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➡ The X22 Report discusses the political tension in the U.S., focusing on the conflict between Trump and Biden. The host suggests that Biden’s attempts to prevent Trump from running for president again are failing, and that Biden’s popularity is decreasing due to his alleged criminal activities. The host also predicts that Michelle Obama might replace Biden as the Democratic nominee, and that Trump’s promise of peace could be a powerful tool against the current administration’s plans. The episode also promotes a one-year emergency food kit for potential economic collapse.
➡ The text suggests that there are forces trying to create chaos and war to achieve their goals, but Trump and his supporters are working to maintain peace and expose these plans. The author believes that Trump will have a strong following in the upcoming election, despite attempts to manipulate the results. The text also discusses concerns about open borders and potential threats from immigrants, as well as the issue of censorship. The author believes that the public is becoming more aware of these issues and will support Trump’s efforts to address them.
➡ The government and big tech companies have been working together to control what information people see online, often censoring or blocking content they don’t agree with. This has been especially true during big events like the 2020 election and the Covid-19 pandemic. Some people believe this is a violation of our right to free speech and that it’s a way for those in power to control the narrative and suppress dissent. However, there’s a growing pushback against this censorship, with more people becoming aware of what’s happening and demanding their right to free speech be respected.
➡ This text discusses various issues including gun control, crime rates, political tensions, and health concerns. It suggests that gun control laws may not be the solution to crime, pointing out that crime rates have decreased in areas with less gun control. The text also discusses political tensions in Ukraine and the Middle East, suggesting that certain political actions may be motivated by desperation rather than genuine concern. Lastly, it criticizes the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, suggesting that the public has been misled about the severity of the virus and the effectiveness of vaccines.
➡ A luxury cruise ship, Queen Victoria, has become the center of a mysterious outbreak, with 154 people falling sick. Meanwhile, a Harvard economist’s study found no racial bias in police shootings, but he faced backlash for his findings. There are concerns about centralizing the police force, as it could lead to more control over the public. Lastly, there are allegations of corruption against Illinois Mayor Tiffany Henyard, who is accused of shutting down businesses that didn’t donate to her campaign.
➡ Trump might have to pay a large sum of money due to a court case, and this decision could be reversed on appeal. There’s talk that truckers might stop delivering to New York City in response to this. The article suggests that the justice system is being used to bring down Trump and damage his business empire, which is seen as an attack on the American dream. The author believes that if Trump is convicted close to the election, it could make him more popular and powerful.
➡ This text talks about how sometimes political candidates are replaced close to election day, which can be a strategic move. It suggests that Trump and his supporters are preparing for a surprise in the upcoming election, possibly involving Michelle Obama. The text also discusses Trump’s strategies to counter his opponents and his belief that he will win the election. It ends by hinting at upcoming revelations about Obama’s administration and its alleged wrongdoings.
➡ Some influential people like Schwab, Soros, Gates, and Obama are seen as causing problems and pushing a certain plan. However, the text emphasizes that justice must be served correctly and legally, without any mistakes. It mentions attempts to interfere with various elections, but assures that these attempts will fail. The text ends by encouraging everyone to vote, as this is seen as the cure to the issues, and to take back control, because the patriots are in control.


Sand. You’re listening to the axe 22 report. My name is David. This episode 3285 bn. Today’s date is February 18, 2024, and the talk of the episode is. New word for treason will need to be invented. Freight train is coming in November. Let’s talk about being prepared. When the economy collapses, you will collapse with it. You’ll feel it coming. All the signs are there. With it comes financial disaster, tight budgets and sacrifice.

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That’s over 2000 calories every day for a year at a special price of under $2,000. This rare emergency food kit deal ends this week. You won’t see it again. Protect yourself. Protect your people. Start preparing with preparewithx. 22. Com, free shipping included. That is preparewithx 22. Dot or click the link in the description. Let’s get into the economic collapse. Political and geopolitical news. Now. The deep state, the corrupt politicians, big tech, fake news, the puppet masters, they are now panicking because they’re starting to realize that everything that they’re doing to stop Trump from becoming the nominee is not working.

Remember, their entire plan was to basically have him pay these enormous fines, hoping that he would drop out. They were hoping that he would say, all right, I’m done with all this, but this isn’t happening. And remember, who’s directing all this? Biden. He doesn’t want to give up the residency. He wants to stay in this position, and he just doesn’t want to drop out. So he thinks if I can get rid of Trump, that means I can stay in this position and I can run for reelection.

But what’s going to happen is that this is all going to fail. And his poll numbers are continually dropping because why? Because they have enacted their 16 year plan and they’ve been pushing it very, very hard. Now, once again, Trump, the Patriots knew that they were going to push the 16 year plan. It’s not Trump that’s pushing the 16 year plan. It’s the deep state’s plan. But Trump knew that they were going to do this.

Why? Because they never expected Hillary Clinton to lose. They never expected the Trump come in. They never expected Trump to stay there for four years. They never expected him to reverse everything that they did, which means their entire plan was put behind schedule. Remember, it was supposed to be eight years for Obama, eight years for Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton was supposed to bring us to war. So Trump, he put a wrench in all this.

And he knew that for them to catch up, they would have to accelerate their plan. And the people would see it. The people would see it very, very clearly. Remember, the deep state doesn’t want people to see what they’re doing. This is why they do it very slowly, methodically. And this is why they have the fake news cover for them. They have the installed corrupt politicians cover for them, because they don’t want people to understand what’s really going on.

Trump and the patriots, well, they knew that they were behind schedule. They knew that it was going to be accelerated and this would wake up the people. And this is what the people are seeing right now. And as people are seeing this, what has been happening? Well, information has been coming out against Biden. People now know that he’s been running a criminal organization within his family. He’s treasonous.

He’s been working with foreign countries. He’s been laundering money. He’s a national security threat. And every day that passes, it gets worse and worse. Plus, they can see the criminal syndicate. They see the system. They see the two tier justice system. It’s very, very easy to see today. Maybe if you go back a couple years, people would argue that, no, there is no two tiered justice system. It’s fair for everyone.

But I think everyone now can see that compared to what’s happening to Biden and what’s happening Trump, anyone that’s logically thinking they can see this, those people that are still sleeping, those people that still don’t want to believe, it’s very difficult for them to see this. But I think eventually, over time, they will see this. Now, what’s very interesting is that their plan to remove Trump, it’s not going to work.

And I’m talking about Biden’s plan right now, where they’re indicting him. And they also have other indictments which are criminal. They’re going to save those for later. But again, this is not going to work. And we can see that eventually what’s going to happen is they’re going to remove Biden. They have already started the narrative, the fake news has already started the narrative, saying that Biden’s going to have a very tough decision.

Now, remember, they want to make sure that he’s the nominee because they don’t want any interference from any other person that’s running to be the president. So once he’s the nominee, then they will start to make the switch. Now, they don’t want to do it too soon because this will allow Trump of the patriots to hit them, and they will have time to hit them hard. And when I say hit them, bring out information to show that they are treasonous.

And I do believe this is why the information is coming out now, because Trump and the patriots know their plan. They know that they’re going to be bringing in most likely Michelle Obama. And this individual will mostly be put into place probably at the end of August or September, giving the patriots a small window to show the people how treasonous they are. So this is why at this time, information is coming out against the Obamas, which I do believe is going to build and build and build.

And by the time Michelle Obama is announced that she is now taking the place of Biden or Kamala Harris, because if they take Biden out with the 25th amendment, she will replace Kamala Harris, well, people will start and they will already know how treasonous they are, so they won’t need to dump everything in the last month and a half or so. And I do believe this has been the strategy.

Now, during this period of time, as people see the economy break down and at the same time, people see war building, at the same time, they see events in this country, people, they’re going to wake up. And as they wake up, they have a lot of questions because people then start to think. They start to ask questions. They go down rabbit holes. They start to do their own research.

They want to know what’s going on. And this is why the fake news is out there saying, oh, don’t do your own research because it’s not good for you. They’re trying to do whatever they possibly can to steer people away, but in the end, it’s not going to work. And as all of this happens and the people are waking up, the people are going to be on Trump’s side.

I do believe you’re going to see more and more people move to Trump than you’ve ever seen before. Why? Because when the economy fails, when there’s events in this country, because of open borders and when we’re approaching war, and you have on one side warmongers and you have on the other side the peacemaker, well, the people in general do not want a war. They don’t want to fight a war.

They don’t want to send their family to war. And they know that war will be fought on this land here in the United States. This is not World War I, World War II. Today there are missiles, hypersonic missiles and other weapons that can reach the. It’s not, we’re not going back to the days where Japan launched balloons up, had bombs on them, and they were hoping to catch the jet stream.

And hopefully those balloons made it over to the United States. Today, the missiles can be launched from anywhere and they can reach the United States. And I do believe when this scare event happens, it’s going to wake a lot of people up. And in the end, well, the deep state will be doomed because the people will be with Trump. Because Trump is going to continually saying, we don’t have to do this.

We don’t have to go to war. I know the players. All you got to do is elect me and we can have peace. This is the most powerful weapon in the universe. And people say, well, why is that the most powerful weapon? Because think about what it does. Since the central bank, since the deep state players, the World Economic Forum is trying to bring us into the green new scam, the great reset.

They’re trying to bring us to war. When Trump says, I can have peace and he actually brings peace to the world, this shuts down everything they’re trying to do. Remember, they need a war to bring us into the green new scam. They need a war to bring us into the great reset or any other type of an event like a pandemic. But right now, we’re dealing with a war.

They need a war to cover up their crimes. They need a war to destroy the Constitution. They need a war to depopulate. They need a war to rebuild the earth the way they want it, to usher in their new world order. When Trump negotiates peace, all of that, everything completely disappears. He has the most powerful weapon in the world because it shuts down everything that they’re trying to do and it exposes everything they’re trying to do.

And I do believe during this election, and Trump said it during his rally, that we’re going to come in like a freight train and it’s going to be bigger than 2016. I think it’s going to be even bigger than 2020. I think he’s going to have so many people on his side that the deep state, they’re going to look at the polls and remember, they have their own internal polls.

I’m not talking about the ABC, CNN and all those polls. They have their own internal polls and they’re going to see the numbers and they’re going to say, you know something, we’re not going to be able to pull this off. We’re not going to have enough ballots. We’re not going to have enough time. It’s going to be completely impossible. Plus, it’s going to be very, very noticeable. And I do believe this is why they’re going to change things up.

Yes, they’re going to try to cheat. Yes, they’re going to try to use some type of pandemic. Yes, they’re going to try to use everything that they have, the illegals getting them to vote. They’re going to do all of this. They’re going to bring someone in that’s halfway decent, like Michelle Obama, that has some type of popularity. But again, with what’s going on in this country, with the economy failing, with events happening in the United States, with the country and the world going to World War II, all of that is not going to work.

And they’re going to be very, very panicked and they’re going to be very, very desperate. And I do believe they’re going to try to just shut everything down, shut down communications, shut down the election. They’re going to try everything. But I do believe Trump and the patriots, they have countermeasures in place where I do believe they want them to head down this path because this allows them to bring in paper ballots, bring in voter id, and have the military guard the election so people have their vote counted.

And I do believe that’s what we’re witnessing right now. Because everything is based on the 2024 election. Remember, we must follow the rule of law. We must do it right. We only have this chance if we fail in this chance, which I don’t believe we’re going to, because I do believe the people now are rallying behind Trump. He has the military, he has control. He just wants the people.

He wants to show the deep state players, I have the people. And the people decided we’re taking back the country. Not him, not the military, but the people of this country. They decided we’re taking back the country. And I do believe this is exactly the plan. This is where we’re headed. And once this happens, it’s game over for the deep state. Now, it doesn’t mean they’re not going to fight back.

It doesn’t mean they’re not going to have events. It doesn’t mean they’re not going to have chaos. Of course they are. Because when the deep state loses, they’re going to throw a tantrum because they don’t want to lose. They don’t want to lose control because they know if they lose control, what happens? They go to prison. There’s trials. Do they want that? Absolutely not. So they will fight to the very, very end, and they will use every dirty trick.

They will push every single event they possibly can. But I do believe Trump and the patriots are prepared for this. And once the people give that signal, well, there’s nothing the deep state can do to change anyone’s mind, which means the people will be with Trump. And whatever Trump, the military decide to do to get the deep state players, I do believe he’ll have the full backing of the people of this country.

Now, we’re going to be talking a lot more about this a little bit later, but we could see that her right now. And this is the special counsel who was investigating Biden. He’s ready to testify on March twelveth before the House judiciary. Paul Sperry put this out on x and said he will prove Biden lied at his press conference. He will detail his espionage act violations. He will question his fitness death knell for the Biden campaign.

Now, of course, the White House, the fake news, they will try to push back. But I do believe what they’re going to do is they’re going to start the narrative of why Biden needs to leave. And I do believe Biden will try everything he possibly can to stay in the race. He will continually attack Trump, hoping that he will drop out. So Biden would be able to stay in there for the election.

But I think in the end, when all of this doesn’t work against Trump, this is when they’re going to make their decision once he’s the nominee. Because without him being the nominee, you don’t want to throw all these people in the ring. They want a sure thing. So if he’s the nominee, they can swap one out for another. It’ll be very easy if someone else becomes the nominee or there’s too many people in there and they introduce Michelle Obama.

Well, this is too confusing, and it just wouldn’t work out well. So I do believe they will wait. And Biden, I do believe he’s thinking that I still have this opportunity to remove Trump and I can stay in the race, but this is all going to fail, just like the open borders is actually failing for them. Yes, they might have open borders, but again, it’s not working in their best interest because the people of this country, they understand it’s an invasion.

It’s an invasion of military age men coming from China, coming from Africa, coming from muslim countries, people can see this very, very clearly. And what’s very interesting, and Griffith Jenkins put this out. It’s people coming over the border, and one of them is a chinese migrant and illegal. And they were asking him questions about, hey, where are you going to go? Why are you here? Well, they’re not seeking asylum.

They want money and they’re going to California. They’re looking for jobs. That’s their story. But in reality, why are they really here? Because when the deep state players activate them, you’re going to see a completely different side, and you’re going to see people that are going to fight. They’ll become the foot soldiers of the deep state, and they will be used to burn, destroy, and kill. I do believe that’s what they have planned.

And this is why Biden was out there, and this is why he blocked deportation of Palestinians. And he put out an order to halt the deportation of Palestinians from the US for 18 months. Think about that for a second. And remember, Biden also issued a deferred enforced departure for residents of Hong Kong in 2021. So basically, he’s keeping these people here and he’s making sure that they aren’t deported, which means they are going to be used later on.

But you can see down in Texas, what they’re doing is they’re actually building a military force. They’re putting in a Ford operating base, an eagle pass, to give the troops a huge advantage. So this way they can stay in the bunks. They have a base there, and they’re able to deploy these people very, very easily. And the base will house about 1800 to 2300 soldiers at one time.

These men and women will no longer live in makeshift living quarters, which undoubtedly impacts effectiveness and morale. So now they’re putting a base to combat the invasion. So the military now has a permanent area where they can deploy the soldiers, because we actually do have an invasion in this country. And I do believe the people, they see this very, very clearly now. The other thing that people really see now, they see censorship.

You go back a little bit in time, people really didn’t believe there was censorship. But when Elon Musk took over X and the Twitter files came out and we had the House judiciary put out information about Facebook, people really started to see the censorship, especially if you go a little bit further back than that. When they downed Trump’s Twitter account and they down many, many accounts, people saw, wow, they’re really censoring people.

But Elon Musk said something very, very interesting. He says the public still doesn’t understand even a tiny fraction of the power of the censorship government industrial complex. As predicted, my companies and I came under relentless attacks the moment the censorship of this platform was lifted. How far will they go to stop me? Well, they want to stop anyone that’s telling the truth, because they don’t want the truth out there.

They want to keep feeding the people misinformation and disinformation. And what’s very interesting is that Kennecor the great put this out on x, it said Harvard surveyed 150 misinformation experts and determined they strongly lean toward the left of the political spectrum, less than 5% identified as slightly right. Do you recall when the terms misinformation and disinformation were introduced into the public discourse? Well, this introduction coincides with the government’s effort to suppress populism and domestic dissent, particularly following Brexit and the election of Trump.

The government’s role in censoring american citizens is meticulously detailed in a thought provoking conversation released yesterday between Tucker and Mike Benz. The terms misinformation and disinformation and malinformation were popularized as justifications for government action aimed at censoring criticism directed towards institutions such as NATO, the EU, and the Pentagon. The advent of the Internet and the promotion of free speech online played a critical role in the rise of independent journalism, the erosion of trust in institutions and corporate media, the Brexit movement, and the election of Trump.

In response to these developments, western government and institutions established an entire industry focused on combating misinformation and disinformation, effectively serving as a mechanism to censor online speech. Mike Benz characterizes this phenomenon as akin to military rule, asserting it’s the inversion of democracy. The government directed its psychological tools, previously employed abroad, to overthrow foreign governments inward against its own citizens, resulting in Covid-19 and the 2020 election being the most censored event in American history.

Musk purchasing x is the pendulum swinging back towards true democracy, which is only achievable through the preservation of freedom of speech. Now, Mike Benz continuity said DHS classified elections as critical infrastructure and online misinformation disinformation as mal information. As cybersecurity attacks, the original goal of countering russian disinformation shifted to suppressing domestic dissent and the populist movement led by Trump. Examining the 2020 election censorship strategy, Benz details CiSA’s collaboration with Stanford University, University of Washington, Grafica and the Atlantic Council.

Through the Election Integrity Partnership, the censorship consortium employed coercive tactics, leveraging its deputized status to pressure tech companies through the government threats. A critical element was the seven month presensorship campaign. Before the 2020 election, the consortium compelled social media companies to introduce a new delegitimization violation, targeting content challenging faith in mail in ballots, early voting, and ballot dropboxes. The overreaching goal was narrative control, preventing doubts about Biden victory and avoiding a crisis akin to the 2000 Bush Gore election.

Anticipating Biden’s victory, hinging on mail in ballots, early voting, and ballot dropboxes, the consortium precensored any questions of the election’s legitimacy, particularly if Trump appeared to win on election night, but later lost due to the late arriving mail in ballots, the so called red Mirage blue shift event. And they’ve been using censorship ever since. But the problem is that the people started to understand and they started to realize what the government was doing.

They were violating everyone’s constitutional rights, and it started to backfire on them. And this is why the Biden administration now is working on AI censorships. This is how it works. The government creates the programs, the government creates what they need, and then they give it to the private corporations. And by doing this, they say, hey, we’re not violating anyone’s rights. And especially if they’re using AI. And I’m talking about Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, you name it.

If they’re using AI, the government, we’re not doing it. It’s AI. It’s a private company. We have nothing to do with this. But they already created the device to censor, and this is how they try to get around it. But so when you really think about this, this is truly a tyrannical government, because the First Amendment doesn’t talk about misinformation, disinformation. It says the people have the right to speak freely.

And if you don’t agree with it, if you think it’s wrong, then you have to show everyone that, yes, this person’s wrong. Here are the facts. But again, the problem with the government is when the people come out with the truth, they can’t combat the facts because it is truth. With propaganda, it doesn’t work. So the only way to shut people up is to censor people. You see, the government doesn’t need to stop misinformation, disinformation.

Because the people, they’re smart enough to say, you know something, this person that’s talking about this, they’re wrong. And I’m going to show you why. Here are all the facts. But if the people are putting out truth, putting out facts, can the government counter what they’re doing with truth and facts. No, they can’t. And their propaganda doesn’t work then. So what they have to do is they actually have to censor.

And this is what they’ve been working on. Now, I do believe what’s going to happen when AI isn’t enough, because remember, they don’t control every single platform. They’re going to have to move this to the next level, and they’re most likely going to have to shut down communications, because when things get out of hand and you have all these platforms where people are speaking the truth and facts are there, they’re backing it up with documentation.

Well, this is going to be very difficult for the government and the deep state players. And what are they going to do in the end? Well, look what they did back in 2020. They just downed thousands upon thousands upon thousands of accounts on YouTube, on Facebook and Instagram, Twitter, you name it. When they can’t do that this time around, what do you do? You shut everyone down and you allow the fake news to try to control the narrative, which it’s not going to work because the people, they’re not going to fall for it.

And I do believe Trump and the patriots, they have different countermeasures in place to counter everything that they’re trying to do. Remember the emergency alert system we had all these tests? I do believe that was put into place for a very specific reason, especially when people can’t get information. I do believe this is going to be used to bypass the deep state players. And I wonder who might be controlling this? That should be very interesting.

But the other thing that’s very interesting is that the former YouTube CEO Susan Wajiski, her 19 year old son, was found dead at the University of California, Berkeley. And this is very interesting. They don’t know why this individual passed away. And remember, he was 19 years old. They’re waiting for the toxicology report. But since this is in the news, it reminds me of post 2063. And when I read this, think about Obama having private email accounts, Biden using private email accounts, Hillary Clinton having an email server and using private email accounts outside of the government email accounts.

And yes, it’s been proven that Biden has been using aliases. And I do believe people are going to find out that Obama’s been using it, Hillary Clinton’s been using it. I think we already know this, but the general public, they’re going to start to find out. And it reminds me of post 2063, which is September 2, 2018. It says the following. How might DARPA also known as Google, play a role in the spy campaign against POTUS.

Think Gmail, think Gmail drafts, think Eric Schmidt resignation. It will all connect eventually. And I do believe we’re going to start to see a lot of information come out about Obama Biden. And you’re going to start to see a lot of information come out, not just with the emails that you can see, but think about all the drafts and think about all the emails that were deleted. I do believe you’re going to see those emails, too, as time goes on, and people are going to start to learn how criminal they really are.

I think, in the end, I think we’re going to have to come up with a different definition of treason, because this is going to be so bad. Spying on Trump, attacking your political opponent, using the United States as a criminal enterprise to enrich themselves and to sell our secrets, to work with foreign governments to overthrow the United States government. I mean, really think about this. This is something right out of a movie.

It’s absolutely unbelievable. And remember, they’re still following their 16 year plan, and they need to get the weapons away from the people. And you can see they’re using any event they possibly can use right now to take the weapons away from the people. And they’re trying to push this. Remember, bills just sit in Congress. They do absolutely nothing unless there’s an event, because otherwise nobody has any interest in them.

But they are using Hollywood, they’re using the entertainment industry to try to push this. The latest person is John Mellenkamp, and they’re hoping, well, this guy’s american. This guy has american songs. So this is going to work this time around. And he put out a post on x, and he says, excuse me for stating the obvious truth. I do sue out of love for this country and the pain of learning once again that children have been killed by gun violence.

If we as a country want to find the collective will within ourselves to change our gun laws, let’s stop playing silly political games. Show the carnage of the news. Show the american people, the dead children and others who have been struck down. Well, why have they been struck down? Is it because of all the gun control laws? Maybe it’s because they’re releasing the prisoners with no cash bail.

Maybe they’re allowing the illegals into this country. Think about it. Go to Ohio, who allowed constitutional carry? Crime has gone down in those areas. Look at the blue cities where they have gun control. Why is crime out of control? Why is there so many shootings in Chicago? I mean, they banned all the weapons out in the UK. Now they have a knife problem, and now they want to ban knives.

I mean, really think about it. It has nothing to do with the weapon. Maybe you need to start to look at the people. Maybe you need to start to look at what has been done, because those people, those people that know how to use a weapon, that carry a weapon for self defense, those people, they follow the rule of law. I mean, look, there’s like 300 and something million guns in the United States, and you’re talking about these incidents that have to do with criminals that don’t get weapons legally.

You’re talking about incidents that happen in gun control areas. So once again, their argument is completely and utterly falling apart. And when there’s an event in this country, people are going to really wake up and understand, this is the reason we have the second amendment. You think the founding fathers, they sat around the table after the revolutionary war and said, you know something, let’s put in the second amendment for hunting? No, they knew exactly what they did.

They had a fight for freedom. You saw a taste of dictatorship during COVID You saw the tyranical government. And since that time, it’s gotten worse and worse. Wait until they start to force the illegals into people’s homes. Remember, these people, they are released from the assane asylums, from the prisons of all these countries. They found a perfect way to clean it all up and send them someplace else.

Why do you think you’re seeing all the riots out in Europe, which we’ll be talking about in just a sec. But before we get there, let’s talk about how the war is now building. And you can see the deep state players. They are becoming very, very desperate because they’re not getting the funds they need for Ukraine. And they realize that if they don’t get the funds, it’s game over for them.

And you can see that the liberal politician strach Zimmerman wants Germany to send everything they have to Ukraine, including tourist cruise missiles, because of what happened to Nalvani. Now, once again, most likely this was a CIA hit or something like that. And they’re trying to use this, of course, to pass the bill, blame it on Putin, demonize Putin. And this is what they do. And they’re trying to use it to bring all the weapons into Ukraine because they’re becoming very, very desperate because they realize they’re not getting the funds they need.

Biden is having quite a bit of trouble. The deep state players are having quite a bit of trouble, and it’s not working out for them. But you could see that everything that’s happening out in the Middle east is not going their way. Remember, Hamas decided to attack Israel. They came into Israel, they killed people, they raped people, and they kidnapped people. So if that happened here in the United States, can you imagine if all of a sudden down in Mexico, you had Mexico come over the border, kill people, rape people and take know hostage, would we be just sitting here going, oh, that’s fine.

Oh, we shouldn’t hurt them. We shouldn’t do anything. We should just allow them to do it over and over and over? No, we would say, holy crap, what’s going on here? Oh, no, this is not going to happen. We would bring the military to Mexico. That’s what Israel’s doing. And yes, they found the tunnels. Yes, all the things that they said weren’t true. The IDF found. They found the tunnels.

They found the operations center under the UN building. They found all of this, all their weapons, everything that they were doing. And now what do we have? We have the brazilian leftist leader Lulu. Remember, Biden sent down a delegation. They released him from prison because he’s a criminal. They installed him as president. They removed Balsanaro. And now he’s out there and he’s comparing Israel’s actions in Gaza to Adolf Hitler’s campaign to exterminate the Jews.

Absolutely ridiculous. The UNRWA said there are no words, and it shows a picture of destruction in Gaza. Noah Polak responded to the UNRWA. And remember, they found the operations center under their building and said the following. I have some words. This is exactly what happens when you invade another country and rape, murder and abduct its civilians. And he’s absolutely right. And they’re making a very big deal of Davalny right now, because, again, they’re using this to pass the bill.

They’re using this to send weapons to Ukraine. They’re using this to demonize Putin. They’re using this to start the war. Let’s talk about our health. January is here. Can you believe it? How are you doing with your New year’s resolution? Mine was pretty easy to focus on my well being. And we all know that the foundation of well being is a good night’s sleep. So if I could do just one thing to improve my sleep and overall well being, it is taking the number one mineral for that, which also helps me personally on so many levels, I can’t even fully describe it.

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Go to buyoptimizers. com x 22 now and enter promo code x 22 to get 10% off any order. Again, that’s buyoptimizers. com x 22 or click the link in the description. And they’re very concerned about the murder of this individual. Well, what about the american citizens that were murdered in Ukraine? Now, Senator John Toon put this out and said nalvalny bravely challenged and exposed Putin’s corrupt and oppressive regime.

His death is yet another grim example of Putin’s callous indifference for the life and liberty of others. Sean Davis responded to this and said, ukraine murdered an american citizen. And not only did you not care, you rewarded the regime with billions more of our money, all while neglecting the foreign invasion across our own border. Then we have Julie Kelly. She put this out. At least five Americans committed suicide due to nonstop torment by Biden.

DOJ hundreds of January sixers has their lives systematically destroyed because they protested Biden’s election and are serving excessive prison sentences on bogus felonies or low level misdemeanors. And she’s absolutely right. They’re just using this to push their agenda. They don’t really care about this guy. And they’re pushing this in the news just like everything else, to push the bill, to push war, and to push their agenda. That is it.

But again, the people of this country are not going to buy it. The people know exactly what they’re doing now, and it’s getting harder and harder for them to push their agenda, just like it’s going to be very, very difficult to push another pandemic. I do believe the people now, with all the evidence coming out about the bioweapon and everything else, I think the people are starting to really understand and learn that, yeah, they’ve been tricked.

And the pandemic was just that, a pandemic. Because they used a lot of statistical information to fake the entire pandemic to make you think something was happening when it really wasn’t. And now the people are starting to realize this and they’re starting to realize what the bioweapon actually is. It’s not to cure you. It’s not to make you better. It’s not to protect you from COVID Actually, it does none of those things.

You know what it does? It gives you myocarditis. It gives you pericarditis. It makes you sick. And if you keep taking it over and over and over, it gets worse and worse and worse. And I think the people are starting to see this. But that doesn’t mean the deep state players aren’t going to try to push their agenda. And we can see they’re already starting to do it in all different ways.

And they’re hoping that one of these things, well, one of them sticks. And right now we have a luxury ocean liner, Queen Victoria. It became the center of an unknown outbreak after 129 passengers and 25 crew members were struck by an unidentified gastrointestinal illness, causing symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting during its grand 107 night world voyage. This might be food poisoning if you really think about it. But don’t worry, the CDC’s on top of this and they’re going to investigate.

We’ll have to see how this all plays out. And I do believe they’re going to try over and over and over to try to push something. Remember last time they pushed the pandemic? It was around this timeframe. Let’s see how this all plays out. This is going to be very interesting, but we know that they are up to something because we had Hillary Clinton. She met Tedros, the head of the WHO, and they had a discussion on global health challenges, including pandemic preparedness and the pandemic accord, which tells you everything.

You need to know that they’re planning something, and we know what it’s all about. It’s about cheating in the election. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting, remember the fake news, the corrupt politicians, the deep state players? They’ve been telling us that, yes, there’s racism in this country. It’s getting worse and worse, and people and the police are shooting more black people than white people. And this is why we got to keep an eye on the police or defund the police.

Of course, their entire agenda is to centralize the police, because again, when you have a decentralized police force and you have the local communities controlling the police, well, you can’t control everything that’s going on. If you have a centralized police force. Well, that makes it easier to go after the people and control the people, because, again, the deep state players, they like everything centralized. The FBI centralized. The department of Education is centralized.

The creation of currency is centralized, DHS centralized. If they can get the police of this country centralized, they get control. This is what they’ve been trying to do. And what’s very interesting is that a Harvard economist, he published a study finding no racial bias in police shootings. So this study in 2016 shows there’s no racial differences in officers involved in shootings. Now, since he came out with this study, he needed armed guards to protect him because the people didn’t like his results because it didn’t go with their narrative.

So instead of saying, hey, by the way, thanks for letting us know, all of this is fake, there is no racial bias. And all the racism that the fake news has been talking about and all the corrupt politicians have been talking about, it’s not real. Instead, they attacked him because his results didn’t match their entire agenda. I mean, really, think about this. And he had to live under police protection for about 30 to 40 days once he did the interview.

That’s absolutely unbelievable. But you could see what the deep state players have in mind. And we talked about this a little bit before, where you could see the illegals, they are rioting on the streets, and you can see they are rioting in the Netherlands and there’s fires. It almost reminds me of 2020 in the United States. And I do believe this is what they’re planning when Trump wins the election.

And it’s not just going to happen in the United States, because think about it, there’s the illegals in France, in Germany, in the UK, in Italy, in the Netherlands, in Canada, in the United States. I do believe they want riots all over the place. They want chaos all over the place, because, again, they’re going to reject the election results. But I do believe Trump and the patriots, well, they have countermeasures in place, especially because the United States was attacked.

Because once the United States is attacked, it means the military then is activated. Remember? I do believe the military was activated back on November 3 and the completion of the insurrection on January 6. So how do you bring it full circle to explain to the people that the military can be on us soil? Well, if the United States is attacked, I do believe then, yes, the National Guard and maybe the military, they could work together to actually round up these people, because, remember, they are invaders.

And now these invaders are attacking the United States. How do you take care of them? Well, the military can take care of them. And I do believe we’re going to see something like this because they are now padocking. I’m talking about the deep state players. They are now paddocking over all of this. Now, what’s very interesting, we could see how tyrannical these installed people are becoming right now.

Out in Illinois, Mayor Tiffany Henyard is accused of shutting down businesses that refuse to donate to her campaign. One resident claimed that she forced the closure of his trucking business after he refused to renew a 3500 contribution to her political fund. And during a meeting, she reportedly signaled for a dj to play Rihanna’s bitch better have my money. So you could see how desperate these people are, and they’re showing everyone their true colors.

And you could see that the deep state players, what are they trying to do? Well, they’re trying to keep their install people in place, and they want the illegals to vote. And they want the illegals to control the voting. They want them in certain positions. And what’s very interesting is that San Francisco, they appointed their first non citizen to sit on the city’s election commission. So let’s say a non citizen who’s in this country is going to be sitting on who decides who the next president is, the next mayor, the governor.

I mean, think about this for a second. Does that make any sense whatsoever? You think these people would agree if millions of Russians came into this country and said, listen, I want to be on your board of directors, or would they say, absolutely not, because then that person’s working for Putin? Well, who do you think these people are working for? I mean, really think about it. Can everyone see what they’re trying to do? Absolutely.

And I think everyone’s starting to see what they’re trying to do to Trump, especially with the E. G. Carroll ruling. Remember Trump and Alina Haba? They weren’t able to present their evidence. There was no jury. And basically the ruling was already determined before the case was even heard. And they weren’t able to show how Eugene Carroll said that rape is sexy. They weren’t allowed to present any of that evidence.

Can you imagine being on trial and you couldn’t present any of these evidence and the judge just rules against you? It sounds like something when you go back in time where they had show trials, they already knew what the ruling was. They already knew they were going to throw you in prison. We’re seeing the same thing happen right now, and we saw the same thing happen in New York with his fraud case.

And I just want to go back in time to Kevin O’Leary, who said this, and Rich Barris put this out and said, the fact that he was found guilty, you might as well find guilty every real estate developer on earth. That’s what Kevin O’Leary said in an interview with the New York Post. And exactly what I’m talking about. Also, Kevin O’Leary, if this judgment sticks, every developer must be jailed, they must be found guilty, they must be put out of business.

You can’t do this to one another. It’s not about Trump. Exactly. It threatens the entire industry and the economy. And now Kathy Hoekel, she’s panicking over this. No, no, this is not going to change any business. We were just going after Trump. I mean, that’s what Letitia James says. No, this is not going to affect all the other real estate developers. We were just going after Trump. That was our main focus.

But I’m not going to bring charges against anyone else. But anyone else can bring these charges because now there’s a precedent, isn’t there? Now we know that Trump is going to appeal this and hopefully he gets a judge that follows the rule of law and these people should be disbarred. These people should have to pay every penny back to Trump and actually pay him even more for wasting his time.

And Trump, he should sue these people individually. Absolutely. So the question is, how quickly does Trump have to pay? Well, Trump has already deposited 5 million owed to Carol for the first defamation case into a court controlled account, along with an additional 500,000 in interest required by New York law. Carol will not have access to the funds until the appeals process plays out. So it’s in an account and she has no access to any of this.

He may soon be forced to do the same for the 83. 3 million judgment in the second Carol verdict. He could secure a bond and pay only a portion upfront, though that option would come with interest and fees and likely require some form of collateral. Trump would have to find a financial institution willing to front him the money in the civil fraud case. It will be up to the courts to decide how Trump must put up as he mounts his appeal.

And he may be required to pay the full sum immediately after the appellate court rules, which could come as soon as this summer. So basically, he might have to put up a portion of the money, which he’s already done, and that stays in the account. Nobody gets to touch it. It doesn’t go to Eugene Carroll, it doesn’t go to New York, it doesn’t go anywhere. It stays in the account until the appeal is done.

So I do believe what’s going to happen is when he appeals, all of this is going to be reversed. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually sues these people individually and make them pay. And those lawyers, those prosecutors, those judges that allowed this to happen because they didn’t follow the rule of law. I do believe these people should be disbarred immediately. Now, what’s very interesting is what they did to Trump in New York.

Remember, Trump is supposedly banned from New York. Well, truckers, now they’re saying they’re not going to be making deliveries to New York City. In response to judge and Goran’s 350 plus million dollar rule against Trump, Trump, he put this out on true social and it says the following. Colin rug truckers allegedly plan on stopping their shipment in New York City. After Judge and Gorn’s ruling against Trump, truckers going to start refusing loads in New York City starting on Monday.

They ain’t going to New York City. I’ll tell you what you’re effing around and find out, okay? We’re tired of you effing with Trump, okay? And then Trump, he put out Mark Levin and it says, God bless our truckers from the sea to the sea. And Trump said, such an honor to have so many great patriots on the side of freedom. Joe Biden’s unfair and dangerous weaponization of law enforcement is a serious threat to democracy.

Make America great again. Absolutely. And what’s very interesting is that Biden, the DS, the deep state players, they believe they can be Trump by indicting him on felonies. But again, this is not going to work. This is going to make Trump stronger and stronger as time goes on. And eventually what they’re going to try to do is, I do believe as we get closer and closer to the election, they’re going to try to convict him.

But Trump, he put out another truth. And he’s pointing to Paul Ingrasia, and it says the following. The weaponized justice system is about more than just bringing down the leading candidate for the next president of the United States. Our kangaroo courts operate like vindictive Marxists, attempting to destroy a great man’s business empire and condemning him for achieving the best of what was once called the american dream. The ridiculous high amounts these judges are demanding Trump, Giuliani and other great men pay and punitive damages are so blatantly animated by jealousy and anger for all of their success.

Part of Make America great again is to revive the american dream and allow our dominance and enterprising spirit to flourish again from coast to coast, the envy of the world, unencumbered by regulations or spurious litigation. What once made America great was its system of free enterprise and capitalism that allowed the best and the brightest, like Donald Trump, to use his creative energies and build something that will long outlast him.

His buildings are modern marvels, and all of us benefit if this spirit of free enterprise is permitted. But the courts are now saying that you’re not allowed to be successful in America. The american dream is dead. You must be as poor and miserable as the judges handing down these decisions. It should make all Americans absolutely sick to their stomachs because what they are doing is completely antithetical to all that America claims to be.

And then Paul said the following judges and Goron and Kaplan are as corrupt as they come. With such arbitrary and capricious decisions against the leading presidential candidate, both should be disbarred. And the entire justice system needs a thorough house cleaning to excise the bad actors who have almost totally destroyed the rule of law in this once free country. And he’s absolutely right. And think about what they’ve done to Trump.

They impeached President Trump twice, arrested him four times and charged him 91 times. Then they took him off the ballot. Then they fined him $350,000,000 plus. Then they call us a threat to democracy. I think everyone’s starting to see what’s going on, even those people that don’t see it. They’re starting to question all this. And I want to go back to post 1374, May 15, 2018. It says the following.

What do you notice? They all drop hints they are considering future elected positions. Why claim interference? Attack on opposition party protection? Can you serve from jail? And I do believe they’re going to try. In the end, they’re going to convict him very, very close to the election. And I do believe they’re going to try to throw him into jail, which means he’s going to become more popular and more powerful than ever before.

Because once the people see this and they see what they’ve been doing to him, because remember, he’s the victim, and once this happens, the people are going to rally around him. The last time there was a mug shot, what happened? Well, Trump put it on all the mugs, t shirts and the people rallied around him. What do you think is going to happen if there’s pictures of him behind bars? This is game over for the deep state players, and the people are going to be with him during election day.

Now, what’s very interesting is that we know that Biden, he’s been trying to remove Trump. He doesn’t want him to be the nominee because Biden, he wants to stay in power. And they’re allowing Biden to stay in this position until after the primaries because once Trump becomes the nominee, well, everything starts to change. So I do believe they gave Joe Biden a small window. Okay, take him out.

And if you can’t take him out, we’re going to have to make a change. Now, Rasmussen reports they did an interesting poll about Biden and about someone coming in for him where they’re going to do the change of batter. And this is what Rasmussen put out. This is their question. How likely is that Democrats will replace Joe Biden with another candidate as their presidential nominee before the election in November? 54% now say very likely.

25% say somewhat likely. 13% not very likely. And here’s another question. Would you approve or disapprove of Democrats finding another candidate to replace Joe Biden before the election in November? Strongly disapprove is 48%. So this is very interesting. Which of the following Democrats do you think would be better presidential candidate than Joe Biden? Hillary Clinton with 21%. Michelle Obama with 20%. Gavin Newsom with 29%. Gretchen Whitmer with 28%.

Now, I think Obama is not going to allow Gavin Newsom. First of all, he lost with DeSantis when he had a debate. California is a complete, another disaster. And I do believe Obama wants control because I do believe he’s the conductor. And this is why we see the information coming out against Obama right now. But what’s very interesting is we can see that the fake news, they’ve already started the narrative of removing Biden.

And this is coming out of Business Insider. Biden has a huge decision to make, one of the most important of his presidency. So it starts off with this. So for the sake of the country, Biden has a critical decision to make, whether or not to step aside so the Democrats can nominate another candidate. Joe Biden has dedicated almost his entire professional life to serving our country. This summer, he’ll have another critical opportunity to do that.

He’ll have to make the decision, should I step aside? And I do believe he is going to step aside because he won’t be able to stop Trump. Trump is not going to drop out. Trump’s going to be the nominee, and then it’s game over for Biden. And Heather Higgins explains out of the american thinker how this might go down, how they might actually make the switch. The switch could be done at the convention, but that requires 300 delegates signatures and would open the door to a lot of politicking over several weeks by the other presidential candidates.

It would make 68 look like a picnic and potentially put Michelle in the grubby position of seeking support just like everyone else. Salvation lies in the DNC rules. Remember the New Jersey switcheroo way back in 2002 when Democrats turned a sure loss of Senate seat into a win by swapping out their losing candidate at the last minute, overriding a state law. That said it was too late in the cycle for such a switch? Bet on Democrats to pull the same switcheroo, but at an even higher level and an even later than you expect.

The later the better, possibly. And but more likely about two weeks after their convention, giving us a September surprise. Joe Biden is a placeholder quelling current competition for a much better bet. Michelle Obama. Swapping out candidates so close to an election isn’t as rare as a thing as you might think. In that very same 2002 election cycle, for instance, Minnesota Democrats had to replace their Senate candidate, incumbent Paul Wellstone, after he was killed in a plane crash just days before the election.

And almost exactly two years earlier, Missouri Democrats had to replace Governor Mel Carnahan, their candidate for the US Senate, in late October when he died in a plane crash. As the New Jersey case proved, the closer you can get to election day before making the switch, the better chance you will have. Less time for the other side to conduct new opposition research, to do some polling, figure out a new strategy, and create advertising campaigns.

Less time that the replacement candidate needs to actually campaign. So think about this. They’re going to wait till the last minute. And I do believe they might even wait until October. Would that be an October surprise? Maybe, because I think September might be too soon. And I do believe this is why Trump and the patriots, maybe this is why they have already started to put out the information about Obama spying on Trump.

And I do believe this is going to build over time. So people start to understand, even though people aren’t seeing Michelle Obama, they’re not seeing the Obamas, but they start to understand who’s treasonous. Because when they introduce her, you don’t need time. Because if you do it beforehand and you get ahead of this, people start to think, people start to understand. And when they introduce Michelle Obama, people go, holy crap, wait a minute.

Didn’t they spy on Trump’s campaign? Didn’t the other treasonous information come out? This is going to make it very, very difficult for them. And what’s very interesting is that Trump, he retroth that same interactive poll where it said M. Obama at 6% this time he signed it. That’s very interesting. And think about it. The Biden administration, the fake news, continually calls us MAGA extremists. MAGA is bad. But once again, Trump always uses these things against them.

Remember during the BLM riots, the antifa riots? Trump went to the church and held up a bible. Well, Bill Clinton did the same exact thing. I think what he does is he uses the same things that they did and then he does it. And when they come out and say, holy crap, look what he’s doing. All he does is go back in time and go, look. But you guys did it.

Why is it so wrong now? Well, the same thing with MAGA. If you go back in time and turning point action, put this out, Bill Clinton actually said and used the slogan MAGA, make America great again. So again, they’re screwed. And Trump, I do believe he does this quite often and he uses it against them because when they try to attack him, people go back in time and they said, why are you attacking him? You already used it.

He’s using your phrase. He’s holding up the bible just like Bill Clinton did. And this counters their entire argument. Now, Trump, he was at the rally in Michigan and he said something very interesting. We have to let them know that a freight train is coming in November. Take a listen to what he said here to send the Democrats a message. We got to send them a message for November.

We got to get out and vote. You go next week, you vote because we have to put out the message. We have to get out. We have to let them know that a freight train is coming in November. Now, I do believe Trump, he wants the deep state to understand that we’re taking back this country and he wants the deep state to know that the people, they’re coming for them.

And I don’t mean with their weapons, with their vote. And I think in the end, he wants to show the deep state, I have the people. You don’t have them. I have the control right now. I have all the control I need. And I do believe this is exactly what he’s doing. He’s going to the people, just like Andrew Jackson. Trump also said this is going to be bigger than 2016.

Take a listen to what he said. Trump to be tried and convicted so that we get hurt for the November 5 date and he’s not going to hurt us because this is turning. My poll numbers today are much higher than they were three months ago because of this, our poll. Our, it’s actually our poll because we’re all in this thing together. We’re all in this mess together. We’re going to straighten this country out.

We cannot let this injustice stand. And that’s why I will fight crooked Joe Biden’s weaponized persecution at every step. And we will win. We’re going to win. This is going to be the biggest win ever. This is going to be bigger than 2016. Be bigger than 2016. And I do believe this is going to be bigger than 2016. It’s going to be bigger than 2020. I believe we’re going to have a lot of people voting for Trump, and it’s going to make it very, very difficult for the deep state players to actually cheat in this election, which actually is going to then force them to try to shut it all down, just like they’re going to shut down communications.

Now, I want to go back to a couple of posts because these posts have to do with Obama. The timing is very interesting and we’re coming up to many different deltas right now. And this is post 786 is February 18, 2018. It says, never forget over the fact that Obama was able to send $1. 7 billion in cash to Iran and nobody in Congress, the FBI, or justice called for an investigation.

What is the reason this is being brought back up? There is a purpose for every tweet and crumb dropped. Follow the money. Future proves past the great awakening. No escape. No deals. Trust the plan. Happy Sunday. So basically, why hasn’t anyone investigated this? Because they’re part of the criminal syndicate. Of course they’re not going to investigate. But now I do believe information is going to come out. Why did he send the money on pallets to Iran? Remember, this is about showing the people how criminal he really is, how treasonous he is to this country.

Let’s go to post. 27 87 this February 18, 2019, James woods put this out on Twitter and said if these actions were directed against a sitting democratic president, this would be a Watergate level story in the national media by now. Was there an attempt by an acting dag to weaponize the DOJ in a presidential coup d’eta? And yes, James Wood is talking about McCabe, talking about Baker, and how they were trying to take Trump out with the 25th amendment, which absolutely didn’t work.

So let me read down below. It says attempt to isolate FBI DOJ. Do you believe the FBI DOJ acted alone? If Hillary Clinton directed and financed the dossier in order to obtain the bulk so called evidence in order to generate circular news articles, think Yahoo and obtain a fiscal sign off. Is it reasonable to think that the members of the intel apparatus, State Department, White House, foreign allies, etc.

Were also involved? The biggest scandal in our known history. A new word for treason will need to be invented. Why does Hussein continue to proudly state his administration was scandal free? Define projection. His administration is full of scandal treasonous acts, and I do believe it’s about to come out. Post 27 Eightynu 18, 2019 shows the american flag and it says patriot and traitor. Gives the definitions of both a patriot, a person who loves, supports and defends his or her country and interest with devotion.

A person who regards himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government. Traitor, a person who betrays another or a cause or any trust. A person who commits treason by betraying his or her country. Down below it says the following, fellow patriots, what you’re about to learn, learning should not only scare you, but intensify your resolve to take back control, freedom.

The information that will become public will further demonstrate the criminal and corrupt, pure evil abuse of the power that the Hussein administration undertook in joint efforts with domestic and foreign dignitaries. And I do believe these posts, that everything that we’re seeing right now is meant for this time period. Michelle Obama coming in, the information is going to be dripped out against Obama and people are going to learn how treasonous he really is.

I do believe Trump and the patriots, they are getting ahead of the story, and this is how they’re going to counter Michelle Obama. And I do believe it’s going to work because it’s going to wake a lot of people up. Why do I say that as we go throughout this year? Remember, the economy is going to be failing. There’ll be events in this country, and we’re going to war.

With all of this happening and the information coming out about Obama, people are going to wake up. And remember the biggest cancer of society is Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Bill Gates and Obama. Think about this for a second. They’re the ones who are on the front lines, who are causing all this, pushing the 16 year plan. It doesn’t mean there’s not other people above them, but this is the driving force right now.

And that reminds me, and remember, these are the people that are, they’re the cancer. This reminds me in post 37 24 December 18, 2019 it must be done right. It must be done according to the rule of law. It must carry weight. It must be proven in the court of law. There can be no mistakes. Good things sometimes take time. Attempts to slow block the inevitable justice will fail.

D’s election interference 2016 Clinton Hussein illegal Fisas D’s election interference 2018 Mueller D’s election interference 2020 impeachment protection D’s interference in the election in 2024 election interference indictments think about it for a sec. These people are sick. We, the people, are the cure, and we are the cure. The cure is that everyone gets a vote. We vote these people out and we take back control. And we are going to take back control.

Why? Because the patriots are in control. Listen, everyone. Thanks a lot for listening. Be well, be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot. .

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