Ep 3287b – Memo Demonstrates [BO] Weaponized The Intel Community Only The Beginning Treason

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➡ This text talks about the current political situation, suggesting that Trump is likely to win the nomination despite attempts to stop him through lawsuits. It also mentions a potential economic collapse and the importance of being prepared for it. The text also discusses the possibility of Obama and intelligence agencies working against Trump, and the potential for this information to be revealed. Lastly, it suggests that the country needs to unite and push for peace, rather than being led into war.
➡ The text discusses the possibility of peace over war, the panic of deep state players due to Trump’s classified information, and the potential extradition of Julian Assange to the U.S. It also mentions the controversy surrounding illegal immigrants in the U.S., with cities like Boston and New York facing backlash for prioritizing immigrants over citizens. The text suggests that these issues could influence the next presidential election.
➡ The text talks about a concern that many people are entering the U.S. from various countries, including criminals and those with no loyalty to the U.S. The author believes this is a planned operation by powerful, hidden forces (the “deep state”) to change the country’s demographics. The author also discusses issues like censorship, misinformation, and biased reporting in the media. They believe that the public is becoming more aware of these issues and that these plans will ultimately fail.
➡ The text discusses various global political issues, including tensions between Russia and Ukraine, conflicts in the Middle East, and the U.S.’s role in these situations. It also mentions potential threats of a new disease and the controversy over the COVID-19 vaccine. Additionally, it talks about the U.S. government’s spending on a study to challenge the binary concept of gender. Lastly, it criticizes the government for not focusing on the needs of its citizens.
➡ The text suggests that Trump is planning to focus on improving the education of the American people, as the author believes that previous administrations have tried to “dumb down” the country. The author criticizes the Common Core educational standards, suggesting they were part of a plan to weaken America. The text also discusses Trump’s achievements during his presidency, including tax cuts, job creation, and efforts against human trafficking. The author criticizes the ranking of presidents that placed Trump as the worst, and suggests that Trump’s legal and financial troubles are politically motivated attacks to prevent him from running for president again.
➡ This text suggests that there’s a lot of political drama happening. It talks about a binder that Trump declassified, which supposedly has damaging info about corruption in the government. It also mentions that Trump might have a chance to win the next presidential election, and that Michelle Obama might be brought into the mix. Lastly, it discusses potential election fraud related to mail-in ballots and suggests that there might be plans to stir up trouble and blame it on Trump supporters.
➡ This text talks about potential political and military tensions, suggesting that the U.S. might be on the brink of war. It mentions increased military activity, possible threats from other countries, and the role of the National Guard. The text also discusses the possibility of a cyber attack on the U.S. and suggests that these events might be used to distract from political issues. It ends by emphasizing the importance of standing up for what’s right, even against authority, and the need for people to be prepared for what’s to come.


SA report. My name is date in this episode 3287 bn. Today’s date is February 20, 2024. And the title of the episode is Memo demonstrates Barack Obama weaponized the intel community. Only the beginning treason. Let’s talk about being prepared. When the economy collapses, you will collapse with it. You’ll feel it coming. All the signs are there. With it comes financial disaster, tight budgets and sacrifice. Plan for the worst with the best.

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This rare emergency food kit deal ends this week. You won’t see it again. Protect yourself. Protect your people. Start preparing with preparewithx. 22. Com, free shipping included. That is preparewithx 22 dot or click the link in the description. Let’s get into the economic collapse. Political and geopolitical news now. The deep state, the corrupt politicians, big tech, fake news, the puppet masters, they are now pushing everything that they have.

They know that Trump is going to win. The nominee. He’s going to be the nominee. Nikki Haley, right now, she’s going to stay in there until Super Tuesday. She’s not dropping out. Why? Because they’re going to hit Trump with lawsuit after lawsuit and they’re going to make him pay huge fines and they’re hoping to actually destroy him in that way where he says, I am out. And this is why Nikki Haley is waiting in the wings, because she’s hoping, and the deep state is hoping, Biden is hoping that he doesn’t become the nominee.

And they’re hoping if they use all their cases against him, the E. Jean Carroll case, the fraud case, and now we have the stormy Daniels case and other little civil lawsuits that are going on. They’re hoping the amount will be close to a billion dollars or so, and they can use this to force Trump to fold. Now, I don’t believe that’s going to happen. And once again, if the people have any say, and let’s say Trump can’t come up with the funds somehow, some way, you don’t think the people of this country are going to say, absolutely not, not on our watch, this is not going to happen.

And we already have a GoFundMe page where they’re already funding Trump. And I think in one day, it’s very close to a million dollars already. So that’s absolutely unbelievable. So I think their plan is going to actually completely and utterly fall apart. Plus, these huge fines. It’s completely unconstitutional. And once Trump gets to appeal all of this, it’s going to be proven that, yeah, you know something? These people are criminals.

These people should be disbarred. These people are disgusting. And in the process, because of these rulings, they’re going to hurt the state that they are in and the people of these states, they’re going to turn on all of these people and it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. But during all of this, what do we see happening? Well, we see that the patriots now, they are bringing out the information about the Obamas.

And I do believe this is the beginning. It’s opening the door because they’re going to start to build the narrative over time. And the narrative is going to show that Obama, the intelligence agencies, they were working to remove Trump, they were spying on his campaign. And yes, Trump had a memorandum that declassified all this information and named names. And this is what they’ve been looking for. This is the binder.

This is what they wanted to get to make sure that Trump wouldn’t ever reveal all this. Now, I do believe he will reveal all of this. I don’t mean himself. I do believe it’s going to all of a sudden be produced and maybe through other channels. And I do believe the timing is going to be just right. Remember, all of this is a narrative to be built right now to counter Michelle Obama coming in.

And we can see Michelle Obama is now appearing on many, many different polls right now, even though they keep saying she’s not running. Why would they even include her? It makes no sense, does it? And I do believe this is just the beginning and it’s going to show how these people are treasonous. And as we move forward, we’re going to see more and more of this information and it’s going to get a lot worse for the deep state players.

And this is going to put them in a really bad spot, which means they’re going to push distractions. They’re going to try to round up people. Actually, Hillary Clinton was already out there projecting that Trump is going to use the Insurrection act. Actually, there was already an insurrection. It was created and done by the deep state players. But I think this time around, they’re going to try to use it to round up Trump supporters.

And they’re the ones who are going to be doing all this. Remember, Trump right now has control. He has the military, but what he needs is the people. And people say, well, when is this going to be all over? We’re done with this. Come on. Look what they’re doing to the country. That’s the whole point. The whole point is to wake up the country. And you’ll know when the country is awake because you’ll be able to speak to your neighbors, you’ll be able to say, listen, should we be going to war? I mean, yes, I hear the fake news out there saying war is what we need.

Trump is talking peace. We don’t need peace, we need war. And remember, the fake news is going to know war is peace and peace is war. They’re going to flip everything around like they do everything else. But the people, they’re going to really question it and they’re going to say, yeah, I really don’t know if I really want to go to war. I don’t think this is right.

And this is going to wake a lot of people up, especially when you add on top of that, the economy falling apart. So you’ll know when people are really there, when you’re able to talk to your neighbors. We are not there yet because the fake news, they’re still pushing out their agenda. People still believe that everything is okay. But again, going throughout this year, you’re going to see things majorly change.

And yes, people are going to wake up. And again, we are in an information war. It is a war. Yes, it will go physical at some point. I don’t mean an all out war to world War three, but there’ll be certain incidences where it will go physical, but we are at war. And think about the Revolutionary War or think about any other war like World War I, World War II.

I’m sure the people on the front lines go, God, when is this going to be over? It’s over when we win. You don’t just stop a war and say, all right, we’re done here. It’s either you have a winner and a loser or you decide on both sides, let’s have peace. And I do believe that’s what Trump is actually aiming for. But again, it will be over when it’s over.

You just don’t stop a war. You don’t just end it. And again, if we’re going to take back this country and we’re going to unite the people of this country, because remember the deep state players, they spent all their time, and they’re still doing it, dividing the people. I do believe this plan is going to bring people together. Just like, remember 911? Remember when you saw all the american flags all over the place and the people were united saying, yes, we need to go after that enemy.

They attacked us. What do you think is going to happen this time around? Yes, I know it’s an inside job, but yes, I know the deep state players and the people inside this country did it on purpose to get us over to the Middle east and everything like that. But think about what happened with this country. What do you think is going to happen? Because the same deep state people, what are they doing? They’re trying to push us into war.

Do you think the people will unite? Do you think the people will say, you know something, this is World War II? I don’t know if we should be going to World War II, because remember, this won’t be with a terrorist organization. This will be with many different countries. It could be China, it could be Russia, it could be North Korea, could be Iran. It could be all of them together.

And I think the people, they’re going to actually push back in the end. But I do believe the people will be united for peace. Because remember, back then we didn’t have someone saying, let’s have peace. We were attacked by a terrorist organization. And people believe that. They didn’t realize we were attacked from within. But this time around, if it is a foreign nation like China or Russia, do you think people would want to go to a nuclear war? I don’t think so.

Will people unite under talks of peace? I do believe so. Because if people are given the choice, I think the majority of people are going to pick peace. And those that don’t want peace, you know what? Here’s your rifle. Here’s your camo, here’s your backpack. Good luck. Let me know how it goes. But I think most of the people are going to pick peace. But you can see what’s happening right now is that the deep state players, they’re panicking.

What do I mean by they’re panicking? Because Trump has a lot of information. He saw the classified information and they don’t know what his plan is. They don’t know when he’s going to release his information. They don’t know who else is going to come into the fold, and it’s going to get a lot worse for them as time goes on. I mean, think about what’s happening now with Julian Assange right now.

There’s a core hearing to see if he’s going to be extradited to the US. And his wife is saying that the world is watching right now because he’s appealing this hearing. So to be extradited to the United States, which I find very, very interesting. So the Daily Mail, they put out a headline like this, Julian Assange will die if he is extradited from Britain to the US, which could be within days.

His wife warns Wall Street Silver responded to this and said, I think Julian Assange will probably be extradited and will become so much of a cause celebre that he raises a massive legal defense fund. Trump will likely give him a pardon during 2025. But I just want to go back to a couple of posts here. And this is post 85 is November 5, 2017. It says, who funds MS 13? Why did Barack Obama instruct HS and BP to release the MS 13 captures at the border? What agency has direct ties to two major drug cartels? Why is ag sessions and Trump prioritizing the removal of MS 13? Why is ag sessions POTUS prioritizing building the wall, immigration, drugs? Who do you hire for a hit? Who can be eliminated after the job is complete? Seth Rich, who was found dead, too, shortly after his murder.

What affiliation did they have? Classified. Who has the classified information? Trump does. Post 1462. Down below, it says, what recent news came out about Seth Rich. Julian Assange, WikiLeaks lawsuit back in the news. The server brings down the house. And we know that Ty Clevenger has been trying to get the Seth rich laptop and the FBI has been stalling and they won’t hand it over. But the other thing that I find very interesting is post 47 947.

Ten and 40 711, September 14, 2020. It just says, julie Nassange. The next post is Seth Rich. The next one after that is John Brennan. And I do believe we’re going to see information come out about all of this. And yes, it’s going to show that the deep state players, they lied about it. And I wouldn’t be surprised if information comes out that shows that the deep state players were involved in actually murdering Seth Rich and who has the server? I do believe the Patriots do.

And this will all be produced later on. I do believe this is going to build and build and build as we go throughout this year. And once again, everything will be pointing to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the Ds. And this is going to destroy them in the end, just like the border right now is destroying their entire agenda. Now, does this mean every single person is awake? Every person says, oh, we need to stop this.

Not yet, but we’re getting there. The poll numbers show that people, they are rejecting open borders. Actually, the people want a wall. But I do believe what’s going to happen is when there’s some type of an event and people start to learn that, hey, this person came over the border, it’s a terrorist organization or a criminal or an MS 13 gang member or someone, they’re going to say, oh, enough is enough.

Now, once again, the deep state players might try to turn this around and they might try to have an event where they bring the patriots out with their weapons and they try to create some type of civil war and they try to kick this off, which would then move into what can Biden do to stop all of this? I mean, if you really think about it. But then again, we have to see how this plays out.

But I do believe something will happen. Is it going to happen tomorrow? Maybe, maybe not. But I do believe before the presidential election, I do believe we’re going to see something like this. But you can see the people, they’re getting really pissed off with the policies of the deep state players because they’re realizing that they care more for these people that they’re bringing in over the border than the actual citizens of the United States.

Look what’s happening out in Boston. Boston families are furious as the city is kicking out the black children out of the community centers to house the illegals there. Libs of TikTok put this out and said Democrats in the predominantly black neighborhood of Roxbury in Boston turned a rec center into a housing facility for illegals. A kid showed up for a baseball practice and saw it was closed. Democrats are taking away opportunities for black children and families and prioritizing the illegals.

People are noticing this. Look what happened out in New York. Mayor Adams, well, he decided to backtrack on his plan to give luxury Harlem condos to these illegals. Why not? Because he said, oh, no, it’s going to cost us too much. Because the people said, no, this is not what you’re doing. The people actually pushed back and said, absolutely not. We don’t want this in our city. Do you think these people, you think during the next election you think these people are going to stand a chance? I don’t think so.

Because again, as more and more illegals come into this country, because remember, they need the illegals because they’re bringing them in through the border. They need to replace those people that they’re losing. Plus they need to change the electoral count. That’s what they’re really what they’re doing. They want to shift everything and actually have these people vote and change the population of their state to actually give them more electoral votes in their state.

This is what they’re pushing for. Will it work? I don’t think so. But you can see the people are getting very, very angry. But the deep state players, they have their instructions. Bring people in, pay them, keep them here. FX hedge put this out and said the following. New York rule change makes thousands of migrants eligible for cash payment. The state of New York has been giving cash payments to thousands of migrants who typically would not qualify for the state’s welfare program.

Governor Hochel’s administration quietly changed the state’s safety net assistance program eligibility rules in May to allow non citizens who have pending applications for asylum to receive benefits, making thousands of migrants eligible for the payments. And now these people are going to get paid, these people are going to get housed because they want to keep them there. And what’s going to happen, the people of these cities who live there, where they’re seeing their resources being taken away, where they’re seeing crime, where they’re seeing people live on the streets, where they see, hey, wait a minute, what’s going on in the city? This is absolutely ridiculous.

The city has no money for anything except to pay these people. The people, they’re going to actually get pissed off and these people are going to say, you’re not getting our vote. And I do believe this is going to happen all over the place. And it’s building and building and building. But you can see they’re going to keep the illegals coming in as best they possibly can. Because remember, they’re replacing all the voters that they’re losing.

As people wake up, as people realize what’s going on in this country, the people are saying, you know something, we’re not on your side anymore. Remember, people reach the precipice at all different times. And they know that as they lose the people, remember, they see the real polls. They’re not looking at ABC, CBS, and all these other polls. They’re looking at their internal polls just like Trump is looking at the internal polls.

And they realize they have lost the people. They’ve lost the black community, they have lost the latino community, they’re losing the people left and right. And they need to make up the difference as best as they possibly can. Even though these people can’t vote right now, they’re going to try to use them to actually vote in the next election. I think this is going to fail big time, because I do believe Trump and the patriots have countermeasures in place.

But when you start to look at California, you can see that there’s a lot of people coming into this country, and they’re from all different places. They’re from China, Kazakhstan, you name it. They’re all military age men. There is an invasion and the deep state is invading this country. Remember, they have no allegiance to any country. They don’t care about the United States. That’s why they’re invading it.

Why do you think they’re so treasonous? Because they’re trying to destroy this country and they’re trying to change it. But again, this is not going to work, because the people see the truth. The people see that they’re letting in criminals. Other countries are opening up their jails, their assain asylums and the rest. And we’re getting the worst of the worst in this country, and it’s popping up in all different places.

When you look at Chicago, you can see four illegal aliens. They were arrested, charged with strangling and robbing a Chicago man on a train. And as time goes on, this is just getting worse and worse. Remember, they’re not checking who’s good and who’s not good or who’s going to be beneficial to this country. They’re just bringing in anyone. And most people in these different countries, they’re not seeking asylum.

So what they’re doing is they’re just opening up their prisons, their insane asylum, sending us the dregs of life, because why would they want to keep them in their country when you can send them to another place? This is exactly what’s happening out in Europe right now. The illegals in Europe, the UK taxpayer there is shelling out about 36 billion since 2020. And the people around the world now are getting very angry with all this.

This is not normal migration. This is not normal where you have people just normally coming into the country seeking asylum. This is a directed operation by the deep state players to change the fabric of every single one of these countries and have these people be the majority and the people that live in this country be the minority. But I do believe in the end, this is going to fail big time.

Why do I say this? Well, if you need to wake the population up, not just of this country, but around the world, you need to show them the true plan of the deep state players. You just can’t explain it to them. You can’t sit down with them and say, by the way, you know what’s going to happen there’s going to be millions and millions of people coming over the border.

They’re going to be coming from insane asylums, from prisons. Yeah, we’re going to get the dregs of life. Yes. They’re going to be terrorists, drug traffickers, human traffickers. You can’t just sit down with someone, explain it to them, because they won’t believe it. The only way to make people believe it is to actually see it. And I do believe that’s what this is all about, is waking up the people, making them understand this.

And I do believe Trump and the Patriots, they have plans to deport all these people. This is why Trump is out there letting everyone know once he gets back in office, we’re just going to round all these people up. You don’t think they’re tracking these people? Remember, the military is in control right now. They’re tracking every single person who’s coming over the border. They know exactly where they are, especially when they’re going to be used to create chaos.

Trump, the patriots, they will know exactly where they are. And once this happens, once the invasion turns into a war within our country from these people that invaded, well, it is game over for them. And the deep state loses. And this is why the deep state has been trying everything they possibly can do to get the weapons away from the people. And they’re using certain events. And of course, what they like to do is they like to have a white person actually do the mass shooting or some type of shooting, and that’s what they like to use.

Normally, when it’s a black person or an asian person or a trans person, that event really doesn’t work because it puts the spotlight on these people. And they’ve been trying very, very hard to get the weapons away from the people. And you can see they’re using all different tactics, like out in California, they want the private corporations, like the insurance company, to actually start asking questions, how many weapons do you have in your house? Which is completely a violation of your constitutional rights.

And once again, they go through the private corporations to do this, just like they’ve been going through these social media companies to censor you. Remember, they’re calling the shots. They’re just using private corporations to do this. FX hedge put this out and said, the Department of Justice is bankrolling the censorship industry. The National Institute for Justice, the Department of Justice Research and Development Agency is funding misdis and malinformation, mdm studies and researchers on effective technologies and tools for identification, moderation and or removal of extremist content as 1 million NIJ grant will be used to create a dashboard equipped with MdM tracker to actively monitor the spread of online speech and narratives surrounding continuous political events in real time.

Nearly 500,000 was awarded to incorporate an existing data project that was previously used to attribute white christian faith communities with disseminating misinformation about Covid-19 pandemic and vaccine that originated with Trump. So, yes, this is what they do. They create the grant, they create the AI, they do all the work. They spend the people’s money, then they sell it to the private corporations and tell the private corporations, now it’s your job to use these tools.

That’s their new approach to all of this. But again, it’s all going to fail. And that’s why I do believe they’re going to have a communication blackout. Because remember those platforms that they don’t control, it’s going to be very, very difficult. And yes, with all these lawsuits against Trump, they’re trying to bring down true social, just like they’re trying to bring down x, because they don’t want these platforms up and running because the people can tell the truth there.

And if they’re going to release disease x and they have people countering their narrative, it’s going to be very, very difficult for them. Why do you think they censored all the people, all the doctors, all the epidemiologists and the rest? Why do you think they censored them during COVID Because they would tell the truth. Natural immunity, it’s not as bad as everyone’s making it out to be. The statistics are wrong.

These people that are dying don’t have Covid. They’re lying to you. They didn’t want the people to know this because they wanted the people to take the vaccine. And we’ve learned that the vaccine is killing people, making people very ill. But when you look at their agenda, you can see they will continually use mass shootings or any type of shooting to try to take the weapons away. They won’t report on the shootings by anyone else except a white person, or they’ll try to hide who the shooters actually are.

N. Wilkness put this out and said, last week Nicholas Jordan brutally killed Cecily Montgomery. Sam Knopp on the Colorado Springs college campus. If not for x, you would have never known that the shooter was black, killed two white people. And then we have n woke this, who put this out and said, and this is coming from Kansas City. We can’t reveal the names of the Kansas City parade shooters because they’re under 18.

Well, that’s very interesting, because they revealed the Kyle Rittenhouse. They revealed the Covington kids, remember, with the american Indian who came up and started screaming in his face, and they revealed his name. He didn’t even say a word. And then what about the kid that was at the Kansas City football game where he wore his face painted for the Kansas City Chiefs and a headdress, and they said that he was making fun of black people.

Turns out that he’s an american Indian. So all these people are under 18. Hodge twins responded to this and said, all because of their skin color? Absolutely. Well, Kyle Rittenhouse responded to this and said, I’m trying to comprehend why the government was quick to reveal my name after I defended myself. But they still haven’t released the names of the Kansas City shooters. Do you think the Kansas City shooters are black? Are they illegally in this country? Remember, it won’t fit their narrative if they release the names.

And you can see there’s rules for certain people and rules for everyone else. And I think everyone’s starting to see the difference, and everyone’s starting to understand what’s really going on here, just like people are understanding what’s really going on with Ukraine and Russia, and the people aren’t going along with the deep state players. And you can see the deep state players. They’re panicking over this. They’re trying to get the money.

And everything that they tried doesn’t work. They put out this ridiculous intelligence report, trying to scare the people. They’ve been saying, oh, Russia is going to do something. Then they went ahead, and they most likely took care of Nalvani, and he is dead. He was in a prison. And they tried to say, oh, look, Russia killed him. We need the money. They’re going to invade Ukraine. We need all this money.

And now they’re taking it to the next level. And what they’re really hoping to do here with all of this is, yes, they want the bill passed, but they want people to actually start to protest and riot in Russia. They want the opposition who are behind Novani, and they want them to protest, and they want to have a coup d’etat. And you can see Biden has come out, and he announced new major sanctions on Russia.

Plus, what are they doing? They’re trying to build the narrative that Russia is going to start a war. And what they’re doing is they’re putting all this pressure on Russia. Hopefully, Russia will do something, and they can start the war, and the war will be started in many different places. Look what’s happening out in the Middle east. You could see things are ramping up there. Kanakoa the Great put this out on x and said, yemen houtis have just released footage showing the downing of a second US MQ nine Reaper drone as the Red Sea crisis escalates.

The 30 million american drone was shot down with a $10,000 missile. Simultaneously, a british cargo ship in the Gulf of Aidan met a similar fate, sunk and abandoned by its crew following a Houti attack. Expressing gratitude to God Almighty, a Houthi spokesman reported that the yemeni air defense were able to shoot down an american aircraft, MQ nine, with a suitable missile. The Houtis previously shut down an MQ nine reaper in November off the coast of Yemen.

The US and UK have carried out a number of joint strikes in Yemen, vowing to continue if the Houthis do not cease their attacks. So do you think the hooties are going to cease their attacks, or do you think it’s going to continue on? Remember, Biden gave them a lot of money, gave it to Iran, they put it into an account in Qatar, and then they borrowed against that money, so they’re using that money to wage this war.

Did we have this with Trump? Absolutely not. And it looks like it’s going to get worse and worse as time goes on. And what’s very interesting is that the United States has vetoed a UN resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire in. Hmm, that’s very interesting. And I do believe what needs to happen here is that Israel needs to finish the job, remove all the terrorists and set the people free in Gaza.

Because I do believe they’ve been held captive. Yes, I know the fake news has been trying to convince everyone, no, it’s the other way around. But remember, these terrorists went into Israel, murdered, raped, and then took people hostage. Can you imagine if we had Canada? Let’s use Canada. If they came into the United States and they murdered and raped and took hostages, would we, as a country, just sit by and say, well, I guess that’s okay, or would we, as a country say, no, this is not okay? You came into our country and you did this.

Yes. What do you think the United States would do? What do you think the people of this country would do? They would say, not on our watch. And that’s exactly what’s happening out there. And it looks like the deep state players, they don’t want Israel to find all the tunnels, all the ammunition, and they don’t want them to route out the terrorist groups because once that happens, well, the entire area is set free and they lose control of that area.

And this is something they do not want. And this is why they have BLM, antifa and all the illegals that they let into this country. This is why they’re protesting all over the place. And it’s the same exact people that had the riots in 2020. It’s the same people that burned the american flag. So is anyone really paying attention to them? No, the people, they’re saying, you know what? Finish the job.

Let’s get rid of the terrorists here. And I do believe that’s exactly what’s happening. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting, yesterday we just mentioned it, they want to usher in disease X, but they have a major problem with this. And they noticed it during COVID They noticed that the real scientists, the real doctors, they will counter the narrative. Let’s talk about tax relief. Do you owe back taxes? Pandemic relief is now over.

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Whether you owe 10,000 or 10 million, they can help you whether it’s business or personal taxes, even if you have the means to pay where you’re on a fixed income, they can help finally resolve your tax burdens once and for all. Call them at 1800 to four five 6000 for a private free consultation. Or visit tnusa. com x 22 or click the link in the description. And they realized that last time they were able to censor everyone.

This time around is going to be a little bit more difficult because there are other platforms and they don’t have control of Twitter anymore, which means this is going to be a lot more difficult because if they can’t control the narrative when they release disease x, which they know exactly what it is, how are they going to control the narrative this time around? It’s going to be very, very difficult because again, people on x, people on truth, people on rumble, people on gab and many other platforms, they will not be able to control this.

And people are going to look for the truth, and the truth will get out there and this is going to make it very, very difficult for them. So you could see what they’re planning to do. They’re going to try to control the narrative with some type of communication blackout, because otherwise, how are they going to be able to pull this off? It’s going to be very, very difficult this time around.

Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is that Richard Hirschman, who’s an embalmer, and he was embalming someone, and in the person’s vein was a gigantic blood clot. And he’s been doing this for over 20 years. And he said he’s never seen anything like this until after 2021. So of course, they’re trying to figure out why do these people have these gigantic blood clots, and they’re very rubbery and they clog up the whole vein.

Well, I think there should be a study. Now, let’s see. Let’s take those people that are dying and those people that are dead. Did they get the vaccine? Compared to those people that didn’t? I think we’re going to see a very, very big difference. Remember the deep state players, the pharmaceutical companies, they never expected people not to take the vaccine. They never expected people to push back, especially in the numbers that have pushed back.

So now you have two groups, and since you have two groups, you can actually see the difference. So if they do this type of study, which I probably will end up doing, they’ll probably do it. They will start to notice only the vaccinated have this problem and the unvaccinated do not. Because remember what they’ll probably try to do in the beginning? They’ll say, well, it’s because of COVID Covid is creating all this.

That’s one of the side effects of COVID But that will be debunked very, very quickly because you’ll get those people that are unvaccinated, those people that are vaccinated, and you’ll see a very, very big difference. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is that Biden right now, he is pouring $1 million into studies aimed at denying there are only two genders. So they’re spending very close to a million dollars to have three different universities to conduct a study claiming biology courses inaccurately portray sex and gender.

And they want to show that, look, there’s not just two genders, there’s many genders. Really. We’re spending almost a million dollars. Why don’t we take that money and put it into our education system or our infrastructure or anything else, because this is a ridiculous study. But again, most likely this money will be money laundered. They’ll come up with this ridiculous study that there’s no basis of proof or anything, it’s not peer reviewed, and they’ll push it out there trying to convince everyone, look, three universities came up with this, and yes, it is true, and it’s going to turn out to be very false.

And I do believe, again, the government, the deep state players, all they’re doing is they’re money laundering this money. They’re trying to convince us of something that’s not true. And they’ve been doing this for a very long time instead of concentrating on we the people. And I do believe this is what Trump is going to do. He’s going to concentrate on we the people. Remember, for a very long time, the deep state players, they’ve been trying to dumb down America.

They’ve been trying to make people stupid. Because to infiltrate a country, what do you got to do? You got to make sure that you don’t have smart people. And that’s what Common Core was designed to do. Remember who implemented common core? Oh, that, right. It was Obama. So he infiltrated the country, he implemented common core, and it’s infiltration instead of invasion. So what is he trying to do? He’s trying to dumb down America so people don’t think logically, so people can’t actually operate in the real world.

And it makes it a lot easier to brainwash these people. And what are we seeing right now? American students are falling behind. Poor math scores are now a national security threat, and our scores are so low right now, it’s ridiculous. And remember, you need math for science, technology, financial services, and you need geometry, algebra and the rest to do all this if people are going to go into these fields.

But again, they don’t want smart people in this country. And they’ve been destroying the young generation for a very long time. And I do believe common core was part of their agenda, part of the 16 year plan to take over this country. And now it’s time to change things around. And I do believe that’s what Trump and the patriots are going to do. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting, yesterday was President’s day, and they decided to put out a ranking of the best presidents and the worst presidents.

Guess who came in as the worst president? Trump. I mean, really, think about this. They had Obama in the top, Biden in the top, and Trump last. You think this wasn’t done on purpose on President’s day? Absolutely. But think about all the things that Trump has done. He passed a 3. 2 trillion historic tax cut and relief for hardworking Americans. Unemployment rates for African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, veterans, individuals, disabilities, and those without a high school diploma all reach record lows, creating more than 7 million jobs.

Since the election, nearly 4 million Americans were lifted off of food stamps. Poverty rates for African Americans and Hispanic Americans reached record lows. Income inequality fell for two straight years. Wages rose fastest for low income and blue collar workers, a 16% pay increase. Launched an unprecedented effort to combat human trafficking. Arresting thousands of traffickers. Rebuilt the military with over 2. 2 trillion in military spending. Established the space force.

Eliminated Americans reliance on foreign oil for the first time in nearly 65 years. Agreed to phase one trade deal with China, returning billions of dollars into the US economy. Secured 1. 4 billion for borderwall construction. And now people realize that we need it. Signed the first step back, bringing common sense criminal reform to the american people for the first time in decades. And now the people see that.

Look at these different cities. They have no cash bail and the criminals are running around stealing everything. Brokered economic normalization between Serbia and Kazovo, bolstering peace in the Balkans. Recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moved the american embassy there. Most importantly, a good economy and no foreign wars. And he signed the Abraham’s accords and we had peace. Yeah, this is the worst president ever. Think about what Biden has done.

Everything that Trump did, just reverse everything, and that’s what he has done. So, once again, they put this up there to try to convince people that Obama, Biden, they’re the best, Trump’s the worst. They do this every single time. But the people aren’t stupid. The people know what’s really going on. And you can see they’re trying to make Trump fold. They don’t want him to be the GOP nominee.

This is their first line of attack, and they’re hoping that they could stop him before he becomes a nominee. Remember, he’s won every single state. Nikki Haley’s hanging on because she’s being told to hang on because with all the cases and all the rulings and all the money that he’s going to owe, you will most likely be the nominee. So she’s going to hang on. Is it going to work? Absolutely not.

And Trump, because of a New York law, he has to put up the full amount of the 350,000,000 plus before he can appeal. John Turley points out this fact and says the following. Under the New York law, Trump cannot appeal this ruling without depositing the full amount, including interest in a court account. Even for Trump, 455,000,000 is hard to come by. Likewise, a bond would require a company to guarantee payment for a defendant who has been barred from doing business in New York and is facing the need to liquidate such much of his portfolio.

Nothing succeeds like excess for judges like Ngoron, by imposing this astronomical figure, he can make it difficult or impossible for a defendant to appeal. And that’s really what they want to do. They want to make sure that he can’t appeal. And this breaks him. Is it going to break him? No, actually, it’s going to break New York. And we can see that the truckers, they’re not going to be delivering products to New York.

We see Grant Cardone, and he is the owner of Cardone Capital, saying that he is moving his real estate investments out of New York, moving it to other places like Florida. And once again, we also have Kevin O’Leary, who’s saying that he’s taking his business out of New York. What do you think what the rest of the real estate developers and the rest of the business people are going to do? Because again, if they can do this to Trump, they can do this to anyone, even though they say, we’re not going to do it, and it was only because of Trump.

Well, that tells you it was a political hit. They’re appearing in the election and now the people are waking up because, remember, they’re going to go after anyone if they’re siding with Trump and they’re nervous and they don’t want to lose their business and their money. So you’re going to see New York completely fall apart. And it’s already started. Plus, everything that Angoran has done is completely unconstitutional.

We mentioned this yesterday, but Trump, he put this out on truth. He said, 8th amendment, excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted. Remember, the british government, they would go ahead and they would say, okay, you owe this fine. And they knew the people couldn’t pay the fine. It was excessive fines to make sure they stayed in prison. Well, it looks like these people, the tyrannical government, is doing the same exact thing.

And this is why our founding fathers put this in place, because they experienced all of this and they knew exactly what they were going to do. And that’s why they created the constitution. That’s why they created these rights. And you’re watching another tyranical government. Remember their allegiances not to the United States, they’re allegiances to themselves. They want this country destroyed. They want the constitution destroyed. Is it going to work? Absolutely not.

Why? Because the people are waking up. And the people, they’re going to make the decision to take back this country. And the people are already making this decision. Remember, the deep state players, they’re losing people every single day because as more and more people wake up, and remember, people wake up at all different times, as more and more people wake up, the people are saying enough is enough.

And yes, you’re going to see a lot of the DS start to wake up because when the economy fails, there’s no business. People can’t do business in New York when we’re heading towards war. Yeah, people are going to wake up like we’ve never seen before. But you can see the deep state players. They know they’re in trouble. They know they don’t have the people. They know people are waking up and they realize, well, even if we cheat, Biden is not going to be able to pull this off.

The only way we can pull this off is if Trump is not the nominee. Well, I don’t think that’s going to happen. They will try. They will keep pushing, but I don’t believe this is going to happen. So they’re already making the case of why Kamala is going to be taking charge. CNN put out an article and they’re trying to explain that Kamala is going to rescue Joe Biden, going to rescue the D party.

Actually, what they’re really doing right now is they’re setting everything up for the old switcheroo, and this is not going to work in the end. They’re going to try, but it’s going to fail. And you can see the deep state players, they are going to be in a lot of trouble because Trump, the Patriots, they’re already starting the narrative because they know Michelle Obama’s coming into play. They know that they’re going to have to bring this information out because they’re going to sneak her in at the last moment to make it very, very difficult to actually put out the information.

So why not build the narrative up before they introduce Michelle Obama? And I do believe that’s exactly what they’re doing. And if we go back a little bit in time, remember when the FBI agent stormed Trump’s home at Mar a Lago in August 2022 looking for the incriminating documents? Well, you have to remember Trump, he declassified a binder on January 19, 2021. Now, the infamous binder contains hundreds of pages about the crossfire hurricane scandal.

It contains damaging information about the corrupt actors involved in our government. Two different DOJ attorney generals have defied Trump’s direct, lawful order to publish the binder in the Federal register. It’s been over three years now, and the DOJ continues to defy the presidential order and every Freedom of Information act request to make it public. But Trump did make it public, and I do believe Trump does have it.

Remember the memorandum on declassification of certain materials related to the FBI crossfire hurricane? Well, Trump, he put this together and yes, it is a memo. And I do believe this information will be put out at the right moment, at the right time. Remember, timing is everything. Who’s coming into the mix? I do believe the Obamas are. And I do believe this information will be released when the time is right.

And that reminds me of post 570 January 21, 2018. Let me read down below. It says memo shifts narrative. Memo factually demonstrates collusion at highest level. Memo factually demonstrates Hussein admin weaponized intel community to ensure d victory plus insurance. Memo factually demonstrates knowingly false intel provided to Pfizer judges to obtain warrant they never thought she would lose. Let me read post 560 down below. It says, the memo is only the beginning, the shot heard around the world.

And I do believe it’s coming. And I do believe this is going to build up as we approach the presidential election. Because Trump, the patriots, they know what’s happening. They know the Obamas are coming into focus. And now it’s time to build the narrative. Yes, they’re going to remove Biden. Biden is done for. Doesn’t mean he gets off the hook. Remember, Trump has let us know that he’s going to hire a special prosecutor to go after Biden.

And I do believe all the evidence that’s being produced right now is being collected and it will be used later on. But the other thing that’s very interesting is that Rasmussen reports and Heartland Institute, they did this entire study, and the entire conclusion is this. It has found that the mail in ballot fraud significantly impacted the results of the 2020 election and that Trump would have almost certainly won without the massive, often illegal expansion of mail in voting.

Now, remember, they changed the laws to allow mail in ballots. The legislators didn’t do this. We had secretary of states, we had judges and attorney generals change the law. They’re not allowed to change the law. So was this a transparent fraud free election like Krebs said and all the others in the fake news said? No, it wasn’t. Actually. When you look at CISA, they even reported that mail in ballots, well, that pushes fraud like we’ve never seen and we shouldn’t be using them.

So this is now building and building and building, showing that, yeah, if the deep state players, if they didn’t use their mail in ballots, the dropboxes, the mules, and they didn’t shut down the elections to cheat, remember, Biden didn’t get the votes. He got the ballots, Trump would have won. So it shows that they did cheat. And the evidence is now being produced and it’s getting worse and worse for the deep state players because they need to remove Trump at all costs.

Because why? Because every single poll shows that Trump is beating Biden. Polymarket is giving Trump a 93% chance of becoming the republican nominee for president and is forecasting that he’ll defeat Biden in the general election matchup. And in this poll, they even include Michelle Obama. Again, isn’t that interesting? But Nikki Haley, she has come out and she said that she’s not going to drop out. She’s not going to drop out until Super Tuesday, March 5.

Why is she waiting to that point in time? Because she’s waiting to see the other results of the other cases. She’s waiting to see what happens with the Supreme Court. She’s waiting to see if Trump decides to say, you know what? I’m out. I don’t want to be president anymore. Enough is enough. But again, this is not going to work. He’s not going to drop out. He will never drop out because he’s in control and he knows the people are waking up.

He knows the people are on his side. So the plan of Biden to stay in the race is not going to work. And once Trump becomes the GOP nominee, Biden is done for, Nikki Haley is done for, which means the deep state players move into their next phase of bringing in Michelle Obama. They’re giving Biden this chance to remove Trump before he becomes a nominee. He’s going to fail.

Game over for the Bidens. Next up, Obama. But you can see they’re building the narrative that MAGA is going to be very, very violent and they are a threat to America. Now, of course, they’re building this up because remember, they’ve been having the Patriot Front group, the neo Nazis we had, saying, you know, Trump’s going to use the Insurrection act, which means they’re going to use it, which means they’re going to create chaos where they’re going to round up the MAGA supporters because they’re going to try to start maybe a civil war or something where they can blame it on Trump and his supporters.

So they’re planning something and we can see this is exactly what they’re doing. But actually, western Lensman responded to this article by David French and it says, well, just in the last week, we had a Super bowl parade, shut up by gangs, trans lunatic, shut up church, two cops and EMT murdered by repeat violent offenders. Ten year old Texas boy killed by an illegal alien, hit and run, 18 shot and one killed in Chicago.

But the MAGA people are a threat. No, the MAGA people, they see peace. The MAGA people, they want the country back. The MAGA people, they follow the constitution. Look what the deep state has done. Look at BLM, look at Antifa. They burned cities in 2020. They hurt people. They kill people. During the protest for Palestine, what did they do? They burned, they hurt people. They destroyed buildings. They ripped down the american flag.

They destroyed statues. So who’s a, hmm, that’s very interesting. Think about Biden as a dictator, forcing people to take a bioweapon, arresting people because they were looking at the Capitol. Just the police let them in. In January 6. We know who actually went ahead and pushed the insurrection. It was the FBI, it was the DOJ, it was Nancy Pelosi. It was the deep state players, Obama, Biden, the rest, the people who hate this country, the people that want to maintain control of the country, to destroy the constitution.

But again, everything that they’re trying is failing because the people, they’re learning the truth. And Dan Scovino, he put out two posts on next, and they’re very interesting. He said, flashback, president’s day. And it shows Trump at the Daytona 500 in his presidential limousine. And this video is 56 seconds long. And let me just read this post. This is November 2, 2017. It says the following. The Clinton campaign is attempting once again to sweep important questions under the rug about top aide Huma Abidin.

And remember Huma Abedin? She just came back into the news. She’s dating the son of Soros. Her family ties to Muslim Brotherhood and to Saudi Arabia, and her role in the ballooning Clinton email scandal. Her mother, Saliyah Abedin, sits on the presidency Staff Council of International Islamic Council for Dawah and Relief, a group that is chaired by the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sheikh Yusuf al Qawadi, perhaps recognized how offensive such ties will be to voters concerned over future terrorist attacks on this country by radical Muslims professing allegiance to sharia law.

The Clinton campaign on Monday tried to downplay Ms. Abedin’s involvement in the journal and Muslim Brotherhood, the Clinton Syria group Media. Maris claimed, predictably, there was no evidence that Ms. Abedin or her family had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and that the Trump campaign staffers who spoke of these ties were conspiracy theorists. So let’s see. Soros runs media matters. The son of Soros, George Soros, is dating Humahabadin, and they’re saying that she has no ties.

Anyone believe that now? No. Remember, Trump saw all the classified information. To debunk the evidence, the media matters pointed to a snopes. com fact check which leans very, very far left. That actually backs up the deep state players that cited as its sole source senator John McCain. This is the same John McCain who met libyan militia leader Belaj, a known al Qaeda associate, and saluted him as my hero during a 2011 visit in Benghazi.

So it looks like Huma Abedin is coming into the picture. Soros is coming back into the picture, and Muslim Brotherhood, which Obama is a part of, is coming back into the picture. This is very interesting. Then Dan Scavino put out another post on X. And this is from 2020. And it shows Trump heading towards the Daytona 500 in Air Force one. And he flew about 800ft above the Daytona 500.

So this video was 38 seconds long. And this says the following. Four carriers and escorts in the Pacific. Why is this relevant? To prevent other state actors from attempting to harm us during the transition. Russia, China, or conversely, all for North Korea, or all three. Think logically about the timing of everything happening. Note increased military movement. Note National Guard deployments starting tomorrow. Note false flags. Follow Huma. Prepare messages of reassurance based on what was dropped here to spread on different platforms.

This is the calm before the storm. So let’s see. We have muslim brotherhood, we have infiltration into this country. A lot of them are coming from muslim countries. We have war building in the Middle east, which is Iran. And the houtis Huma now is dating the son of George Soros. And we have ships out in the Red Sea and we’re looking at the deployment of National Guard troops starting very, very.

Hmm. This is very interesting. And I do believe this is all leading up to what Trump has been telling us. We’re heading towards World War II. And I do believe Trump is going to be using their 16 year plan against them. Yes, the deep state players are starting world War three. But again, you can use everything that they’re trying to do against them. And I do believe to start war and have the United States enter war, you need to do something now.

Could it be like the cuban missile crisis? Absolutely. But I think this is going to go a little bit far beyond that. And I do believe to get us into war, they’re going to push an attack. Remember, Trump says he can have peace in 24 hours after he’s elected. So that means we most likely will be on the brink of war, which means we’re most likely going to see an attack here in the United States and most likely an attack on the national infrastructure of the United States, maybe with a cyber attack.

And I do believe they’re going to have to do this because they’re going to find out that they can’t cheat in the election. I’m talking about the deep state players, even with Michelle Obama, because think about all the evidence that’s coming out against Michelle Obama and the deep state players. They will need war to basically distract from all their crimes. So I do believe Trump is going to use this to his advantage.

And the military, because we were attacked, they will be involved in protecting the election. The National Guard, I do believe, will be involved in protecting the election. And all this revolves around what it’s about waking the people up and having the people take back the country and having the people have their vote count. And let’s go back a little bit in time to post. 28 30 February 20, 2019 and there’s a picture of Ronald Reagan that says, when you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.

Trump actually put this out on Twitter back in 2015, April 21, 2015, he quoted it, when you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat. RonaLd REagan so with this post, he wants the people to see the light. And the only way for people to see the light is to make them feel the heat. And I do believe that’s what we’re experiencing. And this is all for the 2024 election, to wake the people up.

So the people understand that you must fight for your freedom and you must take back this country and this individual. Clinton puts something out that’s very interesting, and it actually explains what Trump is going through right now, what the country is going through right now. And this is what it says. I heard a story once about a teacher who took a fish out of its bowl and left a classroom of children as it flopped around.

He told them that if anyone left their seat, they would be expelled. All the children sat and watched as the fish flopped around gasping for air. No one wanted to get up in order to avoid getting in trouble. Finally, a boy sprang up from a seat and ran to the fish, placing it back in the bowl. Ultimately, he was the only one who refused to watch the fish die.

When the teacher returned, he told the class that this was the lesson, that the fear of getting in trouble should never stop you from doing what is right, that sometimes you may have to oppose authority and groupthink simply because it’s the right thing to do. Thank you, President Trump, for always doing the right thing, always trying to save America, even after being threatened and punished over and over and over again.

And that’s exactly what is happening today. He’s doing the right thing and he’s going up against the establishment and they’re trying to destroy him. Remember, he’s only in the way. They’re really coming after us. And if they remove him, they will come after us. And this is why Trump will never, ever give up. This is why he’s going to win the election. Because think about what the people are seeing.

Think about what the people are watching. Remember, he’s the victim and the people are watching this play out, which means the people are going to be on his side and the deep state is going to be in trouble. And I do believe this is why the deep state, in the end, will have to postpone the elections, because they will not have the people and the illegals. They are not going to go in person to vote, so they will be in trouble.

They will have no way to cheat. They will have to try to postpone the election, which will be completely impossible. And once all that fails, they will then push chaos and war to distract from everything which Trump and the patriots are prepared and ready for. Why? Because the patriots are in control. Listen, everyone, thanks a lot for listening. Be well, be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a.


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