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➡ The X22 Report talks about a supplement that helps people control their weight and improve their health. It also discusses political issues, claiming that Barack Obama and his team spied on Trump’s campaign. The author believes that more information about this will soon be revealed, which could lead to a big shock for many people. The article ends by suggesting that Trump is in control and is exposing the crimes of his political opponents.
➡ The text talks about how some people believe that powerful groups are trying to control the country and its information. It suggests that these groups might be willing to cause harm to keep their power. The text also mentions that some people think that former President Trump tried to expose these groups and their actions. Lastly, it discusses suspicions about Joe Biden and his family’s business dealings, suggesting that there might be some wrongdoing.
➡ The text discusses concerns about President Biden’s performance and potential impeachment, suggesting he’s being influenced by others like Obama and Soros. It also talks about issues with illegal immigration, claiming that criminals are being sent to the U.S. and causing problems. The text mentions problems with housing these immigrants, particularly in New York City, and suggests that citizens may be asked to house them, which could lead to conflict. Lastly, it discusses a mysterious car accident involving a relative of Senator McConnell, hinting at possible foul play.
➡ This text talks about concerns over rising crime in New York City, possibly due to an alliance between a Salvadoran gang and Venezuelan street gangs. It also discusses the impeachment of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, which could reveal important information during the trial, even if he isn’t removed from office. The text also mentions concerns over gun control and attempts to track gun purchases, as well as a push to rewrite the constitution to ban assault weapons. Lastly, it talks about attempts to change voting in Idaho to challenge pro-gun laws.
➡ Some politicians are trying to scare people about a national security threat to push their own agendas, like passing a big money bill for Ukraine. They’re also trying to distract from a scandal about the CIA spying on the former president. Meanwhile, there’s a debate about whether NATO countries should pay more for their own defense, instead of the U.S. covering most of the cost. There’s also concern about potential conflict with China and North Korea, and how this could lead to a nuclear war scare.
➡ This text talks about various issues, including claims about Obama’s plans for war, the pharmaceutical industry’s fear of a potential cancer vaccine, and the infiltration of schools by harmful individuals. It also discusses laws against pedophilia, the controversy surrounding the January 6th event, and Trump’s ongoing legal battles. The text suggests that all these events are part of a larger, hidden narrative.
➡ The text discusses a series of legal and political events involving Trump and other figures. It suggests that attempts to convict Trump and prevent him from running for president might backfire, as it could gain him more public support. The text also mentions controversies involving Fannie Willis and Nathan Wade, and speculates about potential election interference. Lastly, it discusses the possibility of Biden being declared unfit for presidency and the implications of electronic voting machines.
➡ This text discusses the possibility of removing a president from office due to cognitive decline, using the 25th amendment. It suggests that Vice President Kamala Harris could potentially take over, but this would be difficult and unlikely due to political realities. The text also delves into allegations of spying on President Trump’s campaign, suggesting that former President Obama and others may have been involved. Lastly, it mentions a document that could potentially provide evidence of this spying, and the use of foreign intelligence agencies in the process.
➡ This text talks about how some people in power, including former President Obama, allegedly used false information to spy on President Trump during his time in office. It suggests that this was part of a larger plan by the “deep state” to control the government and that this information will soon be revealed to the public. The text also mentions that the future of America is at a crossroads and it’s up to the people to decide its direction.


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Com once again. That is Trimwithx 22 dot or click the link in the description. Let’s get into the economic collapse. Political and geopolitical news now. The deep state, the corrupt politicians, big tech fake news, the puppet masters, it looks like they’re definitely heading down the path the patriots set for them. Because once again, we’re already starting to see the narrative build for Barack Obama. And remember, Trump has been saying from the very, very beginning that Barack Obama, the intelligence crew, they have been spying on his campaign.

And now the information has come out. It has opened the door and people are starting to hear this for the first time. Now, is it really the first time? No, of course not. We heard this back in 2017. 2018. Trump continually told the people that Obama was spying on his campaign. But once again, he can tell them over and over and over. But are the people going to believe? No, absolutely not.

But he did put it on record. So when the truth comes out, people will go, holy crap, he was right again and again. Sometimes you got to show the people and it looks like everything that was done back in 20 16, 20 17, 20 18 moving forward where they were spying on his campaign, all of this is going to be coming out very, very soon. I do believe all roads lead to Obama.

And I do believe they’re building the narrative right now. When I say they, I’m talking about the Patriots. They’re building the narrative right now because remember, the deep state players, the DS, they are prepared and ready to bring in their other candidate. And I do believe when Biden gets the nominee, that’s when they’re going, I don’t mean on that day, but they’re going to make the swap and they’re going to bring in Michelle Obama, which means Barack Obama is fair game, which I do believe what they’re doing right now is they’re going to build the narrative over these many, many months.

They show the people, look what Barack Obama has done. And I do believe this is going to set everything up. And yes, you’re going to see a lot of information come out about Obama, the DS, the intelligence organization, and you’re going to hear a lot about FISA, how they illegally got fisas, how they illegally spied on people, and actually how they created this coup. Because remember, all of this revolves around the coup that they had.

And it was orchestrated by the DS. It was orchestrated by Barack Obama, it was orchestrated by the intelligence organizations. It was organized, and they carried out the actual coup. And that coup happened in 2020. And leading up to that, they put many different safeguards into place to get rid of Trump. One of them was crossfire hurricane, which completely and utterly failed, which led to them cheating in the election and overthrowing the government, overthrowing the duly elected president.

And yes, when the information comes out about the FISA, who was involved in this, FISA is going to bring down the house. Remember, on one side, Trump has the ability to force the rhinos out. They can retire. They can say they’re not running for election, and those people can be replaced. The other side, the DS, it’s a little bit more difficult because he’s not in that party, which means he has to expose that party and show those individuals who are criminal, who are treasonous to this country.

And it started out with Biden. People needed to understand that, yes, he was running a criminal organization. He had shell companies. He was money laundering. He was dealing with foreign countries. He was a national security threat. And all this was happening under Obama’s watch. You really don’t think Obama knew anything about this? Of course he did. But again, how do you make the people believe? You need to bring the people in very, very slowly.

You need to convince the people because just telling them just wouldn’t work. So people now can see this, and it’s getting worse and worse for Biden. And we can see James Comer is digging deeper and deeper and deeper, and he’s finding out more information on how he was giving money to his grandchildren. They were sending it back. And, yes, it’s going to get a lot worse. I do believe all this is being done because it’s going to show that Obama knew about all of this.

And we’re going to learn about a lot more from Barack Obama, how he orchestrated this entire 16 year plan, how he was the conductor and how he was spying on Trump, how he was conducting all these different agencies to remove Trump from the very, very beginning. And we’re going to see that he has not stopped at all. And I do believe people are going to be absolutely shocked when they see how much comes out against Barack Obama.

But I do believe this is just the beginning. The door has been open. And yes, the deep state players, they are now planning their attacks. And yes, these attacks will be based in information. These attacks will be physical, but they are planning their attacks. And we can see they’re already making their moves for a communication blackout. And they’re pushing pretty much everything they possibly can at Trump right now.

But I do believe in the end, all of this is going to fail because I do believe Trump at the patriots, they’re in control. I think Trump took control of the country back in 2020. The military took control because there was an insurrection against the president of the United States. And that president was not Biden. It was Trump. So the FBI, the DOJ, the Capitol police, the deep state players, yes, they went ahead and they overthrew the United States government.

And I do believe Trump took control of the country at that point. And now he has been pushing the deep state players to exactly where he wants them to go because he wants to expose all their crimes, just like the crimes that Biden has committed was exposed to the people. People might not believe, but as more and more information comes out, it’s convincing a lot more people. Now, this is going to lead into the Obamas.

And yes, this is going to be a shock to the world. It’s going to be a shock to those ds that have been looking at Obama saying, look, he’s perfect. He had no scandals whatsoever. Wait until they find out exactly what he did. And yes, these people, they might have a little bit of a nervous breakdown. But I do believe in the end, this is one way to unite the people.

And while this is going on, think about it, the economy will be failing there will be events in this country and we’ll be heading towards war. And as people learn about the Obamas and they see everything that is happening in here and they see the open borders, they’re going to start to understand what was really going on and what their agenda truly is and who’s been conducting all of this.

That’s what this is all about. Remember, Trump needs to show the people the truth. Remember, all of this is based on the 2024 election going all the way back to 2016. This was always based on the 2024 election. And yes, to actually go against their 16 year plan, Trump had to put together an eight year plan to counter the 16 year plan. And that’s why he put everything in place.

Because, remember, in the end, he could have marched in with the military. He could have had a military coup. But what do you think the reaction of the deep state would be? Do you think they’d be sitting there going, oh, okay, look, the military is coming to get us, I guess we’re done for it? No, they would have had their operatives, their foot soldiers do something horrible. You don’t think they would set off a small nuke someplace or multiple nukes.

You don’t think they would actually destroy the country? Of course they would, because their allegiance is not to this country. Their allegiance is to them and those who are orchestrating all of this. So once again, Trump didn’t want to take this path because a lot of people would have gotten hurt. He decided, you know something, let’s follow the constitution. Let’s follow the rule of law. Let the people decide.

Let’s show the people, let’s be transparent so the people understand exactly who is causing this pain. Let the people see it firsthand. Because of course, Trump is sitting there going, I could tell the people, I mean, I got all the classified information. I see it all. I can tell them everything. But the people aren’t going to really believe me. So I need to show them. I need to show them the truth.

I need them to understand what is really going on here. And as the people witness this, as people see this, that’s when people wake up. That’s when people say, holy crap, I can’t believe this is happening. I can’t believe this is true. And when they see more and more and more, because, remember, the drip method works very, very well. Because you drip information out, the fake news covers it, the corrupt politicians spin it, and then more information comes out which counters their spin and their lies.

That’s how you wake people up. And that’s what we’re seeing right now, yes, they’re going to have distractions, yes, they’re going to have events, but people are catching on. They’re understanding. This is how the deep state makes their moves. This is how the deep state tries to cover up and protect themselves. And I think in the end, when people see this all play out, people are really going to start to understand, especially when they go back in time and they hear Trump talking about all of this.

And I do believe this is why he did all of this. Even though the fake news laughed at him, even though the fake news said this isn’t true, the d said this isn’t true. Because now when you go back in time and you start to play all these clips of what Trump was saying, people are starting to believe. And yes, it’s a little bit harder with the DS, but I do believe we’re going to get there and it’s going to be a complete and utter disaster for the DS.

Because remember, when they learn what Obama did to Trump, when they learn how they lied to the FISA judges, when they learn how they spied on a political candidate, then the president, and then they overthrew the United States government because they had to cheat in the election, and now they’re bringing us to war to cover up all their crimes, what do you think the people of this country are going to do? They’re going to sit here going, oh, my God, treason.

That’s what I see. And I don’t want to go to war. That’s what this is all about. That’s where all this is headed. And yes, I do believe the people are going to get it. But again, along the way, what is the deep state going to do? They’re going to try to control information. And that’s exactly what they’re doing right now. Because what’s very interesting is that CBS News, they let go Catherine Herridge.

Now think about this. They laid off 800 jobs and they laid off one of the best journalists on CBS. Well, General Flyn responded to this and said CBS just destroyed themselves. CBS. Herridge remains one of the finest investigative journalists of modern times. To fire her is a sign they are about to burn down themselves. Good riddance, CBS. Now, think about it. Did they get rid of Tucker Carlson from Fox? Why would they do that? The biggest name had the biggest audience.

He was the driving force on Fox. They decided to get rid of him. Why did they get rid of Herridge? Because I do believe they’re prepared and they’re getting ready to control information and they can’t have these people actually doing investigative reporting. They need the idiots, the stupid people in there to repeat what they want repeated. And that’s exactly what they’re preparing for. And we’re going to be talking a lot more about this a little bit later because Soros just made a major move to control information and communications.

I feel like there’s a communication blackout coming very, very soon. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is we could see the deep state players, the DS, they’re making their move to take back control of the house. And this is why they got rid of Santos. And what did they do? They replaced Santos with a Democrat, which is Thomas Sousey, and he won the New York congressional seat vacated by George Santos.

Now, remember, George Santos was not convicted of anything. They decided to make a move and remove him, like almost the first time you’ve ever seen that. But we could see there are many rhinos now that are not seeking reelection. I do believe Trump of the patriots, they’re now showing these people, yeah, if you’re part of the rhino system, your days are numbered. And you can see that a lot of these people, they’re not seeking reelection.

And yes, Trump has the ability to remove these people in showing them that they’re not going to have control anymore. And these people aren’t going to seek reelection. But the DS, they’re going to be a different story. The people need to see the truth and how criminal they really are. And we see that Mark Green, who’s a Republican, he decided that he’s going to retire from Congress. And I do believe we’re going to see a lot more people.

But you can see the Biden administration and Joe Biden. They are now panicking over all this information coming out about Joe Biden. I do believe they want Joe Biden to last long enough to get nominated, and that’s when they’ll start to push their agenda to remove him. And this is why you can see Schumer, Hillary Clinton, the fake news, the White House press secretary, they all have the same 04:00 a.

m. Talking points, that he’s sharp, he knows exactly what’s going on. He’s an incredible leader. I do believe this is going to start to turn around, because again, they’re all on the same page. And you can see that they’re pushing this long enough for Biden to get nominated so they can sneak someone in. Remember, they don’t want anyone else to be the nominee. They need to make sure it’s Biden that’s why they’re waiting.

They’re waiting because they need to make sure that he is the only one, he’s the nominee. Then they can bring in their other person, and that’s exactly what they’re doing. And you can see Biden and the Democrats, they are panicking over the information that’s coming out against Biden because, again, we have a lot of whistleblowers, and these whistleblowers are telling the truth. And remember going back in time when the de said, you’re not allowed to attack a whistleblower, you’re not allowed to do this because, again, it puts their lives in danger.

It looks like they have no problem attacking Babelinski. Tony Babalinski and when he testified he was telling the truth, comer put out a statement and said Tony Babalinski articulated under oath that Joe Biden was the brand the Biden sold to enrich the family. Joe Biden not only knew about his family’s dealings with the Chinese Communist Party linked energy company, but he also enabled them and participated in them.

Tony Babalinski testified he believes Joe Biden committed wrongdoing and continues to lie to the american people about his participation in his family’s influence peddling scheme. Miranda Devine responded to this and said, the Democrats disgrace themselves today. Yelling and threatening and slandering Tony Babalinski shows how desperate they are to hide the truth. But the naval veteran was unshakable. Absolutely. Paul Sperry put this out and said the following. Tony Babalinski’s lawyers has sent a letter to house oversight ranking member Jamie Raskin blasting him for mischaracterizing Babelinski’s closed door deposition.

We are watching the death rows of a political narrative that Biden wasn’t involved in his family business. And it’s getting worse and worse for the Biden because James Comer and the patriots, they are continually digging and digging and digging. I do believe they’re probably getting a little bit of help from the patriots where they’re saying, this is where you need to look, that’s where you need to go.

And we could see that the House impeachment investigators, they have identified a newly discovered bank account and are probing suggestion from a witness that the account may have been used to route money to Biden from his grandchildren. So think about this for a second. Have you ever seen money flowing from the grandchildren to the grandfather? That would be OD, wouldn’t it? Comer said the following the flow of money from grandchildren to grandfather would be unusual if confirmed.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t know anyone in the world whose grandchildren have ever deposited money into a savings account for their elderly grandfather. But now, maybe I’m wrong, but that’s something we’re certainly looking into, Comer says. So now they’re looking into this, and I do believe they’re going to find a lot more than meets the eye. And yes, this is going to be putting a lot of pressure on Biden, but again, they’re going to need to keep him in there long enough.

And I do believe once he’s nominated, that’s when everything starts to fall apart. Trump, he puts out a truth, and he’s referring to the her report, and he says the following. The her report shows that practically everything Joe Biden said was a lie. Additionally, he was illegally weaponized the DOJ and the FBI, together with local Das and attorney generals, against his political opponent, me. Nothing like this has ever happened in the USA before.

And for this, he should be impeached. Joe Biden is destroying our country, is a threat to democracy, and is without question the worst president in the history of the United States. Make America great again. And yes, Biden should be impeached if he was really the president, but he’s the president now. I wonder if the Republicans are going to make the move to impeach him, to push the DS to actually get rid of him, which means they would have to use the 25th amendment to actually push this.

Now, I do believe that this might happen where there’s a lot of pressure and they take him out in this fashion. And this will be very, very interesting because once again, the people are seeing the truth. The people are seeing that Biden is losing his memory. He makes a lot of mistakes. He makes a lot of flubs. He forgets things. He doesn’t know who’s there, who’s not there.

And I do believe that as time goes on, yes, eventually what they’re going to do is they’re going to give him a cognitive test, and this is going to be game over for Biden at this point. If you notice they’re pushing back on that. Wouldn’t they want to just give him a cognitive test to shut everyone up? Well, they don’t want to do it too soon because again, they need him to be the nominee, and that’s what they’re doing.

Because remember, everything that he’s doing is actually coming from Obama and actually coming from Soros and those people above him. But remember, Obama is the conductor, and that’s why we have the open borders. That’s why we have the Muslim Brotherhood and all these illegals coming into the country, because once again, it’s infiltration from within. It’s not invasion. They needed to destroy the country from within because this is the only way they could defeat the country.

But they needed to do something which was very, very important. They needed to get the weapons away from the people. And that has been the biggest problem for them. Bringing in the illegals hasn’t been a problem for them because all they had to do is reverse everything that Trump did. And by doing this, everyone saw it. Everyone realizes the wall works. Everyone realizes a secure border is very, very important.

And we could see they’re bringing in the dregs of life because they’ve opened their jails, they have opened their insane asylum, and they’re bringing these people in. And people are coming in from Africa. These aren’t the good, upstanding citizens. These are the people that have been in prison. So the countries around the world are opening their prisons and sending them here. Why would they send criminals here? Well, look at it.

No cash bail. Criminals love criminals. They’re great foot soldiers. They have no problem in committing crimes, killing people, destroying buildings, setting things on fire. So why wouldn’t you bring them in? If you’re trying to destroy the country from within, you need foot soldiers that don’t have a moral compass. So you bring these people in here. The red headed libertarian onx said the following other countries send the dregs of their societies to our southern border, and they are able to divert that money to better their own countries, while America foots the bill and risks the consequences of the rapists, the Pedos, murderers in our country? Absolutely.

And we could see that every single day, these people, they continually commit crimes. Remember those individuals that actually beat up the NYPD cops, and then they were released with no cash bail. Well, again, we can see that these individuals, they’re not going to become model citizens. They’re going to continually commit crimes. Libs at TikTok on X put this out and said, this is Darren Andrews Gomez, 19, an illegal who was arrested earlier this month after he beat up NYPD cops.

He was released without bail. He was just arrested again for helping organize a robbery at Macy’s. Democrats. No bail policies in action. They’re letting the illegals terrorize american citizens. Yes, that’s exactly what they want, and we can see it happening firsthand. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is that they weren’t able to push their border bill. Yes, they separated it and they were pushing the bill to get the money to Ukraine, to Palestine, to Taiwan, to Israel, but they couldn’t get the border bill passed.

And it looks like the deep state players, they’re very angry at McConnell for backing off. And what’s very interesting is that McConnell’s sister in law died in a car accident. Now that’s very interesting. Was that a message to McConnell saying, hey, listen, you didn’t do what we told you to do and these are the consequences. Rasmussen reports on X put this out and said legacy media, all of them, will not report how Angela Chow’s death occurred.

They seem somehow unable to speak with local Texas police agencies. This is the tell. Here’s an article from, I think, the New York Times and it says her family confirmed her death. Details about the accident were not immediately available. But when you look exactly what happened to her, well, they are available. She died when her Tesla suddenly reverses into a Texas pond. Think about that for a second.

Hey, remember the movie that Obama was involved in, leave the world behind? Remember that scene with Teslas coming down the road and they were remote controlled? I wonder if they were able to get control of the Tesla and make it go into a pond and they killed her. It’s starting to seem that way. But we’ll have to see how they explain all of this on how the Tesla decided to back up and go into the pond.

This is going to be very, very interesting. Of course, they’ll spin it. They’ll make up a story. But we could see that the illegals, they’re becoming a very big problem for all the different cities out in Chicago, Detroit. We see it in New York and many other areas. And right now we see Mayor Eric Adams. He has declared that the New York City is finally out of room.

They have no place to put the illegals. They don’t have the money. They’re not getting any money from the federal government. So there’s a major, major problem in New York and these people have to sleep out on the street. And he says, well, it’s our responsibility to give them housing. But again, we can’t do this. So he has a couple of options right now. He can tell Biden, hey, Biden, we really need to shut the border.

This is getting out of hand. Does anyone think that’s going to happen? Absolutely not. He could beg Biden for money. But again, Biden, the Democrats, they don’t have control over Congress. So most likely Congress, they’re not going to go along with this and they’re not going to give money to Biden to pass along to all these different areas. Now, can Biden take the money that he might get from Ukraine and use this and send this money somehow, some way to all these people? Yes, they could do that, but I don’t believe that Johnson is going to allow this to happen because he’s already putting the Gabosh on that bill.

We’ll be talking about that in just a sec. Now, the mayor, just like out in Boston, could ask people to take the illegals in, saying, listen, it’s your duty. And I do believe he’ll probably come out and say this. It’s your duty. I think the governor has already said this. I think now it’s his time to say it. It’s time for those people living in New York to take people in.

Now, some people will, but I don’t believe the majority of the people are going to say, you know something, that’s a great idea. Let me take them in. And I do believe what’s going to happen, just like out in Boston, people are going to reject this. And eventually what they’re going to do is you’re going to see these different cities. They’re going to start demanding it. They will start making laws saying that you must take them in, which goes against the third Amendment.

And the people, then they’re going to get very, very angry. Remember, these people are dictators. And when they’re pushed against the wall, just like during COVID when they thought they were empowered to do whatever they wanted, they became full dictators. You can see it very, very clearly. Then when it was shown to be unconstitutional, they scaled it back. Now with the illegals, I do believe you’re going to see them come out once again.

And the people, they’re going to get very, very angry. Remember, this is all about the 2024 election. Sometimes you got to show the people the truth here. And the people now in these different areas, they’re starting to really, really see it. Especially, they’ll really see it when there’s an event, because right now, the FBI, they fear there may be an alliance brewing between El Salvador’s MS 13 gang and Venezuela’s trend argua, that would see New Yorkers terrorized by crime sprees.

So right now we can see venezuelan street gangs. They have massively grown its ranks across the sanctuary city of New York City, particularly the Bronx. And now we could see that this is building and building and building. And I do believe we’ll probably see crime, events and things happen in New York. And I do believe the people, they’re going to get pretty darn pissed off and very, very angry as time goes on.

And we can see the house, they were able to do it. They impeached may orcus. And now the country can see that, yes, he was impeached. Now the trial goes to Senate. Now, does anyone believe the Senate is going to fulfill the impeachment requirement and have him removed and make an example of him? I don’t know if it’s going to go that far, but what I do believe is going to happen during the impeachment trial, people are going to learn a lot.

People are going to learn who has been responsible for all this. People are going to learn. Look what they’ve done. They reversed everything that Trump has done. Look at the laws that they reversed. Look at the executive orders that they reversed. Look what they put into place. They knowingly kept the border open and they lied to the american people. I do believe the people are going to learn quite a bit from this trial.

Even if Majorcas isn’t impeached, the people are going to learn. Remember, this is the court of public opinion. People must see this. And you can see the deep state players, the fake news. They’re pretty darn upset about Mayorkas being impeached. Patriots are in control. Put this out and said the pro drug and sex trafficking news outlets aren’t too happy about the Mayorcus impeachment. Coming from the huff post House GOP impeaches DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas just to help Trump.

Coming from the Washington Post, the contrived Majorcas impeachment checked three GOP boxes, Vox Republicans’baseless Majorcas impeachment sets a disturbing precedent. You think they’re panicking? Absolutely. Because they’re afraid of what is going to come out in the trial. Remember, if they impeach Majorcas and remove them, they’re just going to put another stooge in there and that stooge is going to do the same exact thing. What do you think is going to happen? You think they’re going to put someone in that’s going to close the borders? No, that’s not what’s going to happen.

But the most important point of this is that the people see it and the Republicans present the evidence so the people could see the truth. And it’s going to be documented evidence. And this trial is going to start at the end of February. Bill Mulugani put this out and said DHS secretary of Mayorka’s impeachment trial begin in the Senate in late February, according to Senator Schumer’s office. So this is going to be very, very interesting how this all plays out.

And the other thing that’s very interesting is you could see the deep state players. They have infiltrated pretty much everything, because when you look at DC, you could see especially what happened in January 6 with the Capitol police. They don’t really care about the constitution. They really don’t care about anything. And I think this is proof that they really don’t care because climate activists, they came into the Rontunda where the constitution is kept, and they decided to put red powder on the constitution.

Yes, I know there’s glass that’s protecting it. It’s sealed. No air gets in. But again, why would you allow people to do this? And they let them make their speech before they arrested them. Wouldn’t they rush in to get them? Because how do they know they don’t have a hammer? How do they know that they’re not going to break the glass? How do they know they’re not going to do anything else besides this? So once again, was this planned? Did they know about it? It’s starting to seem that way.

And it looks like they really don’t care. And I’m talking about security, Capitol police and the rest. They really don’t care. And I think this is proof right there. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is right after the Super bowl, all of a sudden at Kansas City, they had a parade and then there was gunfire that erupted. Very interesting that we had an event right after the Super Bowl.

I guess it was too complex to do it during the Super bowl. So they had it after the Super bowl. And again, you can see what this is all about. They’re trying to get the weapons away from the people. And yes, they’re going to continually try and try and try. And what’s very interesting is that, yes, there were two people that were arrested. I believe they’re black and they’re not going to continue with this story.

But it looks like a bunch of dudes chased and tackled one of the Kansas City parade shooters and held them down until the police came. This is what the deep state doesn’t want. They don’t want real men out there because real men will tackle shooters. Real men with weapons will go up against dictators, a tyrannical government. And this is something they definitely do not want. And this is why they’ve been pushing their agenda very, very hard.

And we can see they’re now making this push to take the weapons away. It doesn’t matter if there’s a trans shooting, it doesn’t matter if there’s black individuals shooting at this point of the game, I don’t think they care. They’ll use whoever they need to use. All they want to do is continually push that message. Remember, their bills don’t get passed unless there’s an event. And without an event, the bills just sit there.

Nobody cares about them. And that’s why they’re going to continually do this. And you can see already out in California, visa and Mastercard, American Express, they’re implementing a code to track gun purchase information in California. So they’re going to try to track the weapons. I do believe this is what’s going to happen, is we’re going to see gun owners of America. They’re probably going to sue and they’re going to probably have discovery.

They’re going to show the government has been in contact and forcing the financial institutions to do this, just like they were forcing people on social media. And once again, it’s going to go back into court. And yes, the deep state players, they know it takes time. But again, they want the financial institutions, the private companies, to gather this information and then send it over to the government so they can create a database.

So at this point in time, if you live in California or anywhere else in that matter, I don’t know if I’d be using credit cards right now. So once again, we can stop them and we can stop all of this very, very easily. But you can see Joe Biden is out there right after the shooting, and he says that we must rewrite the constitution and we must ban assault weapons.

Now, basically, he just said we have to ban assault weapons, which is actually kind of rewriting the constitution because this has been their push this entire time. Because again, Obama was supposed to complete this during his first eight years. They had the UN arms treaty. They wanted that passed. And he had event after event after event, but it all failed and they were never able to push that through.

So now they’ve been trying all different ways to try to get the weapons away from the people because again, they did it in Australia, they did it in New Zealand, they did it in the UK, Spain, France, you name it, Canada. They took the weapons away from the people. And once again, what’s protecting we the people? The right to own a weapon and to carry a weapon. And the founding fathers, they knew from the very, very beginning.

And what’s very interesting is out in Idaho, it looks like the far left extremists are pushing rigged choice voting in Idaho to attack pro gun laws. Their goal is to take out lawmakers friendly to the second amendment so they can overturn the constitutional carry, stand your ground and more. Basically, they want to turn this into California, New York. That’s really what they’re trying to do. Will it work? I don’t believe so.

Just like it didn’t work when they tried to push the bill to get money for Ukraine. Right now Speaker Johnson has completely shut down the Senate bill and now the DS are struggling. So what do they do? Well, they try to scare the people to get the people to do what they want. And we had Mike Turner out there. He put out information that would scare the people.

He said today the House Permanent select Committee on Intelligence has made available to all members of the Congress information concerning a serious national security threat. I’m requesting that Biden declassify all information relating to this threat so that Congress, the administration and our allies can openly discuss the actions necessary to respond to this threat. Pretty darn scary, isn’t it? Well, Osint defender put this out and said three members of the US House Intelligence Committee have told Politico that the national security threat caused by a new russian capability is disturbing, but that it is a longer term concern, not today thing and that it is a serious issue but not an immediate crisis.

DC Drayno responded and said, and there it is. House intel rhino Mike Turner is trying to scaremonger to help pass the Ukraine’s 60 billion money laundering bill. But three other House intel members say the threat is a longer term concern and not a today thing. We’ve already exposed their plan. Rasmussen reports put this out and go says gotta shift the news cycle away from the crossfire hurricane origin story, fingering Brennan and CIA.

Tada. Yes. And that’s exactly what’s happening because what happened? Well, immediately after the news broke that a missing binder confirms the CIA colluded with foreign governments to spy on, frame and overthrow the president of the United States, which was Trump. All of a sudden they put this out there and I don’t believe this is the only agenda. They want the money, they want to cover up the story of the crossfire hurricane and they wanted to shut down FISA 702.

Mike Lee put this out and said just as the House was making progress on FISA reforms, the GOP, the intel brothers, demanded that the House adjourn without reforming FISA 702 or even prohibiting warrantless backdoor searches of american citizens under FISA 702. So they don’t want FISA to disappear. They want to have this access one way or another. And I think Sean Davis pretty much sums it up. The only response to intelligence community leaks and assertions based on the multidecade history of the agencies and individuals involved is to assume that they are lying to you in order to steal what’s left of your money and liberty.

All they do is lie. Rick Grinnell put this out and said the timing of this generic public announcement is very suspect. A chairman can privately call the DNI or the president and push for a public statement or a warning. You don’t need this general public statement that raises more questions than it answers. And he’s absolutely right. And you can see why they push this. They did it on purpose.

And now a republican congressman has demanded an inquiry into the GOP chairman of the House Intelligence Committee for allegedly compromising national security after he made a public statement about highly classified information. And they should investigate this and see exactly what is going on here. But I do believe this was all part of their agenda, to actually create an event, which they did, to actually shut down the FISA inquiry and to actually push the bill through.

Hopefully, everyone would be afraid. And it didn’t work. Actually, it kind of backfired. And we could see that everything that they’re trying to do is not going to work, which means they’re going to take it to the next step. Remember, these people don’t stop. They keep pushing and pushing and pushing. Remember Biden, the rhinos, the deep state players? They’re in a bit of a jam here. They’re not getting the money that they need.

Remember, they need money to launder. They need money to send over to other deep state operatives. They’re not getting it. And now they’re panicking over all this, which means, let’s talk about tax relief. Do you owe back taxes? Pandemic relief is now over. Along with hiring thousands of new agents and field officers, the IRS has kicked off 2024 by sending over 5 million Payup letters to those who have unfiled tax returns or balances owed.

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Call them at 1802. Four, five, 6000 for a private free consultation or visit tnusa. com x 22 or click the link in the description. Most likely they’re going to have an event, a false flag event, to try to push this. They might even blame this on Russia or someone else to try to push this. And I do believe there’s going to be an event in this country. Now, how did these people get in here? Well, I do believe it’s all going to be traced back to the borders, but let’s see how this all plays out.

Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is that Trump, he came out with something on truth, and he says NATO countries have to pay up. They’re making a mockery of the US. Since my statement on NATO, they’re all starting to pay again. And he showed NATO members military spending as a percentage of GDP. And it breaks down each country. Right now, the USA, 3. 49%, Canada, 1. 38, UK 2%, France, 1.

9. And it goes on and on and on. And he wants everyone to pay their fair share instead of the United States paying for it all. Now, Biden, he freaked out over this and said that this is un american, which is absolutely ridiculous. Why would the United States, the people of this country, have to pay for every other country? Well, you know what’s happening. These people are launding their money.

They’re taking this money and actually shifting it to different places. Trump responded to this and said the following. Could somebody please inform our uninformable president that NATO has to pay their bills? They are right now paying a small fraction of what we are for the disaster in Ukraine, which if we had a real president, would never have happened, there is probably 150,000,000,000 difference. They should equalize with the US fast.

The european nations, when combined, have approximately the same size economy as we do. They have the money, pay up. And he’s absolutely right. But we could see that Germany right now, they’re following suit. You think they realize that Trump is going to win the election? Most likely. They announced they will meet the 2% pledge for the first time since the cold war. I wonder if other countries are going to join in with this.

Let’s see how this all plays out, because this is going to be a big problem for the Biden administration and the deep state players. Now, the other thing we could see is that, yes, the deep state players, when all the evidence comes out about how they were spying on Trump, how Biden is a criminal, how Obama is treasonous, how he was working with the intelligence community and other deep state players, they’re going to have to try to distract all this information.

I believe this is when they’re going to try a communication blackout and they’re going to try to bring us to war. And we could see that North Korea, they are continually firing missiles. They fired a new type, which is a surface to sea missile. And now they have a missile that they can fire from a submarine. They have an underwater weapon that creates a radioactive tsunami. They can fire their ballistic missiles from land to reach other countries.

And we can see that this is building and building and building. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is that the air force and space force, they unveiled a major overhaul to prepare for war with China. And this is what they said. And this is what they said. U. S. Military officials are preparing for a future direct confrontation with China, despite the risk of it escalating into a nuclear war.

Now, once again, we know that World War II is not just one country but many countries. And if we go back in time, Trump has warned us that the war is going to be the n word, and the n word is nuclear. And I do believe we’re going to have a nuclear scare, and people are going to see this all play out. And again, you’re going to have two sides.

You’re going to have Biden, which is poverty and war, and you’re going to have the other side, which is Trump, which is peace and wealth. And I do believe the people, in the end, when they see all this play out and the economy start to fall apart, we start getting closer and closer to war. I think people are going to start to realize the different sides here. And people are going to start to wake up very, very quickly.

But again, people can’t be told. It must be shown to the people. And those ds, they have to see it firsthand. Now, think about it. As we approach war, the information about the Obamas are going to be coming out at the same time, and people are going to start to learn about the 16 year plan. They might not call it the 16 year plan, but they’re going to start to understand that Obama, he was conducting this and he wanted to bring the United States to war and he wanted to infiltrate the country.

Think about all this. I wonder if this is going to go into uranium one and who he sold the uranium to. Because again, if there are countries that are looking to attack the United States with nuclear weapons, and it turns out that he sold uranium to Russia, they passed it along to Iran and passed along to North Korea and Iran and North Korea and maybe China are pointing nuclear weapons at the United States.

Well, people are going to be looking at Obama, why would you do? Hmm, that should be very, very interesting. And the other thing that’s very interesting is we could see that the deep state players, the pharmaceutical companies, they are now panicking over their bioweapon. And we could see they’re changing the laws out in Europe and France, they have passed a law, and it says, any criticism of mrna platform is punishable up to three years imprisonment and €45,000.

Article four is central to the new law, which was first deleted but then reinstated. This creates a new criminal offense and criminalizes those people that criticize the mrna platform. I wonder who pushed this law? You think it was the pharmaceutical companies? Absolutely. And now they don’t want people talking about it. If they could do that here in the United States, they would. Now the other thing that’s very interesting is that Putin came out and said that russian scientists were close to creating a vaccine for cancer that could soon be available to patients.

Now, if this does happen, and by the way, Russia is not the only country that’s doing this. If this does happen, what happens to the entire cancer industry? Remember, the pharmaceutical companies, they don’t make their money from curing the disease, they make their money from treating it. And think about how big the cancer treatment is. Think about all the machines, think about all the doctors, think about all the drugs.

Because again, when they give you one drug, they need another drug to counter that drugs, whatever that side effects are from that drug. So this is a very big industry. Do they have a lot to lose? Absolutely. Now you can understand why they never wanted cures. They just keep repackaging the same exact drugs over and over and over. It’s all starting to make sense right now. Now the other thing that’s very interesting is we could see that those teachers and professors that were brought into certain positions across the country, into elementary school, middle school, high school, and then colleges, they’re all part of the infiltration.

They didn’t get the best of the best, they got the worst of the worst. And most of them, if you look, they’re trans, pedophiles, criminals, you name it. And they brought them all in to teach our children how to be pedophiles, how to be criminals, how to be trans, if you really think about it. And they wanted these people, the children, brainwashed. Because how do you change a nation? This is how you do it.

And every day that passes, we learn more. And more about these people that they brought in to teach our children. And when you look at Penn State, a Penn state professor is charged with animal cruelty. Now, this individual was having sex with animals, bestiality. He was also using tree branches to stick up his butt and all these other things. These people are truly, truly sick. But out in Idaho, what are they doing? Well, they’re showing the pedophiles, listen, if you go after the children, it’s the death penalty.

The Idaho House of Representatives passed a house bill, five one five, a measure that could see the death penalty extended to severe sex crimes against children under the age of twelve. So they’re trying to push this, and they’re sending a huge message. And I do believe Trump and the patriots, I remember Trump giving a speech saying, yes, these people should be put to death. And I do believe we’re going to start to see a lot of states push these laws, and they’re going to be countering the pedophiles.

Remember the deep state players, they’ve been trying to normalize pedophilia. And we could see the patriots, they are now fighting back against this. And we could see that in the end, they’re going to lose, because the truth will always shine through. The truth will always stand tall, just like it’s standing tall in what happened in January 6. As more and more evidence comes out, it’s getting harder and harder for the deep state.

And people are starting to learn who actually had the insurrection. It wasn’t Trump and the Trump supporters, the MAGA supporters, it was actually the deep state. They had the insurrection against Trump and the people of this country. They overthrew the United States government. They overthrew the duly elected president. Yes, they cheated in the election. There’s a lot of proof out there. And again, if one thing isn’t secure, it means the whole thing is not secure.

And with all the information that’s coming out, with the mules and the machines and what they did, passing laws without the legislators, that means the election isn’t secure. And actually, from the CISA documents, it shows that they were very concerned about the mail imbalance, because it pushes fraud. And we could see how they were able to cheat in the election. Now, I do believe Trump and the patriots, they caught them, but again, they did have an insurrection.

They completed it on January 6. And now that is falling apart. And every day that passes, more and more information comes out. And there’s new January 6 footage that was released, and it showed a highly trained bomb sniffing dog missed the DNC bomb. Completely, just few feet away. How in the world is that possible? Because once again, you can see that this was all set up to have an insurrection against Trump and overthrow the United States government, overthrow the duly elected president.

And sooner or later, people are going to understand what really happened here. And I do believe it’s going to be a lot sooner than people even realize. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is that we could see that a judge in New York City, this judge has dismissed Trump’s request to toss the ridiculous New York case and the trial is now scheduled for March 25. Now, this case has to do with Stormy Daniels, the hush money case, and this case was brought by Alvin Bragg and it’s going to begin on March 25.

The timing is very, very interesting. Trump, he put this out on truth and said the following, heading yet to another courthouse in Manhattan on a case that would have never been brought if I wasn’t running for president. The Biden DOJ has its top person here in charge. Case should have never been brought. There is no crime. They won it before election. Could have been brought three years ago.

They waited until election period. Election interference. And that’s what this is all about. It’s all about election interference. And right now you could see that the case with Chuken, well, that case has been delayed and I do believe they’re going to use this later on because they’re going to have all the other cases first, see what they can get out of it. And if all else fails, they’re going to convict Trump right before the elections.

Julie Kelly put this out and said to demonstrate how preposterous it is for Jack Smith to first demand a six month indictment to trial timetable for Trump and now push scottish to deny Trump’s stay application for appellate court decision so Washington trial proceedings can restart in hopes of achieving a conviction before election day. Let’s look at the case of a January 6 defendant who be on trial in Judge Chukin’s courtroom on March 4 instead of Trump.

Lynn Wood Nestor was arrested in May 2022 on the four most common J six misdemeanors. Here is DOJ’s recap of his trial schedule. Nearly one year after Nestor’s arrest on misdemeanors, not vague charges, and historical prosecution of a former president, DOJ set this pretrial calendar in April of 2023. You will note the time elapsed between April 2023 and October 2023. Trial date is the amount of time Smith initially demanded for Trump from indictment to trial.

Six months Chukin ordered a still unprecedented seven month trial schedule. Any January 6 defense attorney or truthful line prosecutor will tell you this is the normal course of events. So how did Nestor’s trial get kicked to March 4 from October 17? Well, it appears Nestor’s defense attorney recognized Chukin’s hands would be full with Trump’s trial, which included an important hearing the day before Nestor’s trial was set to begin.

Offered to change his plea from not guilty to no low contenderie on all four misdemeanors. That means the defendant would accept punishment but not admit guilt. DOJ objected and Chukin denied his plea offer. This might be my favorite part. With Trump’s DC proceeding on hold in December 2023, pending appeal of her immunity order, Chukin then allows a remarkable ten month delay between Nestor’s first trial date and rescheduled trial date.

Chukin wants to make sure her docket is clear from Trump’s case. She knows appellate SCOTUS proceedings will push Trump’s trial months beyond original March 4 trial date. She’s not taking any chances. But then, a few days after she officially vacated Trump’s March 4 trial date, Chukin reset Nestor trial for that day. What is even more blatant is that Matthew Graves attempted to blame defense attorney’s schedule for the extended delay.

All of a sudden, he was free after Chukin’s vacated Trump’s trial date. This is just one example of how fluid these cases are to demonstrate the highly unusual nature of Smith’s request related to Trump’s trial. So basically, they delayed this because they wanted the trial date closer to the election. So they can actually most likely try to convict him at that point to make people believe that he cannot be running for president, he’s not a good candidate.

Remember, they’re trying to remove him any way they possibly can. But I do believe in the end, what’s going to happen is it’s going to completely and utterly fall apart on them. Because remember, if they do convict Trump and if, let’s say they put him behind bars with secret service around him and they clear all the cells, they’re going to take a picture and people are going to see this and go, holy crap.

And yes, Trump’s going to sell a lot of t shirts and coffee mugs and things like that, but this will bring people to his side and the people, they’re going to relate to the victim and they’re going to see the bullies and they’re going to see the victim and this is going to backfire on them, just like the entire case with Fannie Willis is backfiring on them. Remember Fannie Willis? Now she’s on trial.

She lied to the court and it’s getting worse and worse for her. DC drain, who put this out and said not only was Fannie Willis banging the guy she appointed and paid to help her prosecute Trump, but their relationship started before the Trump prosecution. We call that a conflict of interest at best and a criminal abuse of power at worst. Julie Kelly says, my God. Wade now testifying he paid for trips to Belize, Napa, and Willis reimbursed him in cash because she’s so independent.

But they went to Miami and a cabin in Tennessee who did any work. Mike Davis put this out and said, we all know that Fanny Willis is toast. She is more than likely going to be disqualified. Her boyfriend, Nathan Wade is going to face punishment. This entire case is going to get a lot worse for Willis and Wade before it gets any better. And the Georgia Bar association is now interfering, advising witnesses not to answer questions about Fannie Willis and Nathan Wade.

And Trump put this out. MSNBC just stated, game over for the fake Fanny Willis case in Georgia. Another scam coordinated with the Biden White House for purposes of election interference. But let’s see how this all plays out. This is going to be very, very interesting because it’s getting harder and harder for Biden and his thugs to go after Trump because I do believe information is coming out about these criminals.

Remember, these people are criminals. They were installed. So yes, their background is filled with all these things that they shouldn’t be doing. And it’s easy to find, it’s easy to point out, and I do believe this is going to get a lot worse for them. So that means the deep state players and Biden, they’re going to try to attack Trump even harder because remember, they don’t want him to be the nominee.

They’re trying to stop him any way they possibly can. But it looks like everything that they’re doing is not working. I do believe Angoron and I do believe the ruling from the Supreme Court most likely will be timed very, very closely to march Super Tuesday or something like that, and information will come out. And they’re hoping this information is enough to actually have the people say, okay, you know something, maybe we can’t have, or they’re hoping that Trump will bow out.

I do believe this is why Nikki Haley is trying to hang on there. Dan Scavino put this out on X and says Nikki Haley loses to Trump everywhere. Alabama, Nikki loses by 75 points. California, she lost by 67 points. Texas by 69 points. North Carolina by 54 points. Tennessee by 63 points. Virginia by 59 points. Oklahoma, 77 points. Massachusetts, 41 points. And we’re moving towards South Carolina where Nikki is from.

And when she loses there, it’s game over for her. She might still try to stay in there even though she doesn’t have a chance. But what she’s really hoping for is that Trump drops out. They have something planned where they’re going to force Trump and they’re hoping that she becomes the nominee because if she becomes the nominee, well, then they have it made. And when Trump becomes a nominee, well, they’re screwed, which means they will take their attacks to the next level.

Now, the other thing that’s very interesting, it looks like Huma Abedin is now coming into focus. It’s amazing how these individuals are coming back into focus right now. Hillary Clinton’s longtime aide Uma Abedin reveals she is dating George Soros’s billionaire son Alex. So we have Soros dating Huma Abedin who dated Anthony Wiener. And remember Anthony Weiner, he had the laptop and he had a pedophilia problem, a sex problem.

And once again, we’re starting to see this. It’s all starting to play out. And remember, Humahabadin was the former aide to Hillary Clinton. So all this now is coming back into play. And the timing is absolutely interesting and also the timing of what George Soros’s fund is poised to do. They’re poised to take control of the nation’s second largest chain of radio stations. Now, once again, if you’re becoming the largest stakeholder in a company that owns, what, 220 stations, can you have a communication blackout? Can you try to control the narrative? Of course you can.

I do believe they’re getting prepared and ready to control the narrative moving forward. And it might be a communication blackout. And again, how do you do this? You shut certain things down or you make it look like something happened. And that’s why it was shut down, because they realize the evidence that’s going to be coming out is going to be disastrous for them. It’s going to be unbelievable.

But you can see the deep state players. They’re going to try to cheat any way they possibly can. And what’s very interesting is that Scott Adams, he asked a very basic questions about the electronic voting machines. And he says the following. What benefit does the country get from using electronic voting machine instead of a hand counted paper ballot? Are the machines faster, more credible to voters, safer from cheating, more accurate, more audible, less expensive, easier to manage? I think the answer is no to all that.

But I could use a fact check that suggests the only purpose for voting machines is to rig the election. Am I wrong? He’s absolutely right. They created their own cheating system so they can install the people that they want and keep the people out that they don’t want. And now we’re coming down to the wire. And what’s very interesting is that AOC says something very interesting, and ultra pepper lives matter.

Put this out in telegram. She says that if Trump is elected, there’ll be no elections again. Now, I do believe she’s already projecting out there that they’re going to try to postpone the election, saying that we can’t have an election because remember, whatever they’re saying about Trump, it’s what they’re about to do and what’s very interesting, and this really helps Trump. Putin now endorses Biden for 2024. Kenneth COA, the great put this out and said he’s a more experienced and predictable person and a politician of the old school, but we will work with any us leader entrusted by the american people.

Putin thinks Biden is better for Russia than Trump. So now when they come out with the idea that Trump is working with Russia, all anyone has to do is say, well, Putin wants Biden, so that destroys their entire narrative. Of course. Why do they want Biden? Because he’s easily controllable. Is Trump easily controllable? No. That’s the difference. But this is going to work to Trump’s benefit, and it’s going to be very, very interesting.

Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is that the West Virginia attorney general, Patrick Morrissey, he has called on the US vice president, Kamala Harris to declare Joe Biden physically unable to perform his duties as president. He’s demanding she use the 25th amendment. Now, this is very interesting. Now, remember, just because Biden forgets things, can’t remember something, doesn’t mean his cognitive ability has declined. Now, of course, when we look at him and you see what he does, he messes up words and he can’t remember things.

He walks around in the stage shaking hands to nobody. Yes, we can see there’s problems, but until you have the cognitive test, you can’t confirm any of this. So taking him out now, I don’t think there’s enough to do it. And actually, Jonathan Hurley explains why. It just can’t be memory loss, and it just can’t be that he’s forgetting stuff. It has to be more to use section four.

And he says it is section four that allows a removal of a president. One option is what I have called the mutiny option. It requires a vice president and majority of the cabinet to declare that the president is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office and notify Congress that the vice president intends to take over. If Vice President Kamala Harris could get eight cabinet officers to go along with the letter to Congress, her status as the acting president would likely be short lived.

Joe Biden, who yesterday declared, I’m elderly and know what the hell I’m doing, would only have to declare to Congress that no inability exists. Biden would then resume his powers. Harris would have to send another declaration with the cabinet members within four days to the president pro tempore of the Senate and the speaker of the House rejecting Biden’s claim. What? That second declaration. Congress would have 48 hours to assemble to debate the issue.

It would have then 21 days to vote on the removal. However, that would require two thirds majority in both chambers. If Congress did not vote within 21 days, the president will resume and keep power. Translation? Removing Biden under the 25th amendment would be all but impossible, particularly given the toxic political reality in which we now find ourselves. The question on the merits is whether diminished faculties constitute an incapacity.

Now, think about it. What happens if the signal is given to all the DS we’re bringing in the other person? Would they instruct the DS to go along with the Republicans? I do believe so. And how would they do this? I do believe they will then issue a cognitive attest and show that he is unable to perform his duties, not because he’s too old, he’s incompetent, he can’t perform the duties of the president.

And I do believe the deep state players and I think Obama is going to probably instruct these people. It is now time, and you’ll see something that you probably wouldn’t expect to see. And I do believe this is why Trump put this out on truth. He said the following. Biden is not too old. He’s too incompetent. And I do believe we’re heading in that direction, because who’s coming up? I do believe it’s Michelle Obama.

And I do believe the patriots have already started the narrative. So people start to understand what the Obamas have done. I think the door has just opened and the people are going to be learning a lot. Yes, those people that are awake, those people that understand, have been studying all this. Yes, they know. And you know that Obama spied on Trump. And yes, the intelligence agencies spied on Trump.

But think about the rest of the country, even though Trump said it. Do you think they believed him? No. Sometimes you must show the people. And what’s very interesting is that an explosive development. Sources close to a high profile investigation have revealed that the FBI’s raid on Mar a Lago was specifically aimed at recovering a missing top secret binder. This document is rumored to contain damning evidence of former President Barack Obama’s CIA’s involvement in initiating the russian collusion narrative against Trump.

Michael Schellenberger put this out and said FBI started spying on the Trump campaign after foreign governments by chance discovered evidence that his advisors were colluding with the Russians, the government says. But now multiple credible sources tell us that the CIA asked foreign allies to spy on 26 Trump associates. CIA had foreign allies spy on Trump team, triggering russian collusion hoax. United States intelligence community targeted 26 Trump advisors.

And how did they do this? They did it with five Eyes. We’ll be getting to that in just a sec. But General Flynn said the following. Barack Obama, admit it. You stage a coup against the duly elected President Trump. The meeting you held in the Oval Office January 5, 2017, was to put the plan into effect. Admit it. You know it’s true. So let’s go back a little bit in time.

Let’s go back to Trump’s truth. On June 5, 2018, he said, wow. Struck page. The incompetent and corrupt FBI lovers have texts referring to a counterintelligence operation into the Trump campaign dating back, way back to December 2015. Spygate is in full force. Is the mainstream media interested yet? Big stuff. Then Trump appeared on October 2020 on 60 Minutes, and he was speaking to Leslie Stall and said, yeah, we caught them spying.

We got it all. Take a listen. Biggest scandal was when they spied on my campaign. They spied in my campaign. There’s no real evidence of that. Of course there is. It’s all over the place. Leslie. They spied on my campaign and they got close. Can I say something? This is 60 minutes, and we can’t put on things we can’t verify. You won’t put it on because it’s bad for Biden.

We can’t put on things we can’t verify. Leslie, they spied on my campaign. It’s been totally verified. Just go down and get the papers. They spied on my campaign. They got caught. No. And then they went much further than that and they got caught. And you will see that, Leslie, and you know that, but you just don’t want to put it on the air. As a matter of fact, I don’t.

And then if we go further back to August 20 20th, Trump made the announcement there that, yes, they spied on him and his campaign and continually spied on him when he was president. Take a listen. We have it documented, we have it in texts, we have it in all sorts of forms. They knew about it. It was a terrible thing. Should have never happened and should never be allowed to happen again to a president.

This should never happen again. This was a set up like we’ve never seen. I think it’s a political crime of the century and they’ve been caught. So let’s see what happens to them all. Thank you very much. Thank you. Rasmussen reports put this out and says tea leaves, Matt Taaby and Schellenberger, Obama, Biden and Hillary needed a pretext to launch an FBI investigation on Trump campaign that could then be leaked to legacy media to disqualify Trump.

So CIA’s Brennan asked foreign spy agencies to bump into 26 Trump supporters in their territories and report back to CIA and him. They did. And the encounters were written up as suspicious antiarican activities. CIA fed these lies to the FBI, who started crossfire hurricane. Then Trump put this out on truth and said spy game exposed. Then he put this out. CIA had foreign allies spy on Trump team, triggering russian collusion hoax.

And that’s exactly what it was. So let’s go back to some post. And this is post 1336 down below. This is May 10, 2018. So down below it says the following five I why do former dignitaries still hold sec clearance? Us to us is logged. Flag recorded us in New Zealand. No logs, no flags, no recording. Us security clearance authorized. Five eye view plus doct take read above slow and carefully.

Why do we allow former dignitaries security clearance? Welcome to the deep state. So they used five Eyes. So there’d be no logs, there’d be no records. And basically, the five Eyes, the different countries like the UK, New Zealand and the rest, they get data from the United States. So they use that data from those areas and they used it against Trump. Actually, they made up a lot of information, but they used it against Trump.

Then we go to post 1667, July 3, 2018. It says, normally intelligence passed from a member of the five Eyes alliance, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, at the UK and the US to another member comes through an official channel for intelligence sharing. However, Nunes, upon reviewing the document that formally launched the FBI’s investigation, said there was no intelligence shared through that official channel, meaning that the intelligence was shared through unofficial means.

That is very interesting. And then we have post 1745 and down below it says the following FISA equals the start FISA immediate conference of illegal acts re signers FISA immediate conference start of Hussein’s spy campaign to rig an election was based on false info. FISA implicates Hillary Clinton D party as feeders of false info the intent of securing mainstream media and blast insurance. FISA equals implicates senior members of UK mi five m I six cis US intel White House five I our party Congress Senate of known corruption in an effort to retain power and rig election plus safeguard events by political kill to act while in power given mainstream media fake push Russia narrative.

FISA equals ties mainstream media heads tv behind corp. The D party other foreign heads of state in co op strategy FISA brings down the House Freedom of Information act request does not include FISA D class by POTUS key parts that factually demonstrate the dirty fake dossier was used as election intel assets for domestic spying on the president of the United States for the Office of the Presidency of the United States of America.

Logical thinking public awareness FISA spying Foundation built hubert no spelling errors intended mobile unknown if above. So they needed the FISAs to actually listen into Trump, and they used fake information from five Eyes, and they used that to get the FISA warrants, and they spied on Trump and many other people. Now, once again, did Trump see all the classified information? Does he knows what’s going on? Of course he does.

And they’ve been looking for all this information. Plus they’ve been looking for the information of what he has done with continuity of government. They can’t find this information. And who’s looking for it? Oh, yes, the intelligence organizations. Obama, Biden, Hillary Clinton, you name it, all the deep state players. And I just want to go to post 4603 this July 19, 2020, and down below, it says the following five I, non, five I spy.

Insert campaign one and two renegade. Who is renegade? That’s Obama. He gave himself the United States Secret Service. Name of Renegade. What does that mean? Trader, defector, deserter, turncoat, betrayer, you name it. Let’s go to post 33 23 April 24, 2019 Obama on X. Put this out at the time it was Twitter, because he put this out on February 15, 2013, it says I spy. And in the post it says, will this age well? Oh, no, it won’t.

Let’s move to post 1794. August 2, 2018. FISA, FISA, FISA. Public disclosure impossible to defend illegal mainstream media never interfere with an enemy while he’s in the process of destroying themselves. And yes, they are destroying themselves. And Barack Obama is coming into focus. The door has been open and people are going to start to learn a lot more. This is just the beginning, just like it was the beginning with Biden.

This is going to get a lot worse for Obama’s. And they’re already dripping the information out, preparing the narrative because the patriots know what’s coming. They know that Michelle Obama is going to be putting into place. And they know, and I do believe Trump wants them front and center. And a lot more information is going to be coming out against them. And it’s going to build and build and build.

Remember, they attacked Trump during the presidential election, which means none of these people are safe. Now. The fake news can’t say you can’t do this because look what they’re doing to Trump now. Do you think Trump is going to be coming out with this information? No, I do believe it’s going to be coming from all different areas. Maybe the House, maybe it’ll be coming from Steve Miller. It will be coming from different news organizations.

The truth is going to get out there and it’s going to build and build and build. Remember, it’s going to look very natural as it’s coming out. And look, it’s already started. And Rudy Giuliani, he said something very interesting. And I think this sums up everything that we’re witnessing today. And Trump has said it many, many times. And now Rudy Giuliani is saying it. America is at a crossroad.

Will we continue down the path of self destruction or will the american people wake up and change course before it’s too late? It’s still up to we the people. And that’s very interesting because it reminds me of post 24 94, November 20, 2018. And it says the following down below. This election was not about fixing the economy, trade, borders, military, protecting our children, et cetera. Also, another corrupt politician or insider can simply undo it.

Band aid. Think about it. Trump, he put everything into place. Biden came along, undid everything. So that strategy doesn’t work. It was never supposed to work that way. Trump needs to destroy the deep state players. The only way to destroy the deep state players is to show the people. You need the people awake. You need the people to understand who the deep state is, what their system is.

The people need to understand the criminal system. Let me continue. This was not simply another four year election, but a crossroads into the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not we the people reclaim control over our government. Panic in DC. And yes, that’s what this is all about. I do believe all of this is based on the 2024 election. Everything that we’ve known about FISA, Obama spying on Trump, uranium won, huma Abedin Podesta, all of this is now going to be coming out in the presidential race and people are going to learn a lot.

And once again, I do believe this is about uniting the people. And during this entire period, what is the deep state going to do? They’re going to continually destroy the economy, keep the borders open, have events and bring us to war. But as the evidence is coming out of who’s conducting all of this, the people are going to really understand who the treasonous person really is. And that’s why they’re going to try to postpone the elections.

They’ll try to cheat, but I don’t think it’s going to work. They’re going to try to postpone it. That will fail. And yes, they will then go all out to distract everything with war and chaos. But I do believe Trump and the patriots, they know this. They have countermeasures in place. And when Trump is elected, it is game over for all of them. Listen, everyone, thanks a lot for listening.

Be well, be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot. .

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