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➡ The Millionaire Morning Show w/ Anton Daniels discusses Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, who despite criticism, won over 60% of the vote in December 2022. It also talks about the impact of California’s minimum wage increase for fast food workers from $16 to $20 an hour, which is causing some businesses to close and lay off workers. The author argues that wages should be determined by market demand and skill set, not government mandates, and encourages people to work hard and earn their living.


Gavin Newsom. What do y’all think about Gavin Newsom? How many people actually. Um. Okay. How many people. Let’s. Let’s. Let’s remix this for a second. How many people actually live in California? That’s what I’m wondering. I’m gonna read the super chat shortly. How many people actually live in California? Okay. Of those people that live in California, here’s my next question. How many people actually like Gavin Newsom? I see some California’s in here.

How many people like Gavin Newsom? Okay, so it’s got to be some people in here that love Gavin Newsom. It’s got to be some people in here that love Gavin Newsom because he keeps getting voted in Gavin Newsom. Let me pull this up. Let me see for myself. Newsom, um, trying to figure out how. What percentage of the vote. Somebody break that. Somebody look that up for me, y’all.

Somebody look. It says he easily, easily beat Gavin Newsom easily beat his next biggest competitor. He won 50, over 60% of the vote. Over 6. 4 million votes. Over 6. 4 million votes. Gavin Newsom won over 6. 4 million votes in December 2022. This is the sim last updated December 2022. Latest results after he completely shut down y’all state and everything, this is telling me that Gavin Newsom won by a wide margin, over 60% of the vote.

That’s huge. That is massive. Y’all don’t think that that’s Matt, y’all don’t think that that’s crazy? Because everybody keep telling me how bad Gavin Newsom is, but how y’all gonna tell me how bad Gavin Newsom is? But he went in over to 60% of the vote. Who voting for him if don’t nobody like him. Somebody is voting for him. Somebody is voting for him if. And he’s getting multiple different terms.

Anyways, let’s back up for a minute. The sentiment is that Gavin Newsom is actually destroying California. All right, this is the latest I’ve been using CB’s and all of that. And I want to go over to Fox News, then get their, their perspective on it. Speaking of prices, California’s mandatory minimum wage for fast food workers will jump from $16 to $20 an hour on Monday. Businesses are scrambling to find ways to offset the extra labor costs.

They say in many cases, customers will just end up eating the difference. But LA restaurant owner Angela Marsden, she’s got a lot of concern about this and about her friends and their businesses, and she joins us now. Angela, when I was reading some of your thoughts about this? I have to say I felt heartbroken by it because I know what it takes to be a small business owner.

Although I’ve only had a small business on my own for a little while, it’s a lot. All that responsibility, all of that worry. And this just feels to me like you’re on a knife’s edge right now on whether you can continue. Dana, those of us that are still here are lucky to even be alive. From COVID We are the ones that were strong enough to be the mom and pop shops that survived COVID.

And now we’re hit with this. And it directly impacts the small businesses. And for people to think it doesn’t is crazy. We have massive layoffs that’s going to happen. I actually have a friend. His friend has seven McDonald’s. She’s a franchisees owner. She’s going to be closing four of them. So we’re going to have massive layoffs, massive job losses. Hold on, wait, wait. Let me back that up for a minute.

Because a lot of people think that just because you a McDonald’s owner or franchisee, or you wanted ones as a part of this, that you just gonna go ahead and absorb the cost. Listen to what she said. And for people to think it doesn’t is crazy. We have massive layoffs that’s gonna happen. I actually have a friend. His friend has seven McDonald’s. She’s a franchisees owner. She’s gonna be closing four of them.

Franchisees owner gonna be closing four day locations right off the bat. Four of the locations on seven already closing four. See, we already know the numbers and we already know the data of what it is that we are part of. And so we know whether or not we can absorb that cost. And so we run it all the way up into the data we can, and then we get rid of it because we actually be losing money and taking money away from the businesses that can survive when it’s happening.

See, this is the part of the conversation that nobody is talking about. Nobody talks about when people shut down. Nobody talks about the layoffs. They only say, hey, guys, fast food workers is gonna be making a minimum of at least $20 an hour. Minimum of $20 an hour. And they don’t say, well, listen, franchisees is going out of business. How that’s going to affect other supporters of that particular business as far as, like, different vendors and contractors that then depend on it.

How is that going to affect the commercial real estate property market? What’s going to happen with this particular job? What about the trash. People that go and take the trash out, like there’s so many different people. Let’s see. You’re not just closing your restaurant, you’re shutting down an opportunity for people to be able to provide for their families. What’s the problem? Republicans? You don’t want to pay Americans a living wage? Man, get out of your feelings and go get that shit out the mud, bro.

I’m sorry. To the daycare owners and make. Listen, listen. It’s been a Monday. It’s been a heck of a Monday. Get out your feelings and go get the money. Go work, man. Go grind. Pay Americans a living wage, man. Get off your fat butt and go get something. Go do something. So tired of you thinking that somebody deserves something. Don’t nobody deserve nothing? You get what it is that you earn.

You fill a void in a marketplace, and you get rich as a result of it. You add value into people’s lives, and then you compensate it accordingly. I don’t have to ask people to hit the cash app. I don’t have to ask people to super chat. As a matter of fact, I never do. I just tell them that I acknowledge the people that support the platform. Go get it.

Go work, man. Go live according to the standards. Ain’t nobody tell you to go move to California. I’m not moving to California. My cost of living in my standard of living is gonna go down. Pay Americans a living wage. What do you think we Bernie Sanders over? This ain’t no, this ain’t feel to burn over here. This ain’t feel to burn over here. This is a hustler’s corner.

This is a hustler’s corner. This is looking at it from a business perspective. We don’t do that over here. We get to it. We hustle, we grind, right? I still work my butt off, and y’all know how much I make. You know how much I make? And I still got a regular job that I’m dialed into. You know why? Because that’s what men do. We build, we take over, we reinvest, we change the trajectory and the dynamics of our family legacy by then putting our daughters through school and not having to require for them to depend on the federal government in order to be able to get student loans to get through it.

Go get it. We don’t care about your feelings. Go take care of business. Get on top of it. Hey, Americans are living wage. Nah, don’t worry about it. They got 15 million immigrants that came into the country. They gonna show you what paying Americans a living wage look like they got 15 million illegal immigrants that and ran up into this country. They gonna show you what paying Americans are living.

Let me tell you something, bro. You know why it’s difficult to be able to compete with a Miami and a tech and a Texas? You know how fast that they throw up houses over there? I got a buddy that live in Texas, and he built homes just like I build homes. Right? And his costs are significantly less than ours. And most people run down to those places because it’s more opportunity, especially for people that’s not documented.

And they use cheaper labor in order to throw up these houses much quicker. You can say that is right, you can say that it’s wrong, but I’m telling you that this is what they using. Okay? Florida, same thing. It’s the same thing in Florida. They using people that’s willing to do it cheaper than you because the market dictates that. That’s what, that’s where the void is. The wages is not gonna go up until there’s a difference in demand.

The demand determines the wages. You think they pay software engineers a whole lot of money just because they want to pay software engineers a lot of money? No, they pay software engineers a lot of money because they have a skill set that allows for them to be able to negotiate for higher wages based off of demand. That’s why they pay them so much money. You know why they pay cyber security engineers so much money? Because they have a skill set that’s in high demand because everything is going technical.

You know why they play pay people? That’s. That’s building a cloud infrastructure. And that works for Amazon Web services and azure so much money because they have a skill set that is in far outpacing the demand, which then allows for you to negotiate based off of the fact that they understand that it’s something that they can capitalize off of. The company gets something out of it. You get something out of it.

Stop going into these basket weaving degrees and African American studies and arts and liberal arts degrees and then thinking somebody is supposed to come out and pay you a whole bunch of money for moving some furniture down the street. That’s not how it works. That’s not how it works. You fill a void. You get rich, you make a lot of money, you reinvest in yourself, and then you don’t have any worries.

And then your biggest worry is to make sure that you don’t give it all to the federal government. So we’re going to have massive layoffs, massive job losses, and when it comes to being a mom and pop shop, if you can get $20 an hour dropping fries at McDonald’s, what do you expect? You want me to pay to make a nice meal or a nice hamburger? My hamburger currently is going up to 20 some dollars an hour.

Reddit is $25 for a hamburger, a fries, and a soft drink. $25 for. For a burger? Hold on. Look, bro. $25 for what? Y’all thought that y’all was Just GONna get it? No, they gonna pass that. They’re GONna pass that over to the consumer. 25, 26. $27 for a burger and fries. For a cow and some potatoes. $25. See, right after you get done getting off of work, you ain’t gonna be able to feed yourself anyway.

I remember when you used to be able to be a dollar millionaire. I used to be able to go to Wendy’s when I had no money, when I was broke. Go to Wendy’s, get a junior bacon cheeseburger, a frosty. What was that, like 90, what, $3 or something like that? Wasn’t the healthiest, but I was a dollar menu there. $25 for a burger and some fries. No coke to go with it.

Y’all gonna get skinny just off of the fact that you can’t afford to eat no more. Yeah, no mo. No mo free rides. Gavin Newsom gonna hold it down for you. So imagine you’re going into your neighborhood pub and your hamburger and fry is now costing you $26. I mean, literally, Gavin Newsom, I hope the United States is watching. I hope he never becomes president. This man is destroying California.

I don’t understand why people can’t see that he’s the biggest trickster of all time. He literally, literally is saying, I’m going to help everybody. I’m going to give them dollar 20 an hour. And now they’re getting laid off. They’re losing their jobs. And by the way, who’s paying for it? It is a silent tax on the public. The public will pay for the unemployment of the people that are let go.

The public will pay the $26 now for the hamburger. The lower class, middle class, upper class has been completely shut out. Good. Can’t even afford to go to McDonald’s, let alone come to my place. And businesses are collapsing. Small mom and pop shops. I don’t even know if I’ll be here at the end of the year. I am working hard with my staff. I am doing everything I can to increase revenue, because it’s either increased revenue or I shut my kitchen down.

My kitchen. Who’s been here since 1978. And I’ve cut my bookkeeper, I’ve cut my hours. I have a girlfriend that doesn’t even have food. She just has straight liquor. She’s trying to sell. She’s not even making money. She’s looking for a job while she’s trying to sell her business. You know what the next step is? Selling box onlyfans, advertising it on instagram. That’s the only. That’s the only.

Look, y’all legislators legislated y’all out of y’all businesses. They finesse y’all out of y’all jobs. The margins are so thin. Most business owners, our single member llcs, they work their businesses. They put themselves, they opened a business to give themselves a job. Telling you, bro, scamming. And usually what happens is when you start to see this happen, when business owners start shutting down, especially female business owners, the price of the box go down.

Just telling you the truth. The price of the box go down. No, box prices are down. Box prices are down. They trying to tell you all that the box prices are up, but it’s artificial inflation. It’s not true. The box prices are down. Donovan Johnson said, anton, I’m so wrong. Box prices are down. Trying to tell you. Trying to tell you. Listen to this woman talk. She’s crying on Fox News, trying to tell you she got her business in the background.

She tells me, see, listen, I ain’t got no bookkeeper. My taxes is messed up. The trash, I got to take it out myself. I got to work all day because I can’t afford these people no mo. I’m telling you that businesses are closing everywhere. You ain’t going to be able to do nothing except for get it online now. Everything is going to be online now. It is literally making way for corporations and bigglomerates.

People with a lot of money will be able to have a business. But your mom and pop shops, they were, they’re not going to exist. And, and Dana, that board I’m being told that he put to oversee it’s planning on getting the minimum wage up to dollar 25 an hour in two years. And the board is paying themselves to do it to y’all. That’s the craziest part about it.

Hey, somebody got the ticker symbol for box up. What’s the ticker symbol? I seen that. Let me find it. Who put the ticker symbol for box up? Hold on. Where was that at? Oh, man. It’s a ticket. Ticker symbol for box. And this is why I can’t get my $30 million. This is why I can’t end up on a big, major network with my huge contract, because now I got to put up the ticker symbol for box.

Shout out to Caleb Smith. Caleb Smith. You keep from getting my 30 million. That’s all right. This is the people’s network. This is a different type of money show. This is a different type of news. People need to wake up. This is like when you go out to the circus and the guy has a big fancy trick he’s showing you. Meanwhile, somebody is stealing all the money out of your pocket because this tax is being passed on to the consumer.

It is a silent, hefty tax, and it is creating a wealthy and a poor. We have no middle class left. I don’t know. I don’t know what LA is going to look like a year from now or two years from now. Even all the mom and pops, are we still going to be here? Most of them I talk to are not making SBA payments. So, by the way, taxpayers, now, the SBA loans are going to go in default, and that’s going to be on the taxpayers, too.

Telling me small business loans is going into default, too. Whoo. I don’t. I don’t know the end game here, Dana. I don’t understand. Baby girl, listen, listen. I know you’ve been around for a long time. I know you got some miles on that thing. I know you tired. I know you tired. We can get that fixed. I got a roll for you. I got a roll for you.

You could be my small business correspondent, but you got to do it in person, and you got to do it on studio, and you got to do it on a black couch. That’s all. Listen, all I’m saying is, you got opportunities for the men. I feel sorry for the men, for the women. For the women. They usually make the adjustment. They usually make the adjustment. The men. I don’t know what y’all gonna do.

I don’t know what you’re gonna do, boss. For the women, they got options. It’s not my fault Gavin Newsom is forcing y’all into this position. They shut y’all businesses down. They removing your dignity. You had children to all of that. Take her gobble. I think that she could communicate effectively. I think that she could communicate effectively. I would like to see what she can do if we flew her out to Detroit.

Lower cost of living here, downtown is popping. You know what I’m saying? She ain’t got to worry about all of that. She can get her life together, regroup it’s a market for. It’s a market. I need to see what your feet look like and your knees and your elbows. I need to see what the mobo. What them elbows do, because I can read whether or not a girl is what she’s supposed to be from her elbows.


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