Ep 3284b – Message Sent Received Witness Tampering Information Waterfall

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➡ This report talks about a lot of things. First, it mentions a health supplement that can help people control their weight. Then, it discusses political issues, like how some politicians are trying to manipulate the system to their advantage. It also talks about how trust in the media is at an all-time low because they often spread false information. Lastly, it mentions a case where a whistleblower was charged for revealing information about a politician’s shady business dealings.
➡ Alexander Smirnoff, who claimed Biden was bribed by a Ukrainian company, was arrested for lying about it. Some people think this means Biden’s impeachment should be dropped, but others believe there’s still reason to investigate. Meanwhile, there’s growing anger about illegal immigrants committing crimes, and some people think Trump could solve these problems. Lastly, Trump’s company, DWAC, has been approved to merge with True Social, which could make him a lot of money.
➡ The text discusses the ongoing debate about gun control in the U.S., with some arguing that taking away weapons won’t stop crime, as criminals will find other means. It also mentions false statistics about gun-related deaths among children. The text then shifts to international issues, suggesting that the U.S. is preparing for war and highlighting tensions in the Middle East, Ukraine, and with North Korea. It ends with a prediction of a potential cyber war and the fear it could cause among the public.
➡ The text talks about how fear can be used to manipulate people into supporting war. It suggests that the media might exaggerate threats to make people scared and more likely to support military action. It also discusses political tensions between the U.S. and Russia, and the controversy surrounding the approval and side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine. Lastly, it mentions a fitness supplement and the misconduct hearing of a district attorney named Fannie Willis.
➡ This text talks about a complex legal situation involving Fannie Willis, a district attorney, who is accused of having a secret romantic relationship with Nathan Wade, a person she hired. She is also accused of using campaign money for personal use, including vacations with Wade. The text suggests that these actions are part of a larger pattern of corruption and unethical behavior in the legal system. It also mentions that former President Trump and others believe that these actions are part of a larger effort to unfairly prosecute him.
➡ This text talks about claims that former President Obama used intelligence agencies to spy on Donald Trump during his 2016 presidential campaign. It suggests that this information is now being confirmed, which could lead to serious consequences for Obama. The text also discusses the idea that the media has been lying about these events, and that more information will come out in the future that could change people’s views on Obama and other political figures.
➡ The article suggests that there might be a communication blackout due to a potential cyberattack, which could prevent devices from connecting to the internet. It also hints at possible distractions, like false flag attempts, to shift focus from information coming out against political figures like Biden and Obama. The author believes that despite these attempts to disrupt the upcoming presidential election, countermeasures are in place to ensure its security. The article ends with a prediction of chaos and war, but reassures that the patriots are in control.


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Com once again. That is trimwithx 22 dot or click the link in the description. Let’s get into the economic collapse. Political and geopolitical news now. The deep state, the corrupt politicians, big tech fake news, the puppet masters, they are now right on schedule with what they’re doing. We know that the primaries in South Carolina are next week. We know that Nikki Haley, she’s lost every single state so far, and she has stayed in trying to convince the people that she’s winning.

But we know what the plan is. The plan is to stay in long enough, hoping that something happens to Trump or Trump drops out or something like that. And we can see that the judge, judge in Goron, he made his ruling one week before the primaries, and his ruling was that Trump has to pay like over $350,000,000. Eric Trump has to pay four. Don Jr. Four. And we could see that they are now pushing their agenda.

So now we have two rulings where we have one for E. Jean Carroll of 83 million, and we have this ruling of 350 or so. So we’re looking at almost a half a billion dollars if you start to add it all up. And they want Trump to fold. Now, we also have the Supreme Court ruling that will be coming down about the ballot in Colorado. And I do believe Nikki Haley is staying in long enough to see what happens.

But I don’t believe Trump is going to give up. I don’t believe he’s going to stop. And this is going to piss off the deep state even further. Because remember, they’ve been going after him since the very, very beginning. And with all this evidence coming out with Biden, and it’s getting worse and worse for him. Because think about the drips that are turning into floods. And I do believe soon we’re going to see a waterfall of information come out because now we have the narrative building for Obama because who’s coming into focus? I do believe it’s Michelle Obama.

And actually Trump. He put out a poll, and the poll that he put out is very, very interesting and it might tell us something. We’ll be discussing that in a little bit. But once again, Biden, now he’s panicking and he decided to tamper with the witnesses in his case where this information’s coming out about him, money laundering, the shell companies, and he decided to go after a FBI whistleblower and he decided to indict him.

So basically, that’s witness tampering. And he’s now out there saying that the case should be dropped against him. Impeachment should end right now, but it’s not going to end because they have a lot more evidence that plan is going to fail. Actually, every single thing they try to do is going to fail. Going after Elon Musk and trying to censor X is going to fail. Trying to keep the narrative and keep the fake news out there and trying to control what people are saying on all the social media platforms that they control, that is going to fail because we have other platforms, which means eventually what’s going to happen is they’re going to become so desperate, they’re going to have to shut communications down.

And it seems that Dan Scovino might have sent us a message. He sent us something very interesting with AOL, a dial up modem, and it never got past the connection. So is he trying to tell us something? We’re going to be talking a lot more about this a little bit later, but first, let’s talk about what’s happening with the fake news right now because they are losing the people of this country.

People are starting to realize that it’s all fake. And I do believe this is going to get worse and worse for them as time goes on. Kenneco the Great put this out on x and said a recent Gallup poll found that only 32% of Americans trust the mass media, which is the lowest it’s ever been. 29% have very little trust, and a record high 39% have no trust at all.

Meaning about seven out of ten Americans do not trust the media. It’s interesting to note that trust in the media has consistently declined for decades among Democrats, Republicans, and independents. This decline has been pretty consistent since the 70s, until some Democrats fell for the media’s russian collusion hoax and the numerous other fake stories that they spread about Trump. But even among Democrats, trust in the mass media has been falling again ever since the Mueller report.

Right now, 58% of Democrats, 29% of independents, and 11% of Republicans still trust the media. The reason seven of ten Americans do not trust the corporate media is because they realize that the media is the number one disseminator of disinformation in the world. They’ve told lies that led our nation into wars, artificially divided the public, and spread disinformation our entire lives. The implosion of trust in the corporate media among the american people is completely warranted considering the media’s disinformation campaigns such as incubator babies, weapons of mass destruction, and the russian collusion hoax.

And all of this has turned out to be fake. And think about what we’re hearing now, the crossfire hurricane, that entire operation. And people are going to learn that, yes, Obama spied on Trump. The intelligence organizations spied on Trump. Remember, the deep state spied on Trump. This is how afraid they were of what he was going to do. Because remember, they never thought Hillary Clinton was going to lose.

They never expected this to happen. And they didn’t prepare. They didn’t hide all their classified information. They didn’t clean things up. They just didn’t have the time to do it. And when Trump came in, what happened? He saw everything that they did, and they know he saw everything that they did. Why do you think they’ve been trying to stop him this entire time? Why do you think they’re pulling out all the stops? Because they realize he knows and the people are going to know, because once again, he declassified everything.

And yes, that information is going to be coming out. But you can see with Biden, it’s getting worse and worse for Biden. And I do believe as this information comes out and the country starts to realize that Biden has lied, I think the people are realizing this now, and they see the evidence continually piling up right now. Eventually what’s going to happen is Biden he will not be able to stay in this position because his poll numbers will drop very, very low.

The people will not respect him. The people will say, this is not the guy that we need, especially with what’s happening with his memory and everything else. I think this is game over for Biden. Now he’s going to try everything he possibly can to stay in. And you can see he’s already doing this, and we’ll be talking about that in just a sec. But first, the oversight committee, they decided to put out the transcript of Babelunski.

And here’s a summarized version. It says, Joe Biden was the brand being sold by the Biden family. Joe Biden not only knew about his family business dealings, but he enabled them and participated in them. Despite being buffered by a scheme to maintain plausible deniability. Tony Babelwski tried to get other Biden family associates to tell the truth about Joe Biden’s involvement in his family’s business schemes. However, one replied, you’re just going to bury all of us, man.

Joe Biden is the big guy. Babalinski says Joe Biden has repeatedly lied to the american people about his knowledge and participation in family’s business dealings. And during the transcribed interview, Democrats put on a shameful display as they yelled at Mr. Babelinski, cut him off, belittled him and threatened him. But again, that didn’t work. So what did they do? Well, they decided to indict an FBI whistleblower. Special counsel David Weiss charged a former FBI informant who claimed Biden was bribed by ukrainian oil and gas company Barisma.

The indictment claims the informant lied about Biden’s alleged role in the business dealings. This individual’s name is Alexander Smirnoff, 43. He was arrested on Thursday at the Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, and he’s been accused in the indictment that his story to the FBI was a fabrication. He made it all up. So we have Jamie Raskin, we have Biden, and probably going to be many others saying, oh, wait, look, the FBI informant, the whistleblower, he was indicted, so the impeachment should be dropped.

So there should be no impeachment whatsoever. Basically, what did Biden just do? He tampered with a witness. And I thought you weren’t supposed to go after the whistleblowers. They went ahead and indicted him. Can you imagine if Trump went ahead and indicted Vidman, one of the whistleblowers, or anyone else? I mean, really think about that for a second. Trump, he retruthed Rob Schmidt and said, and this is what Rob Schmidt said.

No big deal. Just a whistleblower with proof Biden was corrupt in Ukraine. FBI ignored for years and watched as Democrats impeach Trump for trying to expose Biden’s corruption. So basically we have Biden trying to cover up his crime, trying to stop the patriots from looking into his business dealings in the impeachment investigation. And he thinks this is going to work. Actually, this makes him look completely guilty if you really look at it.

How stupid does he think the american people are? It’s not working. And you know what people see? Holy crap, it is a criminal syndicate. They went after someone who testified that, yeah, this is what Biden did. And now Biden’s out there saying, stop the impeachment. Look, we indicted someone. It’s not going to work. The oversight committee put this out and said, we have over 30 million reasons to continue this investigation.

And not one of those reasons relies on the corrupt FBI or an informant. Bake records don’t lie. And, yeah, this isn’t going to stop. And I do believe Biden’s going to try other things. And by the way, the COVID up always gets you. And all these things that he tries is not going to work. And I do believe in the end, they’re going to call it and they’re going to say, okay, Biden is out.

They’re going to tell him, this is your deal. Take it. If you don’t take it, we will force you out of this position. And I do believe more and more information is going to be coming out at Biden, because if he doesn’t step down, I think they’re going to force him and they’re going to force the Republicans to push the impeachment, which will then force Biden to take the deal that he’s losing it.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if they use the 25th amendment. Let’s see how this all plays out. But we know a change of batter is coming, and they’re already preparing the narrative for this. And you could see it already. Yes, Biden is trying to hang on, but it’s not going to work whatsoever. And we can see the border crisis is getting worse and worse, which means the people realize that this whole border bill had nothing to do with the border.

They just wanted money for Ukraine, Taiwan, and the rest. They wanted their money laundering money. That’s all they wanted. Because Biden, all he has to do is reverse everything that he did and the border shut down. But what are people noticing that? People are noticing that these people that are coming in they’re committing crimes. They are terrorists and they’re stealing from people in this country. N wokeness put this out and said an organized gang of illegal migrants have stolen millions from the wealthy gated communities around Detroit.

They are breaking into homes and taking safes, jewelry, precious metals, etc. County Sheriff Michael Bouchard says the gangs are from South America and are bypassing high tech security. So now we have these illegals coming into this country. They’re just going into neighborhoods and they’re just stealing. I mean, is this what the people of this country want? No, the people are getting pissed off. They’re getting angry. Forget about the mayors and the governors of these blue states.

The people of these blue states, they’re the ones who are getting angry. Remember, this is the court of public opinion. The mayors, the governors, they’re going to keep telling people it’s fine, it’s great, it’s fantastic. We got to let them in. We’re sanctuary cities. We’re a sanctuary state. But again, the court of public opinion, the people are going to go, wait a minute, I see people peeing in the street.

I see people sleeping in the street. I see them committing crimes and they’re right by my neighborhood. I don’t like it. Wall Street Silver put this out on x and said New Yorkers goes off about New York City migrant crisis. They’re not legal. If they were legal, they need to pay its taxes. There’s no laws against illegal migrants committing crimes. It’s lawlessness. It’s getting bad because they’re next to my house.

They piss on my door. I can tell that they are ganglords. They are tattooed from head to toe. And these are the people of New York. And yes, as it gets worse and worse, the people are going to start to rise up. Can you imagine one mayor Adams says, hey, by the way, we ran out of room, which you already said, you’re going to have to start to take the illegals into your home and wait until you see what happens when they say it is now mandatory.

You think the people of New York are going to be pissed off? You think the people of Boston are going to be pissed off? You think the people of Chicago are going to be pissed off? Absolutely. The people are going to turn on them. And Trump is going to say, you know something, it doesn’t have to be this way. We could deport all these people and we can prove your cities very, very quickly.

What do you think the people are going to do? They’re going to say, holy crap, let’s see Biden is allowing this, the mayors are allowing this, the governors are allowing this. And Trump is there saying, we can get rid of all these people very easily. Take a short period of time, we can round them all up and the people are going to go, holy crap, we want Trump.

All of this is working against the deep state players. And yes, it soon will work against the DS because the DS, they’re going to start to wake up. This is just the beginning because they’re going to be watching all this play out. And when they see real life things happening, like events, shootings, and they see all of this with the economy breaking down, because once the economy breaks down and people lose their jobs and the market falls, doesn’t matter what Biden says, they could love Biden, but when you don’t have a job, you’re going to be pretty darn pissed off.

And on top of that, if there are events, which I do believe there are going to be events, when they see events happening and they realize, hey, wait, these are illegals, these are gang people, these are terrorists. Well, that’s going to wake them up then. And on top of that war where their brother, their sister, their mother, uncle, cousin, daughter, son might have to go off and fight this war, and the war is not going to be fought off in foreign land.

It’s going to be fought here. So everyone’s going to be involved in the war. I think a lot of people are going to start to wake up and a lot of people are going to say, you know, I was with Biden until now because I can’t take it anymore. That is the precipice right there when people are so scared, so worried, so pissed off that they can’t take it.

And they say, enough is enough. You brought us to a place where you’re breaking us. And if we continue down this path, everything is destroyed. And I don’t mean destroyed in the schools, in colleges, I mean physical destruction. And yes, at that point, people are going to push back. The ds are going to lose it all, especially with all the other information that’s coming out now. The other thing that’s very interesting is that the SEC and pro swing trader put this out, has approved the merger of DWAC and true social Trump is expected to profit almost $4 billion given his 58% stake in the company and the current stock price.

The leftists trying to bankrupt Trump are in shambles right now. So think about the ruling that just came out with Anguaran and with E. Jean Carroll. Trump pretty much just countered this entire thing. And once again, he’s going to appeal all of this. So once again, in the end, all these people are going to have to pay up because once it goes to the appeals court, and even if they don’t rule in his favor, he’ll bring it to the next level.

But if he could find a judge, which I do believe he’ll find, that follows the rule of law, this is game over for them, especially the case in E. Jean Carroll and Angorin right now because there was no case. Trump wasn’t able to present evidence. Trump didn’t even get a jury. So I do believe what you’re going to see is you’re going to see this whole thing turn around.

But you can see the deep state players. They’re going all out right now because they understand that they’re going to be pushing war. War is coming. There’s going to be events and they don’t want the people having weapons. Remember, they’re way behind schedule in their 16 year plan and they’re going to push very, very hard in any type of shooting event. I do believe they’re going to try to use no matter what it is at this point because they have no choice but to get the weapons away from the people.

And you can see just from what happened with the Kansas City parade with the shooting there. You had Newsom, you had Biden. All these individuals were out there pushing gun control. And there are even more out there now. Jesse Kelly put this out and said not a single person calling for gun control today is actually upset about the shooting in Kansas City. Communists are anti humans. They don’t get upset over that stuff.

Everything is just an opportunity to disarm you so they can hurt you the way they want to. And Gavin Newsom, he’s right on schedule, saying that people who came to this celebration should expect a safe environment. This tragedy occurred even in the presence of uniformed police officers. We cannot accept this status quo. So what law is going to stop all this? You mean taking all the weapons away from the people? Well, then they would use knives and criminals.

They know how to get weapons on the black market. So is this really going to stop anything? No, it won’t. You know how it would stop. Can you imagine if everyone was armed? What do you think would happen during this period of time? They would have been stopped right away. Kamala Harris was out there saying gun violence is the number one cause of death for children of America, not some form of illness or car accident.

It doesn’t have to be this way. I call on Congress and state legislators to have the courage to act by passing common sense gun safety legislation. What she’s really saying is we need to take the weapons away from the people. This is what Canada did. This is what New Zealand did. This is what Australia did, this is what UK did. And now in the UK, they have a knife problem.

People are running around with knives and swords, and now they want to ban knives and swords. Remember, it has nothing to do with the weapon. People are going to do what people normally do, especially criminals. And if you’re bringing illegals into this country, yes, you’re going to have these type of crimes, and if you don’t enforce the laws, which they are not, what are you going to have? You’re going to have more and more crime as time goes on.

But everything that Kamala Harris said is completely fake, phony and false. Breitbart News, they fact checked her and they looked at the center for Disease Control and Prevention, and it shows that firearms related deaths for children aged zero to 17 were 2281 in 2020, while the number of motor vehicle deaths for the same age was 2503. Moreover, according to the CDC numbers, children are 27 times more likely to die in an accidental car death than in an accidental gun death.

And unintentional suffocation deaths are ten times higher among children than accidental gun deaths. And you have to remember the deep state players. What do they include in this number? They include children that are 18, but those children are not 18. They’re legal adults at this point. So they try to put those numbers in, because, again, when you’re 18, there’s a lot of gang violence and gang shooting. So if you remove that, you get the true numbers.

And this is where they’re coming out with those numbers. Again, all they’re trying to do is they’re trying to get the weapons away from the people because, remember, it’s infiltration from within. If you’re going to take over a country, you can’t have hundreds of millions of people armed. You can’t have 350,000,000 guns out there because it won’t work. The British found this out. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is we could see that they are now pushing war, and they’re going to continue to push war throughout this entire year.

And I think it’s going to really start to build around the spring and summer. It’s going to really ramp up. And you can see that this is happening out in the Middle east. It’s happening out in Taiwan. It’s happening out in Ukraine, it’s happening out in the Red Sea. And you can see it’s starting to really build. And North Korea is continually firing missiles, and it’s getting worse and worse.

And you could see that the deep state players, they don’t want Israel finding out where the terrorists are hiding. They don’t want them to find out their command center. They don’t want them to find out where the tunnels lead, and they don’t want them to eradicate them. And that’s exactly what is happening right now. And you can see the Biden administration, the deep state players, they’re panicking over this, especially Obama.

And the oversight committee chairman James Comer, is demanding information related to the Biden administration’s 2021 decision to restore us funding to the United nations relief and Works Agency amid reports that at least twelve UNRWA staff participated in the Hamas terrorist attacks against Israel in October. Plus, they found their operations center under the UNRW building. I mean, it doesn’t get clearer than that. And you can see that these people that are installed or put into positions, they’re not for America whatsoever.

We had secretary of defense Austin. He was in his office. He has an american flag on one side and a ukrainian flag on the other. Why in the world would he have a ukrainian flag? Why would Biden wear a pin that has the american flag and ukrainian flag? Are we part of Ukraine? I mean, Wesley Hunt says, what are they, the 51st state? Why would we have a ukrainian flag? Because once again, if you’re looking at the criminal syndicate, you’re looking at the deep state players.

Yeah. That’s their country. That’s their layer. That’s where they have their operations. This is where they perform everything. This is where their allegiance lies. It doesn’t lie with America. Remember, they’re the deep state, they’re the criminal organization, and they’re actually telling you straight out. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is that three us officials have confirmed an operation to hack the computer systems of an iranian spy ship identified as the converted freighter Bashad.

The ship is widely suspected of providing targeting information and intelligence to Yemen’s Houtti rebels, who have been launching missile and drone attacks on merchant shipping since November. Now, of course, Iran is denying this. They’re saying that we didn’t convert a military ship or anything like that. Just like Hamas lied that they have tunnels, they have computer systems and communication systems underground. Well, that turned out to be completely fake.

Phony and false. And once again, the deep state players, they are now cyber attacking Iran, which means Iran will most likely return the favor and cyber attack the United States. And I do believe in the end, we’re going to have a cyber war. And yes, the deep state players, they’re preparing and getting ready to blame one nation or maybe multiple nations for the attack. And we could see that this is going to be building and building.

Remember, what you’re seeing right now is the bullies, which is the deep state players. They are now bullying and hitting the other nations, and they’re not really telling people what they’re doing. And then eventually what’s going to happen is they’re going to attack later on, and then the deep state’s going to say, hey, look, they attacked out of nowhere. They cyberattacked America. This is how they’re going to make it look, because they really want us to go into war.

And Trump has mentioned that we’re going to be heading towards war. And I do believe this is going to be the scare event. And yes, a lot of people are going to be afraid. Think about what you felt like when 911 happened. Yes, we know it’s an inside job, but think about that moment in time when you saw the World Trade center come down, when they basically grounded all flights.

People were very nervous. People were very afraid. Think about COVID When everything was locked down, they told you to stay home, put on masks, don’t go outside. The general population was very afraid. What happens if there’s a missile headed towards United States? What happens if it’s flying over the ocean and the fake news is reporting that, hey, North Korea or Iran or any one of these different countries, Russia, maybe.

What happens if they’re reporting that they fired a missile, it’s heading towards United States and it’s out in maybe the Atlantic Ocean or the Pacific Ocean, and they’re continually showing this, and the missile gets closer and closer and they make it a really big deal, how they have to project and how they have to hit it out of the sky. And the news plays this over and over and over, showing you that the missile is coming.

You think people are going to be afraid and nervous, and eventually what will happen is most likely they’ll shoot the missile down and people will go, holy crap, look what just happened. This war is real because now we can be attacked. I think that’s what they’re going to show the people. Now, this scenario might not happen, but you could see how they’re going to build this up to scare the people.

Because without it, how do you tell people we’re going to war? How did they get us into World War II? Oh, that was Pearl harbor. How did they get us into the Middle east? Oh, they brought the World Trade center down. How are they going to get us into World War II? You think it’s just going to be a attack, or do you think it’s going to be multiple attacks? You think there’s going to be events in this country, maybe illegals that came over the border and they might blow up something or do something or maybe use drones, maybe not.

But we could see that they can build this up to make it look like we are headed towards war. And this is really what they want. They want war. And people are going to see this. People are going to be afraid. But remember, Trump has the ultimate countermeasure. It’s called peace. So, yes, they can build this up. Yes, they could scare the people. But in the end, when he tells everyone, listen, you can either have poverty and war and it’s not going to know bullets flying past you, but yes, you’ll see that, but it’s going to be nuclear war first, and then the troops will come in.

So if you want something like that, vote for Biden. He’s your man. But if you want more money in your pocket, you want the economy to do well and you want peace, well, then vote for Trump, because I can have peace within 24 hours after I’m elected. And I wonder how people are going to react to this. But you could see the Biden administration, they’re now pushing their agenda because what just happened out in Russia, Alexey Nalvini has died in Russia.

And he was part of the opposition party. He was at a prison in the Arctic. And basically, if you go back to 2021, Biden warned of devastating consequences for Russia if this individual died in prison. And that’s exactly what happened. So when you look at Biden’s statement back in 2021, he said, I made it clear to him, and that’s putin, that I believe the consequences of the Nalvini dying in prison would be devastating for Russia.

So what do you think Biden is going to do? Is he going to do something to Russia? I mean, right now he’s trying to use this to get the bill passed for Ukraine. Is this going to work? Absolutely not. But will they try to do something out in Russia or maybe in Ukraine against Russia? Most likely, yes. Because again, if you look at the 16 year plan, whenever all else fails, they have to bring us to war.

That’s their plan. I believe Trump, he turned the tables on them and he’s going to use this against them. And he does have the ultimate countermeasure. That is peace. But it looks like all the evidence now is coming out about COVID about the bioweapon, because right now, Congress, they are now interrogating certain individuals in Congress about the vaccine. So the select subcommittee on the Coronavirus pandemic held a pivotal hearing titled Assessing America’s Vaccine Safety System, where the director of the FDA’s center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, Dr.

Peter Marks, faced intense questioning over the rapid approval of the Pfizer BioinTech Covid-19 vaccine. And Dr. Marks admitted that the original deadline was set for January 18, 2022, but due to the alleged sharp increase in Covid-19 deaths, led to a push for faster approval. The hearing revealed that Dr. Marks and former FDA commissioner Jenna Woodcock had relieved Dr. Krause and Dr. Gruber from their roles and let’s talk about our health are you finding it harder to build muscle as you get older? Most guys over 35 start to notice a decline in their performance because of low t.

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When questioned, Dr. Marks confirmed his awareness of the association between the vaccine and myocarditis, particularly in young men. Dr. Marks also confirmed discussions regarding myocarditis particularly in young men, as a safety concern associated with the vaccine. Despite these concerns, the vaccine was ultimately approved on August 23, 2021, just one day before the military mandate for a vaccination was issued. Coincidence? I think not. The select subcommittee put this out and said US FDA scientists warned their colleagues about the dangers of Russian Covid-19 vaccine approval.

The FDA ignored the warnings, dismissed the scientists, and went forward with the accelerated approval anyways. Days later, the Biden admin mandated the vaccine. That tells you everything you need to know. And Marjorie Taylor Green, she was referring to the VaERs report showing how many vaccine injuries there are. So in December, in the middle of December, there was about 10,596. In 2021, there were 706,000 reports on varys for vaccine injuries and deaths.

In 2022, it was 206,676. In 2023, the numbers went down because the mandates stopped. So during the mandates, the vaccine injuries increased. And what did the FDA, what did all of them do? Absolutely nothing, as usual. And we could see that these bioweapons, if people continually took it and took the boosters, we would have millions upon millions of sick people all over the place, and it wouldn’t be Covid.

It would all be caused by the bioweapon. Once again, these people lied to the american people. They experimented on the american people, and the people went along with it because they believed them. And once again, they knowingly did this. They knew exactly what the problems were with the vaccine. This is why they wanted everyone to get it. This is why they were mandating it, because they couldn’t have a group that refused a vaccine, because then you would see the difference.

Oh, you see the people that didn’t take the vaccine, and you see the people that did take the vaccine. How come the people that didn’t take the vaccine, how come they’re not getting myocarditis? How come they’re not getting sick? How come they’re very healthy compared to the people that took the vaccine. People will see the difference. That’s why they were mandating it. And it completely and utterly fell apart.

Because now you have two groups and you can compare them, and it’s getting worse and worse for them, just like it’s getting worse and worse for Fannie Willis. And you can see the fake news they’re trying to cover for Fanny Willis. Patriots are in control. Put this ad on x and said the fake news is actually spinning. The Fanny Willis train wreck yesterday as a huge success. Fury was precise and laser focused.

Fanny fires back. Big nothing. Burger failed to turn up evidence of corruption. The mainstream media gaslighting is off the charts and it is off the charts. And Paul Sperry put this out and said d a Fannie Willis radical black Panther father John Floyd, who lived with her and advised her when she indicted Trump, will be called as a witness in her misconduct hearing Friday. Floyd shacked up with FBI most wanted terrorist Angela Davis, involved in fatally shooting a judge.

And yes, he did take the stand and it was a complete and utter disaster. Actually, Fannie Willis was a complete and utter disaster, and you could see that she was panicking on the stand. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is that the judge went off on Nathan Wade’s former law partner for skipping the court testimony for a doctor’s appointment. And the judge was like, what is this? You were supposed to be here.

Jonathan Turley put this out on X and said the following the judge in the Georgia just warned counsel for Terrace Bradley that he considers the medical appointment without notice to be a violation of his subpoena. His counsel insists that he must meet with his doctor to follow up on his status. In light of his appointment, Judge McAfee made clear that his patience was running out because Bradley was given advanced notice of his need to appear.

John Floyd, the retired lawyer who has experience on racketeering cases and when you step back and you take a look, these people are all the same. They pick the bottom of the barrel. And when you start to hear these people, these people don’t sound like these are follow the rule of law type of prosecutors. It seems like they’ve been installing all the dregs or the worst of the class, and that’s exactly what they’ve been doing.

Because you don’t want people thinking logically. You don’t want smart people in there. You want the dumbest person that will follow instructions that you can blackmail and who have tendency to commit crimes. And this is exactly what we’re seeing. Techno fog put this out and said witness Fulton County Da Fenny Willis started a romantic relationship with Nathan Wade in 2019. This contradicts the filing of Wade Willis that the relationship began in 2022.

False statements to the court this is getting bad for Will, for Willis. No doubt they were in a romantic relationship, observed Wade and Willis hugging and kissing as far back as 2019. Willis told her multiple times of the relationship back in 2019 through 2021. Julie Hamill put this out and said, if I’m tracking this correctly, Fanny had a tax lien, took out cash from her campaign, kept it in her house, hired her married lover for a job he was not qualified to take, then paid her lover cash from her campaign stash for their vacations.

Do I have the facts correct? Absolutely. Trump, he put this out on truth. He said the following. Does anyone really believe that Fannie Willis paid cash to her lover whenever they took expensive trips together? Really? Where did she get the cash? Pretty weak questioning yesterday. I guess they don’t want to insult her. No way she can explain any of this corruption away. Then Trump put this out from Phil Holloway.

It says Willis violated these ethical rules by Wade, with whom she had an undisclosed romantic relationship, paying Wade hundreds of thousands of dollars in county funds and accepting gifts from him, which she did not disclose to the county. Based on the foregoing rules, Willis should have known that her actions would violate Fulton County’s ethics rules, and Willis should have known that her ethical violations would lead to an irreparable conflict of interest.

Accordingly, she and Wade must be disqualified from further prosecuting this matter. Absolutely. And you can see that going back in time when Fannie Willis was running for her spot district attorney, she said something very interesting, and this was back in 2020, and stormers arrived. Put this out, and this is what Fannie Willis said. I certainly will not be choosing people to date that work under me. Well, she did do that, and now she’s screwed.

Trump, he put this out on truth. He said the following. They’re talking about the Georgia Fanny scandal all over the world. In fact, by far, it’s trending. Number one, I can’t believe the Georgia state judiciary or the governor can be happy about this humiliating embarrassment. It was a fake case from the start, and now everybody sees it for what it is, a major league scandal. The legal pundits, experts and scholars are all screaming that this witch hunt, which has hurt so many fine people and patriots, should be immediately terminated and permanently erased from everyone’s memory.

The stench of what has happened should shame Georgia no longer. It should get back to greatness, and fast. And he’s absolutely right. And it is falling apart. And the people are seeing, remember, this is the court of public opinion, and the people are definitely seeing it. Raspussen reports. Put this out and said September 2023, a majority, 56% of likely Georgia voters believe it is likely. Trump is being unfairly prosecuted by Willis, including 39% who say it’s very likely.

What do you think they’re saying now after the case with Fannie Willis? I think those numbers are going to really switch around here and we’re going to see that. The people are going to say, yeah, you know, something. This is one gigantic scam. It’s all coming from the Biden administration. It’s all coming from Joe Biden. And how do we know that? Well, three separate prosecutors reportly met with the White House aides before indicting Trump.

The timing of the indictments are peculiar. After Trump announced a re election bid against Biden, four indictments hit Trump in four separate jurisdictions, each following revelations about the Biden family business. In three cases, prosecutors reportedly met with Biden administration before indicting Trump. Alvin Bragg met with Biden for Stormy Daniels. Jack Smith met with Biden for the documents case. Fanny Willis met with Biden for the Georgia case. And Letitia James visited the Biden White House in April of 2022, August of 2023, and July of 2023.

I think that tells you everything you need to know. And right on schedule, we have Ngorin, Judge Ngorin, he decided to put out his ruling one week before South Carolina. I mean, you just really can’t make this stuff up. Remember, Nikki Haley was staying in the race. She lost every single state and she stayed in the race until South Carolina. And Goran, he put out his ruling and I do believe they might even try something else.

But they’re hoping that Trump will drop out, will quit, or the people will say, holy crap, he is really guilty. I can’t believe this. So he made his ruling. It was a 92 page filing, and he’d ordered Trump to pay more than 355,000,000 fine and imposed a three year ban in New York City. He also fined Don Jr. And Eric Trump around $4 million each. Think about this for a second.

Think about what the people are thinking right now. You think this is going to hurt Trump or help Trump? Well, the people are thinking, well, if they can do this to him and there’s no victim. He paid back the loans, the bank was happy, and now he’s banned from New York and he has to pay over $350,000,000. What do you think the everyday person’s thinking right now? This system’s so corrupt, they’re going to come after all of us.

Plus, this ruling is going to hurt New York. Think about all the real estate developers. Do you think they really want to do business in New York after this case? Absolutely not. I mean, yes, we know that Trump is going to appeal. We know he’s going to appeal the E. Jean Carroll case, which he’s already doing. He’s going to appeal this case. And I do believe in the end, I do believe they’re going to find that these cases they were ripe with fraud, that there was no case, it was all made up.

And these judges, these prosecutors, they should be disbarred, and they should pay Trump back every single cent that he spent on this and maybe even a little bit more for his time. But this is going to help Trump in the end, not going to hurt him. But remember, the deep state players, they’re doing this in phases. Okay? We got the monetary part all set, and hopefully he won’t be the nominee.

But when this fails, they’re going to move into the next phase because the other ones are criminal. And yes, they’re going to try to arrest him, yes, they’re going to try to put him in jail. But is this going to work? Nope. It’s going to fail big time. And as all of this is playing out, and then there’s trying to stop Trump. Trump, he’s showing everyone that he was telling the truth.

That Obama, the intelligence organizations, they were spying on his campaign, they were spying when he was running, and they were spying on him when he was president. And now the people are learning this is exactly what they’ve been doing. Let’s go back a little bit in time to 2015, because there’s an article out of the Guardian that says british spies were first to spot Trump’s team’s links with Russia.

How did they spot this? If it’s all fake, if it’s all made up? That means these individuals created all this and they allowed five eyes to pick this up. Awaken, outlaw. Put this out and said the following. So, yeah, about this document. I trust everyone understands the enormity of what this confirms in no uncertain terms. A little over two months before his 2016 election victory, Obama straight up asked GCHQ, the UK’s intelligence, security and cyber agencies, to open an operation to spy on Trump.

Many of us have known this for years, but the confirmation changes all the math because it’s not speculation. Not anymore. With nearly two months left as a deadbeat president, and just before Trump’s inauguration in January 2017, Barack leveraged the expertise of one of the finest intel organizations in the world to sidestep Donald’s constitutional rights and target him for surveillance while he was running for president. Manu, this is nothing short of legitimately jaw dropping development, folks.

But make no mistake, the confirmation feels good, man. And yes, this opens the door for everyone else. And it brings into focus the Obamas. Look what they did, and the people now see it. Chillum put this out on X and said, remember, it was NSA director Mike Rogers that told Trump he was being spied on. On November 17, Trump then moved transition meetings from Trump Tower in New York to his golf club in New Jersey.

That would be Ben Minster. Two days after Trump moved the meeting, Brennan orders Clapper and Carter to fire Mike Rogers. Let’s go back to post 1866. This is August 14, 2018. It says the following important takeaway. We’ve had the ball the entire time. Think offense. Why did POTUS move his entire operation out of Trump Tower the day after the Admiral Rogers skiff meeting? The world is watching. The world is here.

Eyes on. Then we have cash putting this out. And he says the following on truth Gina Haspell, then London station chief for CIA in 2016, was the only person who had legal authority to permit and did offensive operations on foreign soil, England for the IC and FBI. She became CIA director and blocked the release of our 2018 HPSCI report on Brennan’s ICA. Why the media is now reporting Brennan’s ICA was basically the Steele Dossier 20.

The real question is, why did Haspell block our report? What don’t they want you to see? And why hasn’t Congress subpoenaed Haskell, who now works at Chris Ray’s old law firm for the last three years? So what don’t they want everyone to see? Well, I do believe what’s going to happen is everyone is going to see it. And yes, the information coming out is going to get worse and worse against Obama.

People are going to learn that he’s committed treasonous crimes against this country and it’s going to blow people’s minds when they find out what he has been doing. Because I do believe Trump and the patriots, they want Barack Obama front and center. They want Michelle Obama in the crosshairs will be on Obama. And the people are going to learn who is conducting this 16 year plan, who is destroying the United States.

And no, he’s not alone. Yes, there’s people above him, and yes, he has the foot soldiers. But the people are going to learn quite a bit. But what the people are learning right now is that the fake news has been lying to them for a very, very long time. If we go back in time, we had CNN reporting on the Russia hoax, calling this the big lie of Trump.

And they were saying that Trump has been lying about everything. He has no proof that it was Obama. He’s making it all up. And it’s a big lie. Take a listen to what CNN said the biggest lie of all, repeatedly and with no facts to back him up, making the outrageous claim that the so called deep state spied on his campaign. He did it again today, but I hope it’s not true.

But it looks like it is. It’s not true. It’s a lie. Did the intelligence community spy on President Trump and his campaign? No, we did not. This is not just an angry president popping off. This is a deliberate and coordinated effort to save his presidency, to cast doubt on the Russia investigation by repeating, so really think about this. They’ve been saying it’s a big lie, and now it’s turning out to be the big truth.

And the truth of what Trump said and the liars are turning out to be the media. Now think of the election rigging of 2020. They use the same exact phrase, the big lie. Soon it’s going to be the big truth for Trump, and the fake news is going to be the big liars. You see, this is helping the people understand how the fake news lied to them over and over and over.

Because when you’re starting to see this information, you’re starting to realize, wait a minute, the Russia hoax thing was fake. They spied on his campaign. And the fake news, the intelligence organizations, Obama, they were all involved in this. Yes. Hillary Clinton and the rest, they were all orchestrating all of this. And how do we know that there was no Russia, Russia, Russia. Well, yes, Mueller’s report. But think about what Michael Schellenberger discovered.

He said the US government said in January 2017 that Russia favored Trump as president. But now sources reveal for the first time that the CIA cooked the intelligence to hide that Putin wanted Hillary Clinton, not Trump as president. General Flyn responded to this and said, say it isn’t so. Russia really did want Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama wanted her to win, too. She was the snow globe he had in mind, sheikh, whenever he needed something.

So once again, they cooked the intelligence so nobody would know. And they blamed it all Trump. So basically, they projected all their crimes onto Trump. Now, think about it. Putin was out there letting everyone know. Yeah, I’d rather not have Trump. I’d rather have Biden. He’s my favorite. I’m endorsing him. So everything now is off of Trump and it’s on all these people. Interesting, isn’t it? Remember this picture going back to 2020? This is what Trump put out.

Trump is in Trump Tower and outside the window with a suction cup and binoculars, is Obama spying on Trump? Trump was right again. And now we can see everyone is starting to understand. People are learning. And remember, this opens the door. And I do believe as we go throughout this year, leading up to the presidential election, I do believe a lot more information is going to come out.

And yes, it’s, in the end, it’s going to turn out to be a waterfall of information. Remember, I do believe they’re prepared and ready to do the change of batter. And I do believe it’s going to be Michelle Obama. And what’s very interesting is that Kamala Harris, she was asked if she is ready to replace Joe Biden. But once again, she’s very, very unpopular. She’s less popular than Biden.

So I do believe, yes, she will step into that position as acting president. And then eventually what they’ll do is they’ll trade one black woman for another because they know that she’s completely unpopular. But Trump, he put this out on truth. He said the following in just three and a half years under crooked Joe Biden, the world has experienced misery, destruction and death. America is no longer respected because we have an incompetent president who is weak and doesn’t understand what the world is thinking.

I am the only one who can bring peace, prosperity and stability like I did during my first term. America will be respected and feared, if necessary, again. And he’s absolutely right. And the people, I think they’re seeing this, and I do believe eventually what’s going to happen is that the DS, they’re going to start to wake up now, again, you just can’t dump all the information on them.

They have to hear all of this. They have to talk to their friends, and more and more are going to wake up. And I do believe a lot more are going to wake up when you see war, when you see the economy crashing. But Rasmussen reports put this out on x and said the following majority of voters now Judge Biden’s presidency as failure. A majority of voters view Trump’s term in office a success, even as they consider President Joe Biden’s time in the White House a failure.

So basically they see Joe as a failure, Trump his presidency as a success. And I think the people are starting to get it. And people say, well, I don’t think the D’s are ever going to wake up. Think about where we came from. Nobody knew anything about Biden. Nobody knew anything about his shell companies. No one knew anything about who orchestrated the russian collusion hoax, the steele dossier.

Think about as time went on, how much people have learned. They learned who the criminals are, slowly but surely. And now Obama is coming into focus. Soon everyone will know who the main players are. And yes, they’re not the only players, they’re people are above them, Soros and many others. So, yes, people are learning. And all this information is coming out. It’s not because the deep state is in control.

It’s because they’re not in control. And Trump wants everyone to see this. And Trump, he puts something out that’s very, very interesting on truth. He normally puts out interactive polls, and he put this one out and it says, 2024 election February 16 presidential winner Trump 53% Biden 33% M. Obama 6% RFK Jr. 2% why did they throw M. Obama in there? That’s very, very interesting. Why would that happen at this point? Is he trying to say something? Is he trying to say, yes, a change of batter is coming.

And this is the person. Very, very interesting. The other thing that’s very, very interesting is what Dan Scavino put out. He put out a screen, a little video of America online on x, and it shows a dial up modem, and it never connects to the Internet. So remember, on America online, for those that remember, first you had the dialing, then you had the handshake, and then connected to the Internet, three boxes.

It never gets past the first box. Take a listen to what it sounds like. So is he letting us know eventually what’s going to happen is that people will not be able to connect to the Internet. There’ll be no way to connect because of maybe a cyberattack. This is very, very interesting because it seems like it answered, but there’s no connection. And I do believe what’s going to happen is just like the FBI reported, the Internet is not going to go down.

Devices will not be able to connect to the Internet because I do believe there are certain malware and things in the chips that will prevent the devices from connecting somehow, some way. And I do believe this is going to be a communication blackout. Now, do I think the patriots have countermeasures in place? I absolutely do. But let’s go back to post. 27 26 this is February 15, 2019.

It says, be alert. Next ten days false flag attempt may be carried out in an attempt to change the narrative. Negative optics, high possibility of multi day coverage, event forcing pause on news. And, yes, we could see this, how this might be possible, because, again, we have open borders, plus all the information that’s coming out against Biden. And Biden indicted a whistleblower hoping to stop the impeachment proceedings.

And we have the information coming out against Obama. So would they want a distraction at this point? Yes. Would they try to push gun control? Maybe. Would they try to push war, maybe. I do believe all these things are on deck. Then we have post 27 45. This is February 17, and it says information waterfall. Buckle up, traders. And they are all traders. And I do believe the information is going to be coming out.

It’s going to build as we go down this path, down this year to the presidential election. And people are going to learn, as we’ve already learned, Hillary Clinton was involved in the Steele dossier, the Alphabet hoax. She paid for it. We’ve learned that Biden has been working with foreign countries, has shell companies. He’s been using his family to money launder. He is now completely compromised. He’s a national security threat.

They all cheated in the election. And now we have Obama coming into focus. And now it’s coming out that he spied on Trump’s campaign. Now, a lot of us already knew this, but think about the rest of the population. They didn’t believe it when Trump said it, but now he’s showing them. And now people are starting to learn. So you’re starting to see all the players come into focus.

And I do believe once people understand that these people are treasonous, they’ve committed crimes. Wait until you get the crimes against humanity, then throw in that they overthrew the United States government and the duly elected president. See how all this is coming together. It looks like the storm is really forming. And yeah, they’re going to have to stop all this information. And I do believe this is why Scavino might have given us that message.

So message received. But I do believe Trump of the Patriots, they know exactly what they’re going to try to do. They’re going to try to cheat in the election. They’re going to try to cover up the information. They’re going to have a communication blackout, probably with a cyber attack. And they’re going to try then to postpone the election. But I do believe Trump and the Patriots, they are prepared for this and they’re ready to have the elections guarded.

And most likely the elections we will use paper and people will have to show their voter id. Now, again, the optics are going to be pretty darn good because Trump is not going to be directing all this. I do believe these things are already set in government and the agencies already have their backup plans. So the optics are going to be good for Trump, not so good for Biden, because remember, this is all under his watch.

And if he’s removed, it’s going to be under Kamala’s watch. But the agencies were already set up to have these backup plans. And people can’t blame Trump. He’s not the person in the White House. I do believe Biden is going to be calling out the National Guard. I do believe Biden is going to say we were attacked. He’s going to authorize all of this. Now, it might be Kamala that’s authorizing all of this, but I do believe the optics are going to be pretty darn good and they’re going to be off Trump.

So when the elections happen, yeah, they’re going to try to blame Trump, but people are going to say, well, Biden did all this. He ordered paper ballots through his agencies. He ordered voter id in the agencies. He had the military guard the elections. So how is it Trump’s fault? How did he cheat? That’s impossible. And they’re going to reject all of this. And that’s where we’re going to see war and chaos.

But I do believe Trump and the patriots, they’re leading them down this path. And Trump, he has countermeasures in place. I don’t mean him personally. I do believe the military and the rest, they have countermeasures in place. And yes, when they start the riots, they’re going to know exactly where the illegals are, the criminals are. When they try to start war, Trump is going to have peace and this is all going to backfire on them.

They will not get their distraction they need, they will not get the war they need, and it’s all going to fall apart and the people are going to see it all. Why? Because the patriots are in control. Listen, everyone, thanks a lot for listening. Be well, be safe and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot. .

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