Dark Side of Sports Betting… Men Are More Addicted Than Ever Before and Its Going To Get Worse | The Millionaire Morning Show w/ Anton Daniels

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➡ The Millionaire Morning Show w/ Anton Daniels talks about how sports betting is becoming more popular, especially with new apps like DraftKings. It can make watching games more exciting because you have money on the line, which makes you more involved in the game. However, it can also lead to gambling problems. It’s important to understand the odds and only bet what you can afford to lose.


Sports betting. I want to get into sports betting also before we get up out of here, because there’s a lot of people, it seems like, that, are getting into sports betting. I’m seeing it as a. It’s kind of a proliferation of it, especially with all of the new apps you got, draftkings and underdog and all of these different places. Sports betting is becoming a big thing, but it seems like it’s fueling another gambling addiction.

Make sure y’all hit a like for the algorithm. I will say I believe that I could see the allure of it because I’m not even a big sports better. I’ve done it in the past or whatever, like that. The extent of my gambling is basically the craps table. I like shooting dice. I’m a hood dude through and through to my heart, but I’m not about to shoot on the street.

And so I like shooting dice. Like, I like pass line, the don’t pass line. I also understand the mathematical ods, and basically either doing a pass or a don’t pass and then leveraging your bet, depending on whatever the number is, the probability of them throwing a seven or throwing a four or ten or eight or whatever, so on and so forth, you leverage those ods, but more or less, I think the biggest part of it is just the perks that come along with it, right? So you give an action.

That’s basically what it is. It’s action. So I like in person action, but when I start attending the games to place a bet. So let’s just say, for example, you throw $1,000 bet, you throw a $5,000 bet up, whatever, like that, it gives you an incentive to root for, and you have a bigger interest in a game, because, again, it’s about the action. It’s not necessarily about the money.

So now every shot matters. You see what I’m saying? Whether or not this person plays matters, who are you rooting for matters. You’re actually becoming more immersed in a game. And so even with these goggles, right? So I was looking at these goggles, and I was testing out all of the different features because I’m doing a review on them. And this is the case for the Apple vision pro.

It gives you a more immersive experience to actually watch multiple different games at the same time, while also. And you don’t have no controls or anything like that, while also paying attention to what it is that you got on the line for those games in particular. Now, again, I’m not a heavy sports better, but, like, for example, no, I’m not going to bet on the Super bowl or anything like that.

But I like, depending on who the boxer is or if I’m at an NBA game or something like that, I think I had made like ten grand or something like that on Terrence Crawford, on that particular fight, it makes it more immersive, and so it forces you to then become more participatory in the process. And I can see here’s the worst part about it. Sports betting, especially as they see it today on these devices, these games and stuff like that, it makes it more immersive because it then gamifies it.

One of the things that we do as user experience professionals, one of the things that we do in user experience is we learn to gamify whatever it is that’s going on. So let’s say, for example, I work in a bank, and I’m about to do a meeting in about seven minutes, or about five minutes. And we want to make sure that the call center become much more efficient.

So not only do we want to try to solve for people that’s calling in for, we want to have predictive analysis so that we can try to route people to where it is that they supposed to go so they won’tie up the phone center. Right. So we’re going to implement some form of salesforce in order to have the agents to click through and all of that stuff. But then on top of that, we might institute pre calling AI to then hopefully answer a question before you actually get to an agent, because maybe you can self solve for the problem, but then we want the agent to be able to solve for and then maybe upsell you when you get on the phone.

Hey, you called in for this. Have you ever thought about refinancing your mortgage? Right. And so how do we get them to do that? Well, one of the ways that we get them to do it is that we gamify the process. We create leaderboards just the same way that y’all do on Call of Duty, the same way that y’all do when y’all get on Fortnite. We’ve created leaderboards and we make sure that we have it going a certain way, and it moves up and down and we study the game companies and how they do it, so that we then implement that same technology.

Because user experience is not just creating apps, it’s not just creating the best experience for when it is that you’re on your phone, it’s everything. It’s how you use the ATM, it’s how you walk into a restaurant, it’s the POS system for how they ring your stuff up and whether or not people are more incentivized to tip if you have it at the end. And people just walk away.

We study these behaviors. And guess who else studies these behaviors? The gambling companies. They’ve learned to gamify and make it seem like it’s not that big of a deal. When you go into a casino and you just get chips, you don’t value it the same way these little plastic chips, as you value actual cash. And so they’ve learned how to gamify it, and they’ve generated more revenue without having to put more money because they can roll these applications out as long as they get a licensing agreement, depending on what state that they want to operate in.

A lot of times they got to partner with a casino in order to split the profits. And then it really took off during the pandemic. They’re absolutely, positively crashing out as a result of it. There are so many people that are going broke as a result of this, and they’re developing bad habits. I’m telling you, it’s horrible. It’s absolutely horrible. They crashing out, and it’s not in their best interest to continue to do so.

Be very wary of how you’re being programmed to do something, even though you may see it as harmless. It’s programming in our music. It’s programming in our tvs. What you do want to do, because you are going to be programmed, because everything that you do is a learned behavior. What you do want to do is you want to make sure that you’re programming yourself with the right things, and that’s namely the millionaire morning show.


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