[PEDOGATE] Documentary About Pizzagate, Pedophilia & More!

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Disturbing Documentary On Elite Pedophilia & More Below

If you are not familiar with pizzagate, frazzledrip or the extent to which politicians and celebrities are involved in human trafficking and pedophilia, please watch the above documentary.

It reveals a lot, but there is way more. 

Please continue to research, share and also be part of the solution!

We have a group in MPN to help End Human Trafficking here. 

You can see links to organizations helping survivors of human trafficking and more there.

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  • I have personally been attacked by the Hollywood pedo cult and by pedo politicians in Nevada. They are vicious liars and ruin careers by attempting to shut victims and witnesses up. The politicians must be weeded out and arrested because they are relying on their influence and cult money to walk free. We also can not tolerate the law enforcement employees who are pedos and judges who do not charge these deviants. It really is all about money, however bribery requires arrest, not tolerance. I am sick of it!

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