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➡ The And We Know Channel talks about a lot of things. It mentions an interview with Putin and how Donald Trump is popular among Republicans. It also talks about the idea that Trump didn’t cause an insurrection on January 6. The text also suggests that the media is not always honest and can be controlled by powerful groups. Lastly, it talks about some events happening on the 8th day of different months and a war in Ukraine that the U.S. is said to have started.
➡ This text talks about an interview between Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin. Some people think the interview was fake because of strange lighting and other odd details. Putin talked about the war and said it could end quickly if the US stopped supplying weapons. He also questioned why the US is defending Ukraine’s border but not its own.
➡ This text talks about various issues like border problems, national debt, and the idea of sending $65 billion to Ukraine for military purposes. It questions where the money really goes and if it’s used for the right reasons. The text also discusses the possibility of a journalist being a CIA asset and the problems with a bill that ties U.S. national security to the security of other countries. Lastly, it criticizes the mainstream media for focusing too much on certain topics and not enough on others.
➡ This text talks about a website that shares news and sells gear. It also discusses some criticisms of President Trump and President Biden. There are concerns about Biden’s handling of classified information and his memory. The text also mentions speculation about using the 25th amendment to replace Biden before the next election. Lastly, it talks about some predictions and theories related to the Super Bowl.
➡ Taylor Swift is flying from Tokyo to the Super Bowl, which takes 13 hours. The number 13 is considered lucky. President Trump promises to send reinforcements to Texas and plans to start the biggest deportation operation in American history. There are concerns about the potential damage that could be done to the country in ten months, including the possibility of World War III.
➡ The US dollar is losing value because the US has been using it as a tool of political struggle. This has led to US allies reducing their dollar reserves.
➡ The FBI has uncovered a large bribery scheme involving New York Democrats. 70 officials were involved in a pay-to-play operation that has been going on for a decade.
➡ President Trump promises to protect the second amendment and gun rights if reelected. He has appointed nearly 300 pro-constitution judges and three Supreme Court justices. He also revoked America’s signature from the United Nations arms trade treaty.
➡ This text talks about how kids used to play outside and have fun together, but now they’re always on their phones or playing video games. It also mentions a big change happening in the world, where people are starting to see the bad things that powerful people have been doing. The writer believes that this is a good thing and that it’s important to keep fighting for what’s right. They end by thanking their listeners and asking them to keep supporting their work.


Sa, I hope you remember that intro with Sanford’s son. Always a good start with some humor. We’ve got a lot of winning going on. Had a chance to watch that entire interview with Putin by Tucker Carlson while suffering through a long day of illness. My voice is a little bit cracked up today, so hopefully you can make it through. It was riveting in many ways for that interview.

We’ll look into this. Trump gave an amazing speech. Then our a crowd of 10,000 packed in there and dems get arrested in New York City. Can’t believe it. Here we go. We asked, in our national NBC poll over the weekend, we asked Republicans, who do you want to be the party’s nominee? Donald Trump, with a 60 point advantage over Nikki Haley. Now, what we’re seeing in our poll here seems to be a sense among Republicans, as this process has begun to unfold, of a sentiment to coalesce behind Donald Trump and not to look at this and treat this as a tightly contested race.

So, Haley, just that inability to connect with core republican voters, unless that changes, it changes fast and in a big way at her home state. Really can’t see her winning anywhere now. Can’t see her winning anywhere now. Thank you, Iowa, New Hampshire, US Virgin Islands and Nevada. That’s from President Trump. He posted this video for all to see. 79% to 19%, folks. It’s just hands down, what are they going to do? All they can do is use the levers of justice to try to remove him, try to make it look like he’s not really a good nominee, try to make him look like a criminal and more.

And just everything they try keeps falling apart. As a matter of fact, kind of surprised to see the House Republicans promote a resolution stating that Trump did not engage in an insurrection on January 6. I actually enjoyed this. Thank you. Thank you guys for coming. It’s an honor to be here. Thank you, Matt and Ms. Stefanic, for leading on this. You know what I love about this? Watching where President Trump is at in the polls.

I love it because it shows the american people don’t trust you guys, and they shouldn’t, because you guys are full of it and everybody knows it. There’s a few honest journalists in this town, but there are very few and far between. You know how I know it wasn’t an insurrection? Because he hasn’t been charged with insurrection. And we can all see by the law fair how he’s facing up over 700 years in jail right now, how they’ve tried to destroy this man, destroy his businesses, that if they felt they had an inkling of a chance of convicting President Trump of jaywalking or insurrection, they would absolutely charge him.

You know how else I know it’s not an insurrection? Because this is the first insurrection in the history of the world where the people that were a part of it were unarmed. Pretty hard to do if you walk around and see how many individuals are carrying firearms. All right, last thing I want to say about how I know it’s not an insurrection is because I actually listen to the words of the president.

If you’re trying to stoke an insurrection, you don’t tell the people listening. Hey, I want you to go over there peacefully and patriotically, all right? This is not an insurrection. What it is is a party that’s scared to death of this man because he’s America first, and he’s shown time and time again he’s willing to bust up the swamp, and he continues to beat you like a drum.

That’s what this is really about. And for all you journalists out know that are pretty cowardly, some in this room right now, you don’t have the balls to write the truth. And even if you did, your publishers wouldn’t publish it because you’re a part of a propaganda outlet, probably one of the biggest in the history of the world. If you had any courage, I want you to ask some questions about that day, January 6, that we keep talking about.

Why is the pipe bomber not been caught yet? Why is the pipe bomber not being caught? The one individual that could have committed multiple mass casualties has not been caught yet. Go follow some of Beatty’s reporting over revolver news. He’s got some evidence for you guys. What’s going on up here with January 6 is there’s a pretty big cover up actually going on up here in Capitol Hill about some of the involvement of our government, and it’s quite unsavory.

And I want to acknowledge Rep. Massey’s work on this lately and others who have been trying to get to the bottom of it. But here’s some other questions for you journalists to ask. Why did it take so long for Ray Epps to be charged? Go watch videos of Ray Epps on that day and how he was stoking the entire thing and how long it took him to be charged.

And yet, there were so many people that were brought into the DC jail, and they’re still there to this day. So if you guys want to ask some questions, those are some questions. But the bottom line is we all know President Trump did not commit insurrection. And he’s probably going to be the president of the United States once again. And so I’m happy to be a part of this resolution.

I’m happy to support the president, and I’m happy to call out all you little cowardly liars in the press, thank you. All you little cowardly liars in the press calling them out to their face. And they’re used to it now. They probably enjoy it. It’s one of the reasons we started this podcast. I sat down because my son kept telling me, dad, all the stuff that you keep talking about at the dinner table, you need to get that out to the public and explain to them what’s going on.

I thought nobody would really pay attention. Maybe a few might listen. And now here we are. We’re tired of it. We’re tired of not getting the full information handed to us the way the press is supposed to work. They’re bought and paid off. We know it now. Now more than ever. Even those that we’ve listened to on the radio for years have been compromised. More and more, we’re finding out how they use the media to twist our minds.

Not just the media. Hollywood movies, tv shows, music, you name it. The prince of power of the air is controlling a lot of this world, the worldly system. He tried to tempt our own savior, Jesus Christ, by telling him, look, I’ll give you everything in the world if you bow down and worship me. I tried. Didn’t work. Ultra peppy lives matter. The 8th day of the month has been interesting.

As of late July eigth, Shinzo Abe was assassinated. August eigth, Mar a Lago raided by the FBI. September eigth, Queen Elizabeth dies. October eigth to be determined. November eigth, midterm elections. While Putin had his interview on the eigth. Kind of interesting with this whole sit down. Televised through X system on the 14 February 2020. Nearly four years ago, we were told this allow for public dissemination of critical facts.

Possible unsealing dclass prior to world televised sit down. Sometimes the necessary forum to update the american public is provided by those same people being investigated for blah blah blah blah release to change strategy. Watch what happens next. Televised sit down. How are they going to get information out to the public in this sit down interview? Two and a half hours, I think, is how long it took to get through.

It was very slow, very painstaking for me at some points, but then I realized it was important to get all the information out. Merch put this out on x. Takeaway takeaways from it. Number one, the US backed coup d’ta started this war in 2014. We’ve talked about that in Ukraine. US backed the whole coup. It’s been coming out. Ukraine violated the minx agreements. Russia doesn’t want NATO that close to them.

He mentioned it for those that might have watched it. I’m just rehashing some of the things that we’ve noticed. Russia doesn’t want the neo Nazism in Ukraine. He brought that up about the nazis. The US media propaganda machine controls most of the world’s media. I caught that. And I was thinking, well, I didn’t realize it was the US media propaganda machine. I thought it was some machine overlording.

Every media organization around this earth got many friends in Japan, and Japan’s media constantly constantly bashes President Trump. Constantly. They make him sound like he’s the worst thing that ever happened to this earth. They were also bashed. Remember years ago, we talked about the jab. We had the professor come out and look at the japanese government, and he said, only 10% of the government of Japan has taken this jab.

Why did the 90% not take it? And he brought in folks who had lost loved ones. And he described how the media used fear mongering to get people to take that jab. Happens everywhere. The CIA blew up the Nordstream pipeline. He’s mentioned the CIA quite a bit. The war could be over in weeks if the US would stop spending money. Russia’s willing to negotiate. He said that there has been no contact from Biden to Putin in years.

Merch said that he’s read from other fake news outlets that the interview was tense and that Tucker and Putin were upset with each other. I never saw that, not once. They seemed cordial and polite to each other the entire interview. Some other things that we caught. Gold nuggets. We call them Easter eggs. Some would say fledge 17. Was the Putin interview by Tucker CGI or AI or deep fake? The full screen didn’t look right.

The lighting was off. Tucker didn’t have an earpiece for translation, but Putin did. Was that a huge mistake by the film crew? The reaction seemed off to me as well. Anyone else think that? Yeah. When I was watching it, I kept thinking, what a cheap set. What a cheap lighting setup. Folks. I’ve done interview after interview. I’ve set up lights hundreds of times when I ran AFN and then also in government service, and I know what I’m doing, and these guys know above my pay grade, as we’d say.

They’ve got more equipment than we could ever imagine? And the lighting was just kind of strange. The fact that they put the chairs, like halfway on a carpet and halfway off the carpet, I thought was strange, but some weird things that people caught would be one of the moments that Putin actually took his watch off. Before I show you that, let me show you what I’m talking about.

Do you see the CGI kind of effect? If you look at Tucker Carlson’s Jacket, look how the shadow mimics. Show you right here. Look how the shadow lines up with the jacket. See that? The shadow is not really kind of an awkward shadow. And so the setup just seems a little off, too. All that to say is they must have wanted information to get out. So here on the 17th, second of the interview, Putin takes off his watch.

Awkward thing to do in the, just started the interview, 17 seconds in, and he places it down and rubs his wrists as if he wants everybody to know. Well, it’s interesting because we have seen. Let me bring this to the front. A drop with a watch next to a pin. Do you remember that? And it says, the clock is ticking. Follow the watch. Matters of national security. I don’t know.

Just some strange things for me also, here’s something that he said here. We know that he is putting forward some ideas about the settlement, but in order to agree on something, we need to have a dialogue. Is that not right? Well, but you wouldn’t be speaking to the ukrainian president. You’d be speaking to the american president. When was the last time you spoke to Joe Biden? I cannot remember.

When I talked to him, I do not remember. We can look it up. You don’t remember? No. Why do I have to remember everything? I have my own things to do. We have domestic political affairs. Well, he’s funding the war that you’re fighting, so I would think that would be memorable. I’m definitely interested. But from the outside, it seems like this could devolve or evolve into something that brings the entire world into conflict and could initiate a nuclear launch.

And so why don’t you just call Biden and say, let’s work this out. What’s there to work out? It’s very simple. I repeat, we have contacts through various agencies. I will tell you what we are saying on this matter and what we are conveying to the US leadership. If you really want to stop fighting, you need to stop supplying weapons. It will be over within a few weeks.

How about that? Just like we told you, all of this playing out more. I’m going to show you an interview that he did with mainstream media, NBC. They say, oh, Tucker, I can’t believe he’s an idiot. He shouldn’t go over there. Says old Hillary Clinton. Well, there’s a flashback from 2021. Yeah, the MSM interviewed Putin. Didn’t go very well. I’ll show you that in a minute. First, this message.

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We don’t have this kind of habit of assassinating anybody. That’s one. Number two is, I want to ask you, did you order the assassination of the woman who walked into the congress and who was shot and killed by a policeman? Do you know that? 450 individuals were arrested after entering the congress? And they didn’t go there to steal a laptop. They came with political demands. 450 people have been detained.

You’re talking about a capital. They’re looking at jail time between 15 and 25 years. And they came to the Congress with political demands. Isn’t that persecution for political opinions? So, breeding up January 6 to his face. Interesting. If it, again, look at the lighting, folks. I just want you to see the setup. Look at the perfection of the lighting. You’ve got the deep shadows, you’ve got the hair light perfect.

Showing the hair, the darkness on one side to make it more of a nice. Flags in the background lit up perfectly. Then you’ve got this nice set up with his face sitting perfect and a darker background so that the lighting is done right. Just want to make sure you notice that some small things we notice when we get back to this interview where Tucker basically allows Putin to continue to talk.

Who blew up the Nordst? Who blew up Nordstream. You for sure. I was busy that day. I did not blow up Nordstream. Thank you. Though you personally may have an alibi, but the CIA has no such alibi. Do you have evidence that NATO or the CIA did it? You know, I won’t get into details, but people always say in such cases, look for someone who is interested. But in this case, we should not only look for someone who is interested, but also for someone who has capabilities, because there may be many people interested, but not all of them are capable of sinking to the bottom of the Baltic Sea and carrying out this explosion.

These two components should be connected. Who is interested and who is capable of doing it. But I’m confused. I mean, that’s the biggest act of industrial terrorism ever, and it’s the largest emission of co2 in history. Okay, so if you had evidence, and presumably given your security services, your intel services, you would that NATO, the US CIA, the West did this. Why wouldn’t you present it and win a propaganda victory? In the war of propaganda, it is very difficult to defeat the United States because the United States controls all the world’s media and many european media.

The ultimate beneficiary of the biggest european media are american financial institutions. Don’t you know that? So it is possible to get involved in this work, but it is cost prohibitive, so to speak. We can simply shine the spotlight on our sources of information, and we will not achieve results. It is clear to the whole world what happened, and even american analysts talk about it directly. It’s true. Yes.

But here’s a question you may be able to answer. You worked in Germany famously. The Germans clearly know that their NATO partner did this, and it damaged their economy greatly. It may never recover. Why are they being silent about it? That’s very confusing to me. Why wouldn’t the Germans say something about it? This also confuses me. But today’s german leadership is guided by the interests of the collective west rather than its national interests.

Otherwise, it is difficult to explain the logic of their action or inaction. After all, it is not only about Nordstream one, which was blown up, and the Nordstream two was damaged, but one pipe is safe and sound, and gas can be supplied to Europe through it, but Germany does not open it. We are ready. Please. Why won’t they open it? Strange. And so I just wanted to make sure that you guys hear some of these sound bites from very important parts of this interview.

Putin wants to know why America is fighting for Ukraine’s border and refusing to defend its own. Do the United States need this. What, for thousands of miles away from your national territory? Don’t you have anything better to do? You have issues on the border, issues with migration, issues with the national debt, more than $33 trillion. You have nothing better to do, so you should fight in Ukraine. Wouldn’t it be better to negotiate and realizing this, actually return to common sense, start respecting our country and its interests, and look for certain solutions? It seems to me that this is much smarter and more rational.

So as they go through this interview, he then shares something that we all talk about. So why have 65 billion more dollars head over to Ukraine to keep the military industrial complex going? Why do they need wars? Where does that money actually go, the $65 billion? Does it go straight to Ukraine? Or does it go to all the contractors to build, send missiles, send weapons and more? Very awkward.

Some questions that I share with my own family and friends. And so, MJ Truth says Putin teased Tucker on his failed attempt to join the CIA, as Putin used to be a KGB intelligence officer. The funny thing about this is it’s a well known fact that the CIA is deeply embedded in news agencies. Yeah. When a person fails to be accepted in the CIA, but then goes on to have a career in journalism, they likely did not fail.

They are more likely CIA assets. So Putin knows whether or not Tucker was in the CIA. My opinion, says MJ Truth is that Tucker was, and this was a jab at, as Putin says, an opponent. Do I think Tucker is still in the CIA? Says MJ Truth. MJ Truth says no. Why? Just a feeling that he was freed a long time ago. And so here’s that clip for you guys.

With the backing of whom? With the backing of CIA, of course, the organization you wanted to join back in the day, as I understand we should thank God they didn’t let you in. Although it is a serious organization, I understand my former vis a vis in the sense that I served in the first main directorate, Soviet Union’s intelligence service. They have always been our opponents. A job is a job.

A job is a job. Pretty interesting. As this all happened, then you had the fires happening all across Moscow. Russia’s on fire. Go fire. It’s a narrative. They want people to feel the danger even when there is nothing going on. It’s a movie. And so after watching all this, trying to gather more information and more, I thought this from shipwreck was pretty good. Tucker’s interview with Putin formally announced around the same time, the border legislation with $60 billion to Ukraine died on the Senate floor.

Check this out. You’ve all seen it. Tonight will be the interview at 06:00 p. m. Eastern Standard Time with build Bear Putin and Tucker Carlson. Vladimir. About the same time that that was officially announced, the big old border bill that they were trying to get pushed through failed actually in the Senate. Even if it did go to the House, it would have been debtor than helmet Cole, who apparently spoke to Joe Biden a couple years after he died.

How do you do this twice in one week? But the bill’s dead. It’s not going to pass. And a large part of the reason for that is because of the aid that was set aside for Ukraine. Coincidence? Probably not. Now, yesterday, somebody had tagged me in a video of Joe Biden breaking down this specific bill. When it comes to the problems that we got going on at the border, and they were like seaship.

There is stuff for the border, more security and big trucks and hiring more personnel to secure it and things to build a wall. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Maybe you’re right. But that was never the problem. The problem wasn’t the fact that there was a few things in there that were going to help secure a border and a few things in there that people have been screaming for for the last however many years.

Problem is that people are sick and tired of having to negotiate their own national security with the national security of other countries. Aid to secure our southern border or northern border or east, it doesn’t matter. Aid to secure any border in the United States that is having a problem should not be tied to foreign aid for other countries. That is ridiculous. I should not have to sacrifice $60 billion of my tax dollars to go to Ukraine just so I can assure that a little bit of that is going to come back and help me feel secure in my own country.

This should be a non negotiable. And that’s where people are at. People are sick of it. And even if you read through the bill, there is all kinds of verbiage about Ukraine and Israel and how we need to help them. But there is not a single word about Lahaina, Hawaii. There is not a single word about Palestine, Ohio. Immigrants coming across the border, according to this bill, are going to get help with legal, they’re going to get help with housing, they’re going to get help with their basic needs.

Hell, it’s been announced that they’re going to get gift cards to kind of help them get started. That’s the problem. I would 100% be on board of my tax dollars going out to the people of Lahaina or my tax dollars going out to the people of Palestine, Ohio. But if you think I’m going to sit here and be okay in any context of my tax dollars going to pay a bunch of immigrants coming over the border into our country, hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars so that they can survive, you’re high.

Especially when the majority of Americans right now, thanks to inflation, are living paycheck to paycheck, if that. That’s the problem. The problem is, for the last at least five years, we sat here and watched Congress do diddly frickin squat when it comes to the american people, regardless of who was in charge of it. The Democrats had it, and they were like, we stand for lgbtq and trans rights.

We formally declare here on the congressional floor that we accept trans people and LGBTQ people. You needed a whole afternoon to vote to declare that. Let me ask you something. If you were of those two communities, do you feel better? Are you paying less taxes? Are you able to afford things? Is your life easier? Thanks to Nancy Pelosi getting up there and declaring it black lives matter, we declare that racism is not tolerable in the.

Let me ask these black communities, have you seen any help from any of these people? Interesting. Her perspective on all of this is absolutely astounding. One of the big things that really hit home for me is, yeah, we have a problem where we’re sending money off to other countries, yet we’re not taking care of the Lahaina fire folks. Matter of fact, when we try to get updates on the Lahaina fire, nothing’s happening.

There’s no support for those people whatsoever. Imagine $60 billion going to fire victims, building their homes, rebuilding their communities, giving them food and money and resources so they can rebuild. Oh, no, it’s not happening. It’s almost shocking the amount of information that we’re learning about, but they don’t even share that on mainstream media. What they do on mainstream media is like, communist news network. All they do is have hissy fits about President Trump.

What’s at stake is the validity of our constitutional system. People all morning been banging my head against the table, talking about democracy. We have a constitutional democracy because the framers recognize that crazy people can be popular, bad people can be popular. So our constitution says certain people can’t serve. People love ALC. In my party, she’s 34 years old. No matter how much the democracy wants her to be president, she’s too young.

People love Harry Styles. People love Paul McCartney. People love Arnold Schwarzenegger. They’re popular, but the constitution says they’re not natural born citizens. You cannot be president. And the framer of these amendments understood traitors can be popular. People who took an oath and threw it in a garbage can can be popular, but you can’t be president. So we’re facing a situation now where a big part of our constitution could become a dead letter because people are afraid to do what the constitution says, which is to say this guy is no longer eligible.

And so the politics now, not just for a Biden or a Trump, but for the stability of this country, is on the line today. They’re freaking out over Trump. That’s all they do. Doctors call for Biden to take mental competency test after scathing classified docs report something isn’t right. Medical professionals stepped up calls for President Biden to take a mental competency test after a Thursday blistering report from special counsel Robert ur revealed the 81 year old can’t remember basic facts about his own life and career.

They released it Thursday. Folks, while that’s happening, the Independent puts out survey finds Hillary Clinton has more than 99% chance of winning election over Donald Trump. You think they’re setting this all up? Do you think now the mainstream media, they’re all over this report about Biden, just not good enough for presidency? Who thought that they’d ever even talk like that? Well, President Trump did. I’ll show you that clip in a minute.

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We’ve got it all for you. All right, here’s more great pictures of patriots wearing our gear. I don’t think the president did himself any favors in that speech. He undercut two of his biggest messages. The adults are back in charge by sort of being dismissive of, yes, he was exonerated. He’s not going to be convicted or tried for this. But there are some really damning pieces of information in here.

He had deliberations around afghan war plans with him. He spoke to a biographer about classified documents who didn’t have clearance. This showed a decent level of reckless mishandling of classified information. He said in that that he did. He said that he didn’t. So I think there was a dismissiveness to the seriousness of this. And then on the other hand, they were using this bizarre line to say he stepped away from an international crisis, the biggest attack on our ally Israel since the Holocaust, to go deal with a self inflicted investigation by the Department of Justice.

How is that supposed to inspire confidence? I don’t know why he went back out. He already said most of this in Virginia today, but this is becoming a five alarm fire for the White House. Mexico. Mexico. Where did that come from? I mean, that’s the only thing anyone’s going to remember from this DOJ. Biden willfully held on to classified docs, won’t face charges. They’re starting to talk bad about him and the mainstream media combined.

You know, that means folks, you know, that they’re working to get him pushed out. Since that her report about Biden came out essentially saying that Biden can’t be prosecuted because he can’t remember when his son died or when he was president. Can’t be prosecuted because he can’t remember. Wow. So when he was vice president, when we must look closer at what Trump said on January 12, 2021, anybody remember that? I’ve got it right here.

Free speech is under assault like never before. The 25th amendment is of zero risk to me, but will come back to haunt Joe Biden and the Biden administration. As the expression goes, be careful what you wish for. Be careful what you wish for. 25th Amendment Ultra peppy lives matter. Are they about to use the 25th amendment to oust Biden before the presidential election and replace him with someone else? Who would they use to even replace him? Here’s some more of his loss of words here.

As you know, initially the president of Mexico, Cece, did not want to open up the gate to allow humanitarian material to get in. I talked to him. I convinced him to open the gate. I talked to Bibi to open the gate on the israeli side. Yeah. Just declared that Mexico is on the border of Gaza. And of course, Christine Noam had something to say about that. Only made it a much, much worse situation for him.

After this report came out. He just came out and proved he has diminished capacity. He couldn’t even refer to the right country with the right president and the right conflict. And the right was. Wow, it was a lot. It was a lot. He’s losing his mind. Dan Scovino actually posted President Trump arriving in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, after a great evening in Las Vegas, Nevada, to deliver remarks at the NRA presidential forum.

Great american outdoor show happening now. He puts those down. What’s really cool about this, folks, is it’s a 32 second video. 32 says maybe one day, but it cannot go slow. The initial wave will be fast and meaningful. It will send a signal to others immediately, and you’ll see the tide turn. Not even the mainstream media can hide. And rest assured, some will be jailed as deep cover agents.

Also, the picture that was taken by Dan Cavino, if you see it on your screen in the distance, is 17 popcorn pretzels. Popcorn pretzels. The number 17. That’s why we use 17, because we feel like these comms are pretty significant for all of us to read and learn from. It was a 1926 release. That was the time it was released. Define fascism. Forcible suppression of opposition. Define censorship, the institution, system, or practice of censoring.

Define narrative, a way of presenting or understanding a situation or series of events that reflects and promotes a particular point of view or set of values. Define projection, the attribution of one’s own ideas, feelings, or attitudes to other people or to objects, especially the externalization of blame, guilt, or responsibility as a defense against anxiety, question mark forming of a plan, scheming psychological projection, theory and psychology in which the human ego defends itself against unconscious impulses or qualities, both positive and negative, by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others.

And finally, define. Narcissist, a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves. Narcissists who think the world revolves around them. Narcissists preening themselves in front of the mirror. Defined dogma, point of view, or tenet. Put forth as authoritative without a point of view or tenant put forth as authoritative, without adequate grounds very interesting that all this is coming out now as reminders moving forward. And folks, there’s been a lot of play on the Super Bowl.

A lot of strange things have been happening in this Super bowl world. We’ve got the definitely looking into Taylor Swift. Why do they have her with Kelsey? The Taylor Swift who can’t stand President Trump. Kelsey, who is also pushing the jabs very hard flight radar 24 the yorkshire last said this. A friend sent me this. She told me a few days ago that monkey works was showing that there were nuke sniffers all over Las Vegas and they were flying really low.

They were around where the satanic Super bowl or owl is going to be held. There’s definitely something brewing this week. Joe Buck said he thinks a big something is going to happen in Las Vegas. He said, I do not have any desire to be in Las Vegas. There’s going to be some story. There’s going to be something that happens because it’s Vegas and it won’t stay in Vegas.

He said. It’s going to be big something that happens. I don’t know what it is. I have no idea. I just think that it’s going to be a mess in my mind. These are all quotes. Also this week, President Trump warned of a terrorist attack happening in the US. Trump told Fox News, I believe we’re going to have a terrorist attack 100%, possibly due to chinese immigrants. When Trump said this minutes after the State of Israel’s official ex account tweeted, we will dance again.

As we know, the israeli Mossad CIA ran the 911 operation and they danced when the towers fell. If you guys don’t know what I’m talking about, go look it up. There’s amazing videos out there that show this. Also this week, Trump said he’d be happy to replace Biden for Super bowl interview. He said the ratings will be gold. Trump offered to give CBS News an interview to air before the Super bowl is coming up this weekend after President Biden declined the traditional sit down.

Can you imagine if Trump appeared and dropped some truth bombs? I’ve been stated in row M, which is the 13th letter or like the 13th seat or the 13th row or the 13th section. It’s really a good number. Wait, hold on. There’s more. Guys know what Super bowl is this? 58. You know what five plus eight is? 13. Taylor Swole’s album called 13. Yo dang doesn’t know the date of the Super bowl.

It’s the 11. February, February 11. Who are they playing? The 49 ers. Four plus nine. Dude, come on, 13. Just saying. What seed are the 49 ers? The one seed. What seed are the Chiefs? The two seed. No, the three. One three. Where’s Taylor Swift coming from? She’s coming from Tokyo to the Super bowl. What does that mean? A flight from Tokyo to Las Vegas? 13 hours. 13 hours.

And I’m not even kidding. You know how many games Taylor Swift has been to? 1312. This is the 13. Is this all true? Yeah. No, this is all for real. Rock Purdy’s jersey number is 13, so that’s eight. The funny thing is, in numerology, 13 actually symbolizes good luck. If you made it this far, there’s absolutely no way you watched all of that and thought to yourself, that’s just a coincidence.

Interesting, right? All these numbers and how they operate and the witchcraft that goes on behind the scenes, the psychological operations and more on the minds of the people plays out day after day. Here’s some more from President Trump in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, with the NRA. When I’m president, instead of trying to send the state of Texas a restraining order, I will send them reinforcements. They’re going to get reinforcements for doing a good job, and I’ll use all necessary military and law enforcement resources to defend the United States of America.

We’re going to be very strong. And within moments of my inauguration, we will begin the largest deportation operation in american history. We have no choice. We have no choice. Reinforcements. He will send the state of Texas reinforcements. So what kind of damage could be done to our country in ten months? The warnings keep pouring in. We’re not doing it anymore. We’re not doing it anymore. And the biggest fear I have, the biggest problem I have, ten months is a long time.

The damage that can be done to our country in ten months, including World War three, including World War II, the way we’re going, we’re going to end up in world War three. We have a guy that can’t put two sentences together, and he’s in charge of negotiations with Russia, with China, with North Korea. It’s a dangerous. We’re in a very dangerous position. I believe we’ve never been in a more dangerous position in our lives.

And if the Senate wants to pass a real border bill, they should establish criminal penalties for senior Biden officials who refuse to enforce the existing law. They don’t want to do know you don’t need them. How about that? Just keeps dropping all types of comms. Also, we heard during the Tucker interview some stuff that Putin brought up about the US dollar Brics, us allies are downsizing the dollar in central banks means the dollar’s falling apart.

Putin said as soon as the political leadership decided to use the US dollar as a tool of political struggle, a blow was dealt to this american power. It was a stupid thing to do and a grave mistake. U. S. Allies are downsizing their dollar reserves. The US placing restrictive measures to certain countries. It sends a bad signal to the whole world. Till 2022. Eightyn foreign trade was made in us dollars and euros.

Us dollars accounted for approximately 50% of Russians transactions with the third countries. Today it’s down to 13% from 50. Wow. He said. It wasn’t us who abandoned the use of the US dollar. It was the decision of the United States to restrict our transactions in us dollars, damages the US economy and undermines the US across the world. We had to talk about this in our interview, Dr. Kirk Elliott, that we’re going to be releasing tomorrow.

More bank problems. Unveiled Federal reserve requirements. Silver and gold. Biblical. It was an amazing interview. Hope that you guys will tune in. Here’s a clip from have it. They need to keep the money that they have to try to hit that requirement so they don’t get shut down by regulators. So here comes Kevin O’Leary, goes to Congress, right? And he’s a witness in all of this. And they’re testifying how this is going to hurt small business.

I pulled up this article of the testimony before the House and the testimony is shocking. He’s talking about the testimony of Kevin O’Leary, you know him from Shark Tank. And he goes through that and tells us what’s going on. Why are they hurting small businesses? Why go and try to let folks know that we’re in big trouble and they need to stop this mess? Even Kevin O’Leary knows what’s going on.

And so a couple other things I wanted to cover before we close out is the FBI taking down the massive Democrat bribery scheme. Check this out. The feds broke up New York Democrat political machine big time. And the largest bribery scheme ever uncovered by the Justice Department. 70 New York City bureaucrats were raided, busted for a multimillion dollar pay to play kickback operation. It’s been going on for a decade.

NitrA superintendents, assistant superintendents and others responsible for the care and maintenance of public housing, a scarce resource in this city, allegedly used their positions of public trust and responsibility to solicit and receive bribes from Nita vendors as a cost of doing business. Over 2 million in bribe payments. In total, the 70 current and former NITA staff members charged today in separate bribery schemes. Touch every borough of New York City.

New York Democrat officials running housing projects in all five boroughs were on the take from contractors. These dirty bureaucrats took a cut from a third of all contracts, making ten to 20% of each job. And just like Hunter Biden, they texted the bribes. Like this one from a co conspirator. Quote, babe, could you put a company through for someone? That’s been my side hustle? Lol. A thousand per for this one.

A thousand? Cool. No problem, babe. As long as you’re getting blessed. Here’s groundskeeper Rigo Roberto Chariez, whose life motto was the secret to getting ahead is getting started. Rigo skimmed $70,000 off the top of contracts. And now, Rigo’s little secrets out. The Bronx housing project superintendent made $83,000 in bribes for doling out just three contracts. He didn’t lay low. He splurged on a family vacay in Venice. Champagne, Truffles, gondola rides.

Get it, Dwarka. One superintendent in Queens pocketed over 150 g’s. Another superintendent, though, Juan Mercado, he was the greediest. $315,000, taking triple his salary off the top of just a few no bid contracts. Mr. Branch pocketed three grand in kickbacks. And his boss called him a hero. Who, quote, gives all to his job, not the NYPD. Corrupt bureaucrats on the take. Are Democrats heroes. How about that? 70 corrupt democrats go down in New York City, we’re barely hearing about it.

Should be plastered across the entire world for the world to see. Grasshopper. Official channel showed us this. Another great post by President Trump. He’s dropping the mother of all bombs at 20 313 with a four minute and 29 second minute. Four minute, 29 2nd clip. If you go to 20 313 hours and minutes. Darkest days. The evil must be destroyed. Trump’s horrendous politicization of the Justice Department 1357 also says Q is saying there won’t be arrest until the justice system is cleaned out.

The answer, what must happen? Pre 1111, 1111 provided as strategic marker. Red wave coming question mark. We’re going to have strength. We’re going to have justice. There’s going to be a list of resignations. Do you believe in coincidences? Keep this list updated. The comms just keep flowing in. President Trump continued to let us know about Obama and Biden. The only thing standing between you and the obliteration of your under siege second amendment is me.

I’m the only thing. Anybody else. You wouldn’t have your guns, right know they started with the ammunition you know, that they couldn’t do the guns with me. So then they started getting rid of the ammunition. People said, I have a gun. I can’t get ammunition. We took care of that very quickly. If Joe Biden is reelected, your gun rights will be gone. They’ll be totally know. The sad part of that is the bad guys aren’t giving up their guns.

The bad guys aren’t, but the good people aren’t giving up their guns either, because there’s never going to be anybody that’s going to be asking for your gun. And when I’m reelected, every single Biden attack on gun owners and manufacturers will be terminated. My very first week back in office, perhaps my first day. And every pledge, and your officers will tell you this. Every pledge I made to you as a candidate, I fulfilled as your president.

Every single pledge. Just as I promised back in 2016, I appointed nearly 300 pro constitution judges to interpret the law as written. I faced down vile attacks from the radical left to confirm three great Supreme Court justices. They’re great justices. And standing before you at the NRA leadership forum in 2019, I revoked America’s signature from the globalist United nations arms trade treaty where basically they take your gun, sir.

They said, you can’t do that, sir. All countries are signing that. Well, number one, all countries didn’t sign. And most of the countries that signed didn’t adhere to it anyway. But we would have. I said, no, we’re not doing it. Even the NRA officers were surprised at that one. I stood up for our hunters, fishers, and sportsmen like no one has ever done before, opening up millions and millions of acres of federal land and rolling back Obama’s assault on hunting, fishing, trapping and ammunition.

Obama was brutal. Obama was brutal. Biden happened to be along for the ride. I think maybe that’s still happening, isn’t it? Think it’s still happening, isn’t it? Obama controlling everything. Biden along for the ride. The Super bowl might be this Sunday, but the biggest super bowl is on eleven 524 when the Patriots versus the Steelers, those that stole the election. That’s a great meme. So as we come to a close, I want to remind you that we’re dealing with our children today more and more.

And this was a great video put together real quick, showing what children have been like throughout the years leading up to where we are today. How much trouble we’re in with our children from then into now. Here’s what AI thinks kids looked like in the early 18 hundreds, early 19 hundreds, 1950s, 1960s. For those listening. He’s showing pictures of kids having fun together. 1970s, they’re all still smiling, having fun together in the streets.

1980s, continued to play together with Rubik’s cubes and more. 1990s, riding their bikes, playing basketball, toys, two thousand s. Now they’re wearing walkmans, listening to music. And here’s where things begin to go downhill rapidly. 2010, now the kids are all on their iPhones. 2020, now they’re plugged in with their ear and iPhones. Somebody make it stop. The 2030s, everybody’s got their. Can’t go down this road anymore. This is insanity.

I will be long gone before we get here. Hopefully. 2050s, everybody’s plugged in basically to the matrix. All the children looking at their phones, playing video games inside their eyes, and everything around them is completely destroyed. It’s not what we want. We hope and pray that this Babylon system is broken apart and destroyed. You guys remember in 2022, Russia artist rendition of the fall of Babylon was played out.

This was a prophetic sign of what we are privileged to witness in our times as ultra pepe lives matters. Not only is the facade being lifted and the people’s eyes being opened, but the cabal has been challenged like never before. Apocalypse literally means unveiling. In other words, an unprecedented great awakening is taking place. Our elections are rigged. Mystery Babylon. A system of veiled slavery is being revealed. Globalists controlled the world, committing false flags and killing their opponents.

JFK was a martyr for world peace. The mainstream media is merely a propaganda arm of the establishment elites. Thinking for ourselves is the key. A spiritual revival is taking place as evil is discovered on each mountain of society. And this is taking us to new heights. It is happening before our eyes, and we have the special honor of taking part in the crossroads in human history. I am grateful for all of this and believe wholeheartedly that God wins.

For nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest, neither anything hid that shall not be known and come abroad. Let’s pray. Heavenly Father, thank you for your guidance and your direction in our lives. Thank you for the ability to see so many people understanding how so much evil is around us. The exposure of evil is important. It’s in scripture. And we know that we’re called to do that.

We also know that we’re called to love our enemies, be good to those who are mean to us and hurt us spitefully, use us and more. We know we can’t do it without you. We ask that you continue to guide and direct our thoughts, keep us safe, help us with our mouths and what we say and how we act towards others and we ask for continued protection over all those that are fighting this battle for our country and for those around the earth, for protection of our children, for the future and so much more.

We ask all this in the name of Christ our savior. Amen. Folks thank you for tuning in. I wanted to get this out again today. I will be traveling next week and I don’t know how my Internet access is going to be and so I just wanted to let you know ahead of time in case I have trouble trying to connect to the Internet. It’ll be difficult I think.

If not hopefully we’ll get more videos out next week and we’ll be fine. Thank you for your patience, your kindness, your love and your prayers. And please hit that follow and subscribe button if you would and like this video and share for now. This is lt saying simplify with him we know sign. .

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