First Arrest Made in Utah County Ritualistic Child Sexual Abuse Investigation

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A few months ago, we shared a story of how there was an investigation into ritualistic child sexual abuse in Utah. 


The investigation supposedly began in April of 2021. 


Well on September 28, reports…



First arrest made in Utah County ritualistic child sex abuse investigation


The Utah County Sheriff's Office has arrested a suspect in an ongoing ritualistic child sex abuse investigation.



Former therapist David Hamblin, 68, was previously charged with 18 counts of sexual assault. He was taken into custody Wednesday morning and booked on the following:


  • 3 counts of sodomy on a child


  • Rape of a child


  • 2 counts of aggravated sexual abuse of a child


  • Lewdness involving a child



Will this therapist see any jail time?


Time will tell! 


But according to records obtained by FOX 13 News, Hamblin had previously confessed to sexually assaulting at least one of his female family members in an undercover phone recording.



“I am sorry for raping you,” Hamblin reportedly said. “I'm not saying it isn't true… I'm not saying somebody in my body didn't do it.”



The Utah County Attorney’s Office dropped all charges.



Judges seem to be pretty lenient on child abusers. 


Are they compromised?? 


Well, time will tell what happens here. 


You can also read more about the story on 


To learn more about the mind control that happens and how it relates to sexual abuse and sex trafficking, watch some of these videos from Fritz Springmeier.


And to hear from a victim firsthand, watch the videos on 



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  • How do we address our useless Judicial system? That’s thecreal problem. I think the elephant in the room here is that our Constitutional Republic has failed us and we’re witnessing the controlled implosion. No one wants to admit it.

  • I’m truly awake on this issue. I’ve watched and listened to many survivors. God bless their courage, their faith in the Lord too. I hope we can continue to find these people and bring them to Justice. I also pray that the survivors get the help they need to heal. Thanks for sharing this update.♥️♥️🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸

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