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➡ This X22 Report episode discusses the political tension between Trump and the Biden administration, suggesting that Trump is being targeted by the administration. It also mentions that Pelosi has invested in a cybersecurity firm, hinting at possible future cyber attacks. The host believes that Trump and his supporters are working to expose the alleged corruption within the Biden administration and the so-called “deep state”. The episode ends with a discussion about the death of Jacob Rothschild and allegations of Biden selling classified information to foreign governments.
➡ The text discusses concerns about illegal immigrants entering the U.S., with some being criminals from their home countries. It suggests that these individuals are being used by a “deep state” to cause harm within the U.S. The text also criticizes the Biden administration’s handling of immigration and border security, contrasting it with Trump’s approach. It ends by discussing the rise of alternative social media platforms that are not controlled by mainstream media.
➡ This text talks about concerns over censorship and control of information by governments and organizations. It mentions that some people are worried about the rise of authoritarianism and skepticism about democracy. The text also discusses the idea of creating a regulator to monitor online content for harmful or hateful speech. It ends by suggesting that these actions could lead to a loss of free speech and a breakdown in communication.
➡ This text talks about various global and political issues. It discusses a tax firm that can help with large tax debts. It also talks about the tension between NATO, Ukraine, and Russia, hinting at a possible World War III. The text also mentions potential election interference, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the possibility of a communication blackout. Lastly, it discusses legal issues involving Trump and allegations of a Democrat operative planted in the Fulton county office.
➡ The text discusses potential election interference linked to the Biden administration, with Representative Jim Jordan revealing a whistleblower’s involvement. It also mentions Trump’s belief that he’s being targeted politically, and his call for an end to these actions. The text further discusses the political landscape, including speculation about Nikki Haley’s campaign and Biden’s potential replacement. Lastly, it talks about Newsom acting as a mouthpiece for Biden and a possible recall attempt against him.
➡ The article discusses the potential candidates to replace Biden, with Michelle Obama being the most favored among Democrats. However, the author doubts her ability to defeat Trump due to low poll numbers. The article also mentions the resignation of RNC chairman Rona McDaniel and the potential for Lara Trump to take her place. Lastly, it discusses the possibility of election postponement and potential war, as well as investments in cybersecurity by Nancy Pelosi and others, suggesting they may have foreknowledge of future events.
➡ This text suggests that during the election period, there will be chaos and attempts to start a war. However, the author believes that Trump will be re-elected and will counter these attempts by negotiating peace, which will prevent a major economic crash and other negative outcomes. The author also suggests that this strategy is part of a larger plan by Trump and the military, and that in the end, the country will be united.


And welcome. You’re listening to the x 22 report. My name is David. This episode 3292 bn. Today’s date is February 26, 2024. And the title of the episode is Pelosi opens call position in cybersecurity firm this is the deep state’s last stand. Let’s get into the economic collapse. Political and geopolitical news. Now the deep state, the corrupt politicians, big tech fake news, the puppet masters, we know that this is their last stand.

Actually, Trump is continually saying this is the final battle for the patriots. So what we’re witnessing right now is the deep state players. They will throw everything that they have at Trump to stop him. I think we all can see that now. We can see that the deep state is interfering in the election. And I think what Trump is doing right now, he’s using this to his advantage because the more they do, the more the people see.

Plus, these individuals that are going after Trump, peek a boo, Fannie Willis, Braggs, Jack Smith and the rest, they’re being directed by who? By the Biden administration, which means he’s going after his political opponent. And I do believe every step of the way, Trump is continually repeating this over and over and over. And now it looks like his investigators, and of course, we know he has the information.

We know that the military is behind him. We know that he has the military intelligence. I do believe he’s waiting for the right moment to actually bring this information out to show, look, the Biden administration, Biden himself, they are directing and coordinating all of this. We already see it happening in the Fanny Willis case. All of a sudden, there’s this individual that has been brought out from the shadows and into the light, and he’s pretty much a direct report for the Biden administration.

So I do believe he’s going to show the people, look, I’m not just saying it. I’m not just saying that he’s coming after me. He actually placed someone in these different cases. And they’re directing Braggs, they’re directing Peekaboo, they’re directing Fanny Willis, and they’re directing Jack Smith. And I think in the end, people are going to see this because remember, this is about the 2024 election, and this is about having the people to make a decision.

The people need to decide, do you want the deep state to take the country or do you want to take it back from them? And I do believe the only way to do this is to show the election interference, to show how they all cheat in the election. And the people of this country, they can’t use the deep state system which they use in the elections. We can’t use the Dominion machines.

We can’t use the mail in ballots. We can’t use the system that they developed. And I do believe Trump and the patriots, they are now bringing the deep state down this path because they want them to try to cheat. They want them to change the candidate. They want them to bring us to war. They want them to follow the 16 year plan. Not so we go into war.

So they actually do something where they try to shut down the elections, which will then allow CISA and other organizations to actually step in and use paper ballots, step in and say we need to secure the elections. And the only way to do this since the country was attacked, we would have to use some type of military protection. The National Guard, maybe they’ll work with the military, but they will protect the election.

Now we know that something’s about to happen. We had cell service outage. We’ve come to learn that the hooties, now they’re cutting communication cables under the ocean, which we’ll be talking about in just a sec. Plus, we also know that Pelosi has opened call positions in a cybersecurity firm because she must know that something is going to happen. These people don’t do it by accident. And she’s not the only one.

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They’ll get contracts from maybe other corporations, and the stock in these companies will skyrocket. And I do believe Pelosi and others, they already know what’s coming because they’re all part of the deep state, the criminal syndicate. They know that they’re going to use a attack. And I do believe we’re already seeing signals letting us know that this is the direction we’re heading in. Because think about what’s happening with the deep state players right now.

Everything is falling apart for them. If you look at the poll numbers and you look at what’s happening with Trump, he’s going to become the GOP nominee, the republican party, and I’m talking about the rhinos. They’re completely and utterly falling apart. So the Ds, they’re losing the rhinos, the control of the rhinos. The DS, they’re being caught up because their criminal syndicate is being exposed to the people.

Everyone now can see the shell companies of Biden. Everyone can see how there’s a two tiered justice system. Everyone is beginning to understand what’s really going on. And actually, when we bring Obama into the fold, which I do believe that’s going to happen, as we get closer and closer to the presidential election, we’re going to hear about his treasonous crimes, which will then hook and link into Hillary Clinton, and we’ll start to learn about her treasonous crimes.

And if there is some type of small nuclear detonation someplace, somewhere, and they find out that, hey, wait a minute, where is this uranium from? It’s from the US. Well, how did Iran get it? How did North Korea get it? I do believe this is going to completely and utterly fall apart on them. And we could see that with everything that is happening, these criminals, they’re going down the path.

I do believe Trump and the patriots have set. And this is about taking back the country. This is about exposing everything that they’re doing. Now, we’re going to be talking a lot more about this a little bit later, but first, let’s talk about Jacob Rothschild. Because he was the head of the Rothschild banking firm. He died at age 87. And remember, they are part of the private west central bank system that the world has today, which enslaves the people, which keeps people down, keeps people poor, keeps them dependent on government so they can be controlled in the end.

And we could see there’s a lot of things changing right now. And this is becoming very very interesting. When you look at Joe Biden, people are starting to realize, wow, he is treasonous. He’s a criminal, and he lies about everything. And think about why he’s collecting money. It’s not because he’s just because he’s the vice president or he’s the president. He’s been collecting the money because he’s giving these foreign governments something, information.

He’s been selling secrets to foreign governments. The same thing with Obama. Same thing with Hillary Clinton. Paul Sperry put this out and said FBI agents caught Joe Biden illegally hoarding a dozen plus notebooks containing classified info including U. S. Intelligence sources, methods and capabilities, activities of foreign intelligence services, U. S. Military program and capabilities, foreign military programs. And this is what he’s been doing. And it’s going to come out that Hillary Clinton was doing the same thing with her email server.

I do believe we’re going to see a lot of that information come out from Julian Assange. I do believe the patriots have the server. And when the timing is absolutely right, we’re going to see this. Remember, the storm is bringing in the Epstein information. I do believe the black book information. The storm is about showing how these people are treasonous to this country. The storm is exposing their criminal operation and how they expose the United States to terrorists, to other countries and how they sold America where now we’re being invaded.

So in the end, the people are going to learn a lot, and that is the storm. And the storm is the people knowing what they have done. And I do believe the first step was to bring the resident in, expose him, show the people. Look, there is a criminal syndicate. Do you see it? What do you think the shell companies are for? Why do you think he’s collecting money? See, that just opened the door.

Now, this is going to lead to Obama. It’s going to lead to Hillary Clinton. It’s going to lead to the rest of them, and it’s going to get worse and worse. And remember what the people are seeing. They’re seeing the economy fail. They’re seeing the open borders. They’re seeing military age men being brought into this country. Remember, there’s an invasion. This is their army that they are bringing into this country, which they’re invading this country.

And eventually what they’re going to do is they’re going to activate this army in the end, and these people will do what they want them to do. Remember, a lot of these people are prisoners from other countries. They’re from sane asylums. They’re terrorists. They’re MS 13 gang members, human Traffickers, drug traffickers, child traffickers. So, yes, in the end, these criminals, they will do what the deep state wants them to do.

And when you go back in time, remember Obama, when he was in the White House, or he was running for the White House, he let everyone know, we need a civilian force just as strong as the military force. So why would we need a civilian force just as strong as the military force? Because what he was talking about is what we’re seeing today, the invasion. We need enough people to go up against the military to overrun them.

That’s what he was talking about. Remember, they don’t have the people. All they have is their small little group. They used the fake news as their bullhorn to make it seem like it’s everywhere. They’re everywhere. They control everything. It’s just a very tiny group compared to the rest of the people of this country. But what people are seeing right now, they’re starting to understand what the 16 year plan is.

They’re starting to realize that open borders doesn’t work the way they said it was going to work, actually. It drains the resources. It actually creates crime. And these individuals, their allegiance is not to the United States. And we’re seeing crime all over the country now, and it’s being done by these illegals. Look what happened to Lake and Riley. She was on the UGA campus. She was going out for a jog, and this illegal Venezuelan murdered her.

She was a nursing student. And what we’ve come to learn is that this individual’s his brother. He was charged with green card fraud. This was his fourth arrest since arriving in Georgia. And like we said yesterday, is there going to be a parade for her? Is everyone going to kneel? No. No one’s going to do anything. You can even see that. The fake news, they’re trying to stay away from calling this individual illegal.

They don’t even want to mention it. So this is the title of the article from the Associated Press. The killing of a nursing student out for a run highlights the fears of solo female athletes. No, it’s the fear of an illegal murdering someone because Biden allowed them to come in. And with this, no cash bail, they’re just releasing these people now. I think people are starting to understand this.

Paul Sperry put this out and said the following. How much blood’s also on the hands of Manhattan da Alvin Bragg, who vowed to never report illegal charge with crimes to IcE. Bragg. I pledge to never report any person to ICE, including defendants NYPD released illegal Jose Ibara five months before Lincoln Riley’s murder. Then we have Trump. He put out two truths. He said the following. Crooked Joe Biden’s border invasion is destroying our country and killing our citizens.

The horrible murder of a 22 year old Lankin Riley at the University of Georgia should have never happened. The Munster who took her life illegally entered our country in 2022, and then was released again by radical democrats to New York after injuring a child. When I am your president, we will immediately seal the border, stop the invasion, and on day one, we will begin the largest deportation operation of illegal criminals in America history.

May God bless Lake and Riley and her family. Our prayers are with you. And once again, this shows you exactly what is happening. Most of these individuals, they’re criminals. We’re not bringing in the best of the best who want a free life. Their allegiance is not to this country. All that is happening right now is that these countries, they’re opening up their prisons, they’re opening up their assain asylums, and they’re sending them to this country.

These are the foot soldiers of the deep state. They are invading the country and they’re going to try to destroy it from within. Instead of having an army attack the United States from the outside, they’re bringing all these people in, they’re infiltrating the country using the COVID story. They’re asylum seekers, they’re refugees. They just want a better life. But really what they’re doing is they’re setting up their armed forces right inside the country, and soon they will be activated.

But remember, Trump of the patriots, they know this. They know exactly where these people are. They know that they’re going to be used, and this is going to make it a lot easier for Trump and the patriots to round them up. Now, Trump, he put out another truth. He said the following vicious gangs and gang members are pouring into our country from South America and from all over the world.

They’re being forced out of their countries, in particular Venezuela and Mexico, and deposited in the good old USA by tens of thousands. But here’s the wrinkle. They refuse to take these criminals back. They think Biden and his administration are a joke. They go after Trump, but they leave us alone. We can do whatever we want. One of them recently stated, not being able to bring the worst of humanity back to where they came from is a big problem for the US.

Biden will never be able to handle it. This is a country destroying event. Just think of it, foreign countries will be sending us their worst gang members, murderers, drug dealers, human traffickers, terrorists. They’re mentally ill and even other sick people who need large scale medical help. And they have told the world, we will never take them back. Biden is destroying our country. Go after Trump. And that’s exactly what they’re doing.

And this is waking a lot of people up. And the people are starting to see the difference between Trump and the Biden administration. The Biden administration, they’re following the 16 year plan which was put into place by Obama. Yes, there’s other people above him, but you could see going back in time, their plan was to have open borders. Their plan was to infiltrate every single country around the world and actually change the fabric of these countries.

And we could see it happening right now. And people understand that now. And the people in New York, the people in Chicago, the people in Detroit, and the people in LA and all across the blue cities, the people there are realizing this doesn’t work. They told us this would be great, but now we see the truth of the matter. People sleeping on the streets, people peeing in the streets, people committing crimes, people hurting other people or killing people.

These people are taking the resources away from their children. They’re getting it right now. And what’s very interesting is that Trump, he decided to go down to Texas and visit the border. And you know what happened? Biden decided to do it on the same day. So Trump is going to Eagle Pass, Texas, and his visit was announced last week. And Biden is chasing Trump to the border. So Biden is not going to Eagle Pass.

Biden is going to Brownsville. And that’s about 5 hours apart if you’re driving. So this is going to be very interesting as these two individuals are down in Texas, and you’re going to see something very, very different. Trump Eagle Pass, border secure. This is the way it’s got to be. I think Biden, you’re going to see something completely different. But let’s see how all this plays out. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is that we could see the deep state players.

They do not like the other social media platforms. They don’t like that there’s true social, they don’t like there’s rumble. They don’t like that there’s bitchute, they don’t like that there’s x, they don’t like these other social media platforms because they cannot control them. And what’s very interesting is that these deep state installed politicians, criminals, actually, they’re complaining about it, that they’ve lost control. They’re trying to convince everyone we need to go back to the good old days when the fake news controlled the information, which tells us they’ve lost the information war.

And they’re now panicking over their loss, because if they lost the information war, that means they don’t control the flow of information. And if they don’t control the flow of information, it’s very, very difficult to use propaganda. And that’s what they’re complaining about. That’s what the World Economic Forum is complaining about. That’s what the EU is complaining about. And that’s what Trudeau is complaining about. Now, we’ll be talking about that in just a sec.

But Trump, he’s letting everyone know, and he put this out on truth, that truth social is the real voice of America. It’s hot MAGA 2024, letting everyone know when all these other sites use propaganda or they start centering a lot of people, you know, to go to truth. And I do believe there’s going to be a lot of people going on truth to find out the true information.

Now back to Trudeau. You can see he’s panicking. He was visiting the polish leader and Trudeau said, in every democracy around the world, we are seeing a rising movements of either authoritarian populism or skepticism about democracy itself. So he’s panicking that, hey, we can’t control the information. The people are getting the information on their own. The people now are learning the truth and we need to stop them.

And this is why, coming out of Canada, Ottawa is going to create a regulator to hold online platforms accountable for harmful content. So the new regulator will be separate from the CRTC. So they’re going to look at hate speech and they will determine what’s hateful and what’s not. And they love to use hate speech because what is hateful to one person might not be hateful to another, but they like to use it because this way they can control who they censor and who they don’t.

Actually, the EU has come up with this policy and they would like to do this here in the United States. But again, we have the first Amendment. Our founding fathers didn’t say, hey, you have free speech, except for this, that and the other thing. And if you spout hate, well, you don’t have free speech. No, you can say whatever you want as long as it doesn’t break the law.

If you hurt someone’s feelings, it’s too bad. Tell those people, don’t listen to me anymore. If you had two individuals and they were arguing back and forth and one individual didn’t like what they were saying, well, the other individual can walk away. If you don’t like what a podcaster is saying, if you don’t like what the fake news is saying, you can always turn them off. Our founding fathers knew this.

Yes, they might not have had radio, they might not have had social media platforms, but they had print. And yes, people would say certain things in print, and they knew that you’re allowed to say it. You have the freedom to say what you need to say. But again, going back in time, were they censored? Absolutely. Who censored them? Their government. It was the british government that censored the founding fathers.

That’s why they came up with pen names. They hid their identity, and they still broadcast their message every chance they could get. Is it the same thing that’s happening today? Absolutely. It might be a different medium, but it’s the same thing that’s happening. And you can see the deep state players. They don’t like this. They don’t like that they don’t have the control of information, which means they are going to step this up and they’re going to try to censor.

But I think in the end, what they’re going to do is they’ll realize they won’t be able to censor everyone because they don’t control the flow of information, which means they’ll just have to sever communications. So this way, nobody could talk to each other. And I do believe that’s exactly where they’re headed with all of this. And to do this, I do believe what they want to do is they want to build the idea that we’re heading towards war and they want to blame this on another group.

They’re not just going to come out and say, hey, by the way, I shut down communications, they’re going to say, oh, look, this cyberattack or this group, they shut down communications. And why would they do this? It wasn’t us. It wasn’t the deep state. It was these people over here. Now, of course, as we know it is the deep state that’s doing it, but they’re just going to use other people to blame it on, called a false flag.

But what’s very interesting, their entire story about Nalvani is completely falling apart right now because a ukrainian intelligence chief admits that the russian dissidents Nalvani died from a blood clot. Now, that’s very interesting. Where did he get the blood clot from? Was that from the bioweapon? Or did something else happen where they actually gave this individual a blood clot? I don’t believe Russia would go about killing this individual.

He was in prison right now. Was he that big of a threat? Because the timing of this is very, very interesting. When they were trying to pass the ukrainian bill. So I still do believe that it’s the CIA. I still believe that it’s the Biden administration that orchestrated all of this. And they tried to convince everyone, oh, we got to go to World War II. We got to pass this bill.

And it’s because Russia, they’re the ones who actually killed this individual. So I do believe they were using this. They set it up just like the Dortream pipeline. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting, and Kenneko the Great put this out. And he said, the russian counterterrorism units thwarts an assassination attempt on Tucker Carlson. A Moscow man was arrested for allegedly accepting payment from ukrainian intelligence to plant an explosive on Tucker Carlson’s vehicle targeting the american journalists.

During his interview with Putin in November 2023, he said, I was recruited by the main directorate of intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. I was trained in working with special communications, collecting and detonating explosive devices. On January 31, I received a task from the curator to pick up an explosive device from a hiding place and use it to blow up a car. What was promised to you? $4,000.

He said, where was the explosive device supposed to be used? In the underground parking of the Four Seasons hotel in Moscow. I was supposed to pick up the explosive device from a hiding place and place it under the car. Who was it targeting? He said, I wasn’t told. Do you know who the target was now? He said, yes, I do. It was american journalist Tucker Carlson. What went wrong? I was detained at the preparation stage.

So it looks like the russian authorities detained this individual, and he was never able to pull this off. Now, do you think the deep state players were trying to say that Putin actually had Tucker Carlson killed? I wouldn’t be surprised. So America then would actually react to it? The people of this country would react to it to try to start war. I think at every turn, they’re trying to start war.

And I do believe they’re going to continue to do this. And we’ll be talking a little bit more about this a little bit later. But first, I think we found where all the money’s going as we send it to Ukraine. I think we all know there’s money laundering. I think we know that a lot of people are taking the money. Well, it’s starting to look like that’s absolutely true.

Chuck Colesto put this out and said a former head officer of a regional ukrainian military recruitment office busted with 1 million U. S. Dollars in shoeboxes. So let’s see if this individual has a million. What about the rest of the people there? I do believe this is happening all over the place in Ukraine. It’s just corruption all over the place. Remember, it’s the deep state layer and they use Ukraine to launder their money.

They’re never going to win the war. They know this. They just want to keep on fighting to say they still have a chance and they can still send money out there. But again, they are losing the war and you can see if they don’t get the money from Congress it is game over. And they are panicking which means they’re going to move everything to the next level. And we’re already starting to see this actually out of Newsweek.

It says Americans can now join Ukraine’s national guard. And this is coming from Zelensky. So you know all those people that support Ukraine that say we should send the money over there that we should fight until the very end? Well, I think those individuals like Schumer, Pelosi and the rest, Adam Schiff, they should get their uniform, get their rifle and they should head out to Ukraine and all the other people that say we should continue to fight out there.

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Ceasefire. Ceasefire. Ukraine. Fight. Fight. Isn’t that interesting how different that is? But you could see that they’re preparing to go to war. Several NATO and EU members are considering sending troops to Ukraine on a bilateral basis. So let’s see. We had NATO approve the f 16 jets where they can actually bomb Russia. Now they want to send troops in there. And then we have the NATO chief that says Ukraine will join NATO.

I wonder where all this is going. It’s going towards World War three. That’s what they’re trying to do. And they’re continually pushing and pushing and pushing. Remember going back to February of 2022? Remember what Putin said? Putin said if Ukraine is part of NATO, it will lead to nuclear war. Wall Street Silver responded to this and said NATO announced they will make Ukraine part of NATO, which for Russia is a red line they cannot allow.

Putin will use everything, including nuclear weapons, to stop NATO from being in Ukraine. So why is NATO so eager to start World War II? Why can’t Ukraine just be neutral? Why are Biden and NATO trying to start World War three? Because they know if they don’t win the elections, which I don’t believe they’re going to win at all, and I think they’re realizing this, too, they’re going to need World War three.

This is part of the 16 year plan. Actually, Trump has mentioned world War three going back a year and a half ago. He also mentioned the n word nuclear. Can you imagine if Russia used a nuclear weapon and the uranium that they had came from the US or maybe North Korea, maybe. Hmm. That would be very, very interesting because then there’d have to be an investigation. How did they get this? Because remember, you can track the isotopes.

Now, I do believe, like we said from the very beginning, as the deep state players lose the control and the flow of information, they’re going to have a communication blackout. And yes, they’re going to use their terrorist organizations to actually perform that act where they’re going to cut communication cables, they’re going to cyberattack, and we’re already starting to see this happen. The hooties terrorist group, they have severed undersea communication cables linking Europe and Asia.

So right now, they are hitting the cables under the water. And these cables belong to the AAE one, CCOM Europe, India Gateway and TGN systems. The knockout marks serious disruption in communications between Europe and Asia. And this is going to be a huge problem. So right there, they’re already now letting us know that, yes, these cables can be cut and there can be communication problems. Now, we’ll be talking a little bit more about attacks a little bit later.

But first, the deep state players, they’re going to try to cheat any way they possibly can, because again, they’re doing this in all different phases right now. Let’s interfere in the elections. Let’s indict Trump. Let’s try to have him bow out. Let’s keep putting pressure on him. Let’s make sure he’s not the GOP nominee. But again, all of this is going to fail. Trump’s going to be the GOP nominee, which means they go into the next phase.

The next phase is, okay, now he’s the GOP nominee. We can either take him out with an assassination attempt. When that fails, well, then we’re going to have to actually, then really change the batter. We can’t have Biden, and we’re going to have to bring in someone that’s halfway decent, halfway popular so we can cheat in the election. And the only way they can cheat in the election is to use mail in ballots and dropboxes and their computer systems that read the ballots.

And they will have to shut down the election so they know how many ballots they actually need. But again, how do you do this? Well, you can have the illegals send in the mail ins, but again, how do you get people to use the mail ins? You got to scare them somehow. And they’re going to try to use either disease x, they’re going to try to use Covid.

And what’s very interesting, since they mentioned disease X in February of 2024, just like they announced Covid in February of 2020, all of a sudden there’s an outbreak in China. And they’re saying that this outbreak is very severe, and it’s a spike in Covid, very, very similar. And they’re saying, yes, it’s all over the place. It’s in Beijing, and the infection is spreading and it’s very, very severe.

So I do believe they’re trying to do the exact same thing, but it’s going to fail. They will not be able to pull this off this time. I do believe the people of this country are hardened. The people of the world are hardened. And they have been seeing the truth about what Covid was actually, what it actually is. They know that the bioweapons don’t protect them. They know the bioweapon makes them ill.

So this time around, this is going to be very, very tough for them. So this is why I do believe, in the end, they will use the crashing economy, they will use war, and they will push their agenda by most likely cyberattacking or doing something attacking the US to try to postpone the elections. And you can see that they’re going to try every step of the way. I mean, look at Letitia, James Peekaboo that’s what Trump calls her.

She is now putting on her ex account the interest owed on the 350,000,000 plus dollars. We’re up to $464,000,000 right now. A half a billion dollars. Remember going back in time when we said that the amount is going to probably be 500, 600? Well, this is how they did it, instead of just saying, oh, it’s 800 million or $1 billion. They know that most likely Trump isn’t going to pay this because he doesn’t want to pay this, because he knows that this was a sham trial.

So they were going to add interest on. And yes, this total is probably going to run up to a billion when everything’s said and done. Why do I say that? Because Trump owes 9% interest on the full judgment and this will continually accumulate over time. So Trump has 30 days to appeal the case to New York’s appellate division, first Department. In order to stay the execution of the fine in the case, Trump needs to post a bond or put cash into an escrow account to cover the fines plus interest.

So they want him to do this first before he can appeal. So Trump, his attorney, sent an email, a letter to the judge. And Judge Angoron sent an email to Trump’s attorney, Clifford Robert, rejecting an appeal by Trump to delay the fine while he filed an appeal. Not really surprised about this, because their entire mission is to have Trump bow out, but this is not going to happen.

And this is why Nikki Haley has been staying in the race. Now, she might be dropping out soon, or she might do something different, which we’ll be talking about in a sec. But I do believe in the end, with all this playing out, I do believe information is going to be brought out against every single one of these individuals. And I do believe Trump gives them a chance to do the right thing.

Trump gives them the chance to follow the rule of law, and when they don’t, he hits them hard. And I do believe he has the military, I do believe he has special investigators, and they have dirt on all of these people. Remember, everything that we’re seeing is going to lead back to Biden. So when information comes out about Fannie Willis, I do believe information is going to be coming out about N’Goron, I do believe all of this is going to lead all the way back to Biden.

Why do I say this? Well, it looks like the Biden administration planted a Democrat operative in the Fulton county office to target Trump. So the alleged plant in question is Jeff DeSantis. No relationship to DeSantis the governor of Florida, the county’s deputy DA, who not only worked on Willis’s 2020 campaign and was the former executive director of the Democratic Party of Georgia. He was the DNC’s deputy director of compliance.

And according to sources, DeSantis was deeply involved in selecting grand jurors for the Trump case based on voter registration data. So sources also revealed that DeSantis was a member of Willis’s transition team. After she won the election in November 2020, DeSantis helped Wade select employees for the new office. DeSantis was there in the capacity to be a political strategist, hiding in the DA’s office. And it looks like this individual was put into place by the Biden administration.

And it looks like he reports back to the Biden administration, which means this is election interference. Now, Representative Jim Jordan came down on Willis with an elbow drop from the top rope, revealing that he has a whistleblower inside of Fanny’s office. So who is this individual? Well, most likely it’s Willis’former friend, Robin Bryant Yarti, who testified against her about Fanny’s relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade. And the whistleblower is now talking with Jim Jordan’s office.

So what are we seeing? We’re seeing the election interference. Now. I do believe we’re going to see more election interference and more evidence that this is connected to the Biden administration, and we can see that again. I wouldn’t be surprised if information comes out about Judge Engoron Trump. He put this out on truth. He said the following. The very strict rules and regulations of the Department of Injustice state clearly that you can’t prosecute a political opponent or anyone right in the middle of his her campaign.

Why didn’t they bring these fake charges three years ago? That would have solved all of their problems. The answer is that they aimed for the various trials to come up during my campaign for president 2024. This includes DOJ subservient subsidiaries like local DA and Ag offices. In other words, all of these fake political prosecutions, persecutions of crooked Joe Biden’s political opponent, must be immediately halted. And he’s absolutely right.

And again, he’s letting everyone know that this can’t be done. And he wants these people to do the right thing, drop the cases, stop it. But they’re not going to. He knows that, but he always gives them a chance. I do believe he’s going to be bringing out much, much more information on all these individuals. Why did he let it get this far? I do believe he had to show the people how corrupt they really are.

And I think the people now really can see this. And the people are starting to understand that a criminal syndicate is running this country. And if anyone’s looking for justice, if anyone’s looking for someone to stop this, how do you stop the criminal syndicate when they’re in control of the country? We’re going to go to the DOJ, we’re going to go to the FBI, we’re going to go.

There’s no place to go. They run the country. There’s only one organization that they didn’t tap into, that was the military. And I’m not talking about the tv generals. We talked about this yesterday. Trump mentioned the tv generals. They’re not the real generals. Trump has the real generals on his side. So the military, they’re going to remember their oath, and they didn’t get the military. That is what Trump took control over.

That’s what he used on January 6. Think about it. The deep state had an insurrection. They overthrew the United States government, which activated the military. That is the exception to the Insurrection act. And you can see that Trump has been exposing the deep state players every step of the way by allowing them to attack him with everything that they have. He’s taking all the slings and arrows so the people can wake up, so the people can see he is the victim.

And the people are starting to see this, and they’re starting to see that. Nikki Haley, she was in the race because of everything that’s happening to Trump. Remember, she lost every single state. Why would she stay in? Why would they fund her? Because they were hoping that he would bow out, at least by South Carolina, but he hasn’t. So the Koch brothers, they pulled out of Haley after the South Carolina skewering.

So again, we still have more states to go. We’re coming up to Super Tuesday, and I do believe Nikki Haley will probably stay in a little bit longer to see what happens. She might even move into a third party just to hang. Hmm, that’d be interesting, wouldn’t it? But Trump, he put this out on truth. He said, americans for no prosperity have just stated that Haley has no chance to win and they will stop funding her campaign, effective immediately.

What a waste of money. But Joe Cunningham, the national director for the political organization no labels, which advocates third party runs, has said that Nikki Halley could definitely be a candidate that might interest them for a third party ticket this coming November. So will she stay in the race? Most likely. But we could see why Joe Biden, why he went out to California to meet Newsom. Remember Joe Biden? He can’t really give interviews.

I do believe part of his dementia might be real dementia, but I do believe he’s playing it up quite a bit for plausible deniability in the end. And right now, they don’t want him out there speaking. And again, what are they using? They’re using his age. They’re doing this on purpose because if they use his mental abilities, well, that doesn’t work with Trump. If they use the age that works with Trump where they can say, well, if he’s too old, then Trump is too old.

That’s what they’re trying to do. But this, again, is not going to work. So we went out to California to meet with Newsom for a specific reason. And I do believe when we said he’s a placeholder, he is a placeholder, and he is going to be the mouthpiece for Biden right now. So right now, Newsom, he is going on Meet the Press and all. He’s making all the rounds and he is playing up Biden.

He is the mouthpiece. He’s the talking piece for Biden because Biden can’t do it. So he was on Meet the Press and he said that Biden’s record is master class. So the three years that he’s been in office, it’s master class. It’s incredible. So once again, I do believe Newsom right now has been put in a place to actually talk to the press and go after Trump on Biden’s behalf.

And Newsom actually said Trump is weakness masquerading as strength. So he’s saying all this to the press. And I do believe we’re going to hear a lot more from Newsom, and he’s going to actually stick up for Biden and they’re going to use him in this fashion. But what’s very interesting about all of this is that we have the same individuals that actually placed a recall on Newsom back in 2021 and forced Newsom to spend millions and millions of dollars to stop it.

Well, they’re back again, and they’re launching another attempt to recall Newsom, seeking to capitalize on the anger over the state’s yawning budget deficit and arguing that the top White House surrogate must be stopped before he can make a presidential run of his own. So these same people, they are going to try to recall Newsom. Now. This is going to be very, very interesting. Now, first of all, will he be able to run for president? No, I don’t think he has the ability.

He can run. But I don’t think he has the ability to win because look what he’s done to California. I do believe right now he is the placeholder, the mouthpiece for Biden until they can get rid of Trump. And when they can’t get rid of Trump, that’s when everything is going to change and they’re going to bring in the change of batter. And yes, it’s going to be very, very close to the elections when they do this.

But we’re going to see all this play out because they’re going to try to hit Trump over and over and over again. And we can see they brought Al Sharpton out and he’s calling on the black people. How dare you go with Trump. How dare you do this? Patriots are in control. Put this out and said, al Sharpton calls black Trump supporters shameless. Remember, you’re not allowed to venture off the democratic plantation and have your own independent thoughts.

If you’re black, you’re only allowed to support the KKK founding Democrats. And they’re bringing Al Sharpton out and they’re trying to guilt the black community into voting for Biden. Do you really think this is going to work? I don’t think so. I think they’ve lost the black community. I think they’ve lost the latino community and the people. They believe that Biden is going to be replaced. Rasmus Muslim reports put this out and said today 47% think Democrats may replace Biden as candidate.

Nearly half of all voters think it’s likely the Democratic Party will find another candidate to replace Biden this year. A dark horse candidate rises from the pack. So who do you think is going to be the other candidate? Well, Rasmussen reports decided to ask that question. And the Democrats, they aren’t impressed by their options. No Biden alternative has broke 20% except the none of these candidates. So here’s the question to the Democrats.

Which of the following democrats do you think would be a better presidential candidate than Biden? Kamala Harris 15% Hillary Clinton 12% Michelle Obama 20% Gavin Newsom eleven Gretchen Whitmer, nine none, 27%. So none is the winner here. But Michelle Obama, out of all these people, she is ranked the highest. So that was for the Democrats. That was the question for the Democrats. Now, all voters, who do you think should replace Biden? So Kamala Harris, this is all voters.

Remember, 10% Hillary Clinton nine Michelle Obama 15 Gavin Newsom, eight Gretchen Whitmer, seven none, 46%. So the Democrats right now, they believe Michelle Obama is the best candidate at 20%. Not that great. So when people are worried like, oh, if Michelle Obama comes into the mix, she’s going to destroy Trump. Really? Look at the percentage she has right now. It’s very, very low. It’s actually awful. When you look at all voters, it’s terrible.

If this is their best candidate, they’re in trouble. Now, I do believe they will probably try to bring her in because she is the best candidate and Obama would like to have control over the situation. This is why they made sure there was no other candidate running against Biden, because they need him to win so they can do the swap. And I do believe that this will be their best chance.

Do I believe Michelle Obama will destroy Trump? Not at all, because the poll numbers are not in their favor. Plus, once they bring this individual into focus, think about what’s going to happen throughout this year, evidence is going to continually come out against them and this is going to be a complete and utter disaster for the Obamas in the end. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is it looks like the RNC chairman, Rona McDaniel, she has announced her resignation.

So the timing is very, very interesting. And DC Drano put this out and said, anyone else notice how strange Rona’s timing is with her resignation? She’s only stepping down because Trump is dominating so strongly in the GOP primary. If it was a close array, she likely would have stayed on. Only prove she was RNC chair in an effort to stop Trump and MAGA movement. Thankfully, she’s as bad as her mission as she is fundraising.

Mitt must be fuming. Absolutely. But think about it. Right now, they’re putting Lara Trump as co chair and they’re going to be doing the same thing that the DS are doing. They’re going to be doing ballot harvesting. So Ivan put this out on x and said, lara Trump vows largest ever legal ballot harvesting operation if elected RNC co chair. Well, it’s starting to look like that. So if we have the R’s doing ballot harvesting and we have DS doing ballot harvesting, what happens in this situation? Do the DS have the ability to cheat the way they were able to cheat in 2020? No.

This makes it much, much harder for them. So again, the question is, are the patriots leading them down this path and putting pressure on them in a way where they won’t be able to cheat the way they did? And eventually what they’ll have to do is they’ll have to postpone the election. And the only way to postpone the election is to actually go to war. And have the United States attacked one way or another.

And what’s very interesting, finance a lot, put this out, is that Nancy Pelosi opens a 1. 25 million call position in Palo alto networks. So Palo Alto networks provides cybersecurity solutions worldwide. What does she know that we don’t? Think about this for a second. Think about why she has done this. And it’s not just her. There are other members in Congress that have also invested. William Keating, Michael Burgess, John Curtis, Jonathan Jackson.

And it goes on and on and on, just like they knew what was going to happen on January 6. You don’t think they know what’s going to happen during the elections, that they’re going to try to postpone it? Absolutely. Why would she actually invest in this? Think about that for a second. But I want to go back to a couple of posts here. This is post 29 2, February 26, 2019.

We talked about uranium before, and it’s very interesting that this has come up right now. Six explosive uranium one facts. Secretary Clinton betrayed America. The former head of Russia’s uranium company made four hidden donations to the Clinton foundation totaling 2. 35 million. Wow. Can you imagine if we were able to get the tax records from the foundation and, oh, wait, we can remember the ds, they went after Trump and they brought it all the way to the Supreme Court.

And the Supreme Court ruled s you can get the taxes from Trump, his businesses and his family. Ooh, this just worked against them. Number two, Bill Clinton bagged a 500,000 speech in Moscow paid for by kremlin backed bank. Number three, the FBI has uncovered evidence that Russia nuclear industry officials engage in bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering. The Clinton foundation received 145,000,000 from foreign investors involved in the uranium deal.

FBI agents have an eyewitness and documents that support the most explosive parts of the uranium one story. Clinton Megadoner Frank Holmes lied about selling uranium one before Clinton approved the russian transfer. So I do believe this is also linked to Obama and linked to many other people. And I do believe we’re going to see this information come out as we approach the presidential election. So let me go back to post 29 three.

This is February 26, 2019. Down below it says it’s going to be historic plan long ago -21 in brackets, bold. Within the next 21 days, big, big happenings are going to take place. So I do believe we’re going to see news that is going to drop. And we’re already starting to see. There was news about Fanny Willis, about how Biden planted someone in there, there’s election interference. And I do believe we’re going to find out a lot more as we move forward, and we might find out a lot in the next 21 days.

Let’s go to post 29 one. This is February 26, 2019. It says internal civil war in brackets, all bold caps, all out assault against the duly elected president of the United States. We have never experienced anything like this in our history. Treason and sedition at the highest levels of office throughout many departments, foreign and domestic. Propaganda arm fake news media of the D party in full attack mode.

No facts, only statements. Propaganda arm fake news media of the D party. Prevent limit sheep you from learning the truth. Propaganda arm of fake news media of the D party retain control of narrative. Control over you. House ds in full attack mode. No facts, only statements. Senate ds in full attack mode. No facts, only statements. This is their last stand. Fear of prosecution, fear of the public learning the truth, fear of losing power, bribes, blackmail, threats, etc.

All being deployed. We are at war and we are at war. It’s an information war, which is about to go physical. Yes, because when we have a terrorist attack, when we have a cyberattack, when we have these things happen, that is a physical war. And we can see the deep state players, they don’t have control over information, which means they’re going to have to shut down the flow of information.

And I do believe this is where all this is headed. And I do believe Trump is going to be using their 16 year player plan against them. Now, that doesn’t mean Trump is pushing the 16 year plan. He knows that they were going to push the 16 year plan. They were going to accelerate the plan because they’re way behind schedule. So he knows part of their 16 year plan is they’re going to bring us to war.

This is why he said it a year and a half ago. He told us before Biden was brought into the White House that he was going to open the borders, he was going to destroy the economy. How did he know this? It’s part of the 16 year plan. He told everyone what was going to happen. A lot of people didn’t believe him. So you know what had to happen? You had to be shown exactly what he said.

Now you’re going to see war. Now you’re going to see attacks. Now you’re going to see how the deep state interferes in the election, how the deep state is going to try to cheat in the election, just like they cheated in 2020 and the midterms. Now you’re going to see how the deep state is going to attack this country from outside and from within because they will activate their foot soldiers.

And Trump, the patriots, they’re counting on this. Because once again, who controls the country? It’s not the president, it’s not Obama, it’s not Soros, it’s the military. Trump is the commander in chief. That doesn’t mean Trump’s going to be out there going, hey, round up these people. No, I do believe the Biden administration, as they see everything happening, they got to do something. Or does the military call the ball and say, this is an insurgency, this is an insurrection, we have to stop this? I do believe we’re going to see this on Biden’s watch.

The optics are going to be absolutely incredible. And it’s not Trump who’s doing this. It’s the deep state players that will be doing this, where the military on their watch will probably round up the people. They will be called out to control. Because remember, in the beginning, they’re going to try to make it look like it’s Maga, but it’s not going to be Maga, it’s going to be their foot soldiers.

And yes, I do believe they will be rounded up. And yes, it’s going to look scary. Yes, it’s going to happen during the election. And after the election, it’s going to happen during this period of time. Yes, they’re going to push war. But again, Trump will be elected. And yes, the deep state, they will use as much chaos as possible. Remember, they still have that period of time from when Trump is elected till the inauguration.

So they will try everything they possibly can. I wouldn’t be surprised if leaders say, we would like, and the people say we would like Trump to negotiate peace because remember, that’s the most powerful weapon. Once he negotiates peace, it’s game over for them. He counters everything they’re trying to do, crash the economy, bring us into the great reset. Well, if you have peace, you don’t have an event to cover this up.

You can’t bring us into the great reset and the green new scam. If you counter their entire push for war with peace, there’s no depopulation, there’s no death and destruction, there’s no distraction. Everything is countered. And I do believe Trump, he’s bringing them down this path. The military is bringing them down this path. Why? It’s game theory. Patriots are in control and in the end, the people are going to see it all play out.

And in the end, the country will be united. Listen, everyone, thanks a lot for listening. Be well. Be safe. And especially be prepared. Thanks a lot. Close. .

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