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➡ The Millionaire Morning Show w/ Anton Daniels A man was critically injured during a gas station robbery in Chicago. The 28-year-old victim was shot and is now in the hospital in critical condition. The robber escaped in a white Lexus and no arrests have been made yet. The incident was captured on surveillance video.


First and foremost, on quick hits, a man was critically injured and shot at a gas station robbery in Chicago. Take a look. And breaking this morning, a man is fighting for his life in the hospital after he was shot during a robbery at a gas station in Washington Park. Let’s get right to CBS 2’s Mugu O’Deegue. She’s live at Chicago Police headquarters with some surveillance videos. They is working my girl, Magu O’Deegue. Is that her name? They are working my girl over there in Chicago and running it up. Thank you, P. Shank. I’m definitely going to be reading that super chat shortly.

Working my girl out there in Chicago. This internet. Good morning, Mugu. Yeah, good morning. Shout out Mugu to Mugu O’Deegue. Hey, what is O’Deegue? Is that Nigerian? What is O’Deegue? Somebody in the chat tell me. Um, McCall. It’s McCall. Shout out to McCall as well in his emotion. Is O’Deegue, Nigerian? Jamaican? What is that? I’m thinking that it’s Nigerian. To you, Ryan and Dana. So we know this shooting happened around- At least she got that neck right. Yeah. 140 this morning. Chicago police say the 28-year-old victim was hit in the chest and he is now in the hospital in critical condition.

But as you said, we obtained surveillance video of the robbery and shooting. Just take a look at your screen right now, because you can see this white Lexus driving by pulls into the Super Save gas station on Garfield and Wabash. The driver parks next to an SUV where two men are at the pump. Now, you can’t make out what is happening behind that SUV, but seconds later, you can see a man being chased before he then falls to the ground. And we’re going to pause the video here because it appears that is when the man was shot.

Now the robbery- the robber, rather, proceeds to go through the man’s pocket while he’s still on the ground in pain before running back to the white Lexus and driving off. According to Chicago police, both the 28-year-old victim and another man he was with were robbed. Again, that 28-year-old victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition. And we know the robber got back in that white Lexus and took off Chicago policing right now. They are still investigating and no one has been arrested. But that victim, 28 years old, now in the hospital in critical condition.

I wonder how many times or, you know, when I think about these newscasters and a lot of them wind up, you know, especially in the earlier part of their career when they first started to get into newscasting, I wonder how many of them actually be going to sleep with nightmares or they start to become desensitized because like, you know, when I see a story come across my desk or you guys keep me up to date and what I try to do is I try to stay up to date on the largest cities in the United States of America.

So, you know, the most relevant stories for the largest cities, which Chicago, even though they have a population decline right now, Chicago, Los Angeles, over in that area, New York, Houston, Houston is right now, I believe they say it’s the third or the fourth largest city. I try to stay up to date of what’s going on across the nation in the largest city so that you guys who are populating these largest cities or, you know, live close to these cities can be aware of what’s going on and what the culture is going on.

But me personally, even observing this on a regular basis, and as much as I travel, which I’ve slowed down a lot because Rita had her surgery earlier this year, as much as I travel, I have myself really, really become even more desensitized to what’s going on in the culture. And I can only imagine her on the beat every night out in the streets, making sure that she got her neck powdered and made up. It’s out here and she’s looking at these stories and she’s like, it’s just a run of the mill day.

I can’t imagine that a lot of these newscasters would probably like be very, very surprised and relieved if it was a night where they didn’t have any murders or anything like that, or somebody getting robbed and getting killed and Alexis pulling up on the side of a gas station. Just be careful when y’all out here in these streets, especially in these major cities. It’s getting bad, it’s getting worse. What’s up, Mrs. K? I love my Mrs. K. What’s up, baby girl? Chat lives matter, what up to the chat? So just be careful.

In additional news over here out in the streets, again, we’re going to move over to New York. This is what’s happening over in New York, y’all. With the very latest on all of it, Zania. Well, Doug and Elaine, it is still an active scene here this morning where the latest shooting in Brooklyn has taken place over the last 24 hours. As you can see behind me, there are still members of the NYPD’s crime scene unit out here collecting evidence, taking photos. Now, a portion of Georgia Avenue is still blocked off this morning as well.

And that is where police say, back up for a minute. What’s up with all of these NYPD police being built like that? Listen, don’t tell me that I’m being distracted. I’m not distracted. I am a man. I don’t know if y’all know, but y’all husbands and the men that y’all with and stuff like that, I know y’all think that y’all like the only ones in the world, but let me tell you something. They just like me. They just afraid to say it out loud. They just like me. They just afraid to say it out loud.

What’s going on out here with the NYPD? And you got on cargo. What y’all doing? Arching while you taking photos on a crime scene investigation? NYPD is out here killing the game. I ain’t even going to lie. I think the NYPD is winning out here in these streets. Let me not get distracted. I know the least the ladies is going to sit here and be like, oh, Anton, you get distracted. Listen, I’m just like your husband. We all the same. We all the same. And in the inside, we the same. Anyways, let me, let me keep going.

Let me focus. Focus. A portion of Georgia Avenue is still blocked off this morning as well. And that is where police say just after 4 a.m, a six year old man was shot. He was rushed to bro. Camera man be knowing what they doing though. Camera man be knowing what they doing. What I’m kicking with a chef. I love you too, baby. I love you too. Camera man know what they doing. They not confused. Y’all think that the camera man just paying attention man. The camera man know what’s going on. You know, hospital in critical condition shortly after he died due to those injuries.

We’ve seen detectives on the scene collecting evidence as this took place only a few hours ago. Once again, shortly after 4 a.m. Now police say no word on what led up to the shooting. No suspects at this time. Now nearby in Brownsville, another deadly shooting. This is video from that scene shortly after it took place around 10 30 p.m. Last night. Police say someone called 911 reporting that two people had been shot near 101 Osborne Street. When officers arrived, they found a 30 year old man with multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and a 28 year old man with a gunshot wound to the hand.

Both victims were rushed to Brookdale Hospital as well. The 30 year old man was pronounced dead shortly after the 28 year old is currently in stable condition. Police are looking for a man they say that took off from the area on foot and is believed to be a suspect. Now regarding both shootings, we do want to mention that no arrests have been have been made live this morning from East New York. Zinnia Maldonado CBS 2 News. Shout out to Brooklyn. Shout out to New York. So it’s a lot of unsaid and unsolved crimes out here in these streets.

So that is what’s going on over in New York. And then finally down there in Fort Worth, not Houston this time before it worth a live driver was taken out in broad daylight. Check it out. Fort Worth police are looking for the person who shot and killed a rideshare driver in the middle of the day. The 31 year old father started to work Friday morning. Hours later, he was found dead at a Fort Worth apartment complex. His vehicle later found abandoned. Fox Horse Pat Yaeger spoke with a man’s family who says he was in North Texas to escape violence in his home country of Afghanistan.

Peyton. Steve, the victim’s family tells me that he never came home on Friday. So they immediately called Fort Worth police and the nearby hospitals after learning that his vehicle had been found at an in-pound lot later that day on Friday. That’s when police told them that the 31 year old father had been shot and killed on the job. Monday afternoon, crime scene tape outside an East Fort Worth apartment complex marks the spot where a lift driver was murdered in broad daylight. That driver identified as 31 year old Shauwali Sherily, a husband and father of two with a third child on the way.

Sherily’s older brother spoke to Fox for Monday using a translator. He’s taking care of the family just because of their safety. He cannot leave them. Sherily’s family tells Fox for Sherily left his Fort Worth home at 8 a.m. on Friday and never came home. Just after 11 30 a.m. Fort Worth police were called to the complex near Sandy Lane and Brentwood Steer Road and found Sherily shot to death outside. That’s crazy. This is told police Sherily had been in a vehicle that crashed into a fence but someone else then jumped in the driver’s seat and took off.

Sherily was left with a fatal gunshot wound in the torso. Sherily’s family met with a Fort Worth detective on Monday who told them the person of interest was a rideshare customer who called a ride shortly before the murder. Of course the car has no price for human life so they just took his life because of his car. When you look crime is unacceptable in any foreign fashion right and I don’t care who is perpetuated against I don’t care what’s going on but crime is largely unacceptable okay why do y’all gotta take the person’s life when you perpetuate in crime I mean it’s already bad enough that you commit into crime but and you got to take his life that’s the part that I never understood like okay so you you robbed them you’re already doing them dirty you gotta assume that this guy got a family or something like that why do y’all gotta take the person’s life I don’t understand like this is a human being a breathing human being it’s just so crazy to me out here bro there’s one kid always he was working hard tried to earn something for his family.

Fort Worth police found Sherily’s vehicle abandoned a short distance from where he was killed police haven’t released a motive but Noraly nor says his younger brother’s cell phone and wallet were not stolen the two brothers and their families moved to north Texas from Afghanistan in late 2021 when the capital city was captured by the Taliban y’all got away from the Taliban and ran into the other man that’s usually how it plays out you ran away from you ran away to get away from what you was dealing with over in another country and you came over here and you thought that you was going to come over and work hard and live the American dream and all of that and your life got cut short so it’s unfortunate man I just hate this culture I hate what’s going on out here it’s just it’s bad and it’s getting worse it’s absolutely getting worse so protect yourself protect your family be very very vigilant about where it is that you go and another reason why um you know that a lot of rideshare drivers won’t even pick you up in certain neighborhoods.

I know they won’t pick you up in certain neighborhoods in almost all cities in all cities whether you be in Chicago whether you be in and and it’s funny because we celebrated rideshare driving coming into the cities especially out to suburbs and stuff like that because it was very hard to get a cab in certain places if you wasn’t in New York if you wasn’t in Los Angeles and stuff like that so the celebration of rideshare driving was dope because it gave um more options to people that were in urban communities ways for them to be able to get around or catch a cab or do it a lot cheaper or whatever and now it’s almost going back to the same thing as it was when cabs was around because people don’t want to even pick up in certain neighborhoods because it’s a possibility you can lose your life and what you’re doing five ten dollars twenty dollars a ride and you can lose your life come on man stop stop stop so it’s unfortunate uh you know I never want to see people lose their lives especially when they’re doing the right thing and they’re going to you


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28-year-old victim shot Chicago gas station robbery hospitalization after gas station robbery man critically injured in robbery no arrests made in Chicago robbery robber escapes in white Lexus surveillance video of gas station robbery

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