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➡ And We Know talks about how the current political climate, focusing on President Biden’s performance and the public’s reaction. It highlights the rising popularity of former President Trump, despite his legal issues, and the increasing dissatisfaction with Biden’s administration. The text also suggests a potential strategy for the Democratic party to replace Biden. Lastly, it emphasizes the importance of voting and encourages people to participate in the upcoming elections.
➡ The Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Illinois, is expected to nominate Joe Biden as their candidate in 2024. If something happens to Biden before the convention, the party would have to go through the process of primaries and delegate selection again. However, if something happens after the convention, the party can choose a replacement. If Biden’s name is already on the ballot and he drops out, votes for him would go to the party’s chosen replacement.
➡ The text discusses concerns about potential actions of Donald Trump if he were to be reelected as president. It suggests that Trump might abandon Ukraine to Putin and wage war on the U.S. legal system. The text also discusses fears about Trump seeking retribution against his critics and using his power to target Americans he views as enemies. It ends with a discussion about Joe Biden, questioning his authenticity and suggesting he might be wearing a mask.
➡ The article discusses a variety of topics, including the use of advanced disguise technology by the CIA, political predictions, and a potential scandal involving the rerouting of funds intended for Ukraine to a cobalt mine in Idaho. It also mentions a whistleblower facing charges for revealing a secret transgender clinic for children in Texas. The article encourages readers to research and understand these complex issues.
➡ Dr. Haim, a whistleblower, accuses Texas Children’s Hospital of continuing and expanding a controversial transition program for children, despite public claims of its closure. He faces a potential ten-year prison sentence for his actions. Meanwhile, economic concerns are growing among Americans, with 72% stating that higher prices are causing hardship. Lastly, a Harvard study suggests that COVID-19 vaccines may be causing heart failure in children.
➡ The text discusses the perceived threats to traditional family values and marriage, and the speaker’s belief in spiritual warfare. It mentions the importance of faith and prayer in combating these issues. The speaker also expresses concern over the influence of mega-church pastors and the need for individuals to focus on their relationship with God. Finally, the speaker thanks the audience for their support and hints at future interactive sessions.


If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. Well, today’s show, today will show you the hidden gems that we desire to see all the time on the comm boards, showcasing the wake up continuing to happen around the earth. The mainstream media is still pushing out their panic to the masses as things just aren’t adding up for them. Biden seems to be all over the place. His last leg.

Predictions on how they will switch him out. Those are coming and so much more. Here we go. Hang in there. Under crooked Joe Biden. The world is in flames. Our border is overrun. Inflation is raging. Europe is in total chaos. The Middle east is exploding. Iran is emboldened. China is on the march. And the worst, most incompetent, most corrupt president in history is going to drag us into World War III. Other than that, he’s doing quite a good job, don’t you think? Quite good. How about that, huh? All of these folks showing up in Wisconsin to see President Trump, and he, of course, is telling folks what’s going to happen under Biden.

And so another Trump rally informs these lines are forming everywhere. Just showing you this particular deal here. All you have to see, folks, is every time he has a rally, no matter where he’s located, people are waiting in long lines just to see him and saw these pictures of him right here. Simon Taylor said fake image has been circulating the Trump’s rally. We’re seeing Wisconsin was empty. Here’s a better image. Why do some people like to circulate this information and misinformation? Does anybody know why? Well, there we go. The people show up en masse. They’re supporting him and they can try to stop it all they want.

It’s just never going to work. It’s just not going to work. As a matter of fact, putting them away convicted felon won’t work either. We know that. We’ve got shirts out there for you. I’m voting for a convicted felon this November. They’re different colors now. All you have to do is go to amwaynode.com or shop dot and we know.com you’ll catch these. Here’s a great, I played the beginning of these. Let’s play here a few more and repeatedly would damage his reputation. All they did was unite us even more and show us just how far they were willing to go to win.

I truly believe the Democrats will stop at nothing to ensure Trump is not the 47th president. Nothing is beneath them at this point. So, yes, although Trump is a convicted felon now, he will still get my vote. I don’t care if I have to write Trump’s name on the ballot. America needs to be fixed. No matter what it takes. We need to make sure this election is too big to rig. I can’t say it enough. Get out and vote. Take your neighbors with you. Vote. Vote. Vote. Vote. And an interesting discussion I had today with stormy patriot Joe, you guys can catch the link below.

I have the storm, episode 134. You guys can go check it out. We had a great time, but we had a great discussion about the vote getting out there and voting. And I tell you that in November 4, 2018, we brought this up that we saw on the intel board. Your country needs you. Your vote matters. We the people and aligned with that be the difference in vote. We have the scripture from Ephesians chapter 610 through 18. Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.

Interesting, right? Be the difference in vote. And then we’re given a verse about the devil’s schemes and be strong in the Lord and wearing the full armor of God. And we also saw President Trump in a recent speech, talk about his hope that the military will capture these characters that are trying to steal the election, basically let them know what’s going to happen. These Trump supporters told us they came to today’s rally largely because of the border crisis. Well, we’ve got a lot of criminals coming across the border. I mean, people, look at all the people that are dying.

They’re getting murdered. So it’s, people aren’t saying they can’t even walk around, they can’t even go jogging without getting murdered. What is it about the border that has you concerned? Just that they’re not able to vet criminals coming in. The safety issues. The former president will also hammer president Biden on gas prices, which have risen by over a dollar a gallon in Wisconsin since Biden took office in 2021, up to $3.28 a gallon. Former president. The former president will also hit Biden on inflation of consumer products in general, food, shelter, energy, transportation, all up about 20% here in the midwest since Biden took office.

How about that, huh? All these folks are noticing the effects that having Biden around and the Democrats running everything has on all of us. And to tell you, it’s not working. The numbers are not working out for communist news network watch. Has they played this out for folks to see on this election among african american voters right now? I keep looking for this to change, to go back to a historical norm. And it simply put, has not yet. So this is the margin, or Biden and Trump among black voters. Compare where we were at this point in 2020.

Compare where we are now. You know, at this point. Look at this. In 2020, Joe Biden was getting 86% of the african american vote. Look at where it is now. It’s 70%. That’s a 16 point drop, John. And more than that, it’s not just that Joe Biden is losing ground, it’s that Donald Trump is gaining ground. You go from 7% single digits at this point in 2020 to now 21%. And again, John, I keep looking for signs that this is going to go back to normal, and I don’t see it yet in the polling. If anything, right now, we’re careening towards a historic performance for republican presidential candidate, the likes of which we have not seen in six decades.

And when you dig into this number here, what is the makeup of that number? This is where we get very interesting. So I decided to dive deeper into the crosstabs, figure out where is it that Joe Biden is truly struggling among black voters. All right, so this is black voters. Biden versus Trump margin. Look at black voters age 50 and older, and you’ll see, look, Joe Biden was leading amongst this group at this point by 83 points back in 2020. Now it’s 74 points. So, yeah, a slight decline in that margin, but nothing out of this world.

Look at black voters under the age of 50. Holy cow, folks. Holy cow. Look at this. Joe Biden was up by 80 points among this group back at this point in 2020. Look at where that margin has careened down towards. It’s now, just get this, 37 points. That lead has dropped by more than half. Mister Berman home. I just never seen anything like this. I’m, like, speechless because you always look at history and you go, okay, this is a historic moment. If this polling is anywhere near correct, we are looking at a historic moment right now where black voters under the age of 50, which have historically been such a big part of the democratic coalition, are leaving it in droves.

That is a huge drop over a four year period, at least. Huge drop. And they’re letting everybody know. And probably the setup, as we discussed today, we’re wondering what would happen if Biden just doesn’t play out to be the person that they want him to be. How would they play this whole thing out. Well, shipwreck, she guys know she basically had a great concept on how this would play out. And I totally agree with her. They’re going to replace Joe Biden. They’ll wait until after the DNC in August or until after the ballots get printed. And here’s why.

Check this out. Be ready for a July surprise. It’s very possible they pull Biden and sentence Trump to prison on July 11. Race could be just about to change, not July. And just a side note in this video, even if Trump does go to prison, he can still run for president, he can still get votes, he can still be on the ballot. But that’s for another video. Won’t be July. It’ll be August, and it’ll be after the DNC convention. Stuff like this a lot. And so I really kind of dug into it because I was of the mindset that it was almost kind of too late.

Like, we already had to have the delegates, you already had to have all of your, I mean, we’re, we’re kind of at endgame now. There are rules, and there is lots of them, and they change between the parties. So the DNC and the RNC have completely different rules how this is supposed to go. So the DNC is going to hold their democratic national convention during a roll call or a Zoom call in Chicago, Illinois. And that’s going to be done August 19 through the 22nd in 2024. The expected pick for this is going to be Joe Biden has all the delegates.

He’s won all of the things that he’s needed to win. He’s where he is. This is who they expect him to be. And that’s probably going to happen. Okay. Why would they wait until the national Democratic Convention? Because if something happens to Joe Biden before the DNC convention, then they got to do this whole, they got to do the primaries, they got to let the people come and pick. They got to do. You have to get your delegates again, you got to go through all of the rules and regulations to be president again, whoever, whoever gets elected into that spot to replace Biden.

Right. But if they do it after the DNC, then that gives the power to the Democratic Party. And it’s the same thing with the RNC. If something were to happen to Trump after the Republican National Convention, then the RNC gets to pick and then they just get to put somebody in. They get to skip the whole process of states and delegates and all of that crap, and they just get to put somebody in that spot. But wait, there’s more so the DNC then would inherit the power to choose the replacement rules for governing who that person should be.

The nomination would not, for instance, just go to the former nominees running mate or the person who won the second most delegates in the primaries. They just need to get the majority of the party members to vote for them. So it could be anybody. Wouldn’t necessarily automatically be Kamala or the other person running in the race. They’re in Minnesota. I can’t remember their name. But this is where it gets super interesting. Let’s say he gets the DNC convention, he’s put in there, he’s going to run, he’s going to do the debates, he’s going to go all the way to the day that the ballots are printed.

But then after the ballots are printed, between then and election day, he decides to drop out or something happens. His name’s already on the ballot. In that scenario, millions of Americans would cast ballots for an inactive candidate with the understanding that their electoral college votes would really go to somebody else, probably somebody designated by the DNC or the RNC, depending on which party it was. Thing happens to Joe Biden. Okay. Between the day that the ballots are printed to election day, the people that would go in and vote for Joe Biden are understood that there are going to be other people, electorals that are going to take that vote and apply it to the person that they pick.

That’s right. The person they want in there. So it’s just interesting thoughts on that. And I just see how that would play out, making it easier, so much easier for them because we know a switch is coming according to the keyboard and we brought that up in the interview today also. And so it just leads into so much more that we just, it’s just overwhelming at times. We’re going to cover a little bit more of that. First, I wanted you to hear about this, folks. Remember we had that great interview with Chloe from Parker pastures. Well, she has your one stop destination for premium, sustainable and ethically sourced meats.

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Experience the difference with Parker pastures. Order online today by clicking on the special link provided below this video and taste the difference for yourself. Join them in their mission to promote sustainable agriculture and savor the natural goodness of grass fed meats. Parker pastures, where quality, taste and sustainability meet y’all. Jill Bond is a disgusting, evil piece of crap. Just my opinion, though. Now, Joe Biden was at a fundraiser with Jimmy Kimball and Barack Obama, and they was on the stage. And when they got ready to leave the stage, of course, Joe Biden was standing there like a deer in headlights, not knowing what they’re doing.

We used to that. We used to stand there like a deer in the headlights, but Barack Obama had to grab him and lead him off the stage. Y’all think I’m lying? Go and take a look at, go take a look at the video. Now, we can’t forget when they was in Italy with the G seven leaders that he wandered off and the prime minister had to go and get him and bring him back over there where everybody was at it. We’re not gonna forget when the Easter Bunny had to get them. But the reason I said Jill Biden is a disgusting piece of crap because she know that her husband is sick.

She know that her husband is not mentally there. I’m not saying that he will always be mentally there. Not saying that. But right now, she know this man is not mentally there. And she’s allowing these people to use him to keep whatever little power that she has, whatever little title she has as first lady, she’s willing to let them use this man because that’s what the Democrat party is doing. The Democrat party is using Joe Biden because let me tell you something. If they cared about anything about Joe Biden, if they cared about this man or his health, they were even tell them, hey, go home and rest.

But instead of doing that, they’re willing to use this man, and that’s what they’re doing. And this is why I think Jill Biden is a evil, disgusting, low life piece of trash. Just my opinion. How about that, huh? So we’ve got that with 100. She’s got 113,000 followers on her social media. And that makes you realize more and more why they’re losing the black vote. Not only that, remember this happened back in, I think it was about maybe seven, eight months ago on Saturday Night Live with the comedian Dave Chappelle. A lot of you don’t understand why Trump was so popular.

But I get it cause I hear it every day. He’s very loved. And the reason he’s loved is because people in Ohio have never seen somebody like him. That first debate, I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve never seen a white male billionaire screaming at the top of his lungs, this whole system is rigged. He said. And across the stage was white woman Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama sitting over there looking at him like, no, it’s not. I said, now, wait a minute, bro. It’s what he said. And the moderator said, well, Mister Trump, if in fact the system is rigged as you suggest, what would be your evidence? You remember what he said, bro? He said, I know the system is rigged because I use it.

I said, God, no one ever heard someone say something that true. And then Hillary Clinton tried to punch him in the taxes. She said, this man doesn’t pay his taxes. He shot right back, that makes me smart. And then he said, if you want me to pay my taxes, then change the tax code. But I know you won’t because your friends and your donors enjoy the same tax breaks that I do. And with that, my friends, a star was born. Mm. I wonder if they were ready for him to give that particular message. And, you know, that probably brought a million more over to President Trump.

They realized what he was talking about, of course. Comedy’s news network, they’re having a hard time with everything. Longtime Trump ally delivering a series of chilling warnings at a conservative gathering in Detroit, vowing a win by Trump means investigations and prosecutions of anyone who has crossed the former president. November 5 is judgment Day. January 20, 2025 is accountability Day. Trust me, on the afternoon of the 20th, we’re also going to start the pick and shovel work to take apart the administrative state and to take on its rogue element, the praetorian guard, the deep state. We’re going to run them all out of town.

Are you prepared to fight? Are you prepared to give it all? Are you prepared to leave it all on the battlefield? Ladies and gentlemen, it’s very simple. Victory or death. Well, you know, you could dismiss this as a Trump ally who’s saying it’s not Trump. But this is what the former president himself has said about the idea of retribution. And for those who have been wronged and betrayed, I am your retribution. Based on what they’ve done, I would have every right to go after them. Well, revenge does take time. I will say that it does. And sometimes revenge can be justified.

It’s just rhetoric versus reality. If he becomes president McCain, it’s 100% of the reality. Reelected Donald Trump will have two items on his agenda and only two. One, abandon Ukraine to Putin, and two, wage war on the legal system of the United States. Everything else, all the things we call up as serious issues. Trump either has no real plan or no plan that he can execute. He has no plan on crime and he has no real plan on immigration. His tariff plan, well, tariffs have to pass through Congress and hell have no ability to do that.

The thing he will be able to do will be to stop the flow of aid to Ukraine so that his friend Putin can grab it. And second, to try to appoint stooge people through the Department of Justice, have an acting stooge attorney general, and then say, I want everyone who committed a crime for me to be let off legally or illegally, and I want you to use the power of the state to go after my enemies. That’s real. All the stuff we say is real. That’s not real. That’s the rhetoric, what Bannon said, that is the real face of Trump, too.

Everything else, vaporware. What’s going on there? I mean, you know, do people take Steve Bannon seriously? I mean, they should take him seriously. There’s a segment of the base that eats that stuff up and it is, it just sounds dangerous. I mean, look, I think it’s important as we think about the next several months and beyond, if the former president wins again. Sounds dangerous. Sounds dangerous that President Trump says, I’m going to ensure that everyone that’s affected by J six, all those prisoners are released and we put a stop to this. Sounds dangerous that he’s going to step in and get rid of your income tax sounds dangerous that he’s going to stop those that receive tips from paying taxes.

Sounds dangerous that he’s going to put a stop to a war between Russia and Ukraine. We know why that’s going on, Russia and Ukraine. But in the world’s eyes, those that aren’t awake, he’ll put a stop to that. He’s so dangerous that he’s going to ensure that those that have caused these wars, those that caused the pain and suffering with all the jabs, all of the liars in politics, all of those who have trafficked children, he’s so dangerous, he’s going to put a stop to all of that. And yet, no matter how hard we try to explain that to people who are not awake, who support this freak Biden and the Democrat party and more, they still watch the view and they still talk about their fear of Trump.

So let me ask you this, because there’s been a lot of talk about Trump seeking retribution if he gets into office for his legal troubles, for his personal troubles, for his hair, whatever. He always has somebody to blame, you know? So you said recently that you thought that you, as an outspoken critic, could be a target yourself. Some people think that sounds overdramatic, but I’m right there with you. I think that he is so vindictive that he will go after however he has to through the IR’s maybe, or even through sponsors to get us off the air, maybe.

Or you. How seriously should we be taking that? Well, so I was asked, am I worried about me? And my answer was, I’m worried about all of us. I’m no more worried about me than I am worried about everybody in the country. I think it’s bad to have somebody saying, give me as much power as you can in this country so I can use it to go after other Americans, so I can use it to go after these subhuman internal enemies and I’ll destroy them. Yeah, like, that’s just not a good system for anybody. And I don’t think anybody’s safe if that’s the sort of basis on which he wants to get more.

So if that rhetoric continues when these folks finally go down for their crimes against children, for the times that, I think this lady was in a movie, right, about witches and how they take a certain type of power from children, right? We know what the symbolism is there for that particular show about witches, and they all start getting pulled away and their show gets taken down, like she said, and they’re gone. Then, of course, they can run with this message that Trump is this bad guy that took him out. But no, they committed crimes against humanity.

They’ve committed treason with the lying about the elections. And they were used, and they used their platforms to do that. And they can be arrested and taken away, but they don’t want folks to know the truth. All playing out like a movie. Jesse Waters, listen to the amazing message he puts out here. Catch the underlying tone and tell me what you think below this video about what he’s really saying. Nothing says summer like a barbecue. President Eisenhower loved grilling so much, he put a weber on the White House roof. You could see the smoke and smell the steak from Pennsylvania Avenue.

Not everyone in Washington can man the grill like Ike. This weekend was Father’s Day, and Chuck Schumer posted a picture of himself manning the grill filled with hot dogs and a pale gray burger patty. Why no smoke, no sizzle? Because Schumer doesn’t have the heat knobs cranked up. Crying, Chuck slapped a slice of cheese on a raw patty. He’s serving Salam Manila and controls the Senate. How did we get here? And who stages a barbecue? Democrats are trying to fake and bake their way into reelection. And they’re using props and actors to sell their script. This weekend, Biden held a Hollywood fundraiser emceed by Jimmy Kimmel, an ABC host.

The same network hosting the second presidential debate. Not corrupt at all. Special guests included George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Jack Black. When the president wins in November. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get a sweet shout out in his victory speech for what I gave up to be here. Because when democracy is at stake, Jack Black answers the call. Mister President, you’re welcome. Barack Obama was there. Bill Clinton couldn’t make it this time. I wonder why. So it was an Obama Biden reunion. We have the highest unemployment, highest lowest unemployment rate in 50 years. We have more people.

We had over 15 million people. Brand new, higher workforce. You know, my son says we all have various short term descriptions for your jobs. Nobody knows what he’s talking about. Lost as a sauce. And these people are coming out trying to show the support all of these celebrities have to make sure that they get out there and get the brainwashed people who love and worship these celebrities to say, I agree with you. They’re supporting Biden. Well, I’m going to support Biden too. And just makes you wonder what in the world’s going on and why they’re supporting him.

So I’m going to show you more on the masks and Biden and some weird things like he said, like Jesse said, I don’t even know if that’s the real Joe. Who is this guy? We’re all wondering. We’ll find out more in a moment. First we can go to amwino.com. truth, hope, faith and freedom. That’s where it’s at. Home videos discover. We got contacts. You can click on that contact part of our site and we know.com. send your pictures to us. Send us a note. We also have all of our social media to see on the top x, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and more.

Our podcasts are there and so many other goodies that you would love to visit our site and just in catch. And so you can also find us at shop dot am we know.com or just go to our website and you’ll be able to find our gear. We’ve got our new shirts. You guys realize that we’ve got new colors of I’m voting for a convicted felon this November. It’s got the and we know logo on the front left and on the back. We’ve got that particular message. We’ve got also sweatshirts and hoodies, accessories, hats, tees and tanks, all kinds of goodies for you to walk out and about.

People will come up to you and say, hey, I watched that show, too. And you’ve got a new friend. Here’s more great pictures of patriots wearing our gear. Listen, this is not politics. This is regular conversation. I have yet to meet. I absolutely adore this human being. Does anyone have a bumper sticking? I heart Joe. Anyone? No, you don’t. No, you don’t. This can’t be real. Let’s go. I don’t even think that’s a real human being. Call me a conspiracy charge. Maybe it is. I’m thinking. I think it’s a mask. I don’t know. I just can’t see.

You can’t. When he read something and he reads, pause. Four more years. Pause. That’s Jim Brewer. And of course he’s making fun of this masked man, Joe Biden. And speaking of masks, if you’re looking at the back, remember we showed you that video where he rubs the back of his neck, old Biden. And that mask just starts peeling off. So they remind me of this video. Ashley Hayes puts this out to show us exactly what happened on the Jennifer Hudson, I guess show when they expose what the CIA did and how they use masks to deceive even one of the presidents.

I’m going to play a clip. Just listen to what she has to say. I was chief of disguise. What all did that entail? The. The office I worked in was like the queue in James Bond. We were the queue for the CIA and the intelligence community. What’s the most memorable moment from being in disguise? There were a number of them, but the one, I mean, one that has to stand out. I went to the White House and I briefed George hw Bush, the president at the time, while I was wearing a full face mask. So we’re sitting like this close together and I’m telling him that I’m going to show him the best disguise that we have.

And he’s looking for a bag. Like where? Where is it? I said, well, I’m wearing it and I’m going to take it off. And I reached to start taking it off and he said, stop. And he got up and he walked and he looked and he looked at it. He couldn’t, he didn’t know it was a mask. He wasn’t sure what I was wearing. He sat back down. He said, okay. So I took it off and I was holding it up in the air so he could see it. My whole head, it had hair and a face and a neck.

So you could walk around as someone else. Absolutely. And that would be the disguise. Absolutely. How about that? The disguise. That was years and years ago when they did this. And imagine the technology that they have today, just like watching the mission impossible movies when they throw the masks on people. And, man, it seems to be working as that actors playing his role well. And we’re watching just exactly how these things were going to play out in the first place. And the tides are turning. Interactive polls has the economist forecast Trump is up 72% to Biden’s 28%.

New high chance of winning. How about that? Electoral votes probably be 306. Trump to Biden’s 232. I think it’s going to be a lot worse, but that’s just me. And as all this plays out, you can see that a video clip was played years ago during j six, when President Trump took a red folder as they were celebrating and getting ready for j six. And Trump shows the red folder. So Dan Scavino, of course, posts a picture of President Trump when he had that meeting in DC. Remember, just recently, and if you guys didn’t notice, he had a red folder at the pulpit at the very bottom by his foot, just perfectly placed.

And Dan Scavino took that picture June 13, 2024, and he placed those photos at 1715 on the clock. Well, if you go to 1715, it says, how do you hide a message in clear sight? You’d be amazed how much is shared on pol data exchange. Amazing comms. Thank you, grasshopper, for catching this, because that red folder does mean something. And they’re letting us know, is the stage set for a drop of HRC? Because again, Dan Scavino said 90 years ago today, there’s President Trump. 08:54 p.m. drop. President Trump coming down the escalator to announce his run for the president of the United States.

Of course, 854 would be the plus signs. 123-45-6789 those together nine years ago today. Remember, we have the plus plus plus all the way across it. Is the stage set for a drop of HRC? Are you looking at it? So when you see is the stage set for the drop of HRC, you notice all the plus signs. There’s nine of them. There it is right there on your board at 854. Remember, Dan dropped this at 08:54 p.m. so you go to 854 on the cue board and you get the nine pluses. The nine years ago today happens to match the nine pluses.

See that? And so if you go through all of this, remember, we have it all. The nail in many coffins. Liberal. Undue. Impossible to defend. Toxic to those connected. We have to work together. We must work together. We are only as strong as your voice. Organize and be heard. We are here to unite and provide truth. Evil surrounds us. We are fighting for you. Great reminder that everything is okay and under control. But yet we have little pockets of evil that pop up here and there. And this? Not so little. But if you guys haven’t heard about Idaho and they’re shutting down of the water to 500,000 acres of land there.

Well, somebody put something together about this missing link. Ukraine war funding in Idaho. Do you wonder where all the Ukraine money is going? Well, it looks like we’ve started a threat to pull. Idaho is trying to shut off water to 500,000 acres of farmland. 781 miles. But there’s been plenty of rain this spring, so that’s not it. They say it’s due to water reserves underground, that it’s projected to deplete at a too fast of a rate. To preserve water supply, they need to shut off the water to 500,000 acres of Idaho farmland. But. But. The continuing appropriations and Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations act of 2023 proved $4.5 billion for direct financial support to the government of Ukraine.

Or so they said. Jervois Global Limited enters an agreement with $15 million for information on drilling at its Idaho cobalt mine, utilizing funds from the additional Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations act. Why is money for direct financial support for the government of Ukraine being rerouted by the Department of Defense to a cobalt mine in Idaho. Cobalt. Used in batteries for your phones, computers, electric cars. There are countless valuable usages for cobalt. Any side effects of cobalt we should be aware of, considering we use it in everything. Cobalt exposure triggers impairments in cognitive and anxiety like behaviors, brain oxidative stress, and inflammation.

And do you know what’s a necessary component of cobalt mining en masse? Guess it. Water. Lots of water. On May 31, 2024, Idaho Department of Water announced shutting off water to 500,000 acres of farmland. June 21, 2024. Gervaise cobalt mine can start drilling 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Idaho is shutting off water due to a shortage. At the same time, the cobalt mine is set to start operating. Twenty four seven. And it is Ukraine’s funding bill, one of many, that gave $15 million to Javois to restart operations after losing money. Couple of things to look further into.

How many members of Congress have a financial interest in this cobalt mine? My initial research, a lot. Also, is it linked to the chips act where they gave micron a fistful of money to start manufacturing in Idaho? And are they trying to destroy crops so they can take the land and mine more cobalt? Or is it purely to control the water supply? I was just in Idaho. Absolutely beautiful state filled with great people. And the government shows up with the government gun and forces their will. Again, maybe its just a coincidence and im just a conspiracy theorist, perhaps.

But one fact remains absolutely true. Money that we were told was going to Ukraine is not there is no coincidence. How about that, huh? They’re getting caught. We’re working together to get this information out the anons across the earth and people need to know how this is all playing out. Do your research. You find out all these connections. Get the money to the Ukraine. We need to have a fake war. Fake war. And then if we can get them to believe that there’s a real enemy. And you know, not saying that people aren’t dying in Ukraine, I’m just saying it’s not everything that it’s cut out to be when they request billions of dollars and that money’s just floating out all over the place to take care of their interests.

One of those being a cobalt mine in Idaho. And then all of a sudden they’re saying, oh, we need to stop the water. Well, they need the water for that mine. It’s all starting to add up. You start calling these things out and people get in trouble here. Recently. Texas transcare whistleblower. Check out what’s happening in that area. Faces four felony charges. Nate Foy is in Houston. He’s got more on this for us. And what are you learning ahead of today’s arraignment? Well, Sandra, for the first time, the us attorney’s office for the Southern District of Texas is commenting on the indictment of doctor Eitan Haim, who is set to appear in federal court here in Houston at 03:00 eastern time.

So under an hour and a half from now. So doctor Haim is facing four felony charges related to HIPAA violations after he released redacted records claiming to show a secret and illegal transgender medicine clinic for kids at Texas Children’s Hospital. Now, according to the us attorney’s office, quote, the four count indictment alleges Haim obtained personal information, including patient names, treatment codes, and the attending physician from Texas Children’s Hospital’s electronic system without authorization. He allegedly obtained this information under false pretenses and with intent to cause malicious harm to Texas Children’s Hospital. Now, Fox News reached out to the hospital for comments.

So far, we haven’t heard back. Doctor Heim claims the hospital continued performing transition procedures for kids after its CEO claimed the clinic shut down. So they were giving every indication to the public that they were shutting down this program. But I worked there. I did surgery there. I knew categorically this was untrue. They not only continued the program, but expanded it behind closed doors. And especially as a doctor, trust is the most important currency we have. And the fact that they were lying to the public is an egregious violation of medical ethics. If convicted, Doctor Haim faces up to ten years in prison.

He will be here in person today as he faces a judge. Ten years in prison for exposing their criminal activity. Ten years of prison for stating, these guys were supposed to close down, but they’re still back there cutting little children up into pieces, taking their body parts and slicing them up. Oh, no, you can’t do that, mister old doctor. You can’t do that. Nope. The Department of Justice is coming after you. We’re going to let you know that any whistleblowers out there that come out. Nope. We’re going to come back, we’re going to twist it back on you.

We’re putting you away for speaking up, to put fear into everyone. There was a Texas nurse, exposed the generals, the children’s hospital, for this fraud. There’s a nurse involved, right? According to new whistleblower doctors at this hospital, they were, you know, falsifying the medical records and breaking the law to keep practicing gender affirming care. Well, you know, the FBI just decided to go visit her home. Hello? Hi. I’m looking for Vanessa Sivich. Okay. Who are you? Okay. All right. Hi. How are you? She snuck up on you. Want to see tip. Are we interrupting dinner? I’m really sorry.

That’s all right. What’s going on? How about that? The FBI just stopping by, want to talk to you. Two of the hospital’s prominent physicians, Richard Roberts, David Paul, cut corners, and according to the whistleblower, committed Medicaid fraud to secure funds for the hospital’s child sex change program. It would have remained hidden except for the courage of two people. Surgeon named Ham, which you just showed him, and this nurse, Vanessa Savage. So, of course, they get a visit. Roberts and other providers were manipulating patients and accepting gender affirming care. Then two months after journalists spoke with her on that story, the FBI sent two special agents Paul Nixon, David McBride to her home.

They knocked on the door, asked her some things that have been going on at her work lately. Then they wanted to enter her home. She was terrified. Kind of reminds you of j six, almost, in a way. That’s why it’s important that we vote to get the right people in, get Department of Justice cleaned up, the FBI cleaned up, and more. These people that are running this country are destroying it. It’s falling apart. Voters are feeling frustrations inflated with the economy. I’m making more money now, but I’m more broke now than I was in 2020. In our latest CB’s news poll, 72% of Americans say higher prices have been a hardship or difficult.

63% rate the economy as fairly bad or very bad. Eggs, milk, bread, everything’s really high. So that is a big ticket issue. That’s not 63%. Let’s reverse that. It’s more like 93%. Unbelievable. They would even put a number out like that out and lie to people. President Trump says in day one, he’ll throw up bidenomics. Day one of my new administration, we will throw out bidenomics and replace it with Maganomics. And it was just announced. You probably heard it just came. As I’m walking up, I say, let me say that I’m walking up here. It was just announced that the budget deficit is now expected to be almost $2 trillion in 2024.

Think of it, $2 trillion. Let’s see, 2024. That might not be so good because I take over. They’re going to say I have a $2 trillion deficit. I say I didn’t do anything, but we’ll get it down $400 billion, more than estimated just a few months ago, because he’s throwing money out the window on the green news scam and other things. So that voting is important. A lot of it has to do with the economy. Also just found this. Marines arrest a us ambassador to the United nations for treason. Wanted the blue helmet peacekeeping force to monitor the 2024 presidential election.

Nice catch. That’s a big fish this time, says Tina Zimmerman. Nice catch. A lot of these folks think they’re going to get by with it this time. They’re already working behind the scenes. Whoo. That is really good. So with all this money talk, we had a great discussion this past Sunday with Doctor Kirk Elliot. Built in demand for us currency, it’s fading. Saudi Arabia got rid of the 50 year petrodollar. Right, the exit there. And we had a chance to talk about that with him. You guys know you can go to and we know.com gold to speak with Doctor Kirk Elliot or his team and they will help you out with your future, especially when it comes to precious metals.

Here’s a clip from that particular video. There’s no gold backing, there’s no oil backing. We don’t have any backing. So now, for the first time ever, we could see the inflationary pressures ensue as the world gets de dollarized and there is no demand for our currency anymore. And every time we spend money, every time there’s a stimulus program, every time there’s an entitlement, every time there’s a penny spent on the Department of Defense or infrastructure, Education, or raising the debt ceiling, we better be careful of how much money we print and because thats debt. And do we have the ability to pay it off with tax revenue because we no longer have foreign demand for our currency nor built in demand.

I mean, this is literally a paradigm shifting moment. The Saudi Arabia decision is the elimination of backing of our currency from gold and then to oil to now were truly a fiat based currency. This is why I think it’s so important lt because it just changed our lives forever. Yep. And you have to catch that entire interview. It is absolutely amazing how he continues to connect the dots and so connecting other dots that we’ve been going through, of course, for several years now would be the exposure of these folks, trafficking children and so much more. You guys remember Chrissy Teigen was posting all types of very evil things on Twitter and she went out and had deleted all of them because she knew she was caught.

Of course, she’s out there stating that she fears Donald Trump is coming after her for outspoken remarks. What would those remarks be? Well, of course, some of those are very sick. I want pizza. You guys know what that means? I’m going to jail over pizza. You know, that’s referencing children. She said she likes to see little girls do the splits half naked. I want my, I want to put myself in jail. All of those, if you screenshot your screen and look at them, are the, a lot of the tweets that were collected showing what these folks and how evil they are and what they’ve done.

So again, it’s a reminder of what these folks have done to our children. Mark Cuban I won’t vote for anyone that doesn’t believe in climate change is real. Yet he flies around in his private jet. We have our borders open. New during the overnight hours at 01:00 a.m. they witnessed another mass illegal crossing of people from around the world into California, including China and India. All of that playing out for us to see. The pain and suffering is happening across the earth. Our borders are open. Many people are catching on to what’s going on. The wake up call has to happen and there is severe precipice going on now as these basically military age people get into our country.

Not only we’ve been facing that, we’ve been facing the COVID shots and the repercussions of those they have. This Covid shots are sole cause of soaring child heart failure, a Harvard study confirms. I’m support surprised that Harvard would even put this out. All of these particular deals that we continue to see are put out on sudden and expected on x. If you want to go check these out again. Another person that was pushing to get jabbed last Friday, we lost one of our children unexpectedly. She was only 43, yet she was pushing everyone to go get the jab on social media and now she’s gone.

When you know about the problems with the Pfizer vaccine overseas, but you encourage people to get the jab anyway. It’s a special kind of evil. Those are the things that we’re seeing day in and day out. It’s just a reminder that we need to pray for these folks and realize exactly how it’s affecting all of us, including our children. They’re losing their moms, their dads. Children are passing away. Their moms and dads are watching them disappear. Our children are being taken. We’re trying to stop that, put a stop to that. Children are so precious to us.

And I saw this video and thought you guys would love it. An emotional, emotional. First time this child heard the national anthem. Watch his reaction. Emotional, first time hearing the national anthem. That was wonderful. Just reminds me of how precious our children are to us. How the enemy works so hard to try to get rid of us. Having children change the definition of marriage so that people don’t even marry man, man to woman anymore. They’re trying to stop people from even thinking marriage is valuable anymore. Those that are married are being told that children are a waste of time and money, so they don’t have kids anymore.

And the very precious thing that has happened, family is being destroyed. Infiltration from the enemy to destroy the family has been immense. And that kind of brought up to me the common sense iq test, spiritual warfare that we’re under. And I’m going to read this as we close out today. How deeply interwoven the dives and digs connect. There isn’t a single topic untainted I suspect. Knowledge vastly growing. I’m startled by what I know. Transformative and under understatement. Forced awake to life’s freak show. And that’s what it seems like, folks. We’re all startled. It is a freak show.

I reached the same conclusion. Money and religion are atop. Yep, we’ve been covering that. If you guys notice how many of the pastors of these gigantic mega churches are falling by the day, just look them up, folks that look up to them, and they say that there’s nothing that those guys could ever do wrong. And they worship the man rather than the creator. Oh yeah, the controlling apparatus. Sever the head so it will stop. Yes, I know. The mission we show and do not tell, dragging out the secrets buried inside our living hell. Kansas is the first state to fight back.

Suing Pfizer. Safe and effective lives. Wishing war would have been wiser. Duped and pressured globally. Oh, how the machine does turn. Bombardment of fearful rhetoric past time for their crash and burn, knowing it all must crumble like the walls of Jericho, draining the swamp of evil. World war threats rumble and grow. A battle forges on. Spiritual awakening is by force at this point in time. No directional change, of course. Onward and upward we travel inside this grandiose lie, peeling back the layers while watching our loved ones die, vented and poisoned by design. Sheer volume of genocide, astounding adverse reactions, and death.

The number keeps compounding. Weariness will set in frightfully deceiving emotion exhaustion by the unrelenting non stop manufactured commotion. I often ask myself, how do you reignite a soul, those brainwashed and deranged gullible, to the mindless control? Well, shock and awe is one way to startle and jar awake. Another is God’s intervention, as he will not forsake. Evil will always be ceaseless, incessant maneuvers of attack. Spiritual warfare is real faith you must never lack. We are given the weapons needed, warned to protect our soul, authority and command through prayer. Prince of peace has total control, the necessity to stay fully armored.

Evils being drawn into light, staring down eyes of darkness, anointed by God’s powerful might. But nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest, neither anything hidden that shall not be known and come abroad. Let’s pray. Heavenly Father, how wonderful it is to be able to come to you any second of any day. The open line that we have to you is absolutely amazing. If it wasn’t for the cross and the tearing from top to bottom of that veil going into the holy of holies, we wouldn’t have that access. We thank you for your son. You gave your only begotten son that whoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

We thank you for this mighty army that you’ve put together through your wisdom. You’re in control and we know it and we see it. And we ask for continued protection from this enemy who cannot stand what’s going on. The exposure of the evil that is happening on this earth. You know it, you see it. And you understand what we’re going through. And we ask that you would allow us, many of us who have been asking, to be able to sit with folks who need to be woken up not only to the evil that’s happening, not only to the politics, but also to the many deceptions that are out there and taking them to the word of God to show them the truth.

We know that you have said, I am the way, the truth and the life. No man goes to the father but by me. And that’s through Christ Yeshua, our savior. And it’s in his name we pray. Amen. Folks, thank you so much for tuning in. Thank you for all your support, prayers and more. We ask that you hit that subscribe button, the follow button and the share button and thumbs up. I’m looking to possibly do a live show here soon where we get to talk to the audience, look at their questions, have some other folks come in and basically have a talk show just like we did with Stormy Joe where they had me on.

Had a great time doing that. So looking forward to that and also looking forward to seeing many of you in a few months. All right, for now, this lt saying semper fi with m we know signing out.

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