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➡ The text is about a secret network of agents, known as Gladio, that was revealed by the Italian Prime Minister in 1990. This network was created to fight a potential Soviet invasion of Western Europe. However, suspicions arose that parts of Gladio were involved in internal disruption. The text also discusses the recruitment of right-wing groups and individuals, such as Klaus Barbie, for intelligence purposes during the Cold War.
➡ This text talks about a man who was a strong Nazi and worked as an informant for military intelligence. He provided information about communists and had connections with many former SS leaders. The man was part of a secret network that was either working with the government or independently, looking for people who could help in case of a Soviet occupation. There were also assassination teams linked to certain groups, and a list of politicians who might be used by the Soviet army to form a puppet government was created.
➡ In 1948, the U.S. realized it needed a covert operation team, leading to the creation of the CIA. The CIA’s first major operation helped the Christian Democrats defeat the communists in Italy. In Belgium, right-wing groups feared the rise of communism and formed stay-behind groups to resist it. In Italy, secret military and civilian organizations committed atrocities against civilians for political reasons, leading to the discovery of a secret government run by state secret services and political terrorists.
➡ This text talks about secret payments made to people connected with Italian secret services, some of whom were unaware of their involvement in bombings and kidnappings. It also discusses a period of violence in Belgium during the 1980s, where citizens were killed unexpectedly, with suspicions of secret service involvement. The text also mentions U.S. Army intelligence’s potential involvement in special operations to convince governments of the reality of insurgent danger. Lastly, it discusses the infiltration of ultra-leftist organizations when other methods of infiltration have failed.
➡ This text talks about a series of violent events and political unrest in Europe, particularly in Italy and Belgium. It mentions the formation of gangs and terrorist groups, and their activities, including kidnappings and killings. The text also discusses the involvement of secret services and the impact of these events on the public. Lastly, it refers to a person named Aldo Moro, a former Italian Prime Minister, who was kidnapped and later found dead.
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So here we go. Let me know if the sound comes through, okay? The Somala don’t absolutely mastercrets organization existing radio and the Tod bars behind the London embassy Speciali Americani English Frances Belgium nova mentality consiste Nell Lancho the specialist of Allah Guidavano secure I glad you to add discrete show me such it in receive nonprofit continuing potato mad estrato ado alinta located and vintimilitarina colon Sovieto de so called yeah.

For 40 years, secret terrorist organizations, many trained by western intelligence agencies, have manipulated the political control of european sovereign states by a campaign of terror and murder. Originally part of a secret network, these groups changed from being defenders of state security into attackers of the established political order. Until two years ago, that secret network was generally known by the single word gladio. On November 1990, the prime minister of Italy, Giulio Andriotti, revealed to his own parliament and the world the existence of a top secret european wide network of secret agents.

It was called Gladio. This network of stay behind groups was intended to fight a soviet invasion of Western Europe. And Riotti’s announcement led to an immediate reaction in the capitals of Europe. The suspicion was that some parts of the Gladio structures were involved in internal subversion. You stay behind Belgium. Corona play la cacion gladio paris candal quiet. Declaration on Italy Bala revelation on Italy Darizo stay behind, not reminisce.

Rodola de France ah, Italian. This is your priest lord la der de stay behind Europe November delegate Italiana Dumonte see Jose Gladio umbrella don zona Italia surrogers condolences. You said quando moro Fukiamato moro testimonial protestura segregate parallel dentistry and more of the mando canon canon formatto and cannot exist and set the structure exist there. Ilia Verita Sukhreki after the control may control key Nepu Maria. This is to the parallel an impigat element de le streamadist from Motivo Multoventis battalion where I won’t be altum of 1944.

Benito Mussolini would be dead in six months. Adolf Hitler in less than a year, as the allied armies advanced on the capitals of Axis occupied Europe. The other war, the secret war of agents and partisan groups that had always been part of the bigger war, was to reach its own climax. SATA Obela, Chow Bella, Chow Bella, Chow Chow Chow I am you said let zanzari Obela, Chow Bella, Chow Bella, chow Chow Chow.

As the Germans withdrew, they left secret agents in the countries they had occupied. The secret services called such groups and stay behind. For the retreating Germans. They were the staunchest believers. They were selected from the SS and the fascist black legions. They were to become the foot soldiers of the next war about to begin, the Cold War. Dolly plan Doshi Italian Eric Watts Leonoisia Letan Waflama sit sulbatuxico.

See oil city Limina you ahead of the advancing allies, always with the first troops, was the OSS office of strategic services. And that part of the OSS charged with locating enemy stay behinds had been given the designation X two. I came in and sent by General Donovan and got in touch with the heads of the Committee of national, the military junta of the Committee of National, which is the joint partisan groups.

Andy Birding was the first X two guy who came into Rome and he’d been an old AP correspondent and I thought I could trust him, that he was a good guy. And so we turned over to him everything we had on the german stay behinds. Then Jim Angleton appeared in August. He began recruiting fascists because he figured that the best way to control the communists was to hire fascists.

One of the most tough ones was Prince Valerio Borghesi, who ran what was known as the 10th flotilla. These are the guys that would execute partisans and hang them from lampposts all over Italy. Chow Bella, Chow Bella, chow Chow Chow. Mami, remember Yokimo? Angleton made a deal with Borgese and then rushed up to save this commander from the partisans who would have lynched him anytime because he had lynched thousands of partisans.

Universal Warmont derived American Veneto Dangleton let me know. Mass in the valido Borghese and the chamas are formattion so to strictly army called. Yeah, Catholic Soviet vicio Jelli later to head the secret p two masonic lodge had been a liaison officer attached to the SS. He had his own encounter with X two agents to show what a cynical game it is. This young policeman, Federico Umberto d’Amato, the night that the Allies came in to Rome, rounded up all the german stay behinds whose addresses he had, put them in jail, turned them over to the Americans and they were disposed of.

The german stay behinds were turned over to italian authorities and sentenced by italian military courts for Sermatis Kerma Lee Hr anchor de la Bavar Lufturmi in una requestance economy quantos and second Sony which is poston you find from that day of his joining Jim Angleton or the X two part of oss he ran the secret police for the next 40 years. Multiple General statico Street Mussolini Momento Sikova functionality maybe some paragaduti vitamin d sonarisalo do a performer contact I principali functionari de la Republica di salo Cadir collabor Alconi fright important minister derived waver.

Claudia was a joint brainchild, but its most intense architect was Engleton. And Angleton, as most people know, was a sort of a professional paranoia. One of his favorite sayings used to be that even paranoias have enemies. And Angleton was a fellow who felt that you couldn’t trust anybody, particularly not any foreign country extraordinari. So to tip on divisa anki semi perpetrate per k commentarote into telecos adopto cheera uncartelo concreto penetrate by morto.

We sort of anticipated another world war and a world war that would be characterized by an occupation of western Europe by soviet forces. And therefore we were preparing to set up the base for a resistance movement which could exist during war. The Soviet Union was viewed as our primary antagonist, our enemy. And I think that was true. The stalinist period was a really vicious period in the Soviet Union.

And we thought in the late forty s and early fifty s that Stalin might invade Western Europe. It was the plan that I knew about, that the people who had a logical reason for being in a given area where we felt it was essential to have stay behinds and whose activities could continue even after an attack by the Warsaw act. He would be given the traditional training, he would know the location of some of the arms and communications caches and that he would be able, as a result of his training, to recruit additional personnel to augment his network, and that it would include not only just communications, but it would include the ability to use explosives.

The stay behind effort, in my view, was simply to be sure that if the worst came to worst, if a communist party came into power, that there would be some agents there who would tip us off and tell us what was happening and be around to provide the information. Even after the coup might occur. With the emergence of NATO in Western Europe, in specific response to the communist takeover in Czechoslovakia in 1948 and the Berlin blockade, directives were issued to establish Europe wide stay behind organizations along the lines which existed in the final years of World War II.

In western Europe, there was an amendment to the NATO protocol, and that amendment was absolutely necessary. You didn’t get in the door unless you sign. And what was in that amendment was the agreement of the government not to prosecute right wing activists, right wing activities, anticommunist activists in their own countries. It’s not unlikely that some right wing groups were recruited and made to be stay behind, because they would indeed have tipped us off if a war were going to begin.

So using right wingers, if you use them not politically but for intelligence purposes, is okay. In 1948, I was a special agent with CIC. That’s our counterintelligence corps in occupy Germany. I was stationed in Augsburg, and as such, since I spoke fluent Germany, I was assigned to handle a network of german informants. Among them was Klaus Barbie. And Klaus Barbie was. Later on, I discovered that he was wanted for murder by the French and that I reported this to my superiors, and they told me to keep nice and quiet.

He’s still valuable. When he’s no longer valuable, we’ll turn him over to the French. I thought that I was going to get a promotion when I told him about Barbie, and they told me to keep quiet. Colonel Gunther Bear now was an agent, an informant working for the military intelligence in Stuttgart. We had provided him a home, a safe house in Ludwigsburg, and there I met him three times a week.

And he brought us information about communists and whatever we wanted to hear. He told us he was certainly a very strong Nazi. I sat in his office one day and opened his album of pictures from the war. And in the middle of the album, it showed a nice picture of Adolf Hitler, several other high ranking SS officer who came to visit him in his safe house that we had provided.

And he told me that if for any reason he needs help, by one telephone call, he could contact 200 former SS leaders from Hamburg to Munich. I remember him taking me to one particular spot which we uncovered and dug it out. And there were rifles, small arms, grenades, all nicely wrapped in cosmolene. And he said, we have thousands of these all over the country. And that sort of made me a little suspicious.

And I reported this and they said, well, we know this. They’re all working for us in case the communists come across the Iron Curtain. A former general, SS General Powell Hauser, was a frequent visitor at Bernau’s house. And they worked together, handing Glove about certain programs which we didn’t know anything about. And I wasn’t even asked to find out more about it. Somebody above me must have been running this network already at that time.

The man in Adenau’s office who also had, I guess, his fullest confidence, who oversaw Gladiot in its earliest stages, was a fellow named Dr. Glopke, who was an ex Nazi who adnaue had brought into the government the way he brought a lot of ex Nazis into the government, because I guess his position was that these were the only people who really had any administrative experience. And so they were, I guess, de nazified, if you want to call it that.

They were cleaned up a little bit, like today, nazi tomorrow, democrat like, changing undershirts. What we were doing is either with the government secretly or independently on our own, looking for people who might perform this function in some country where you didn’t have that connection with the government or whatever, or maybe you did as a supplement, but maybe one or two extra people that would have this training would stay there during a soviet occupation and be the base that you could then talk about recruiting other people to join.

There was documentary material when Colby was station chief in Stockholm, that he had been in touch with former swedish volunteers in the nordic legions of the SS, the Raffen SS, and people who later came to be known, I guess, as Swayaburg, that he was recruiting these people. The first scandal connected to the stay behind groups broke in 1952 with the discovery of assassination teams linked to the Bundes Deutsche Jungun.

In all those countries, some elements of the social democratic or socialist parties aligned themselves with the communists into so called national unity parties, or socialist unity parties. The presumption was that should the soviet army make a move toward the west, they would try to build some kind of a german puppet government in the german territory, which they would occupy. The wood Deutsche Jugend was right wing political organization loosely affiliated with one of the political parties in the state of Hesse in Germany.

And it was deemed that these people have the motivation and the willingness to serve as part of the underground. Should the soviet army indeed overrun all or part of West Germany. Now, as part of these preparations, against that day, somebody’s enthusiasm ran away with his judgment, and they drew up a list of german politicians, including many prominent social democrats, who they thought might be the kind of people that the soviet army would look for in trying to organize a puppet government.

When the story broke, there was a considerable flap, and it was deemed desirable that General Truskut should personally explain to the people involved what had happened. And we explained the situation first to Sansar Conrad Adenaur of Germany. Then we explained it to General Matthew Ridgway, who was then the commander in chief of NATO. And finally, and most importantly, we explained it to Prime Minister George Sin of Hesse, who himself was on that list.

And Truscott explained to the hessian prime minister that this was an unauthorized activity, to be sure, only paper exercise, but of which he was unaware. And it certainly shouldn’t be interpreted as in any way casting his persons on our confidence in Prime Minister’s Inn. From the beginning, Gladio was really divided into two spheres of influence, british and american, because the original agreement between Sir Stuart Menzies and the x oss people, Wisner and those, had foreseen that the British would retain their sphere of influence in the countries that were traditionally british, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Spain and the United States, had very little to do with those we’d see, or rather, I would see documents having to do with that.

But if anything needed to be done, I would have to contact somebody who had that responsibility. In di 6 April service Menzies sip the cray resource stay behind the belgian period the peace the hostel Britannica service the hostel Belgium prove natural. Don le contact to kyotuluk elapatron to service the Ronsen Montana prepartite meeting elaborate commitur Lachink american english franchise per primi commit concursion resistance in Europe. Dig gladio Constitution Gladiomeno General parliament in factoviro segregator international de la Claus.

It’s pero segregator de concilio KL president de Concilio President denit electriformato declare locate exist queen say Primo president de Concilio to Rizato Gladio Dove Adar request informant request no. Eventually mastivi una par sonosatin formati in uncertainty informatia facto Senator Presidential de Concilio Minister de Internial cunevolt Secretario de la Democrat Cristiano Secretary Ario Mutoforte nonstatoma informatum testimony format informat only those people who were friendly to american aims and policies were made aware of this.

Any political leader who was inimical or was untrustworthy knew nothing. Stay behind next nonface military integrat continue a far neparte within NATO itself, there was no coordinating responsibility for Gladio. However, superimposed over NATO. There was a coordinating office in something called ITEC, which was nominally in the Defense Department Intelligence Tactical Assessment center, in which there were, among other things, a NATO desk. That NATO desk was owned by the agency.

Although it was nominally with the Defense Intelligence Agency, it was staffed traditionally by the CIA. Secret service documents from several member countries reveal Gladio to be a european wide organization, including Denmark, Norway, Holland, Spain, Turkey, and Greece. All Gladio’s secret information is coordinated in Brussels through the CPC clandestine Planning Committee, which meets periodically, with the chairmanship being handed from one country’s secret service to the next. The entire organization is handled outside of NATO.

Glad you’re committed generally. Commander de Allure General Broccoli Generalia Intelligence service in English behind english travel Iloro womani de la Army Chirkala presents intelligence Pool Laboratory Mano Fatompo destroymento Conloro Fatanko Paraca Utah Manica Fatuna Conloro Confidence the party representative Special Branch can palace per la finance fury America door not about the PS door de gear. There’s 140 man force, special forces, basically logistics, training, supply planning. No active taking part because that would have destroyed the doctrine of deniability.

So it was always, we’ll help you, we’ll teach you how to do something, but you guys have to do it yourselves, and we’re not even going to tell you what to do. But we assume that, you know, I was once in charge of low country affairs and I know how the Dutch and the Belgians and the Luxembourge felt about stay behind and how very carefully they handled it and how extremely secret it was.

I know when I was chief in the low countries, the chief of service didn’t want to discuss it in his office. We’d walk in the park and talk about burials that were being put down, communication equipment, whether or not the latest equipment they had, and so forth, albeit albeitalier. Mario Shelba Mario Shelba my explicit gladioli pomontre pactuan Italia Natako Pari Okano Pascapuru Numerous of Yeti Louis of a de Podaram it is a keep that there were people inside the american government, George Kennedy and most notably, who were arguing that the chance of the communist party winning the 1948 elections was so great that the United States should use military force to stop the elections, not hold the elections at all.

Just cancel the elections. Send the army in and say to the communists, we’re not going to risk elections because there’s a chance of you winning. Well, this was laughed out of school by the president and the secretary of state and all other responsible government officials. None of that was ever put into effect. And the United States said, okay, we’ll run the elections, and we’ll compete in the elections.

General Marshall and James Forrestall and Alan Dulles all realized that in 1948, it was an absolutely critical moment and that the United States didn’t have. They had an intelligence service which was quite new and young. It could collect intelligence, it could have counterintelligence, it could do everything, but it could not carry out a covert operation. There was no charter for it. And so that was remedied quite rapidly in 19, 47, 48.

Glandio Foucanto Lafino de Lano SATA compost medical shelter the Persona Persona multiverse Republic Janet Saviva, manager depositing the army deposited the vivery deposit of the vocara parlo de la mia experience apartment group no Dino is your organizo capitalator bombia mano dilocali commandolita communista non achetasil response there was no need for gladio to be activated in Italy. In 1948, the CIA’s first major covert operation succeeded without it. Large sums of money to political parties helped the Christian Democrats defeat Palmiro Taliati and the communists.

Earlier, there had been an attempt on Taliati’s life. It’s never been discovered who was behind this, but the italian press declared that it was the work of a madman. Gladio exists on Italy, Maui, on his fine Avon. September may come. Ila Fon Suval is America. So Monte Altra. After the war, a rather powerful communist party arose, having, I think, 21 members of parliament, which was unique in Belgium.

It never happened before. And given the international context of communism, right wing people were, of course, afraid of what they called communist danger in Belgium. Julie Lao was an honorary president of the Belgian Communist Party, which doesn’t mean he was the most powerful man in the party, but he was a symbol for workers action. He was arrested by the Germans and liberated in 45, and at that moment was not appointed honorary president.

He was also the man who, at the beginning of August 1950, when Prince Boldois, who is now king of the Belgians, took his oath, Lau was the man who cried in the parliament, Viva Republic. King Leopold had deported to Germany, then to Switzerland, after the war and centre right and right wing were agitating to bring him back on the throne. The left wing was opposed to the return of the king, so the right wingers were for the return of the king.

And some of these groups established in 1948 its first contacts within the american embassy with an officer called Parker, who insisted on not only leopoldist agitation, he insisted on the formation of stay behind groups to assure anticommunist resistance was murdered in 1950. The man who killed Lao came out of a right wing resistance group which was called the secret army la mesa. And very soon after the war he was engaged in anticommunist intelligence and action work.

And the action work was done among other people, with Mr. Andre Moya making it a pace because. Yeah. Certain partish lottery maraconte semi donated the tie love me lover employee Kelvati ho. Don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t it. My daughter had gone on holiday with her boyfriend and five days into their holiday, on the 2 August, they were killed in the Bologna train bombing explosion and they managed to identify Catherine’s body later on Monday that she was horribly disfigured.

They only recognized her by Miss Salford’s blows. In 1980, a bomb exploded at Bologna railway station which killed 86 people. Six years later, an official report revealed the existence of an invisible government in Italy run by the state secret services and groups of political terrorists. It also identified a secret military and civilian organization under which neo fascist groups were allowed to commit atrocities against civilians for political motives.

Fontana Jewish and Dandelia Tentative motivator icorpilipolitia is a bitch politica beach patiano nashiko revolt seniority representative on May 31, 1972, the carabineri in Petiano received a phone call. Parabresa no fralastrada the positive formata Savonia. Three policemen were lured to a car primed to explode. All three were to die. The district bringer pope bed on Megdal it will brigade Mesa said Prattistato canal strategy in quantum blessing adachitarian Larco don’t retain the Milano jintashing say la proceedo inter volunteer past de la Salibarta Corona Secretary and traveling bank crystal a logical political impunity effect Imagistrati Avivonotato interference Puomete multispecial presentation T.

Shirvisi de la policia the Organisma de Losato Magistrato trovare la verita imbro novenice topic landistine Cole Gate miniature Puntuali detaliati Andreoti or kiato na kuno legat dependent alien igladiatori information progressive on Altempo premium cdcamal. And it is sitani solo quello peremanocipala delindo or a kevinga fori unauthorized. My contactato perentra and elastrotura maya rolato kevinga fori describing sarita tuto naspechi di magma terrestri kra informato deposit the army alcoperto.

Diona ficale perque unsegreto estato estato miracle grand segregation. The italian stay behinds were brought to train at a secret base in Capo Maraudu in Sardinia. Delivery normal. Maintain um feature comfort quinti two tedu official official organization. I never attended the stay behind base in Sardinia. At a time when training was actually going on. These were the times that I visited. Was very much vip trips. The Italians are very much for vip.

Everything ran very smoothly. I had the greatest admiration for the men out at the base. Sisacho dore tinata comic lord nonito cavanamai solo in Austria. Specialistic vague. Umbiato tactica nonataka puf frontal minte lestrutura de lisati mel mondo chide. My own perfecto. Melico pindi tutti anticomunistico nato magistratura k starba. Then Trinasco, Philip Zato, Neil, nel latentato. I pete Abizar. Casse parte subito diceva anque atrinta portatiqua. Unaccoamente deloro temuta.

La pertura diuna perque continevona bombal force in fatty. Amanda Marcialo artificeri dentro guando pertoquestacasa. Unaware novice command the periphery. Dimbrolia Magistrate Magistrato Bandieri. Keron army. The Tedeski Keron Army. Pusha Pendo Keron army. Digladium dopolate. Mechanic on mechanism. Armadica Pinir, Minister of Lintel Guards. Amateur Tattoo. Melarko Diventijo. Yeah. Not the chief political matrix. Same prepared. Lando de la carte president may no result. Kcarisin and that on official into immortal.

Sultano Pedeon dakisto casual deposit. Serraval Superior directo fortunato de la citione Esther. General Saravali was to meet with Howard Stone, chief of the Rome CIA station. Estonuto perque solicitato dame appraisal. Commander Dimelici a nonavio. Capital perque. No capital perque no mida de Laura provoca equestin contro per se pere imotivi reformimento quindidopo mezi the Laborio Diplomatico el military Rio Shifina mainte I in Sardinia. Mr. Stone and Mr. Sednawi Potato Sister Marie proposal del controlo interno de la predisposition pro contraindes.

Pero pesta storia fini Bastardo Seanta Lachia Comic appeara the insistence calendar, Mr. Stone. This supporto de la chia conditionati del nostra intentione Dimetrinato the programari diplomatic request Missouri the contrastione Gladio peromeno negiane Sierra Verama de la carabiner de gladio Carabineri castamono sul sator del nord del nordesmo de le four udevo derekual destinato poteva prevale era fronto metaverse deposit Connocendo Caribbean Commando peripheric. Peripheric Nora County Commando Central attentive Control Armade convenient Keno control per motivation Politician Kevin Ojilo de la Senate Lavoche de la de Fanata Ken Vita Samane Carabineri Dudene a minesato Sapersoni coordinator the party party speciali Carabineri Igoritia Dudene generally Mingarell strategy Dante de la Jona de Carabineri d.

U dina ponolia in Palkimodo infinato in Casteos Caribbean generally glad check on Chevrolet parallel pera sua jurisdiction official commandant Eddie unomokia perque la violi. Or the fact that propeller Periati connesi adipistaji imprimogrado Adichiani Basato in secondogrado de Cristal lacenteza tutor. On December 1770, Prince Valerio Bolghese organized neo fascists in an attempt to overthrow the italian government. The Italian Ministry of the Interior was to be captured, but after units had moved into position, a telephone call canceled the entire operation.

In the aftermath of the aborted coup, the existence of the parallel structures of gladio was uncovered. Publico pin the Duchira significant fidamento celecionato regati the Kemon sono extremisti medium determinant. Some more sound triangle active ushira of a junior compassionari Shapo Peritari Menti insurer solo Persona chattaminte anticoniste Peroke of commando Chambers of Provato K. E judiciary interrogatory. Okay. Cristo judiciary bullet and anti constitutional viso mitrova in a superior military apartheid.

Potivo judicia not per carol Vinco military cause the general forbad Colonel Amos Piazzi to speak he was General Vito Michelle, head of the italian secret service Michelle later invoked state secrecy in order to cover up the existence of the invisible legion group like we participate in quark official superior General Nardelatitan Tank Alafina del Mesa and Rostipendia General in Casserma Perandala Director due mission Accordo Masonaria Lamason International competitor battalionist multisiolian of patients it the quest of phenomena J.

Leo lost with mentor pattern speciality Jerry apartheid nella Peninsula Balcanica English to disagreeano permission Dope Marginat entrapment compost of the Chervel de Miliori Sia Dana sia del cervica military sia de Campo Cultural Campo imprintorial parliament no chain occulto Peon Public and non Pertain battalionista consider noncom competitive military politic Internet Nissan version P two was basically, I guess you might call it a wholly owned subsidiary of the company in Italy the members were people who had been recruited by jelly for their unswerving loyalty to the cause of anti communism I would say conservative democratic principles and the furtherance of american aims and policies in Western Europe Santanova Elano escalation terroristica Riva Dramatico Perkomincha Primaverantati Rivalagosto Contemporaneo Pertuta rival al Maximo Connor Amado Responsibility area and my drink on the Loco Medic Emeritus bridge cocaine of statinoidol Ultra personal non the group of person my stat identification de la chinqua Bombalunica Kevin Vitamin Agricultural la policy and camp international orientate estimates politic traditional fontana momento de rivo terminal dunoperazion alaprocramaticion a Puke military don’t jeb in Quejorni Credo Imagio Erosato Janitini former collaborator Kefache for new del Informacion of Yaminova Discourse operation Fashion Nonara Data Maleti Maleti Satol Timo collaborator primal colonial gas Capo General Sadi Guido Janetini Perrivin casasua particular nella Banker the Monte Belugnanti conservative yeah linuxio cannot be afraid a Freda questiono teaches such a siva minte Sikomi Freda Apadoa in which ventura fashion organization la modista statura de Janetinia mia viso Mino Pacific Nonbedo Qualia Portal Asua Tibeta journalist Republic Son group of provisional group and Menonot it the quest of strategy elaporton event la strategia prevaleva infiltration group primarine direct afar de jatinta la Sekundalin Vigera the infiltration and a group is remistre parliamentary strategy Chemirava and Aquiri Latencione Alora social political equities no Sono member political name of the Estrema destroy extra parliamentary Freda report Informative program Basimiano Fakini collaborator deservici Italian Loi Masonki General Janicasalin informator Deservici is a great Italiana Elana masoficial mentor Chatrandom group Numerica Mentoristrato deligent labor resultano operant military um filter de levoci chirka mio procheso contrafred Aventura Interruptano Abruptini Frontiera Janitini Janitini pursue a voluntary edition Francia Party official companion Era in possess Biletto the anda de ritorno ireo periji beleto keno pagado delui narran possessor beleto de format professional.

She met possessor Bieto, funui can Kwando Venia saper minention and riche and apata la proposta satan down a Persona de consoles legacy minister quickly chambers prove evidential generally general capital Runa Condanati former definitive appropriate. I will return to the group of Catanzaro, Dera Lachita and Quia Vido near the Michelio Quato, near the Michelio Brigato, son of Fujito tela Ventura Malantan do a momentum K-I-U-T personality nesuna utsi queen Italiano genitalia disposition era alanostra tencione lativita supratutos volta widow genetini widow genetini era uno diquiliqueredo unintervento.

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Strategic Persona to t. There’s no evidence that the Americans paid the terrorists or those who ordered the bombings. But secret CIa documents do reveal a pattern of payments to people connected with the italian secret services, some of whom knew nothing at all about Gladio’s role in bombings and kidnappings. There’s a MIBS document which lists people and their importance and what they received monthly. For instance, a fellow named Guido Gianatini, on a scale, was a five and he only received $1,000 a month.

Now, Pinot Routi was a two, he received 4000 a month. Sara Valley was a one and got 6000 a month. Alivena was a one, he got 5000. Micheli was a one who got 5000 a month. Damato was a one who was paid out of an embassy fund. Couchy was a five. He was paid directly by Leechio jelly. 30 years of innocence and peace in Belgium were shattered in the early 1980s.

Citizens with no expectations of violence were murdered while shopping. No one knew who, no one knew why. Some suspected that right wing elements in the secret services had penetrated left wing groups and had even killed their own police to deflect attention from themselves. The suspicion was never proven, but nor did it ever go away. Top secret. There may be times when host country governments show passivity or indecision in the face of communist subversion.

US army intelligence must have the means of launching special operations which will convince host country governments and public opinion of the reality of the insurgent danger. U. S. Army intelligence should seek to penetrate the insurgency by means of agents on special assignment with the task of forming special action groups among the most radical elements of the insurgency. I never heard such a thing. Frankly, I don’t know the origin of the statement.

And you can find any statement in any country. I mean, you can find jackass statements anywhere. I suspect it is an authentic document. I don’t doubt it. I never saw it. But it’s the kind of special forces military operations that are described. On the other hand, you’ve got to recall that the Defense Department and the president don’t initiate any of those orders until there is an appropriate occasion.

There’s a supplement b of field manual 31 32. It’s twelve pages long. It’s not a hell of a big thing, but if it’s not authentic, then you need to ask somebody. What is it doing in the classified manual section of most field manual libraries? The field manual is an old forgery designed to show that there’s some kind of accusing the United States, basically of what the Soviet Union was doing in Italy, which was creating a secret underground paramilitary organization capable of acting to subvert italian democracy.

Um, you know, the sambo say not send the regiment paracomal simply monk Sakura Shimo de Jungus. Only the Monday there is a day to the manner of the special crescent pasadon. You the Devon Kit parachute and forget. Don’t be coordinated. Bless chef the post a on it. A party of a concertanum penetrate on county demilitaring des american promote son dejan kyung donna Carante. The next lead. Sejana Petropho is what a Kim Casando.

Jean is a member of Sin Granad Defensive Precious. Don’t sit. Asmonak owns uprivens. Pascala Kazambite. You see the tandula radio minui attack de la cazama. Jean Pupadir Kumasa Sepasua mojo lexicacion Civil Nudones Swat Dui the zaparacion resistance Telkimani and a friend Laguer omnipresent telephone Kima Verticeon Imadivara did Ukommodo Belgium lugar song period nepamur de la attack the sukh de military approximately military Belgium terror Ahini April Organization attack from a soviet, for example, parconeted deprogram deserve conspiracy communist combatant male journalist Elizabeth observatorist deposit Lazarus and general based on the suited wetto.

In cases where the infiltration of agents into the insurgent leadership has not been effectively implemented, it may help to utilize ultra leftist organizations. Terrorism provocation, aid on a class politic regime democratic on Berga fair. None of us today catrovan aon volunteered democratic Donald Trump. My name is Marcion McCur. I used to be with belgian gender Marie. I left Belgium in August 84 after precise death threat against my kids.

In beginning of December 1983, I did go personally to the BSA who were doing the investigation about the killing. I was surprised that Noah has been made. And I knew that I did report myself what was going on. And we were expecting killing like that. Random killing, going to supermarket and killing people having kids. I believe they kill about 30 people. So I told the gentleman I met, you realize member of the Jean Marie or the army are there involved in that? His answer was, shut up.

We know. Take care of your own business. Get out of here but they were saying the democracy was going away. The leftists were empowered socialist and all this thing they wanted more power, petrol consideration Politic Kiraple Kiavi de Ravage on Italy, for example atomta Cascade victim political activity Jean Claude Garo edited and owned the belgian magazine Pool in its pages, he ran a series of exposes of belgian neo fascist groups Lorenzion de Franagnes existe the people name the personality of politic Avons land politic and Milne of San Septon Categories and Catreval target California dexter and rot McDonald military don’t know the structure politics Alepk Pascal and Sahida shows decisional key ete de sector successive it delegate Ashakundrell avignatural problem secure plus periphery l one year you shortened the function more active paramilita Elizabeth Desele Mondex military militant extreme paramilita incentives for Boko Please organ Flamond V-M-O Flams militant and earth Aven section active the combat inactivity the Satipla detrier denounce Granad Safid Savay de la to me nurse me Lemoya photographic necessary photography Delaxio Apri Nuzavon revele sedaxion eto dejan desami de la ha television on connection arm toot in mascara in the section deontologic profession the manifestation Mr.

Francis do sign was the contact and I’ve been recruited by another member of the gender Marie from headquarters to become a member of that group only police officer was inside that group was called the group G for and I did witness there Mr. Mievis he’s the one who did recruit me giving to Mr. Dossain confidential file from headquarters the people they did recruit were people like myself people from headquarters people who have access to certain knowledge inside the Jean Damery, I believe officer in headquarter were involved also latinos allocated Anchony Lord Rapidmo j men kit on ket Mamotre come on, Paul Latinus Avete amplote particular daprong of attack de Cafe Dimigra Arab Connotread Momida Manier the Sofa Ancadre Poor la surveillance economic sweat la systems immediate to the person clay the personage clay on Europe Personage Clay and enough at the politinous Communist League Mode Niparto Mental Umpani Ami mem system with Rob Divisic Louis de la Mani France group communist model the License Service the security of the group Shakmon Brody Group Porte Dublin General Monday Shakmon Bronco Parinaj a ah Saluiki Terracrite in Branch Axiom Physics Twelve Axion Able University University Scientific Laboranta Poor Special Poor Judiciary Labo Party and Ratil Nepali Shimik in demand Allah Limit in Demand Explosive the Prodigy Special restaurant the province the constituents and belgian group Sucre the resistance Poor Lute contra donto don’t do risk permanent problem is police criminal control.

You don’t commercial Sometimes in Tennessee, no bonhaco control Kazufat Dear Clark Lemonade Classic don’t asserted letter group making a mo adoni de corticulier the Filatu Responsibility group it’s a commissioner Ave accompanied Colonel Dispose group a permitted technician Kila Fevenee Adequate Juma Shekama Nome Robert Iliave Anodo Smith Metro Kilavette Dan what the memory of San Catrovan Catri see Don Brisala Metres Duterte, Carlos Robert Explosive Donicascalier Adoni de cordo demotage promotion a egalmotras Los Cajolo group Ilvadabur Parley de la certed letter Elan Peel Galmo dot military Los Conan Military America Distance Stepalca Mondomen activity luisa la diplomacy Rapo Ravik Lesona Diso the Tutorite proceed par tip de micion Kitangaj Alasoldi visa Prix conference exercise Conference de coma Tusco Woodman deferred was effective.

Aveirtio parasion de savoir Kelson lettip the firm material. Kele it exterior commas on a roasted executive on a rote Nozzavi two Kubuvi connective mission the shoes of Haplita Sam it could carnavel affect fuzzy. Do some paragraphs also Elavir Jean de Mascomu Carnaval Elava Grand Fusika said the exact amount we lever the guns they were using were coming from Farhaid. And that’s exactly what we did. Planned. It’s to organize gangs and groups like that and let them go by themselves.

But make sure they will survive and make sure to supply them. Just to create a climate of terror in a country. After four years of random killings and holdups, the Brabon wallon killers vanished. Then, after a year of silence, a phone call led police to a sack in a belgian canal. In it, they found the weapons used in the killings and much of the loot. The caller never identified himself.

They have two plan once. The first one was to organize gangs to do hold up hostage and killing. The second one was to organize a so called left movement who will do terrorist attack just to make believe. Make the population believe that these terrorists at home were done by the left. In Belgium, as in the rest of Europe, the 1968 student revolts in Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt and Milan led to the emergence of armed leftist action groups, the Red Army Faction Barda Minhoff Axion direct and the Red Brigades Le Brigati Rossi.

On March 16, 1978, the italian left wing terrorists kidnapped the former italian prime minister, Mr. Aldo Moro. On that day, the italian parliament was about to debate the inclusion of the Italian Communist Party in a government of national unity for the first time since 1948. Aldo Moro had long believed that this was the only solution for political stability in Italy. Brigadier Rosso was penetrated. Bara Meinhoff was penetrated.

Axion direct. Various of these left wing terrorist organizations were penetrated and co opted. Perquente Matuta vision federally compared to the Mat Nashi comma. The minister of the return in epoch called team and Epochista Fort de la Parantela called Patrick Equistor Kia delco Mission Dipura Lativita Simpla contact Americana Prima Parision evident tentative molto puff paint the patito Christopher Ginger Quesilion is canoe nephew de caro Saluto al padrina Casserole shoot Solomon Pimentin filtrat Putin put in the other interconnection Perque Punto Farre Unsalto Dichevamo political emilitation Organization Magistrato Politico Punto Persona in Andreot Real urinate infiltracy Ankura Diploma organism Renato Osta the diriger Lanostasini de Lorganiza Lacoza no de chiso the arrestal Persona Francescini and Renato Coccio, the founders of the Red Brigades, were in prison when Aldo Mora was kidnapped.

Scores of reports, classified documents coming out of the Rome station which absolutely verified that the Red Brigades had been penetrated, that the planning staff of the Red Brigades was taking its orders from Santo Vita. General Santo Vita was then head of Seismi, the italian secret service. Valeria Morochi Brigadista de Leon Agenda pina de documenti enumerated Generale Giovanni Romeo Kera Capo de lufico dil C. De Lufico pure importante durante sequestro di Aldomoro Estado Generale Romeo strategy Parlato Imanira Chiara de la presentsa de Argenti de cervici segregial interno de Lebrigaderos.

Notice at Amente individuality del commando per Katrina motivation Timmy de lavo familiar Unizolato Vicino Labria Volta de Guliermi Seneparato Double Confessional laboratory Ravasio Deservici Estado de Trato Acapo Marajo Siato Derida Impassador Bassett Siamarito Vivo sia alte Persona Dito Aviva for some Poquino do oriento political car acres to poore just to pour a perque the Nancy Duto perque per cosa Mike military kennel Judy Pokisi compare complexity Morocco Porta Quarantino de Navanta Dua India fani particular river nietzsche lunga conservation non conventionali umba shutteros later and via kai tani you it rosa premium I cannot accept the disgraceful and ungrateful decision taken by the Christian Democratic Party.

I will not absolve nor will I exonerate anyone of their responsibility. No political or moral reason impels me to do so. My own cry joins that of my family, themselves wounded to death, and I hope that their cry will be heard independently. I don’t believe the Christian Democratic Party has solved their problems by liquidating morrow. Because of this clear incompatibility, I request that at my funeral there be no one present representing the italian state and no one from the political party.

I ask to be accompanied by the few people who have really wished me well, those, therefore, that are worthy of accompanying me with their prayers and with their love. Kind regards, Aldo Moro nella democracy Cristiano Lamorte dialo moro pesa la shelter kiofato pelibianchi the practica meant sacrificial moral per salvador republicadrose aroma futrovadona provenivada. By the time that Moro’s body was discovered, the Italians had worked themselves into such a frenzy and such a terror about the Red Brigades that I think if the Red Brigades had appreciated just how frightened the italian government was at that point, that they might actually have accomplished something, I mean accomplished something political.

The goal of terrorism, after all, is to terrorize. They had succeeded in terrorizing. They had terrorized the political class of Italy. Fashion experience historic intermediate ramontata materiality Verita revolt presenter football fat choose of profato credential profound the quest of the SAT in candidate social Tara de Lostat with the refuge perque Mr. Fachendo Dichetani carcher de la kiva ramente poor crede for NaTO Christie Bobachiki Francis Automatomatos Chamoimento I ah automatical a sona punto question canon deliciosa Kushiri amokon una toma came from Doria Sumonto Derek Lapolitica cistoe iljo colier lejeangolair I forget, keep forgetting the mute button.

Well, they. So that was something that aired back in 1992 on BBC. There’s not a lot out there on Gladio. Most of it is in book form, which is why Towner’s work is so good, because what she’s doing is going through all the books. And anyway, a lot of the stuff that she’s doing is wonderful. Amazing. So I’m going to be putting her back on hopefully soon, but I’m going to try to find some other information on Gladio and start to delve into it a little bit more thoroughly just because it’s just such a monstrous topic.

The primary reason that most of this stuff was the italian subtitles is because it was revealed in Italy first. That was where it really came out. Mean. But you look at all of the innocent people who paid with their lives. It’s actually quite disgusting. Yeah. The colonel is extraordinarily well read yarn. Extraordinarily well read. It was very interesting because when her and I spoke, and I don’t say this braggingly at all, I was actually very humbled when she said, she said that of all the people that she’s ever talked to that I was the most knowledgeable about Gladio.

And when she said that, I was like, stunned. I couldn’t believe of all the people in the world that she’s ever talked to that I would be the one that would know the most, probably because I’ve read a few books on it and most people haven’t. But she’s much more well versed than I. Anyway, I’ve been trying to spruce up on my gladio, going back through some of the books that I’ve read and actually reading some new ones right now I’m going through the book called CIA as organized Crime by Valentine.

And anyway, I’m going to be going through several of his books. He’s written several that look very appealing. One about Operation Phoenix. I don’t know. That looks really interesting. Let’s see. I could do, well, the gladio thing from six months ago. I could do that again. That’s not a bad idea because a lot of people probably don’t know it. All it really is is that it’s just the interview of Paul Williams.

It’s a radio broadcast from like coast to coast or some caravan to midnight or something like that. But I can do that again. That’s not a problem. I’ll set that up this weekend. So. Yeah, it’s very interesting stuff. Very interesting stuff. All right, guys, well, that’s going to be it for tonight. I hope you all have a wonderful evening. And if I don’t see over the weekend, I will see you on Monday.

We’ll see what happens. We’ll see how things play out. It’s supposed to actually be some nice weather this weekend, and I may get out and go do a few things just because I need to get some stuff done. It’s been freaking raining here forever, so this is going to be the first weekend that I’ve had a chance to actually get out and do something where it hasn’t been pouring down rain.

All right, everybody, have a wonderful evening, and I will see you again when I see you. Have a good night, everybody. Bye. .

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