Jon McGreevey Reveals More Details About Mike Pence, Pedophilia & Much More!

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Jon McGreevey Releases New Audio About Mike Pence, Pedophilia & Much More!

This audio was released yesterday from Jon McGreevey on his new Telegram channel yesterday.

The below video is the one Jon is referring to at the beginning of that audio.

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I did a bit of research into Nicholas and found this transcript of a press conference he gave years ago.

“This is Nicholas Alahverdian. We are having this press conference today because Rhode Island needs to know. You need to know. About DCYF. About tax-funded torture. And how to amp up our efforts as a community to reform the system for the future.” 

You read more from Nicholas Alahverdian here. 

The DCYF is the Department of Children, Youth & Families.

But wait, there's more!! 

While doing a bit more digging, it appears that Alaverdian (using the alias Arthur Knight) is also connected to the ritualistic child sex abuse case in Utah that we shared a couple days ago! 

In this article on, it states…

“Now, Knight is turning the attention to Utah County Prosecutor David Leavitt, reportedly saying the prosecutor has ties to cannibalism and a sex trafficking ring.”

In that same article, the Utah County attorney David Leavitt states…

“We received a tip that the sheriff, in fact, was working with Alahverdian to accuse me of cannibalizing and murdering children in a ritualistic abuse ring,” Leavitt said.Read more about this story here. 

To someone that has not been paying attention the last few years to the REAL pandemic (child sex trafficking), this information would seem absolutely absurd.

But when you’ve done some research and you know what is really going on, this is some incredible truth that is coming out! 

You might want to watch Jon McGreevey’s deposition for Lin Wood again, in a new unit of time. With the information you know now, there might be more puzzle pieces that come together for you. 

Jon McGreevey shared the picture below on his Telegram channel yesterday.

He also shared this picture on his Telegram channel, which shows the above picture was apparently taken in 2013.


Keep praying for truth to come out and justice to be served.

Does anyone else feel like massive things are building and we’re about to see a volcano of truth come out?? ‍♂️

In case you haven’t seen it, Jon has also been exposing child sex trafficking rings happening in Maryland and throughout the country.

He was recently poisoned and nearly died, as we shared in this post. 

Btw, Dr. Jon McGreevey is also running for US Senate in Maryland and I highly encourage you to support his campaign here. 

Can you imagine having someone like him in the Senate?? LFG! 

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