The Miracles of Saint Angela Merici

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Let’s Look into The Life Of Saint Angela And The Incredible Miracles Attributed To Her. We Will Explore Her Faith, Her Compassion, And Her Countless Acts Of Generosity That Have Spanned Centuries.


Join Us As We Take A Look At The Amazing Life Of Saint Angela And The Countless Miracles Attributed To Her.


From Her Miraculous Healing Powers To Her Unwavering Faith In God, This Channel Will Provide You With Inspiring Stories And Lessons That Can Apply To Your Own Life. Thanks For Watching!






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  • Thank you for the reminder of St. Angela (Mer e chee)’s life of dedication and service to others. I am an oblate (3rd order nun) of the Ursuline Sisters who were founded under the principles of St. Angela. The oblates are persons dedicated to a life of religion or monasticism, especially a member of an order without religious vows or a lay member of a religious community. I worked with the Ursulines and went on retreats at the Motherhouse. The Ursulines welcome males and non-Catholics as oblates. The only requirement is to have the same charisms as St. Angela. Thank you again for featuring St. Angela today.

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