Is This “Dangerous Toxin” The Secret To Aerial Flight? 19th Century Article May Reveal The TRUTH!

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Is Radium the Secret to Aerial Flight and “Anti-gravity”?


This guy in the video above reviews the article below from 1897 giving an account that suggests radium to be the mythical red mercury used in secret aeronautics programs since WW2.




The author details a private invite to a man's property who had installed a long sheet of radium in a boat. 


When the radium is fed a charge, the boat ascends into the air, when the charge's polarity is reversed it returns to the ground. 


The description of the device's mechanism is very interesting.


Remember, what we’ve learned about “toxic chemicals” may not be accurate.


Check out this post “Nuclear Bombs Are Fake” to see more.


If you want to dive down this rabbit hole even further, you can listen to and study this video below…


How Incoherent Electrostatic Acceleration Creates The Downward Vector



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And if you don’t want to dive into all that theory, but you want a real, simple solution to creating a more free, empowered life, check this out! 



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