The GameStop Effect & How We Beat The Deep State – February 3, 2021 Update

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Daily Update #43 – Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Great day Patriot,

Listening to a Lin Wood interview yesterday…

Someone asked him, 

“Lin, what can We The People do to help in this country?”

Lin mentioned several things.

One of the things Lin mentioned really resonated with me which inspired today’s main topic. 

There is only one way we go from here, Patriot! 

Forward in Victory! 


“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

The GameStop Effect & How We Beat The Deep State

By Jared James

So how can We The People beat the Deep State? 

Well there are many ways. 

The one I will focus on today relates to the GameStop Effect we saw happen last week. 

For a more in depth look at what happened with GameStop and Robinhood, you can see more in this post.

But the gist of it is that a large number of small investors all invested in the same target (GameStop) in order to drive up the price and make the hedge funds that were shorting the stock, lose a lot of money.

That is why Robinhood stopped trading on GameStop. 

They were protecting the big hedge funds.

But the message was sent. 

When enough of “the little guys” (aka We The People) work together, we can defeat Goliath. 

This is how we defeat the Deep State.

We The People work together and focus on one target at a time and we work together to expose the common target/enemy.

Lin Wood mentioned this strategy as one way we can all help out right now. 

That is why I am sharing this video with you below.

It is a whistleblower that Lin Wood has spent days with and has vetted this man’s story to be authentic. 

You can listen to his words, research the people and come to your own conclusion.

But the information he is sharing in this video is going to be shocking for many people to hear. 

This whistleblower is one of the reasons Lin Wood has been so outspoken on social media these last few months. 

In this video below, you will hear this whistleblower reveal things such as…

  • Mike Pence’s homosexual past (and how he got involved in pedophilia)

  • Mike Pence was a deep state mole inside the Trump Administration

  • How Rod Rosenstein & others participated in criminal activity regarding weapons and drug sales, blackmail, murder and more.

  • This same nefarious group of people used Hammer & other intelligence programs to hack and blackmail federal judges

  • And more!

Watch The Whistleblower Video Below

Watch Part 2 Here

So what can YOU do about this?

The same thing as me.

Help get the word out about this video and this information! 

We as alternative news media have to work together and get this story out, the same way the small investors worked together to buy GameStop stock.

We collectively have more power than any big tech, big media, big government or any other “big” group out there. 

How do I know this?

Because God/Creator/Source/Nature/Life is on the side of We The People.

Especially when We The People stand up for what’s right and demonstrate our power. 

So please watch the video, research it yourself if you want and share this page and this message with your friends, family, social networks. And also please share with any other alternative news outlets you know about! 

Submit a story on their website and send this web page as the story.

Send in a message on their contact form and tell them to look more into this whistleblower and this story and to cover it! 

Here's just a few sites you can start with:

OANN's Contact Page

Email TheEpochTimes A News Story Via Email

The Gateway Pundit

The more people we can get to watch and cover this story, the more change we will see! 

Let’s expose as much corruption as we can! 


Sunlight is the best disinfectant. 


God Bless

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In Other News

Have you heard the slogan ‘No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service’? 

Is there an actual law that says that? Patriot law researcher Peggy Hall says NO! Watch one of her latest videos on the topic and solutions here.

Todays Tip

Tip of the day: Focus on why you're doing something. Many people have goals, which is great. The way to increase your probability of achieving your goals is by having a clear, strong reason WHY you want to achieve that goal.

Emotions inspire action. And your reason WHY is often based on strong emotion. This is why children are such a strong motivator for people. Most people will do anything for their children. This motivation inspires what can be known as “superhuman strength”. So get clear on your WHY and set reminders for yourself about your goals and why you want to achieve them. 

It will be a better investment of your time and energy to focus your attention on your goals than it is to put attention on any mainstream media.

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