Are There Pharmaceutical Drugs In Your Drinking Water? This Might Shock You

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Here’s another video that touches on the bottled water scam as well as more details about pharmaceutical drugs in drinking water…



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Even the corrupt WHO has talked about this in this 2012 report.



How Do Pharmaceutical Drugs Get Into Our Water Supply?



I’d venture to bet it happens in more than one way. 


One way is that pharmaceutical drugs enter our water supply through the septic systems and pharmaceutical production plants. 


When a person takes medication, only about 20% of this pill will be digested and the other 80% will be unused—excreted from our bodies and turned to waste. 


Once the waste reaches back to the water treatment plant, it will be re-filtered and purified, but the water treatment plants are not currently filtering for pharmaceutical chemicals, so a majority of these chemicals are not eliminated from the water. 


You can read more about this here.


Here’s another article about it, from back in 2004!



Antidepressant drugs found in drinking water; pharmaceuticals have now become environmental pollutants




So what can you do about this?? 


Well, obviously get clean water! 


But, which type of water doesn’t have drugs in it?? 


That seems to be a debatable topic. 


Some “water experts” say that reverse osmosis water is the most effective at removing these drugs from water, as well as removing fluoride and other toxins. 


There may be other ways and solutions out there. 



This is why DETOXING is so vital!


We are all dealing with and ingesting toxins, whether it’s from the water we drink, the air we breathe, or the food we eat.


We live in such a toxic environment, it is now VITAL to cleanse and detox your body on a regular basis. 


This is one quick and easy way to help detox your body. 


You can also use this simple solution to help remove toxins from your body




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  • This doesn’t surprise at all. We have horrible drinking water in all places & people turn to bottle water that isn’t that clean either. Sad!!!

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