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➡ Dr. Steve Turley talks about how Donald Trump is hosting a large rally in New York City’s South Bronx, as Joe Biden’s popularity decreases. This event is significant as Trump is gaining support among Latino and black voters, and it’s happening in a traditionally Democratic state. Meanwhile, Trump’s poll numbers are increasing, and Biden’s are dropping, with Trump leading in several states. This rally is part of Trump’s strategy to attract more diverse voters and potentially flip traditionally blue states.


Go away our border! Work on the left corner! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! It’s happening, gang. Donald Trump is hosting a massive rally in the heart of New York City, the South Bronx, all as Joe Biden’s poll numbers are literally imploding in real time. We’re gonna see the prospects of Trump actually flipping one of the bluest of blue states in the nation And why if ever there were a year for him to do that, this is the year You’re not gonna want to miss this. Hey gang, it is high. Dr.

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They’re only interested in shipping us about sovereignty shipping us the right shipping us about religious rights shipping us about freedom of speech They are moving fast We have to get together to make sure we support Donald Trump to make sure we have somebody in the White House that will stand up for us Now this announcement of course comes on the heels of Trump’s massive and I mean Massive rally in Wildwood, New Jersey a week ago where the estimated attendance was anywhere from 80,000 to a 100,000 people it was absolutely stunning and again It happened in one of the bluest of blue states in the nation and it looks like we’re about to see something similar here in New York City now, we’ve talked about this before But a number of pundits have been recognizing that New York is going through a bit of a political Realignment of late so we were actually we’ve seen it in two election cycles in a row back to back So there have been a number of GOP flips that the left the Democrats absolutely shell-shocked.

I mean the Republicans officially took over Long Island in the off-year elections They won the coveted Suffolk County executive race in a landslide I mean wasn’t even close the GOP as a result now occupies all the county-wide seats in Nassau and Suffolk Counties and in the 2022 midterms every single congressional seat from Long Island officially went Republican and Lee Zeldin came within literally just a few points of winning the governor’s mansion In fact, take a look at this election map This is the 62 counties in New York only eight only eight vote Democrat and Trump you’ll notice is About to stage a massive rally right in the heart of one of those eight blue counties He’s actively trying to peel off Record numbers of Latino and black voters away from Biden and the strategy does appear to be working When all is said and done Trump’s poll numbers are soaring and Biden’s are Absolutely cratering take a look at the latest poll averaging from decision desk.

Look at this. This is Nevada Trump’s lead after you’ve averaged out the last 20 polls is seven points. He’s over the 50% mark Biden’s in the low 40s now keep in mind This is a state Nevada that no Republican has won in 20 years since 2004 in Arizona the average from the last 40 polls shows Trump up by six and he’s right around the 50% mark in Georgia Trump’s also ahead by six in the average of their last 30 polls And we could keep going and going here gang in Michigan Trump leads Biden by an average of four when averaging out their last 46 polls in Pennsylvania Trump leads by almost two in an average of their last 49 polls and in Wisconsin trumps up by one with an average of the last 32 polls.

It’s gonna be higher than that Trump consistently Overperforms his polling in Wisconsin by a lot by the way and Biden by contrast Completely underperformed significantly in 2020 was supposed to win Wisconsin by double digits He barely squeaked by by with 20,000 votes that my friends is what is known here as a political implosion This is a biden campaign That is seeing the possibility of a 1988 Dukakis style fallout and just to underscore that take a look at this the numbers for voter registrations are in Every single state for the exception of just two California and colorado every single state in the union Is seeing republican voter registrations growing over democrats every single state saved too.

So for example, look at new hampshire New hampshire in 2020 had a democrat voter registration advantage of plus two today It’s a republican voter registration advantage of plus five In 2020 republicans trailed democrats by 15 000 registered voters now democrats trail republicans by 44 000 voters So we’re seeing extraordinary momentum towards the republican party in general going into november pretty Astonishing stuff emphatically not what you want to see if you’re incumbent Seeking reelection and this then takes us full circle to what trump is doing this week in the south bronx With his lead margins in arizona georgia, nevada now outside both the margin of error and the margin of fraud Trump is just one point away from the 270 he needs to become number 47 The very fact that he’s making a play for these states like new york and new jersey as well as minnesota and virginia Shows just how confident he is.

He’s going to be able to get that one point Campaigning in states that otherwise wouldn’t even be close shows that trump has all the momentum despite What the legacy media wants us to believe? Trump is absolutely poised to crush it and I think we’re going to see precisely That this week of all places in the south bronx Here’s your opportunity to tell big tech tyrants where they can stick it click on that link below and download our brand new Cancel proof turley talks app and you can sign our special declaration of restoration That’s our petition to big tech that declares a new day is dawn.

They are no longer in control and we are taking Our nation back. We’ve already got over a thousand signatures of Courageous patriots and yours is next click on that link below or go to fight.turley right now

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  • Until the 51% – 49% programmed vote flipping machines are taken out of the election process, nothing will change. It’ll only get worse.

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