself & Sharing This Information To Help Others Become More Empowered & Learn The Hidden Secrets of Money!



And you can learn more about real money and converting your currency into precious metals here.




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  • I’ve been trying to educate myself for years concerning many aspects of the financial system, the all caps name and most importantly spiritual freedom. To my understanding this information is “allegedly” supposed to be at a 3rd grade comprehension. I beg to differ and if this is in fact true I believe I have a valid claim against a certain college.lol I do believe the spiritual aspect probably is at a 3rd grade level of comprehension but for some like myself it takes about 50 years to sink in.LOL I wish mush love & peace to all. ((( <3 )))

  • Hi Mark,

    Just discovered your Mini-series Hidden Secrets of Money & How You Can Prepare and Prosper. Might use it in an educational format being developed by simply exposing people to your knowledge.
    As I see it, some very basic concepts of human life are so overlooked that they become forgotten. It is time to remember and retrain people in solid basics so life improves for all.
    Really understanding the concept of money is important to allow you to become what your nature wants, in freedom to do and think freely in solving problems in all aspects of life. The Great Knowledge of Humankind is closer to every human on Earth than ever before in History. The Library of Alexander was formidable in knowledge for it’s time but the Gauls might not have had access. Today it is amazingly possible to be autodidactic and achieve great things, for yourself, for mankind.
    Understanding money will tend to eliminate central control of money and do more to free humanity than any political regime.
    The more people that know, the more we can be free. My French ancestors realized you cannot have a democratic government without an educated people. Let’s educate!

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