Should Have Never Let Them In Street Justice Against Migrant Dealing With Young Girl In New York

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➡ The article discusses a serious crime committed by an illegal immigrant in New York City. The suspect, who entered the U.S. illegally, is accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. The community helped in capturing the suspect, leading to a discussion about the government’s responsibility in managing immigration and border control. The article also highlights the importance of community involvement in ensuring safety and justice.
➡ A man named Christian Giovanni Ingolandi, who is suspected of raping a 13-year-old girl in Casino Park, has been arrested. The local community recognized him and held him until the police arrived. He was identified through social media tips and his own admission while in custody. He is now facing charges including rape, child endangerment, and kidnapping.


Before we get into Boeing CEO testifying before the US Senate, before we get into our reaction video of somebody that said that they got fired from their job, before we get into all the different things that we want to talk about as far as the news that’s happening across America and making sure that we add value into you guys’ lives, let’s talk about the migrant crisis. Now, they don’t want to label it or address the fact that it is a migrant or the migrant crisis that has then led into this atrocious, egregious behavior that happened over in Queens and New York City.

They don’t want to address it for what it really is. They genuinely don’t. They say suspect. They didn’t say illegal immigrant or illegal migrant that crossed into this country, that came to New York City as sanctuary city status, was unvetted, did not cross the borders the right way, that the Biden administration left our borders open in order for these people to come over here. And so now you got a 13, two 13-year-olds, one of them a 13-year-old girl that was S-aid, we just gonna say it like that, that was S-aid openly, and it took the people, street justice, street justice, in order to get this guy, nab this guy, and bring him down.

Let’s get into it, y’all. Yeah, we gonna have the uncomfortable conversation. Well, no bail for the suspect accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl in a Queens party. Christian Enga here before a judge today and was arraigned on a slew of charges, including rape and kidnapping. Fox News, Richard G. Kovis joins us live from the courthouse in Kew Gardens. And Richard, we also learned some disturbing new details about that attack. Very disturbing, Natasha and Steve. First, we can tell you a handcuff Christian Enga walked into court today with his head down.

He never looked up even after he was charged with raping that 13-year-old girl in Cassina Park last week. And here is what’s even more shocking about this, is that this alleged rapist told investigators he filmed it all. He told the investi- he didn’t even trip. Yeah, you know what, I had my camera phone, I don’t really know where I got my Obama phone from, and I filmed it all. In court today, prosecutors revealed what 25-year-old Ecuadorian migrant Christian Enga told investigators after his arrest. Enga says he came across two 13-year-old teens having sex in Cassina Park last Thursday afternoon.

Alright, so let’s stop the press. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but two things can be true at the same time. Y’all ain’t got no control of y’all kids. Y’all kids is out here in the park busting it down for a real one. Alright, we’re going to skip over that part because we’ve got to address the criminal activity. We can’t address the kids right now. We know that kids is doing unseemly things and what kids is not supposed to be doing, but we’re going to get there shortly. Let’s address the criminal activity first.

He says he decided to join in. According to prosecutors, Enga told NYPD investigators that he tied both the boy and girl together with shoelaces, holding them at knife point, put a gag in their mouths, then took the knife and cut the girl’s shorts and underwear off to begin raping her. Yes, yes, miss the nice one. This is a real thing. This is a real thing. Held them at knife point, tied them up with some shoestrings, cut her pants off, and said, you know what? I decided that I wanted to join in and I’m gonna film it at the same time so I can rewatch it after I’m done.

An Ecuadorian, illegal immigrant is over in New York chasing people down inside of the park and essaying and doing some of the most egregious, evil thing to 13 year olds. Never cared about the age, ain’t tripping about that. Listen, he said age ain’t nothing but a number all while filming the violent sexual attack on his cell phone. Once he finished his attack, Inga told the two teens to not move for 20 minutes while he ran away to his words by more drugs. Inga was charged with predatory sexual assault.

The highest sexual assault count someone can be charged with along with rate in the first degree, kidnapping in the second degree and a host of other charges. At the end of the day, he is remanded into custody. The violent sexual attack on a child rocked the fresh Meadows Queens community for days. The manhunt to find Inga, who police identified through sketches and surveillance photos finally came to an end early Tuesday morning, thanks to a group of civilians who spotted Inga outside of Delhi in Corona. They punched and beat him and held him until cops arrived.

Queen’s District Attorney Melinda took the people to hunt him down. But this is also a lesson, right? And the lesson that we have here is that it’s the same thing that I’ve been saying for a long period of time and that I’ve been telling y’all, I said, Listen, we know who the monsters are inside of our community. Y’all was able to hunt down an Ecuadorian migrant based off of a photo that looked like it was drawn from a seven year old. Y’all was able to hunt this guy down and find the right person that did some of the most egregious things to your children.

But us and our communities, we don’t know who did what. We don’t believe in it. We don’t snitch. See, they don’t play no games over there. They said, Listen, we gonna hunt you down. We’re not having no problems. They took care of it before the police even got there. We know who the killers, who the stillers are, who the adult boys are, who the jack boys are, who the people that are taking care of this, doing some of the worst things inside of our communities to us, to our elderly people, to our children.

We know who they are. We harbor them. We protect them. We align with them based off of the no snitching policy, which is not even supposed to be for regular civilians. It’s supposed to be for people to do crime together. We know some of the worst things that’s happened in this out of our communities and even our own families, and we harbor it and we protect it. We could clean up our streets. We could 100% clean up our streets. We just won’t. We don’t we don’t believe in participating with the police.

We tell the police, do your job. The cats praising those good Samaritans and the two brave 13 year olds who were able to provide an accurate description of the suspect. It is amazing that from what they went through their identification, their, you know, their memory of the tattoo, the braces, all which was right on point, which is a remarkable thing for two 13 year olds to remember. They were so brave. Inga has continued to tell investigators he has a drug problem and that he’s never done anything like this.

He has no prior arrests in New York City. Only an arrest for entering the United States and out of state arrest back in 2021. He’s due back in court here in Queens on July 1st. We’re live in Kew Gardens at the Queens County Criminal Court House. Let’s go to the people, right? Because there was a video of the people saying how they approach the situation and what they decided to do about it. That suspect identified as an Ecuadorian migrant who entered the country illegally and is now facing a slew of charges, including rape and kidnapping.

This all dates back to an incident at Cassina Park on Thursday when he allegedly forced two teens into a wooded area at Knife Point. Fox’s Michelle Ross is live at Forest Hills. Michelle, it was actually a group of good Samaritans who helped lead to his arrest. Natasha Steve in true New York fashion, a group of Queens residents came to the rescue for that 13 year old girl when they found that suspect. Now, the NYPD says 25 year old Christian Giovanni and Galandi cross the Texas border illegally in 2021 coming from Ecuador.

They also say he’s charged with rape and a slew of other charges and so they they did the whole catch and release. Y’all know what y’all know what we do over. Hey, listen. How much responsibility does our federal government take from this? That’s the first question that I just wanna ask. How much responsibility does this administration take? Cuz he crossed over in 2001. Wasn’t hiding. Got arrested. Catch and release. Decided to go up to New York City. Get on that migrant protection plan. Sanctuary City. Eric Adams welcomed them with open arms.

So, you got a mayor that’s culpable and in my personal opinion, you have a government and Biden administration that should be held accountable and how many times do we hear of this migrant did this? They cross over in 2021, 2022, 2023. They committed this crime against this person. They took this person’s life. They essay somebody and all of this stuff. At what point do we also with a close eye with a magnifying glass look at our administration and our officials that left our borders open and say, okay, you deserve some responsibility for this because if it wasn’t for you or if it wasn’t for you doing the thing that’s supposed to serve the people that’s in their best interest, we wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place.

How much responsibility does our federal government hold for not just opening up our borders but welcoming them with open arms, catch and release, not sending them back to where they supposed to go and then making it a political issue. That’s all I’m asking. Please add a violent is now off the streets. Christian Giovanni Ingolandi is walked out of the Queen’s special victim squad in Forest Hills. Police say he is the man who raped a 13 year old girl in Casino Park last week. Rape is for you guys.

About three miles from the crime scene in Corona residents there recognized him from the neighborhood. They say they all waited for him at this bodega on 108th Street where he often went before attacking him. Boom. He comes. We caught him spot him got him. We just happened to see the suspect and we acted accordingly. I need to do something because it’s just not right and I got two little sisters. I’m about to have a daughter and that’s just not right here. We found that the community was holding up her at the time the the community was trying to hold the perpetrator waiting for the police.

He fought with them and the community still managed to hold on to him until we got there. Police say tips came in through social media that mentioned his name and Facebook account which had pictures of the same clothes he wore the day of the crime and had images of his tattoo while in custody, Ingolandi also identified himself in video they showed him. The perpetrator has made statements after waving Miranda rights where he indicated that he has a drug problem. How do you get Miranda rights and you’re not even a citizen in United States of America that he found the knife that he used to threaten the two the two teens that this was the first time he had ever done anything like this.

The NYPD says he approached a 13 year old girl and 13 year old boy with a knife at around 3 PM on Thursday and force them into. Did was they really even doing anything? Maybe they was kissing. I don’t think that they was actually even doing anything. The woods of Cassina Park. He tied them up, raped the girl and told them to stay there for 20 minutes before taking off with their cell phones. Angela Soretti says as a woman hearing the traumatizing story she was triggered and her first instinct was to attack.

It was like let me explain. Let me explain. There was nothing to explain because at the end of the day, what is there to explain? He was more so more so like trying to get forgiveness from us, but it was no forgiveness to be given. Do you understand? Now, earlier today, the NYPD said that DNA evidence was still being processed. They said that when he had crossed the border in 2021, his fingerprints were taken so they’re waiting to see if they are the right person and he is charges.

Some of those include rape, endangering the welfare of a child and kidnapping. So anyways, long story short, that’s what’s happening over in Queens and New York. [tr:trw].

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