Amazon Just Crushed 100000 Jobs…

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➡ Amazon, the world’s second largest private employer, is using more robots and fewer people. They’ve gone from 200,000 robots in 2019 to over 750,000 now, while their human workforce has dropped from 1.6 million to 1.5 million. These robots do repetitive tasks, making things more efficient and safe. But, this could mean less jobs for people, not just at Amazon, but at other companies too, as they also start using more robots.


Amazon has just crushed 100,000 jobs, but they’re not the only company that have done it. And there are about to be a lot more jobs completely decimated in the next couple of years. And I believe that by the end of this year we are going to see companies laying people off on a scale that could only be compared to the beginnings of the great Recession and quite possibly the crash of 29 and the Great Depression.

The reason why I say that is because unlike any other time before, not only do we have economic woes, but we have a new technology that we’ve never seen before, and that’s AI. Even the ducks are pissed off. I’ve got a story here I want to share with you, and then we talk about it. When AI at least came mainstream through chat GPT-2 decembers ago, I said that this was going to change everything.

We’ve seen robots take over jobs. We’ve seen robots go from building cars to flipping burgers. We’ve seen automation in the last year because of insane policies by states like California. And I’ve got a story later that will blow your mind what California pulled. We’ve seen automation and even burger flipping. This story is pretty impressive. It’s from Yahoo Finance. It’s entitled Amazon grows to over 750,000 robots as the world’s second largest private employer replaces over 100,000 humans.

Now, when we talk about job losses, there’s a difference between small companies laying off, you know, a 10th or 25% of their workforce. It’s another thing when you’ve got the, you know, the largest or second or third, the top ten employers in the nation. These are things that we need to see coming. Right now, the government is printing money at the fastest pace in America’s history to patch over the holes, to hide something from you.

And the fact is, there is a day of reckoning coming. I believe that to be this next election, says Amazon. com is rapidly advancing its use of robotics, deploying over 750,000 robots to work alongside its employees. The world’s second largest private employer employs 1. 5 million people. While that is a lot, it’s a decrease of over 100,000 employees from the 1. 6 million workers that it had in 2021.

Meanwhile, the company had 520,000 robots in 2022 and 200,000 robots in 2019. So you think about it, this is such a new buildup of these robots replacing humans. Amazon is bringing on hundreds of thousands of robots per year. The company is slowly decreasing the number of employees. The robots, including new models like Sequoia and Digit are designed to perform repetitive tasks, thereby improving efficiency, safety, and delivery speed for Amazon’s customers.

Sequoia, for example, speeds up inventory management and order processing in fulfillment centers, while Digit, a bipedal robot developed in collaboration with agility robotics, handles tasks like moving empty tote boxes. The significant investment in robotics showcases Amazon’s commitment to innovation in its supply chain and highlights the company’s belief in the synergistic potential of human robot collaboration. Despite the massive scale of automation, Amazon emphasizes that deploying robots has led to the creation of new skilled job categories at the company.

You know, they can say that with a straight face if they started one or two, maybe ten new jobs, but the facts are they have replaced 100,000 employees. We’re talking about the world’s second largest employer went from 1. 6 million employees to 1. 5 on a percentage basis. That is very alarming. When we’re dealing with the size and scope of a company like Amazon, you have to realize that it’s not just Amazon doing this.

AI is replacing jobs so fast, it’s insane. And the fact is, right now, remember, what built our country was small to medium. Businesses, enterprises. We need to start that again. We need to bring our manufacturing base to America. It’s going to be painful because it’s going to cost a lot, especially in an era or the dawn or we’re literally looking down the barrel of a hyperinflation scenario right now.

But I want to also remind you, and this is the good news, you know, every time there is a horrible collapse in a market, there’s always a rebirth. Remember what the renaissance period came from when people died in mass kills? I know this sounds crazy, but it happens in life when, you know, plagues roll through and hurt a lot of people, kill people. It rebirths into a whole new time, a whole new era, same thing economically, when things collapse, people get back to their roots.

Now it says. Amazon’s deployment of over 750,000 robots represents a significant move toward automation at the world’s second largest employer. The shift has the potential to significantly impact job dynamics within the company and beyond. While Amazon asserts that robots are meant to work in collab with human employees, assisting them with repetitive tasks to improve efficiency and workplace safety, concerns about the job, it’s all crap. Second largest employer in the world is laying people off.

It’s starting to dump rain. The economic ninja is out. .

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