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➡ TheStew Peters Network discusses the author’s disapproval of the societal changes in America, particularly focusing on the LGBT movement and the acceptance of what the author views as immoral behavior. The author criticizes the San Francisco Pride Parade, alleging inappropriate and illegal activities. The author also criticizes the San Francisco Police Department for not taking action against these activities. The text ends with a call for societal pushback against these changes.


Run, run! Go to the extreme event dot com again the extreme event dot com that is on October 4th and 5th Sarasota Florida what a better place to be than Florida in October. Any semblance of anything that once represented societal standards or common decency in this country in the United States of America is just long gone. I mean this country has turned into a modernized version of Sodom and Gomorrah on steroids. Anything goes. And if you have a problem with any of it, you’re the bad guy. Over the past few years, there’s been a lot of attention paid to what they call this LGBT movement, which is just a fancy way of saying a movement of pedophiles and the most disgusting sorts of perverts you can possibly imagine who are advocating their disgusting lifestyles to not just be accepted, but to be endorsed by everyone else on earth.

These people want your kids to go into school and be forced to take classes on gay history, whatever the hell that is, before they can even graduate. They want them to have detailed lessons on different types of perverted sex that not long ago were illegal in much of this country. And while this degeneracy of everyday American life in 2024 has affected the entire country, very few places are quite as disgusting as San Francisco, California. That city set the blueprint for the rest of the country, going way back to the 50s and 60s when queers started descending on that place and completely ruining it.

For decades, San Francisco has been this hotbed for AIDS and drug addiction and all kinds of immorality. And over the weekend, we were reminded of just how sick and disgusting these people actually are when San Francisco held its annual pride parade. You know, I’ve been to a lot of parades in my day. As a kid growing up, little candy gets thrown out of the little floats in the cars driving by and you have, you know, the miss that pageant people and you have the high school band and you have, you know, police cars and fire trucks.

Why in this parade are we watching this exactly? Now, as people have started to push back against these perverts, there’s been a lot less media coverage on these events this year than there has been in years past. But when it comes to these festivals of pedophiles, they’re still going on. Kids are still being dragged out into the streets so that men in dresses or men in no clothes at all can shake their in the faces of these kids. And San Francisco, of course, was no exception. Video footage from this pride parade has emerged showing things that are absolutely disgusting.

School kids were brought out to march in this parade. Nancy Pelosi was there with a they even had a place set up that they called the fetish zone. People were being beaten, tied to torture tables. There was even a guy lying in an inflatable pool letting people piss on him. All of this is really just beyond description. So just here, take a look. Now, to the untrained eye, that may have looked like some criminal offenses were taking place. Perverts are running around naked in public, having sex with each other, molesting kids, getting jobs and inflatable pools after being pissed on in front of kids.

But according to San Francisco Police Department, all of this, it’s totally legal. And at the pride parade, independent journalist Tyler Hanson actually caught up with the San Francisco PD and they told them none of these pride parade sex acts actually constitute sex acts. So really, it’s no problem at all for men and women to be out in the streets, naked, having sex with each other, looking for kids to expose themselves or worse. Take a look. I have one question for you guys. I’m a news reporter. So obviously, there’s a lot of nudity around here, men, women, transsexual stuff going on.

And there’s kids wandering around the bend. I’m not sure on San Francisco’s laws or California’s laws. Is it legal for nudity to be presented in front of kids? Nudity is legal, yeah. Within certain boundaries. What are the boundaries, you know? A couple with a loot act. Yeah. Anything coupled with a loot act or anything being done for sexual gratification that involves other people. Okay. But this event wouldn’t be considered for sexual gratification. No. If they’re walking around and it’s out, that’d be different than if they’re masked. Or if they’re forcing, you know, like flashing people, right? Like trying to get their attention.

Did these cops miss the part where a man was lying in a pool in front of children being pissed on and getting a job? Is that not for sexual gratification? Is that not mass? Did they miss the part where there was reach arounds happening? Because I mean, I just saw video of all that. These people are completely unhinged. They’re disgusting. And the cop, that one that was just doing the talking, she looks like she might be a little bit biased. She looks like she may be a member of the so-called LGBT community.

Kayway Campbell Layton has been following the cultural demise of America rather closely, and she’s back with us to discuss this chapter. I’m at a loss. We’re all speechless at this. The standard of society is below the floor at this point. And it has been like that for a while now. We know these things are happening, but to see them on video happening so casually and to see not just, you know, 10 or 15 people watching this, but having hundreds of people participating in these events, in these fetish zones and things like that, it has gotten to a point where it is out of control.

And shame on the San Francisco Police Department. I don’t know what needs to be done about that, but they need to understand that they are about to face a hell of a lot of backlash if they continue allowing this behavior. And for the people who were at the parade, the hundreds of people who let their children go there, shame on them. They should be arrested. They should. They should be arrested. They should have their children taken away from them. And the children have no clue what’s going on at these events. They’re so innocent and naive, and they don’t need to be exposed to this.

But yet we’ve got, I guess the starting of this was when teachers started reading this stuff to kids in schools at a very, very young age, like three to five. Kids don’t even know what they’re learning about, yet they’re being forced to learn anything about gay sex to how you can essentially. And that’s at ages three to five. And then by the time they’re of age as an adult at 21, 22, however, then all they’ve ever known is this degenerate stuff that’s happening in these inflatable pools out in public. And that stupid cop who wants to sit here and be like, well, as long as there’s not like lewd acts happening in public, clearly she just avoided that.

Look over your shoulder. Like just turn around and take a look, look to your left, look to your right. What do you mean? Yeah, it’s like they just pretend like it doesn’t happen. And it’s just to not even witness the beginning. And I can’t even imagine know how they wanted to start with gay marriage. And it was like, Oh, just let us be together. Whatever. And then the massive downfall that has happened since then, if this is where we’re at in 2024, what the heck is 2020 2030 going to look like? What is 2040 going to look like? How much worse will it get? Because we already have these acts taking place in public, even not during Pride Month, San Francisco, for example, has people walking around naked, and it’s layered in a layer of filth and AIDS.

And that set, like you said, that set the standard for everybody else. And so if that’s going to happen in San Francisco, what’s going to happen 10 years down the road in every other democratic city and maybe even Republican city? Yeah, I blame the feminist movement for a lot of this. Men have been demasculized, which is why they’re cowards, and they’re not out here in the streets doing something about this en masse. I believe that men should be organizing to put a stop to this that the police aren’t going to do their jobs.

Then, you know, the police’s bosses can just go out and do their job for them, right? And we are the police’s boss. So what do you attribute this to? I mean, obviously, men have been castrated, you know, metaphorically speaking, some of them actually literally, I guess, and neutered. And that’s why I think that this is allowed to go on. I mean, there are fathers that will actually take their daughter or their son to an event like this, I agree with you, they should have their kids taken away, they should be locked up for child endangerment, participating in lewd and lascivious behavior, criminal sexual conduct involving a minor child, I mean, the list goes on with all the crimes that I’m witnessing that are being committed here.

And this cop is a trained observer who’s saying, where is the where’s the criminal activity? But what do you attribute all of this to? I know that you pointed to the slippery slope, we’ve been warning about this. Nope, just leave us alone. I would attribute it to a little bit of the feminist movement, I would attribute it to kind of letting things go by because there’s always like, the good side of why, why we allowed them to have gay marriage, I don’t think there’s a good side, but the Republicans and the office have been corresponding on these things for so long.

And it seems like they’re only focusing on being nice, and being caring and being inclusive. And it’s like, that’s gonna go out the window when you’ve got people getting in pools in front of children. Yeah. And go to society. Sorry, as a society, where we are focusing too much on being inclusive, that honestly throws every every value and tradition out the window. And it’s going to morph the entire country into a huge version of Sodom and Gomorrah. And honestly, it’s evil. I attribute a lot of it to just the influence of the devil and the world and people falling into their own disgusting, perverted, just thoughts and views.

And that will overtake these people and honestly give them that gratification to continue doing it out in public and things like that. And so it’s the devil, it’s the feminist movement, feminist movement also has the devil involved. And it’s bad because you have to wonder how high up does it go if the police is like bosses at the police office aren’t telling them to not do this, then how high does it go? And how do we get it to stop? I think it probably also goes back to Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv.

Just my opinion, my speculation. Kaylee, thank you so much for coming back. We always appreciate having you. And speaking of Tel Aviv, there is a control structure in this country. We are an occupied government. In case you didn’t know, look, we all have one common enemy. His name is Satan. And right now, his minions are trying to run this country. The German nation does not wish its interests to be determined and controlled by any foreign nation, France to the French, England to the English, America to the Americans, and Germany to the Germans.

We are resolved to prevent the settlement in our country of a strange people, which was capable of snatching for itself all the leading positions in the land and to oust it, oust it, oust it. Maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it, pull it. On September 11, 2001, were perhaps the most shocking and terrifying events in US history. The witness called police who stopped the van hours later and arrested five men. All five, it turns out, were Israeli. And I could see that they were like happy. I thought it was very strange.

They have to get the blessings of this country before they can swear an oath to our constitution. They won’t get any spotlight in the Zionist funded media. And one of the scariest things in the world is that nobody is willing to admit that nobody wants to have that conversation. Why is our army not arresting pedophiles who put their dicks in little kids faces during the whole month of June? The Jewish watchword workers of the world unite workers of all classes and of all nations recognize your common enemy. If that’s the one sensitive subject that nobody wants us to talk about, then I think it’s pretty obvious.

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  • In my opinion, I believe that if a particle can be inserted into a vaccine that can turn one away from God, or end the reproduction of a certain culture, then it is absolutely possible to immunize boy babies with a femminizing gene…..and that is what I think happened to our men. I’ve noticed that the men who call themselves drag queens and dress like women don’t even act like women but more like a cartoon character, all of them, not just one. I would love to get my hands around the neck of the one who made all of this happen.

  • I agree these parents who drag these young childern to these sick perverted events should be charged and arrested. They should not ever be allowed to raise childern. Those cops should be fired and new cops trained properly. In fact these kind of events should be banned altogether.

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