GITMO up! DEMS/RINOS exposed Trump still PREZ? Election numbers opening up. PRAY!

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➡ The text discusses various socio-political issues and personalities: a battle involving a divine presence stressing the importance of the nation and its people, ties to President Trump, battles against big pharma, and the role of working-class citizens. It also mentions shifts toward green energy, possible illegal activities by Katie Hobbs, and a supposed affirmation of Trump’s continued presidency. Additionally, it refers to Elon Musk’s affiliation with Space Force, American tax-system revisions, and Trump’s stance on gas engines and child sex changes. Immigration issues are also raised, emphasizing the need for humane deportations.
➡ The given text provides a critique of global elitists and their negative influences on American life, discussing corruption, inflation, and the decline of the economy. It suggests that one man or movement can change this downward trend by prioritizing American interests. The text also discusses various news events, allegations against Hunter Biden, and the benefits of subscribing to a certain organization’s newsletter and merchandise. As such, it primarily promotes a sense of unified opposition against perceived elite manipulation and corruption.
➡ During 2015-16, CEFC, associated with Hunter Biden and the Biden family, was concluding substantial investment deals globally. Although the Bidens received no compensation while Joe Biden was Vice President, they were paid over a million dollars by CEFC after he left office, suggesting potential misconduct.
➡ The text discusses various current issues which include controversies around the Federal Reserve building, the arrest of Evergrande’s chairman, the potential impact of the GOP bill on CBDCs, human trafficking problems at the southern border, US administrations allegedly enforcing same-sex marriage norms in Africa, and the ongoing debate regarding mandatory COVID-19 vaccination.
➡ The given text indicates reports of an alarming increase in aggressive cancers, or ‘turbo cancer’, being observed among vaccinated individuals, including very young patients. Doubts are cast upon transparency and motive behind vaccine promotion, along with allegations about harmful genetic materials presence in vaccines and a potential cover-up involving Dr. Anthony Fauci and the CIA.
➡ The committee investigating the origins of the pandemic has ordered Health and Human Services to provide documents detailing Dr. Fauci’s movements during the pandemic, amidst suspicions of his unrecorded entry into CIA headquarters. The narrator discusses historical consequences for similar malfeasance, reminding listeners to respect the humanity of the culpable parties and offering words of encouragement, resilience, and faith amid adversity.


You, and they shall fight against thee, but they shall not prevail against thee. For I am with thee, saith the Lord, to deliver thee. But no matter how big or powerful they may appear, you must never. For this nation does not belong to them. This nation belongs to you. Belongs. Well, each day we are getting more information and more direct answers to things we only speculate on and trust through our intel board.

The heavier ones are pouring in. Direct ties to traders, to President Trump, possibly confirming his presidency. Hobbes is missing. Elon Musk shutting down the election integrity team. Amazing fights against Big Pharma and so much more. We got a lot to cover. Let’s go. I want to begin this evening by saluting these great Americans who do not get the credit they deserve. You don’t get the credit. Now they want to go all electric and put you all out of business.

You know that, right? To the welders assembly line workers, machine operators, forklift drivers, pipe fitters, tool and die makers, mechanics, electricians, technicians, and journeymen. We love being with you. And we love being with you right in your environment. You built this country. You love this country. And you are the ones that make our country run. You know that, right? Before I stepped into the political arena seven years ago, I spent my whole life working alongside of Americans just like you.

Spent a lot of time with you. You just don’t know that. But I spent a lot of time with you and people just like you. Now, I put everything on the line to fight for you. I’ve risked it all to defend working class from the corrupt political class that has spent decades sucking the life, wealth and blood out of this country. That’s why I’m here tonight, to lay out a vision for a revival of economic nationalism and our automobile manufacturing lifeblood, which they’re sucking out of our country.

Yep. There’s President Trump. Amazing that he would visit a few days after old Biden showed up. And folks are giving him some crazy looks. And many were upset because they feel like they’re forcing this green stuff down our throats and making us feel like we have to move that direction and folks are going to lose their jobs. And yet President Trump shows up and he’s providing all types of information and things that man makes you really wonder.

I’m going to show you that in a second. Before we get there, remember, we’re going to discuss Trump confirming he’s the president. Elon Musk is officially in business with Space Force, which was created by Trump. Castle Rock going to be Castle Locke. And somehow Katie Hobbes has been missing for some reason. Kerry Lake War room said, we received word that in a violation of our state constitution, katie Hobbs appointed the same person as head of all 13 state agencies.

Until this is remedied, anything done by these agencies is likely legally null and void. Hobbes has turned the 9th floor Arizona into a so SSG says, let’s elaborate on this, on what all this stuff going on with we receiving word that their violation of their state constitution. Katie Hobbs appointed the same person as head of all three state, 13 state agencies. So he wants to elaborate. Specifically, Katie Hobbs couldn’t get her 13 directors confirmed by the Senate, so she made Ben Henderson the interim director of all 13 state agencies.

Wow, that’s a lot of power. It’s a lot of work. He then went and appointed those 13 nominees as deputy directors. They are invalid appointments. So there’s some additional sauce, some temporary governors of refusing to recognize the 13 deputy directors. Hobbes broke the law. The Democrat state Senate didn’t act either. Whoo. Something is going on. It’s getting crazy. And guess what? Believe it or not, Donald Trump says he should get a third term.

Says Communist News Network, CNN Politics. Oh yeah, we are going to win four more years, Trump said at rally in Wisconsin on Monday. And then after that we’ll go for another four years because they spied on my campaign. And let’s hear something else very interesting that he said that’s victory, but for the first time ever, I never thought they indict their political opponent. And what that does is it sets off a chain of events that’s very dangerous.

In future years, it could happen to them very easily. The reason Crooked Joe and his thugs are trying so hard to stop me is that in my first term, I disrupted all of it. Oh, did I disrupt that was called major disruption. And in my second term, which we’re sort of having now, but I don’t want the results, right? I don’t want the results of this second term.

This second term is a disaster for this country worst president. Think of it. There’s never been a president like this. I say that second term, what’s up with that? Why would he mention this second term that he’s in? And it’s the worst ever? Are those comms, are those things to just let us know, know what we’ve been saying, what many have been showing is that he never left.

Things had to play out the way they’re playing out now. Pepe Deluxe put these cool little pictures together and made some good little points here from President Trump. We’ll deliver tax cuts the likes of which you’ve never seen before. Best of all, they will be fully paid for by outsourcers and foreign producers who will be paying trillions and trillions of dollars into our treasury for the privilege of doing business in the United States of America.

Going to get rid of a big portion of our deficit, too. We’re going to tariff and tax them, and you, the American worker, will be the primary beneficiary. Got to love that one. And then let’s see, what else did he say? Oh, I will then go to every foreign country where we’re paying billions and billions of dollars for their military defense and tell them that if they do not massively increase their purchases of Ford, Chevys, GMs and Jeeps, our troops are packing up and we’re coming home.

You got to buy our products and that’s going to be the least of it. Oh yeah. There’s a lot of countries out there, folks that don’t really purchase our vehicles or bring them over to their country, but boy, do they ship their cars over to America. What comes to mind? Let’s see japan, toyota. Nissan. You won’t see very many American cars over in Japan. Let’s see where else.

There’s a couple other that we’ve seen and it plays out. So then let’s talk about the cars, gasoline engines, set of drake’s businesses producing components that go into vehicles with internal combustion engines. The very product that Joe Biden and the radical left Democrats and fascists Marxists, now they want to make them for whatever reason, illegal. Figure that one out. And yes it’s true today’s radical Democrat party wants to legalize drugs, shoplifting and sexual mutilation of your children, but they want to allow your gas powered suburban silverados and Ford F die.

They can die. Under a Trump administration, gasoline engines will be allowed and sex changes for children will be banned. Is that okay? Oh yeah. Can you believe it? You hear the screaming on that one. And the media would have you believe that that would be something that he should not be talking about. Although less than two, less than 3% of the people in America would even be upset about him making a claim like that that they’re going to stop the sex changes from happening.

Elon Musk said, why do so many American politicians from both parties care 100 times more about the Ukraine border than the USA border? Check out this video of people running across California near the beach. It just runs after them. These guys just run around, jump on the fence. There’s not much you can do. Just makes a little call. What’s he going to do, tackle these guys? Take a risk, they’re going to pull out a knife on him? Who knows.

There they go, one at a time, jumping the fence and another one he lets just jump over and here comes another guy. Well that was easy. I’m going to make my way over here too folks. They’re invading our borders. We’ve seen lines and lines of people coming over. We’ve talked about this at length and President Trump said he’s going to have a massive deportation of them. And again I’ll mention that it’d be nice as well.

This plays out the way it’s playing out, that it’s done in a humane way and just can’t imagine the lies that these folks have been told, the money that was poured into their pockets from Soros and these others trying to ruin our country and trying to stop the elections. From going the direction of President Trump. They’ll do anything, anything they can to stop him. And that reminds me of this ad that was put together.

It’s an invasion of America. Streets flooded with poison, killing millions, enemies and tyrants on opposite sides of the globe laugh at us. Wars threaten us. The threat of nuclear annihilation, once forgotten, is now real again. America’s weakness has become their strength. The global elitists who send your kids to war, who tell you a woman is a man and a man is a woman, who teach your children, their country, their faith, their beliefs are a lie.

They have corrupted every facet of American government, weaponized it against you while they watch our cities burn and violent crimes skyrocket, you and your families pay the price. Out of control. Inflation, an economy wrecked, a nation in decline. This is Joe Biden’s. America failing, weak. But one man, one movement can change all that for us. Put America, the middle class first and put the globalists, the elitist and the corrupt in their place.

Bring back pride and the American dream to let the world know don’t mess with us. One man focused on the true owners of this great land. One movement focused on the true priorities. Make America great for us again. It’s a pretty amazing commercial. Love that voice. Absolutely brilliant. And it reminds me, you know, we’re trying to stay motivated and share information with so many people and trying to get information out more and more on how this is playing out.

We’re going to show you the impeachment of Biden and some great things that happened there and some bad. We’re going to find out a little bit about Parino under support of Clinton. Oh yeah, be shocked about that. The Federal Reserve seems to be under some type of weird construction. We’re going to talk about all the folks grabbed in Florida, the Pedos, the Jabs and what they’re doing and more information that’s coming out about them.

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And they’ll walk up to you and say, hey, Will, I really love the sweatshirt that you have on a sweat gear. I watch that show too. And the next thing you know, you’re meeting new friends and you’re friends forever. Pretty cool. Anyway, here’s more great pictures of patriots wearing our gear. Looking at this organizational chart of business structure, what do you see here? I see a very complicated structure of entities that are interrelated and would give me concern if I were an investigator.

I would want to know what’s going on in these entities, who’s behind them, how’s the money moving between them, and what is the substance of the transactions, what’s really going on here? For my colleagues aside, we’re going to start talking evidence now. This is now a slide of the organizational chart of the Hunter Biden business companies and with associates. Does this slide cause you the same concern, Mr.

Dabinsky? Yes, it does. This is the WhatsApp? Text message between Jim Biden and Hunter Biden. In this text message it clearly says, anyway, we can talk later, but you’ve been drawn into something purely for the purpose of protecting dad. This is between Hunter Biden and Jim Biden. Ms. O’Connor, do you think that this text message would lead this committee to get further information about the business dealings of Hunter Biden and how that actually links to Jim Biden, the President’s brother, and why they are so concerned with protecting dad, aka Joe Biden, aka the President of the United States? Yes.

Thank you. Next slide, please. This is a text message between Hunter Biden and Naomi Biden. I hope you all do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years. It’s really hard. But don’t worry. Unlike Pop, I won’t make you give me half your salary. Mr. Dabisky, if you saw a text message like this in a potential money laundering operation or a potential pay per play operation, would you be looking for information related to money going from son to father? Absolutely.

Without a doubt. Ladies and gentlemen, this one is from 2018. This is about four months before Joe Biden launched his campaign for President of the United States. December 2018. Jim Biden says, this can work. You need a safe harbor. I can work with your father alone. Mr. O’Connor. Mr. DA, Vinsky, if you saw text messages like this between the President’s brother and the President’s son, wouldn’t you be concerned about them trying to give plausible deniability for the President of the United States to not have any knowledge of said business dealings? It’s worth investigating, mr.

Dabinsky. I would agree. I would investigate this. I yield back. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Gentlemen, yields back. Very powerful stuff there. And I love how Ultra MAGA party puts their videos together. It’s a very long dialogue that Byron Donald puts together, and many folks were just amazed at how he put this together. But this half of your salary 30 years. He was given half of his salary to Pop dad.

He grills him. He says, hey, don’t you think this is from the dad, Hunter Biden? He’s not supposed to be doing this stuff. The evidence was pouring in. And again, these folks, when they’re asking questions and they’re going after talking to these witnesses and asking them, would you investigate this? And they go through and they say, yes, no, whatever. My mind always goes to, why is this playing out the way it is? We always seem to watch the grilling, watch the questions come in.

Folks are grilled. They get to walk out. Next thing you know, they’re having dinner together. And you’re just wondering, like, what in the world’s going on? Our hope is that this is just further exposure for people to pay attention and watch and see what’s going on. The interesting thing is the mainstream media doesn’t even cover the impeachment of Joe Biden. I think Fox was the only one listed.

Everybody else said, eh, but boy, did they sure go after President Trump and air it twenty four seven and put into everybody’s mind that Trump was the worst guy ever. But they refuse to show anything on Biden. Let’s go to Nancy Mace dropping the hammer. Today we’re going to bring the facts. Today we are going to bring the evidence. In 2017, the Joe Biden family teamed up with Chinese company CEFC to make millions off of granting access to Joe Biden.

Hunter even arranged for Joe Biden to share office space with the CCP aligned company CEFC. My Democrat colleagues say none of this is relevant because Joe Biden wasn’t vitally asset. Those words are going to come back and haunt Hunter Biden and his family forever. Yesterday, the Ways and Means Committee released an FBI memo on the interview they had with Tony Babelinsky, a former Biden partner in crime. I’ll read a bit of that right now.

The work conducted by CEFC, Gilead Walker, Hunter Biden, James Biden and Ye over the preceding two years was discussed in detail. In particular, CEFC was closing significant investment deals in Poland, Kazakhstan, Romania, Oman and the Middle East during this period of time. Period of time is in reference to the years 2015 and 2016, when guess what? Joe Biden was vice president. As an aside, Rob Walker, in previous testimony, also confirmed that Joe Biden attended a meeting with the head of CEFC.

So now we know CEFC was working with the Biden family while Joe Biden was vice president. And I’ll continue reading from Tony Babelinsky’s report which says, and I quote babelinski, Hunter Biden and James Biden did not receive compensation because Joe Biden was still vice president during this time period. There is a concern it would be improper for payments to be made to Hunter Biden and James Biden by CEFC due to its close affiliation with the Chinese government.

Hunter Biden and James Biden both wanted to be compensated for the assistance they had provided to CEFC’s Ventures. In particular, they believe CEFC owed them money for the benefits that accrued to CEFC through its use of the Biden family name to advance their business dealings. The Bidens, coincidentally, were paid over a million dollars by CCP affiliated Chinese company CEFC shortly after Joe Biden left office as vice president.

Now we know why, because it was back pay. I’m going to show another image. This is a text message between Hunter Biden and Gongwin Dong, an agent of CEFC. Hunter says, my uncle will be here with his brother in all caps who would like to say hello to the Chairman. He goes on, Jim’s brother, if he’s coming, wants to say uncle’s, brother. I wonder who that could be? I can’t quite figure it out.

Hunter puts brother in all caps and it doesn’t take a genius to figure this out. But since I’m not always dealing with geniuses in Washington, DC. Has has been illustrated today, I’ll spell it out. The brother of Hunter’s uncle Jim is Joe Biden. Why was Hunter so secretive? About his father. I’m going to tell you why. It’s because Joe Biden didn’t want the American people to know he and his family were getting paid millions and millions of dollars from a company closely tied to the Chinese Communist Party.

CEFC knew paying Biden family members was bad, so they covered it up. Hunter knew that whole scenario, and I think she’s had enough. People have had enough. We’re like, Come on, now. Somebody just finally give them something to chew on. Because we’ve watched these over and over again, folks getting chewed out. Nothing ever happens. But quite possibly they’re all working together, maybe to get old Biden out, to put somebody else in.

Who knows how this is playing out? Just weird. Here we go. First to Professor Gerhardt. I love the analogy that you used about the speeding ticket with Hunter Biden. Let me also see if you would agree with this analogy. If a criminal pulls a trigger for a murder, he’s guilty, right. And we can prove it. But don’t you also agree with me? If somebody ordered that hit, we would charge him, too? It’s interesting that you don’t use that analogy.

That’s, number one, you have a reason for not using it. But yeah, because it doesn’t fit the narrative is the reason. Number two, I’m amazed at and I love the fact that Trump lives rent free in the Democrats’heads every day. That is a beautiful thing. Even though we’re here talking about the impeachment inquiry of Joe Biden rent free in their heads every day. President Trump, he even won the debate from not even standing on the stage again, as those guys were looking so dumb.

Let’s see. Let’s go to the other side. Oh, AOC at the Biden impeachment inquiry hearing, quote, this is an embarrassment, an embarrassment to the time and people of this country. Let’s see. Democrat Representative Max Frost. The only thing the president can be guilty of here is being a father. He’s guilty of being a father. I thought they didn’t even care about parenting or fathers or I didn’t think they were supposed to use that father word.

Right. Is he supposed to be a person who supports the family? You’re not supposed to tell them their fathers or mothers, whatever. I mean, I thought that’s how far these guys went to the left. Who knows? Let’s see this one just in the record, in case you haven’t read it yet. The letter that Lev Parnas wrote to you and to me, in it, he called upon you to call off this wild goose chase because of China money that the Bidens have received? No, because all of this is based on the conspiracy.

The China money is based on the brismas. Well, I’ve seen a lot of can. Someone can yield. Dr. Fox from North Carolina for five. Oh, he was just embarrassed there was he not old raskin. He had it handed to him. He’s like, oh, shoot, I should have never brought that up. Then he tries to talk over him and realizes he’s lost. And then he sits back and he’s like, oh, boy, I should have never done that.

Let’s see. I wasn’t going to show this, but I think I will. I’m going to bring it over just to show you just somebody else having a rant about this whole thing. But when we start talking about things that look like evidence and holding up pictures from President Trump’s, supposedly Mar a Lago pictures, and she doesn’t seem happy, and she’s throwing out some cuss words. Oh, yeah, yeah, they’re getting heated there.

Let’s see what else this looks like. More evidence of our national secrets, say on a stage at Mar a Lago. When we’re talking about somebody that’s committed high crimes, it’s at least indictments. Let’s say 32 counts related to unauthorized retention of national security secrets. Seven counts related to obstructing the investigation. Three false statements. One count of conspiracy to defraud the United States. Falsifying business records. Conspiracy to defraud the United States.

Two counts related to efforts to obstruct the Vote Certification proceedings. One count child. Until they find some evidence we need to get back his child unconditionally. Okay, here it is. This is the part I want you to hear right here about Biden to listening, and I could go on because he’s got 91 counts pending right now. But I will tell you what the President has been guilty of.

He has unfortunately been guilty of loving his child unconditionally. And that is the only evidence that they have brought forward. And honestly loving his child unconditionally. So you can unconditionally love your child by committing crimes, committing treason, working all kinds of millions and millions of dollars, bring it to all of your family members, not just your son. Support him for all of his crimes, and he’s just guilty of that.

It’s not a big deal. Only affects the entire country. Everybody here affects other countries, too, but he’s just guilty supporting his son. I get it. I know what she’s trying to say. Got to give her some points there that you’re trying desperately to get folks to listen to you and understand. And I get it. I love my children, and we’ll go to the ends of the earth for them, but illegally? No, it’s not how it works.

Let’s see who else is doing some strange things out there. Oh, this one Fox News GOP debate moderator Dana Perino called Hillary Clinton amazing during an introduction at the Clinton Foundation gala of our organization with somebody that you are here to see, the amazing secretary, Hillary Clinton. Here she is. And there she is walking across the stage, shaking the hand of Hillary herself on stage at the Clinton Global Initiative.

If that is probably an actor, who knows? But I tell you know, I started thinking about everyone that worked for the Bush administration, and I had to look at Dana Perrino because I read her book, actually years ago. And I thought, man, it wouldn’t it be nice to be the press secretary someday? I wonder what it takes to get there, blah, blah, blah. Because I was in public affairs, I was a young Marine at the time.

I thought, what kind of studies do I need and what do I need to do to get to that direction someday? Blah, blah, blah. You know, that kind of thing. Anyway, I was shocked. I didn’t expect her to go this far, to stand on stage supporting one of the most evil, corrupt people on this earth. Sickening. As a matter of fact, we were told on the Intel Board, the Clinton Foundation, we were given a number 8837-3788.

Well, that number is connected to the national human trafficking Hotline. Why? Why is Fox bringing all these people in? Why, as a matter of fact, did MJ Truth bring up and would I actually was going to say, why did Bill O’Reilly and Tucker Carlson leave? Because you know what MJ Truth just realized? Not only does Trump skip the Fox GOP debate like a boss to spend time with the people in Michigan, tucker Carlson is interviewing Bill O’Reilly, who had the highest rated cable news show for over a decade.

Both were forced out of Fox News. And that interview is dropping when it actually dropped when the GOBP debate aired, which is hosted by Business. Huh. Weird. Some other weird things would be this. The Federal Reserve building reportedly covered up right? Now. Can anyone else confirm or have they seen this? The billionaire chairman of Evergrande also has been arrested. So some big things seem to be happening. Billionaire of chairman of evergrande arrested.

Federal Reserve seems to be getting some construction done. Well, Nancy Drew put this clip out, this video clip. That some serious construction happening. I wish I could get in there closer. Can I stand, like, right here for a minute? Let me just go through this. The sound is pretty hard to probably gather in your ears, but you can see these gates are put up. This giant wall is put up and so much more.

And she’s having a hard time getting back there to see what it is. But there’s some serious construction going on. Why? Anybody know? Anybody have ideas? Man DC has just been under all kinds of stuff. Remember President Trump said he’s going to move all the government and more to all these headquarters to different places in the country where they actually support America. Oh, yeah, another person working hard to support everyone, especially with finances, would be Dr.

Kirk Elliott. We had another interview. It’s going to air this Sunday. We talked about central banks, Hoarding Gold, the GOP bill, good move to stop the CBDC and who owns the US treasuries. So here’s a clip from that interview. We had a great talk. Let me go back here and click play at. This past committee. Call them, say, you got to pass this thing. You’ve got to pass it.

Then when it passes the House, call your senators and say, you got to pass us. You got to pass us. Right? Right. So it’s a good sign moving forward. That’s a very positive thing, which is kind of first time at the federal level that we’ve seen something positive in this direction. Now he’s talking about the GOP bill moving to stop the CBDC from happening with the Federal Reserve.

Things positive at the state level, which we’ve talked about numerous times. Texas, other, you know, Alaska looking at legislation to have a state chartered central bank backed by gold to get out of that, federal Reserve, out of that. Fed now app out of the system. Right. And numerous states already passing legislation to make gold legal tender in their states. So at the state level, we’ve already seen that.

At the individual level, I can’t tell you, we’ve seen so much of it. This is why we’re so busy, right? Because people are taking action, doing things with their own voice. That’s right. And so they’re calling him. They’re going to forward slash gold. It’s in the description box below. And they’re reaching out to Dr. Kirk Elliott and his team to talk about bringing their IRAs over to precious metals and more.

It’s really good. They’ve helped us, too. And I just can encourage you guys to go to that direction. And so other things that were exposed here recently, that was really an eye opener. I noticed it. And I’m going to take you to the four minute marker on this seven minute video that was put out by this amazing sheriff during a week long undercover operation aimed at combating human trafficking.

Polk County, Florida deputies arrested more than 200 individuals, including a school athletic director and coach from the area. So I’m going to take you to the four minute mark where he says some very riveting things right about here across the south border with all the other crime that’s occurring there. And of course, people continue to ignore this administration continues to ignore this federal administration continues to ignore the fact that we’ve got a crisis at the southern border.

It’s not just the people coming here illegally. If that were the sum total of all of this, you wouldn’t have a lot. That is the tip of the iceberg about all the people that are coming here, all the fentanyl. They’re killing more people with fentanyl across the southern border than we lost in major wars in this country by the day or by the year. So when are we going to wake up? When are we going to wake up and say a lot of the people coming across the southern border are also being victimized as well as coming here illegally? When are they going to wake up and understand that there’s thousands upon thousands of kids and folks being killed by the drugs that smuggled, and they’ll push a group of people over here.

And why immigration and the border people are busy there. Then they turn out and run. The suspects or the drugs or specifically the coyotes will bring these folks across in a different area. So at the end of the day, it’s a monumental problem. Yes, ma’am. The trafficking victims came from across the border. We can give you that number. I don’t know off the top of my head, but some of them did.

Additional trafficking victims identified out of those were arrested? Oh, I believe so, yes, absolutely. Because not all of the victims that we see here admitted to being victims. Some of them are dug in. But as Jody just explained, we plant the seeds in every operation. Now, from a 2018 case, we see the lady five years later, change her life and call back to Jody and say, thank you for your work five years ago.

So some of what we’ve done here won’t bloom into a success story for years and years. Some of it will immediately. But, folks, the bottom line is anybody who thinks this is two adults entering into a consensual business relationship for sex and money is wrong. They’re so wrong. They’re absolutely wrong. Wake up and understand what’s really happening here. Yes, ma’am. What’s really happening? These crimes against children, hundreds and hundreds that are getting arrested.

So much going on. More and more exposures happening across the board. And then I saw this preacher again, we played him the other day, but I didn’t get this part in there. Notice what he says. And then we’ll read some of what we hear. When Barack became president, he tried to force Africa when Barack became President, he tried to force Africa to accept same sex marriages. And African government said, we don’t allow that stuff here.

And Barack sanctioned Africa. Well, Biden duplicated the same thing. Biden said the same thing, trying to force Africa, different countries of Africa to accept same sex marriages. And if those countries don’t, he will sanction them. Starve them. How in the world men knocking up men means so much to America that you will use your power to starve a baby, starve a woman, because a country want to uphold God’s law.

So this country wants to uphold God’s law. And I love the way he preaches with authority. Country wants to uphold God’s law and says, you cannot have men with men. And they say, we’re going to go over there, and if you don’t force if you don’t make this happen where men can be with men and openly do this, we’re going to starve you. He says, who would starve a baby? Who would starve a mom because they want men to be with oh, wall street apes.

Africa speaks out and rejects Barack Obama and Joe Biden must watch. Yep. So this clip was important because we’re seeing a wake up call across the board. We’re seeing it preached in churches. We’re watching a lot of bold moves happening. But on the opposite side of bold moves would be Mr. T shocked that he would start forcing asking folks to go get the Jab. Hey, everybody, this is Mr.

T. I’m about to get my COVID vaccine booster shot. I’m in my sketches. Yes, I do everything in sketches. Yes, I get healthy in sketches. You heard me, get your vaccination booster. So he gets his shot and he smiles as he gets it. And, folks, we’re all staying out there underneath his actual Twitter post from his account. I pity the fool who gets the clot shot. Elon Musk said my concerns was more the outrageous demand that people must take the vaccine and multiple boosters to do anything at all.

That was messed up until the Supreme Court invalidated Biden’s executive order. SpaceX and many other companies would have been forced to fire anyone who refused to get vaccinated. We would not have done so. I would rather go to prison than fire good people who didn’t want to be jabbed. As for myself, I got original COVID before the vaccine was out, mid cold, mild cold symptoms and had to get three vaccines for travel.

The third shot almost sent me to hospital. How many other people out there have symptoms that are actually from the vaccine or COVID treatment rather than COVID itself? As for those who didn’t take any vaccines, well, just run a record number of grand slams it’s not like I didn’t believe and don’t believe in vaccines I do however, the cure cannot be potentially worse than the disease and so there’s Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter dies at 43 a lot of folks are saying, I wonder why? We got another video that came out here just a few seconds oncologists have never seen cancers behaving like this turbo cancer.

What does that mean? Turbo cancer? It’s a recent term. It arose in the public domain and it really describes aggressive cancers that are arising in COVID vaccinated individuals. It’s showing up in young people, people in their twenty s, thirty s, forty s. The youngest case that I’ve reported was a twelve year old boy who had one moderna vaccine. Four months later develops stage four brain cancer. And then six months later he died.

And so this is something I’ve never seen before in my career. I’ve diagnosed probably 20,000 cancer patients in my career. I’ve never seen cancers behaving like this. And they grow very, very rapidly and they present at a late stage. Very sad. A lot of folks are affected by this many continue to find out that they’ve got cancer at very young ages and it’s destroying people, their emotions and more.

MJ truth says it surely can’t be the vaccines. Ken it surely can’t be from the fact that vaccines disarm the immune system and installs on an overload of S two segments in the body, or the fact that vaccines impair natural DNA repair or the fact that SV 40 has been found in pfizer and moderna vials which create a cancer promoting environment. Oh, yeah. CV 40. Check this out.

You had said earlier nefarious, you felt like this was more nefarious than Dr. Burkhold. In what sense are you saying that the SV 40 sequences, they should not be there. They don’t need to be there to grow this into grow this in bacteria. I don’t think it’s an accident. They could have chosen another plasmid that did not have the SV 40 sequences. If these sequences sit above an oncogene and they’re promiscuous, that means they are likely to integrate in places, more likely than other genetic inserts.

Thank you so much. Then they can cause cancer. Insertional mutagenesis anyway. Causes cancer. And that’s the risk. That’s why gene therapies were not brought to market for so many years, because there was a risk of causing cancer from insertional mutagenesis. We never needed these vaccines. We had treatments that worked. One of our doctors here is going to tell you about that. Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. I can tell you as a toxicologist, they are not toxic.

They are some of the safest drugs you can use. There’s no reason once the FDA found out about this contamination, okay, and we looked to see endotoxin levels, but they’ve got them all redacted. Why would you redact them if you were trying to be transparent? Why would you hold the data for 75 years, all of the clinical data for 75 years from these? If you were trying to be transparent? Tell me why.

There is something very unusual going on here that is being done differently than it’s ever been done before. We don’t give experimental products to pregnant women. We don’t give experimental products to babies that have a death profile like this. It’s not done. It’s never been done before. Please protect your citizens. Please. I am begging you to protect your citizens. We’ve got to get one state to stand up and do the right thing.

Do whatever you can so that other states will follow. Thank you, Dr. Lindsay. Any questions? Dr. Lindsay? Very powerful, very calm, and very caring. We went to the COVID BC vaccine actions again. It’s updated 1100 that I haven’t looked at. Well known political spokesman die suddenly. Flu shot. COVID-19 bolster received on the same day. Gone. Who else? As I scroll down and I look at more vaccine induced heart attacks, showing it on social media for the world to see.

That’s where they get these, because they openly share what’s going on. Another vaccine induced heart attack. A 55 year old longtime Norwalk High School teacher and coach dies with COVID Supposedly turbo cancer hits another person. They share it on social media. What else do we have? Just a few more. Just a few more. That might load up. Oh, there we go. Fully jabbed. Bragging about it, taking a picture, making sure everybody knows.

And a very young looking guy, heartbroken to share sudden passing peacefully, left this with his favorite book in hand. Reading a book. Gone. Suddenly, another one. Got my jab posted on social media for everybody to see, because that’s what social media does. They make you feel important for getting that jab and stepping up to the plate, and next thing you know, gone. Husbands, wives, children. So then you go to chief nerd.

OSHA head Doug Parker now says, we didn’t demand that anyone be fired despite issuing a vaccine mandate for 84 million Americans. And I like this questioning. We’ll play a few minutes of this. I recognize the representative from Illinois, Ms. Miller. Thank you, Chairman Kylie. Assistant secretary Parker, in November of 2021, OSHA released an emergency temporary standard that would have forced 84 million Americans to take an experimental COVID vaccine or provide their private medical paperwork to their employer.

Do you think OSHA has the power to force 84 million Americans to take an experimental vaccine? You’re referring to the vaccine test rule that OSHA promulgated in November of 2021? It did require businesses of 100 more employees to develop a program that would require employees to either take the COVID vaccine or get regular testing. Yes. So what I want to know is if you believe that OSHA actually has the power to force 84 million Americans to do that.

Well, the supreme court ruled on that matter, yes. Thank god the supreme court ruled on that and stopped you from doing that. You’re an unelected bureaucrat, and you do not have the power to force 84 million people to take an experimental vaccine or show their papers. Thank god the supreme court did that. Way to go, Ms. Miller. Way to cut him off. You tried to fire 84 million American workers, but do you believe the court was wrong? The court made the final decision on the matter.

That’s how our judicial system works. And after they made that decision, after they made that decision, you actually said to Reuters, this is a quote the ruling was unfortunate, but it’s not stopping us from pressing employers to take adaptive measures to keep things in place. So did you continue to threaten companies to impose a vaccine mandate even though the supreme court told you that you couldn’t? And, chairman, I’d like to enter that into the record.

Oh, that’s so good. Oh, the people that helped her do her research, that’s how you do it. Step by step, day by day, expose them without objection. No, we didn’t threaten anyone. But there were companies that were looking forward to clarity from the government about these rules. They got the clarity from the supreme court, and you ignored them and continued to press companies to fire American workers. And we are curious, what was president biden and OSHA’s plan if 84 million Americans refused to comply with the vaccine mandate or show their papers? That’s a good question.

Categorically untrue. We didn’t threaten anyone, and we didn’t demand that anyone be fired. You absolutely were promoting that. The Supreme Court stopped you. Thank God. And in light of considering what would have happened if Americans refused to comply, what was your plan? Congresswoman, I believe that the American people expect their government to take on the big problems that are facing them. More than a million people. Well, I just like to say you are inept.

It would have terrorized our economy if the American workers refused to comply. And it would have put 84 million American workers out of work. I’m going to introduce amendments to strip you of your power and funding to protect the 84 million Americans who do not want to show you their vaccine papers and to protect farmers who feed Americans. Oh, that’s so good. Mr. Chairman, OSHA needs to be reined in.

They have gone far beyond their minor, limited mission. Thank you. And I yield back. Oh, that’s so good. Mr. Parker, your agent. Oh, wow. You know what’s interesting about this whole thing is when he got stuck right about here, he couldn’t talk, and he’s just writing away, and he’s trying to think of what he’s supposed to say. And it makes me realize, man, this guy actually listened to the question, was not prepared to give the answer.

The lie that they normally give. And therefore, whoever was supposed to prepare him for this entire thing is probably going to get fired because he couldn’t figure out the best lie to bring forward. He was trying to say, well, a million people died from COVID No, they didn’t. 99. 97% of the people who got this thing called COVID minor flu symptoms lived. All right, moving on. Why is the CIA appeared to be at the heart of everything corrupt? New evidence has just surfaced tying Dr.

Anthony Fauci to the CIA’s cover up of COVID-19. Last week, a whistleblower claimed the CIA was paying people off to bury the lab leak theory. And now this from the House Committee investigating the Pandemic origins. Quote dr. Fauci was escorted into Central Intelligence Agency CIA headquarters without a record of entry and participated in the analysis. To influence the Agency’s review, the committee is now ordering HHS to hand over documents detailing all of Fauci’s movements during the Pandemic in and out of CIA controlled sites.

Drip, drip, drip. One day at a time. And then they’re going to head to the gallows. Warm up time october 16, 1946. 75 years ago, people were initially served the justice they deserve for the same stuff they’re pulling today. Photograph of hangings at Nuremberg, Germany. Members of the media who lied and misled the German people were executed right along with the medical doctors and nurses who participated in medical experiments using living people as guinea pigs.

Those who forgot the past are condemned to relive it. And, folks, I had a talk with my daughter about this day. We were talking about how the Lord basically said people were trying to say eye for an eye, blah blah blah. And he said, look went through all of this and we’re not supposed to be doing that, celebrating the downfall of these folks. So when it happens, we don’t go out and have parties and say, yeah, they’re finally gone blah blah.

No, we have to just stay quiet and realize that these are humans too, who made big mistakes, who are very evil, had evil things and malicious ways. But at the same time we have to remember that these folks could somehow, someway could repent. And I’m just throwing that in there for those some of you probably don’t want to hear that, but I just want to tell you anyway, it’s not easy.

Wasn’t meant to be easy. Once we turn our Lord to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and repent, it’s a different mindset. I could go on and preach on that one, but we won’t today. All right, so then we go to Dan Scovino’s post. I showed it in the intro. 45 2nd with this aircraft doing all types of cool maneuvers at 03:39 P. m. . Well, you go to 339 and what do you have there? We’ve asked about ownership of voting machines before they knew GS george SOAS probably was going to mess with the numbers.

This was the plan. A very special place. What would be the penalty for stealing elections? Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Many think that folks have already been taken there. We’re watching actors act to wake up the masses and more. Who knows? And here we started with President Trump and we’ll close with him. Oh, I want to take this opportunity to give you some advice. Over the course of your life you will find that things are not always fair.

You will find that things happen to you that you do not deserve and that are not always warranted. But you have to put your head down and fight. Fight. Never, ever give up. Things will work out just fine. Look at the way I’ve been treated lately. No politician in history has been treated worse or more unfairly. You can’t let them get you down. You can’t let the critics and the naysayers get in the way of your dreams.

Adversity makes you stronger. Don’t give in. Don’t back down. And never stop doing what you know is right. And so I went up and looked at that verse before we finish, in case you’re wondering. Matthew 538 through 48, if you’ve heard that has been said, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. But I say to you this Jesus that you resist not evil, but whosoever shall smite thee on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.

If any man will sue thee at the law and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloak also. Whosoever shall compel thee to go to a mile, go with him twain would be 2 miles. They ask you to go one, go two. Give to him that asketh you, and from him that would borrow of thee, turn not thou away. You have heard that has been said. Thou shalt love thy neighbor and hate thine enemy.

But I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you. Do good to them that hate you and pray for them that despitefully use you and persecute you, that you may be children of the Father, of your Father which is in heaven. For he maketh his son to rise on the evil and on the good and sendeth reign on the just and on the unjust. For if ye love them which love you, what reward of you? Do not even the publicans the same.

And if you salute your brethren only, what do you more than others do? Not even the publicans. So be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect. You know what? We can’t be perfect. We can only be perfect through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, through his blood that he shed on the cross for us. He rose again after three days. And it’s absolutely amazing that we even can take a breath and live the way that we’re living today.

Folks, we’ve got so many that are out there fighting today. This doctor. We’ve got folks talking about the cancers. We’ve got this sheriff that’s out there catching the pedos. We’ve got these politicians that are fighting against the deep state asking questions. We’ve got people exposed that we used to trust. We’re watching more and more of President Trump seemingly saying that he’s serving, that he’s allowing things to play out they are to wake people up.

And we’re watching more and more of this election as it shows up in 2024. Will it even happen? We don’t know. But I tell you what. Tell you what. Things are looking brighter and brighter for us every day. Keep your chin up. Let’s move forward. But nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest. Neither anything hid that shall not be known and come abroad. Let’s pray. Heavenly Father, thank you so much for how you continue to remind us of these difficult things that we are challenged with day after day.

These evil ones that want to impose things on us, people that are brainwashed, that want to take the evil that’s put on them and spill it onto us. How difficult it is for us to love them that hurt us, love those that persecute us, love those that are, in a sense, our enemies. So we heard that today. And we just ask that you continue to guide and direct our minds, our hearts, our thoughts in such a way that we would be helpful to those that ask for help, provide the truth to those who need the truth and more.

I need your help. We all need your guidance. We ask for continued, continued guidance. Also in the way that we use our words and how we deal with people, our loved ones and more. Please protect us from the evil one who wants to destroy us. Watch over our President, President Trump as he continues to stand tall. Remind folks to not give up. Thank you for the leadership you provided at such a time as this.

You are so good to us. We thank you for in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior, we pray. Amen and amen. Folks, thank you for tuning in. I hope that everything goes well for you this weekend. A reminder to sign up for a newsletter to get information on the cruise that’s coming up. We’re going to be announcing it soon and when you get the announcement you’ll be able to sign up.

We’re thinking it’s going to go pretty quick. We hope and pray it’ll be next year. And so anyway, we ask that you subscribe also and hit the like button and really appreciate that and thank you for your prayers. We’ve got a lot going on and we just appreciate you guys for now. This is Lt. St separify with them. We know signing out. .



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