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➡ JailBreak Overlander shares his experience of seeing a large horned owl in Texas, along with unexpected encounters with alligators and turtles. He also mentions biking on rough trails and setting up game cameras. Despite his adventures in Texas, he plans to move west for commitments, including a photo shoot. He assures viewers that he’s still searching for Bigfoot evidence and asks for their support by liking, sharing, and subscribing to his content.


So I just wanted to put this video out real quick because I got some really good footage of the great horned owl, the biggest one I’ve ever seen. He had to have been about three foot tall. It was a big, big bird. And I found him out in Texas. And while I was in Texas, I hit some mountain bike trails that were completely and utterly beat down bad.

And I set up some game cameras here and there, rode the bike for a little bit, and ran into some really strange things that I did not expect to see in February in Texas. Like this little fella first thing in the morning. This trail is ten foot wide. Look how big this dude is. And it was chilly. I didn’t think these guys would be up and around. And to be perfectly honest, I didn’t know there was alligators in Texas, but there is.

And he was massive. That’s a big fella right there. And of course, as soon as he got in the water, I had to run over and try to get even closer footage, but he just took off like a torpedo. But I also found some other really cool shots, like this gator out here warming himself up on a log, an enormous amount of turtles. But this is what the video is about.

So here you go. Great horned owl. Beautiful bird, it. And I immediately bump into two greathorns. Massive, massive. Right in front of me. See that? It’s right up in that tree. But I can’t. Yes, I can. I see him right there. Yeah. Is that right? Very difficult to see. He’s going to fly in a second. Wow. Is he a big bird? That is a big bird. Massive. He’s going to fly.

So as awesome as Texas was, I had spent more than enough time there going behind the mexican border, covering the illegal alien invasion that was going on. So it’s time to push west once again, because I have some commitments I have to deal with. I have some people I need to meet up with, and I have a photo shoot to be involved in, so I got to get all those things done.

But let me explain. I have not stopped hunting for evidence of bigfoot, sasquatch, et cetera. I just want to make sure that when I present it to you, it’s something that’s worth your time, as opposed to me banging on sticks, looking through night vision, and nothing happening. You know what I’m saying? So stand by for that. At any rate, give this video a like, give it a share, and if you haven’t yet, subscribe and leave a comment below, and I will return the favor.

I am out. .

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