Watch This Life Altering Message That Sheriffs & Financial Experts Are Saying We Need To Do Now!


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Watch This Life Altering Message That Sheriffs & Financial Experts Are Saying We Need To Do Now!

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Remember what Sheriff Mack said here… 

“Those who seek to destroy America aren’t taking a day off.”

It is time for each of us to make whatever sacrifices are necessary to get in the fight and take back our freedom.

Sheriff Mack has started a movement to do this with Sheriffs all around the country.


They need Patriots like YOU to help them! 

We must first get educated. 

Then, you will know how to connect with your Sheriff and help bring Liberty back to your area.

Learn more about how you can do that here.

And in addition to that, it is important for us to “get our house in order” as the saying goes.

Get your finances in order. 

Prepare with food, water, power supply, medicine etc. (hopefully you already have all this set up)

This is the summer of action.

Like Sheriff Mack said,

“We must put our defenses up.”

This means with our physical body, our mind, our health (boost up that immune system!), as well as our spirit.

This is a spiritual war and that affects body, mind AND spirit. 

Stay strong in prayer and be united with the Divine Creator. 

That is where much of your insights will come from.

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Thank you for being part of the fight with us!

This is just the beginning.

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  1. DO WHAT?? You’re speaking very cryptically?! Join your State Assembly and reclaim yourselves as the American Citizens that you are…we have been misidentified since birth as enemy combatants, and U.S. Citizen (which is a sneaky way of saying not American). Agents have FALSE information on you and that is why they are so aggressive toward the citizenry!

  2. IT’S going to take guts and determination, which I know you guys have plenty of both, I’m trying and getting a good response here,but we need the veterans and military as our POLICE are corrupt and armed. We have to remove our government and put the country under COMMON LAW and MAGNA CARTA

  3. Love America more than we love ourselves. The leftist are here controlling the media and wanting your children’s mind. Put a STOP to this now so evil does not grow in our land.

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