Ep 3153b – 2020 Was Rigged Trump Can Prove It Change Of Batter 2024 Is The Most Important Election

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➡ The text shares the presenter’s perspective on the political scenario in America, specifically the discourse around the legitimacy of the 2020 U.S election, where concerns of fraud are raised by Trump supporters. The presenter anticipates that an impending trial will be an opportunity for Donald Trump to prove this fraud to the world. The text also mentions significant importance placed on the 2024 elections, prospective cyberattacks on the election infrastructure, and the deep state’s perceived resistance to transparent elections, predicting considerable pushback.
➡ The text suggests potential civil unrest and chaos similar to a war scenario stirred by dishonest elements within the societal hierarchy. Meanwhile, the text further covers the meteoric rise of a new beer company posing as competition to traditional brands, and the theory of public figures using medical ailments as an escape route from legal scrutiny. The narrative then stresses an alleged lackadaisical attitude about Biden’s work commitment while illustrating existing disparities within the justice system.
➡ The text revolves around an ongoing discussion about political corruption, including debates on Weiss’s authority to pursue charges, the perception of a two-tier justice system, the role of Obama in the enforcement of FISA warrants, and concerns over open borders and immigration policies. It also mentions attempts by tech platforms to censor and control information about election results, and a growing concern over an alleged culture of targeting and discriminating against Trump supporters.
➡ The world is experiencing widespread political and social change, with citizens deposing puppet governments. North Korea is escalating military simulations and the Biden administration may be leading the US towards war. Many speculate that conflicts are being instigated to weaken the population, particularly male supporters of Trump. Meanwhile, the ongoing COVID situation is being used to push for increased vaccinations, even as resistance to mandates grows.
➡ The passage discusses skepticism towards mask mandates, expressing belief that the guidance provided isn’t scientifically backed. The speaker urges people to ask for peer-reviewed studies proving that masks work. The text also criticizes perceived infiltration of the education system by inappropriate individuals, and calls out what is seen as biased reporting by the news media. Additionally, it shares views on ongoing legal matters involving Trump and proposed government shutdowns.
➡ The text discusses Trump’s ongoing legal case and his claims of being unjustly targeted, arguing that he’ll use this situation to expose corruption within the government. It also speculates about potential changes in U.S. presidency, including Biden stepping down and Kamala Harris assuming the role, despite her low popularity.
➡ The deep state players are attempting to prevent Donald Trump from appearing on ballots, like southern states did to Abraham Lincoln in the 1860 elections. Despite the unlikely possibility of this happening today, Trump remains vigilant, claiming that the 2020 elections were rigged and is preparing to present evidence in court. His focus is on preventing any form of government overthrow and ensuring fairness in future elections, especially in 2024, when he anticipates a significant political turnaround.
➡ This text includes Trump’s gratitude towards the American heroes including the military, enforcement, and first responders for their sacrifices to guarantee safety, peace, and freedom for all. His speech encourages patriotism, strength, and unity among citizens to continue the legacy of these heroes. The last segment appears to be in a different language.


Sending to the X 22 report. My name is Dave and this episode 3153 BN. Today’s date is August 31, 2023, and the title of the episode is 2020 was rigged. Trump can prove it. Change of Banner 2024 is the most important election.

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Now. The deep state, the corrupt politicians, big tech, fake news, the puppet masters, they’re doing exactly what the Patriots want them to do. Any surprise in that? Actually, they’re right on schedule. We’ve come to learn that Trump’s trial is going to be televised for the world to see. Now let’s think about this for a second. When those individuals who are watching MSNBC, those individuals that are watching CNN, those individuals that are watching Fox, what are they going to see? Well, they think they’re going to see Trump get convicted. They believe he’s going to go to jail and they’re going to put him away for a very long time.

But I do believe what Trump has in mind here is that he is going to put the deep state on trial and the entire country is going to watch this trial play out and he is going to prove that they cheated in the election. Trump, he never let this go. Why? Because they overthrew the United States government. They overthrew the duly elected president. And the people have a right to know. The people need to know. Because if the people don’t know, they can’t take back the country. And remember, it’s not just one side taking back the country. We’re all Americans. We need to take back the entire country. We need to understand who the enemy is. And yes, there are many, many people that are awake, many, many people that are starting to realize who the enemy is. But think about all the others that still don’t know and still don’t believe that there was election interference or the overthrow of the United States government. And now they’re going to learn this firsthand.

First, I do believe what Trump is going to do, and it looks like it’s right on schedule. He’s going to show the entire country, and not just the entire country, but the entire world, how they rigged the election and how they lied to the people. And it wasn’t just one person or two people. It was the fake news. It was all the corrupt politicians. It was all these individuals that were involved and they got caught. And he’s going to show all the people of this country how they did it, put together what they did in 2020, put it together with what they’re doing now. People, they’re going to have a light bulb moment and they’re going to start to realize, wait a minute, they did this in 2020. I see the documentation now. It makes sense. All the indictments, everything that they’re doing now, setting the trial dates right next to primaries, actually, they’re charging him for election interference while they’re interfering in the election, if you really think about it, and the people, there’s going to be a lot of them that have a light bulb moment. I don’t mean everyone’s going to wake up, but you’re going to see a lot of people wake up through all of this.

Now, this is going to help as we move into the 2024 election, because Trump has told us that 2024 is going to be one of the most important elections. And we’ve been saying this for quite a while. I do believe everything that Trump has done from the very, very beginning was to actually show the people the enemy, show them how they cheated in the election, show the treasonous individuals, connect it to pedophilia, and wake as many people up as possible as we approach 2024. And I do believe he’s doing this in phases. If you really look at it, we have a couple more phases coming up, which I do believe is going to be a cyberattack. It’s going to be chaos. It’s going to be war. Yes, we have the trial first. And I think when the people see how they cheated and how they’re trying to cheat right now, the people, they’re going to say, you know something, I don’t trust the machines anymore because that’s really what it comes down to. I don’t trust the machines. I don’t trust the people working the machines. We need to have paper ballots and we need to count all the votes in one day so everyone can see.

Now, you know, the deep state, they don’t want this. So they’re going to push back, and they’re going to push back hard because they don’t want it. And what are they going to do? They’re going to hit the election infrastructure and say, well, listen, I know you’ve been asking for paper ballots, I know you wanted this done, but look, we just had a cyberattack. The United States was attacked and the entire election infrastructure was damaged. So I don’t know if we’re able to do this right now. Everything’s in shambles. We don’t know what’s up, what’s down. So we’re just going to have to postpone these elections. But once again, Trump already set it up. We already have backup poll books, backup paper ballots. We’re already set to go. And since the United States was attacked and it’s an act of war and they hit the infrastructure of the United States, well, the military then is activated. The military then can say, you know something, don’t worry about it. We know the election system was hit. We’re just going to push that to the side. The people wanted paper ballots anyhow, so we’re going to use paper ballots. And the military is going to make sure that everything’s on the up and up. We’re going to make sure, we’re going to guard it. You want us to guard it? We’re going to guard the elections to make sure that we have a free, transparent election. The Democrats are going to say, we don’t like that. We don’t want to go down that route. I mean, actually they’re trapped at this point and the people of this country are going to say, that sounds good. Even the Democrats, that sounds good. The military, they’ll make sure that everything’s on the up and up and we’ll have an election. We’ll be able to count and we’ll prove that Trump didn’t win. But actually what’s going to happen is going to be the opposite. It’s going to be a red wave of red waves. We’re going to see a landslide like we’ve never seen before. And yes, this is when the deep state gets a little crazy because do they accept these results? Do they say, okay, hey, you won. We get it here’s my wrist. Put me in jail. I’m sorry. Yes, I was treasonous. Yes, we have an underworld of pedophilia. Yes, arrest. No. They’re going to fight back. What do you think criminals do? Just look at all the criminals. When you see a car chase and the car crashes and the criminal gets out with a gun, do they just lay the gun down and say, damn, they got me, or do they start shooting and they start running down the street? Criminals don’t give up. They don’t tell the truth. They don’t do any of these things because

They’re criminals. They have no moral compass. They don’t care. All they care about is themselves, survival. And that’s what they’ll do. They’ll just try to survive all of this. And how do you do that? Well, just like a criminal who gets caught in a chase, you create more chaos. Because remember, when the car crashes, the guy gets out or the girl gets out, they start shooting. Well, now there’s more chaos. Hopefully the police, they get confused, they slow down, they can’t catch me. The same thing is going to happen now.

Let’s cause chaos after the elections. Let’s have riots. Let’s distract everyone from all of this. That’s what they’re going to try, but try to do. But remember, the military has been activated. Actually, it’s already been activated in November 3, actually, January 6. So this is not going to work for them. These people are going to be rounded up very, very quickly. When they see that happen, what are they going to do? Holy crap. Okay, that didn’t work. We got to start the war. Let’s do it. Let’s start the war.

Have a missile fired from someplace out there, maybe from a North Korean ship, because they’re already preparing to do that. Let’s fire it at the United States, get it to the United States as close as possible and have it explode in the ocean. And everyone will be watching the water. The fake news were reporting on what happened out in the ocean, and people say, holy crap, we’re being attacked. We’re going to war. It’s a nuclear war. And now all of a sudden, you see Russia, China, they’re all ramping up with their military. You see other countries now ramping up with their military. And you’re going to see the Biden administration. Well, I don’t think Biden’s going to be in charge there. I think we’re going to have a change of batter. I think Kamala might be the acting president.

You’re going to hear the fake news and all them saying, no, we have to go to war. That’s it. We’ve been attacked. We got to go to war. It’s time to go to war. Everyone, we’re going to have to draft your children. We’re going to have to draft your cousins. We’re going to have to draft everyone, and we’re going to have to go to war. What do you think the Democrats are going to say? Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on. Wait. You’re going to draft my son, my daughter, my cousins are going to go or the other way around, my father’s going to be drafted. Are you out of your mind, my brother? This is ridiculous. We need to think about this before we go to war because it’s a nuclear war. This is going to be very, very dangerous. Or the other scenario is we have some type of nuclear standoff, like the Cuban Missile Crisis, where you hear the air raid sirens go off. You see missiles being moved into Nicaragua. You see missiles being moved into Cuba and China’s bringing it into Cuba. Everything’s set up. People are going to be scared, saying, I don’t want to go to war, because now the missiles are really, really close to the United States and they can fire them, and they’ll be here and destroy the cities in minutes.

And who do you have on the other side? Well, that’s Trump. Trump. He will then talk about peace. And I do believe the leaders around this world and people in this country are going to demand it in the end. Remember, at this point, he’ll be President elect, and he’ll have the ability to say, okay, listen, let me talk peace. I think I can have peace in 24 hours. You trust me? Let me do it, because otherwise we have war. And I do believe this is where we’re all headed, and I believe the fireworks are about to begin.

And we could see that they’ve made an exception to actually broadcast the trial. Anyone really surprised about this? Not really. But before we get to all of that, let’s talk about what’s happening with Bud Light and the beer companies. Because like we said before, we don’t need these companies. We don’t need their beer. We don’t need their products. They need us. And we knew that there were going to be other companies that were going to start up. And here we have ultra right beer. And right now they’re making a huge push. They are now being delivered to stores. They’re being put on shelves. And this is completely opposite of Bud Light. This is a non woke beer. And what do you think the majority of the people are going to do? Okay. The hell with Bud Light. We’re going to drink this now. And I do believe we’re going to see a lot more of this as time goes on.

Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is we can see those old timers that are in Congress, like Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Wooders, McConnell, and many others, well, they’ve been there forever. Why? Because they’ve been installed, and they continually get installed. They’re not elected into these positions. Remember, if the elections are rigged, they’ve been rigged for a very long time. And they have been installing themselves over and over and over again. Well, their time is up. And you can see that the pieces are all coming together, and people are starting to see the deep state. They’re seeing the corruption. And what we’re starting to see is these individuals they’re starting to come down with health problems. I wonder if COVID is going to be used during this entire period of time where you’re going to see maybe Hillary, Bill, McConnell, Pelosi and many others say, hey, I’m ill from COVID. They might be on their deathbeds. Look what happened to McCain. So I wonder if they’re going to take the easy way out and save the taxpayers a lot of money or are they going to stand trial in the end?

I mean, I don’t wish anyone dead or anything like that, but these people are criminals. Look what they’ve done to us. Look what they’ve done with COVID. Look how many wars they brought us into. Look how many people that have died. So at this point, I think the people are going to say, listen, we want trials and we want them now. And I don’t think these people are going to want to go on trial, so I think they’re going to take the easy way out.

Now the other thing that’s very interesting is, like I said from the very beginning, Biden, I do believe he’s being publicly shamed. His evidence is being produced every single day. You’re seeing more and more of it, and it’s getting worse and worse for him. He’s feeling pain every single day. And remember when Trump was in the White House, what did they always say? Trump is on vacation. Oh, look, he’s playing golf. If you notice something very interesting about Biden right now, he’s always on vacation. He’s always riding his bike. He’s always at the beach. He’s always taking a very long weekend. He’s always on vacation. And what’s very interesting, he’s going to take another vacation. Remember, he just took one in Tahoe. Now he’s going to take another vacation.

Joe Concha put this out and said, the President’s scheduled for Thursday, August 31. He heads to Delaware tomorrow for a four day holiday weekend. So here we have him on vacation once again. And this is what Trump is doing. He’s showing everyone this guy doesn’t work. He’s always on vacation. And the media, the fake news, they’re continually filming him taking the vacation.

Now, when 911 comes about, where is Trump sending Biden? Well, not to New York. Not to DC. Not to Pennsylvania, but all the way up to Alaska, very, very far away. And people are going to be looking, holy crap. Okay, this is a 911 celebration. We were attacked, people died, and you’re in Alaska. Seriously, why do you think he’s in Alaska? Really, think about this for a second.

Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is we can see the two tiered justice system, and we know that the Department of Justice, the FBI, they’re not going to cooperate whatsoever. And if people are expecting justice to be done with the current DOJ, the current FBI, it’s not going to happen because it’s corrupt. If Trump is trying to show everyone how corrupt it is, why would he serve justice right now? Why would oh, wait, the Department of Justice under Biden go after Biden? Why would the Department of Justice under Biden go after Hunter Biden? Why would the FBI do the right thing right now? Wouldn’t that counter the entire plan? Of course it would. And this is why Merrick Garland right now told the House Judiciary Chairman, Jim Jordan, that his subpoenas for two FBI agents involved in the investigation into Hunter Biden cannot be enforced due to an ongoing investigation.

Well, that’s very interesting. How come he can say this? I thought Weiss was the guy who made all the decisions. How is Merrick Garland interfering now in the Special counsel. Does that make any sense? No, it doesn’t. So basically, this whole thing’s a sham. Remember, Merrick Garland previously testified before.Congress that Weiss had all the authority necessary to pursue charges. And Mr. Weiss told Congress that he had ultimate authority over the case. So why is Mcgarland coming out saying that? Yeah, you know something? We’re not going to cooperate with the subpoenas. Shouldn’t it be Weiss that says that? So does that mean Garland still has control? Wow. Everyone see the corruption? It’s getting worse and worse every single day.

Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is America First Legal. They found some more information regarding emails with Hunter Biden, rosemont Seneca, and Joe Biden. And this is the thread they put out. We obtained new docs from our lawsuit against the National Archives revealing over 1000 emails between Rosemont Seneca and the Office of the Vice President. See how Hunter’s private business dealings commingled with the official business of the Obama White House. If you notice, they called it the Obama White House. The sheer volume of emails exchanged between a Hunter and his associates at Rosemont Seneca and the Office of the Vice President is telling in itself.

Nara has processed another 861 emails sent or received between January 2011 and December 2013 that contain the name of Hunter Biden companies, Rosemont Seneca. The vast majority of these emails consisted of direct communications between Rosemont Seneca employees, including Hunter Biden, and the Office of the Vice President. So once again, we have emails that show that, yes, there was communication. Joe Biden knew about the business, and we’re seeing all this evidence pour out. And what is the FBI doing? What is the Department of justice doing? They’re doing absolutely nothing. Why? Because it’s a two tier justice system. That’s the point. Trump is trying to hammer home. Can everyone see the two tier justice?

They’re coming after me. They’re indicting me. I’m the president. They came after me with the Presidential Records Act. They’re the ones who committed election fraud, but they’re coming after me. They’re the ones who had the insurrection on January 6, but they’re coming after me. All the evidence is documented against Biden, against Hunter Biden, and they’re doing absolutely nothing for years. I think people see this very, very clearly. And you can see Eric Holder, I guess he’s getting a little panic right now because remember, he was the former Attorney General under Obama.

He lashed out at journalist and author Paul Sperry on Twitter, telling Sperry that he should shut the hell up about federal prosecutor Molly Gatsden donations to former President Barack Obama. Sperry had tweeted that Gaston an assistant U. S. Attorney in DC. Had signed off on a letter informing the attorney for former FBI Director Andrew McCabe that the government would not pursue charges against McCabe. Sperry tweeted that Gaston is a Democrat who’s given thousands of Dems, including Obama and who once worked for Dem’s side of House Oversight and whose mother worked for the Washington Post. And Eric Holder is out there telling him to shut the hell up. Why? He doesn’t want that information out there. Is there a problem here? It looks like they’re panicking and the truth is continually being revealed and they’re getting angry at the truth. And it looks like fear is now starting to set in. Panic is starting to set in. And soon you’re going to see these people react in a way that you’ve never seen them react because the evidence is pouring out.

Now, what’s very interesting is that Representative Marjorie Taylor Green put something out on truth and Trump retrouthed it. And this is what she said we subpoenaed 5400 plus Joe Biden emails from Nara that he sent under three different aliases as VP because he copied Hunter on emails about Ukraine while Hunter worked for Barisma. Barack Obama has to sign off because it happened under his administration. But Obama always knew. How much longer will Obama cover up Joe Biden’s crimes? Now that’s very interesting. Obama is now in the picture. Trump retrouthed it. And that reminds me of post 1944.

Let me read the part of this post in the middle, and it’s August 28, 2018. Timing is very interesting. Sufficient evidence shown to demonstrate rogue elements of intelligence apparatus illegally violated FISA law in coordination with foreign and domestic allies to impact mod the outcome of the 2016 presidential election and safeguard against future uncover criminal prosecution. Who must sign off on FISA warrants? Who directs the signers given magnitude of spy campaign, us. Presidential election republican Party nominee candidate plus presidential President elect plus President of the United States would Hussein be required to direct the order? I do believe so. And here we have Obama coming into focus, which means the change of batter is right around the corner, and actually it is right around the corner, and it looks like it’s about to happen. We’ll be talking about that in just a SEC.

But before that, we can see the borders. Right now they’re completely wide open. People are coming over. The people of this country are starting to realize that we can’t have this. Actually, the people out in New York, the people out in Chicago, the people out in La. And all these other air Massachusetts, they’re starting to realize open borders doesn’t work. It uses up our resources. We don’t have the money to pay for all these people. And think about all the other people that are coming in here, millions and millions of people who might be criminals, they might be drug traffickers, child traffickers, gang members. And the people of this country are starting to realize, you know something, that guy that said we needed a wall, we actually do need a wall. Charlie Kirk put this out and said, when Biden is done with his four year term, he will have facilitated 10 million illegals breaking into America repeat. 10 million. That’s larger than the population of 40 states and equal to the combined population of New Hampshire, Maine, Montana, Rhode Island, Delaware. And it goes on. So think about this for a second. All these people came to this country. You don’t think Trump the Patriots, you don’t think they’ve been tracking these individuals? You don’t think they’re going to be rounded up later on? Yes, we’re going to see a huge roundup of these people. But again, sometimes you need to show the people and sometimes you need to do it so they actually see it. And why do you think Trump didn’t finish the wall? He’s a builder. He knows how long it takes. He could have finished the wall. He finished his things very, very quickly. Why did he leave it half built? Because he wanted to show the people, look, they’re not going to put up the wall. Actually. They’re going to sell off pieces of the wall even though it was already paid for. They’re going to leave the border wide open to have all these people come in. Can you see the problem with this? Oh, not yet. Just wait until they’re sent to your town. Let me know when you see the problem. This is how the people see it. This is how the people understand it. And that’s exactly what they’re seeing right now.

Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is we could see YouTube. They’re already starting to censor. Well, they’ve been censoring, but they’re going to censor a lot more as we move into the elections. And Matt Tybee put this out on his substac saying that YouTube has demonetized a channel over the video of Democrats challenging the election results. So remember, they put together this entire video of all the Democrats saying, oh, the election was rigged in 2016. Fraud, Trump treated, and everything like that. Looks like YouTube didn’t like this. And usually the first step is to demonetize, to get the person to stop doing this. And when they don’t stop doing this, what do they do? They down the entire channel. And I do believe in the end, what they’re going to do is they’re going to censor in the very, very beginning. But when they realize this doesn’t work, well, that’s when they shut down communications and it’s very interesting that we’re going to have one of the biggest EAS tests, EBS tests, on October 4 of this year. Does that mean communications and a cyberattack is coming? It’s starting to seem that way. It seems like all the pieces are starting to fit together right now.

And we can see that the people of this country, they’ve been infiltrated, they’ve been indoctrinated, and they’ve been brainwashed into thinking that patriots are bad, especially MAGA Patriots. Trump Patriots. Actually, when they look at Trump Patriots and MAGA Patriots, they say they have a certain look. Well, doesn’t that remind you of something? James O’Keefe went undercover in New Jersey. I believe this is Livingston, New Jersey. And the body cam footage shows New Jersey school board officials calling police on citizens they didn’t recognize who looked. Trumpish police colluded with school officials to scan license plates of all attendees who looked different. Wait a minute. We look different? Do we sound different? I mean, think about what’s happening right now. They’re pointing people out. Didn’t this happen in another place, in another time where they had the SS come and take people away? Is this the beginning? Is this how it starts? Absolutely. But we can see theThe world is definitely changing. And everything the deep state has put into place where they had puppet governments and all different governments, it seems that people are beginning to take back their countries. And Representative Matt getz put this out on X. He says it happened again last night, and he lists all these different countries, burkina Fassault, Gambia, Guinea, Niger, and Gabon. And what we’re seeing right now is that the people now are rising up and they’re throwing out their puppet governments because they realize that, hey, it’s been here for a very long time and it’s time to make a change. And I do believe the world is changing. The puppet governments are being removed, and the puppet government here in the United States is about to be removed. The people are going to take back their countries worldwide. And this is exactly what we’re experiencing.

Now, one thing which is very interesting out in Niger, the French do not want to leave right now. Those who are in power in Niger, they’re telling the French troops to leave their country. Now, think about it. The people of the country are saying to the French troops, we don’t want you here. And the French troops are saying, we’re not leaving. Actually, this is Macron saying we’re not leaving. And I think that tells you everything you need to know right there. And the other thing that’s very interesting is we can see that war is really starting to pick up. North Korea right now says it simulated nuclear attack and the occupation of South Korea. So their latest missile launch simulated scorched earth nuclear strikes on South Korea. And it’s also been rehearsing an occupation of South Korea. So they’re already preparing, they’re already putting nuclear weapons on their warships. They’re already having simulations and it seems with Biden in the driver’s seat, he’s actually bringing us to war.

Now, what’s very interesting is that Trump, he retrothed Marjorie Taylor Greene again, and this is what she said, everything is failing for the Biden admin. They’ll probably drag us into a full scale war in an effort to try to unify the country behind Biden. Not only would that be horrific, but it would infuriate the country and would fail. But make no mistake, they want war. And yes, we can see them doing this. They love to use an event. I mean, think about 911, where they wanted the country to come together so we can go into all these different countries. They’re trying the same exact playbook where they want war and they think the country is going to come together under Biden. But this is not going to happen. It’s actually going to backfire. Actually, Trump and the Patriots, they already know this playbook because they already set it up. They’re going to use it to their advantage. And the people are not going to rally around Kamala or Biden, whoever is in the administration at the time, but they’re going to rally around Trump. It has been planned for, everything set in motion and we can see that we are now on our way.

And what’s very interesting is there is another reason why they want war. Think about what they tried to do with COVID They want depopulation, they want destruction and they want to get rid of healthy males who most likely are on the side of Trump. Jack Poso put this out and said they launch America into war with Russia just to get rid of military age American males who are more likely to support Trump. And he’s absolutely right. Remember, they don’t want those males around because those males are strong. Those males you can’t push around. So you need to get rid of them. Why do you think they wanted all the males to be injected? Why do you think they want the young children to be injected? Because they’re trying to weaken the population. And those people that are older, they want them to die. And you can see this is probably something where they’re pushing towards.

Now, the other thing that’s very interesting, we know that Afghanistan was a complete and utter mess. Biden screwed it all up. 13 service members died. And it looks like Trump is going to meet with the Afghan Gold Star families at bedminster. And right now, we know Biden, he treats them very, very poorly. The families hate Biden and Trump is going to meet with all of them. So that shows you what a true president does. And you can see everything that Joe Biden does. Trump does the opposite. And the people are watching very, very closely. They see what a real leader actually does.

Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is we know that they’re ramping up COVID they want everyone vaccinated. They want everyone to get the booster. And this is what they’re starting to push. You can see the White House Press Secretary, she is continually pushing this. Biden is continually pushing this. The fake news is going to continually push this. And you know the CDC, they’re going to be coming online very, very soon to push everything. Now remember, everything that they push is not law, it’s guidance. Do people have to follow guidance from the CDC? No. Will corporations follow it? Of course they will, because they’re part of the problem. But do the people have to follow it? No. What do we do? We go to those establishments that are not following the guidance.

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Now, once again, the people need to push back. Actually, I think everyone should get the peer reviewed documents on masks carried around with them. Not just have one, but have many. And when the employer says, you must wear this, well, here are my 20 peer reviewed documents on masks. Can I see your peer reviewed documents? Because every peer review document that I have, it shows masks aren’t good for you. It doesn’t stop viruses. They’re actually toxic. These toxic chemicals cause cancer. Can I see your peer review documentation? Because you need to prove to me that this works. Because if you can’t, then I don’t need to wear it. We shouldn’t just go along with what they say. And this is how everyone needs to fight back. Get your peer reviewed documentation. Go on the web, find it, print it out, carry it with you and tell them, prove it to me. You hold yours back. Show me the peer reviewed documentation that this works. If you can’t, sorry, I’m not wearing it. That’s all you got to do, because they need to prove to us that it works. We don’t have to prove the other way around, but you have it as backup if they try to give you a study, because I’m going to tell you what’s going to happen. They’re going to give you a study and you’re going to have to say, well, is this peer review? I don’t know. Well, I need it peer reviewed. And if they lie and say it’s peer reviewed, well, then you say, I have five peer reviewed documents, and let me check if that one’s actually peer reviewed that says that masks actually work. And you’re going to find out that it’s not peer reviewed. This is why the CDC couldn’t fight against the ruling with the airlines. When the Trump appointed judge said, listen, the mask mandate is unconstitutional. Remember, Biden was going to fight it. Why didn’t they fight it? Because they had no peer reviewed documentation that shows that masks work. How do you fight something like that? You can’t. You have to prove your case. So this time around, I think we have a leg up on them. And I think a lot of people in this country, they’re not going to fall in line like they did last time. I think they’re going to push back like we’ve never seen before, just like the parents are pushing back in schools, and we can see the infiltration in the schools. And it’s really, really bad because remember, how do you create a generation that does what you want them to do? How do you create a generation that is totally confused? How do you create a generation that’s prepared and ready to be sex slaves for the pedophiles? Well, you need to infiltrate the schools. That’s what you need to do. And you can see that’s exactly what’s been happening around this country. Lives of TikTok put this out and said, meet Shane mernan, elementary principal at Whisd. Shane is a drag queen who performs for children and reads books about gender to kids while dressed in drag. Shane was also previously arrested on child porn charges. Would you want this person in charge of your kid’s school? First of all, how’s this person even in the kid’s school? If they’ve been arrested for child porn charges, why are they even allowed near children? That makes no sense whatsoever. And once again, this is what infiltration looks like. This is what criminals look like. Basically, what Trump and the Patriots have done is they have pulled these people out of the shadows and they’re letting people to see this world that you’ve never seen before. You heard about it and some people didn’t believe it, but now you’re seeing it firsthand and it’s absolutely unbelievable. And you can see that the Fake News, they’re on board with all this, making everyone believe that everyone’s against homosexuality across the world and everything like that. And CNN put out a headline said two men in Uganda are facing separate charges of aggravated homosexuality, an offense punishable by death under the country’s controversial new anti gay laws. Well, that’s not exactly true. The headline is very, very misleading. Matt Wall says one of them is accused of raping a disabled man and the other allegedly raped a child. CNN has omitted this information from the headline. Actually, there was a reader’s added context on X and it says the headline misleads. The story tells of one man performing sex with a man with disability and the other one with a child. So once again, these are pedophiles trying to cover for themselves and the Fake news is doing it.

But there is good news out in Texas. The Texas Supreme Court allowed a law to take effect Friday that prohibits minors from getting sex change medical procedures while a lawsuit goes through the court system. So the American Civil Liberties Union sued the state in July arguing that the law would ban necessary and life saving medical care for Texas transgender youth. Yeah, life saving. But the Supreme Court said, yeah, you know, no, no, we’re keeping this law here while it goes through the court system. So once again, we’re overruling you. And that is good news. And this reminds me of Nazi Germany where they took people and they operated on them and they experimented on them and that’s exactly what they’re doing to children. Oh, you know what? Let’s remove the penis. Hey, you know what? Let’s take a vagina and make it into a penis. Let’s take a uterus and implant it into a man. And they’re just experimenting on people. That’s what they’re doing. It’s absolutely unbelievable.

Now, the other thing that’s very interesting, as we’re approaching the election year, we can see the deep state players, they’re fighting very, very dirty. And this is exactly what Trump and the Patriots want. They want them to pursue him with everything that they have because he’s actually putting them on trial. Everything that they have done, they’re projecting onto him. He’s going to prove this in a court of law and the world is going to be watching, actually, once again, the Super Bowl is going to look like a puppy show when this trial starts. But what’s very interesting is that conservative leaders are urging Republicans in Congress to take a government shutdown fight head on and reject the continuing resolution proposed by leadership urging lawmakers to use the budget to disrupt the Washington swamps playbook to force reforms to Democrats failed policies. So it looks like the Republicans might be shutting down everything and not giving money to the swamp creatures. That is very interesting. That reminds me of Post 282. This is December 6, 2017, and anon on the board said the following I have a question the ten days darkness when and all Q said was shutdown. So is this what Q meant by shutdown? That the government right now is going to shut down and the funds aren’t going to help the swamp get funded? Maybe not. We’ll have to see how this all plays out.

Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is that we can see that all the trials for Trump are now about to happen. And you can see the fake news. They’re running cover for the deep state players and they’re really turning up the volume on Trump. And patriots are in control on X. Put this out and said, imagine if you could Google Biden and receive this level of coordinated talking points about the actual crimes committed by the Biden crime family. The Democratic Party would be dead in a day. These fake news outlets serve to protect Democrats, the uniparty, and the corrupt criminals that control them. That’s it. And when you look AP, Huffington Post, New York Times, they all pretty much have the same headline. Trump asked to dismiss suit as AG, says he inflated worth by 2.2 billion. And when you look at CNN APC News, they all have the same exact headline. This is the 04:00 a.m drops. The Fake News are coordinating with each other, with the deep state to attack Trump. I think the people of this country are starting to realize the fake news is exactly what Trump has always said, fake news. And you can see the corrupt individuals very, very clearly today. Look at Georgia. Look at Brian Kemp. He has rejected the state lawmaker’s effort to remove DA.Fanny Willis. Is anyone really surprised about that? I don’t think so. Well, Trump, he has pled not guilty. He has waived his arraignment in the Georgia case. And he says, I do hereby freely and voluntarily waive any right to be present at my arraignment on the indictment and my right to have it read to me in open court.

So Trump, right now, we knew he was going to say he’s not guilty because he wants his time in court. He wants to prove that the deep state overthrew the United States government and he’s putting them on trial. Now people are saying, well, no, he’s not putting them on trial. He’s on trial. Think about what’s happening in this country. We had an insurrection on November 3. It was completed on January 6. The military is in control, which means all these people, even the fake news, has to do what the military says because they overthrew the United States government. They had an insurrection. It’s treasonous.

So Trump, he’s showing the people, so what did he do? He set it up. So they attack him. And while they’re attacking him with everything that they did, he in court can put them on trial so the people can see it. He couldn’t come out and say, okay, I’m going to have my attorney general go after you and you and you, because what would happen? The people wouldn’t believe it. The people have to see it the other way. They attack him. I didn’t attack you. You attack me. And I have to defend myself. So I’m going to produce the evidence that clears me. It might implicate you. It might show that you did this, but it’s going to clear me. And what are people going to see? They’re going to see, well, Trump didn’t do anything. They brought the charges to him. He’s defending himself. He produced documents to defend himself. And in the process he showed that they’re the ones who actually overthrew the United States government. Oh, they’re the ones who actually went out and had the insurrection. They’re the ones who violated the Presidential Record Act. They’re the ones who violated the Espionage Act. They’re the ones who did all of these things. That is what he’s doing.

TechnoFog put this out and said serious issue emerging with the charges brought by Fulton County DA Fannie Willis. The indictment’s rico allegations are insufficient to provide notice to the defendants. Per Ga law, the alleged contracts to conduct illegal activity by way of Sidney Powell are nonexistent. Computer trespass count 35 requires the knowing use of computer without authority. Big problem for prosecutors. The local election board granted access and supervised directed the technical activities. Then technofox said this fulton County DA Fanny Willis caught lying to the state court. Her assertions on the law are demonstrably false.

And of course they are, because they don’t have anything on Trump. Trump has it on them. Trump, he put out a message on true social and he’s going to appeal all of this. Take a listen to what he said. Here his team of thugs who were caught going to the White House just prior to indicting the 45th President of the United States, me. And by the way, that’s an absolute no, no, you’re not allowed to do that. Can’t go into the White House and then indict because it shows how corrupt they are. They’ve been working on this witch hunt for almost three years, but decided to bring it not two years ago, not one year ago, but smack in the middle of Crooked Joe Biden’s political opponent’s campaign. So they waited for three years and then they decide to bring it right in the middle of my campaign where we’re leading Joe Biden and all the Republicans, also by a lot. It’s called election interference. Today, a biased, Trump hating judge gave me only a two month extension. They worked for three years. Just what our corrupt government wanted. That’s what they wanted. It comes out the day before Super Tuesday. You know what Super Tuesday is? Super Tuesday is the most important day, most important primary day. It’s a big percentage of the vote. So the judge said, you have to start the day before Super Tuesday. We will appeal, and we will win that appeal.

How do you have an indictment that is based almost entirely on the findings of the January 6 Unselect committee of Marxists fascists and political hacks when the same lowlifes who have been caught lying for years about Russia? Russia? Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine pfizer the fake dossier and much, much more purposely and illegally destroyed and deleted all of the evidence, findings and proof of the January 6 committee. I bet you didn’t know that just came out. They took all of those findings. They worked on it for more than a year, and many of those findings were great for us. And they destroyed all of the findings. They deleted everything, which is totally illegal, and that should end the case immediately. Can you imagine? They took it and threw it out. When will Deranged Jack Smith criminally charge the committee? Because what the committee did is absolutely criminal. I call them unselect because they’re unselect people. They are terrible people. They have taken all of the evidence and destroyed it. And you’re not allowed to do that. Thank you very much.

So Trump, he’s going to fight and fight and fight, and actually, in the end, he’s going to prove that they’re the ones who actually committed the crimes. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting, and I think this absolutely confirms that the resident is actually the resident. And Karma Patriot did an incredible job breaking this down. Remember when Trump put out that truth about rumor and he spelled it wrong and he spelt it R-O-O-M-E-R instead of R-U-M-E-R? Well, this is what Karma Patriot put out. Rumor.
Part One theory on Trump misspelling Rumor. A rumor is like a border. They rent a room in a private home. However, unlike borders, rumors don’t receive meals or other services as part of the agreement. Rumors may be responsible for purchasing, preparing their own meals, and may have a more short term arrangement with the homeowner. A thought maybe he was referring to Biden having a short term arrangement with the White House homeowner. That is very interesting.

Rumor part two. Greg Kelly USA says that there’s an audiotape that will be released to the public between September 5 and October 31, and it will force Biden to drop out of the 2024 election. I am told by people in the know there’s incontrovertible evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption that is about to be made public. He will not be able to remain a candidate for POTUS reelection. It will be over and done with. They’re worried about it right now at the White House. Is this short term arrangement over? It’s starting to look that way. Change of batter coming? Absolutely.

Rumor three now read 40. Five’s truth again, but this time replace Desanctimonious with Biden. Rumors are strong in political circles that Biden, whose presidential run is in shambles and whose poll numbers have absolutely crashed, will be dropping out of the presidential race in order to run away from his crimes. Now that’s an interesting one, isn’t it? Isn’t that the exact rumor that Greg Kelly USA just reported to us yesterday? Absolutely. And it looks like we’re going to have a change of battery. It looks like it’s time for Biden to be taken out. Are they going to say, okay, this is coming out, we got to take him out? With the 25th Amendment starting to look that way, do you think impeachment is going to happen? I really don’t think so because he’s not really the President. Why would we honor him being the President with an impeachment? We shouldn’t let the DS take him out, just like Trump and the Patriots want. Now, Kamala, if this does happen, which I do believe it’s going to happen, kamala would become the acting President. What are Kamala’s poll numbers? They’re in the dirt. She’s not popular at all, actually. When she ran to be President, back when they were running, what was it she was in? Like negative something. I mean, nobody likes her. Everyone knows this. Even the DS know that DS don’t want her. So what are they going to do? Most likely they’re going to introduce maybe a candidate that has some power behind her. Looks like that time is coming and we can see already that they’re building the narrative. Josh Krashar put this out on X and said new AP NORC poll a whopping 77% of Americans include 69% of Democrats say Biden, who is 80 and will turn 81 in the fall, is too old to effectively serve another four term as President. Charlie Kirk put this out. New polling from McLaughlin has Trump defeating Biden nationally and dominating in battlegrounds. Trump 47, Biden 43%. Key battleground states trump 49%, Biden 41%. Then we have Rasmussen reports they put this at McLaughlin Poll. 1000 national likely voters. Trump beats Biden in electoral landslide. So right there they’ve built the narrative. Biden is too old. He can’t serve. Take him out with the 25th Amendment. And it’s starting to look like that this is going to happen. Now weCould see the deep state players. What are they trying to do? They’re trying to remove Trump by taking him off the Balts. Is this going to work? I don’t think so, but they’re going to try because if they do this with him, the Republicans can turn around and do it to them.

So is this a good solution? No, but they’re going to try out in Arizona. The Arizona Secretary of State is taking challenges to Trump’s ballot access very seriously. So they’re going to try to make a case of saying, oh, wait a minute, we’re going to remove him. So are they going to indict him again in Arizona? Maybe not, but this did happen to Abraham Lincoln.

Matthew J. Peterson put this out on X and said, in the election of 1860, before the Civil War broke out, ten southern states kept Abraham Lincoln off the ballot. This argument is madness and we need to call out the supposed experts and adults in the room who desperately desire constitutional crisis.

So back in the day with Lincoln, right before the Civil War, the Southern states said, listen, we don’t like what you’re doing here. We’re not putting you on the ballots. That is very interesting. So in the election of 1860, Lincoln was a nominee of the newly formed Republican Party. The Republican Party was largely seen as the Northern Party and did not have much support in the Southern states. As a result, Lincoln’s name was not on the ballot in several southern states, including South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas. These states would later secede from the Union and form the Confederate States of America, which did not recognize Lincoln’s presidency. So can they do this today? Are they going to do this again? I don’t believe so.

But it looks like Trump, he’s now letting everyone know the plan is moving forward. He’s letting everyone know that we are in the second revolution. I think that’s pretty much what he’s saying right now. And when we look back in history, we’re going to see it that way. And he’s letting everyone know we can never allow the overthrow of the United States government, the overthrow of the duly elected President. We can never, ever allow this to happen again.

Take a listen to what he said here. In three years, brave American patriots will be able in court to show how the presidential election of 2020 was rigged and stolen for those rhinos, radical, left, Democrats, communists, Marxists fascists, and others who say, don’t look back, look forward. They either do not want to reveal the answers because they got away with murder, or are fools and cowards. Because we know that if we don’t find out the reason, it could happen again. And we’re not going to let it happen again. All of the fraud, irregularities and cheating, we cannot ever let a thing like that take place in the United States of America. Thank you very much.

So he is prepared and ready to show the world the truth, how the elections were rigged. And actually, if you go back to post 37 24, this is December 18, 2019. It says it must be done right. It must be done according to the rule of law. It must carry weight. It must be proven in the court of law. Is that exactly what he’s going to do? Absolutely. There can be no mistakes. Good things sometimes take time, attempts. To slow block the inevitable. Justice will fail. D’s Election Interference 2016 clinton Hussein Illegal FISA d’s Election Interference 2018 mueller d’s Election Interference 2020 Impeachment Projection these people are sick. We the people are the cure.

So remember, he’s been catching the election interference, the election rigging, since 2016. Through the Cyber Task Force, through Space Force, then through the Insurrection. The military came online completely. They monitored the election in 2022. So Trump, he has all this evidence, and because of Executive Order 13848, he has a report that was delivered to him 45 days after these elections. So Trump has this information. He knows exactly what happened. And he needed the people to do what they do best in 2020. He needed everyone to come out and vote. That was the purpose of that. He needed everyone to vote so he could catch them in the act on a scale that has never been seen before. He needed them to cheat like they’ve never cheated before. He needed them to pull out all the stops. Because this way, when he presents the evidence, it’s as clear as anything. And that is what he is doing. Just like with his taxes. How do you think they’re getting all the information about Biden? He trapped them in all this.

And right on schedules, it looks like. Cameras will be allowed at the hearings and the trial for the first time in American history. Cameras and live streaming coverage will be allowed inside the courtrooms when a president stands trial for allegedly running a criminal enterprise design to overturn the lawful results of an election. That’s the headline. So right now, just by chance or coincidence, cameras are allowed in the courtroom for the first time ever. I mean, is anyone really buying this or is this part of the plan? Of course it’s part of the plan.

Then Trump put this out on truth. It’s an article from the American Thinker. It says Trump can prove it. He can prove how they stole the election. Is he sending a message? Absolutely. The evidence exists. Trump has it. We will be vindicated in the end. And Trump, he sent another video letting everyone know that 2024 is going to be the most important election. And he let everyone know that this is the crossroads.

Take a listen to what he said here joe Biden our country is going through some very difficult times. The rule of law is being destroyed and the justice system is being wielded as a weapon against Joe Biden’s. Political opponents, me, primarily. Over the past few months, I’ve heard from countless Americans who are deeply disturbed by these appalling political persecutions and attacks. I want to say to you today, do not despair and do not lose hope. Every injustice they throw at us, every hoax, witch hunt, and abuse of power, must only harden our will and steal to resolve to save our nation.

This is the nation we love. We will save it we will not let this happen. Our vindication will come on election day 2024. We will take back power from these lunatic, sick, and sinister people. We will expose their corruption for history to see, and justice will be done. So keep on fighting and turn all of our frustration and your frustration and energy into determination to achieve an epic victory in November 2024. Nothing is more important. This will be the most important election in the history of our country. Our country is going bad. Our country is going into a communist state. And we can’t let that happen. We will make America great again. We cannot let anything happen to this precious country of ours. Thank you very much.

So Trump is letting everyone know, don’t despair. All of this is being done for the 2024 election. I need you to see all this. I need you to see the deep state. I need you to see the enemy. I need to wake the entire country up. I need the people on my side. We need to take back the country. And we’re going to vote the puppet government out of power. The people are going to finally take back the country. The vote is going to count the way it’s supposed to count. And I do believe that’s exactly where we’re headed. And Trump lets everyone know that there are many different heroes in this fight. And he says every young American deserves to know that they are the heirs to an incredible history. Not just the history in the past, the history that is happening right now, because there’s a lot of warriors, a lot of fighters right now that have given up their reputation, that have given up everything so they can have the country back. Just like the colonists gave up their farms, gave up their families, gave up their wealth. Think about the people today that you see out there that Trump is bashing over and over, ruining their reputation, having people call them names. Well, they’ll take all the sling and arrows. You know why? Because they’re fighting for this country. And if this is part of the plan to get the country back, what’s a reputation. Could that be restored very easily? Yes. How can it be restored? What happens if you erect a garden that is dedicated to the heroes of this country? What happens if their story is told through this garden? Would their reputations be restored? Absolutely. Young American deserves to know that they are the heirs to an incredible history given to us by a legion of true American heroes. Individuals like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Betsy Ross, Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, Teddy Roosevelt generals George Patton, Douglas McArthur we could use them now. And countless other legends, patriots, and giants of American history. Yet we’re also a people whose heroes live not only in the past, but all around.

Thank you very much.Paragraph 1:
We live in a country filled with heroes. We have heroes all around us today, including the men and women of the United States military, our law enforcement, and our first responders, who are all willing to lay down their lives so that we can have safety, peace, freedom, and life. The stories of our great American heroes remind us what our country is all about and how each one is capable of achieving this great, great thing that we all want to do. We want to have an incredible, successful life. We want to be also great patriots and strength for our nations.

Paragraph 2:
Our heroes inspire us to make America great again. We will give every young American the chance to know our remarkable heroes, to love this country, and to learn that the story of America unites us and makes us stronger and free. Thank you very much. Trump just confirmed the entire plan. The patriots are in control.

Paragraph 3:
Listen, everyone. Thanks a lot for listening. Be well, be safe, and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot. Daniela name and quan satin hi. Hold. Hi. Hold over mother one satin order guang tang tan yeah think I made room, guys over I die my jin don’t like mine.

Paragraph 4:
What like a cham cham nay Nagazi? No bang bang qua choking chamber oh never take guang tighten up, you dumb. It you know but to what send it to what do you know what the but yeah saga no I know yeah chini and so saying yeah still say jim damn give one little guy one yeah you know monday the DJ matam it conceal time already gone for yeah rainbow sanghi one die, baby yeah convoy.

(blank line)

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