Ep 3222b – [DS] Panics Over A Legacy Law That Allows Trump To Expand The Military In The US

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➡ The X 20 report discusses how Deep State scrambles as a law potentially enables Trump to expand military activities within the U.S. It covers Trump’s potential defensive strategy based on legal fact injection, and forecasts cyber attacks from foreign entities leading to military activation for self-defense. The episode further predicts a philosophized scare tactic that might surge in 2024, comparing it to the 2020 COVID-induced electoral doubts. The report speculates the Biden administration might declare war despite Trump’s rule-of-law adherence approach mirroring Andrew Jackson’s footsteps.
➡ The text discusses the speculated outcomes of cyberattacks on the United States, suggesting they could potentially disrupt city power grids and election systems and the potential involvement of the military. It also indicates theories about previous government handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and refers to discussions about Hunter Biden’s potentially incriminating activities and his forthcoming deposition.
➡ The text discusses allegations against the Biden family, legal immigration concerns in various countries, societal response to legal and illegal immigration, and government corruption. It also suggests that incriminating information against Biden will be revealed through a special prosecutor in the future. People are increasingly concerned about border security following increased illegal immigration, potentially leading to a public push for stricter border controls. The writer also mentions potential global manipulation of free speech using the Israel-Gaza conflict as leverage.
➡ The text discusses concerns about legislation to control hate speech, infused with apprehension that it could lead to censorship and impinge upon the right to free speech. It references ongoing global conflicts and claims that these are portents of a possible World War III, while also expressing a fear that such a war could be used as a cover-up for political misconduct.
➡ The text discusses allegations of misinformation, racism, and manipulation in various sectors including, the media, political spheres and social platforms. It also highlights concerns of perceived inaccuracies in reporting surrounding events such as the Capitol insurrection and portrays a distrust of traditional news sources and social media platforms.
➡ The text discusses perceived discrepancies and contradictions regarding the January 6th events, accuses figures such as Nancy Pelosi of misinformation, and suggests that further video releases will reveal more truth. It also suggests that Donald Trump will use upcoming trials to reveal ‘deep state’ actions and underlines his sound cognitive and physical health. Further references are made to Joe Biden’s alleged declining health and implications of the need for him to take a cognitive test. The text also notes Trump is amassing support, even from former critics, and includes claims that the ‘deep state’ will try to suppress evidence supporting Trump.
➡ The text discusses speculated strategies for Trump’s potential return in the 2024 elections. It mentions potential use of Trump’s Executive Order 13848, and points at possible scenarios including cyberattacks, domestic unrest, and a state of war. It also considers Trump’s hinted use of military power internally, under the Insurrection Act, to enforce law and order, particularly in ensuring a fair election process, and maintaining public safety during potential disturbances post-election.
➡ The text debates the potential use of the Insurrection Act by Trump and the possible consequences. During the 2020 riots, Trump didn’t invoke the act due to the potential for civil war, preferring to handle the situation through the National Guard and leaving local control to governors and mayors. The author suggests Trump’s current strategy is to reflect actions taken against him onto the Biden administration. As per this perspective, Trump’s optics will improve, as the Biden administration may have to face the unrest, and Trump could later utilize military authority against those deemed responsible for the chaos.


And welcome. You’re listening to the X 20 report. My name is dad and this episode 3222 BN. Today’s date is November 28, 2023. And the title of the episode is Deep State Panics over a Legacy Law that allows Trump to expand the military in the US. Let’s talk about protecting our wealth. Are you new to investing and have savings you need to protect right now? With the Middle East War, the Ukraine war, maybe Taiwan soon you need a new playbook that’s safe.

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The deep State, the corrupt politicians, big tech fake news, the puppet masters, they are now panicking. And really think about why they’re panicking, because they can’t get Trump. They tried and they tried and they tried and they just can’t get him. And now as we approach his trials with these indictments, actually he’s not on trial. All of these people on trial. Remember, this is the court of public opinion.

He needs to show the people the truth. And the only way to do this is to make it seem like he’s the victim. Well, he is the victim, but they’re coming after him. He was forced to present all this information. How do you legally inject the truth so that people believe it? You see, if Trump just came out and said, listen, I got the documents, they cheated in the election.

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Nothing would really happen. But if you have the Deep State players and you have the fake news all continually pushing the idea that they’re going to get Trump, all those other people, the DS and all the other people who are saying, yeah, let’s take them down, they all of a sudden pay attention. And he wants everyone paying attention. And this is why I do believe this is all playing out this way.

He’s not really on trial. He’s actually putting the Deep State on trial. He has the evidence, they have nothing. And he needs a platform to get the message out there. He is the victim. The victim is allowed to defend himself. To defend himself, what does he have to do? He has to inject evidence legally in a court setting so people believe, and that’s exactly what he’s going to do.

Then we need to take this a step further, and we need to separate a couple of things here. Number one, we know we have an election coming up. We know that eventually what’s going to happen is the military is going to be able to operate on US. Soil. So think about this for a second. We know back in November 3, 2020, there was in an insurrection, which means the military, because that’s an exception with the Insurrection Act, that means the military was activated.

And as soon as January 6 happened, where they were covering up their insurrection, and Trump told everyone to go home peacefully, and the Deep State players didn’t, and they kept doing what they were doing. That was the completion of the insurrection, which means the military is now operating behind the scenes. Now, of course, the general public, they just weren’t going to accept this at this period of time.

And of course, this was part of Trump’s plan to put the resident in position. So if he brought the military out at this point in time, it would look kind of strange. Why does he have the military? Why are they allowed to operate on US. Soil? Something doesn’t make sense. Remember, part of his plan was not to have a military coup. It was to wake the people up.

The entire plan is following in the footsteps of Andrew Jackson, where he’s going to get the people behind him. He wants to follow the rule of law. He wants the people to make the decision. But he needed the support from the military. He needed control. And I don’t believe he would do any of this without having control of the situation. And I don’t mean on a micro level, I mean on a larger level where he can control what these individuals are doing.

And yes, you’re going to have people in States and people in different governments doing what they normally do, and people will be able to see this information, and they could see who the dictators are. But you could see that the military now is operational. Now to bring the military back into the fold, he was going to need something. I mean, something needed to happen where people would accept the military operating on US.

Soil. And one way is an insurrection, and the other way is war. So think about this. Let’s take the first part. Let’s talk about war, because war will allow the military to operate on us soil when the United States is attacked. And I do believe it’s probably going to be a cyberattack. We’re already starting to see cyberattacks in Pennsylvania. They’re already blaming it on Iran. We have a cyberattack in Israel.

They’re blaming it on Iran. I do believe this is going to build up over 2024. And remember, the election system is part of the infrastructure of the United States. And if another country cyberattacks United States, that is an act of war, which actually activates the military. So going into this election, we already know from Trump that war is going to be building. We’re going to be heading towards World War II.

We know that the economy is going to be coming down because it’s already starting to implode on itself, which is going to wake a lot of people up. So you have these two things happening at the same exact time. And as we go throughout this year, it’s going to get scarier and scarier because we’re approaching war now. A lot of people are out there saying like, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

I don’t believe it. See, you can’t explain it to the people. The people have to experience it themselves. Just like if you go back to 2017, 2018 said, listen, they’re going to release a virus to cheat in the elections, and they’re going to shut the entire world down, and you’re all going to have to wear a mask. Nobody’s going to work. And they’re going to force people to take the vaccine, even though they’re saying they did.

Not forcing people, but they are forcing people to take it. And the vaccine is actually not going to do anything to help with the virus, because you don’t need the vaccine for the virus. Actually what the vaccine is going to do, it’s going to make people sicker, and they’re going to want you to take it over and over and over. You see, if you say that in 2017, 2018, people would look at you like, okay, this is a nutcase.

Are you crazy? What’s wrong with you? It wouldn’t be believable. The same thing’s happening right now. They cheated in the election in 2020 with COVID Now, as we approach 2024, trump is going to turn the tables on them. Now, again, is he going to be out there on a white horse with a sword raised up in the air saying, charge, let’s get the deep state players? No, that’s not how he works.

And he wants the people to see this play out. So as we go through 2024, I do believe that when the United States is attacked, the military, yes, they will be activated, even though they already are activated, because it happened back in November 3, 2020, and January 6 of 2021. But this will allow the people to accept it. Now, is Trump going to say, we must activate the military? No.

How is he going to do it? He’s not in the White House. It would look kind of strange, wouldn’t it? He’s running to be president, but he’s not in the White House. So think about who actually has to do this. I do believe it’s going to be the Biden administration. They’re the ones who are going to say the United States was attacked. Remember, they want to bring us to war.

This is their entire plan to cover up everything. The United States was attacked, the military now is activated. And of course they’re going to say we were a cyber attack. The election system is damaged. They inserted malware. It doesn’t mean the cyberattack brought down the entire power grid. The cyberattack brought down the entire country and now nothing works. No, what they’re going to do, they’ll make it look good.

They’ll make some cities, some towns black out. They’ll make it seem like, wow, this is awful. Remember, a cyberattack is invisible. So whatever they tell you, whatever is going on, that’s what people are going to hear, because you can’t really see it unless they shut down some cities and do certain things. And if you see that, you will believe that this is a major, major cyberattack. Just like a virus.

A virus is invisible. It’s very, very easy to convince people that it’s all around you. It’s going to make you sick. You will die if you touch that swing. You need to wear a mask or you will just drop dead. See, it’s very easy to do that because it’s invisible. Same thing with a cyberattack, it’s invisible. They can tell you that it’s coming from anywhere. It’s coming from Iran, it’s coming from China, it’s coming from Russia.

It makes no difference because it’s invisible. They can make it up. And yes, they will make it look like just like with COVID They will make it look real with COVID What did they do? Well, first they took the sick people and they threw them into the nursing homes. They killed people and they said, look at all the people that are dying. Then they used a fake test to show people had COVID.

That’s how they made you believe. And then when they didn’t have the deaths anymore from the nursing home, they just had to pay the hospitals and say, listen, hospitals, you want to earn a lot of money? All you got to do is say, anyone that dies, they died of COVID and we’ll pay you. And people will see this. And we’ll just keep the numbers on the screens. The same thing is going to happen now.

They’re going to probably black out a couple of towns, a couple of cities. They’re going to say, wow, look at this. The water systems over here, they’re offline because of the cyberattack. And they’ll keep counters up there showing you which cities are down, which ones are up. And they’ll say that the election infrastructure that was damaged, which means they inserted something into the election system and now there’s malware and we don’t know if these systems actually work.

And if we don’t know they work or not, we can’t have an election. Now remember, since the United States was attacked and the Biden administration is in power, well the military now can operate on US. Soil because we were attacked. He might even tell the, you know, go to the different cities, different towns. He might tell the Is because remember, he’s in the White House. You must do all these things.

Remember the optics are good. It’s not on Trump, Biden or whoever is in power. Maybe it’s Kamala Harris at the time. They will instruct the military in what to do and they will go ahead and the National Guard will go out there and they will protect everything. But again, if the United States was attacked, the military most likely will say, well now it’s our duty because of the Matata attack to guard the elections, because we can operate on US.

Soil and we need to make sure that the elections are transparent and they’re on the up and up because we don’t know who else is in this country and right now we’re at war. So once again, the optics I do believe are going to be off Trump. They’re going to be on the Biden administration. Now let’s take this to the next step. Once we have the elections and Trump wins the elections and there’s chaos around the country because remember, the Fake News is out there saying that Trump is going to use a legacy law to use the military on US.

Soil just like George Bush did, just like other people know during the La riots, they use the Insurrection Act. So what happens if there’s chaos in all the streets and now the military is already dispersed in all different cities guarding the elections? Can those same people be used, the same soldiers be used to actually shut down the chaos that we’re seeing now? It doesn’t mean that Biden or Kamala are going to come out right out and say, okay, let’s shut down the violence.

No, I think what’s going to happen is going to build and build and build and they’re going to have to call the ball eventually. There’s going to be so much pressure that they’re going to have to do something. And I do believe that at this point still the optics will be off of Trump. It won’t be Trump doing this. It will be someone else. Kamala Harris or Joe Biden.

Remember the Fake news, the deep state players, they’re putting out articles that Trump’s going to use the military, go after these people, all the treasonous criminals, execute them and this is what they’re building up. But what happens when it’s not him who uses the Insurrection Act? What happens when it’s the other side and then Trump becomes President? Think about this for a second. Well, we’ll be discussing a lot more of this a little bit later.

But first let’s talk about what’s happening with Target because it seems that they haven’t learned their lesson. And remember, they tried this once before with the tuck bathing suits and things like that. But again, their entire mission is to test the waters and hopefully people will accept this as time goes on. So you keep doing it until people accept this, but I don’t think the people of this country are going to accept any of this.

Libs of TikTok put this out and said, remember when Target sold tucking swimwear for kids and their sales dropped, stock plunged and they were sued by shareholders. Apparently they didn’t learn their lesson cause they just hired an LGBTQ activist to lead their LGBTQIA plus multicultural merchandising strategy and pride business who’s already threatening to make trouble after laughing about the backlash Target received. Well, they’re testing the waters again to see how far they can push this.

And once again they do this over and over and over. They don’t care about the sales, they don’t care about the people suing because their agenda is something completely different and they keep trying until you accept it. But I don’t think the people of this country are going to accept it. Just like they don’t accept that Biden is telling the truth, that Hunter is telling the truth. Because now the people see that they have been lying.

And remember what Trump and the Patriots had to do, they had to show the people, look, these people are treasonous, these people are criminals and they’re liars. Now of course, Trump, during the debates, he said this over and over and over. But again, talk is cheap. The only way to do this is to show the people, and I do believe this is why they had to bring Biden front and center, put him in the spotlight and people needed to see this play out.

And there was an investigation by the House and they uncovered that he had 20 shell companies, he’s working with foreign governments, he’s working with Hunter Biden. He knew about his business. The laptop was completely and utterly Hunter Biden’s laptop. It wasn’t Russian disinformation. So the 51 intelligence agencies, they lied. So the people needed to see this all play out. Now we have Hunter’s lawyer trying to game the system once again.

Remember, they don’t have control over the House and this is a problem for them. See they have control of the DOJ, they have control of the FBI, but they don’t have control over the House. So what they’re trying to do is they’re saying, okay, we don’t want Hunter testifying behind closed doors with the subpoena because they’re going to ask him certain information that’s classified and things that we don’t want out there.

So we rather have Hunter testify in a public form. This way none of this information can be asked. But Representative James Comer, he kind of countered all this and he said the following. Hunter Biden is trying to play by his own rules instead of following the rules required of everyone else. They won’t stand with the House Republicans. His full statement, our lawfully issued subpoena to Hunter Biden requires him to appear for a deposition on December 13.

We expect full cooperation with our subpoena for a deposition, but also agree that Hunter Biden should have the opportunity to testify in a public setting at a future date. First, you get him behind closed doors. You get to ask him a lot of very specific, maybe even classified questions that they have to answer. Then you can take that with that transcript, have him testify in public and use it against him.

And I do believe this is exactly what they’re going to plan to do. And it looks like Hunter Biden and his lawyer, they don’t want this to happen. Remember, the Bidens, they have control over the DOJ, the FBI, so they’re never going to investigate. They don’t want this information out there. Remember, every day that passes what’s happening, more and more people are seeing Biden’s treasonous crimes. They’re seeing how Hunter and Joe Biden are connected.

Along with Jim Biden. And this is not going to go away. Are they going to be arrested? Are they going to be put away right now? No, of course not. How can you? The criminal syndicate is not going to go after their own. This evidence that is being collected right now is going to be used later. Trump told us what he was going to do when he gets into office.

He’s going to hire a special prosecutor. Why did he say this? Because the evidence will be waiting for the special prosecutor. At that point, Trump will have control. Biden will no longer control the DOJ, they will no longer control the investigation, which means this individual who’s going and looking into Joe Biden’s crimes, he has everything and he can produce a lot more, which means Joe Biden’s screwed. That’s why his dimension is going to pick up, because he’s going to say, I remember nothing.

Plausible deniability. And you could see that the deep state players, the DS, they’re going to use this against them because they can’t have him in office as this information comes out. Everything that Biden is doing right now is hurting their chances. As poll numbers are in the dumper, the economy’s falling apart, we’re approaching war, the borders are wide open. Once there’s an event with that, they’re screwed. They need to get rid of him as soon as possible, which I do believe they are planning to do.

And you could see with what’s happening in this country, you could see what their plan was. And it’s not just here in the United States, but it’s around the world. They’re bringing in illegals into every single country. Because if you import the third world, you become the Third world. I think that pretty much sums it up right there. And that’s exactly what you’re witnessing right now. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting, since we see all these illegals coming to the country, well, the people, they’re not fooled by mayorkas, they’re not fooled by Joe Biden, they’re not fooled by the White House press secretary.

They see exactly what is happening, and the people are getting pissed off. What do you think is going to happen when we have some type of an event and it’s reported that they came into this country illegally? Well, I think may orcus is going to have a very difficult time. Joe Biden’s going to have a very difficult time, and the people are going to say, you’re all responsible for all this.

Every death that you see, you are responsible. But the people are already seeing it. Rasmussen reports put this out and said, impeach Majorcas. 55% approve move against DHS Secretary a majority of voters support Congressional efforts to impeach department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Moyorkis. The people are already saying, yeah, we need to get rid of him because the borders are wide open. We don’t know who’s in this country.

We have criminals, we have terrorists. And it’s absolutely awful. And the people now see this. Now the people say, you know something? That wall is looking pretty darn good. That secure border looks pretty darn good. Everything that Trump told us, it looks like he was right. And now the people are going to push Majorcas out, especially when there’s an event. You think this number is going to go from 55% to like, 75% or 80%? Of course it is, because once something big happens, remember, people have been coming over the border.

Yes, there’s been crimes here and there. But when something big happens, that’s when people wake up. That’s when people go, holy crap, the borders are wide open. Even the people that love the borders that are wide open, they go, holy crap, the borders were wide open and this person came over the border. We had no idea who they were. They were a terrorist, and look what they did.

No, we need to have security or something on the border now, okay? I was all for having people come in because we’re the home of the free and people should have a chance. But we need to have certain things that are in place to stop the criminals and the terrorists. Oh, you mean like a port of entry where people have to be vetted and you just don’t let in everyone? You see, people are learning.

Sometimes you need to show the people the truth. Sometimes people need to see this all play out so they understand it. The same thing is happening with Pedophilia. The same thing is happening with the drag shows. The same thing is happening with what they’ve been trying to hide for a very long time. And that’s pizzagate. But people now are starting to see all of this happen right now.

A transgender man was charged for alleged threats to kill rape children. So a man who identifies as a female has been indicted on 14 felony counts after reportedly threatening to rape girls in public restrooms over transphobia. So this individual dressed up like a woman and he was saying, I’m going to rape your child. I’m going to be in the bathroom. There’s nothing that you can do about it.

So really think about this. These are the people that they’re protecting. And yes, they do have mental problems. Now the other thing that’s very interesting is that a senior Pentagon official who oversaw federally operated school systems in the Americas has been arrested in Georgia on human trafficking sting. So the county sheriff’s office last week announced the arrest of 26 people, including Stephen Hovenak. So we could see that these incidents aren’t isolated.

What the deep state has been doing is they’ve been keeping their dark world in the shadows. And now because they think they’re in control, they’re allowing and they want to normalize it, they are now pushing this out into the open so people can see this because they want people to accept it. That’s why they’re protecting all these people. That’s why they’re saying, oh no, we can’t have hate speech against these.

We need to protect these people. Even if these people kill children, they will still protect these individuals because this is part of their dark world. It’s much larger, deeper than anyone could imagine. And yes, Pizza Gate is real. The FBI already proved that because we had an individual that got arrested and they called the children different names with pizza in it. So everything that Liz Crocon has been researching, everything that she’s been investigating, yes, it is all true.

And of course, now the people are seeing it. Now the people are understanding it. And I do believe this is going to get a lot worse. And I do believe timing is very, very important because you need to show the people that what you’re seeing is true. It’s real before you unveil all those people that are involved in this. Because if people didn’t see all of this and you just released the names, people wouldn’t be able to put it all together.

So if you continually show, look, this is real. Pizzagate is real, pedophilia is real. It’s a gigantic operation that’s happening across this country. And I do believe this is going to be build and build and build. And then the names are going to be released because people will have the framework, they will have the understanding of what it is. And once you see these people that are involved in it, then you’re going to go, oh my God, look at this.

So I do believe timing is very, very important, just like timing with everything. Now the other thing that’s very interesting is we could see that the people around the world, because of all these illegals coming in, they are now being pushed to the precipice of destruction. And yes, people reach the precipice of destruction at all different points, but you can see in Ireland, they are definitely reaching it Conor McGregor, where they’re trying to charge him for hate crimes.

He’s saying that Ireland, we are at war. And you’re going to see this a lot with many, many countries, but you need to remember what they’re trying to do here, especially with Israel and Gaza. And you have to remember that here in the United States, we have a constitution like no other and there is no hate speech where, oh, this person’s hate speech we have to protect, or that person, we can’t have that.

No, the Founding Father said we are allowed to speak freely unless it leads to violence. That is the line in the sand. If you’re going to break the law and do something that hurts someone and actually violence does occur, that is something different. But if you’re just saying something, then it’s not that big of deal. But what I do believe the Deep State Players are trying to do, I do believe they’re trying to use the Israel Gaza war to actually control free speech.

Really think about it. If you wanted to convince people that we need to stop hate speech, well, do you think the trans movement works? You think you can convince the people with that? No. But if you can use what’s happening out in Israel and Gaza and you see anti Semitism, can you convince the people that we must have legislation to control hate speech? Yes. I do believe they’re trying to turn this all around.

Now, remember, in this country, your First Amendment right is to speak freely. And what’s hateful for one group is not hateful for another. Now, there is a difference between hateful violence. You see, when you see the pro Palestinian people out there who are being anti Semitic, they can say whatever they want. Remember the phrase, sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never harm me. They can say whatever they want as long as they’re not violent.

You might not like what they’re saying, you might not like what they put out on TikTok or Instagram. Well, then you don’t have to listen same in reverse. But as soon as they become violent, that is something different. And I do believe what the Deep State Players are going to try to do is they’re going to try to use this to usher in censorship and control speech, because this is what they want to do from the very, very beginning.

They want to control what people are saying. And do you think they’re going to try to use this? Of course they are. And you can see with all these different things that are happening right now, I do believe they’re going to try to usher this in, because when you look out in Canada and you’re probably going to see it. Out in Europe and out in Canada. First out in Canada, we have the Montreal Jewish Community Center.

They were hit by Molotov cocktails. Trudeau is demanding the end to anti Semitic acts after attacks in Montreal. Now, yes, an end to the violence. But I do believe what they’re going to do attached to this is controlling hate speech, which these are two different things, but they’re going to try to put it together to try to censor people from saying certain things. This is how they do it.

And we’re going to have to watch this play out because I do believe they’re going to try to do this. Because once they get their claws into this with hate speech and people go, oh, yeah, we need to stop people from saying anti Semitic things. Well, that’s going to lead to other things. And then others. And then others. And before you know it, you can’t say a word.

And this is why our Founding Fathers were very, very specific in what they put in the First Amendment. You can speak freely unless it’s a crime or there’s violence, because if you don’t want to listen, don’t listen. If people’s going to curse at you, if people’s going to say hateful things at you, they are allowed to say it because they have freedom of speech. As soon as they take it to the next step where they’re cursing or they’re saying anti Semitic things and they hit you, that’s a different story.

If they destroy your property, that’s a different story. But again, they have the right to speak freely. Doesn’t matter if you like it or you don’t like it. Yes, these people are evil. Now, the other thing that we could see happening right now, we could see with everything that’s going on, we could see the deep state players, they are starting to push war, and, yes, they are pushing it.

And you just have to start to connect all the dots. Right now, Finland has closed its entire border with Russia, effective from Thursday at midnight for at least two weeks. So they’re closing the border there. Then we have North Korea, which we’ll be getting to a second, and we have what NATO just said. So think about why Finland is closing the border for two weeks. Well, that’s what they always say, and then it always lasts a lot longer.

Just like when we came off the gold standard, it was going to be temporary. Then it lasted for 50 plus years. But think about what they’re already building up here. But first, let’s talk about the hostages in Gaza, because now we still have the truce. The hostages are still being swapped. But something very interesting about the American hostage, benjamin Weingarten put this out and said so you tell me that the great aunt of the youngest American hostage and first American to be released by Hamas is a buyer of Hunter Biden’s art, who was then appointed by Joe Biden to the US.

Commissioner for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad. Now, that’s very interesting. And then he said a denim two initial post. The timeline is not clear as to when Miss Naftali bought Hunter Biden’s art versus when she was appointed by Joe Biden to the relevant commission. Hunter’s former Biz associate eric sherwin was tabbed for the commission previously by President Obama. But it’s still very interesting that they have a connection to the Obamas.

Don Jr. Responded to this and said, maybe Evan Gershkovich family’s member should buy some Hunter Biden artwork. So what is he talking about there? Well, Evan is an American journalist and reporter at the Wall Street Journal, covering Russia. He was detained by Russia’s Federal Security Service on charges of espionage in March of 2023, marking the first time an American journalist had been arrested on charges of spying in Russia since the Cold War.

So you could see that he’s saying, listen, if you know Joe Biden and you buy some of the artwork, he’ll get you released. So, once again, it’s very OD that this person has an actual connection to the Bidens. What about the rest of the American hostages? Have they been released? Not so far, which I find very interesting. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is we could see that North Korea, they now have moved heavy weapons to the border with the south.

And it looks like they’re re militarizing the outpost along the DMZ, which we discussed yesterday. And it looks like there are pictures now of what they’re doing. So it looks like they are now putting forces up in these areas. But the other thing that’s very interesting, which kind of tells you that we’re heading towards some type of war, the NATO press conference was going on, and in the press conference, the Secretary General said something very interesting where he said, allies agree that Ukraine will become a member of NATO.

At our meeting, we will agree recommendations for Ukraine’s priority reforms as we continue to support Kiev on its path to NATO membership. So are they really that determined to start World War II? I mean, are they going to allow Ukraine at the last minute to join NATO, which is going to piss off Russia, which is going to enable them to push World War Three? It’s starting to seem that way.

And remember, these people are methodical. They know exactly how to start the war, how to kick it off. And you can see that they are going down this path. Now, do Trump, the Patriots, do they know that this was going to happen? Yes. Trump told us a year ago that he saw World War II happening. People didn’t see it. He saw it. Let’s talk about protecting our wealth.

Are you new to investing and have savings you need to protect right now? With the Middle East war, the Ukraine war, maybe Taiwan soon you need a new playbook that’s safe. Allocate some gold now and avoid the frenzy panic of the unprepared. When fear reigns, gold protects the wise. Noble Gold Investments offers a free five ounce America the beautiful coin with new IRAs. This month, shield your savings with a Noble Gold investment.

IRA go to X 22 Gold. That is X 22 Gold, the only gold company I trust. And now every step of the way we can see it’s building and building and building. And I do believe it’s going to build even further. And yes, as we go through 2024, people, they’re going to get a little nervous, a little afraid, because this is going to be a nuclear war. And I do believe it’s going to be something like the Cuban missile cris, but a little bit worse.

And people are going to be really scared. And I do believe we’re going to see a couple of attacks on the United States to bring the people into the fold that, yes, we are headed towards war and we’re going to probably see an event from a terrorist within the United States. And I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some type of missile that was fired, but it was intercepted out in the ocean or in the end, closer to the election, there is a attack to convince the people that we’re going to war.

Remember, the deep state players, they need the war to cover up everything that they have done. They’re trying everything to stop Trump right now. They’re trying the indictments, they’re trying to throw him off the ballots. They’re using whatever they possibly can to stop him. But when they can’t stop him and the evidence comes out that they were involved in January 6, they were involved in rigging the election, and everyone’s looking at them going, holy crap, can this be true? And if it is true, wow, they’re treasonous to this country.

So when that all fails, which it’s going to, all they have left is war. Trump is actually trapping them in all of this. We’re going to be talking a little bit more about this a little bit later, but first, let’s talk about how the deep state players, the fake news, they like to push racism. And we had this child who was wearing an Indian headdress and the child’s face was painted black on one side and red on the other.

And these are the colors of the football team. So Deadspin put out an article and it says the NFL needs to speak out against the Kansas City Chiefs fan in blackface native headdress. So they showed the child from one side, showed the blackface, and the headdress didn’t show the other side of the child’s face, which is the color of the team, black and red. And we could see that this individual, the Deadspin senior editor Karen Phillips wrote this article to try to push, wow, look, the NFL, they accept racism.

These people are racist. This person’s in blackface but remember, Trudeau was in blackface. We had other people in blackface. They never said anything about those people. What about all the drag shows when you have adults dressing up and you have children dressing up and they’re performing right in front of the children, but that’s okay. But if this kid dresses up like this for this football team, that’s a terrible thing.

So this individual wrote a defamatory hit on a white boy for wearing face paint, his team colors. He even used a deceptive camera angle to make it look like he just had blackface on. This is how crazy and dishonest these people are. Ed Moknis put this out and said, however much you think you hate the media and journalists, it is not nearly enough. They’re willing to smear literal children in order to maintain their bullshit narratives about race and white people.

And remember the catholic the Covington catholic children Remember this child with the painted face? They keep going after the children and going after the children in many different ways. But DC Dreno, he put this out and said, you know that deadspin reporter who defamed the little NFL kid wearing the black face and red face paint? Turns out he’s the racist. Imagine if someone said this about black people or Jews, and this is what Karen Phillips put out.

I’m from Saginaw, spent a lot of time in Flint. I’ve never seen this many white people in Flint in my life. It’s concerning. And DC. Jane was right. If you replace us with black people, Asian people, Jews, or anything else, it’s racist. And it’s very easy to see these people are truly racist and they project their racism on everyone else. They need to come to terms and realize that they’re the ones who are racist.

You see, they were brainwashed at an early age, and they convinced them that racism against white people is okay, and they don’t even see it. That’s the scary part. Just like they don’t see the crimes that’s happening in the blue. No, no, there’s no crimes. Everything’s good in the blue cities. And we even have Alex Soros out there trying to convince everyone that it’s not the blue cities.

That’s not where the crimes are. This is what he put out. Where are murder rates actually higher? Not in progressive cities. Well, community notes decided to correct him, and they said the five cities with the highest murder rates and their mayors are St. Louis Jones, which is a Democrat. Baltimore, Maryland. Scott is the mayor there? He’s a Democrat. We have new Orleans, Louisiana. Cantrell, is the mayor there Democrat? We have Detroit, Michigan.

Dugan is the mayor there? Democrat? Cleveland, Ohio. Bib, is the mayor there? Democrat. The rabbit hole put this out and said blue counties tend to have a higher homicide rate relative to red counties. Rather than denying this and letting people in these counties suffer, maybe the Soros family can try being honest about crime for once. Well, once again, they never anticipated that they would be fact checked because remember, the fact checkers were on their side.

They controlled the social media platforms. They control the fake news. So their checking always goes along with what they’re saying. Now we have elon with Community Notes, and don’t get me wrong, community Notes is not always right. You always have to make sure that they’re actually telling the truth. And it’s good for people to look at what they’re saying and no, no, it’s wrong. And this is why you get to vote which Community note is better than others? But I think in the end, we will get to a place where it is pretty darn truthful.

And Elon responded to all this and says those who can’t handle reality will leave this platform due to community Notes. But the public will increasingly come to realize that X is the best source of truth, causing our user numbers to rise as they abandon the less accurate sources of information. So, yes, people are going to be looking at Instagram, at Facebook, at YouTube, and they’re going to realize, you know something, these platforms, they’re saying something completely different than what X is, what true social is, what Rumble is.

And people are going to do a little bit of research and they’re going to find out, holy crap, they’ve been lying to me. And that has been going on for quite a while. And it’s getting worse and worse for the Fake News legacy media and the other social media platforms. And it will get worse through 2024 because think about all the fact checking, the censoring that they’re going to do to try to control the narrative and once again, it’s going to fail.

Just like January 6 is completely and utterly falling apart on them. The Hanch twins put this out and said the Capitol cops beat the hell out of innocent January 6 protesters and the videos are finally coming out. The cops should be charged and the protesters should be freed. This is why the Uni party didn’t want the videos released. And you see the police just banging on the people.

It’s absolutely unbelievable. Sue knows Best put this out on X and says, clear footage of Roseanne Boylan being dragged through the Capitol like a slab of discarded meat as she’s dying after being repeatedly assaulted by Capitol Police. And the story the Capitol Police told, well, it doesn’t hold up now since the videos have come out, take a listen to what this individual says about Roseanne Boylan and what they actually did with her and where they actually brought her compared to what the Capitol Police actually reported on.

Take a listen that she wasn’t getting outside. So for know, we blurred it a bit because her chest was exposed. She’s unconscious, of course. Yeah, she lost much of her clothing while she was being dragged inside. But there were two medics from the US park Police that immediately took command of her CPR, and that went on for about ten minutes. And then this is where we picked it up with the security footage.

That is new. Well, this seems to be pretty new because we were told different stories about what would happen once she was brought inside. What were we told previously compared to what we’re seeing now? Well, there was testimony before Congress that she was carried into the majority leader’s office where CPR was done. And what this shows is that she was taken directly from the basement up one level to what they call the crypt.

And we saw her just now being pulled through there, and she was brought out right in front of what they call the House wing door. So this does suggest, at the very least, that it contradicts some of the testimony that was given then. And it contradicts, it could contradict the first report that Capitol Police gave that she went down in the rotunda. This absolutely proves that was not true.

And you’ll see her coming down the hall shortly. You’ve got some of the large number of police here. You’ve got protesters that have been arrested that are being brought through. And as she came through the crypt past the memorial door, just so we know too, because people might wonder, well, did we miss a camera? Did they actually bring her to the speaker’s office? What’s the timestamps, do the timestamps line up closely enough to where we know they would not have brought her there? There wasn’t enough time.

There weren’t cameras everywhere that they had to carry her up some of the stairs, and there were not cameras in the stairs, but there was no time when you look at that. So the time is close enough then, where it would not have been possible for them to bring her and there would have been no reason to do it because they were meeting the paramedics and they immediately took charge of her care.

Well, we’re seeing two different sides of the police here too. I mean, outside, of course, there’s violence. We saw an officer strike her unconscious body several times. These officers seem very dedicated to actually. So once again, the truth is coming out and people are seeing a very different picture of what happened on January 6. And think about this. The timing is absolutely amazing. The videos are being released a little bit at a time.

People are learning. People are seeing all of this, and they’re realizing that the story that Nancy Pelosi told, the fake news told, AOC told, that’s all completely and utterly falling apart. The people are now seeing the truth. They realize something else was going on there. There were a lot of confidential human sources. It looks like this was planned. A lot of people were involved in this. Capitol police, the Feds, antifa neo Nazis and the rest.

Nancy Pelosi was in charge of security there but of course, she didn’t want security there because they needed to cover up what they did on November 3. And now that people are seeing this, think about it. Trump is going to trial next year. So as people see all this information, does this help Trump in the end? Does it help people to accept what really happened on January 6? Of course it does.

What do you think Trump has? He has the evidence. He has the declassified information. This is going to destroy the deep state. DC. Drayno put this out and he said, shout out to the Trump supporters on January 6 front lines who tried to stop the disguised Agitators from attacking police without provocation. Trump supporters actually stood in front of the cops to stop those people that had hoods on and mask who were dressed up like Trump supporters where they were screaming at the police, we’re going to kill you.

We’re going to kill you. The Trump supporters actually stood in front of the cops saying, no, stop this. We’re one of them. Don’t do this. And now the people, they see the truth. And yes, this was infiltration. And what’s very interesting is that Trump, he retroth fruit snacks, and this is what he retruth now that the entire January 6 lie has completely fallen apart. When do the trials start? Well, I do believe they’re going to start when people see what Trump is going to show them when he goes to trial.

Remember, he’s not on trial. He’s putting the deep state on trial. Remember, this is the court of public opinion. He’s going to have everyone watching and he’s going to show the people the truth. He’s going to unveil what really happened during the 2020 election. Now, today we had the tribute to Rosalind Carter, and it looks like the Clintons, Michelle Obama, they traveled with Biden’s on Air Force One because when you look at the passenger list, they were listed on the plane.

But what’s very interesting is that at the tribute, we had Melania and she wasn’t dressed in black and she stands out. Ultra popularized matter. Put this out on telegram, said, notice how Melania Trump went to Rosalind Carter’s funeral today and sat right next to Michelle Obama, the entire deep state all star cast, and they happen to be all wearing black, as she once again stands out from the rest in a different color.

The light seems to be shining on her. Gotta wonder what they all are thinking and what were they thinking. That’s interesting. But the other thing that people are thinking is, is Biden going to be able to run for president? Because Trump, he just took a cognitive test. He just took a physical and he passed with flying colors. And now people are questioning Biden. Are you going to do the same? Trump was completely transparent.

You be completely transparent. Remember, he told everyone he’s going to be the most transparent president in the world. Well, first of all, he’s not the president and he’s not transparent. So we have the former White House physician, and he’s looking at Biden right now, and he’s saying that Biden’s health is decreasing and he’s not fit to hold his post. So this is Texas Republican Representative Ronnie Jackson, a former White House physician, said that he understands what it means to be the head of the state and the toll the job takes on one’s overall health.

In Biden’s case, he said it’s deteriorating very, very quickly. It’s just unbelievable how much he’s degenerated just during his time in office. We cannot afford to have this man in office for the remainder of the term and then another four years after that. He’s already putting us at great risk right now. And yes, the people are seeing this. The people are understanding this. And he needs to take a physical, a cognitive test.

And I do believe this is why Trump has done it, because now he set him up. Shouldn’t the DS actually force him to do this? Aren’t they worried? I do believe in the end, the DS are going to use this against him and actually remove him. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is that we could see that major donors, they are now leaving DeSantis. Yes, some of them are going over to Nikki Haley, but that’s going to fail.

But the high level donors within the Republican Party, they’re starting to come around on Trump, and they’re saying, okay, we got nobody else. He’s the guy that we need to go to. So it looks like things are now changing. And we even have the former BLM leader and former Dem, he is also endorsing Trump, which is very, very OD. So we’re starting to see a big change right now, and everything’s about to change, especially when we approach the election fraud trial, the January 6 trial.

I do believe we’re going to see a lot change because I do believe Trump, he is going to use the court of public opinion to show what these people have actually done, and he has the documents to back it up. Now, what’s very interesting is that the Georgia prosecutor, they’re saying that there’s going to be no plea deals for Trump. Well, of course there’s going to be no plea deals.

Why would he have to plead to anything? Remember, this is a witch hunt. There are going to be no deals. He’s going to see this through. He actually wants to see this through. Why? Because he’s going to show the people the truth. Look at post 1937, August 27, 2018 witch hunt. No deals. He will not make a deal. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is that it looks like Judge Shuken, she has rejected Trump’s demand for missing January 6 docs, saying that they don’t exist.

Julie Kelly on X put this out and said judge Shookin denies another defense motion in Jack Smith’s january 6 case against Trump. This will be the death by a thousand cuts as she acts like Smith’s rubber stamp. Chukan denies Trump’s motion to subpoena parties with knowledge of missing January 6 committee records. The irony is Chukan, a shameless partisan appointed by Obama, wrote the 2021 order piercing Trump’s executive privilege, claims to force him to produce presidential records to January 6 committee.

There is proof january 6 committee has withheld records from Congress. This is what Shukin wants to conceal. But you need to remember, Trump has it all. Trump has everything. And once again, how do you legally inject evidence? Well, it looks like Trump’s about to do that. Let’s go back to post 1181 is April 19, 2018. Down below it says we have everything. How can we use what we know? How do you legally inject make public use as evidence? What are you witnessing? Unfold trust the plan.

I do believe Trump wants all this to happen because how do you reach the DS? Well, you take the most popular person in this country, you put them front and center, and those DS that want to see him be put away because they hate him. You have it broadcast on all the different fake news stations and you have all these people watch it and all the people who are watching it thinking that, OOH, we got Trump this time.

Well, Trump then produces the evidence, starts putting out the documents showing that they’re the ones who are responsible for all this, and the entire case starts to fall apart. Now, yes, the judge is going to try to fight this. The judge is going to try to hide the evidence because this is what they do. But the people watching it going, wait a minute, why are they stopping this? What does he have? See, Trump, he’s using the court of public opinion.

He needs the people to see this in a setting where they’ll believe it. And that is a court setting. And these are actual documents that he’s going to be producing that’s going to show that the deep state players, they’re guilty of all, of everything that has been going on. Let’s go back to post 1200. This is April 20, 2018. Down below says they fall for it every single time.

How do you legally dot, dot, dot really think about this? Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is that Trump, he is now asking for a lot of information, all the documents, everything. And when you start to look at what he’s asking for, it’s very, very interesting. When you look at the table of contents, he’s looking for President Trump’s Executive Order 13848. Because remember, with that order, what did the intelligence agencies have to do? They had to submit supports the 2020 election.

CISA statement, the solar winds sunburst attack the 2020 election, DOJ DHS report, the January 6 Committee report. He wants all this information. Remember, Trump has it all and he’s going to use this against them. And yes, during the trial, he’s going to have all the documents, all the evidence. The people are going to see this play out and they’re going to see who is responsible for the actual insurrection, who’s responsible for what happened on January 6.

But he needs to do it in a setting where he can introduce this legally because he is the victim. They came after him. But we could see things are now building right now. And as we approach 2024, people are going to find out a lot, which means the deep state players, they’re going to panic. Holy crap, what we just did didn’t work. He countered it. The people are realizing that we are criminals, we’re treasonous to this country.

We must cover this up. Okay, let’s start the war now. Let’s build it up. We’re going to have to make sure that he doesn’t win the election, because if he wins, we’re screwed. So we’re going to have to either cheat like we’ve never cheated before, or we’re going to have to shut down the election system. And what’s very interesting, it looks like there’s a attack out in Israel, and they’re saying it’s a possible attack that knocked out the phone lines, the fire departments, and they’re saying that this might have been caused by Iran.

Then in Pennsylvania, the Municipal Water Authority in Pennsylvania has reported their water system was hacked by an Iranian backed cyber group. So wait a minute, we have Iran now hacking Israel, iran now hacking the United States, and we’re approaching the 2024 elections. Are they now building up the narrative that there might be a cyberattack? Well, the World Economic Forum, they told us that there’s going to be a cyberattack in the next two years.

That was almost two years ago, which means they’re planning for a cyberattack in 2024. Now, is that going to shut down the elections? Well, I do believe they’re going to try to postpone it in the end because they’re going to realize they can’t win, they can’t cheat the way they did, and they need to stop the elections. This is the only way they can do it. And bring us to war.

Because if they stop the elections, bring us to war. Well, they could try to cover all this up, but I don’t believe this is going to work. And actually, you can see the deep state players, they’re a little panic right now. Now what’s very interesting, this is coming out of Yahoo. News and this is the Associated Press, and this is the headlines. Trump Hints at Expanded role for the military within the US.

A legacy. Law gives him few guardrails. So let me just read a little bit of this. Campaigning in Iowa this year, trump said he was prevented during his presidency from using the military to quell violence in primarily democratic cities and states. So how can he use it? Hmm, let me continue. Trump. Has not spelled out precisely how he might use the military during the second term, although he and his advisors have suggested they would have wide latitude to call up units.

While deploying the military regularly within the country’s border would be a departure from tradition, the former President already has signaled an aggressive agenda. If he wins from mass deportation to travel bans imposed on certain Muslim majority countries, a law first crafted in the nation’s infancy would give Trump, as Commander in Chief, almost unfettered power to do so, military and legal experts said in a series of interviews. The Insurrection Act allows presidents to call on reserve or active duty military units to respond to unrest in the states, an authority that is not reviewable by the courts.

One of its few guardrails merely requires the President to request that the participants disperse. Wait a minute. Didn’t we hear this during January 6? Trump told those people, and he wasn’t talking to the MAGA people. He was talking to the deep state players, please peacefully disperse. Once they didn’t, the insurrection was complete. The military took over. But again, he needed the people to wake up. He didn’t want the military to go in and have a military coup.

He wanted the people to wake up, to take back the country. But he needs to introduce the military back into the fold so people would accept the military on US. Soil. Let me continue. Congress passed the act in 1792, just four years after the Constitution was ratified. None said it’s an amalgamation of a different statues enacted between then and the 1870s, a time when there was little in the way of local law enforcement.

It is a law that in many ways was created for a country that doesn’t exist anymore, he says. It’s also one of the most substantial exceptions to the Possecomatatus Act, which generally prohibits using the military for law enforcement purposes. Attempts to invoke the Insurrection Act and use the military for domestic policing would likely elicit pushback from the Pentagon, where the new Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff is General Charles Q.

Brown. He was one of the eight members of the Joint Chiefs who signed a memo to military personnel in the aftermath of January 6, 2021, attack on the US. Capitol. The memo emphasized the oaths they took and called the events of that day, which were intended to stop certification of Democrat Joe Biden’s victory over Trump sedition and insurrection. So remember your oaths. During the Civil Rights era, President Johnson, John F.

Kennedy, and Dwight Hausenauer used the law to protect activists and students desegregating schools. Eisenhower sent the 101st Airborne to Little Rock, Arkansas, to protect black students integrating central high school after the state’s governor activated the National Guard to keep the students out. George H. W. Bush was the last president to use the Insurrection Act, a response to riots in Los Angeles in 1992 after the acquittal of the White Police officer who beat black motorist Rodney King in an incident that was videotaped.

So the Insurrection Act was used before. Now think about it. We need to separate these two things because I do believe what’s happening now is we have war that is approaching and I do believe there’s going to be an attack on the United States. So let me go back to post 45 21. This is June 25, 2020. Down below it says the Posse Comatatis Act, 18 US Code section 813 85, an original intent of which was to end the use of federal troops to police state elections.

By the way, this is capitalized in brackets in this post informer Confederate States prescribes the role of the army and Air Force in executing civil laws and states key exceptions to the Comatatis Act. Pursuant to the presidential power to quell domestic violence, federal troops are expressly exempt from the prohibitions of the Comatatis Act and this exemption applies equally to active duty military and federalized National Guard troops. Everything you are witnessing, past and present, future, essentially revolves around the presidential election.

Now this says 2020, but I do believe it’s 2024. Win by any means necessary, self preservation. So I do believe that the federal troops, they will be called upon to protect the elections because I do believe the country will be attacked and yes, the troops will be able to be used to protect the elections. Now, once again, what happens if we have an event in this country? Is that an attack? Yes.

Is cyberattack an attack? Yes. Is there an insurrection going on? Is there a war happening? Yes. So I do believe that’s the first stage. I think the optics are going to look pretty darn good for Trump, but I don’t think he’s the one who’s going to be calling the troops up. I think it’s going to be Biden, because think about if Biden or Kamala Harris activates the troops, they guard the elections, we use paper ballots, Trump wins.

People can’t blame Trump, can they? That’s interesting. Let’s move to post 2460, november 7, 2018. There’s two links, one to martial law, one to Policy Commentatis Act. And it says, or in response to chaos associated with protests of mob action. Article One, Section Nine of the US Constitution states the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion, the public safety may require it.

So if Trump wins using the paper ballots and the military was placed there by Biden or Kamala Harris as Biden administration and he wins the election and then all of a sudden the deep state players, they push chaos around the country. Well, the military is already activated, they’re already on US soil. Can they be used to stop what’s going on and arrest these people? Because once again, is this chaos, is this mob action, is this a rebellion against the election? I do believe so.

Post 43 60 may 30, 2020 Insurrection Act of 18 seven determination that the various state and local authorities are not up to the task of responding to the growing unrest. Call the ball. Now remember, during this period of time, trump is the President elect, the Biden administration. They’re still actually in control. So who’s going to be calling the ball now? Think about it. Go back in time when Trump was in the White House and we had the 2020 riots.

Why didn’t Trump use the Insurrection Act? He could have stopped everything, couldn’t he? He could have called out the troops and just shut it all down. He could have taken control. But instead he said, listen, I got the National Guard troops. I went ahead and I authorized them. All you got to do is take the next step. He wanted the people to see it. He wanted the people to understand it.

Now take what you saw then, what they did to Trump, because I do believe what they wanted him to do. They wanted him to use the Insurrection Act. They wanted a civil war. They wanted the chaos. But he left it up to who? The governors and the mayors. And they did nothing. And the people watched. Now turn this around. Trump didn’t do it then. Is the Biden administration going to do it now? Because remember, everything that they did to him, trump is doing to them.

And I do believe the optics for Trump are going to look amazing and everything is going to be on the Biden administration. And they’re the ones who are going to cause all of this. And when Trump is inaugurated, everything is all set and done, and we already have everything in place. And yes, people are being arrested, the military is taking control. And who is actually orchestrating all this? Is it Trump or is it the Biden administration? Really think about this for a second.

The optics would be incredible. And what would the people see? They would see the treasonous people. They would see all of this go down. And Trump, he would then be able to use the military. To do what? To go after those people that actually orchestrated all of this. Patriots are in control. Listen, everyone, thanks a lot for listening. Be well, be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot.


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