Full Transcript Of Lin Wood’s Whistleblowers Shocking Secrets

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Have You Watched The Full Whistleblower Video Lin Wood Shared?

Well I have most of it below. There are some pieces missing.

However, we now have the FULL TRANSCRIPT! 

You can download and read the PDF here.

And you can watch the videos below.

It is shocking.

Part 1

Part 2

Many people still get mesmerized when they see a politician on TV (no matter which party).

We have been programmed to believe people in positions of authority.

However, the more stories you hear from whistleblowers like the one above, the more you get a real sense of what's going on behind the scenes.

A Former President Trump Staffer Speaks Out As Well

Garrett Ziegler was a White House staffer during the Trump Administration. 

Here is his own description from his Telegram channel.

“I was a mid-level WH staffer for nearly two years, working in the very lean but capable Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy.  The former Director was the President’s top WH trade adviser, and it was a whale of a time.  Someone once said that WH years are like dog years, and I tend to agree w that. 

I was one of the half-dozen Trvmp loyalists in the WH, and that caused me to meet Mr Wood a few months back.  He is a very kind and brave man, hated by all the right people, who loves this Country.  I understand most of you were sent to my channel by his kind words. 

Over the next period of time, I’m going to use this to let the People know exactly what occurred during the Coup, now that my muzzle is off.” 

Unlike many “Trump people” and “Generals” you might follow on Instagram, Garrett is actually running his own Telegram account. 

Here's a Telegram post from Garrett, referring to the whistleblower in the above video.

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