Bo Polny- All HELL Is About To Break Loose! America On Its Knees! Miracle Is Coming!

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➡ The video discusses various current events, including potential political tensions between China and Taiwan, the Pope’s comments on aliens, and the introduction of a digital currency. It also features an advertisement for a health program endorsed by Chuck Norris. The hosts speculate about a possible “black swan event” – an unexpected event with significant consequences – and suggest that such an event could occur soon. They also discuss the potential impact of this event on the price of silver.
➡ The speaker discusses the potential for economic instability and conflict, suggesting that China may be preparing for war with Taiwan and that this could lead to a market crash. They reference prophecies and religious texts, implying that these events are part of a larger divine plan. The speaker also criticizes the Federal Reserve and the current financial system, suggesting that it is part of a control system. They express faith in God and a belief that these events will ultimately lead to positive change.
➡ The text discusses various topics, including the low percentage of Christians in China, a prophecy about Russia betraying China, and the potential for a significant global event in July that could lead to a wealth transfer. It also mentions the importance of biblical time points, such as Pentecost, and suggests that the end of a 50-year petrodollar contract in June could have significant implications. The text ends by referencing the six-day war, which ended on June 9, 1967.
➡ The speaker believes that significant events are predicted to occur in May, possibly related to prophecies and signs from the past. They also discuss the interpretation of religious texts, particularly focusing on the Catholic Church, suggesting it was founded on a misunderstanding and criticizes idol worship. The speaker also expresses concern about the modernization of churches, such as using popular music to attract younger members.
➡ The speaker discusses the Catholic Church’s role in end times, referencing the prophecy of Saint Malachy which accurately predicted the succession of popes. They suggest the current pope is the final one, leading people to the Antichrist. The speaker also compares China to the biblical Pharaoh, predicting a divine intervention similar to the fall of Pharaoh. They encourage listeners to remain calm and trust in God, regardless of how dire the situation may seem.


All right, folks, welcome to Nino’s Corner tv Fluff Tube Edition. I’m with Bo Pony, man. Bo, big things happening. I’m watching this now and I’m going, holy cow, it looks like we’re here. Taiwan is surrounded by China. I feel if China makes a move, everything you’ve talked about, stock market crash, the whole thing, I mean, I, they’re getting ready. It looks like any day now. Could they do it on Memorial weekend? I’m thinking this is a huge possibility. Also, we got the pope coming out talking about aliens. There’s so much happening, I can’t even keep track.

The, the house passing a bill to stop the Federal Reserve from the CBD, whatever, CDBC, whatever it is, digital currency, it’s all unfolding right now, folks, before we go any further, get your morning tick with Chuck Norris, baby. Have you ever wondered what happened to the legendary Chuck Norris? Because I was until I started reading his ads. I recently saw a video he made, and I was shocked. He’s in his eighties and still kicking butt and working out and staying active. What’s even more shocking is he’s stronger, can work out longer, and even has plenty of energy left over for his grandkids.

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You won’t believe how simple it is. Just a reminder, folks, the legendary Chuck Norris is a whopping 81 years old and yet has more energy than me. I have to say that on here, he discovered he could create dramatic changes to his health simply by focusing on three things that sabotage our body as we age. Watch his method by clicking on the link description below. Chuck forward slash Nino. Get started, folks. All right, Bo, I’m sure people are waiting for me to read that. Where do we even begin? Well, let’s just go back in time.

At the end of February, the 28th of some very, very end of February, we said within 90 days, watch all hell break loose. You did say that. March, April, May and then. So we’re saying you know, 90 days mark is the end of May. You know, say, trickle into the first couple days of June here. But we’re here, and so now we’re seeing all hell break loose. And that’s the bottom line. Why? Because we’re living in political. We’re not living in political times. These are biblical times. And so what we want to do is we want to take the Bible, and we want to calculate what’s written within the Bible.

And all the calculations, like I’ve said before in prior podcasts, all of. And Nina were pointing to me, all of them were pointing to me that massive things are about to manifest as we head into mid to the end of May. And so look what we got going on here right now. So all heck is breaking loose. It looks horrible. It looks terrible. And so I was doing a little math this morning, and in order for this to turn out well, okay, I did a Google search. And this is kind of funny, because the Google search was, um, the only way that something good could turn of this, Nino, is if we have a, what’s called a black swan event, something that the global elite are not expecting and what we’re going to God, it has to be from.

Yes, exactly. And so the. If you Google, this is the funniest thing. The odds of a black. So the mathematicians, whoever these people are, right, the mathematical probability, the scientific mathematical probability of a black swan event manifesting is one in 24 trillion that favors us. Just a black swan event that no one sees coming. What? There’s no way. I think I just googled it this morning, like, tomorrow? No, no, but. No, but. Because you’re seeing it coming, right? But then if God intervenes, that would be the black swan that no one saw coming. Get what I’m saying? So, like, there’s a Kim clement prophecy, you know, they will bring this nation to its knees.

Okay? So that’s what you’re watching. You’re watching. They. We’ll talk about that in a minute, who they are, but they will bring this nation, the United States, to its knees. And so we’re waiting for that moment in time. And so, you know, I listen to your podcast. I think you’re the funniest guy and the smartest guy both on YouTube. And that’s why people love you, because you high, high, high iq, and yet you bring humor into it with some beautiful accents that I can’t even do, you know? So it’s just beautiful watching you. It’s like a master at work, right? Not only are you a master in the rink, you know, you do it on YouTube.

That’s what, people love you. But the point of the matter is, you know, you’re fun to watch because you bring drama into the scene because it is, this is drama. This is intense stuff going on in the world. But at the same time, too, we have to step back. You know, you want do the 40,000 foot looks. Look down. Okay. It’s interesting. The 40,000 foot look, you look down, you’re like, wait a second. There’s a bigger picture to all of this, right? You’re like, wait a second. Like, you can get. So you can look at all the details and you can just see the details all look horrible.

And the details add up to more bigger horrible details. And that’s what you. Anything. You look within the news and pull news clips on. It’s all just, it’s, it’s, it starts at shitty and goes to horrible, you know, saying. And, and that’s what it is. But when. But, and this. So, John 1010, you know, Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy. So that’s what we’re describing. And then the other side of the equation is a comma, then. Jesus. But I. Jesus, do you think I have a weird feeling about memorial weekend this weekend, man, I feel like they’re already surrounding China.

I mean, China’s already surrounding Taiwan. It’s like go time. I mean, why would they. And it would be very symbolic of them to do it on this weekend. I feel well again. And so we’re at a crunch speaker one. It’s just a guess. Just a guess. Yeah. And all of this is a guess because I’ve said on prior pot watch the next 90 days. And so far that’s been a big, huge check mark. But again, I’ve stated and like last many podcasts that this event that’s about to go down, no one knows the day or the hour of it because God will not reveal.

He’s like, when what happened at the Red Sea? If anybody knew that the Red Sea was the biggest trap in human history to pharaoh, right? Pharaoh would never have gone in. Instead, Pharaoh got suckered in and he walked. He walked in. He willingly walked in to be destroyed, right? And so all of this is the biggest chess move in human history by the hand of God to make these evil ones walk into the greatest trap in human history. So all of this is very interesting, but the mathematical, which I think is funny as heck, the mathematical probability of this turning out, well, based on their, these people’s math is one in 24 trillion it’s a joke.

But I’m saying is everything looks horrible because our odds of winning this are one in 24 trillion. And guess who wins? God. So that’s the funny part about all of this, right? It’s just the odds are stacked up against us. Cause what we really need, Nino, is the miracle. Well, who is the master of miracles? God. You see? So when God shows up, the impossible happens. And what is the impossible? They’re miracles, right? So we’re assumed to witness signs. Miracles and wonders. Are we going to witness it this weekend? I’m telling you, there’s a huge probability that everything I’m looking at is the trigger.

Event could go down as early as this Sunday, maybe even Friday, Saturday, Sunday, this weekend. So something could go down this weekend? Uh, there is a possibility. If this event goes down. Okay, if this event goes down, we’re going to see silver next week. Potentially it could double in price. I have a target for May of $68, which means it would have to literally double in a single day. And that would be next week. Now, don’t hold me to it, because let’s say it happens in June. Oh, horrible. You see what I’m saying? It doesn’t matter.

Well, it’s six six. Silver is going to go to dollar 68 in a single day. I’ve done videos on how that’s going to happen. Now, if it happens in the month of May, it’s June, is going to bring double that. Okay? So what I’m saying is the only way that this could ever happen, because silver and gold are not allowed to go up in the babylonian money system, okay? We talk about the money. You’ve talked about the Federal Reserve. You talk about central bank digital currency. See, all of these people, all of this is a babylonian control system.

And my simple question to you, Nino, is how do they build Babylon with the Federal Reserve’s money? Okay? The Federal Reserve built Babylon with money created out of thin air, period. Okay? So if, if nothing changes, then Babylon stands and they continue with their plans. It’s going to get, it’s going to go from horrible, from worse to horrible. Speaker zero. So right here, my friend sent me. A friend sent me this. It says, alert channel. Chinese state tv prepares public for Taiwan war. Uh, and he’s that perfect weekend for it. Now, this was sent to me.

And then Tuesday morning, recording. Breaking market crash. Incoming watch. So people are. This is from an outside source that just sent me this. Like this. They don’t know we’re doing this podcast right now. I mean, it’s impossible for them to know that. And there are people are preparing for this. So not saying this will happen, I’m not predicting anything, but people are like, oh, and if it ain’t this weekend, it’s coming. I mean, well, look. Look at the Kim Clement prophecy, right? He says, they will bring this nation to its knees. Kim Clement. I just know some of these from these prophets off top my head and the other prophecies was specifically what he said.

He goes, watch gold. But he also said, watch the number 20,000. That will mean the Dow would have to take a 50% haircut in a matter of a few days for this to happen. So the Dow could take a 50% haircut. I don’t care if the Dow takes a 50% haircut. But Kim Clements said, watch 20,000. And then the moment after that, you’re going to see silver blow like you’ve never seen before. And so could all of this manifest right here. You know, right now. It says, because the prophecy was, I’ll bring this. They. They will bring this nation to its knees.

But then you will hear the sound of great victory. All right. One in 24 trillion. Yeah. One in 24 trillion chance we got, folks. I like the odds. I’ll bet with it. I’m betting with God. And I’ve literally devoted to what I do. I know what I’m doing, and I put my financial position on what I stand on, and I put it all on God. Let’s go. I’m with you on that. I’m with you. I’ll double down. It’s going to be awesome, because these people are walking into the greatest trap in human history. So let’s get into some of the.

Some of the screens here. I want to talk further because this will help answer some of your questions. But check this out. Still doing some little more homework this weekend. And so, you know, you’re bringing up China. And for some reason, China was on my mind yesterday. So I put this slide together, and today, boom, you’re bringing up China. So what a coincidence, because there aren’t any. Right? So check this out. So where’s China in the Bible? Okay. So it’s revelation 13, verse four. And it says, and they worshiped the dragon. Guess who’s paying off everybody in.

Yeah. China. Yeah. Guess who’s paying off everybody. So they worship the dragon which gave power unto the beast. So you see? So China is giving power unto the beast, and they worship the beast. And here it is. This is what it is saying. Who is like the beast? Who can. Who can fight against it. This is how powerful. That’s right. You see? So revelation 13 four is literally what we’re talking about. Who can fight against this? And you answered it. Yeah. Got it. You want me to answer it again? You nailed it. You nailed it. You nailed.

This is only God can stop what’s coming. So we need a one in a 24 trillion chance. And it’s coming because the bottom line is, God’s a winner. He’s lining up everything to take these people down so they’re walk. So. But. But it’s beautiful because, you know, what is the Bible? It actually is the beginning. It was written at the beginning about the end. And we’re watching. End times manifest and we’re watching. I can’t believe we are in. And this is, to me, just amazing that we’re alive right now. Yeah. Witness this. Yes. But this is exciting, too, because we’re about to step into some fantastic stuff.

Because remember, it’s not all doom and gloom. And really, it’s like the point of revelation is, if you start understanding it, it’s actually good news. It’s not bad news, because the bad news is for what I put in yellow here, it’s for they. Who is they? It’s for they. Them there. When God says, my children, who are called by my name, if they humble themselves and pray and seek my face, then they. Then you. Then you will hear from heaven. So we will hear from heaven, people, we’re about to hear from heaven. God’s going to forgive our sins, and he’s going to heal our land.

I’m telling you. I’m not making this stuff up. This is scriptural. I’m simply stating what is written. So forget about the news. I’m telling you what’s written. Second chronicles says. Second chronicles tells me directly, God’s going to heal our land if we turn from our wicked ways, and we’d fulfill second chronicles. So that’s critical, important. But right now, who is they? If you read revelation two, verse nine, they say. They say the other j e, you know? Okay, send the word here. Okay. Read it. You can read it. But they are not. They are from the synagogue of Satan.

That’s who they are. Okay. These people are. These ones right here. They’re the Khazarians. Okay. Be careful here. I’m not saying anymore, okay? I’m just showing you. JFK talked about it. You can read the articles. All the stuff and research is all there. Okay? But nothing else needs to be said about this. But this goes back all the way to creation. Okay. When you read scriptures, Ephesians, it says, for wrestle not against flesh and blood, but principalities of darkness. And furthermore, if you read the Geneva Bible, King James removed this. That’s how wonderful. King James. Ok.

It’s the best bible. King James. No, he removed it out of arrogance because it actually stated that in the King James that the, it actually stated the princes of darkness. That’s who we’re fighting. They were the, the highest worldly governors, right? Yeah. And the princes that support them, which are the fallen ones. So they removed the wording, right? Yes, they removed the warding. The princes of darkness. That’s right. I had sheila on talking about this as well. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers and against the worldly governors, the princes of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness, which are in the high places.

Wow. So this is, we’re going, we’ve got spiritual battles right now. Everybody is supporting China. Why? Because China gave power to the beast. So who’s the beast? Okay. So we got to understand the definitions of things. Things. Who is the beast? Well, I told you, this is the beast right here. The beast is right here. It’s, it’s mystery Babylon. That’s your beast. Okay? The beast controls the seven hills. That beast controls the church, the family, the financials, federal reserve, education. Look what’s going on. Government, entertainment, media. So the beast is mystery Babylon. And that’s the Daniel two prophecy.

And what it states is Babylon Falls, the last piece of the prophecy. So you’re like, you’re like, I can’t believe we’re living in these times. And how awesome is it? Because we’re going to watch this, Nino. We’re going to watch the one in 24 trillion chance. Boom. This. Boom. This is the one in 20. I don’t, I’m just making the number. This is what they made the number up. But I find the number 24 interesting because this happens. How would they pick the one in 24 trillion and this happens to be the year 2020? Wow. No coincidences, folks.

I’m just telling you this. That’s crazy. Right? And so let’s take it further. Okay, so some of the Kim clement prophecies, what he stated was very clear. Okay, China will rise up against the United States and Israel. She’s using Iran as the proxy. Going to repeat that. China is going to go after the United States and Israel, but they use Iran as the proxy. So those. Iran will be the, they’ll be backing Iran. Yeah. So they’re back. And so everything Iran is doing right now and has been doing since October of last year is literally funded by China.

And who’s China? Back to what we said right here. They’re the dragon. Yeah. How incredible is this? Right? So we’re watching prophecy being fulfilled, and then this is the. And thinking about all the chinese military age men coming through the southern border right now. Wow. And on top of that, check this out. Right? What’s wrong with China? And the Brit. The China. This is the problem with China. I literally did this. What is. So there’s. There’s either Christ or Antichrist. You either with eventually people going to. There’s no more sitting on the fence. Either. You know, you believe there’s Jesus and he’s God or he’s not.

And so the point is, there’s two sides, ultimately. When you take it to the extremes, there’s only God. Jesus, and there’s no God. Right? Antichrist. And so of all the. Look at this. Check this. If I zoom in on this screen here. Look, if I pull this up right here, look at this. The percentage of population that is Christian. So all of these the major countries in the world, okay? All the major populations. Look at this. 5%, 79, 80, 80, 70, 90, fifties, 70, sixties. So basically seventies, eighties, nineties. And then there’s like 5% of people in all of China are christian.

See, so it’s not as. I’m not saying it’s bad. I’m not saying this is against the people. I’m showing you that the political establishment does not allow Christianity in China. Why? So that’s what. Anti God. That’s anti Jesus. Get it? And so that’s. That’s exactly what you’re seeing going on with China specifically. That’s why they are referenced scripturally in revelation 13 four as the dragon. Now, furthermore. So we’re looking for the fall because the dragon is supporting the beast. And so we’re looking for the beast to fall with the dragon. So what are we looking for? The prophecy further states that this is cool.

Russia will betray China. Wow. And they’re making a pact right now. Putin just flew into cz Ping. Because think about this. From a strategic alignment position, right? Russia knows that what is China’s number one goal? And they were slow moving. World takeover. They don’t care about Russia. There it is right here. Exactly. Their whole plan is world takeover. Okay, so Russia knows this, that ultimately, you know, my friend, my friend’s friend. My friend’s enemy is my friend. You know that saying, right? Yeah. Yeah. So the point is Russia knows that once they get. So they’re, they’re going to team up right now to take out America, and then ultimately they’re going to go against each other.

That’s. They both know that’s right. Because if Russia allows it to continue to be buddy buddy with China, Russia knows ultimately China’s going to backstab Russia. So who backstabs who first? And so there you go. So the prophecy is China and Russia is not going to go for the deal and they’re going to backstab China, and all the BRICS plans fall apart. So this is how this is all coming together. This is now wild because now we live in political times. No, in the biblical times. So let’s look at what just happened. Okay, so we have the eclipse, which happened on April 8.

40 days. 40 days from the eclipse. Look what happened. Yep. Pentecost. Right? 40 days from the. I said, I said what? Something’s going to go down on Pentecost. It say that. You did say that. And Israel’s president is dead. And on that same day, Iran’s president’s dead. And Israel’s rights, his president should be prime minister is arrested for an arrest warrant was issued for him. Okay, so all of this went down on Pentecost. Why? Because it’s a biblical time point. It’s a 40 day time point. Why? Because the last time we had this happen, oil went to negative $38 a barrel four years ago.

Remember, we’re stepping into the great redo of 2020. So 2020, oil went to negative $30 a barrel. 30 days later, the George Floyd rides broke out, pieces taken from the earth. And then you have every single riot you can imagine manifest, including war, that has been ongoing ever since Pentecost of the year 2021. So now we have Pentecost manifest again, and look what happened. So Iran, why is this critical? Because Iran has been playing flag boy with China. They, they’ve been, they’ve been, they’ve been planning and they’ve been funded by China to do what they’re doing right now and their systems.

Now, however this plays out, I don’t know. But I just know that Iran’s president is dead. And just, and just like when Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, within two years, Roe v. Wade was overturned. You see what I’m saying? So, yeah. And that happened on Rosh Hashanah. So what I’m saying is these are critical time points. Those people that want this PDF podcast, please just get your phone out, pause the screen. This is all yours for free. So what God revealed to me about, again, it’s written. It is written. It is written. Now, why this is important because at Pentecost is when the Holy Spirit came down upon Jesus and he got baptized.

Right? So this is cool because what God revealed was that’s when he actually went into the wilderness. But I didn’t realize this. Jesus went into the wilderness and he was in there for 40 days. And then after 40 days, that’s when the Satan came upon him and challenged him, tempted him three times. And each time he says, it is written, it is written. It is written. So what I’m saying is that that time point would have been this past weekend. And now we’re stepping into an incredibly important time point. So that takes me to where this spring.

So spring ends June 21. I thought it was 21st, whatever, I think. So spring is going to do something that’s going to be mine. Spring is going to bring the one in 24 trillion chance of something going down in the world that’s going to cause the world this July to go, what the heck just happened? In addition to that, there will be many, many, many, I’m using the word many, many, many times, millionaires this July because why? Because they have gold transferred. Because of wealth, cryptos, silver and gold. The wealth transferred will have manifest. Okay? So whatever happens, God’s going to take down the system as we know it.

We’re going to see a massive wealth transfer bringing millionaires, many millionaires, in the month of July. It’s going to be hysterically awesome. And people are going to be celebrating that you can’t even imagine. Things are going to change, like, and so we’re, we’re, again, we’re banking on God here because that’s our only option. That’s all we got at the Red Sea. All they had was God because they were finished otherwise. So that takes me to, you know, the idea, oh, no. The calculations for Pentecost. So let’s pay attention here because Pentecost, there’s three possibilities that are critical because of the calendars.

This is crazy, but this is true, because if you look at 2020, Pentecost was lined up with Easter. This time. It’s like wacko. They’re like so far apart. So we’ve got at least two calendars, maybe three going on. And so I’m saying that is because Pentecost, the first possibility was we just passed last weekend, which was May 19, and we saw what happened there. The next Pentecost is this coming week, and that would be this Tuesday. The reason this Tuesday is critical because it’s actually 50 days from the eclipse and then the next one after that is 50 days from April 20, the other Passover, and that would be June 11.

But all of this transpires Nino in spring, before the end of spring and June and summer starting. Okay? So I don’t care what’s going down in the world, I’m telling you, it’s going to go ugly, it’s going to go scary, whatever is going to go down. But it’s really critical. It’s interesting here, another coincidence. Like I said, the math is all adding up because the petrodollar contract that Kissinger signed with the United States, the petro dollar, because we moved away from gold, so we are fiat. And then we went petro, petrodollar contract this June 9. So next was a week from now, ten days from now.

Okay. June 9 or two weeks from now is the end of the 50 year contract. In other words, 50 years comes to an end. But it’s wild because Saudis have already, you know, the Saudis make up the petro in the dollar, but there’s dump everything. Well, the Saudis have left, right? They’re part of the brics. And so the saudis are part of the brics. So we’re not. So the us dollar is nothing. But, you know, you can call it the shit dollar, okay? Because it’s nothing but paper. It is. Because there’s no more petrol in it.

It’s only fiat bricks have left. And this June 9 officially completes the was a 50 year mark for that contract to be signed. And then this is incredible, because how does this stuff happen unless it’s by godly design? What I’m saying is this right here. So you. The six day war was how many days? Six days. On the 7th day, Israel rested. Why? They won the war. Why I’m saying that is because the six day war, guess what day ended on June 9. June 9 of 1967. You take seven years forward, Nino, and that same day, the petrodollar contract was signed.

You go 50 years forward, and that’s two weeks from now. You see? So it’s. The seven year cycle of revelation is critical to all of this manifesting in our world. So something’s about to go down. A black swan. Swan event is very possible. Does it go down memorial weekend? Who knows? I don’t know, but I expect something. I honestly believe in my heart something goes down in the month of May. Yeah, I’m kind of on board to go down in the month of May. It’s already going down. I mean, they’re surrounding. I mean. I mean. I mean, the iranian president’s dead.

That. That’s big. And then they’re surrounding China. Something already went down in May. Well, yes, but. So it’s not about if something happens. It already happened. I mean, we’re in it. Yes. And then there’s three prophetic voices that I’ve said and I personally heard a couple years ago. Mayday, mayday. Mayday. Yeah. That doesn’t mean June day. June day. No, it says May Day, mayday, mayday. So literally something’s expected to go down in the month of May. I don’t know what to tell you, but I find all this fascinating, and that takes me back to this right here.

Okay, so we had the revelation twelve sign. Okay, revelation twelve sign happened when? In 2017. What is that? That’s the starry alignment when Virgo Mary gives birth to Jesus. This sign happened in three BC when Jesus was born. This sign happened 2000 years later, in September of 2017. It’s interesting, but when you read that scripture with specifically revelation twelve three, it says, and there appeared another wonder in heaven. And behold, a great red dragon. China. See, having. Here it is, seven heads, ten horns, seven crowns. Add it up. Seven heads. Seven crowns is 1410 heads is 2024.

God revealed through Janey Siguim that that is the year that God intervenes upon the world. And the new era is birthed. So rather. So this manifests seven years from 2017, which means that. This is cool. You know the song stairway to heaven? Oh, I love that song. Nino, this is a prophecy about the year 2024. May. How do you figure that? Okay, so I’m gonna send you a link. Led Zeppelin. Are you talking about Led Zeppelin? No. K. Yes. So. So the prophet. It was a prophecy leads people good. This is. It was a prophecy given.

And then the music industry took the prophecy and through music on it and did whatever they did to it, so. Yeah, yeah, exactly right. But that’s. But the bottom line is, the reason the song is the most played song in history is of singles is because it’s a prophecy. Is it really the most played song? I’m gonna. I’m going to send you the interview I did with Janie. It’s gonna freak you out. But the words were very specific. It’s, you know, everything going on right now. It’s right in the scripture. It’s right in the. It’s in the song.

Is that really the most played? Yes. Yeah, it is the most played single in history in the United States. Wow. I didn’t know that. And. And so it’s. This is the words in the song. It’s just. And please, if you could be so kind, I’m going to send you a link posted in the description box so people can listen to the whole interview. But we actually go through, like, three lines. And then. And then the interpretation that God gives on the, uh. On the actual prophecy of what he. What God’s actually saying, it’s mind blowing. But one of the key takeaways is this, of what’s going on in Maine.

You know, it’s like you’re freaking out about what’s going on in May. It was written 50 ago, and this is what God had to say about May. It’s just a spring cleaning for the May Queen. This is wild, because think about it, Mary. You know, remember this miracle of Fatima, right? So now you want to talk about the Vatican a little bit. Let’s get to this topic. So the miracle happened in, what, 1917 at 100 years, you know? Yeah, 2017. There it is. There it is. Miracle. Fatima, right there. 1917 at 100 years. There is your revelation.

Twelve sign. I’m. None of this is a coincidence. Wait, Fatima was in 1917? Yeah. Yeah. 100 years to the mark is night is 2017. And that’s what the children that saw Fatima said, right? That’s right. And then you add seven years to that from 2017 is. Boom. May 2024. Gosh. So. And the big lie about the Vatican is this is the pope. Okay, well, let’s talk about that persecutor. Are we gonna pivot now? Yes, we’re finishing up on the Vatican right here. So this is what. A lot of Catholics are gonna be offended by this, but, you know, sometimes the truth hurts, okay? Because I was born Catholic.

I was all into this stuff. I was up there with a. You know, with a priest. Yeah. You know, you did the same thing, too, Nina. Okay, so I understand. You know, just because you’re born into something doesn’t mean you need to stay there. Okay? And so that’s why God gives us wisdom. What I’m saying is the entire. See, if something from the onset is founded upon a lie or a fraud, no matter how much. How long it goes. Be careful here with. With fluff tube on this stuff. Yeah. You can go a thousand years. 2000 years.

It’s a. It’s fra. Yeah, a lie is a lie is a lie is a lie. Let’s just say that. Okay. You know, it doesn’t matter how long it is. You can scream the lie as much as you want, but it’s still a lie. You know that, right? You know, right? But that’s the me. And so what I’m saying is the catholic religion was built on Peter the pebble, not Peter the rock. Ah, okay, okay. And this is the critical crunch of it here. It says, upon this rock, I will build my church upon this rock. When he stated that, he says, you know, Jesus said to Peter, who do you think I am? And Peter answered, Peter answered Jesus.

And he says, you are the Christian. You are the messiah. That’s what the answer was. He says, upon this, upon that revelation, what you just said, I’m going to build my church upon me, the messiah. Upon the revelation that just came out of your mouth, I’m going to build my entire church on that. So God’s going to build his kingdom on the kingdom of Jesus. Jesus is the rock. Peter was in the rock. He was a pebble. My point is, you know, he was Peter. Peter, if anything, was, you know, asked to follow him. But you want him to talk about a special person, it’s Mary.

Yeah. Why I’m saying is Mary special? Is because. Very interesting. Because several things is. It says scripturally, it says, honor thy mother and father. Okay, well, Jesus honored his mother and father. But also, pay attention, people. Catholics. My question to the Catholics is, have you bowed down to Mary in church? If you have, then you’ve been worshiping an idol. Now, if you pray to Mary and you love her, that’s fine. That’s honor. If you bow down to Mary in church, you’re idol worshipping. Look at the examples on the left, okay? The pope bowing, that’s idol worship.

That’s why the pope and the Catholic Church remove. This is crazy. Nino, Moses comes down Mount Sinai with ten Commandments. The Catholics get a hold of it, they remove the second one because they’re smarter than God. The Catholics remove the second commandment. What was it? Idol worship. Thou shall have no other gods before me. Well, that’s all people do today, man. Yeah. And then they took number. Did you hear about the german church that had Taylor swift? They were basically playing her music and showing her in church so they could get young, young members involved or bring in more churchgoers that were you of the youth.

So they were playing Taylor swift music. And I mean, that was disgusting to me. I walked by a church here, took a little weekend off. My wife, a month or two ago, went to Laguna. I’m sorry. I went to La Jolla. And we walked around every little, pretty little cute little town, walk front of a church. And you wouldn’t believe. Rather than having scriptures on the front of the church, they had phrases of, like, some of these rock stars on the front of the church. That’s unbelievable, man. Are you kidding me, right? And then there’s, like, there’s rainbows everywhere on this church.

And I’m like, what? I’m like, just walking by the church. I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ. I rebuke you the name of Jesus Christ. It’s insanity what’s going on in this world here. But this is the thing, right? And so you’ve got all this. But this is. This is the. This is the deal right here, okay? So you got to read. It’s revelation 17, verse four. It says, evil at the top of the Vatican will lead billions of Catholics to the Antichrist and mark of the beast. Okay, who said this is what? That’s a third seal.

No, no, I’m gonna go to read revelations, actually. Revelation 17, verse four. A woman. The Catholic Church, as the woman, was arrayed in purple and scarlet. Look at this picture, people. A woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations. The Catholic Church is revelation 17, verse four. The Catholic Church was in bed and in handshakes with Hitler. My point is, none of this history repeats itself. The Catholic Church, in end times will lead people to the Antichrist, which they’re doing now.

Which they’re doing right now, is the final pope. Please, people, Google, Google. The prophecy of Saint Malachy. The prophecy of St. Malachy foretold the next 112 popes with precision. It didn’t skip a beat. It nailed every single pope for the past 900 plus years. Not one miss. And it described each pope that would exist from, like, whenever the prophecy, it was from, like, the eleven hundreds. It didn’t miss. One pope. This is the final pope. But my question to you is the last part of the prophecy. Let’s read this right here. This is the final pope.

In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, there will reign Petrus Romanus, who will feed his flock amid many tribulations. Okay, we’re witnessing these things. After which the seven hills, I showed you the seven hills, finance Catholic the religion. Those seven hills will be destroyed. And the dreadful judge. Listen closely here. The dreadful judge will judge the people. The end. Now, I want to explain this to you. You need to understand this. Please, people. The dreadful judge is Jesus Christ. But Jesus Christ isn’t the dreadful judge. If you are my children who are called by my name.

You see, if you understand the use of that word, God is two things. We can kind of wrap it up here. God is love. Jesus Christ is love. But he’s also judge. You see it at the end. He comes to do. What does he do? You know, he judges. He comes at the end to judge, but I just find it and the dead. So my point, I want to finish the last sentence here is. So if he’s going to. Why would he come to judge the catholic church? Ask yourself, why would he come to judge the catholic church? He should come to love them, but he doesn’t.

He comes to judge them for what they did. Please continue, Nino. Yeah. And you see the pope right now bringing out the alien disclosure and talking about, we need to look at them as our brethren and apparitions. And, I mean, this is just. Look at the timing of this all coming out, right. I mean, it’s just crazy that. That this is where we’re at, and you have to pay attention to this stuff. That’s why I bring you on, because people appreciate you. I appreciate you, but you really have to look at all sides of this war.

It’s a spiritual war. Bo, I just. I would say this, you know, again, none of this is my opinion. Go back and try to. I challenge all your viewers. Go back and try to disprove what I’m saying. Go try to disprove those scriptures. I gave you scripture after scripture, an explanation of them so you understand what’s happening. Okay? We’re at a moment in time where we are in end times. We’re not in the tribulation. So, no, don’t freak out, okay? We’re in the. Where we are is literally the fall of Babylon and the birth of God’s kingdom, okay? And the odds of that, based on their math, is one in 24 trillion.

Okay, it’s a joke. But my point is, the odds are against us. But who’s on our side? The winner of all games. The winner of all winners. Who’s never lost? Jesus Christ, God the Father, the Holy Spirit. They’re on our team, on our side. And God is playing five dimensional chess on all these people. And they’re doing no different than pharaoh, remember? China is no different. Listen closely. China is no different than pharaoh. China is the present day pharaohs. And so. And the beast. And so what’s about to happen? God’s about to do what he did to Pharaoh.

So you know what? We can kind of wrap it up on this you know, stand still as much as we are to pray, you know, in second chronicles, if my children, who are humble, you know, who are called by my name, humble themselves and pray and seek his face, know Jesus and turn from their wicked ways. This was the crux. Roe v. Wade. We did it. We’ve overturned Roe v. Wade. Then come on. Then we will hear from heaven. We will. He will. God will forgive our sins. God is giving favor once again, right? So God’s going to make.

God’s going to make the impossible impossible. He’s going to make the impossible possible. That’s what’s about to happen, and we need it. And so that takes us to the Red Sea miracle moment, because at the Red Sea, there was no way out. And so Moses said, stand still and watch the salvation of the Lord, for he will work for you today, the present day Egyptians, who you see before you soon, you shall never see again. And here it is. The Lord. The Lord that’s written in two chronicles, will fight for you. And then Leviticus tells us, thou shall consecrate the 50th year and proclaim liberty throughout the land and to all of its inhabitants.

Petrodollar contract is 50 years. June. Roe v. Wade is beyond 50 years already. We are in this 50 year window of time where God’s about to strike. We don’t know the day or the hour, but seven years from the revelation twelve sign is now. So God bless you, Nino, for all you do, God wins. I don’t care what happens. Whatever goes down, stand still and know that God’s got this. So don’t freak out. Okay? So whatever happens, however ugly it looks here, whatever. I don’t know how it’s gonna go down. Just know God’s got this. And you know, when it.

When things. It’s gonna go dark. It’s supposed to. And when the lights come back on, you will hear the sound of great victory. And come this July, you’re gonna go. What the heck just happened? Peace. Oh, thank you. Thank you so much, folks. I’m gonna try to put this up tomorrow or Sunday. Gotta set it to editing, editing. And make sure we were clean. Bo, awesome stuff, man. I love having you on. I love you. Well, I got a feeling we’re gonna be going again probably next week, you know, I have some. I got a strange feeling.

Just a feeling. Just a feeling. Just a feeling. But listen to this podcast a couple of times. We covered so much. Yeah, but I wanted to put it all in there today. Both. Thank you. Thank you.

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  • To an Eastern Orthodox Christian, the Calendar ignorance here is absolutely STAGGERING.
    The original dates were not known, but by the fourth century or so we had traditional dates to celebrate the Annunciation, Nativity, the Baptism, the Transfiguration, Lazarus Saturday, Palm Sunday.Pascha (from Jewish Pesach–Passover) (Easter is a pagan fertility goddess, not worshipped in Christianity), Thomas Sunday, Pentecost, etc.
    Christmas was December 25 on the Julian Calendar (which now falls on January 7 in the Common Era calendar). Epiphany (the manifestation from above), usually called Theophany (the manifestation of God) in the Orthodox Church is 12 days later. The ignorant and heretical papists think that is the feast of the Wise Men. In fact, Theophany is the celebration of Christ’s baptism.
    “When Thou, O Lord, wast baptised in the Jordan, the worship of the Trinity was made manifest. For the voice of The Father bare witness to Thee, calling Thee His Beloved Son. And the Spirit, in the form of a dove, confirmed the certainty of the Word.” –Orthodox Theophany theme hymn.

    The Pascal holidays move around on the fixed calendar. There were different traditions, so the queen was still fasting for Lent when the king was Feasting for the Resurrection. In the 4th century there were several worldwide conclaves of bishops to settle such things, so the Church would celebrate in unison. Pascha was defined as the Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox, and after the Jewish Passover. Precession of the Equinox meant that the equinoxes and solstices were four days late. There was a huge amount of math involved with things like 365.24 days in the year, and worse, but there was a 19-year cycle that made the calculations fairly easy. Today, the Julian calendar is 13 days after the Pope’s Ignorance calendar, as I think of it. This year the Pope celebrated the fertility goddess long before the Jewish Passover. Orthodox Pascha was May 5, after the Passover.
    Whichever calendar you use, Palm Sunday is the Sunday before the Resurrection, Lazarus Saturday, the day before that, Thomas Sunday, the sunday after Pascha when Thomas “Blessed Unbelief” gave us testimony that he put his fingers into Jesus’wounds, Ascension Thursday is 40 days after the Resurrection, and Pentecost is always on a Sunday, 50 days (counting both ends) after the Resurrection. The Jews celebrate Pentecost, called “Shavuot” 50 days after Passover, when Moses and the Israelites received the Torah at Sinai. For Christians, this is the Day described in Acts where tongues of fire appeared like a rushing wind over the Apostles and Disciples as the Gift of the Holy Spirit, the Birthday of The Church.

  • you small minded man. there are other faiths. Asians, people of India, Buddhists, Jewish faith, agnostics they do not relate to Christ as God. The hubris of Christians like you. You can’t stand the uncertainty thinking that God is not a mere man. Your Christ-centric ideas are so narrow and un spiritual. You sound like a backwoods trailer park trash goon. You need to have all the answers. People like you are dangerous.God doesn’t want anyone to have all the answers wrapped up like you are attempting to do. Some things you say may make some interesting sense but too much is way over the top. And what is that satan synagogue stuff? God will not take nicely to you.You sound like a nut. Your need to interpret all world events through Christian dogma shows the mind of a small scared man.Bye bye

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