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➡ Gerald Celente, a trends analyst, discusses various topics in his news update. He criticizes politicians, talks about the rise in gold prices, and warns about a potential banking crisis due to commercial property debt. He also discusses the increase in oil prices due to conflicts in the Middle East, and criticizes the U.S. and Israel’s actions in Gaza. Lastly, he mentions a congressman’s controversial statement about bombing Gaza.\
➡ The article discusses the U.S.’s decision to send a $2.5 billion weapon package to Israel, which has sparked outrage among some people. It also criticizes the U.S.’s domestic issues, such as crumbling infrastructure and homelessness. The author expresses frustration over political leaders’ actions and accuses them of lying and corruption. Lastly, the article highlights the mental health crisis among young Americans, which has worsened since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Hello, everybody. This is Gerald Celente, and it’s Tuesday, April 2, 2024. No trends journal coming out today. We’re taking a break this week, but we’re going to give you trends in the news. Remember, the trend is your friend. Today’s April 2, huh? Yesterday was April Fool’s day. Guess what? Every day is April Fool’s day because we got fools running the world in a country near you. Yep. Who’s your favorite fool? Oh, you like the little arrogant true dope up there in Canada? Oh, don’t you know my daddy was.

My daddy was Pierre. Oh, yeah. You like that sunak over there? Don’t you know I married a billionaire’s daughter? How about, uh, Olaf Schultz? Yep. Democracy. Little cuts on macron with a pecker the size of this pen and his little fucking freak hair. April fools. Their fools that morons and imbeciles call politicians. Oh, they’re my politicians. I’ll do what they tell me to do. Anyway, going on to having another April Fool’s day.

April 2. Hey, how about the markets today? Dow down? Oh, the quarter isn’t starting. Well, that’s all right. It’s only temporary to probably keep going up. But how about gold prices, huh? Oh, let’s see. Gold today hit 2000. It closed at $2,280 an ounce. But no news to trends Journal subscribers. One of our top trends for 2024, a golden year for gold. We called it. We told you it would happen.

Gold’s up now. About $250 since we said this. Announce. There’s your article right there. The trend is your friend. History before it happens. That’s what we give you. The trend is your friend, and the trends Journal is your friend. Oil prices. Oh, hey, oil prices, they’re hovering around almost $90 a barrel now for Brent crude. Let’s go back a few months ago. They were hanging around $73 a barrel.

But trends Journal subscribers, we told you so. When again, one of our top trends. We warned about oil prices going up because of World War three. Been writing about it now, week after week, month after month, since the Israel war began. When Hamas attacked on April. Excuse me. On October 7, 2023, we said that Israel is going to keep ramping up this war. They’re going to attack Lebanon, Syria, and Iran.

If they attack Iran or not. If. When you’re going to start seeing him, prices go up. So before we go into that, I want to take a look at what’s going on in the markets again, one of your top trends for 2023 was office building bust. All right, we warned about this and we said as a result of this, one of your top trends of 2024 is going to be banks go bust.

So here are a couple of articles. They barely, barely talk about it. This is Tuesday, March Global downgrades outlooks of five regional us banks to negative. Wow. No kidding. Son of a gun. Banks face $2 trillion wall of commercial property debt. This is reported today in the Financial Times. How long we’ve been warning about this? Remember to subscribe, click the bell icon for notification because we’re giving you and nobody in the world is giving you trends again.

My books trend tracking far better than mega trends. Time magazine trends 2000 international bestsellers publishing the Trends Journal since 1991. Nobody matches what we do in all the broad ranges of trends. $2 trillion ready? Banks will have to cut their exposure to commercial real estate because of a $2,000 $2 trillion quote wall of property debt coming due. No shit. Blow me the fuck away. Guess what? They can’t cut their exposure.

They’re going to get the faults on the loans. They’re going to be a banking crisis the likes of which we’ve never seen. That’s what’s also bringing up gold prices. The people that know know they estimate $2 trillion of us commercial real estate debt maturing would have to be right refinanced at much higher interest rates. Duh. This is old news to trends Journal subscribers again go back to last year around this time Silicon Valley bank went bust.

Oh my God. The markets went berserk. Gold prices went up. That was one bank. Now you’re looking at about 300 of the latter from 50. The lattice and latest data that are in trouble. S and p global downgrades outlook for five regional banks. Okay, report. Five banks have a combined half trillion dollar in commercial real estate loans. Number one is JP Morgan Chase. More filled banks and office building demolitions likely coming before before real estate problem ends.

This is a great website by the way. Wall street on parade study finds Wall street mega banks have overstated income for years on commercial real estate loans. This just came out today on Wall street on parade. This banking crisis is a crisis like we’ve never seen before. Again, it goes back to your office building bustling. This just came out today. Office vacancy rate nears 20% to set a fresh record.

Moody’s 20% vacant. Nobody in them. Your office occupancy rate according to castle systems is about 51% vacant. How they going to pay their loans on a vacant building? They were in vacant before the COVID war. They were in vacant before the COVID war. But thanks to the moronic, imbecilic politicians, the April fools of every fool day. Stay home, you can’t go to work, you can’t go to school, you can’t do this.

Yeah, and don’t forget, when you jerk off, sanitize your hands. They destroyed this economy. Nobody, oh, they call it a pandemic. They call it a pandemic. The World Health Organization w, the World Horror Organization on March 11, 2020, when the grand total of about under 5000 people, like 4280 people, died at 8 billion in almost two and a half months. More people fell down the stairs at that time.

Died. But they call it a pandemic. No, politicians did it. Not the COVID war. Moving on. Ah. Downtown Portland’s office vacancy rate highest in the nation, nearly 30%. Portland was booming. Booming New York City’s delinquency. Property taxes. Saw. Yep, overdue property taxes are forecast to reach the highest level ever, jumping by over 30% thanks to the COVID war. Thanks again. Why are gold prices going up? The Israel war, the Ukraine war, banks go bust, office building bust.

This is a golden year for gold attacks in New York City. Transit jump 50% and everything’s fine. Oh, yeah, got all the guys, the military. There you go. Yeah, me see you. Take off your clothes. Let me see if you got a gun up your ass. And then as we warned about oil prices, Israel is going to ramp up the war. So let’s go back to last week.

Israel airstrikes in Lebanon kill nine people, including paramedics. Who cares? They’re only paramedics. Israel could kill anybody they want. They’re the chosen people. Death toll in Israel airstrikes in Syria Aleppo rise to 52. This was on March 30, Saturday. This is Tuesday. And then yesterday, israeli airstrike hits iranian consulate building in Damascus. High level iranian generals reported killed. So they killed several Iranians and several Syrians. They bombed a consulate.

You want to know why? Oil prices are going up. We warned you about now, we didn’t warned you. We forecast this. We said this was going to happen. This is just the beginning. Again, as I’ve said, oil prices could spike to $130 a barrel and that’s going to crash the economy and crash the global equity markets. But don’t worry, when all else fails, they take you to war.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday reiterated his resolve to launch a new offensive in southern Gaza. The looming operation is absolutely needed to achieve, quote, victory over Hamas. He insisted. If he insisted, then it must be true. So what israel do yesterday, Israel strike kills seven aid workers in Gaza. World central kitchen halls operations. The people are starving there. It’s genocide in everybody, in front of everybody’s eyes.

And they keep on doing it. This is disgusting. And again, remember, let’s go back and go back to your trends journal. We’ve been reporting on this constantly. Remember about the 200 people they killed when they, when they were food trucks. Yeah. Oh, we’re sorry. We didn’t mean to do it. And then this little clown boy, this little arrogant piece of fucking scum shit, he calls himself like a deacon or something.

A deacon, bullshit. Yeah. Some cock sucker. Some fucking cock sucker. Congressman. Congressman. April fools. Congressman calls to bomb Gaza like Nagasaki. Hanaroshima. Tim Wahlberg. Tim. Dickhead Tim. Scumbag Tim. Fucking prick Tim. Murderous scumbag piece of garbage. Oh, he’s your he now. You obey him. He’s your politician. He’ll tell you what to do. Yep. Rather than provide humanitarian aid to Gaza, the US should ensure it is subjected to atomic bombing the way Nakasaki and Hiroshima were at the end of the second world war.

Republican congressman said in remarks, the comments by. Yep, yep. Tim Walbury in Michigan. Yeah, she be like Nakasaki and Hiroshima. Warburg said, get it over quick. Little pieces. Fucking scum. Little piece of fucking shit. No outrage. You know why? Again, go to your trends during. Remember when little chucky Schumer, little fucking, that little fuck face. Remember when he said, oh, netanyahu gotta go, blah, blah, blah, blah. We said, this is nothing about bullshit.

We said everything in the United States is their talk. It’s all talk to make the people believe that they’re, they’re against what’s going on. Again, genocide. It’s okay. It’s the israeli way from Trump, Biden to Congress. And if you hate J, you hate Israel, you know you got to support genocide. Anyway, this is the commentary from Al Jazeera. And again this Saturday, leaders activists slam us to sending more arms to Israel.

The United States has green lighted a transfer of $2. 5 billion weapon package comprising bombs, fighter jets to Israel, according to the Washington Post. Yep. And then the Biden administration. This is from yesterday. Antiwar. com Biden administration expected to approve massive $18 billion arms deal for Israel to keep slaughtering the innocent people. Where’s the outrage? Where is the outrage? Is our country’s rotting in front of us. Bridges are collapsing, roads are falling apart, homeless filling the streets, migrants everywhere.

America keeps going to war as the nation keeps going to shit. Yep. This is an article from Wall Street. Wall Street World socialist website Biden, Obama and Clinton defend us israeli slaughter of Palestinians. Clinton, Obama category, defended Biden’s policy in Gaza and declared their support for israeli state when a protester interrupted Obama. They raised $25 million for Biden. $25 million to run for president again. Democracy, you don’t have any money.

You can’t run for shit. And you got to be bought out by the people that are in charge. And he got. When a protestant interrupted Obama, the former president snapped back, you can’t just talk and not listen. That’s what the other side does when you talk, not listen. You mean listen to your fucking shit spewing out of your phony fucking mouth? Oh, Obama. The guy quoted in the book, double down.

I’m really good at killing people. The Obama that gave us the afghan troop surge. Yep. How stupid and gutless can you be to obediently follow your ignorant, arrogant political leaders? The Obama that lied his way to become president during the iraqi crisis, saying he was going to be a peace candidate. Piece of shit candidate. I want that guy Qaddafi out of it yet. Destroyed Libya, the richest country in Africa, where people had more rights and benefits than anywhere else.

Destroyed Libya, Syria, over 6 million refugees. Assad has to go. We got to steal the oil. We keep stealing it in the east over there. Yeah. And this is the crap they come out with and you banned from the media. White House defends Shifa hospital massacre that killed over 400. There were Hamas fighters hiding in a Shiva hospital. State Department spoke to Matthew Billow, said, yeah, okay. Yeah, that’s why we.

That’s why they destroyed over 70% of Gaza. They people’s homes. That’s why you have millions of people homeless. We’re getting Hamas. They’re hiding in their houses during the basement, during tunnels. And Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction. Israel illegally confiscated nearly 780 acres, seven of West bank land since the Israel war began on October 7, 2023. Seven? Nearly seven. When I say 707,660, 66,666 and 72 acres.

God gave us this land. That’s what that other scumbag who plays prime minister of Israel said, isaac Herzog. What do you mean God gave you this? What if I don’t believe in your God? Can you handle that? Oh, no. We’re the chosen people. You have to believe in our God. This is in violation of the Geneva Convention in article 242 of the United nations. Never mentioned. Never mentioned.

They’re stealing land in front of everybody’s eyes. And the people that fight back to get their land back. Why? They’re terrorists and they attack us. So if another country came to America or Canada or France, all these countries stole people’s land and the people fought back against the invaders. They’re terrorists. This is the bullshit going on. And then on the Ukraine war front, prepare for Putin pivot to invade us.

To invade us as baltic states ramping up wars. We will warned you represented pre war era. That was this guy, Poland. This the prime minister Tusk said back on March 30 and they just came out again. And he said Europe’s peaceful era has ended. Actually, he said this earlier. That was, he just said on March 30, he said the times of peace are over. The post war era is over.

And then he just said on March 30 that the war is no longer a concept from the past. It is real and it started over two years ago. Yep. Every NATO member has military personnel in Ukraine, according to Estonia, which means they’re at war with Russia. And then again, we look at the world and see what’s going on. When the COVID war began, we warned that when people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.

They’re going to lose it financially, spiritually, physically, mentally, and they have. These are two articles that just came out that we’ve been warning people about now since the COVID war began. We said this was going to happen. We forecast it. This is the headline from Al Jazeera on Monday. Why are so many young Americans suffering from mental distress? Health. The number of young men and women suffering from depression and other mental health disorders in the United States has risen sharply since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a series of reports.

Not a start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The start of the COVID war when politicians locked down people, sent kids home. And in the United States there are 73,000,001 to 17 year olds, and according to the data, under 2000 of them died from COVID from January 2020 to June 2023 when they stopped doing the data and it fucked them up. Front page article from the toilet paper record on Saturday, March 30.

Pandemic effect absence from schools is schools is soaring. Habit of daily attendance broken and the shift turns education optional. Across the country, students with heightened anxiety are opting to stay home rather than face the classroom again. We said this was going to happen. It’s happening. I talked about the office building bust. I talked about banks go bust, all brought to you by the COVID war. And now people’s minds are going bust.

The worst is yet to come. We have to unite for peace. We’re going to die in war. Do what you can to donate to occupy peace. Remember, as I said, the politicians. April Fool’s Day. It’s every day. So tell the politicians how you feel. You want to get this t shirt? Then you get the t shirt by going to trendsjournal. com. You see shop and you could get it.

And there’s the back of the shirt. Because they’re fucking over us, man, in a way that I don’t like to be fucked. Thanks for tuning in. And don’t forget to tune in tomorrow with Celente and the judge, 06:00 p. m. Eastern time. See you then. .

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