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➡ The X22 Report talks about how our online privacy is at risk because many websites share our information with big social media platforms. To protect ourselves, we can use a service called Virtual Shield, which keeps our online activity private. The article also discusses how Trump has set the stage to take back the country from corrupt politicians and big tech companies. It suggests that Trump has been exposing the lies of the mainstream media and the deep state, and that this is all part of a plan to wake people up to the truth.
➡ This text talks about how people are becoming more aware of cheating in elections and are starting to support the use of paper ballots and voter IDs. It also mentions how the popularity of many news outlets is decreasing because people are losing trust in them. The text also discusses a recent court ruling that allows people to sue the government for false credit information, which could have big implications for future lawsuits. Lastly, it talks about ongoing attempts to get information from the FBI about a man named Seth Rich, who some believe was involved in leaking information from the Democratic National Committee.
➡ This text talks about how the writer believes there’s a big problem with crime in the country, and they think it’s getting worse. They say that people who are coming into the country illegally are often criminals, and they think this is a big part of the problem. They also believe that the government isn’t doing enough to secure the borders and stop this from happening. They think that the situation was better when Trump was president because he was building a wall to keep illegal immigrants out, but now that Biden is president, things have gotten worse because he stopped building the wall.
➡ The article talks about a secret data center found under the United Nations Agency for Palestinian Refugees’ headquarters in Gaza, which was being used by Hamas terrorists. It also discusses the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the US’s involvement in it. The article suggests that the US should only give foreign aid as a loan, not as a gift, to ensure it can be paid back if the receiving country turns against the US or becomes wealthy. Lastly, it mentions a product called Field of Greens, which is a healthy superfruit and vegetable supplement.
➡ The text talks about how banks loan money for big purchases like cars and houses. It also discusses concerns about governments trying to limit parents’ rights and fears about inappropriate behavior towards children. The text also mentions worries about election interference and the possibility of unfair treatment of political figures. Lastly, it talks about the idea of a two-tier justice system where some people are protected and others are not.
➡ The text talks about concerns over President Biden’s mental health and suggests he might not be the one truly leading the country. It hints that former President Obama might be influencing Biden’s decisions. The text also mentions polls showing that many people believe Biden isn’t really in charge. Lastly, it discusses the idea of improving election security and fairness.
➡ After the Super Bowl, there’s going to be some big changes. Trump is saying that we’re in a big fight to take back our country from bad people who are in power. Even if we win, it doesn’t mean everything is okay right away, but it means we can start to fix things. Trump believes that with everyone’s help, we can win this fight and make our country better.


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Now. The deep state, the corrupt politicians, big tech, fake news, the puppet masters, they are in trouble right now. They’ve tried everything to remove Trump. And remember, they’re not going to stop. They’re going to keep pushing very, very hard. But what we can see now and what we can understand is that Trump, he has set the stage and now everything is in place to take back the country.

And all Trump needed to do was, from the very beginning, put everything in place and allow the deep state players to actually do the opposite. And this is how you set everything up. From the very beginning, Trump, he called out the mainstream media, called them fake news. And what happened? Well, the fake news kept pushing fake stories. People started to realize that, you know something? I’m starting to see it now.

I’m starting to see that the fake news is not really telling us the truth. And as time went on and we started to learn that the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax and everything else was all fake and they were putting out all fake information, people started to realize we can’t trust them anymore. And this is why the ratings declined over time. And think about what the other things that Trump has set up, the border, the border wall, the economy, the peace deal that he made, the Abraham accords across the Middle east, everything now has been set up.

And I do believe this was done on purpose to wake the population up and make the people understand, look, these people are evil. They want to bring us to war. They want to destroy this country. And everything that they told you, all the lies when they were running for the presidential election, well, they lied about what they were doing. And now you can see it, and you could see it as clear as day.

And I do believe this was all put into place and everything was set up so the people of this country and the people of the world could actually see the agenda of the deep state players. And now that people are seeing it, it’s going to make it a lot easier for Trump and we, the people to actually take them down. And this is why Trump, I do believe, continually says that this is the final battle.

Does it mean it’s the final battle and the deep state will be destroyed and everything will be fine? No, it’s the final battle because everything was put into place for we, the people, to make that decision on election day. And I do believe Trump and the patriots, they will allow us to have our vote. They will allow us to have our voice, because if they don’t, what’s the point of all this? So we know, and Trump has told this many times before, that this time around, the election is going to be protected.

And once again, as we move down this path, and when people see things not going the way they think it’s going to go, and why is it so terrible? Because it’s about waking the rest of the people up. Because think about it, the borders are wide open. Do you think people want the border wall right now? Do you think people want a secure border? Who does this work against? It works against the Biden administration, Obama and the deep state players.

The economy now is tanking. People are losing jobs and it’s getting worse. And what happens if the market crashes or we have a market correction? What do you think people are going to do? Well, the people are going to say, holy crap, look what the Biden administration has done. They told us everything is fine. And now that’s crashing. Think about what’s happening out in the Middle east, what’s happening out in Taiwan, what’s happening out in Ukraine and North Korea, many other places.

People see war building right now. So again, when you see all this happening, it’s for a specific purpose. It’s to wake the people up and to make the people understand. I do believe Trump and the patriots, they have control over what is going on now. Do I mean down to the micro level? No. But I do believe he has the ability to keep the country safe. And I do believe he needs to show the people certain things.

And yes, I do believe there’s going to be events. It doesn’t mean that Trump is not in control. It means the people must see it firsthand. And sometimes to wake the people up, you need to see it. Just like with the border wall, no one was behind Trump. Yes, there are Republicans and the patriots and the MAGA movement that were behind Trump. But think about the rest of the country.

Were they really behind him with the border wall? No. So what did Trump do? He set the stage. He set it all up. So people would then say later on, not at that moment, later on. You know something? I think we need the border wall. And that’s exactly what he did. And I do believe he set everything up. And now the people are turning on the deep state players.

And that’s what this is all about. It’s about having the people turn on the deep state players. It’s about having the people wake up. It’s about having the people understanding what happened to this country. The country was infiltrated. And yes, I do believe as we go into this 2024 election, people already understand that Biden is a criminal. He has dementia. I do believe part of it. He’s pretending for plausible deniability.

I’ve said this from the very, very beginning, and I do believe he’s actually doing that. And people also must understand who’s responsible for all this, who is the conductor. And I do believe that’s why Obama’s are coming into the fold. And yes, they’re going to deny that Michelle Obama is running. They’re going to keep all your eyes on Newsom or Whitmer or Pritzker or anyone else. And as time goes on, they’re going to continue to do that.

And yes, in the last moment, I do believe they will bring her in and they’re going to deny it all the way down the line until that moment where they bring in the person that they really need. Because remember the elections, they have a cheating system in place. It’s their system, it’s the computers, it’s the ballots, it’s the mail in, it’s the dropboxes. They set this up a long time ago.

Yes. They improved their cheating during 2020. And I do believe Trump and the patriots, they allowed them to do this so people could see the cheating. And how do you convince the people that there was cheating? You allowed the deep state to go above and beyond what they did because remember, in the past, how did they cheat? Well, they did it on a level where you couldn’t really notice it.

This time during 2020, people saw it. They saw the mules, they saw the printing of the ballots, they saw the elections being stopped. They’ve seen the Dominion machines kicking back the ballots. They seen the windows being boarded up. They’ve seen all of these things, the affidavits. And every day that passes, you see more and more proof that the elections were rigged. And you needed to show the people because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see it.

So you had to have the deep state go far beyond what they normally do. And now the peoples, and we know this from harassment reports. Now, the people, since they know there’s cheating, they understand that they’re also interfering in the election. Now, you combine both of these and the people will actually go along with paper ballots, they will go along with voter id because they know that this is needed.

Now, I do believe as we approach the 2024 election, if something should happen and they tell us that we have to go to paper ballots and we need voter id, you think the people are going to reject this? No, I think the people are going to accept this. And I think Trump and the patriots, they needed them to accept this as we go into the 2024 election, because if they didn’t see all this, they didn’t see what Biden was doing, they didn’t see any of this, I don’t think the people would accept it.

And I think that’s why we’re in this final battle. And the battle is to take the country away from the deep state players. And once the people give that signal to Trump, it doesn’t mean, oh, we’re just done. No, the deep state’s still out there. I do believe that is the signal where Trump and the patriots and we the people then go after the deep state. The hunters become the hunted.

And this is where all this is leaded. Now, we’re going to be talking a lot more about this a little bit later, but first, let’s start off with the fake news right now, because once again, we know in the very, very beginning of this plan, Trump had to show the people how the news puts out fake stories and how the corrupt politicians use these fake stories and they keep pushing them.

Jordan Sather on Telegram put this out and shows us a list of all different media outlets. And you can see the percentages of these outlets, they are declining. Huffington Post down 13%. The sun down 13%, the Daily Mail down 23%. And yes, this goes on and on. Yahoo News down 10%. CNN down 17%. Fox news down 14%. And you can see that the fake news, they are struggling right now.

And once again, they don’t have the narrative. The people have the narrative. The people understand what’s going on. And this is going to continue as time goes on because people do not trust the fake news. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting, and this has to do with immunity. And we know that they’re trying to take the immunity away from the presidential immunity away from Trump. But there was an interesting ruling with the Biden administration and the US Supreme Court on February eigth rejected an attempt by the Biden administration to avoid a lawsuit stemming from false debt reporting, with landmark ruling opening the door for consumers to sue federal agency.

In a nine to zero decision on February eigth, the Supreme Court ruled that the federal government is not immune from lawsuits brought under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a law that lets consumers sue creditors for failing to fix false credit information that the consumer has requested to be corrected. The ruling stems from a lawsuit brought under the FCRA by Reginald Kurtz, a Pennsylvania man whose credit score was damaged when the Department of Agriculture Rural Housing Service wrongly stated on his credit report that some of his loans were overdue.

The government claimed that it was immune from Mr. Kurt’s lawsuit and moved to dismiss the case, with several rounds of adjudication in lower courts, leading to a request for Supreme Court review. The high court agreed in June 2023 to review an appeals court ruling that allowed Mr. Kurtz to sue the USDA for false debt reporting. Today’s decision confirms that federal agencies cannot escape accountability when they fail to comply with responsibilities to consumers under the FCRA, which means federal agencies are no longer immune to lawsuits.

And this is very interesting, because again, they’re trying to take Trump’s presidential immunity away. And I do believe Trump kind of wants this to be ruled by the Supreme Court, just like he had his taxes ruled by the Supreme Court, because once they make the ruling, then he can go after the other presidents. And again, he is the victim. You decided to pursue this. You were the ones that brought it to the Supreme Court, and now it’s open season.

And I do believe this is exactly what he’s trying to do. Now, this doesn’t mean the Supreme Court is going to rule in his favor. I do believe he wants to bring it up to the Supreme Court, and I do believe he wants a ruling, and I do believe he wants it so he can go after these individuals. This is why he fought so hard with his taxes.

Because again, if he just gave it over, well, you wouldn’t have the ruling from the Supreme Court where you can go after the foundations, you can go after family members. Because think about what’s happening now with Joe Biden. They’re gathering all this information. Is this going to be done with Hillary Clinton and her foundation? Absolutely. Is it going to be done with Obama? Absolutely. Now think about if you have immunity and these former presidents and other individuals, they don’t have immunity.

What do you think Trump has on them? Remember, he’s seen all the classified information. He knows the crimes that they’ve committed. Can the military then have the ability to go after these individuals for treason? I do believe so. Let’s see how this plays out. But the other thing that’s very interesting is that we understand that Ty Clevenger, he’s been trying to get Seth Rich’s information, his laptop, and the FBI has been delaying this, trying to avoid it.

And we know their court ruling was saying, no, you got to hand over this information. And why doesn’t the criminal syndicate want to hand over the information about Seth Rich? Well, that’s because I do believe they put a hit out on him, and he is the one that downloaded the information from the DNC and was working with Wikileaks, had nothing to do with Russia. And if they released this information, everyone would know that this was fake information and they lied to the american people.

But Ty Clevenger, he gives us an update of what’s happening with Seth Rich, and he said the following. In a thread on X, the FBI is playing really dirty. In an attempt to avoid disclosure of Seth’s personal and work laptops, the agency has invented a new story. For the first time, the FBI is claiming that both of Seth Rich’s laptops are relevant to the murder investigation. Therefore, they need to withhold them entirely.

Also, for the first time, the FBI claims that personal laptop is relevant to the ongoing russian hacking prosecution. Yeah, you just thought the russian collusion hoax was over. This begs the question, if the personal laptop is that important, then why did homicide investigators allow Seth Rich’s brother to take it home immediately after the murder? To this day, the FBI MPD do not have a copy of the actual laptop, only an image drive made by Aaron, his brother.

Why have they still not seized the actual laptop? And how weird is it that your brother just got murdered and the first thing you do is abscon with the laptop? Previously, the FBI has told us that it never looked at either the work laptop or the personal laptop image. If that’s the case, then how can they know whether they are relevant in either investigation? I also learned this evening that the FBI made a secret presentation to the court about all of this.

The FBI sworn declaration does not give a date, but I suspect that this is why Judge Masnat has not enforced a decision ordering the FBI to produce data from the laptops. You may recall that the FBI defied the court orders to produce a joint production schedule for the laptop contents. Instead, it cavalierly informed the court that it would be filing a motion for reconsideration. But that’s not what the FBI did.

No, the FBI filed yet another motion for summary judgment. And it follows a pattern. When the FBI loses on an issue, it files a new motion, raising entirely new issues that it could have and should have raised earlier. Even in the new motion, the FBI claims that it is reserving yet additional issues that will raise if it loses this motion. The plan is obvious. The FBI wants to drag this out not just beyond 2024 election, but in perpetuity.

The FBI’s motion includes that purports to be the 8th sworn declaration of BFBI section chief Michael Seidel. It’s actually his 9th declaration. The FBI has changed his story so many times that it’s losing count. Take a look at paragraph ten. Seidel does not give us any dates, but it looks like the FBI reached out to the US attorney’s office in DC to concoct a new reason for withholding the laptop.

Just say that it is relevant to your murder investigation. It took seven years to figure that out. And we can see that the criminal syndicate, they do not want to hand this over and they don’t want anyone to see it. And they’re trying and trying and trying. I think everyone can see the criminal syndicate right now. I think it’s very clear people can see it and it’s getting worse and worse as time goes on.

Again, they protect their own because they were involved in all of this. And yes, it’s one gigantic criminal system that was developed, which is running in DC and it’s spread across the country, and that is the infiltration. And we can see they’re infiltrating the country in many different ways. Just look at the border right now. Remember, in the very, very beginning, people didn’t think we needed the wall.

People were against the wall. But what did Trump do? He set the stage. That’s what this is all about. He didn’t finish the wall on purpose. He did it. So Joe Biden then would then have to finish the wall or do the opposite. He knew exactly what they were going to do. Remember, he set everything up. He showed you how the border is going to be secure. He showed you that the wall works.

And all he said to Biden was, just do what I’ve been doing and everything’s going to be fine. He knew he was going to do the opposite. Trump set the stage. He set it with everything. And now you could see the dictators and the tyranical leaders, and I shouldn’t even call them leaders, they’re installed idiots and they now are pushing the same agenda. I mean, just look at New York, just look at Chicago, look at all these different places, and look at Denver, for example.

The Denver mayor has cut city services to redirect funds to illegal aliens, and he’s trying to blame the Republicans for all this. But again, go back in time. Go back to 2017. Trump’s policies resulted in the lowest number of illegal migrants entering the US in 50 years. And what does Biden have to do? All he has to do is put it back the way it was. Remember, he reversed everything.

Trump set the stage to trap all of these individuals. And what are people starting to learn? They’re starting to learn that all these illegals that are coming in, they’re not upstanding citizens who want an incredible way of life. The countries are basically opening up their prisons, opening up their sane asylums, and sending over the worst of the worst. I mean, this works out very, very well for the other countries.

Let’s get rid of all the bad people, send them over to the US, send them up to Europe, and we don’t have to deal with them, we don’t have to pay for them, we don’t have to do anything with them. And this is going to be incredible. Let them handle it. And now the people of this country and the people of Europe, they’re starting to understand, wow, this is awful, and something needs to be done about it.

But think about it. What’s happening in this country people now are seeing that these illegals, they’re committing crimes. Just look out in New York city. New York City, a 15 year old, Jesus Alejandro Rivas Figueroa from Venezuela, was taken into custody by us marshals in yonkers after a nearly a day long manhunt following the shooting. So this individual arrived in the United States in September 2023, and this person went ahead and he shot someone.

And once again, you can see that these people are criminals. And it’s getting worse and worse. Wall Street Silver put this out and said governments in Africa are emptying their jails and shipping them to Central America with instructions on how to cross into the US. The US is becoming the dumping ground for the worst of the worst from the third world nations. Think about it. Third world nations, they want to make this country a third world country.

So what are they doing? They’re sending the worst of the worst. This is how you try to destroy the country from within. You bring in the criminals, you bring in the people from the assane asylums. You bring in the human traffickers, child traffickers, terrorists. That’s what you’re seeing right now. And what’s very interesting is the house, they made a motion to impeach majorcas because again, he lied to Congress.

He told us the borders were secure. And now they’re trying to convince everyone that, oh, it’s the Republicans’fault, it’s Trump’s fault. That’s why the borders aren’t secure. But they’ve been telling us the borders have been secure this entire time, and all of a sudden, they’re no longer secure. No, Trump had the border secure. Biden reversed everything. The people aren’t stupid. They see exactly what’s going on. And we could see there were certain rhinos, the uniparty, that had to make sure that Mayorkas wasn’t impeached.

I mean, think about what would happen if he was impeached. But people see how the criminal syndicate and the Uni party, how they are now protecting their own. And it looks like Wisconsin Representative Mike Gallagher, chairman of the select committee of China, he’s not going to seek reelection this November. Now, once again, this is the guy who did a 180 to save the regime’s point man on border security, and now he’s going to quit and go work for the military industrial complex.

So once again, what did they have on him? What did they promise him? And you can see, this is exactly why he did this. But look what’s happening out in Texas. Texas, they took control of the border. They are now building the wall. And actually Texas is on track to build more border wall in the state. So was the stage set? Can people see the difference? Now people are going to look at the border of Arizona, California, and they’re going to look at Texas.

Okay, Texas is now building a wall. They’re putting up the barbed wire, they’re securing the border, and they’re watching, going, hey, look, that’s how easy it is to secure the border. You’re going to look at Arizona, you’re going to look at California and other places where the DS have control over. And you’re going to see people just continually coming in. So basically what people are going to see, they’re going to see the difference.

The Texas lockdown is what Trump wanted to do. The other states is what the Biden administration is doing. So people can see the difference. It’s as clear as day. And that reminds me of post 26 84 this is February 10, 2019 and it says the following. Stage set public border wall fight necessary to bring public awareness re true intentions of the d party. Anon’s new narrative fight dark to light.

The stage was set. Now everyone can see exactly what the d party true intentions are. And this was done on purpose from the very, very beginning. And think about what people are learning about all these different states that are trying to take the weapons away from the people. They’re now becoming so desperate that they’re just completely saying, you know what, we’re just going to violate the Constitution because we don’t believe in the constitution.

Hawaii is already doing this. New York went against the supreme Court. California went against the Supreme Court ruling. So it’s no longer like, oh, no, they’re just trying to keep the people safe, which they never really wanted. They’re actually going and violating the constitutional rights of every single person. And out in Nebraska, a district judge barred Nebraska’s largest city, Omaha, from enforcing a ban on guns in all public spaces.

And this is an injunction right now. And again, they went against the Supreme Court ruling of Bruin, and now everything is being halted and stopped. And these individuals who are in the legislators, they are knowingly violating the Supreme Court and the Constitution. That should tell you everything you need to know. And Trump, he was giving a speech at the NRA and he put this out on truth. He said, it was my great honor to speak at the NRA presidential forum at the Great American Outdoor show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Remember, four more years of Joe Biden means four more years of anti gun communists running the ATF. It means hundreds of more radical left judges waging a crusade against law abiding gun owners. And four more years of Joe Biden means a non stop war on gun makers, dealers and sellers designed to put the entire industry out of business. Together, we will make America great again. And he let everyone know when he comes in, the second amendment will be protected.

And again, it’s we the people that must protect our. It’s the Constitution was developed to put restraints on the government, not we the people on the government. And it told the government, this is what you cannot do. But what is the government doing? What is the people in the Biden administration doing? What are the people in the different blue states are doing? They’re doing just that. They’re going against the Constitution and Hawaii.

And I do believe there’s going to be other states that are going to do this saying, yeah, you know something? We’re not going along with the Constitution because our constitution in our state says something very different from the United States Constitution. So, you know something? We don’t have to abide by that. This is going to completely and utterly fall apart on the deep state players. Just like this whole thing with what’s going on in Gaza, with Habas, this entire agenda for a ceasefire, oh, let’s make sure know we have peace and everything like that.

Again, what they’re really trying to do is since they went into Israel and they committed these horrific crimes and they murdered and rape people, they don’t want Israel finding the tunnels, their operations center, because they want to be operational and they are trying to stop this. But once again, Israel is proving and finding out more and more, and the IDF right now has revealed that a top secret Hamas subterranean data center has been discovered beneath the headquarters of the United Nations Agency for Palestinian Refugees.

And now they found this subterranean data center, complete with an electrical room, industrial battery, power banks, and living quarters for Hamas terrorists operating the computer servers. And it was built precisely under the location where Israel would not consider looking initially. So now they looked and they found the truth. Elise Stefanak put this out and said, my statement on the Hamas data center uncovered underneath UNRWA headquarters. Joe Biden chose to reverse Trump’s decision to cut off us taxpayer dollars to UNRWA.

And we are once again seeing the devastating consequences of this horrific decision. Iranian backed Hamas terrorists built an entire back underground command center directly below UNRWA’s headquarters in Gaza. There’s no way that UNRWA did not know about these Hamas tunnels. And they must be held accountable for their role in aiding Hamas in carrying out the barbaric October 7 terrorist attack against Israel. The Biden administration must permanently cut off all us funding to UNRWA, revoke UNRWA’s tax exempt status, and immediately conduct rigorous oversight.

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com and use promo code X 22. That’s promo code X 22 at fieldsofgreens. com. That is fieldofgreens. com. Of all us money being sent to the UN. Absolutely. And of course, the commission general of UNRWA says that they didn’t know anything about it. We didn’t know there was tunnels under there. We didn’t know there was a whole data center. I mean, really, you didn’t know there was something underneath there? This is absolutely ridiculous.

And the people, they’re not stupid. And right now, Hamas, they declared it will not accept the existence of Israel because Biden right now is trying to make a two state solution. So even if that’s done, Hamas is not going to recognize that, yes, Israel has the right to exist. So once again, this whole plan is not working. I do believe this is why Israel needs to route out the terrorists.

Because if you don’t, they’re going to continue on. Because, again, terrorists don’t follow the rule of law. That’s why they’re terrorists. Terrorists are going to continually pushing their agenda and they don’t want to be found out and how they’re operating. But I think the people of this world, they’re starting to see it. And it’s becoming very, very clear. And things are becoming clearer and clearer out in Ukraine, especially with the Tucker Carlson interview with Putin.

I think this opened the door. And you can see the fake news. They’re panicking over this and they’re going after, you know, oh, yeah, don’t believe him. He shouldn’t be listened to. And they’re just going after him right now because again, the fake news, the CIA, the deep state players, they don’t want people to know both sides of the story. And the ukrainian war is already lost. They have no way of beating Russia.

But again, they want the money for money laundering, Wall Street Silver, put this out and said 60 billions that we are about to give Ukraine won’t change anything in the stalemate. It will just prolong the war and result in another 100,000 Ukrainians dying. The USA and Europe lost this war. It’s time for Biden, Macron and Schultz to admit they lost. Russia is going to keep Crimea and part of eastern Ukraine.

Nothing is going to change that. Then we have Rand Paul, Rand Paul right now he’s trying to block the Ukraine funding. We have an invasion at our border. And some in Congress are more concerned with securing Ukraine’s border. I’m doing everything I can to slow down and stop this horrible spending bill. So what are people seeing right now? They’re seeing the difference. They’re seeing our borders, how we’re being invaded, and we see the deep state players, the Uni party, more concerned about Ukraine’s borders.

More concerned about Ukraine. Do the people of this country really care about Ukraine? No. They’re concerned with what’s going on in this country. And I do believe what’s going to happen is people are going to experience an event here and people are going to be outraged and very, very angry at Biden, at the fake news, and they’re going to demand Biden shut down the border. And the people are going to say, you have the power.

All you did was reverse everything Trump did because he set the stage. And all you have to do is put it back the way it was. We see the difference. Texas can do it. Tell Arizona to do the same thing. Tell California to do the same thing. It’s that simple. I think people are now seeing it. And it looks like Zelensky right now is having a problem in his country because protesters are out there and they’re demanding Zelensky’s resignation.

And they’re chanting, Zelensky get out. Zelensky get out. The people are sick and tired of all of this. And we need to go back a little bit in time because remember Trump, he was with Zelensky. He did an interview and people were asking questions and Trump talked about peace. Patriots are control. Put this out on X. And said the following in his interview, with Tucker Putin. And Russia has never refused negotiations and would welcome any efforts to discuss a peace deal in Ukraine.

So look back at Zelensky’s face in 2019. When Trump suggested he and Putin work something out. His expression says it all. He won’t look at Trump or even acknowledging what he’s saying. Zelensky knew Ukraine and his us handlers never intended to have a peace deal with Russia. Now, let’s take this and expand this for a second. Trump continually says, listen, I can have peace in 24 hours. Once I’m elected, we can have peace.

I know all the players. So once again, Putin is saying, yes, we will have peace. Xi will work with Trump to have peace. All of these leaders will work with Trump to have peace. Trump knows that they want peace. The deep state players don’t want peace. The stage have been set as we go throughout this year. People are going to see the warmongers who want to send your children, your brothers, your sisters, your uncles, your aunts, your cousins to war.

And people are then going to see the peacemaker, peace through strength. People are going to see the difference. And Trump, I do believe he came up with this incredible solution about how we give money to other countries. This is what he said from this point forward. Are you listening, US Senate? No money in the form of foreign aid should be giving to any country unless it is done as a loan, not just as a giveaway.

It can be loaned on extraordinarily good terms, like no interest in unlimited life, but a loan nevertheless. The deal should be contingent, that the US is helping you as a nation. But if the country we are helping ever turns against the US or strikes it rich sometime in the future, the loan will be paid off and the money returned to the United States. We should never give money anymore without the hope of a payback or without strings attached.

The United States of America should be stupid no longer. And he’s absolutely right. And think about it. Think of all the nations that are being loaned the money, and if they do something or something happens, they have to pay it back. And I do believe this is an incredible direction that the country should head in. And once again, we should be very, very careful who we actually loan the money to.

And again, we might even need them to repay some of it and have all these funds come back to the United States a little bit at a time. I think we should set up payment terms. Just like if you purchase a car or you’re purchasing a house, the bank loans you the money. Of course there’s interest attached, but you have to make payments. So I think we should do this to every single country and think about the flow of currency coming into this country.

It would be absolutely incredible. But let’s see how this plays out. This is going to be very, very interesting. Now, the other thing is very interesting. And I think people are starting to realize that the governments or the deep state players, they want to take the children away from the parents. They don’t want the parents to have any rights whatsoever. And I think we’re actually seeing this play out all over the place.

And you could see that they’re trying to usher in pedophilia. They’re trying to normalize it, and they’re trying to confuse the children for their future that they want. And out in Canada, they pretty much said it all. They pretty much aren’t even holding back anymore. Lives at TikTok put this out and said there’s no such thing as parental rights in Canada. Canadian member of Parliament Randall Garrison, this is what he says.

They keep saying it out loud, what their agenda is. Listen, when they tell you who they are. So basically, he’s saying there’s no parental rights, there’s parental privileges. And you could see that they don’t want the parents to have the right. And this is how these installed people are trying to set this up for those people that are behind the curtain. Yes, a lot of these people are pedophiles.

Yes, these people are criminals. But you can see those that are behind the curtain, those who are unelected, they need to install these people to do their dirty work, just like the foot soldiers. They need these people to do their dirty work. And yes, they find the stupidest. They find the people that they can blackmail and bribe, that they can control. And this is what you’re seeing. And this is why they’re trying to change this country, its infiltration from within.

Julian Drum actually put this out and said the last time Americans were tearing down statues en masse was 1776. The statues were of foreign ruler King George. Today they’re tearing down statues of the same Americans who revolted against foreign rule. Infiltration, not invasion. And yes, this is how they’re trying to erase history. This is how they’re trying to change everything. Now, the other thing that came out, and we can see that, yes, there is election interference.

There is the rigging of the election. And yes, Biden is going after his political opponent. I think Trump and the Patriots, they set the stage for this. And they needed the people to see this very, very clearly, because all this is all in one rigged election, election interference. And we need to give the power back to the people. And what has come out from a report from political it reveals that Biden is angry that Garland didn’t prosecute Trump sooner for election interference.

Translation? Biden wanted the case decided before the 2024 election, which is still possible, purely to lock Trump up before the 2024 election. It is incredible, yet unsurprising, attempted scheme to abuse the power of the presidency. So what I do believe what they’re going to do here is the case that was supposed to happen on March 4. I do believe that is going to be closer to the presidential election and what they’re going to do right now with the different cases, like the one with E.

Jean Carroll. Well, that was an $83. 3 million award to E. Jean Carroll. I do believe Angorin is waiting for the right moment to put out his ruling, and I do believe it’s going to be. His number is going to be astronomical. And the deep state players are waiting to hear from the supreme Court, hoping that Trump will be taking off the ballot and Nikki Haley will then be the nominee.

Which means if that happens, Biden doesn’t have to be removed. They already know that he’s going to win and Nikki will pretty much not even run. No one will like her and we will lose. But again, this is not going to happen. Trump is not going to bow out. The Supreme Court is going to rule in his favor, and they’re going to be in trouble. And this is why I do believe they’re going to try to convict him closer to the presidential election, trying to convince the people that, oh, wait, he cannot run for his presidency.

But yes, he can. And the people, I do believe what’s going to happen is poll numbers are going to go up. If they do put him behind bars, he’s going to take a picture, he’s going to put it on all the mugs, shirts and everything else. He’s going to raise a lot of money. And once again, the deep state, their entire plan will completely backfire. Remember, Trump is the victim.

And as more and more people see this, more and more people are like, holy crap, look what they’re doing. Because the people aren’t stupid. They know when you’re attacking someone, they know when you’re trying to interfere. And the people, they’re siding with the victim, and that’s what people are going to do. Holy crap, look at these bullies out there. They’re continually doing this. And if they’re doing it to Trump, what do you think they’re going to do to we the people.

People are getting it. Mike Davis put this out and said just in case it wasn’t crystal clear. Is Biden the lawfare and the election interference against Trump? In recent weeks, Biden has grumbled to aides and advisors that had Garland move sooner in as an investigation into Trump’s election interference. A trial may already be underway or even have concluded, according to two people granted anonymity to discuss private matters.

And this plan didn’t go the way it was supposed to. And I do believe now they’re going to use this closer to the presidential election, but I do believe this is going to fail. Now, once again, people are starting to understand that there’s the two tier justice system. They see it very, very clearly. They see Biden, who was a vice president and a senator. There were no charges that were pressed against him.

And they’re seeing Trump, who’s a president, and the law protects him, the presidential Records act, and they’re watching Jack Smith go after Trump again. The stage was set. You can see the criminal syndicate. You could see the two tier justice system, and it’s becoming clearer and clearer every single day. And the argument that Biden is too old and feeble minded and he forgets, well, that is not actually a good argument, not to bring charges.

And people see this. But again, we understand why they did this. Yes, all of this helps Trump, by the way. Everything that they just did helps Trump and actually shows the people the truth. And actually, they’re also setting it up where they can actually have a change of batter. But people are seeing very, very clearly that Biden is protected. Paul Sperry put this out and said during an August 2010 vacation in the Hamptons, then Vice President Biden received top secret sci brief materials and never returned them.

Biden was known to play golf with his son and his business partners in the Hamptons. Wonder where all this information was going. I think people get it. And here’s another case of the two tiered justice system. According to Robert her, in 2017, Joe Biden read aloud classified passages about meeting in the situation room to his ghostwriter verbatim on at least three occasions, and Biden still wasn’t charged. Joe Biden’s ghostwriter, Mark Zwantitzer, deleted digital audio files of recordings of his conversation with Biden after learning about special counsel Robert Hurd’s appointment.

And according to Hurd’s report, this individual, his ghostwriter, deleted the files before he received a subpoena. Obstructing justice technicians were able to recover the deleted recording, and the ghostwriter was not charged for deleting the files. Think about this for a second. Does that make any sense? No, but this is what the people are seeing. And you can see the two tiered justice. And remember, everything I do believe that Trump has done, it’s to wake the country up, wake the people up.

And you need to see. Look at the criminal syndicate. It is a criminal system. You could see it very, very clearly. And I think it’s becoming clearer and clearer every single day. And people, they see how Biden can function, and people are seeing how the fake news, how the White House press secretary and everyone else is covering for him, and it’s becoming very easy to spot. And I do believe, most likely that Biden, yes, he might have some form of dementia, but I do believe he’s really playing it up.

I do believe they’re going to be using this for plausible deniability down the road. And I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a choice that he has to make, military trial or save the taxpayers quite a bit of money. We’ll have to see how that plays out. But again, you could see how the White House press secretary, Corrine Jean Pierre, she was asked about Biden taking a mental compensity test.

And she says, I’m not a medical doctor, and I do believe that every single president should take a cognitive test, and I think it’s time for Biden to take one. I do believe he’s going to, and this is how they’re going to remove him. Now, if he takes one, how can he be the president right now if he decides not to run? Because he keeps forgetting and he doesn’t know if he has the stamina.

How can he be the resident right now? He can’t be. So I do believe in the end, they most likely will remove him. Catherine Herridge put this out and said, you’re reporting special counsel findings. White House pushback. Elderly man with poor memory, fact checked by intel and security clearance specialists who say USG personnel would lose clearance for less. And yes, other people, they would lose their clearance, they would lose their position, and they wouldn’t be in this position.

Remember, this individual is the resident of this country. He has the nuclear football, and he’s supposed to be running this country. Does anyone have confidence in him? No. And people, they can see the bias in the media. Texas Lindsay put this out and said, no bias detected. Here’s New York Times with Biden. Memory loss requires careful diagnosis. Scientists say, let’s go a little bit back in time with Trump.

It says Trump is mentally unfit. No exam needed. Does everyone see the bias? I think it’s becoming very, very clear. But you have to remember, Biden hasn’t been running the country. I do believe he’s taking orders from Obama. Trump has mentioned this many, many times before. And we need to go back a little bit in time because remember when Obama said that his desire would be a third term, maybe even a fourth term, and he said, if I could make an arrangement where I had a stand in or a frontman with an earpiece, I would be fine with that.

Take a listen, would ask me, knowing what you know now, do you wish like you had a third term? And I used to say, you know what? If I could make an arrangement where I had a stand in, a front man or front woman and they had an earpiece in and I was just in my basement in my sweats looking through the stuff and then I could sort of deliver the lines, but somebody else was doing all the talking and ceremony I’d be fine with.

And I do believe Biden is that front man. And I do believe that Biden now is not doing exactly what Obama wants. And I do believe that he needs now to remove him and bring in a different frontman or front woman or we don’t know what Michelle is right now, but I do believe he’s ready to make the move in the country. They understand that Biden is not running the show.

Raspberry’s from reports put out two polls and here’s the first one. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Joe Biden is not running the show at the White House. He’s a puppet for a progressive left committee headed by Obama. Agree. Democrats 28%. Independence 53%. GOP 77%. All voters 53%. Here’s the other poll. How likely is it that former President Obama is influencing the policies of the Biden administration? It’s likely.

Democrats 56%. Independents 59%. GOP 74%. All voters 63%. So I do believe what’s going to happen now is they’re going to convince the DS that it’s time to remove Biden and they’re going to continue with this over and over until the people accept that, yes, it is time to remove him. Because remember, the deep state players, they don’t have to convince the Republicans or the independents. They have to convince the DS.

And right now, nine in ten Americans have concerns about Biden’s physical mental health. Remember the fake news? They must now convince the DS because remember, they’ve been covering for him. They’ve been telling him that he’s been fine. I do believe everything is about to switch. But Trump, he did say two things here on the issue. In the first one, he said the following on truth. The thing I like best about the DOJ report on Biden is that in 25 years when I’ve lost my marbles, I can use mental incompetence and bad memory as an excuse to get out of trouble.

That’s very funny. And then he put this out on truth. Special counsel Robert Hurr released a long awaited and bitingly critical report that concluded criminal charges against Joe Biden were not warranted, but said there was evidence Biden willfully retain and shared highly classified information when he was a private citizen, including documents about military and foreign policy in Afghanistan. The report repeatedly pointed to Biden’s hazy memory in language that has raised new concerns about the president’s competency and age, a top concern for voters.

So then why are they charging me? I did nothing wrong. Presidential Records Act, a two tiered system of justice. This is an attack on Sleepy Joe’s political opponent, me. It is large scale election interference. And yes, this is what the people are seeing and the people they’re starting to understand. And I do believe Trump has sent us a message, and he actually put a picture of a bird in one of the truths.

Because remember, he calls Nikki Haley bird brain. So he said, tricky Nikki Haley, often referred to as bird brain. And there’s a little picture of a bird is dying in the polls. Her Americans for no prosperity donors have abandoned her, and only a few democrats funders are left. And it’s very interesting that he put a bird in there because that reminds me of post seven five three. It is February 13, 2018, which we’re coming up to.

A delta here. Think image drop. Think op, think united. When does a bird sing? Everything has meaning. And then in brackets is a capital letter I. Well, that brings me to post. 49 51, November twelveth. Nothing can stop what is coming. And there is an I in brackets, it says, who stepped down today? That would be Krebs, who was working for Cisa. More coming. Why is this relevant? And I do believe this is the important part.

How do you show the public the truth? How do you safeguard us elections post POTUS? How do you remove foreign interference and corruption and install us owned voter id laws and other safeguards? It had to be this way. Sometimes you must walk through the darkness before you see the light. And I do believe Trump. He’s letting us know that the elections are going to be protected. And yes, I do believe we’re probably going to use paper ballots, we’re probably going to use voter ids.

And I do believe he has a way of bringing this in. Now, is he just going to come out and say, hey, we got to use it? No, I do believe the optics are going to be perfect, and I do believe Biden is going to be the one, or the agencies are going to be instructed to do this because this is their backup plan if something should happen to the election infrastructure, if it’s attacked somehow, some way.

But we’ll have to see how this all plays out. But you can see why the deep state players, they’re so panicky over Trump right now. Because again, Trump, he has the people. And out in South Carolina, Trump was speaking to the crowd there. It was the overflow crowd, and there were so many people. And the people were lining the streets. The people, they came out to see him.

And you can see the difference right now. Trump has the crowds, he has the rallies. And Hillary Clinton, she was out at Columbia University and she was giving a talk and people started to scream at her and they started to call her a war criminal. So here we have Trump. The people love him, the people are rallying around him. And the people now are calling Hillary Clinton a war criminal.

And we see people waking up. We have Michael Rappaport, who despised Trump and he fell for the fake news media line. Know, Trump said there are very fine people and that was a hoax because he didn’t read the full transcript. And now he’s out there telling his listeners, yes, the fake news lied to you. So people now are waking up and it is spreading. Now, there is other good news here.

Out of Arizona, the state House and Senate passed massive election integrity measures to safeguard the 2024 presidential election. The new law defines standards for absentee ballot affidavit signatures and streamlines the process for accuracy. And we have, Hobbes has no choice but to sign this because it was a lengthy negotiation and both sides came to a consensus and we could see that things are now changing. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting, we know the Super bowl is Sunday, which is today, and Elon Musk put out a very interesting picture.

It says, I love puppies and shows four puppies. They’re not touching the ground, but when you look closely at it, it says, send nudes and G H 17. Tafcag put this ad on x and said the following. On the day of the Super Bowl, Elon drops, I love puppies. Remember, drop 28, 43. Fear. But you knew that already. The fun begins directly after the Super bowl. We will make the Super bowl look like a puppy show.

And that is very interesting. We’ll have to see how this all plays out. And again, the fun starts after this. Now, Trump, he’s continually letting everyone know that we are in the final battle. And we are in the final battle. This is where the people decide, do we allow the deep state to win or do we take back the country? It doesn’t mean at that moment when we win the election that the deep state is destroyed.

It means it is now time to go after the hunters, because they have now become the hunted. Trump, he put this out on truth. He said the following 2024 is our final battle. With you at my side, remember that. With you at my side, we will demolish the deep state. We will expel the warmongers from our government. We will drive out the globalists. We will cast out the communists, Marxists and fascists.

We will throw off the sick political class that hates our country. We will route out the fake news media and we’ll drain the swamp. We will liberate our country from these tyrants and villains once and for all. And he’s absolutely right. And I do believe he has set the stage for all of this. And we, the people, are going to take back this country, and we are going to be free of all these people.

It doesn’t mean at the moment we win the election, everything is fine. It means now we hunt them down. Now we bring them the trial. Now we go after these people. But again, he needs the people behind him. And I do believe that this is what this is all about. Everything that you’re experiencing, all those people that are nervous, no, the patriots are in control. How did Trump make sure that he had the control? He needed them to actually move forward with the insurrection.

And this way, the military could control things, protect the people. And I do believe Trump wouldn’t be doing this unless he had full control. But he is a planner. If you kind of look at his entire business model, he plans everything. And I do believe he plays to win. And I do believe we, the people, are going to win in the end. Why? Because the patriots are in control.

Listen, everyone, thanks a lot for listening. Be well, be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot. Close. .

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