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➡ This X22 Report podcast episode discusses the current global political shift towards the right, with countries like El Salvador, Argentina, Norway, France, Spain, and Belgium electing right-leaning representatives. It also highlights the harmful effects of three foods that are falsely marketed as healthy in the U.S., according to nutritionist Dr. Amy Lee. The episode further delves into the idea of accountability for crimes committed against the U.S. government, suggesting that those who have committed such crimes should face trial and potential imprisonment. Lastly, it questions the narrative around the 2024 elections, suggesting that there may be attempts to falsely accuse Trump of rigging the election.
➡ Hunter Biden chose not to testify in his gun case, likely to avoid self-incrimination. Meanwhile, ex-intelligence officials who claimed Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation have not retracted their statements, even though the laptop is real. This has led to a loss of trust in government agencies. The House impeachment inquiry is set to release a report on the Biden family’s alleged influence peddling, and there are hints of more criminal referrals. The credibility of these agencies is in question, and the public is becoming more skeptical.
➡ The US Department of Health and Human Services found that California used an outdated method to claim federal reimbursements, which included services for non-citizens. This means California now owes the federal government more money. The article also discusses the border situation, claiming that President Biden’s executive order does not effectively address the issue. It also mentions a case where a St. Louis couple who displayed firearms at a Black Lives Matter protest had their misdemeanor conviction cleared, and political shifts in Europe towards right-wing parties.
➡ The article discusses various issues including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, accusations of media bias, political disputes in the U.S., and concerns about COVID-19 and vaccines. It also mentions allegations of corruption involving COVID funds, the potential threat of the bird flu, and perceived inconsistencies in the justice system. The author criticizes the media and certain political figures, suggesting they spread misinformation and propaganda.
➡ The text discusses the events of January 6th, suggesting that the narrative blaming Trump is falling apart. It claims that Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, admitted responsibility for not having the National Guard present. The text also suggests that the FBI and Capitol police were involved, and that people dressed as Trump supporters were part of the incident. It ends by stating that the public is becoming aware of the truth and that those responsible should be held accountable.
➡ The text discusses the political tension surrounding the upcoming 2024 elections, suggesting that there are concerns about potential election fraud and manipulation. It implies that certain individuals should face legal consequences for their actions, which are seen as treasonous. The text also suggests that there may be attempts to delay the election and blame any potential victory by Trump on election rigging. The author believes that Trump and his supporters are prepared for these scenarios and are in control of the situation.


Hi and welcome. You’re listening to the X 22 report. My name is Dave and this is episode 3375 bn. Today’s date is June 10, 2024, and the title of the episode is the left has lost its grip worldwide. Deep state changes narrative on elections too big to rig. You know, we are living in the most advanced era in human history. There has never been more medical breakthroughs than there are right now. So why are millions of Americans more unhealthy and overweight than ever before? According to us board certified physicians and expert nutritionist doctor Amy Lee, one of the main reasons is three harmful foods that are being passed off as healthy foods all over the country.

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It looks like they are losing their grip worldwide. Remember when they were in control and they were calling the shots and they had all their installed people across Europe? Well, it looks like that is coming to an end and everything is about to change. And really think about this. If it’s changing out in Europe and people now are leaning to the right and they’re voting in their representatives instead of having installed individuals, what do you think is going to happen here in this country? Because we’re already starting to see it out in El Salvador. We’re seeing it in Argentina, Norway.

Now we can add France, Spain, Belgium and many other countries that tells you everything you need to know, which means Trump is going to have people on his side. I do believe that the entire world now is one gigantic counterinsurgency, and the world is now pushing back against the deep state players. And I do believe this will continue as we get closer and closer to the presidential election. We’re already seeing it all over the world. Change is happening. And you could see those people that have committed treasonous crimes, they’re panicking because all they continually say is, Trump is going to arrest us, Trump is going to throw us in jail.

Why would you say anything like that if you didn’t commit a crime? If you weren’t treasonous, you would have no reason to say that an individual is going to throw you into prison. Oh, you mean like you’re doing to Trump with no crime whatsoever? So those people that are screaming and yelling and they’re very, very loud about it, it must be because they committed some type of crime. And again, if you committed a crime and you were treasonous to this country, there has to be accountability. People like to call it revenge, but actually it’s accountability. You committed a crime against the people of this country, you committed a crime, and you are treasonous against the United States, which means there has to be accountability.

No revenge. This is law. Just like if someone killed someone or robbed a store, there’s accountability. You broke the law. So what happens? Well, the law says you must go to trial, and if you’re guilty, you go to prison. So this isn’t really Trump’s revenge, which they continually try to make it seem that way. It’s actually accountability. It’s actually looking at the rule of law and saying, listen, hey, you were treasonous. You overthrew the United States government, you knowingly did this. And you know what? Now you’re an enemy combatant. And since you’re an enemy combatant, uh, yeah, we’re gonna have military tribunals.

Yeah, we’re gonna, we’re gonna judge you. The people are gonna judge you, and if you’re found guilty, guess what? Yeah, you’re gonna be put in a jail. That’s not revenge. See, revenge is if you just do something to someone, because you just want to get back at them. And this is what these people are trying to make it seem. Even when Doctor Phil was interviewing Trump, he was trying to convince Trump, don’t do anything to these people. Well, if they did something wrong and they broke the law, like Fauci, he lied to the people, the pharmaceutical companies lied to the people, Biden lied to, the people, a lot of people are now injured because of this bio weapon.

Yeah, there should be accountability because you lied to the people. If you overthrew the United States government, yeah, there should be accountability. If you 187 someone. Yeah, there should be accountability. So for Doctor Phil to say, oh, you shouldn’t have revenge. No, this has nothing to do with revenge. This has to do with accountability. You broke the law. You knowingly did this, you continue to do it. You cheated in the election. You overthrew the United States government. And yes, there’s many, many other crimes that they’ve been doing, money laundering and everything else. Pedophilia. Yeah, there has to be accountability.

And you can see the deep state players, they are now panicking over all of this and they’re very, very worried. And you can see they’re already starting to change the narrative. They’re changing the narrative in regards to the election. Before they said Trump, will you accept the results when Biden wins in 2024? Now they’re saying Trump might rig the election. Oh, is that because it’s too big to rig now? Why would they change the narrative? Why would they go to, and this is what they did in 2020, why would they say back then, you must accept the results? Back then? They knew they had the cheating mechanism all in place.

They knew they were, they would be able to create enough ballots to override the system this time around. They don’t have everything in place. They don’t have Covid, they don’t have the bird flu. They don’t have anything like that. So the mail in bouts, that’s kind of tough, actually, on the electronic cheating that has already been stopped. That’s why they had to rely on the ballots. Now they don’t have the ballots. They don’t have the electronic cheating. So what are they relying on? Oh, they’re relying on the illegals, but that’s not going to work either. So they know that, wait a minute.

I don’t know if we’re going to be able to have enough of these individuals in this country to actually override the number of people that are going to vote for Trump. So now we have to change our narrative that he’s going to rig the election. Now that plays into almost everything that we’ve been talking about. Let’s see if the elections are delayed. Are they going to say the Trump supporters are pissed off if they stop the certification or try to stop the certification of the election to say, hey, Trump rigged the election? Are they trying to make the Trump supporters pissed off? Are they going to have people out there dressed up as Trump supporters rioting? Are they going to make it look like that? I do believe so.

And I do believe this is what they’re going to attempt to do. But what we do see is that their entire January 6 narrative is completely and utterly falling apart. It’s amazing. All of a sudden, there’s a video of Nancy Pelosi saying that she’s responsible for what happened on January 6, that she should have had the National Guard there. Wait a minute. I thought it was all Trump. Wait, now she’s saying that she’s responsible for this. Well, that changes everything. Hey, and also, if that is now coming out and people are starting to learn that Nancy Pelosi was the one who was in charge of the National Guard and Trump authorized the National Guard, she’s the one who caused this problem.

Hey, let’s take this a step further. Who are the actual people then in the crowd who was causing the problem? Oh, wait. Confidential human sources, FBI. They were dressed up as Trump supporters. All they need is Pence to come in as vice president and actually blow the whole thing out. Now, I don’t know if that’s going to happen, but it’s starting to seem that everything is being prepared for that, which is very, very interesting. Now, we’re going to be talking a lot more about this a little bit later, but first, let’s start off with Hunter Biden right now because it looks like we’re having closing arguments to his gun case, and he decided that he is not going to testify at all.

He declined to testify in the criminal gun trial. Well, yeah, I think it would be a very bad choice for him to actually go up there because I think he would incriminate himself. But I do believe most likely he’s going to get a slap on the wrist and they’re going to say, see, the two tier justice system works, but we’ll have to see how that all plays out. They’ll be very, very interesting. The other thing that’s very interesting is that all of those ex intel officials who said that the laptop was rushing disinformation, not a single one of the signatories of the infamous spy letter that called the laptop russian disinformation has retracted their made up claim.

So right now, all 51 of them, they’re sticking to their story. They’re not backing down even though the laptop is real. So basically, they’re liars, and we should never believe anything that they say after this. Actually, I don’t know why we would believe them in the first place, they’re part of the deep state players. But now the people, the people that are out there watching this whole thing, who couldn’t believe that? Hey, no. That laptop can’t be real. It’s got to be russian disinformation. Now the people are saying, whoa, wait a minute. It is real, and these people lied.

So next time around, whatever anyone says, we can’t believe them. And I do believe the people now see the truth. The people, they understand this, and they’re not going to believe the government the way they used to because they’re losing credibility. Think about the CDC, the FDA, Fauci, now the intel agencies, the FBI, the DOJ. Think about everything that you’ve been witnessing. You think the credibility of all these different agencies are going down the tubes? Absolutely. And the people, they’re not going to believe it, just like they don’t believe Joe Biden had nothing to do with his shell companies or accepting money from foreign governments.

And now, the House impeachment inquiry will soon release an interim report on its findings regarding Biden family influence peddling. And House Oversight Committee chair Comer, who heads the inquiry, hinted additional criminal referrals are in the offing, including Farah violations. Now, I know a lot of people are sitting there like, yes, this is going to be incredible. Let’s bring it to the DOJ. Let’s go after them. Remember, this is a criminal syndicate. If you’re expecting justice here with the FBI, DOJ, the way it is today, it’s not going to happen. These two different agencies and many other agencies, they need to be cleaned out before justice is then served.

And you could see the House, the oversight committee, they are actually prepping for this, because right now, you can’t have justice if the criminal syndicate controls everything. Do you really think there’s going to be a fair trial? Absolutely not. So what did comer do? And this part is very, very interesting. Paul Sperry put this out and said, House Oversight Committee Chairman Comer said the criminal perjury referrals on Joe Biden’s son and brother will stand for five years, allowing a Trump attorney general to prosecute them, barring post election pardons by Biden, of course. Whoa, so now these criminal referrals, they are there for five years.

Now, if we do this to everyone, Trump gets elected, hires and puts the place. The special counsel cleans out the DOJ, cleans out the FBI. Can we then have justice? Yes, we can. This is why everything is based on the 2024 election. This is why the people have to get out there and vote. This is why we have to vote for all the people that Trump is telling us to vote for, because these are our true representatives. The others are installed puppets and we need to take back the country. This is why this election is so important.

And this is why Trump, the patriots, needed to show everyone the truth. And how do you show the people the truth? You needed to allow the resident to move into the White House and do everything Obama wanted. In the basement, they followed their 16 year plan. Trump, with the patriots, knew they would follow this. Open the borders, crash the economy, bring us to war, and let all the crazies come out of the shadow. So you can see very, very clearly what they’re trying to do to this country and allow California, New York and others to be the template of where they want to bring us.

In. The Greek, in the green, new scam, the great reset. Now people can see the truth. Now people are waking up. And every day that passes with each thing, more and more people are waking up. And I do believe the last part of this is the economy crashing and war. Yes, there might be events in this country, but you could see right now people are really going to wake up when the scare event is here. Because when people hear war, doesn’t matter if you’re Democrat, doesn’t matter Republican, doesn’t matter if you like Trump or Biden, you don’t want to be killed.

You don’t want a nuclear bomb falling in a city which is very, very close to your home or nuclear fallout from that nuclear explosion. People just don’t want it. Plus, they don’t want their family members to die in war. They don’t want themselves to die in war. So is this going to wake up a lot of people? Absolutely. And when the scare event happens, people are going to be scared. People are going to be very, very nervous. I do believe it’s going to be like the cuban missile crisis, 911, maybe Covid, all mixed up into one where you’re going to be on the edge of your seat and you’re going to hear one side talking about war, you’re going to hear one side saying that we have to respond and you’re going to have the other side, which is Trump and probably the only individual probably ever that’s actually going to talk about peace.

Well, maybe we don’t have to go to war. I mean, yes, the deep state players have brought us to war every single time by using events. Trump might say, let’s not go to war. Now, again, people might want to because if there is, let’s say, a missile heading towards the United States and it’s blown out over the ocean, or if there is maybe an explosion in this country or there is a, maybe a dirty nuke and for weeks they’re trying to disarm it. Yes, people might be angry. Just remember 911, when the World Trade center came down.

People, they flew their flags all over their, you know, on their cars, at their houses, everywhere. And people said, let’s go get them. Let’s go get those people that attacked us. And everyone was all for it. Now this time around, when something happens, some type of an event, you’re going to have someone talking about peace saying, no, no, we shouldn’t go to nuclear war. This is not, there are no winners in nuclear war. And I do believe people, they’re really going to wake up and they’re really going to say, you know something, he’s absolutely right. We shouldn’t be heading down this path.

I know. Hey, I would never vote for him. But, yeah, it’s either, let’s see, nuclear winter or peace, and I can go about my life. So I think people are going to make a very interesting decision. I think they’re going to be brought to the precipice and they’re going to find the will to change. Because think about everything that they’re saying. Just look at what’s happening with the border, what these individuals are doing in all different cities like New York and Boston, Chicago, people are getting fed up. And what’s very interesting at Logan airport in Boston, it’s a complete and utter disaster.

Libs, tick tock. Put this out on accident, said, whoa. Receive this from a follower. This was just taken at Logan airport in Boston. Democrats turned Boston into a sanctuary city and passed a right to shelter law. These are the results. And there’s just people camped out in Logan airport. This is their new home right now. Absolutely unbelievable. And yes, people are getting angry and pissed off about this, which they should see at every point. People are brought to the precipice. And when people see this, they say, you know something? This enough is enough here. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting and which is absolutely unbelievable, maybe not.

It looks like California Governor Gavin Newsom has been caught charging us taxpayers for the health care bills of the state’s illegal alien population. Newsom filed nearly 53 million worth of reimbursements that the state now must return to the federal government. California owes the federal government 52.7 million after it improperly requested reimbursements for services provided to non citizens. So the Golden State claim Medicaid reimbursement for services it provided to non citizens with unsatisfactory immigration status. The category does not include those seeking asylum or refugees. States are prohibited from claiming such federal reimbursements except in medical emergency situations, which did not apply here.

So a review conducted by the US Department of Health and Human Services Inspector general’s office revealed that California employed an outgoing dated calculation method for claiming federal reimbursements between October 2018 and June 2019. This method failed to exclude services provided to non citizens, which must be, must be paid for by the state. So now California owes the federal government more money. So they’re already in a hole. They were trying to keep these illegals happy. Now they don’t have the money, they have to repay the money. And it’s a complete and utter disaster. The border is a complete and utter disaster.

And Biden, he is responsible for it. And what’s very interesting is that Biden issued an executive order, and we know the executive order is not going to crack down on those people coming over the border. And what’s very interesting is that we have representative Virginia Fox, who’s the House education committee chairwoman. She says that Joe Biden gave proof positive that he owns this border catastrophe and he’s had the authority to secure the border the entire time. Americans are not easily fooled by what the resident is doing. Absolutely. Bill Malugin breaks it down and he has the executive order.

And it looks like the executive order does absolutely nothing to stop the people coming in from the border. This is what he says. Internal Border Patrol memo sent to agents in San Diego sector after resident Biden’s executive order took effect, instructing them to release single adults from all but six countries in the eastern hemisphere and classifying them as hard or very hard to remove. Specifically, the memo instructs agents to process all single adults from 100 plus countries in the eastern hemisphere as NTA slash or, which means notice to appear, release on own recognizance, except for six countries, which are deemed mandatory referral countries.

So basically, he’s letting in single adults. Hmm. That’s very interesting. Why would that be? I think we all know, I think we know exactly what is happening here. These individuals, they will be used to cheat in the election, which is going to fail. And these people are going to be used for what? Well, for chaos. Remember, this is an invasion. It’s infiltration from within. What do you think they’re going to be used for? So you could see already they’re already prepping and planning, which we already knew going back to the very, very beginning. But again, you can see that these people are going to definitely be used right on the day of the election, very, very close, maybe a little bit before, a little bit after.

But you can see that these people, these are the people that they need. And maybe some of them will be dressed up as Trump supporters, because again, they’re going to turn the narrative around. It looks like they’re already starting to turn the narrative around. But the other thing that’s very interesting is that since we’re talking about chaos and riots, remember that St. Louis couple who displayed guns at BLM protest where they were protecting their house? And the man and the woman, she came out with a pistol and he came out with his arm. And then all of a sudden we had them being brought up on charges because they were protecting their home.

Well, it looks like a judge has cleared the misdemeanor conviction of the St. Louis couple who displayed the firearms to protect their home against Black Lives Matter protesters outside their residence in 2022. And they, their records have been expunged and now they’re, they want their firearms back, which it should have been because they were protecting their house, because they saw these people break down the gate. They’re coming into their neighborhood. They’ve been watching on tv how they’re burning, looting and hurting people. Yeah, you want to protect your house, you have every right to protect your home.

And once again, they didn’t fire their weapons. So they were there. They were showing force, saying, okay, there’s a lot of you, there’s only two of us. That’s the equalizer right there. But the other thing that you can see is that the world is now changing. And it looks like the left has lost their grip on the people. And it’s becoming clearer and clearer every single day. Out in Belgium, the prime minister decrew. He has resigned. Why? Because they are losing their power. When you look at Germany, the AfD, the german patriots have woken up and want to take back their home.

And they will. More and more Germans are shifting right and realizing the alternative for Deutschland is the only party that will launch mass deportations. The other parties in Germany’s are trying to ban AfD as a legal party from operating. The people are taking back their countries. Out. In France, Marine Le Pen’s anti immigration nationalist party obliterates Macron’s party in the EU election. And when you look at the map of the election in France, the Brown, and it’s all covered in brown, is the far right parties. That tells you everything you know. The right wing parties are set to make massive gains all over Europe in the EU elections.

The people are taking back their countries. And molten has put this out and said today is the start of a new era in Europe. France national rally wins an historic 31.5% of the EU vote, forcing Macron to dissolve the national parliament Germany AfD surges to become the second largest party liberal party’s tank Belgium prime minister resigns after his crushing defeat against the right Italy Maloney’s brother of Italy wins in an historic landslide Austria FPO doubles their seats and becomes the largest party in the nation. Spain right beating the left by 10% Luxembourg first ever seat for ADR so you could see everything is changing now and soon it will change here.

Once the crimes are exposed, the D party will cease to exist. And you can see the people are waking up all over the place. And what’s very interesting is that. Peter Sweden put this out and said the following. Green parties are collapsing all over Europe. In the EU election, the right wing parties opposed to the woke agenda, open borders and net zero, have seen massive wins. Elon responded to this and said, the right wing agenda today is just the centrist agenda of 20 years ago. The left has become an extinctionist movement. Absolutely. And you can see everything now is changing.

So if it’s changing out in Europe, what do you think is going to happen here in the United States? It’s going to change here. This is why Trump is out there saying this is too big to rig. This is why I do believe there are operations that are going on behind the scenes. Some of them we can see the Ukraine operation, that is with Putin removing the state funded terrorists. We see out in Gaza. We see the Israeli, the IDF, they are going after the state funded terrorists. I do believe China, Xi Jinping soon will be going after the state funded test terrorists.

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Al Jazeera has denied even knowing the guy, while at the same time saying he wouldn’t dream of engaging in terrorist activities. But that doesn’t make much sense. If they didn’t know him or he was some distant memory to them, how would they know if he was a terrorist or not? And actually the IDF shows Abdallah al Jamal and it’s a picture of him on Al Jazeera. So something doesn’t make sense right now. And you can see that these people, they were writing stories about what was happening in Gaza while they held hostages. Marina Medvin put this out.

CNN just devoted a substantial video segment to palestinian civilians killed or injured in the rescue of the four israeli hostages. Never once mentioned that the civilians were the ones holding the hostages, that the civilians were the ones who took them hostage in the first place, that the civilians were the ones firing at IDF during the rescue, that the civilians are the ones who kept the hostages in the center of the populace area. In order to purposefully use civilians as human shields, the Palestinians orchestrated the very conditions that created the casualties. They reaped what they sowed. CNN just gobbles up palestinian propaganda like potato chips.

It’s pretty amazing, actually. The Palestinian Chronicle put this out and said, homes are gone. And with that, the memories, hopes, aspirations of Palestinians and their ability to realize other rights. The statement continued. Well, Ted Cruz responded to this and said the journalist who wrote this was an active Hamas terrorist who was at the very instant holding a jewish hostage prisoner in his home. And that tells you everything you need to know. State funded terrorists and the deep state now is being hunted down. That is what we are seeing right now, and we’re going to see a lot more of this.

Now. The other thing that’s very interesting is that Biden is continually pushing out fake information, as usual, lies. I mean, that’s all they can do is lie. And they’re trying to convince everyone that Trump called dead american soldiers losers and suckers, which is absolutely ridiculous, especially when the military is behind him and the military respects him. He responded to what the resident said, and he said the following. Crooked Joe Biden, the worst president in the history of the United States, just confused Ukraine with Iraq. He actually doesn’t know the difference. Probably gets money from both. A maturian candidate.

He also said in another Democrat, disinformation hit job like Russia, Russia, Russia. The 51 intel agents or the fake Pfizer reports that I call dead american soldiers losers and suckers. Who would ever say such a thing? Only a sicko with an ax to grind would suggest that anyone would make such a statement. They even made these horrific words into an advertisement which shows how desperate they are. No president, especially dumb as a rock. Joe Biden has done more for our military than Donald J. Trump. The military hates cricket, Joe, and all the failures he represents. Take down the fake ad, Joe, and stop the unprecedented weaponization of justice against your political opponent.

You’re destroying our country. And he’s absolutely right. And you could see the deep state players. This is what they do. They cut, they splice, and they lie to the american people. And they’ve been doing this for a very long time. They’ve been using propaganda on the american people for a very long time. And you could see just with what’s going out in Israel, what happened with COVID what’s happening with the economy. If you really look at it, all they do is lie. We’ll be talking about the lies that they’ve been told in a little bit. But let’s talk about COVID let’s talk about the bird flu, and let’s talk about the Democrat, Atlanta prosecutor.

She was just jailed for stealing 15 million of COVID funds to buy a Rolls Royce and a ten karat diamond ring. And by the way, this individual, Shalitha Robinson, who is actually running to be a judge, she actually donated to Fanny Willis’s campaign. I mean, really think about this for a second. They’re all criminals and now people can see it. It’s becoming clear and clear. And you know what else is becoming clear and clear? That the bioweapon now has killed more people than the Holocaust. Rasmussen reports put this out and said if the numbers implied by our Covid polling are correct, the vaccines kill more people worldwide than jews killed in the Holocaust.

So think about that for a second. Think about what Fauci, the pharmaceutical companies and the rest. Think about what they’ve done here and all the doctors and all the scientists that lied to the people. They didn’t know anything about these vaccines. They didn’t know what the side effects were because they were hidden from the public. I mean, anyone with a logical brain should have said, well, wait a minute, how do we know these are safe? Can we see all the data on this before I recommend this to any patient whatsoever? I know we’re in a pandemic, but before I do that, I need to see if this is going to harm my patient.

And are there any other cures? Because I’ve been doing a little bit of research and I see hydroxychloroquine and I have vermectin. So why are those hidden from the public? If you, if these people were a true medical practitioner and they were a true scientist, they would ask these questions. But think about how our doctors are trained today. Think about what the pharma, how the pharmaceuticals control the education of these people. And think about why we haven’t had cures in a very, very long time. I think they’ve been hiding the cures and they’ve been in plain sight this entire time.

But you could see they’re pushing another plan. Dimmick, it’s the bird flu, but I don’t think the people are going to buy this. But I think this time around, the bird flu, they’re trying to use this for something else. Remember, they need to get rid of our food supply. Remember, they’re trying to bring us into the great reset, the green new scam. And I do believe this is what the bird flu is for. So we as a people, kill off our own food supply. And this is exactly what is happening right now. And what’s happening is they’re saying that it’s spreading to the cattle, spreading to the chickens.

And we need to cull all of this, which means we’re destroying our own food supply. And remember who invested in goop and that’s the chemicalized meat, fake meat. Wasn’t that Bill Gates? Wasn’t all the people that behind the World Economic Forum? Of course it was. So they’re trying to push this very, very hard to usher in. They’re chemicalized goop. So we don’t actually eat meat. We chemicalized goop. And you know what the chemicalized goop is going to do? It’s going to make you sick. Just like everything else. They lie to you. And you can see they’re pushing this very, very hard.

And they’re trying to actually make meat very expensive, almost like they’re doing with the gas powered cars, make it very, very expensive so you can buy the cheaper version. That’s what they’re really trying to do. And I think the people, they understand this. They understand exactly what’s going on. And I don’t know if this plan is going to work this time around, because the people, they understand and they see the truth. And I don’t think the farmers are just going to kill their cattle just to kill them. I would want a lot more proof. I would want a lot more evidence.

And you know what? Just like that guy that died in Mexico, it’s going to be very, very hard for the deep state to actually, to prove it. Again, they have to prove it to we, the people not using their fake PCR test. They have to actually prove it. And that’s going to be very, very difficult for them. Now, the other thing that we see is that we have a two tiered justice system. And I think everyone sees it. You see it with Trump, but you also see it with the everyday people, because, again, Trump is just in the way.

But they show you every single day how they have a two tiered justice system. Ian Miles trunk put this out on x and says, okay, we have the pride colors on the ground and we have teens who are rolling over it making skid marks. They are charged with hate crimes. There are no hate crimes. It’s ridiculous. Then we have the antifa group who’s pretending that they support Palestine. They are defacing monuments in DC. Well, that’s protected speech. Think about that for a second. Does that make any sense? No. What does make sense is that there’s a two tier justice system.

Osint defender put this out and says the following. Despite thousands of dollars of damage to several us national park sites near the White House during yesterday’s pro hamas demonstration in Washington, DC. While several federal law enforcement officers and federal employees were being assaulted with rocks, water bottles and other objects. There were no arrests made by DC Capitol police or other agencies that were on site with few demonstrators that were detained by the Secret Service while attempting to scale the fence near the White House, having been released with no charges. So that’s interesting. I mean, they were assaulting officers, they were defacing property.

No charges. They were trying to scale the fence. Were they trying to breach the White House? Yes, they were. Are we going to see this happen moving forward? I do believe we absolutely will. But we could see the entire January 6 narrative is now falling apart. The oversight committee, they put out a video of Nancy in her car. That’s Nancy Pelosi. And remember, she spent three years and 20 million creating a narrative to blame Trump. While new footage shows that she admitted that she is responsible for this, that the National Guard should have been there. Take a listen.

Responsibility, Terry. We did not have any accountability for what was going on there, and we should have. This is ridiculous. Ridiculous. You’re going to ask me in the middle of the thing when they’ve already breached the inaugural stuff that should we call the Capitol police? I mean, the National Guard. Why weren’t the National Guard there to begin with? They thought that they had sufficient. There’s not a question of how they had. They don’t know. They clearly didn’t. No. And I take responsibility for not having them. Just prepare for more. Speaker one now. That’s very interesting. So the entire January 6 thing is falling apart.

First we have the videos, then we know there’s confidential human sources. Then we, from the videos, we understand that the FBI was involved, the Capitol police were involved. We know that people dressed up as Trump supporters. We know that Trump, he authorized the National Guard. It was up to Nancy Pelosi because she’s the speaker of the House. She was supposed to protect this entire area. She decided not to use the National Guard. And we had this problem. So she spent all this time pinning it on Trump, and now coming back to her, what else aren’t they telling us? I think there’s quite a bit.

Now, think about this. All this evidence is coming out. Wouldn’t it be great if we had Trump join up with Pence to really rip this apart? That would be absolutely amazing, because again, the fake news, the deep state players, the ds, they would go into a death spiral. Wait a minute. Pence and Trump, they’re talking, they’re okay with each other. And now all of a sudden Pence is telling us what exactly happened that day, and it’s the opposite of what we’re saying. Oh, my God. Everything, our entire narrative is falling apart. It already is falling apart, and it will continue to fall apart.

It was a setup. The insurrection on January 6 was against the president. That’s the only way you have an insurrection. Who was the president? It was Trump. Remember, the election wasn’t certified yet. There was an election, but it wasn’t certified. The deep state players had the insurrection against the president of the United States. They overthrew the government on November 3. They were trying to complete it on January 6. That’s why Trump on Twitter and with the video said, go home peacefully. If you read the insurrection actual, that is what the president has to say. He’s not talking to the MAGA supporters, he’s talking to the deep state players.

Stop what you’re doing. Go home peacefully. Once they didn’t, it’s an insurrection against the president and the people of the United States. The military is then activated, and now the military is in control. Trump, the patriots, they knew what they were going to do. And to move to the next part of the plan, Trump needed to make sure that the military kept the country safe. Remember, this is a counterinsurgency. The counterinsurgency is the president, which is Trump, the military, which is on his side, and the people, he had the military. He was the president. He just needed the people.

So for four years, he had to deprogram the people. He needed the people to see the truth. He needed the people to become patriots and reject what the deep state, what the left has been doing. And the only way to do this was to accelerate it and push it right in front of your face so you couldn’t look away. There are still some people that are trying to look away, but eventually what’s going to happen is they won’t be able to look away. Because when war is right in front of their face and there’s a nuclear weapon getting ready to be deployed into this country, to destroy this country, you can’t look away.

You can’t make an excuse. You can’t say, I don’t care. Just like some people say with the border, I don’t care. Let them all in. What are you going to say? Oh, yeah, I don’t care. Drop the nuke on me. It won’t work. That’s why Trump has to. And the military, that’s why they have to allow the deep state players to do what they do best, bring us to war. Follow the 16 year plan and that’s exactly what they’re doing. And that is going to wake the people up. And you can see people are waking up.

They’re waking up all over the place. And they understand that Biden has been going after his political opponent and out of face the Nation. It shows that what Biden is doing to Trump, it is not working. The voters don’t care because they know that this was a setup. They know that this wasn’t a real trial. They know that Trump is innocent and they can see it as clear as day. The people aren’t stupid. They see what’s going on. And we’re starting to see Biden’s mental decline. It’s really picking up. And I do believe he’s going to be pushed out or he’ll step down himself or he will be pushed out.

And we see the people around the country, they realize that there’s a problem with him. There was a poll done by Rasmussen. It says a clear majority of 57% of voters have not been fooled by the media propaganda and accurately believe his fraudulent. See, Joe Biden’s mental decline is real. It gets better. 60% also believe the corporate media are helping to cover up the resident sunsets mental decline. A plurality to 49% of black voters believe Hunter’s dad’s mental decline is real, while only 35% disagree. A majority, 51%, of Hispanics, say Hunter’s dad is losing it, while only 18% disagree.

Even 33% of Democrats agree that their guy it’s sunsetting, while only a slim majority of 62% disagree or are lying. So this whole thing is completely falling apart, just like everything else that these people have told us. Remember, it’s been lie after lie after lie, hoax after hoax after hoax. There was the russian collusion hoax hands up, don’t shoot hoax Jussie small hoax the Covington KK kids hoax very fine people hoax seven hour gap hoax russian bounties hoax Trump trashes troops hoax which we just talked about policemen killed at mostly peaceful January 6 protest hoax written house hoax eating while black hoax border agents whipping illegals Hoax NASCAR News Hoax the Georgia Jim Crow 2.0 hoax Trump assaulted Secret Service agents and grabbed steering wheel of beast hoax maga assaulted Paul Pelosi hoax Covid lab leak theory is racist hoax Hunter Biden’s laptop is russian disinformation hoax Joe Biden will never ban gas stoves hoax COVID deaths our own counted is a conspiracy theory hoax mass graves of native children in Canada hoax the Trump killed all the fish hoax.

Trump told people to drink bleach hoax. Hamas hospital hoax. If reelected, Trump will execute people hoax. The 900,000 kids hospitalized with coronavirus hoax. Over 50 environmental hoaxes. The Alpha bank hoax that was paid by Hillary Clinton libs a tick tock murdered non binary teen hoax. The Aaron Rodgers Sandy Hook truther hoax. The bloodbath hoax. It’s all been a hoax. And they’ve lied over and over. Men can be women lie. Men can’t get pregnant lie. Men can nurse lie. Trans is good lie. Trans is not neurosis lie. Fat is beautiful lie. 2020 was not stolen lie. Vaccines work as promised lie.

Drag queen story hour is good for little kids lie. Democrats are for the little guy lie. You can buy you could be anything you want to be. Lie. Diversity is our strength. Well, that’s a lie. Donald Trump was not railroaded. Lie. White people are racist, especially when they deny it. Lie. And this goes on and on and on. This is what these people have been doing. They’ve been giving us all these different hoaxes, and they’ve been lying to us over and over and over. The people now see it, the people get it. And those people that committed crimes, those people that committed treason, yes, they need to be held accountable.

Trump was out in Vegas and he said that these people should be prosecuted. And he says, let’s see what happens. Take a listen. Made up a story that I said this and they put it out. And it’s been going around for three years. And it’s, it’s just like Russia, Russia, Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine. 51 intelligence agents. That phony story. Remember, the laptop is from Russia, they said, and they should be prosecuted for what they did. Okay, they should be prosecuted. Let’s see what, let’s see what happens. And he’s absolutely right. These people should be put in a prison.

But again, not to go after a political opponent, not for revenge because they broke the law. They were treasonous to this country. They overthrew the United States government. They overthrew the duly elected president. They lied to the people, and they unleashed Covid on the world. That’s why these individuals should be going to prison. This is why they should be prosecuted. Not for revenge because they were treasonous to this country. They are enemy combatants. But you can see the deep state players. They’re panicking. And I do believe those people that scream the loudest, well, those people might have done something.

We have de Niro, we have AOC, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi unit. The list goes on and on and on and you know, all the intel agencies and the rest, they’re all saying that Trump is going to throw them in jail. AOC was just out there saying that Trump will throw her in jail. Well, yeah, if you were treasonous and you committed a crime, you would be thrown in jail. So why would you think you’d be thrown to jail just to throw people in jail? Because he might not like you. Oh, no, that’s what you’re doing to Trump.

You see, it’s a little bit different. He follows the rule of law. We the people follow the rule of law. And when you’re treasonous and when you commit crimes, we just want accountability. Just like on the streets, if we see someone rob a store or someone hurt our family member or kill someone, we just want accountability. You might say it’s revenge, but you broke the law. We want accountability. Now, what’s very interesting is we can see the deep state players. They are now changing the narrative in regards to the election. Remember, in the beginning, they told us that Trump is going to reject the results of the election because again, in 2020, they knew they had it.

They knew they were able to cheat and they knew that Trump would know that they cheated. So now they were trying to do the same exact thing. Hey, if Biden wins, are you going to accept the results? And they kept doing that until now, because now they realize that they won’t be able to cheat. They know that they can’t have this election. They’re going to have to delay it, and they’re going to try not to certify it, and they’re going to blame Trump when he wins, saying that he rigged the election just like they did in 2016.

He worked with Russia, he cheated in the election. They’re going to do the same exact thing. Rolling Stone put this out. It’s not satire. It says, georgia is our laboratory. Inside Trump’s plan to rig 2024, team Trump sees Georgia as a roadmap for putting Trump’s heads I win, tails you lose. Philosophy of elections into practice. Patriots are in control. Put this out and responded to this and said, look at the bright side of the ridiculous projection narrative. They’re gone from Trump won’t accept the election results to Trump is going to rig the election. They know they can’t stop him from winning, and they’re absolutely panicking, which means that everything is about to change.

Because if they’re saying that Trump rigged the election and they delay the election because the cyber attack, because we’re going to war and we can’t use their cheating system. Well, don’t we have to use paper? If we use paper and Trump wins by a landslide, the DS are going to say, oh, no, he must have had help from Russia, from other places. He rigged it somehow. We’re not certifying the election. Now, remember, Trump made a very, very big deal with Pence. The D’s changed the law. The vice president, which is Kamala Harris, right now, she can’t send the results back to the legislator.

So they have a major problem on their hand. And remember, they spent four years saying the elections are on the up and up, that election fraud is a big lie. Now they’re going to use it. Now they’re going to say that there is election fraud. Think about what’s happening right now. So if they try to push off certifying the election, first they’ll delay it. Then they push off the certifying of the election after Trump wins. Are they going to say that the Trump supporters are angry? Are they going to have people dressed up as Trump supporters? Now? It’s starting to make a little bit more sense, isn’t it? And I do believe they are now building the narrative to do this.

And, yes, this is going to fall right into what Trump of the patriots want. They want them to bring their illegals out into the streets in all the different cities. Why? It’s much easier to round them up. Trump has already let us know. He will use the military. He will use and deputize law enforcement. He will place tariffs on countries that don’t take them back. He’s already and prepared for this. Remember, the military can be on us soil. Number one, there was an insurrection. That is an exception. There is an invasion. And when they start to attack the country from within, well, we’ve come full circle, haven’t we? Yes, we have.

Which means the military can operate on us soil. And what’s very interesting is I want to go back to post 4455 since we now see a different narrative with the elections June 11, 2020. Referring to post four four six, it says NSA stopped D’s ability to cheat electronically. So now they want to cheat with vote by mail. And the NSA, CSS, put this out and it says, we began the ability for us to defend the presidential elections not today, not six months from now. We began the day after the midterm elections. General Paul Nakasone. So the Patriots stopped them from cheating electronically.

So what did they do? They had to use Covid and cheat using the mail ins. Remember, this post was put out on June 10, 2020. So the deep state they already knew that their entire electronic cheating system, well, they couldn’t use it because the Patriots already knew how they manipulated the votes using the Dominion machines. So they had to use the ballots and actually feed them in. But they needed a way to get all the ballots. That’s where Covid came in. Now, as we approach the 2024 election, they don’t have the electronic cheating, they don’t have the mail in votes.

Now, they can let the elections go and let the people vote using their system, but they know they’re going to lose or they can delay the elections. Either way, Trump’s going to win. But I do believe that Trump wants to show the deep state players that, look, I got the people, and the only way to show them is to use paper ballots because, you know, there’s going to be a little bit of cheating here and there because remember those people, if the elections aren’t delayed and there is no cyber attack, if we just use their system, they’re going to try to shut things down.

They’re going to try to manipulate on the local level. So I do believe Trump is trying to box them in by destroying their old system, going to pure paper, going to one day voting and actually show them who’s really in control. That would complete the counterinsurgency. And I do believe this is what Trump wants to show the deep state players and wants to show the people of this country that we aren’t the silent majority, we are the majority. And I do believe the people are going to see this. Now, along the way, we know that they’re going to use many different events.

We’re going to have a scare event. And I do believe during the summer, we’re going to see the deep state fight back with everything that they have. And normally when Congress goes on break, usually in August, that’s when things start to go crazy. And I do believe from that point on, we’re going to see a lot of things go crazy in this country where we’ll see stories about cyber attacks. We’ll see maybe water systems, they will go down, maybe you won’t have water, maybe the power grid will go down in certain areas saying, oh, there might be malware.

I do believe they’re going to be building a narrative as we get closer and closer to the presidential election because they have to build up war and this is what they normally do. So we’ll have to watch and see how they react to everything. But I do believe Trump of the patriots, they’re in complete and utter control and they’re bringing the deep state down this path. And in the end, the people will come together. The counter insurgency will be complete and justice will be served. Not revenge. Justice will be served. Why? Because the patriots are in control.

Listen, everyone. Thanks a lot for listening. Be well, be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot.

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