2.23.24: Cyber Attacks? Lies Ghost Children and Borders Illegals Phase 2 Pray!

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➡ The text discusses various topics, including criticism of certain fashion brands, concerns about child trafficking, and political commentary. It mentions a controversy involving Balenciaga and childlike teddy bear purses, and allegations of children being handed over to unknown people. The text also discusses the popularity of former President Donald Trump, the indictment of Haiti’s former first lady, and concerns about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine.
➡ The text discusses a variety of topics, including a massive cell phone outage in the U.S. caused by solar flares, suspicions about media blackouts before the 2024 election, and concerns about cyber threats from countries like China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea. It also mentions theories about the government’s manipulation of information, the use of satellite phones by senators, and the potential impact of illegal immigration on future elections.
➡ The mayor is giving a lot of money to a bank without competition, and migrants are getting up to $10,000 each. Trump’s social media company is merging and he’s about to get a lot richer. There’s a powerful commercial by Trump that talks about the challenges America is facing and how we need to unite and fight for our country. The president of El Salvador gave a speech warning America about the signs of a declining society, using his own country’s past as an example.
➡ This text discusses the political dynamics between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, suggesting that Trump’s debating style could make Biden appear weak. It also mentions Trump’s potential vice president picks for 2024 and the approval of a merger for Trump’s social media company. The text criticizes various political figures and institutions, and highlights the support and merchandise of a particular group. Lastly, it discusses allegations of corruption and sexual assault within the legal and political spheres.
➡ The article discusses the ongoing issue of illegal immigration in the United States, highlighting concerns about border security and the potential for human trafficking. It mentions that some cities are now asking for help to stop illegal crossings, a shift from previous attitudes. The article also criticizes the current administration for allegedly facilitating human trafficking by not verifying the relationships of adults and children crossing the border. Lastly, it mentions a controversial bill that was not passed, which aimed to increase jail time for people buying children for sex.
➡ A South American gang was caught after robbing high-end homes over 100 times. Meanwhile, illegal border crossings have increased by 500%, with many migrants having criminal histories. This has led to a rise in costs for American taxpayers, as illegal immigrants often use government-funded services and lower wages for American workers. Additionally, there are concerns about potential future pandemics and the impact of solar flares on technology.
➡ Today, we’re planning to interview Todd Callender and have more lined up for next week, including a chat with Dr. Kirk Elliott on Sunday. The speaker also mentions a trend of brands losing money due to controversial decisions, and expresses concern about the impact on children. They mention discarding popular brands like Nike and Balenciaga as a form of protest.


Don’t let them influence you in any way because they’re controlled by the people who really influence the world. They’re not serving God. They keep trying to cancel me. I don’t care. Nada. I see. James point keys. Important thing to remember. Balenciaga themselves have acknowledged in their public statements that there was this particular fashion shoot was an issue. They’ve apologized and said children shouldn’t have been there, but nobody has asked them, well, why were you making childlike teddy bear purses with bondage on them in the first place? I have video of this one bus stopping outside an airport.

And what happens? People come up with trucks and cars and they get handed kids. There’s two kids, three kids going with this guy, with that guy. I know a guy working for an organization, a company that was paid money to give these kids away. And he said to me, he was very senior in homeland security investigations before he took this job. And he said to me, lara, we’re handing these kids over to people.

We have no idea who they are. Protect the children because they precious and we don’t fight. Now what they gonna be left with because it’s going to get worse. Just wait for their next trick. They keep trying to cancel me, I don’t care. Nada. I see dads playing kids just to run up commas brands keep going woke they going to lose dollars threw away Nike and now I burn Balenciaga now burn Balenciaga they keep coming for our kids now we need to follow designer brands and they hide I know hella title threw away Nike and now I burn Balenciaga, Balenciaga let me get my 1400 bag hunter by the teddy bears and they come and drag you go woke, you go broke get as big fang.

Well, folks, the amount of information that we’ve consumed and processed since 2016 has been carefully placed in amounts that we can handle one day at a time. Media has pretty much slipped away and most folks get their information from other sources now, like here and all over the Internet. The attacks on this info, they’re playing out cyberattacks and more. But I feel it. It’s all known and we’re going to be okay.

The comms continue. We’re going to talk about those. We have a lot to be thankful for. Here we go. One final poll, guys. Who is still undecided in this diner? Undecided. Who’s going for Nikki Haley in the diner? And who’s going for former President Donald Trump? Okay, guys, I’ll send it back to you guys in New York. That’s South Carolina. That’s Nikki Haley country. Right? Yet no matter what happens to President Trump, no matter how many times they go against him and attack him and indict him and send him to court and more, he just continues to come through.

Everybody loves him. Just about everybody. Those that hate him, I just don’t understand him. I don’t get it. But that’s where we’re at. And while he’s at the town hall in Greenville, he had some really strange things to say. We’re going to talk about that and go through the comms on that and the recent at t and other shutdowns that happened yesterday. He doesn’t seem to be, I heard you say that he’s very persistent and he probably is.

I think that most people that run would be stubborn or persistent and just not want to give up the ghost. But we have a nation to run. Did you hear that? Just not want to give up the ghost. That run would be stubborn or persistent. Know, just not want to give up the ghost. Give up the ghost. MJ Truth made sure we got that three times. Why would President Trump state something like that? Interesting choice of words.

In reference to Joe Biden running in 2024. Trump said some people would not want to give up the ghost. Another thing interesting, compiled by Scotty Scotty Martin, Hades former first lady has been indicted in connection with the 2021 assassination of guess who? Her husband. That’s right. Can you believe that? That one’s playing out. Back in the news. Guess what’s been playing. And we’re going to cover a lot of this in the second half portion of this video.

Hillary’s back in the news. Huma is back in the news. Podesta, Spygate, Russia gate, and now Haiti. Haiti. Nothing could stop what’s coming. Not nothing. So wife of assassinated haitian president indicted taking out her own husband. And so, of course, we got to go back and look at those drops. Thankfully, they were put together for us from March 6, 2018. So much is open source, so much left to be connected.

Why are the children in Haiti in high demand? How are they smuggled out? Is it an adoption process? Local staging ports friendly to the Clinton foundation? Let’s track the donations. Shall we cross against location relative to Haiti? Think logically. The choice to know will be yours. We talked about this, about these organizations that pretended to be Baptist and they were taking children. Remember the American convicted in Haiti for trying to take children led the US Baptist group arrested while trying to take 33 kids out of the country.

That was in 2010. And then we saw a pop up on Fox News years ago, Hillary Clinton foundation, crime against children, all of that playing out for them to see. And of course, they are trying all they can to stop all the information from coming out. Of course, Julian Assange on us media coverage, Fox News, it’s very dishonest, more dishonest than anyone knows about the mainstream media. That’s what Assange was trying to tell us.

And today marks the final appeal trial. Well, that would be the 20th. So that was on the 20th was the final appeal trial for Julian Assange in the UK. His trial is all about freedom of the press and journalism. Why did they want to kill Assange with a drone strike? Yet they made a movie about Snowden. Interesting. Good question. Julian’s reportedly not, well, not attending his appeal, didn’t attend it.

And again on the show, President Trump pardoned us on, but it wasn’t made public. Very interesting. So Robert Kennedy Jr. The propaganda is beginning to unravel. The American Red Cross, remember we talked about this in the last video, is now asking blood donors if they ever received the COVID vaccine. If you answer yes, they want you to call ahead to see if you’re still eligible. I thought the vax was safe and effective.

What info are they hiding from us, folks? The more this information plays out, the more you just got to scratch your head and wonder. We’ve been talking about this for years. Dr. Simone Gold. Of course, breaking. A multinational study conducted by the global vaccine Data Network on 99 million vaccine recipients has revealed increases in neurological, blood and heart conditions associated with Covid-19 vaccines. Just the tip of the iceberg.

So there’s a video that’s about seven minutes long at the end of this clip from that, Sunzoo has shown us the why are we saving Israel for last? Playing this. Maybe if I have time, I’ll play it at the end. But basically gets into the Masad issues. Glaine Maxwell being Masad and her family, how it played out with Epstein, why he was the key to a lot of this and why they used him.

And of course, they use that with children. Videotape the innocent ones that can never tell on you, do humiliating things to them, then they catch them in these acts, record it, and guess what? You can’t do anything about it. So they vote the way they want more. And of course, pharmacies across the US report widespread outages following a cyberattack. Interesting. They called it a attack when at t went down on our phone and some other companies went down, which I’ll show you more in a moment.

But let me play just a funny little clip that somebody put together regarding all these shutdowns on our phones yesterday. Yep. It’s China or Russia or something. It’s a dad gum meth head. I mean, this is the full out cyber attack. They said it on Fox News. You know, it’s gotta be true. The most alarming thing is, I’m the only one that knows what’s really going on. It’s not a attack or they’re not trying to take over us or anything like that.

Look, Hunter borrowed a bunch of money from him, okay? And big daddy Biden couldn’t get him out of it. So they come in to collect China and Russia, said, look, you’re going to get all this money from us and blow it on hookers and cocaine in Vegas. Well, it’s time to pay up. And if you don’t pay up, we’re going to call you daddy. And if your daddy don’t do nothing, then we’re going to release these pictures and we’re going to shut down at t for a day.

Well, when they called Joe, the secret service told him, listen, he’s busy right now taking a bath at the fountain in the mall. And as soon as we get him dried off, we’ll tell him to holler at you. Well, china and just. They ain’t waiting. Okay? And I know this sounds crazy, but if y’all are wondering where I get my information, because everybody loves to fact check nowadays.

My cousin’s wife’s friend used to be a janitor at the CIA, so he’s saying the best thing you can do right now is go to Walmart and buy a bunch of toilet paper. How about, huh? It’s a nice little humor there for all of us, because everyone’s obviously going crazy over this. And they told us it was what it was a cyber flare. Sunflare. Right? Let’s see. Alleged footage of the twin solar flares that have caused a massive.

And if you’re looking at the screen, you can see that now. Yeah, with a little music. Massive cell phone outage across the United States. Just a giant solar flare shooting from the sun. It sure is strange that the mockingbird media’s assets, along with Klaus Schwab, were predicting media blackouts right before the 2024 election. And now this is happening. I’m sure it’s nothing. Oh, folks, I’m just not into this stuff right here.

These little flare things that they tell us. Where did they come up with this? Anybody else? Zoom in on the sun and catch these flares using filters on cameras and more. I mean, have you ever looked at it? I’ve said it before. It’s just a. It’s just a light. God made the light for the day and the light for the night. I don’t remember him saying it’s a giant burst of fire that shoots out rays to shut down our cell service.

Donald Trump Jr. Is anyone actually believe this was a solar flare? Next they’ll tell us that the stars are aligning in retrograde or something like that, which made it worse. Laugh out loud. At this point, if you don’t have a hard time believing anything the government tells you, you must be living under a rock. As a matter of fact, ultra pepper lives matter actually had a clip from Christopher Ray.

I’m not going to play it, but I’m going to read what he said. It must be a coincidence that Christopher Rae was claiming that chinese cyber hackers were lurking in our phone companies at the Munich security conference not even one week ago. They’re clearly seeding the narrative for some kind of blackout. Quote, hackers lurking in your power stations, your phone companies poised to take them down when they decide you stepped too far out of line.

And that hurting your civilian population suits the CCP. Blame it on China. China is not the only adversary we are up against. Russia, Iran and North Korea are also determined to use cyber means to take aim at things we all hold sacred. Russia has made murder, rape, and mayhem its stock and trade, so no one should question its continued willingness to launch destructive attacks before and during military conflicts.

Sure this is all a coincidence? Says ultra pepper lives matter. I just got done quoting Christopher Wade, folks. Do you believe anything this guy says? Do you see how they just constantly push out this narrative? As a matter of fact, remember from last year, Yahoo News put out senators issued satellite phones, part of a new security measure amid growing concerns of security risk to members of Congress. Over 50 senators have been issued sat phones for emergency comms.

People told CBS News they just had to let us know. As a matter of fact, if you go to Grasshopper, amazing how he’s able to take these comms that come out. Elon Musk said, this is a test. Put that out. All of this matched a five year Delta, guys. Five year Delta means five years to the day, we were told. Security test, 12345 device test, and then a five year Delta to the day.

February 21, 2018. AG Sessions US cyber task force important. That’s what we put on the thumbnail for this video. Stay tuned. Another five year deal. Everything has meaning or purpose at Jack. Remember Dorsey used to own Twitter? He’s getting nervous. Phase two. Well, guys, I’m going to show you that President Trump actually released phase two of his interview. It’s coming out. Yeah, he said phase two. We’ll show you that.

Isn’t that something? It’s all connected. Deep dream equals Twitter. That’s a five year delta, as a matter of fact. Hot in DC. No sleep. Stay tuned, guys. I’m showing you right now on your screen, all of this for you to enjoy. I love it. I don’t know about you guys, but most of you tuned in to this because we really love to see these comms come out from old intel board, 17th letter ourselves.

I’m going to show you some more in a moment. But again, just wanted to show you this. Phase two. President Trump put out phase two of South Carolina. Interview with Laura Ingram tonight at seven, Fox News. Enjoy. That’s February 21, 2024. And that matched phase 2, February 21 of 2018. Isn’t that something? Stay tuned. Everything has meaning or purpose at Jack. Getting nervous. Phase two, man. Love it.

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Spike support again, TWC Health lt. Use code lt for 10% off. Today’s America online. Remember that dialing in process. Dan Scovino Jr. Put that out. Thank you, Scotty films for the animation. Very interesting because as you go to this friendly reminder, Fletch 17, if the lights go out. Oh, and did you all notice their account started right before the 2020 election? Yes. Starlink. Starlink. Internet from space for humans on earth.

Well, Internet is from what I call satelloons. Anybody out there know what I’m talking about, though some people get really mad when I do that. Some understand. No reason to get upset, folks, we can have open debates, freedom of speech. We have rights to think the way we want and try to give everybody two cent to speak. All right. Reports of power grid attacks. Six month prep should be disregarded.

While attacks do occur, we are safeguarded by a black eye. That was a question that came out from an anon. Should we be prepping for some kind of shutdown? No. Remember Elon Musk, this is a test. How about that? Six year delta. Elon Musk, this is a test. And all the comms are good. Remember, we just read all those, the signals. And guess what? Nothing to see here from Tony Saruga.

ATT was down. There was an outage. Verizon? Verizon down. Cricket wireless? Cricket wireless down. Boost mobile? Boost mobile down. First net. No cellular outage. I mean, come on, how’s this all connected to Majorcas Firstnet authority? I mean, they just have it all. As a matter of fact, the Internet infrastructure is under Texas AFP news agency, the agency that oversees the online address book, warns. Oh, yeah. How about that? That was something that was put out to us long time ago.

Tools of prevention are online. There’s prevention forces that have already been put together. And, of course, Facebook’s now blocking the videos from Scottie Moore. Poor guy. Well, I’m sure he’s going to be fine. Just means he’s over the target. Days ago, Jack posted a queue on a social media site called primal. Yeah, that’s something. There’s a queue right there. And he posted it. Wow. And then another. Weird timing.

The queue is referring to a crypto wallet. Weird timing. Got a new flashlight, says Jack. Huh? Just weird things going on. Strange comms, and a lot of folks wondering what’s going on. As a matter of fact, Trump warns world of very, very unfortunate phase two if North Korea sanctions fail. Another phase two. No coincidences. We keep hearing about these things. Who really controls North Korea? Have faith. Hope the public is waking up to this.

Remember, 7. 2 million of illegals are entered. Entered the US under Biden administration on amount greater. This amount is greater than the population of 36 states. Ian Miles Chung said, this is actually insane. It’s by design. Biden is importing so many illegals that it’s enough to replace conservative voters in many swing states. Do you see how this is playing out? They realize they probably won’t be able to rig the machines, they won’t be able to do as many mail ins as they thought.

They’re trying to bring as many voters as they can. They won’t have to bring an id. And before you know it, they steal another election. I don’t think it’s going to happen, but seen some strange things going on inside. Mayor Abbons migrant debit card boondoggle. No bid bank gets $50 million. Border crossers up to $10,000 each. This is all playing out for everyone to see. And then green lives matter.

The SEC just approved the merger of Trump’s social media company. In other words, Trump is about to take in the cash, despite the fact that the entire system is attempting to drain him of all of his finances. Everything they throw at him ends up failing. And now he’s about to become very rich. $4 billion rich. And then I thought that you guys would really enjoy this commercial put out by President Trump.

More than a country, more than a shining city on a hill, the idea of America lives in each and every one of us. America lives. But a storm has gathered at our shores, a tempest that seeks to tear apart the fabric of our nation. It seeks nothing less than the wanton destruction of this great nation of men and women. It seeks to rip out, erase, and supplant the very foundations of practicality and reason.

It seeks to erase us. We know this enemy. They have existed throughout time, and now they have come for us. And they have come for our children. We watched the clouds coalesce and gather. We watched them form for decades from the distance as they approached our borders. We heard the clap of thunder echo in our minds and rattled down through the halls of our capitals. We have, most of us, become complacent, unaware and disengaged while the darkness grew and unfolded around us.

Slowly, then, all at once, this threat is real. What we face is a hurricane of deceit and moral decay with a goal of absolute power. We face a true battle of good versus evil. If we stand by and do nothing, evil will triumph. But that is not our fate. We are great men. We are great men with a great leader, a leader that loves this nation and what it has given back to him.

A leader who seeks the same ideals as we do, ideals of truth, liberty, and justice. He sees the greatness in us and the great potential in America and its future. He seeks to make America great again. This man will guide us, but he cannot do it alone. It takes every one of us alongside him. It takes work. It takes faith, and it takes resolve. Together, we can fight this storm.

We can fight and we will win. Unite now. Gather alongside him. Come together for this nation. Bear the colors of red, white and blue that are woven into the fiber of this nation, saturated with the blood of patriots that came before us. Sacrifice your time. Sacrifice your effort to rebuild this nation. Together, we can save America, the America that lives in all of us. Trump 2024. That was powerful.

Something that’s very much needed, just this constant reminder. And I saw this interesting part of the video where they talk about the enemy, and what do you see there as they play that particular message? Threat is real. The threat is real. Again, taking you to that particular portion. What do you see? Most folks are now waking up to understand the all seeing eye played out in their symbolism for all of us to understand.

Now we’ve woken up, many to their sleep and slumber. That’s been a big part of this entire earth, controlling us through our eyes and our mind. So I found that this kind of matched what the El Salvador president actually came into CPAC and gave a speech. Yeah, remember the one that quotes scripture? He won and changed his issued naive, issued a chilling warning to America. We can clearly see signs of a declining society.

I thought you guys would enjoy this. As your friend, I want to issue this warning so you don’t make the same mistakes we did in the it is not easy to pull yourself back once you’re in boiling water. In fact, all the experts said it was impossible. And besides, you don’t want to wait 50 years and maybe hope for a miracle to get out of hell. You can still jump before the water boils.

Some might say I’m exaggerating, but we can clearly see the signs of a declining society because our own hit rock bottom decades ago. It’s like when we see someone getting sick first, it’s maybe just stomachache or a headache or a small fever. But if you don’t deal with the disease, it will only get worse, and then it may be too late. Even after our first war in Osabadar, we failed again to look into the signs of the second civil war that was coming, the gang war.

After a million people fled the first war, a lot of them came to live in ghettos here in the United States, where the gangs were formed. When former president Clinton deported a lot of those gang members without telling us they were gang members, they were criminals. They roamed free and recruited young people, thousands of young Salvadorans, to join the gangs. At first, they seemed like pettic criminals, but they began to change and transform until they became the unescrupulous terrorists that we know today most of them even perform satanic rituals.

And this has been well documented. The government back then didn’t deal with the disease, nor did the next administration, nor did the ones after that. The disease that had begun with mild symptoms got worse and worse. It became a cancer that seemed incurable. We are already seeing these symptoms in the United States. Big cities in decline, like Baltimore, Portland, New York, just to name a few places, where crime and drugs have become the daily norm and even accepted and promoted by the government.

How many young people have you lost to the streets of Philadelphia or San Francisco? To fentanyl? Did we see these apocalyptic fights 1510, five years ago? Can you imagine how it will be in the next 510 or 15 years? The same thing was happening in El Salvador. In the span of less than a decade, gangs took control of all the country and our society. They evolved into a parallel government, controlling elections and even political parties.

Every aspect of the daily life of most people was controlled by the gangs. Murder capital of the world is a tragic title to hold. Getting rid of that was the bare minimum we had to achieve in order to even start thinking about rebuilding our country. Amazing. Coming out and telling everyone the source of all of this damage to El Salvador was what their satanic practices and rituals. And what did he say? He says, you can check it and you’ll find out that I’m telling the truth.

You can check it and find out that the criminals that were released in El Salvador, these gangs that were created, that were running that country, the fentanyl, the drugs and everything, I believe that he knows because he’s quoted scripture many times, it’s related to Satan, the worship of Satan. Now, I’m going to show you just another 1 minute clip where he shows one of the sources of the destruction of each country comes from Soros democratic mandate.

If they want to sit in the table, they should run for office. Let the people vote. It will not be a pretty sight for them if the elections are free and fair. I mean, who elected Soros to dictate public policy and laws? Why does he feel entitled to impose his agenda? Let me tell you something. Soros and his cronies hit a brick wall in El Salvador. Oh, yeah.

Thank God. Thank God. Another, glory be to him, Salvadorans are now immune to his influence. No one believes his lies anymore over there. No one believes his lies in El Salvador anymore. And he said, thank God Almighty. Not just thank God, thank God Almighty. And he pointed to the sky. Let’s play that one more time, this part. Thank God. Thank God, the glory be to him. All the glory be to him.

Not almighty. All the glory be to him. So it wasn’t just a cliche saying, thank God, it was all glory be to him. The system, this demonic system that he’s pointing out is playing out to control everyone, has been removed in El Salvador. All glory goes to him. Now the attacks that come on our end continue. There’s trouble brewing at the Blackrock, the headquarters of CBS, after the firing of Catherine Herridge, an acclaimed investigative reporter.

Many of us were shocked after Herridge was included in layoffs this month. But those concerns have increased after CBS officials took the unusual step of doing what? Seizing her files, her computers and records, including information on privileged sources. The battle that we’re under, the information that continues to come out. Gateway pundit put this story out for all to see. Put in the description box below if you want to read that entire thing.

And then when it comes to President Trump and more, we have to go to the witch’s covenant called the view, where these witches go behind the scenes. I believe I could be wrong, but they probably set up their little witchcraft seance, set up before they go out to use their witchcraft against the masses that actually pay attention to them. And here’s the stupid things that come out of their mouth.

Donald Trump will lean into the narrative of he’s hiding because he’s not up to it, and voters will believe that if he doesn’t show up. So he needs to show up in debate. I disagree with you, actually. I say that because normally my gut would tell me it’s good for democracy. I caveat that with if we did not know these two men as well as we do, it would be more important for them to be debating.

The problem is, for the reasons you just spelled out, Donald Trump comes on and without. I wish they’d put him in phone booths and cut mics after a certain amount of time, because in addition to the fact checking, he overtalks, gaslights and everything else. So oftentimes the comparison to Donald Trump makes anyone look less than on some level. I know he looks crazy, too, but remember how he’d come behind Hillary when she was like, and he was always hovering.

He has these nonverbal cues that could lead some to believe, oh, he’s so strong, or he’s this, but he just blows the whole thing out of the water. And if he hasn’t debated anyone yet, the only debate I would like to see is him and Nikki Haley. If he would debate Nikki Haley, I would support that. I don’t think Biden needs to since Donald Trump has done nothing to participate in this democracy since he lost Hillary.

Bad for democracy for Trump to debate Biden because it will make Biden look weak when Trump humiliates, you know, why don’t you just interview Nikki Haley? Well, here’s a clip from her here recently. How do you win your first state? I mean, it’s amazing to say I haven’t won a state yet. You’ve only had three states that have voted. Well, it’s not amazing. We need to win or take all.

Oh, it just gets better and better every day. All right. And we know truth, hope, faith and freedom. Folks, you can head out to our website and we know. com in the description box below. Watch on Rumble, Twitter, all of our social media, Facebook, Instagram, we’re there. And you can find out about our cruise there, the August 11 through 18th cruise. We’re encouraging you guys to show up and enjoy being with fellow patriots and listening to stories, biblical stories, stories about our life and watch me put one of these videos together.

It’s really, really cool. The patriotlight. com is also something we put together, home politics, world news, markets, faith, social news and resources. My son put that together, worked really hard. I hope you guys check it out. And also we get all types of pictures sent in of our gear. Saw this one, I figured I’d highlight it today and show you sending a photo of my grandkids. Our tradition is to get matching pjs as their first gift.

We decided to include OC this year. Lt, thank you and your son for all your hard work to bring us the information you bring us. May God bless you and your family. Thank you again. So, folks, we’ve been getting a lot of photos. We’re hoping to get a lot more. And this is, of course, back from Christmas time. And I just love this picture. Way to go. Love to see the young ones tuning in and learning so much about the evil ones, the exposure there, and also about our God almighty and how he just guide and directs all of us to the truth.

Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much. You can go to shop amwinow. com to grab your gear. These shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, accessories, hats, so many goodies. Hopefully somebody walks up to you and says, I watch this show, too, and you’ve got a new friend. Here’s more great pictures of patriots wearing our gear. So, folks, the short list was put out of Trump’s 2024 vice president list. You know, maybe, could be a guess.

Who knows? Ron DeSantis is on there. Wow. Tim Scott, Vivek Ramaswamy, Byron Donalds. Wow. Governor Christy nome and Representative Tulsi Gabbard. Gabbard would be an interesting one. I’ve got my opinions on that. I’ll save that for later. Here’s the undecided South Carolina voters weighing in after the town hall meeting here we know Donald Trump. If I could summarize what he said in one word, it was just strength.

He had a way about him that just demanded attention, and he really sounded like the kind of leader that I would want to vote for. How about that? That just keeps coming out. You think they want to shut down all of our ways of seeing this type of information coming out? I mean, this is on television, but, yeah, they pretty much want to make sure that nobody knows what’s going on.

They don’t want you to see all the excitement wrapped around President Trump and more. Well, the SEC just approved the merger for Trump’s social media company. I shared this earlier, folks. He could make up to $4 billion, probably is what I’ve heard. Ultra peppy lives matter says they thought they could drain Trump of his financial wealth. Yet despite the attacks, he’s about to become more rich, richer than ever.

The attacks from the enemies can become a mere footstool to propel us to greater heights than ever before. Never let them take away your faith. In the midst of the battle, when the enemy comes in like a flood, God raises the standard. How about that? Way to go. And, guys, just another note. Remember the fanny will situation. Just wanted to make sure we knew that everything that’s going on there because it’s corrupt, really works in our favor if we’re being honest.

All the people trying to get Trump are corrupt. The pedophiles, the globalist shills, they’re pretty bad. It’s as simple as it could possibly get. There’s no variation from these categories, and it becomes more obvious by the day. Think about what big Fanny was even doing. She was hiding money in her house and then paying it to her lover as some kind of incentive. Trump weighed in on this corruption by saying, I think she said nine trips.

Every time I took a trip with my lover, I paid him in cash. She said, where did you get the cash? We’re winning the narrative war, thanks to the corrupt morons bringing themselves into the light. They just can’t help themselves for how stupid they look. Bradley, a former law partner of special prosecutor Nathan Wade. He initially testified that a disagreement related to Wade’s divorce led the two attorneys to end their professional partnership.

But under questioning, he later admitted it was something more. There was an allegation that you sexually assaulted a member of the firm, correct? Yes. There was an allegation, yes. And as a result of that allegation, you left. I did. You were no longer business partners with Mr. Wade? That is correct. Da. Fannie WILlis claims she did not become romantically involved with attorney Wade until several months after she hired him as a special prosecutor.

The defense is trying to prove their relationship began earlier than that and that Wade rewarded Willis with lavish vacation travel. Former President Trump brought this up on the campaign trail over the weekend. I think she said nine trips. Every time I took a trip with my lover, I paid him in cash. Where the hell did you get the cash? Republican challenger Nikki Haley says all this litigation is distracting Mr.

Trump from important campaign issues and that his mounting legal bills threaten to drain republican chances going into November. BRADLEY oh, my goodness. It’s a threat to President Trump and his finances. How could he continue moving forward to run for president? You see, they’re trying so hard. It’s just not working. Each day we keep waking up to more information, and it’s great to have a reminder. Laura Logan says, like it or not, this is true.

Tom Fitton got up there at CPAC. He just sent us a nice reminder in a few seconds about the hoaxes. Judicial watch protected Trump and our republic from the worst corruption scandal in american history by exposing the FISA abuse, the Comey corruption, and seditious conspiracy against Trump by the FBI and DOJ. Obama knew, Clinton knew. Comey knew. Biden knew. Brennan knew, McCabe knew, struck knew, Clapper knew, Schiff knew.

The FBI knew. The DOJ knew, the CIA knew, the State Department knew. They all knew. Trump was innocent. But they smeared and spied on him anyway. Worse than Watergate. Trump is a crime victim. Let’s remember that. The crime victim, a crime victim for all to see. Very interesting. Think about this, folks. What he just spewed out in 39 seconds are things that we could not talk about when President Trump was inaugurated.

But we have now grown to learn what Obama spied on President Trump’s campaign and was evil. Clinton, evil. Biden, evil to the nth degree. Comey running the FBI, evil. Brennan, evil. McCabe, FBI stroke, FBI. Clapper, shifty. Schiff, FBI, the Department of Justice, Mueller. Think about this, folks. We didn’t really have their names down as being associated with evil throughout the United States of America. Now we do. Do you understand why it had to be leaked, drip, drip, every day for years, we wanted this all done years ago.

It’s taking time. We need everybody to join forces and understand that we’re in this together. Very, very important part of that is going down to our border and more. And President Trump addressed this in Vegas. We’ll terminate the visas of all of Hamas’sympathizers and we’ll get them off our college campuses, out of our cities, and get them the hell out of our country. If that’s okay with you.

Yes. And that was presented once again, once again on the Joe Rogan show from Dr. Phil. It’s a big one the other day. It’s been shared quite a bit. And we were reminded, think about how far we’ve come in the awakening. In 2016, the left was claiming it was racist to build a wall and protect our border. Remember, folks, we’re going through these phases, not in months, not in years, but every single day we have this reminder of what they tried to tell us, how many people were on board with not having a wall.

Now we’re watching cities begging to stop the illegals from crossing into our country. They’re starting to realize this. I’m going to show you, actually, I’m going to show you that clip right now from Chicago. Another person just getting upset with everyone there and letting them know we’re done with this. That’s what’s up. That’s what has happened in the United States right now. All this asylum seeking lie, all this about.

No, what’s happening is they’re emptying out the dregs of their jails into the United States, into our communities. They’re junking up our country. And yeah, we feel some kind of way about it because it’s our country. It’s our country. And I want you to know, Brandon Johnson, I understand what Frank Moore’s saying about we still own the plantation. But what you’re looking at right now, this is what a free negro look like.

And I’m telling you, we’re going to get our city back. We’re going to stand for our people. We’re going to get them out of our communities because they don’t deserve to be there anytime. They can’t give us three lousy minutes of their attention while we sit here and watch you all get them all kind of money. You watch us. We black out here and we’re going to handle our business.

You watch that. I’m a free black woman. This is how we get down. Yes, cities are starting to come together and they’re realizing the votes that they have put together over the years, bringing these elected officials in, they’re not working out the way that they thought. They’re being exposed. So again, in 2016, the left was claiming it was racist to build a wall and protect our border and that the Orange man was a lunatic for saying so.

Remember the Orange man they called Trump? Flash forward to 2024. And the normies are unassailably claiming that the Democrats and uni party is trafficking children across the border and that Trump was basically right about everything. Everything Trump told us is becoming so blatantly obvious that the normies basically have to accept the truth. It’s the stage being set to truly make America great again and implement the policies needed to do so.

As painful as it has been, people are waking up in droves, and it’s all about the children. Check this clip out. Dr. Phil and Joe Rogan. These children that are coming in with someone that says, I’m their mother, aunt, uncle, or whatever, we have no way of verifying that. We do not. We used to, under President Trump, we had rapid dna testing that’s been done away with. Are they given money, these people that are released into the country? So it’s our taxpayers that ultimately facilitate the travel.

But yes, travel is facilitated, and they are given all the necessities that they need. But that could be a trafficker. There’s a very good possibility that they’re being trafficked, that they’re going into the sex industry, or they’re being forced into the sweatshops. And we know that we knowingly are spending our tax dollars to sell children into sex trafficking. How, under any theory is that okay for us to be spending tax dollars to traffic children? Now, this is the head guy on the border.

And I asked him, when this went on a little more, we went in more depth. You know, you’re on camera here, right? You just said, we’re spending tax dollars to sell children into sex slavery. And he said, yeah. I said, why have you not talked about this? He said, nobody’s ever asked me these pointed questions, but I’m grateful that you’re asking them now. That’s how out of control we are down there.

We are paying money to take these children and sell them into sex slavery. They come in with these addresses written on their bodies, written on their arm, and we call up there and say, do you know so and so? Yes, we’re waiting for them. Okay? They’ll be on a plane or a bus, and you need to pick them up. And I asked him, so some pimp or trafficker or whatever is picking them up up there.

And he said, we are knowingly sending them up there for that. And he said, it’s terrible, but that’s what’s happening. That’s insane. That is insane. And there’s no way of verifying with their parents they’re going to, or an aunt they’re going to. There’s no way of verifying it. I asked him, he said no. Now, what justification could possibly exist where they would stop doing the rapid dna test? What possible justification would there be to stop that? It makes no sense because if they find out, well, this isn’t their parent, then, okay, what are they going to do with the child? And so I guess don’t ask and then you don’t have the responsibility.

But they’re sending these children up there. And he’s saying, we are knowingly. We’re knowingly sending them into either a sweatshop or the sex industry up there. Now you think that’s disturbing? I’m going to play this clip. Some of the children that might be listening might not be good for them to hear because it’s real. It’s happening. This is the Colorado House Republicans listen to this statement about children.

These are the times that I am discouraged about my job as a representative and also just what happens here at the Capitol. We sat in a committee all day discussing whether or not somebody that buys little children, these are 2345 year old kids. They buy them for sex that we tried to get a bill through. Representative Bradley sent one through that was going to put these buyers in jail right now.

Most of the time they get off on probation. Almost all the time they get off on probation after buying a child and raping a little child. And we tried to say, well, they need to at least serve a minimum of four years. And then we sat and listened to the Democrats fight against this bill, fight against putting these people in jail, and came up with all kinds of reasons, including that these buyers are victims themselves.

This is very discouraging. And it’s also very disgusting for me that they would actually defend this. And then they voted completely along party lines. Democrats voted 100% that they did not want to put these pedophiles in jail. They defended the pedophiles. This is why it’s so difficult sometimes to do what we do around here. We know we’re on the side of right, we know we’re on the side of morality and we get shot down by, I do not understand the thought process behind this, but we do get shot down.

This is why I would encourage you to do a few things to help us with this. First, if you believe in prayer at all, please pray. We are fighting truly dark forces here. This is not okay. This is evil stuff that we’re dealing with. And if you have the ability to come up and testify on bills or anything like this, please do so. Your voice is very important to what we’re trying to accomplish around here.

We are the minority, but with you we become a powerful voice. With you we become a powerful voice. The sickening things that are happening. How in the world can any human being, even somebody calls himself a Democrat, would say, well, we’re fine with this. If they do these despicable things to these children and harm them and rape them or whatever, it’s fine. We’re not going to put them in jail.

It’s just because they’ve got a pass too. So we’re just going to let them go. It doesn’t make sense. Why are they allowing such evil play out for all of us to see? Biden’s border cris even played out this Justin border patrol revealing they have apprehended over 6400 migrants with criminal histories so far this fiscal year. Criminal histories 6400 plus. Griff Jenkins joins us now. Griff AiNsley, good morning.

Look, the tragic and harsh consequences of this border crisis under President Biden has taken a toll across the country from coast to coast. Let’s go out to Phoenix, Arizona. A gang of illegal immigrants from Chile believed to be part of a south american criminal gang busted for targeting high end homes in more than 100 incidences. Ainsley stealing some 3 million in cash, jewelry and other items. Now back to San Diego where I just came back from and told you guys about.

They’re seeing more than 140,000 illegal crossings so far this fiscal year, a 500% increase in chinese migrants. Well, the migrant welcoming center there run by a local ngo in a sanctuary county is shutting its doors today because it simply ran out of money. And residents across this country from California to Chicago to New York upset. They’ve had enough. They’ve had enough. 6400 plus. Those are just the numbers, right? The numbers they give us, those that they’ve grabbed.

What about those migrants with criminal histories that made it through and they’re still out there roaming free. It’s having a detrimental effect across America. MJ truth showed us this. The net lifetime average cost one illegal immigrant cost every american taxpayer $69,000. California congressman Tom McClintock. Illegal immigrants are generally lower wage workers and were flooding in labor market. What does that do for the wages for working Americans. Well, because illegal immigrants will go into industries that typically have low productivity, that will lower the country’s productivity as a whole and will lead to lower wages for working american families.

Illegals who will have lower wage earnings will pay much less in taxes, if at all, and will end up consuming much more taxpayer government funded services, food stamps, and more. The center for Immigration Studies estimates on average, the net lifetime cost of every illegal migrant is 69,000. We just said that every single illegal immigrant is assumed to be a net cost to american taxpayers and suppresses the wages of american families.

So Massachusetts, just to feed illegals, cost taxpayers $64 a day per illegal, contributing to $1 billion in expenses by 2025. Illegals provided three meals a day, 16 for breakfast, $17 for lunch, $31 for dinner, $64 a day. It’s almost like you were getting your per diem there for the military gets worse. Massachusetts right to shelter law requires they provide illegals with refrigerators, microwaves and stoves or basic cooking facilities.

This means illegals who do not have access to those things forces the state to contract out for food and delivery, skyrocketing the cost for taxpayers. This is just the food costs that american taxpayers are putting the bill on. We’re still paying for healthcare costs, educational costs, housing, Internet, job placement, and job loss factors. Unbelievable. In January, Governor Mara Haley proposed a whopping $873,000,000 supplemental budget to help pay for the current shelter shortfall.

Just sickening. So we were told again another pandemic, a certainty that would most world must prepare for, warns the who. They keep telling us another pandemic is coming. All of this is playing out day after day for all of us to see. We’ve seen the fires also. Many are saying the aluminum dust from geoengineering fueling super wildfires, according to an author. While researching for his new novel, author Dennis Mills discovered alarming link between chemtrails and the super wildfires.

The author discovered that unprecedented levels of aluminum and barium nanodust. Remember I told you barium aluminum B-A-A-L bell primary components in chemtrails, both which are incendiary are fueling the ferocity of the super wildfires. Yeah, so we’ve got that going on. We’ve got the borders going on, we’ve got the criminals flooding into our country and more. What else do we have? Every single anon should be realizing, guys, from that May 7, 2020 post, the news is dead.

You are what matters now. Handle with care. We are the news now. That’s why we have all this information flowing in so many different directions from so many great people out there. And again, the major solar flare, like we talked about in a cyber pandemic, it seems like the black swan events like Catherine Herridge warned us about, it seems like they’re doing the prep work. Remember, a lot of folks that watch tv that don’t pay attention to channels like this, they’re going to believe every single thing they’re told when they turn on their nightly news.

And just a reminder before we close on how they do it, good morning, Oklahoma. Maybe you’re looking at your phone and it’s saying, sos. What’s going on? My husband had that this morning, and he’s freaking out. And I was like, did you do your phone updates? No. This is all happening at 03:00 a. m. So we did that coming to work. He’s not the only one, guys, if you’re experiencing that, it may be a result of space weather.

Okay, I’m going to do my best to explain what’s going on. Let’s go ahead and take a look. So there was a strong solar flare event that happened just after midnight, and they actually captured an image of it right here. Okay. I had to look up this scale. I wish I knew everything about space weather. That’s a whole different specialty. But r three, that’s for radio communications. It’s on a scale of one to five.

And three is pretty bad. That means it impacts radio communications for a few hours after this happens. And so, right now, that could be impacting some of our technology. And sadly, we’re entering a solar maximum where we’re going to see more and more solar storms, solar flares, and it’s never happened in this time of human history where we’re relying on technology like we have never before. So, interesting time.

Hopefully they’ll fix it. But the good news is, at least when you’re on WiFi, you should be able to still text and call people. Yeah. Midnight when the sun’s out. Anybody ever seen the sun out at midnight? The sun that if you guys did your research, found out more about it just happens to shoot out flares and only hits the United States. Yeah. They’re going to continue to push this narrative.

Remember that we were told all the outages and all the cyber stuff is going to be playing out. I feel like it’s a dry run for something bigger. These things do not happen, not with the amount of infrastructure and redundancy that is in place with these kinds of communications and whatever the reasons. They end up saying cause this take with a grain of salt. They are likely lying.

We’ve been here nonstop about american infrastructure being compromised by China. We’ve heard from a sheriff who said there’s more red flags now than before. 911 ant outage will get resolved soon, I’m sure of it. But I strongly feel to test run it was resolved eventually. Folks, keep your head on a swivel and know that God’s in charge. And once again, as we close, I wanted to make sure that we share this note here.

Every single anon should celebrate the downfall of vice. Vice actually went down and so many other fake news organizations. Think about what I’m about to say. Trump’s entire presidency called legacy media fake news. The peak of mainstream media viewership, thanks to Trump, said that the news is dead. That came from the intel board and that we are the news now. And of course, to handle with care. Thousands of fake news journalists are getting laid off.

Entire fake news organizations are crumbling. Look at what every single one of us anons have been doing the last several years. We are the news now. Isn’t that amazing? We’re defeating a multi billion dollar international propaganda empire with our phones and an Internet connection. Those are the things they’re trying to take down, right? Proud to serve with you, anans. Keep writing, midnight writers. For nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest, neither anything hid that shall not be known and come abroad.

Let’s pray. Heavenly Father, thank you once again for how you continue to guide and direct our lives. Thank you for helping us to figure out the truth, find out about these evil ones, what they’ve done to us, and how they continue to try to stay in power, regardless of how much they’ve been exposed. We see it. We understand it. We know that you’re in full control. And we ask that you continue to use the forces that you put together to not only expose them to us, so we can wake up the masses to the lies, but also to discover the truth of your son dying on the cross.

For us, raising again after three days and living amongst us now, especially, thank you for the Holy Spirit guiding and directing our lives. Help us to understand more about the truth of Israel. It’s so precious to us, especially, as we’ve learned throughout your word, just how your chosen people have been placed in such a time as this. We know that the enemy is trying to infiltrate and destroy the people of this earth through so many different ways, especially through money, technology and more.

And we just ask you continue to protect us, our lives, and more. And we ask all this in the name of Christ our savior. Amen and amen. Folks, I hope you have a great weekend. Thank you so much for tuning in. Thank you for your time, your prayers and more. Asking for you to hit that follow button, subscribe like and share. We hit again the top of the leaderboard and rumble.

That is so cool. We’re going to have some interviews done today with Todd Callender. Hopefully you check that out. And I’ve got more planned for next week. And we’ve got Dr. Kirk Elliott will be on on Sunday. So looking forward to that. Also again, thank you so much for everything. This is lt saying semperfy with MW signing out they gonna be left with cause it’s gonna get worse just wait for their next trick they keep trying to cancel me I don’t care nada I see dads playing kids just to run up commas brands keep going woke they gonna lose dollars threw away Nike and now burn Balenciaga now I burn Balenciaga they keep coming for our kids now we need to father designer brands and they hide I know hella Potter threw away Nike and now I burn Balenciaga blessia yaga let me get my 1400 bag hunter by the teddy bears and they come and drag you go woke you go broke get as big fat close.


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