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➡ Greg Reese talks about in an interview, Russian President Putin talked about how Russia has tried to make peace with Western countries since the Soviet Union ended. He mentioned how Russia wanted to join NATO, but was rejected, and how the U.S. has supported opposition in Russia. He also discussed the conflict in Ukraine, saying Russia didn’t start the war and is trying to stop it. Putin believes the world should work together for shared security, instead of being divided.


In the Tucker Putin interview, President Putin explained how Russia has sought peace with the west ever since the fall of the Soviet Union. I recommend watching the entire interview, but here is my short edit. After 1991, when Russia expected that it would be welcomed into the brotherly family of civilized nations, nothing like this happened. Yeltsin came to the United States. Remember, he spoke in Congress and said the good words, God bless America.

Everything he said were signals. Let us in. Yeltsin was immediately dragged through the mud, accused of alcoholism, of understanding nothing, of knowing nothing. He understood everything, I assure you. I became president in 2000. I thought, okay, the yugoslav issue is over, but we should try to restore relations. Let’s reopen the door that Russia had tried to go through at a meeting here in the Kremlin with the outgoing president, Bill Clinton, right here in the next room.

I said to him, I asked him, bill, do you think if Russia asked to join NATO, do you think it would happen suddenly? He said, you know, it’s interesting. I think so. In the evening when we met for dinner, he said, you know, I’ve talked to my. No, no, it’s not possible now. I repeatedly raised the issue that the United States should not support separatism or terrorism in the North Caucasus, but they continue to do it anyway.

I once raised this issue with my colleague, also the president of the United States. He says it’s impossible. Do you have proof? I said, yes, I was prepared for this conversation, and I gave him that proof. He looked at it, and you know what he said? I apologize, but that’s what happened. The CIA replied, we have been working with the opposition in Russia. We believe that this is the right thing to do and we will keep on doing it.

The third moment is a very important one, is the moment when the US missile defense system was created. I had a very serious conversation with President Bush and his team. I proposed that the United States, Russia and Europe jointly create a missile defense system, but our proposal was declined. That’s a fact. It was right then when I said, look, but then we will be forced to take countermeasures.

And now I come to the main thing. They have come to the Ukraine, ultimately. In 2008, at the summit in Bucharest, they declared that the doors for Ukraine and Georgia to join NATO were open. Victoria Yanukovych came to power. And how the first time he won after President Kuchma, they organized a third round, which is not provided for in the constitution of Ukraine. This is a coup d’ta.

The US supported it, and the winner of the third round came to power. In 2014 there was a coup. They started persecuting those who did not accept the coup, and it was indeed a coup. They created a threat to Crimea, which we had to take under our protection. They launched the war in Donbas in 2014 with the use of aircraft and artillery against civilians. We would have never considered to even lift a finger if it hadn’t been for the bloody developments on Maidan.

It was they who started the war in 2014. Our goal is to stop this war, and we did not start this war in 2022. This is an attempt to stop it. Wouldn’t it be better to negotiate with Russia, make an agreement already understanding the situation that is developing today, realizing that Russia will fight for its interest to the end? Listen, you have said that the world is breaking into two hemispheres.

A human brain is divided into two hemispheres. One is responsible for one type of activities, the other one is more about creativity and so on. But it is still one in the same head. The world should be a single whole. Security should be shared rather than a meant for the golden billion. That is the only scenario where the world could be stable, sustainable and predictable. Until then, while the head is split in two parts, it is an illness, a serious adverse condition.

It is a period of severe disease that the world is going through now. See the whole thing@tuckercarlson. com. Reporting for Infowars, this is Greg Reese. It’s. .

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