Binance To Halt BUSD Will Affect XRP SHIB ADA

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➡ The Economic Ninja talks about Binance’s decision to seize support for the trading pair BUSD, which is linked to XRP, Shib and Ada, potentially affecting spot trading pairs of these crypto assets from December 15. Additionally, he mentions temporary withdrawal problems on Binance and underscores the importance of self custody for cryptocurrency. Following this, he discusses an exclusive coin created by Sat Pulse, but sales stop after tomorrow.


Hey, everybody, economic ninja here. I hope you are doing great. Sorry for the cramped location. I am in an undisclosed location. We’re going to be talking about Binance. We’re going to be talking about a trading pair, BUSD. We’re going to talk about its effects that are coming to XRP, Shib and Ada Ada. And we’re going to be talking about possible withdrawal problems. All right? Now, the withdrawal problem on Binance believe is only a short lived thing.

And the reason why I say that is this comes from an XRP enthusiast on Twitter that just announced it and sent a screenshot of what he saw on his account. So we’ll save that for the end. But that doesn’t shouldn’t panic you. But always, I’m telling you, do not keep your crypto on the exchange. You need to learn how to self custody. Custody it if you’ve learned anything from what happened when the SEC moved in to sue XRP, everyone that was holding their stuff on the exchange had it seized, locked up, and then XRP took off on a massive move.

They weren’t able to sell it. This is horrible. It’s theft, in my opinion. But that is why you have to be in custody of your own. I’ll put a link down to Trezor below. That is how I love to store my crypto, my XRP. And I like the one with the touch screen. More security. I like that. Okay. All right, here we go. First off, the news story is that Binance is moving to completely seized support for BUSD.

What is that, you may ask? It is a stablecoin that is attached in a trading pair with XRP, Shib and Ada. It will impact the spot trading pairs of several crypto assets, like I said, which will be delisted in accordance with past communications. Finance will see support for BUSD products starting on December 15. So if you are using finance still to trade any of these assets back and forth into BUSD, you need to come up with another plan.

You got to do it quick. So let’s dive a little bit more in the story. This just came out out of you today, shib, Adat, XRP holders should note this announcement from finance. It says top crypto exchange finance has made a new announcement. Wait, real quick. I want to make this announcement. This coin that Sat Pulse made, solid silver with 100 XRP loaded on it. It’s a collectible coin.

Okay? If you want to buy silver or invest in XRP, go buy those. This coin, there’s only 5000 of them being made. The bank shut down the project and they had enough for 5000 coins. They have it all. They’re making the coins, they’re shipping them out. They will stop selling the coin tomorrow. Tomorrow is the last day that you can buy it if you want. I’ll put a link down below.

But we’re going to do hopefully I’ll get a story out tomorrow with Patrick from satpulse and tell you exactly what happened with that bank. It’s very interesting. They didn’t shut down the Bitcoin One coin, but they shut down the XRP coin. It says, Finance will be ceasing support for BUSD products on December 15. Given that Paxos has halted the minting of new BUSD tokens. This move by Finance to completely cease support for BUSD will impact the spot trading pairs of several assets, including Shib, Ada, and XRP, which will be delisted so that trading pair will not be listed anymore.

And then here’s an actual announcement from Binance. And it says in courting, it tells you all the same stuff. I’m not going to repeat it, so you need to be getting your affairs in order before December 15. Now, something else I want to note, and this is I’m going to go to it. This is from XRP Whale, which is a large account on Twitter. And he says, breaking XRP.

This just came out. What? About an hour ago. Withdrawals have been suspended on Finance. What’s going on? And he shows a screenshot where it says ripple right here. Suspended. The withdrawal has been suspended. And then what can you do when the withdrawal is suspended? First off, I want to explain, these glitches do happen. I’m not saying it’s a big deal, but it should be a really good reminder of why you don’t want to hold your crypto on an exchange.

And when you are putting it on an exchange to trade something out, you want to have a plan of how fast you’re getting it off there. Okay, I know it costs a little bit more in gas in fees, but you have to realize that it’s more important to preserve and trust me, I learned from example, I had some dogecoin on cryptopia. They still have it locked up. They don’t even want to communicate with me, the attorneys in Australia.

It’s a big deal. And it’s a lot of dogecoin, actually. And learn from my mistakes. Way back when, I didn’t even want to know a wallet for doge. I was like, whatever. And then the exchange gets raided by the SWAT teams and they halt everything. They steal everybody’s crypto. They don’t give it back to it’s. It’s horrible. And I don’t want to see that for you. So make sure you have some type of wallet.

There’s different security protocols for all different wallets, whether it be hot wallets, warm wallets, or cold wallets. You need to do what’s right for you and take the time, do your due diligence to learn this. All right, lastly, this coin, the sales stopped tomorrow. There’s a few hundred left. I know that for sure. And the minting stopped. It halted at 5000. They had enough to mint the 5000, buy the 5000 and get all the XRP.

And they’re putting them together right now. As a matter of fact, they’re shipping the COAS, those special COAS that I need to sign for the 500 coins. Those already sold out. But if you guys want it, cool. If not, I’m just letting you know there’s never going to be another coin like that ever made. So 5000 is where it stops. And there’s a few hundred left. Hope you got something out of this.

The link’s down below to that and the treasure, if you want. If not, no worries. I hope you have a great day. The economic Ninja is out. .

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