$500000 Jewelry Store Robbery In L.A. Store Owner Panics and Goes After The Thieves On Camera | The Millionaire Morning Show w/ Anton Daniels

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➡ The Millionaire Morning Show w/ Anton Daniels talks about how a jewelry store in Los Angeles was robbed by three masked men, who managed to escape before the police arrived. The thieves stole an estimated half a million dollars worth of jewelry, but no one was seriously hurt. The store owner is calling for more police patrols to deter such crimes. Meanwhile, businesses and restaurants in California are struggling, with many closing down due to the impacts of COVID-19 restrictions and rising costs.
➡ Businesses are crucial for a thriving economy, but high costs, such as a $20 minimum wage in California, crime, regulations, and taxes, are making it hard for them to survive. These factors are damaging the business environment and reducing profitability. The government’s attempt to solve these issues through taxation is not effective and is causing more harm to businesses. Therefore, it’s suggested that people should consider leaving California but not carry its voting policies with them.


Meanwhile, over in Los Angeles, in addition to them going over there and them building whatever it is they building, crime continues to run rampant. You got businesses leaving Los Angeles and you got people taking over and ultimately robbing jewelry stores at a high rate. Make sure I had a life for the algorithm. Let’s rock out. The screams of sheer terror started immediately. Everyone was caught off guard. But it was clear once the masked men put a gun to the security guard’s head, this was a robbery. One of the three men wrestled the guard to the ground and the other two set their sights on the safe at Hill Street Jewelry in downtown L.A., yelling at the employees as they ran in.

Don’t do anything stupid, that’s what they said. One of Peru’s Shirazi didn’t exactly take that advice, pushing back even as one of the thieves repeatedly raised his gun to Shirazi’s face. Imagine you have a gun right in front of you. When I see the video, I go like a stage of shock. This is what I did? Yeah, a lot of that do be shock. When you have a traumatic experience happening in your life, it is a state of shock. I’ve had situations that happened with me where I think that my heart rate was probably so high and my adrenaline was running through me so much that sometimes you don’t even feel pain.

You don’t even feel certain things or you don’t even remember certain things that happened. Somebody asked me the other day and it was asking me did I remember, hey, do you remember when this happened? A lot of times I’ll be like, man, I don’t even remember the event happening itself. And I think that it’s a trauma response or it may be a state of shock or a state of panic or you may have blacked out, you don’t even remember some of the stuff that you were doing or you don’t remember the details of what was happening because you’re not expecting for it to happen.

This is not a normal situation, this is not supposed to be normal in our society. Just before 11 in the morning last Sunday and there were staff and customers inside that store, many standing in stunned silence as this nightmare unfolded in front of their eyes. It was a very, very hard situation. At that moment, I didn’t know where I was in the dream or in the real. One robber jumped the counter and started grabbing chains and bracelets, anything he could get his hands on, with Shirazi still running after him. The owners tried to figure out what exactly they lost, but already estimated it’s at least half a million dollars worth of jewelry.

That guard was restrained with a gun to his head the entire time, but no one was seriously hurt and no shots were fired, even as one employee called police while the robbery was happening. I was in the shock at that moment, I didn’t know what should I do, but the best thing, I called 911. Police rushed to the business, but these thieves were in and out in a matter of minutes, driving off in what police described as a black Nissan Altima. When officers arrived, the robbers were long gone, and the store’s owner, while grateful for the quick response, would like to see more patrols as a potential deterrent to terrifying crimes like this.

If there is enough cops, you know, they think twice before they jump into my shop or other a shop. Unfortunately, like in many of these crimes, well, there’s a ton of video of the incident itself because these suspects are practically covered head to toe. Tough to get a great description, no arrests, of course, in this case. But maybe their mannerisms and, of course, that getaway car, that Nissan could be enough for someone to help identify them. No, it’s not going to happen. And the only way that they’re going to get called is by community help. And we know who the robbers are.

And a lot of y’all probably already know what’s happening. But what you’re not going to do is you’re not going to say anything because you don’t really actually care about the community. But then you can complain that somebody can’t come and fix y’all community. It’s messed up. I know jewelry stores now, I’ve went into a jewelry store where they don’t even allow for you to just come in. You got to come in, you got to show your face on the camera, you know what I’m saying? And then they got to buzz you in or whatever.

It’s banks. It’s been banks for a long time that come in and force you to screen. You got to come in, stop, and then to get the green light, and then you go through the door. Now brick and mortar places are largely going to be basically like a lockdown situation where everybody is ruined. Everything that’s happened inside of the opportunity for you to be able to shop freely. You remember when people used to say, oh man, I don’t like going into businesses. I seen a review on the business that I went and picked up some food from in Detroit in the hood yesterday.

And I seen a review on it when I looked to research the phone number and call them in order to be able to call in my order. And one of the reviews was they gave them one star because they said they didn’t like the plexiglass and the protective glass. They want a more environment that allows for them to feel more free and all of this stuff. They ruined that. Most businesses don’t want to spend money on plexiglass or for their workers to be behind a plexiglass in order for them to be protected. They doing it because it’s a reason for it, because they don’t want their workers to lose their lives.

And the lives of the worker is more important than you feeling some type of way or you feeling more safer because it’s less plexiglass. Nah, man, that’s not happening. Meanwhile, businesses and celebrity chefs are now running away from Los Angeles and California. And it’s got to be throwing Gavin Newsom for a loop. You see that graphic California screaming. Restaurants in California are still feeling the pain of covid shutdowns and restrictions. Watch this. It’s very traumatizing. It makes you very angry. I mean, what people don’t understand is people are still going out of business from this. This is it closed 30 percent of the restaurants in California.

And the way he said it, it’s just I don’t understand. Isn’t there any any liability, any responsibility that anybody is going to take for this? It destroyed our industry. It’s very confusing. Joining me now is celebrity chef Andrew Gruul. Andrew, thanks very much for coming back on the show. Is it really that bad? 30 percent of restaurants in California closed? Yeah, that number actually seems even low to me. But, you know, the pandemic obviously kicked off this astronomical firestorm of chaos that now we’ve seen reverberate and actually grow many lives of their own.

In regards to all of this chaos, especially across the restaurant industry and retail. So do you blame Fauci? Was the you know, the six foot distancing and the mask wearing and the shutdown completely. Do you blame him? Yeah, I mean, I don’t personally hold the animosity towards him as the only architect of this chaos. But I would certainly say that if he was, you know, the man behind all of the science and the science was constantly what’s held in front of our faces to justify everything that we’ve had to go through. And he sits there and there’s absolutely no reckoning when we watch him and understand, you know, a couple of days ago, no reckoning at all.

He’s double downing on all of his decisions and there’s not going to be any culpability. Then, yeah, I mean, to some degree, I blame him. But that massive establishment and this diffusion of responsibility, it’s kind of everybody pointing the fingers at everybody else and say, no, they did it. They did it. But we did the right thing. And here are businesses, restaurants and retail in general and all of these small business owners that haven’t recovered, as Angela mentioned in that previous clip. But it’s only getting worse, right? It’s constantly getting worse and worse every single day.

The Mexican restaurant chain, Rubio’s Coastal Grill, the abruptly shot 48 of their locations in California and they blame the rising cost of doing business in the state. I presume that that. I’m sorry, I was muted. I’m just saying that it’s just so difficult to understand the logic behind why they closed 48 locations inside of California, 48 locations inside of California. That should be a sign. That should be a sign that everything is absolutely messed up and you cannot you cannot have a conducive environment for businesses. If you’re ever going to thrive inside of an environment, if you ever don’t thrive inside of an environment, you have to understand that both the people and the businesses have to benefit.

It can’t just be one way. You can’t siphon out all of the money from the businesses. You can’t siphon out all of the money from the businesses and then think that you’re going to thrive financially when it comes to the people. The businesses don’t exist for the people. The businesses exist for themselves. And then ultimately the people benefit as a result of partnering with the businesses. But you can’t drive all of the businesses out of business and then think that the state is still going to thrive. You basically killed your own tax base. Twenty dollar minimum wage in California, that’s cutting way into your profitability, right? Yeah, well, I mean, you know, like you’re baking a cake, there’s many ingredients in the cake.

And that’s certainly one of the key ingredients is the cost of labor. But generally the cost of doing business, which to some degree is a cliche. So if we want to isolate it, it’s really CRT. And in this case, I mean crime regulations and taxes. You know, allowing all of these crimes has really ripped apart the social fabric that we know of as the foundation of businesses. And then businesses have had to suffer because of all the crime in their surrounding communities. Business goes down, the regulations have piled up. It’s almost as if the bureaucrats, many of whom were working remotely, sat at home just trying to make up, you know, insignificant regulations that restaurants and retail would ultimately have to follow.

And in taxes, I mean, you know, you can’t tax your way out of this, but for some reason, the governments continue to think that they can. And the businesses and the restaurants are the ones that are ultimately paying through that black hole in which there’s never an end. Shout out to California. I think that if you can get the hell out of California, but just don’t bring your voting voting with you. If you can get the heck out of California and don’t bring your voting policies with you. [tr:trw].

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