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➡ This podcast episode of the X22 report discusses the ongoing legal issues surrounding former President Trump, suggesting that if he is convicted, it could set a precedent for future legal actions against former presidents. The host also mentions Chuck Norris’s health regimen and promotes a special video about it. The episode further discusses the upcoming trial of Hunter Biden for tax evasion, suggesting it could impact Joe Biden’s political standing. Lastly, the host warns Trump supporters not to react violently if Trump is convicted, as this could lead to civil unrest.
➡ The text discusses allegations against Robert De Niro, suggesting he is involved in illegal activities and has connections to known criminals. It also mentions a sex trafficking ring run by illegal immigrants, which was recently broken up across four states. The text criticizes the Biden administration for allegedly allowing such criminals into the country. Lastly, it mentions concerns about Chinese citizens allegedly gathering information on U.S. military bases.
➡ The text discusses potential threats to the country’s security, suggesting that there may be plans for attacks on the power grid and water supply. It also mentions the possibility of an invasion and the need for people to be aware of these threats. The text also discusses political situations in other countries, such as Canada and Israel, and suggests that there may be a coordinated effort to cause chaos worldwide. Lastly, it mentions the possibility of a nuclear standoff and the need for peace negotiations.
➡ The text discusses a potential awakening where people will realize the reality of war and the fear it brings. It also talks about the recent avian flu outbreak and the potential for it to be more widespread than currently known. The text mentions a wellness company offering a kit with medications for bird flu and other respiratory illnesses. Lastly, it discusses the financial incentives for doctors and hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic and the potential for similar situations with the bird flu, including the impact on food supply.
➡ The text discusses concerns about the manipulation of food supply and the promotion of plant-based diets and insects as food sources. It also mentions the suppression of information about the effectiveness of certain drugs against viruses. The text further delves into political issues, including attempts to remove conservative Supreme Court justices and the potential removal of immunity for former presidents. Lastly, it discusses the possibility of a biased trial against former President Trump and the potential implications of a guilty verdict.
➡ The text discusses a trial involving Trump, where he claims he doesn’t know the specific charges against him, suggesting a violation of the 6th Amendment. The text also mentions Trump’s belief that the trial is rigged and biased against him. It further discusses public opinion on the trial, with some believing it’s a politically motivated witch hunt. Lastly, it touches on potential political moves by Biden and Michelle Obama, and the controversy surrounding election laws in Georgia.
➡ The U.S. has criticized Georgia’s new law that limits foreign influence, which some believe is aimed at preventing interference from U.S. organizations. There’s a growing concern that the U.S. government and CIA are working more for corporations than for citizens. The speaker suggests that the government might use fear tactics, such as war or a cyber attack, to manipulate public opinion and delay elections. However, they believe that if Trump wins the election, there will be significant changes in the country, with more representatives following the constitution and working for the people.


Hi and welcome. You’re listening to the x 22 report. My name is Nathan. This episode 3365 bn today’s date is May 29, 2024 and the title of the episode is is Trump about to set a precedent? Marker nine. Dont worry, it wont be boring forever. Talk about our health. Have you ever wondered what happened to the legendary Chuck Norris? I recently saw a video he made and I was shocked. Hes in his eighties and still kicking butt and working out and staying active. Whats even more shocking is hes stronger and can work out longer and even has plenty of energy left over for his grandkids.

He did this by just making one change. He says he still feels like hes in his fifties. His wife even started doing this one thing, too, and shes never felt better. She says she feels ten years younger, her body looks leaner and she has energy all day. Special video that explains everything. Make sure you watch it by going to chuckdefense.com x 22 or click the link down below in the video. It will change the way you think about your health. Once again, that’s chuckdefense.com x 22 and click on the link in the description below to watch the video now.

You won’t believe how simple it is. Just a reminder, the legendary Chuck Norris is a whopping 81 years old and yet has more energy than me. He discovered he could create dynamic changes to his health simply focusing on three things to sabotage our body as we age. Watch this method by clicking the link in the description box below. That is chuckdefense.com forward slash x 22. Let’s get into the economic collapse. Political and geopolitical news now. The deep state, the corrupt politicians, big tech fake news, the puppet masters, they have tried everything and anything to stop Trump, and it’s just not working.

Even if Trump goes to prison, this is not going to work. Actually, the opposite is going to happen. And, and Trump is going to set a precedent. Think about it. If the deep state, these are throwing a political opponent, a former president, into prison, does that make it okay to throw former presidents into prison? Yes, absolutely. So Trump, by doing all of this, is, number one, showing that he’s the people’s president. Now. The people can really relate to him. They related to him before, but now they can really relate to Trump because they’ve been watching the trial, they’ve been watching with everything that has been happening, and they’re realizing, wow, there is a two tiered justice system.

They did weaponize the rule of law against a political opponent. There is no case, the statute of limitations ran out. Trump doesn’t even know what the charges are. They’re violating his 6th amendment. This is absolutely unbelievable. And though, are they really going to take that next step and throw Trump into prison? Well, we can see that. I do believe that this was part of the plan from the very beginning. Now, again, we don’t know what the jurors are going to do, but from the instructions that the judge gave them, it doesn’t have to be a unanimous decision.

So he’s shaping the entire narrative for the jury. He’s shaping everything to make sure that they have a guilty verdict. And Trump let everyone know that even Mother Teresa wouldn’t be able to beat these charges the way it was framed. And if you go back in time and you go back to our founding fathers, this is what the british government used to do. They used to have show trials and they put on a show, and it doesn’t matter if the person actually had evidence to show that he or she was innocent, they would still find the person guilty and put them in prison and they would have a show trial.

This is exactly what we’re seeing today. There is absolutely no difference. And I do believe if Trump is actually convicted, that people are going to rally around him like we’ve never seen before. He’s going to become more powerful than the deep state could ever imagine. Now, I do believe that no matter what happens, Trump already has the people. This would just be the icing on the cake. Actually, before I forget, I want to remind everyone there’s only two days left to get your freedom gear. Plus we’ve got special gifts for you when you spend 50, 75, $125.

Don’t miss out. This ends on Friday, so go to patriotsapparel dot shop or just click the link down in the description. And I do believe that this is going to start to turn around. And everything that we’re witnessing, everything that we’re seeing, it won’t be boring for that much longer. I do believe that Trump sent us a message that everything is about to change. Now, this doesn’t mean the deep state isn’t going to keep hitting them because we’re already hearing that Eugene Carroll might be suing Trump again. See, they’re going to keep this up to the very, very end.

They got to keep a lot of pressure on him. They got to make sure that he can’t hold his rallies. But Trump, he’s going to be using this all against them. And in the end, the people are going to be witnessing how the government, how the tyrannical government goes after the people’s president, and this is going to be a complete and utter disaster for the deeds. Plus, Trump, he’s going to sell a lot of merch. I do believe he probably has this already, waiting in the wings, him behind bars, on coffee mugs, on shirts, saying, never surrender, or whatever the saying is going to be.

I do believe that he’s going to sell a lot. And the deep state, they’re going to be sitting there going, what the hell just happened here? And they’re not even going to understand what happened. But think about it. We had the news, the fake news. They’re all looking at the case going, is there really a case here? It doesn’t seem like it. And it’s very strange the way the judge is giving the jury instructions. And we could see that the people, they’re scratching their head, wondering what is going on here. Is this, is Joe Biden really attacking a political opponent? And people starting to see that, yes, this is exactly what’s happening.

I mean, think about it. De Niro, he was on the streets. I mean, that pretty much confirms what they’re actually doing. And the people now are seeing it. And that’s the whole point of this. Remember, this all revolves around the 2024 election. It’s, it’s about showing the people how corrupt the system is, how the system was an illusion. You see, they were hiding in the shadows. And I’m talking about the deep state players. They’ve been hiding in the shadows for a very long time, dressing up in their nice suits, pretending to be just like you and me.

But all along, in the background, in the shadows, they’ve always operated like this. Trump just brought them out so you could actually see it, so you can actually see what they actually do to people. You see, in the past, you think, okay, that person might be guilty. I guess they have a case. I guess we’re trusting the department of justice. But now you could see the truth. Now you can see that, no, they use all these tricks. They hide evidence. The whole rule of law was one gigantic illusion. And again, the elections are one gigantic illusion.

The central bank creating the currency is one gigantic illusion. The people now are starting to learn this, and we’ll be talking a lot more about what might happen to trump here. But first, let’s talk about what’s happening with Hunter Biden, because we see something very, very different happening with Hunter Biden. And Paul Sperry put this out and said Hunter’s tax evasion trial is set for September 5, which means Joe Biden will have to debate Trump while his son’s being criminally prosecuted by his own Justice Department for cheating. Ir’s out of millions foreclosing any Biden attacks on the rich for not paying their fair share.

Now, I do believe that this is being orchestrated by the deep state plays because they want Biden out. Remember, the criminal syndicate doesn’t go after their own unless they need to stop them from doing something or they need to push them out, or they go against the criminal syndicate. And I do believe this is exactly what is happening. But what people can actually see, they can see how Biden is using all of this as his campaign and using it as a political hit on his political opponent. And I do believe in the end, what he really wants to do is he wants to use the words, Trump is the threat to democracy.

Be careful of the MAGA extremists. And I do believe throwing Trump into prison, what they really want to do is they want the Trump supporters to be angry. They want Trump supporters to go out on the streets. They want a civil war. Don’t fall for it. That’s what they really want. So if you see Trump being convicted, don’t get upset. Trump just set a precedent, which means he can go after or the Department of Justice or attorney generals. They can go after a former president, they can go after all these people. Now, the people now will accept this, no problem.

But don’t fall for what they’re trying to do. Because I do believe with the fake news and with the Patriot Front group and other people dressed up as Trump supporters, they’re going to try to make it seem like the people are angry. They’re looting, they’re burning, they’re doing all these things, but these will not be Trump Trump supporters. Why would the Trump supporters burn their own towns down? Why would they burn their own businesses down? It makes no sense. It’s like when the British are evading the colonists, the colonists turn around going, hey, everyone, let’s burn down our own stuff.

They’re coming after us. No, that’s not what they were doing. They went after the British. So why would the people burn down their own stuff? That’s not what they’re angry about. See, that would be antifa, that would be the illegals. They would be doing this. They would bring people in from the outside because they don’t care about the area that they brought into. So don’t fall for this. But what’s very interesting about De Niro is that he has a similar individual with him that Sam Bankman Freed had. And DC Drano points this out. He says, anyone else find it very strange that Sam Bankman Freed and Robert De Niro show up to the public events with the same bodyguard.

Who is this guy? Who does he work for? Plus, De Niro had the January 6 capitol police with him. You know, the people that staged everything. But you could see why De Niro so panic right now, because again, he’s part of Epstein island, he’s part of the whole pedophile thing, the prostitution rings. You could see this is why he’s really panicking, because again, when every, when Trump gets elected, he’s putting back into the White House and the people are behind him. His legacy is gone. Everything that he worked for, everything that he’s done is completely gone.

And people are only going to remember him as someone who was child trafficking. He was a pedophile, or you name it. And Prodigal put this out on exit says there’s a reason dinero is all in on Biden. Pepperidge Farms remembers his 1998 arrest in connection to Jeffrey Epstein prostitution ring operating out of France. De Niro arrested held in question in Paris over vice ring detained on a warrant and released after 9 hours. 40 prostitutes were reportedly matched up with wealthy clients as far away as New York City and the Arab Gulf states. Clients included saudi princes, members of Persian Gulf monarchies, arms traffickers, celebrities, etcetera.

Then Liz Kroken put this out and said Robert De Niro’s production company was found liable last year by a jury and ordered pay 1.3 million to his former assistance. Graham Chase Robinson, 41, accused De Niro of workplace abuse during the time she worked for him between 2008 until her resignation in 2019, claiming he subjected her to sexually inappropriate behavior, according to a lawsuit she filed in court. One of the abusive voicemail messages De Niro left for Robinson was played for jurors. Then Liz Kroken put this out. Robert De Niro and his pedophile sex traffickers pal Peter Nygaard.

Robert De Niro is pals with convicted sexual predator Peter Nygaard, who was dubbed the Jeffrey Epstein of Canada. De Niro visited his resort style home for parties in the Bahamas. Nygaard has accused sex trafficking, rape, or sexual assault by at least 57 women. Several of Nygaard’s accusers were children when the alleged crimes took place, and many claim they were drugged. Nygaard also asked black women for their eggs, placenta and the umbilical cord of their baby in exchange for money. Nygaard was also accused of engineering the rape of his own sons. These are the kinds of people child Fokker is friends with.

But orange man, bad panic. And she’s absolutely right. And now you can see why he’s screaming the way he is, because he has the most to lose. And again, most of these individuals, they are controlled by Biden and people above Biden. They have everything on them. And if they don’t do what they say, everything is released. This is why he’s panicking so much. Because when Trump gets back into the White House, he’s worried that all this information is going to be brought out into the open and his entire career, everything that he worked for, is going to completely implode around him.

So, yeah, that’s why he’s panicking. Trump, he put this out on truth. He said the following. I never knew how small, both mentally and physically, wacko former actor Robert De Niro was. Today. De Niro, who suffers from an incurable case of Trump derangement syndrome, commonly known in the medical community as TD’s, was met outside the courthouse with a force far greater than the radical left Maga. Robert, whose movies artistry and brand have gone way down in value since he entered the political arena at the request of crooked Joe Biden, looks so pathetic and sad out there.

Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio? Where are all the heroes? Not here. Not with Robert De Niro. But since we’re talking about sex trafficking, it’s very interesting because we’ve come to find out that illegals were running a sex trafficking ring. Hmm, that’s very interesting. Robbie Starbuck put this out and said a sex trafficking ring run by venezuelan gang called trend day Aragua has been broken up across four states with three illegal aliens running it. They reportedly had 30 victims spread out across homes in Virginia, Louisiana, Texas, and Florida, and a charity is accused of flying them in.

The complaint says girls were given only 4 hours to sleep between 04:00 a.m. and 08:00 a.m. each day, the gang lured victims with promise of a home to work in an immigration attorney and help getting family into the US. After arriving, victims were then told they would have to pay the traffickers 30,000 that must be paid off via prostitution. These gangs are the types of people Joe Biden is allowing to flood into our country. According to the complaint, victims were taught how to game the asylum process to gain entry into the country, and only found out after arriving that they’ve been under constant watch as forced prostitutes to pay a debt to the gang.

One victim called investigators in Baton Rouge days after arriving. And that started the investigation that eventually broke up this trafficking ring. She informed investigators that the gang allegedly paid a charity to fly her to Baton Rouge. No word on who that charity is. But it’s very interesting given the investigation into NGO’s plus charities in Guatemala, where the AG is looking at ties between the Biden admin trafficking rings and these NGO’s. As many of you know, the Biden administration is attempting to get the attorney general fired. The man in the photo is Albert Herrera Machado, one of the illegal immigrants arrested and accused of being a handler of of these girls for the gang.

So we can see that they have these prostitution rings set up. Most likely there’s going to be underage girls there. And again, they are trafficking children. So you think this is the only sex trafficking ring? No, just look at Diddy. He now there’s a grand jury that is investigating him. I do believe we have many of these across the country. And yes, some of these individuals are movie stars, band members, CEO’s. I do believe we’re going to find out that there is a lot more than everyone thinks. And yes, these illegals, they are setting it up, too.

But the other thing that’s very interesting is we know that Biden has been letting in human traffickers, child traffickers, Ms 13 gang members, murderers, you name it. They’re just all coming in here because they’re opening their prisons down in the other countries and just sending them up. And every time there’s an individual that is caught, it looks like then they are released. And I’m talking about the illegals and they commit another crime. And we’re seeing this across the country. And if we look out in West Virginia, an illegal alien charged with murdering a woman in Berkeley County, West Virginia, spent over two decades in El Salvador prison before getting released into the United States on Biden’s watch.

And then this guy committed another crime. I mean, really think about this for a second. These are the people that they’re letting into this country, and they’re letting in not just criminals, but the Chinese. And these individuals are military aged. And what’s very interesting, we mentioned this a couple days ago, is that they’ve been going to different bases right now, and they’ve been probing the bases, which is very, very interesting. So what? Why might they be doing this? So the admiral mentions that the Chinese, they’re gathering method known as grain of sand. The chai comms dispatch ordinary chinese citizens, sometimes under threats to their families, to penetrate US military on a naval basis, walk around, take pictures of military personnel for photo analysis back home, get names, gather certain kinds of information they asked for, all of which is seemingly innocuous and which is unlikely to draw full espionage charges if they are caught, given the difficulty approving such matters.

So it looks like they’ve been probing and they’ve been testing, they’ve been recording. Why is this? Well, most likely for different types of attacks around the country, and they want to see who’s there, how they react. And they might be going after the power grid, they might be going after the water supply, and they might be attacking all different locations. Matt Bracken put this out and said, these are just probes and tests. We’re being set up for nationwide, tet style wave of terror attacks. Our power grid will be primary target. Other attacks will be divisionary. So we could see that they’re already setting up for this.

Now, do I believe Trump of the patriots? They know this? Absolutely. Trump has been letting everyone know that military age men are coming to this country. The military right now, I do believe, is in control because of what happened on November 3, where the deep state overthrew the United States government. They completed their action on January 6. And now the military intelligence, above the NSA, above the CIA, above the FBI, above DHS, they’ve been monitoring the entire situation, because if the country was overthrown, they know that there’s an invasion going on right now, and they’re coming over the border, which means they are monitoring the entire situation.

And I do believe they know exactly what’s happening and they’re prepared and ready to counter everything they’re trying to do. But remember, Trump of the patriots, they need the people to see this. They need the people to wake up. They need the people to understand how the deep state players are trying to destroy this country. And Trump, he just flipped the 16 year plan on them. And now the people, they’re seeing it as clear as day. And we could see out in Canada, Trudeau is in trouble. He doesn’t have the votes. He’s, his poll numbers are dropping.

And what’s very interesting is that Canada is doing the same exact thing that Biden is doing here. And any. No, put this out on X. Trudeau’s government announced that Canada will issue thousands of residency visas for Gazans. In contrast, arab countries refuse to settle or give citizenship to Palestinians due to them, often organizing terrorist activities in countries of refuge. So why do you think he’s bringing these people in there? Is he going to use them later on? He might use them for votes. But again, if he’s losing in the polls and losing by a lot. He’s going to need chaos.

I do believe this is going to be a coordinated effort across the world, because, remember, all these people are coming into all these different countries. So, yes, the deep state, they’re going to coordinate all of this. Now, out in Israel and Gaza, we can see the IDF, they are going into Rafa, and Biden is caught between the far left, and he’s caught between Israel, so he doesn’t know which way to go. And they’re trying anything and everything to make Israel stop. They don’t want Israel destroying Hamas, but that’s exactly what is happening. And every time Hamas puts out propaganda, they try to stir up emotions.

They try to get their protesters, you know, marching and saying, oh, look at this. They’re. The children are being killed. This is what they did in Ukraine. Actually, this is what they did in Syria. It’s the same exact playbook. Why would you believe the terrorists that when they tell you, oh, look, Israel just killed women and children? Remember when the missile was fired and they said Israel destroyed the hospital, and it was actually Hamas’s missile that fell apart very, very quickly? They did this in Ukraine. Where do they put the civilians? They put them next to what? But to their base of operation.

They put munition plants next to the civilians. They do it on purpose. They sacrifice their own people. They don’t care about them. Ryan Savandra put this out and said Hamas is 100% responsible for what happened. The palestinian islamic terrorists were firing rockets at Israel from inside Rafa, and Israel conducted a strike to defend its people from further attacks. Hamas hides behind civilians, which is a war crime. Absolutely. Then the Israel Defense forces put this out, an x, and said, the targeted strike in Rafa, 1.7 km from the humanitarian area, use precise munitions carrying 34 explosives to eliminate two senior Hamas terrorists.

We’re looking at the possibility of a secondary explosion from Hamas ammunition warehouse near the civilian compound and over 100 meters away from the strike site, causing the fire that tragically took civilian lives. We’re investigating the cause of the fire and will continue to operate in accordance with international law. And we’ve seen the same exact playbook that these terrorists always use. We saw it in Ukraine. If you go back to the syrian war, we saw it there. We’re seeing it now in Gaza, because they use the same deep state playbook. They’re instructed to do this because they’re trying to reach people’s emotions, and they place their people in, uh, shopping centers, they place their bases under hospitals, they place their bases under schools.

Why would they do that? They’re using people as shields. And if they’re, they’re hit, they can say, oh, look, they, they hit the, the children, they hit the, the women in this area. They try to stir emotions, but it’s not working. People are seeing through this and it’s going to get worse and worse for them as time goes on. Actually, as they become more and more desperate, you’re going to see more and more of this propaganda. Actually, they’re just going to have their people standing out in front of their missile launchers and everything else hoping that they get hit.

That’s what they do. And what’s very interesting is that Hamas actually is responsible for the suffering in Gaza. Look, Biden was building this floating pier, which completely failed. Not really surprised. It’s probably Dei. And, you know, they got the best of the best in there, which they really didn’t. They got the da Dei people, which is the worst of the worst. They couldn’t even make a floating dock and the whole thing pretty much sank. But when they were bringing in the humanitarian aid, what were the terrorists doing? They were confiscating it. They are responsible for the suffering of Gaza.

You want Gaza free? Well, remove the terrorists. Hey, that’s exactly what’s happening. They’re freeing Gaza. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is it looks like Iran. They have enriched uranium 30 times bigger than when Obama was in office. And now they’re saying they have enough to make a couple of nuclear weapons. Hmm. Trump always said that this is going to be a nuclear war, most likely a nuclear standoff. And what’s very interesting is Macron says Kiev should be allowed to neutralize russian military bases. And that means they’re going to fire deep into Russia and destroy certain bases in Russia.

Well, it looks like Putin responded to this and said, if you fire into Russia, we have weapons, nuclear weapons that can fire into the EU, into your dense population areas, and this would be a catastrophe. He is actually warning NATO and all everyone else, don’t do it. But again, what does the deep state want? They want world War three. And if you look at what’s happening right now, this is the theater of war. I do believe this is going to be pushed very, very hard and we’re going to be at the precipice of war. I mean, think about it.

Trump had peace in the Middle East. Trump had peace in Ukraine. He had peace with Kim Jong un. There was no war like this. And now look what’s happening we’re approaching the brink of nuclear war. And look what Kim Jong un is doing it in North Korea. He just sent hundreds of shit filled balloons into South Korea. I mean, really think about this. Think about what’s happening here. War is being pushed very, very hard. Who’s going to negotiate peace? Well, that’s going to be Trump. What do you think is going to happen when we approach war, when we get to that point where people are so afraid that there’s going to be a missile or something happening in this country? Do you think these people are going to be on the side of Biden or the Obamas? Or are they going to say, you know something? Listen, I know I would like to vote for Biden or Michelle Obama or whatever, but we can’t go to nuclear war.

I don’t want my brother, sister, mother, uncle to go overseas or to fight in this country. And think about all the younger people here in this country. Do you think they really want to fight for war? You really think they’re going to fight for Obama? You really think they’re going to fight for Biden? You think they’re really going to fight for the deep state? What do you think they’re going to turn on them at a moment’s notice? I do believe they’re going to turn on them and they’re not even going to look back. They might not vote, but if they want peace, they’re going to have to vote for Trump.

This is going to be an awakening like we’ve never seen before. These individuals are going to be slapped so hard that they, that’s going to make their head spin, especially the far left, especially the DS. Now, it’s not going to get everybody. Some people might say they want to go to war. You know what? Here’s your rifle. Here’s your fatigues. Good luck. We’re going to send you across over there to Ukraine. You’re going to head off to Taiwan. We’re going to drop you right in the Gaza. And once again, you’re going to see these people, they’re going to go into hiding and they’re going to say, I don’t want to go to war.

You’re going to see, everyone always talks brave in the very, very beginning until they reach that point where it becomes real. And that’s when people start to break down. And I do believe we have to bring the people to that point, because if it just sounds like there’s war, no one’s going to be afraid if it looks like we’re being attacked and we intercepted an attack or we were cyber attacked. That’s when it becomes real. Why do you think during COVID they had to make it look real? What did they do in the very, very beginning? Let’s talk about protecting our health.

On April 23, media outlets began to flood headlines with the latest avion flu development. The FDA said it had detected viral particles of h five n one avion influenza and milk purchased at grocery stores. While the FDA cautioned that they believe the milk is still safe to drink, others are sounding the alarm. According to news reports, Doctor Eric Topol, founder of Scripps Research Translation Institute, said the finding of viral particles of milk on grocery store shelves means the outbreak is probably more widespread than we know. The dissemination to cows is far greater than we have been led to believe.

The FDA assurance that the dairy supply is safe is nice, but it’s not based on extensive assessment yet, which they acknowledge. Chief medical board of the wellness company has been closely watching the avion flu h five n one outbreak in the United States for the last couple of weeks here. And while it is far from certain that most recent strands of bird flu will result in a pandemic, we know that the medical tyrants are never going to be done with us. And with scientists still saying that this bird flu strain could be 100 times worse than Covid and knowing it’s an election year, Americans understand that now more than we need to be prepared.

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Every American should have at least one of these kits in their homes, avoid the chaos, wait times and price of the hospital, and have exactly what you need for as low as the cost of a single doctor’s visit. So go to TWC Health X 22 and grab your contagion emergency kit right now. That’s TWC Health X 22. Use code X 22, which saves you $30 at checkout kits are only available in the US. Yes, they had a couple of tests. Remember, Trump wasn’t really using the test and Hillary Clinton got very angry. Why don’t we test more people? We got to test people because without seeing it, it didn’t look real.

That’s why you had five governors throw people who were very sick into nursing homes where they had compromised immune system. They had to show the death. That’s what people needed to see. And once they did that, they needed to change their tactics and they needed to say, well, we need the hospitals to show that people are dying of COVID So we’re going to pay you a lot of money, and all you got to do is say, people are dying. And when hospitals were reporting deaths from COVID that’s when it started to become real. When they put up the fake statistical numbers on the screen, that’s when it started to become real.

That’s when people started to really pay attention to what was going on. The same thing with war that is approaching, people are going to have to feel it. People are going to have to see it. It’s going to have to stir emotion. And that emotion is fear. But since we’re talking about COVID it looks like all those hospitals and companies that said, hey, you must get a jab or you’re going to be fired. It looks like this is backfiring on them because we’re starting to see a lot of lawsuits now start to pop up. And it looks like the appeals court has now restarted the lawsuit against the Mayo Clinic’s Covid jab mandate.

So in a significant win for the religious freedom, a major setback for Covid pope cops, a US appeals court has resurrected a lawsuit charging the Rochester, Minnesota based mail clinic with discriminating against workers who resist a strict Covid-19 vaccine mandates on religious grounds. So we’re going to see a lot more of these class action lawsuits. And if you didn’t think that the doctors were making money and the hospitals weren’t making money from this, well, think again, because every injection the doctors gave, they got a commission and they even got bonuses. Every hospital that says, hey, they tested from COVID they died from COVID they got paid.

How do you create a plan, demic? Well, you got to have the doctors on board and you got to pay them and you got to pay the hospitals, otherwise they wouldn’t be doing this. And all these individuals that were paid to inject people, they weren’t using their medical training, they weren’t doing anything. In the best interest of their patients, they were getting the money. These people should have their medical license taken away. Mary Talley Bowden, MD put this out and said if I had vaccinated the 6000 patients I treated for Covid, I would have made $1.5 million.

She’s pointing to anthem. It says Covid-19 vaccine provider incentive program, and it gives a breakdown of how much everyone’s going to get paid. So here it says the results will be calculated for two time periods, September 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021. Initial incentive payment, final incentive payment. And then you can even get a bonus. 30% anthem members vaccinated, $20 bonus per vaccinated member 40% anthem members vaccinated, $45 bonus. And it keeps going up and up and up. And you can see that, yes, this doctor could have made a lot of money. But think about all the doctors that really didn’t.

Look at your medical history, decide, you know something, we’re just going to give it to you because I’m going to make a lot of money off of this. Think about all the people that lined up in their cars on the street to get vaccinated. I mean, really think about this for a second. Think about their operation that they had here. And now that, now we’re learning that this bioweapon was just that, a bio weapon. And they didn’t tell the people the truth. They lied to the people. They actually bribed the doctors, bribed the hospitals. They went along with it and they faked all the numbers.

And think about what they’ve done here. They did this just to do what? To cheat in the election? To get rid of Trump. So if they did that, what do you think they’re going to do in 2024? Can they use the plan? Demic? Once again, they’re going to try. I mean, it looks like right now it’s the bird flu, but I don’t know if the people are buying this. Again, the bird flu, I do believe is going to be used to actually wipe out the cows, the cattle, wipe out the chickens, wipe out the food supply.

And we’re already starting to see that happen. More than 4 million chickens in Iowa will have to be killed after a case of highly pathogenic bird flu was detected at a large egg farm. So they’re going to be killing 4 million chickens, and we’re probably going to see a lot more stories like this. Oh, the cattles, they’re infected, so we’re going to have to kill another 1 million, you know, herd of cattle. Oh, look, more chickens are infected and this is how they’re going to get rid of this food supply. This is what they’re going to do, which means we’re going to see the price of chicken probably go up quite a bit.

And when they start killing cattle, we’re going to see meat go up. If you want to change the food supply, this is how you do it. Just like if you want to change from gas to electric, you make the price of gas go up and you force people into electric cars. When they’re killing chickens and they’re killing the cattle, you force people into their plant based food, which is just chemical goop. Because eventually what they’re going to do is they’re going to bring you into bugs. That’s really what they want in the end. So you can see it’s already started.

Now, is the bird flu going to be the plan, demic, that they need? I do believe right now they’re using this to shut down the food supply for the great reset, the green new scam. I don’t know if people are really buying this, but again, let’s see how this all plays out. Because is this really disease x? Most likely not. And the one thing they don’t want you to know, they don’t want you to know that ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, they protect you from these viruses. And it’s not just Covid, it’s not just a bird flu, any virus.

And this is something they didn’t want you to know. This is why they basically shut down Trump’s argument about hydroxychloroquine. This is why they came out with these fake tests and the fake papers and everything else, because they never wanted you to know that these cheap drugs will cure you. Because if everyone knew this, they couldn’t have another pandemic. And I do believe this cure, which is ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, I do believe it cures even more than that. I wouldn’t be surprised if it cures cancer. And they’ve been hiding it from us from for a very, very long time.

Now, the other thing that’s very interesting is we could see that the cases now are building up, and we could see that they’re trying to get rid of the Supreme Court justices because the immunity case is coming up. And what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to rig the verdict of this case by getting rid of Alito. And they’ve been attacking him over and over and over. But Justice Alito came out and said he’s not going to recuse himself, which means the DS have their task force and it looks like they’re trying to dig up dirt on any of these justices and they’re going to dig deep and they’re going to try to find something where they can actually push one of these justices out, because they need to get rid of the conservative justices.

So this way they can actually have their ruling that Trump doesn’t have immunity. Now, I do believe Trump with the Patriots, they know that they’re going to attack in this way. Just like they went after his tax returns. They fought very, very hard to get his tax returns, went all the way up to the Supreme Court. And now because of this ruling, you can look at everything that Biden has, everything Obama has, everything Hillary Clinton has. Trump made them fight for it, just like he made them fight for getting rid of the law that says the vice president can send the results back to the legislators.

He made a really big deal about it. Penn should have done it. Penn should have done it. Even though they said he couldn’t do it. Then they changed the law. He forced them to do it. Is he doing the same thing here with immunity? Is he going to force them to say, no, former presidents don’t have immunity. You can go after the former presidents or anyone. If you really think about it, this is what they’re trying to do. And if they do get rid of immunity for presidents or former presidents, what happens? Well, if Trump is elected, he can pardon himself, he can go after all these people.

And then could there be a law that was put into place that says, yep, yes, presidents have immunity? Yeah, I do believe so. So we can see that these individuals are going to continually fight and fight and fight. But what we’ve come to find out is that a newly unsealed motion confirms that someone in Trump’s world, like an attorney, agreed to become a cooperating witness for the us government. In Jackson’s classified documents case against Trump, Julie Kelly put this out and said just unsealed filing and classified docs case appears to confirm someone in Trump’s world, perhaps an attorney, agreed to become a cooperating witness for the government.

Keep in mind, DOJ tried every trick in the book to try to get Naota to flip too. And Walt now to didn’t flip. Now, the other thing that’s very interesting, and this is coming from Kelly Lacko. She says Trump ally Elise Stefano says there may have been a scheme hatched by the New York Supreme Court to ensure Dem donor Judge merchant would oversee Trump’s case. She’s demanding an investigation and sanctions slapped on any law official involved. And we could see, most likely this is exactly what they did. And we have Vivek out there and he’s looking at the hush mine, hush money trial case.

And he’s saying, no matter which way this goes, Trump wins. And I do believe people see that this is a sham trial. It’s rigged. And they realize that if Trump is innocent or I do believe the only way the judge can get out of this is if there is a hung jury, this way they can say, okay, there’s no ruling here. The judge did his job. He’s off the hook. Nothing happens to Trump. Yes, they might try again, but this case is done. But if there’s a guilty verdict, I do believe this is the icing on the cake.

It sets a precedent that shows that, yes, it’s okay to put a former president in prison. And the people, they will go along with this. Trump, he put this out and says, I didn’t have a fixer. I had a lawyer who at the time was fully accredited and accepted within the legal community. But the judge not allowing me to use the reliance on counsel defense, I may be the only person in the country not allowed to do so, and the only one who has a very unconstitutional and restrictive gag order. Not fair freedom. Remember, this is about the 2024 election.

This is about showing the people the two tier justice system. There’s rules for the deep state, and there’s another set of rules for we the people. And Trump has just become the people’s president. And I do believe if he is put behind bars, he just took the next step, and there’s no going back for the deep state players. Andrew Giuliani put this out on X and said, merchant, now talking about unconscious views and how they can lead to bias. Merchant mentions race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity as wage, which jurors could be biased. What he omitted was political beliefs.

Why did he admit that? Because, again, he knows that 87% of the jurors, they are what they are Biden supporters. And what’s very interesting is that we know there are two attorneys on the jury. Now, when you really think about it and you think about what merchant has been doing in this whole entire case, are these jurors who are attorneys, are they there to help trump, or are they there to convince the rest of the jurors that, yes, this is according to law? I do believe they’re there to say, yes, this is according to law. And everything that Judge Merchant said to you and everything that you saw is according to the rule of law.

Andrew Giuliani once again said merchant, in evaluating the evidence, you may evaluate any fact that was proven or any inference that a fact is true. Merchant gives an example of not seeing it rain overnight, but waking up to seeing the ground is wet. Well, does that really mean that it rained last night? What happens if the sprinklers came on? What happens if the person was using their hose? What happens if someone’s washing their car? I mean, this is a very poor example. Andrew Giuliani once again, more importantly, this was a wink, wink to the jury. Styne Glass meant, don’t worry if we didn’t prove our case.

Look at the bigger picture. If you don’t like Trump, for whatever reason, just convict him, facts be damned. So what instructions did the judge give the jury? Well, Jonathan Turley explains, Stein Glass just reminded them that they can find the New York election law violation with any of the three claimed crimes, and that they do not have to even agree on which. So four can find a state election violation, four can find a federal election violation, and four can find tax violations, and it will still be treated as a unanimous verdict. Jonathan Turley again, merchant just delivered the coup de grace instruction.

He said that there is no need to agree on what occurred. They can disagree on what the crime was among the three choices. Thus, this means that they could split four, four four, and he will still treat them as unanimous. And that’s how they’re taking this case. This is how they’re rigging it, and this is how they’re going to try to convict Trump. So really, at this point, it looks like, unless the jurors say, you know something, we can’t make a decision as a hung jury, I don’t think they’re going to find him innocent. I’d be very, very shocked if they do.

But for the judge to get out of this and for everyone else to get out of it, the only thing they have is a hung jury. Let’s see what the jury does. But Trump, he says, I don’t even know what the charges are in the rigged case. I’m entitled to specificity just like anyone else. There is no crime. And think about it. Think about what he says. He doesn’t even know what the charges are. Well, this goes against the 6th Amendment. This is a violation of the 6th Amendment. The 6th Amendment guarantees the rights of a criminal defendant, including the right to a public trial without unnecessary delay, the right to a lawyer, the right to an impartial jury and the right to know who your accusers are and the nature of the charges and evidence against you.

Well, if Trump doesn’t know what this is, this is a violation of the 6th Amendment. I don’t think anyone knows what it is because the statute of limitations have run out on certain charges. They didn’t prove their case on other charges. They haven’t really told anyone what, what specific charges they are. So they’re violating his 6th amendment. Then Trump, he put this out and said it is ridiculous, unconstitutional and un american that a highly conflicted radical left judge is not requiring a unanimous decision on the fake charges against me brought by Soros back DA Alvin Bragg, a third world election interference hoax.

And he’s absolutely right. Rasmussen reports. Put this out and said Trump has called the prosecution in New York City part of a politically motivated witch hunt. Do you agree or disagree? Agree. Dems 33% Independence 46% GOP 81% all voters 52% again, Rasmussen reports. How likely is it that Trump will be found guilty by the jury in New York City? It’s likely. Dems 69% independents 46% GOP 43% all voters 53% so people, they already realize that he’s going to be found guilty. It’s a rigged trial. And Trump, he came out and said, listen, Mother Teresa could not beat these charges.

These charges are rigged. Take a listen. Thank you very much. I would say in listening to the charges from the judge is as you know, very conflicted and corrupt because of the confliction, very, very corrupt. Mother Teresa could not beat these charges. These charges are rigged. The whole thing is rigged. The whole country is a mess between the borders and fake elections. And you have a trial like this where the judge is so conflicted he can’t breathe, he’s got to do his job. And it’s not for me that I can tell you, it’s a disgrace. And I mean that Mother Teresa could not beat those charges.

But we’ll see. We’ll see how we do. So is he letting everyone know that, yeah, he’s going to be found guilty. I mean, I think the only way out of this is a hung jury where they could say, okay, the jury could make up their mind, it’s a hung jury. Merchant can go back to bite. I tried, I did my best. The prosecutors, they could say, listen, we tried, the jury just will not cooperate. Now they could go that route. But I think Trump wants the icing on the cake. I think he wants to show the people he’s the people’s president and he wants to set a precedent.

We’ll have to see how this turns out. But blueprint, he put this out and he’s referring to a post which is 30 717 December 17, 2019 it says the following first indictment unseal will trigger mass population awakening. First arrest will verify action and confirm future direction. They will fight, but you are ready. Marker nine. Then he says the following. It can be effectively argued that Trump indictments and judge unsealing confirming Jack Smith’s witch hunt criminality has triggered mass population awakening. DJT has skyrocketed in the polls since the first indictment, and the awakening exploding across America isn’t really debatable.

Now, if they arrest Trump again, it can also be argued that it’ll verify his pending victory in November and confirm future direction. DJ T taking the White House again also confirms our direction as it relates to the Q information. It’s no longer Q conspiracy, that mass arrests and justice are planned. Cash confirmed this on Tim pool show. They will indeed fight for their wicked lives, but WTP are without question ready for it now. They can’t divide MAGA we have become too damn strong. Look at marker nine. What do you suppose the odds are that either the jury delivers a guilty verdict on June 9 or that if DJT is found guilty ahead of the 9th, he will turn himself in to be arrested on the 9th? And it’s starting to look like that’s where we’re headed.

But let’s see how this all plays out. But I do believe Sean Davis pretty much sums it all up. He says, if you still have any faith in the rule of law and jury system in this country, the insane case against Trump in New York should probably be the nail in the coffin of those beliefs. The regime will invent crimes that don’t exist, charge you in front of juries that can’t read, subject to the whims of corrupt judges who explicitly say the Constitution doesn’t apply, and throw you in prison where guards disappear and cameras magically don’t work if you become an obstacle to total regime power in this country.

And he’s absolutely right. And that’s what this is all about. That’s what people are seeing. Trump brought these people out of the shadows, and he’s showing you the corruption. He’s showing you that he will not get a fair trial, which means the people of this country will not get a fair trial. Because once again, you know how the deep state fails feels about you. They call we the people names, deplorable MAGA extremists losers, clowns, you name it. And that should tell you everything you need to know. Trump, he put this out and said, can you imagine that I as a defendant, am not allowed to rebuke or correct the many lies told during the five hour filibuster just put on by the Soros back DA’s office in the Manhattan court.

What a disgraceful performance of misrepresentation it was. MAGA 2024. Then he just put out the post. Boring. And that reminds me of post 3787, January 23, 2020. Down below it says the following. Corruptees fighting for their lives to keep media government focused on POTUS, on Trump. Don’t worry, it won’t be boring forever. Which means everything is about to change. Clandestine put this out and said the Biden regime are in a lose lose situation. Trump has already won the court of public opinion. Even if they convict him, it will have an inverse effect and increases support. Meanwhile, the public are being normalized to accept imprisoning high profile politicians.

Precedent established? Absolutely. And we could see Dennis Quaid, who’s starring in the new movie Reagan. He was being interviewed and he was asked who he’s going to vote for. And he said, I’m voting for Trump. And I do believe he was being interviewed by Piers Morgan. But what’s very interesting is the reason he’s voting for Trump. The weaponization of the justice system. People are now starting to see it. People are understanding exactly what’s going on. Now, Biden, he is in quite a bit of trouble right now because remember, he was left off the Ohio ballot. But it looks like the DNC, they found a workaround to get Joe Biden on the Ohio ballot, and they’re going to use a virtual roll call to get him on the ballot.

Now, remember, the DS, they want Biden on the ballot. They want him to make sure, and it’s all secured that he is the guy. And once that happens, that’s when I think they’re going to make the move to have a change of batter. Now, again, they’re telling Biden, listen, you go out on your own, say you’re not running, we don’t care what it is, just do it. If you don’t, we’re going to continually put pressure on you, and if you don’t drop out, we’re going to force you out. And I do believe they’re going to be using the 25th Amendment.

What’s very interesting is that Michelle Obama’s dark money group launches a campaign to turn out likely Democrat voters. So Michelle Obama created and announced a coordinated campaign last week to target and register likely Democrat voters ahead of the 2024 election. The Obama founded when we all vote initiative launched its Culture of Democracy tour, a summer long effort to register, educate and engage thousands of voters and volunteers. This tour, according to the group’s press release, aims to bring voting to popular cultures through events, sweepstakes campaigns, voter registration drives and more, in partnership with the organization’s thousands of volunteers and partners.

So now we have Michelle Obama going all out trying to get voters engaged. Hmm. Is she planning something? Is Barack Obama planning something? It’s starting to seem that way. And what’s very interesting is that Department of State, they are very, very angry at Georgia, because, again, when states enact laws that go against the criminal syndicate and they can’t manipulate the elections, they get really, really pissed off. The Department of State put this out and said, the US condemns the georgian ruling party, passing an anti democratic foreign influence bill into law and moving Georgia away from the aspirations of its people.

Colonel Towner Watkins responded to this and said, the country of Georgia passes a Farah law and the US condemns it. You know why? Because it blocks the CIA front, ngo’s and companies from effing around in Georgia without registration or you go to jail. The US doesn’t want anyone blocking them from effing up the country. Just like we are all screaming, we don’t want China owning our farmland. But the state, CIA, overthrew multiple countries when they enacted land reform that limited foreign ownership. Because state and CIA doesn’t work for the citizens of the US. They work for the companies who own the land, like united fruit.

And that’s why the deep state is so angry. They don’t like states passing laws which doesn’t allow them to cheat in the election. And we can see there’s more and more states that are doing this. So if more and more states are doing this and they’re. And the deep states going to find it very, very difficult to cheat because it’s going to be too big to rig. What’s their next step? Do you think they can go ahead with the elections or are they going to try to delay it? Because if war is building, which we see it now, and we’re on the precipice of war, that means they have to convince the people that it’s time for war.

And the only way to convince the people is to actually have the people experience it and see it. Just like with COVID you needed to see the deaths. That’s why you had five governors they were instructed and they followed what they were told to do and they threw sick people into nursing homes so people would see the deaths. And the fake news, we report it saying, oh, my God, all the older people are dying. Plus they needed this for the bioweapon. So you saw it. The same thing is going to happen now with the war. You’re going to have to see it.

If someone just tells you, we’re going to war, do you believe it? No. Look, I. Sunny day today, I don’t see war. If you see an incoming missile and it’s on the news, twenty four seven and the military is trying to shoot it down, does that scare you? If maybe there’s an explosion in this country, would you believe that we’re going to war, that war is coming. Think about Pearl harbor. If Pearl harbor didn’t happen, do you think the people would say, let’s go to war? No, the people needed to be convinced. This is why they allowed Japan to bomb Pearl harbor, to convince the people we were just attacked and we must go to war.

They allowed it to happen. They’re going to have to do the same thing. I do believe there might be multiple attacks and the last one might be a cyber attack to delay the election, because that’s the only way you can convince the people. You could talk, you can keep telling people, but until something is done, nobody believes, nobody gets emotional. They don’t feel the fear. And the deep state loves people to feel the fear because fear makes people do stupid things. But I do believe this time around, people are going to be looking at this saying, well, I know everyone’s talking about war.

I don’t want to go to war. Is there anyone that’s talking about peace? And you’re only going to have one person talking about peace. And he knows all the players. And I do believe people are going to have to make a decision at this point. And I do believe when Trump wins the election, I do believe that’s when the fun starts. It won’t be boring anymore. I do believe people are going to see a lot of things start to happen. And it looks like we’re on our way. Insider paper put this out on Telegram. It says Trump and the GOP are the favorites to win the races for the White House and both chambers of Congress, House and Senate, according to decision desk headquarters.

Well, yes. If Trump is going to change this country, we need the patriots in the House, we need them in the Senate, and we need to pass laws, we need the installed people out. And I do believe as we get closer and closer to the presidential election, you’re going to see a lot of these, a lot of rhino say, yeah, I’m not running anymore because they’re going to see the writing on the wall and they’re going to say, I am out. Think about all the people that Trump’s are endorsing. All these people are going to win and we’re going to take over the House, we’re going to take over the Senate, we’re going to have the presidency.

And once we have that, these are going to be our representatives. And you’re going to see the country change. Now, again, the deep state, they’re going to fight every step of the way. It’s not going to be an easy battle because they’re going to be trying to bring us to war. They’re going to have chaos in this country. And even when we’re going to round them up, let’s say, where there’s charges being pressed, maybe by a lot of prosecutors and attorney generals, maybe the Department of Justice, the military, these people are going to try to create so much chaos that it distracts from what’s really going on.

But I do believe Trump at the patriots, they’re going to have this under control and we’re going to see justice in the end. And I do believe we’re going to see it as soon as Trump is elected, I mean, the next day. But I do believe you’re going to see a lot of things start to change, especially when we have people following the constitution, when we have people that represent us. And I do believe this is the beginning of taking back this country. Why? Because the patriots are in control. Listen, everyone, thanks a lot for listening.

Be well, be safe and especially be prepared. Thanks a lot.

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