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➡ David Nino Rodriguez discusses significant events such as the death of the Iranian president, the end of the petrodollar, and the rise of gold value. They suggest that these events indicate a major shift in the financial system, urging people to invest in gold as a safeguard. They also mention a historical shift from the gold standard to a system based on debt, criticizing this as a departure from ‘God’s money’. The speaker predicts more major changes to come, based on past patterns and current events.
➡ The text discusses global financial systems, focusing on the shift from the US dollar to the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and Saudi Arabia) system. It highlights how these countries, making up 70% of the world’s population, are creating their own currency due to dissatisfaction with the US’s control. The text also mentions the weaponization of the US dollar and the impact on countries like Russia and Iran. Lastly, it touches on biblical references and the potential for conflict due to these financial changes.
➡ The text discusses the significance of various religious and historical events, drawing parallels between them and current events. It suggests that just as Jesus was resurrected after three days, a significant event or change is imminent. The author believes that despite the odds, a miraculous event will occur, similar to biblical miracles, which will bring about a significant transformation or rebirth.
➡ The speaker believes a significant financial event, referred to as the third seal of revelation, is imminent. This event will devalue the world’s reserve currency and increase the value of gold and silver. The speaker suggests this shift will be a divine act, similar to biblical events, and urges people to prepare by investing in gold and silver. The speaker also mentions a timeline based on biblical prophecies and historical events, predicting these changes may occur in spring or early summer.


All right, folks, I’m back with Bull pony. We’re gonna be talking about a second Pentecost, the first Pentecost. The iranian president was killed in a helicopter crash. More big events are coming. We got June 9, the end of the petrodollar. All kinds of crazy stuff getting ready to happen, folks, as always, Bo, thank you so much for joining me. Before we get into this, folks, you got to get your gold and silver. Do you agree? Boom. Oh, yeah. This is, this is the end of the financial system as we know. So, people, you know, I’m telling you, something’s about to go down.

And it’s all predicated on the us financial system. The dollar gold has gone up more than 81% in the last five years, folks. It is happening. Central banks are ditching the dollar and us treasury and buying more gold. The good news is there good news? It is predicted to go up more. UBS even said it would go up to 5000. Could even go higher. Noble investments phone has been ringing off the hook. Everybody wants to protect their retirement with gold. You can do the same. And if you do that this month, Noble gold investments will give you a free one fourth ounce gold standard coin if you open a qualified account.

Golden Noblegold Investments calm Noble gold investments, folks, get started. Bo, man, I’m glad we’re doing a show today, folks. We’re also going to be doing a double header, a roundtable with Bo and Sheila home coming up probably next week. So that’s. I’m excited about that one. Bo, man, we’re in it now. We’re in the thick of it, aren’t we? Yes, absolutely. I think next week is the week we’ve been waiting for. I’ve been saying since February, watch the. Into the end of the 90 days. The end of the 90 days took us into the end of May.

And now we’re literally starting, we’re in that window right now where big things are expected to manifest. And technically, we’ll talk in a second, but I’ll show you why. Based on the Julian calendar, we’re still in May. I’m going to show you some things that I calculated this past week that are freaky. I don’t know how this is happening unless it’s by design, because it’s by design. And that’s literally what’s happening. So I got the screen up right here. This is from the New York Times, Sunday, June 9, 1974. This is the time point that Saudis signs up.

So Kissinger signs a petro dollar contract with the Saudis. And so literally, this Sunday is June 9. We are seeing the end of the 50 year cycle for the petrodollar, right? And they’re not going to. They’re not going to renew the contract either, are they? No. Well, this is the thing, right? So you got. I’ve been saying forever, this is like a critical time point, because when Nixon took us off the gold standard, like, look at the math behind this. So Nixon takes us off the gold standard on the 15 August 1971. And then you run 50 years to the exact day.

That’s when. That exact day we abandoned Kabul. So that exact day, okay? Nine days later, Saudis signed a military agreement with Russia. So I’ve been screaming since that event. Why? Because, see, the petrodollar. See, this has always been about 1970, okay? In 1970, what it was, was started with Roe v. Wade and then 71. In December of 71, the supreme Court that was first heard the case of Roe v. Wade, okay? It became law on January 20 of 73. Then you extend that time because at that same time window, it was in 71, Nixon took us off the gold standard.

It was in 75. Four on the 9 June, where we signed, finally, some of the petrodollar contract. So look. Look what we did in the seventies, okay? We, a nation founded. We founding fathers, were on their knees dedicating the United States to God. And then in the seventies, what do we do? We decided to kill the creator’s creation. And I’ve been screaming, that’s why we’re in this mess. And then we have a monetary system, which is an honest ledger. Nixon takes us off the gold standard, and that allows the globalists to create as much money as they want out of thin air, okay? Think I’m crazy? No, because remember the movie Gilligan’s island? Okay? The millionaire and his wife? I use that as an example.

Why? Because it’s so. Like when you watch that movie if you were a millionaire in the seventies, man, you got them. You’re the top of the food chain for money. Right? Now, here in California, I’m sure where you live to, every second house is a million dollars plus, okay? That’s just because they create money out of thin air. You know? That’s why there’s things in the world called debt collectors. They’re not. They’re not money collectors. They’re collecting on a debt means they created out of thin air. This stuff is. They’re just debt instruments. They’re not collecting money.

Money would be gold and silver, okay? Debts are. What if the Federal Reserve is creating nothing but debt? So then there’s debt collectors. Think about that. Debt collectors collect on a debt. They’re not collecting gold and they’re not collecting money. They’re collecting debts. This is the. It’s an illusion. It’s an illusion. So and so this money system. So in 70 we turned away. We as a nation found that under the Supreme Court we decide to kill the creator’s creation. We decide each other legally through the Supreme Court. Okay. Secondly, then we’d go off the gold standard.

And why is this so important? Because before that you could go to the bank and you might mine for some gold. You would drop a piece of gold off at the bank and then the bank would give you fiat where they would give you paper money. Why? Because it’s easy. You can’t cut a piece of gold in half if you want to buy something. So they give you money that you would transact. Let’s say you spent half of it. Then you could go back to the bank and you could drop off half that money and they would give you a smaller piece of gold back.

And so that would be the exchange. Once we’re off the gold standard, we have a money system that has nothing to do with God’s money. Because Hagai two ate the silver and the gold or mine saved the Lord. It’s right in scriptures. So silver and gold are God’s money. Okay, so now we’re a nation founded under God who’s killing the creator’s creation. We’re a nation found that under God decided we have a better money system than God’s money. We’re going to use paper and we’re going to detach it from gold. And then we’re going to create as much of it as we want because we can.

Right. And it does grow on trees. It does grow on trees. You got JFK literally grows on trees. JFK. What do you. I’m not gonna say much about him, but basically he came out and he says, you know, there’s a little, there’s a secret group they can do and they have unlimited funding. Why do they have unlimited funding? Why did he say that? Because they do. They can create money out of thin air. They have for them, it grows on trees. They can make as much as they want of it. And what have they done with it? Well, first off, they’ve been making as much as they want with it.

Okay. That’s why we went from millions to maybe a billion in the seventies, eighties to. And then the money supply went straight vertical. Right. So we went from 1000 million is a billion thousand billions. A trillion. A thousand trillions of quadrillion. And we’re in the multiple quadrillions. And I use this example, and I’ll use it again. Nino, count to a million. It’ll take you twelve days. Not sleeping. Nino, count to a quadrillion. You can’t, because it’ll take you 31 million years. Not sleeping. Jeez. So that’s. So we’ve created money out of. So we went from a little droplet of money in the seventies, eighties, to an ocean of money.

And now you wonder why everything’s so expensive. And then. Let’s take it further. Then, 71, Nixon takes us off the gold standard. 74, we decide to base it on something. So we. We approach the Saudis and say, listen, we will give you military protection provided that you sell your oil in only us denominated treasury bonds. Okay? And that’s over now. Well, so think of the event. So people, ask yourself these questions, just like, don’t listen to me or Nino, ask yourself these questions. Okay. So Nixon takes us off the gold standard. 71, 50 years later, to the more Kabul fails.

Nine days fell. Nine days later, the neighbors, Saudis of Kabul. Hey, call up ringy dinghy. Call up Russia. Hey, listen, we have a petrodollar contract with the United States, but they just abandoned our neighbor. So you mind maybe giving us some military protection? Putin’s like, yes, absolutely. No problem. They signed a military agreement with Russia nine days later. Why would the Saudis need a military protection or a contract with a superpower when they’re with the world’s superpower? Right? But at the time, you have to understand who’s. Look who. Look who’s controlling the administration. They could care less about anybody but themselves.

Why? Because they want to bring on, you know, their agenda. We don’t need to get the details of what their agenda is. You talk about it all day. And so they want to bring on their agenda, and so they take us off the gold standard. 50 years later, the Saudis sign a military agreement with. With Russia, which is freaky, because they don’t need it. They’re with the world’s superpower. But they decide, no, no, we don’t trust that contract. So now they signed a military agreement with Russia. Now, this is critical, because who’s. You know who’s the head of the brics right now? Putin.

Russia. Okay, so what. And what did Putin say when he did the interview with Tucker? You know the stupidest thing? You think he used the word stupid? He goes, the stupidest thing that United States could have ever done is weaponize the US dollar. Look what they’ve done with Iran. Look what they’re doing with, with Russia. They take them. How they weaponize it is they take them off what’s called a swift system. So a swift system means that I could click, not click. I would have to go to the bank, but I would enter the information and then via the fed wire system, money would be wired to Nino’s account.

Okay? Now if Nino was, they didn’t want Nina be part of this, then they would, they would not allow Nino to receive that wire. Okay? So they get in the middle. Where does Satan operate? In the middle. Right? And so the fed system, the fed wire system allows them to control who gets the funds. Who gets the money? They can. They can shut it down. So they shut down the fed wire system for Russia. They shut down the fed wire system for Iran. And so this is a world currency, but at the same time, too, certain nations can’t use it anymore.

So what happened, what is happening is very clear. Russia, Saudi Arabia, the BRICS. Like, ah, you know what? We had enough of you guys creating money out of thin air. We’re going to create our own money. So now that’s. Now it’s called the BRICS. And this is a huge problem because the BRICS, Nino comprise, think about this, 70 plus percent of the world’s population. Yeah, it’s huge. So Brazil, Russia, India, China, and now the crazy part is the Saudis are joining, becoming a part of the Brits. Which means what? Okay, so the petrodollar, the contract that I showed earlier, was signed in June of 74.

Remember, it’s petro dollar, okay, which means what? It means that specifically the petro was made up by the Saudis and the dollar was the military protection that was provided for the Saudis. Saudis didn’t trust a contract. They bailed. And they now, you know, they have a contract with Russia. Point I’m trying to make in all of this is if you pull the petrol out, all you’ve got is the dollar. All you’ve got is fiat. And people. Please google this. Fiat money has no intrinsic value. So fiat money has no intrinsic value. And so you’ve got the world superpowers outside of the United States, but Brazil, Russia, India, China, super power.

Basically nations that have immense amount of people, population and finance, okay? That are basically saying, we’ve had enough of this game. Because that’s all it is, is a game. It’s smoke and mirrors, okay? And they’ve had enough of it. They’ve now for the basket maybe eight or ten years been working on the bricks. So they’ve now got. Think of it like a tunnel, okay? So that tunnel, that fed wire systems. A tunnel. So you put the money in the tunnel and it comes out. They control what goes through that tunnel. Now there’s another tunnel called the BrICS tunnel, right? So there’s two systems of sending money.

You don’t need the fed wire system anymore because there’s an alternate, and all you need is all the countries of the world, or majority of them deciding to go with it. Bingo. They say, you know, we had enough. And as of this day, we are no longer using the US dollar as a. And we’re considered. We no longer consider it the world deserved currency. You guys can call it whatever you want, but as of this day forward, we are officially going forward with this new financial system. So hence, here comes more war, right? And look, look what happened with Qaddafi, okay? I’ve shown videos of that, or pictures of that before.

The moment you go off the gold standard and you try to sell oil and other currencies. Look, in Qaddafi, right? But these were little countries, okay? So very quickly they can go in and, you know, call these. Go in and say whatever you want. But now you got a problem, because this is not a country. This is 70% of the world population, of which we’re literally talking Russia, China, militarily based, nuclear based countries. So you just can’t go in and pretend that Saddam Hussein or Gaddafi, this is a whole different ballgame. And they’ve all come together.

You know that saying is my enemy’s enemy is my friend. Okay? So what you’re seeing right now, not that Russia and China are best buddy buddies, okay? But who’s their enemy, right? The United States, because they’ve had enough of the United States of what they’re doing. So my enemies enemies. And so these other countries are coming together, all coming up against. And this is biblical because this will be considered Goliath. So who’s Goliath? It’s the Federal reserve system. The Federal reserve system is what they’ve used to build Babylon. And so we’ve talked about Babylon in the past, but you really need to, like, we all really need to understand what that means is when you understand what Babylon truly is, it’s a worldwide control system.

This is Babylon right here. It’s a worldwide control system. They’ve used this beast. It’s a beast system. And they’ve used the money. It’s like the onion, right? There’s layers to the onion. And so, like, you do an amazing job, David. You expose, like, you know, these other characters that are all getting called out right now. So I don’t want to drop names, but, you know, you’ve said enough people out there that are basically being exposed of what’s done that, what they’re doing, right? But understand, all of these people that are. These players that are being exposed right now, they’re the outer surface of the onion.

That’s it. Okay? The core is the beast, right? The core is the beast. And the beast is what. It’s really crystal clear. It’s what we’ve talked about with the kazarian mafia. You can read revelation two nine. They say they are certain group of people, but they’re not. They’re from the synagogue of Satan. Okay? So these people founded this right here. They founded this right here in 1913. The Federal Reserve was founded in 1913. It’s interesting that the origins of the Arab Israel war started in 1913. It’s interesting that that’s when the Federal Reserve. 1913. Yeah. The Federal Reserve act came in, what, a.

During Christmas vacation? Yeah, yeah, exactly. When everybody’s on vacation, they come in. So this is exactly when this. Oh, wow. Okay, so all of. So we’re. Another conflict is happening now, right? The Arab Israel conflict happening right now. You’ve, for the first time in history, is Iran is actually attacked. So it’s like everything just repeats. It’s cycles. It’s cycles. But it’s a specific cycles of specific timing. We’re literally talking about Iran now attacking Israel. And it says, very clear. I forget the scripture, but it says in scriptures, it says, if you attack Israel, you will be destroyed.

Okay. God will come against you if you come against Israel. Well, what a coincidence. Look who attacked Israel. And look what happened to the president of Iran 40 days after the eclipse. You see what I’m trying to show you? You see, none of this is political. It’s biblical. Iran shot missiles at Israel, and 40 days later, look what happened to the president of Iran. I’m bringing this up because this is very important. It says, Jonah, three four. And Jonah three four says, God will bring judgment in 40 days. It starts in 40 days. Well, we had this eclipse.

It was on the 8th. You run 40 days and you go, takes you to May 18, 19th weekend. May 18, 19th weekend. We had the president of Iran die. This is crazy because no one knows how he died. No one’s talking about it anymore. He’s just dead because we know this thing was an act of God. This was. Whatever happened, it was an act of God. I’m telling you. And this is interesting because this takes us to the concept of Pentecost. Okay? So why I’m bringing this up? And before I bring Pentecost up, I want to talk about the sign of Jonah.

Jonah three, four says, in 40 days, God will bring judgment. And then you read Matthew twelve, and it says, a wicked. Tell me this is not the United States and the world renowned and the world are now a wicked and adulterous generation. A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a sign, but none will be given. None will be given except the sign of Jonah. So God gave a sign on the weekend of Pentecost number one. The weekend of Pentecost number one, Iran’s president, who struck Israel was killed. Now, why I’m bringing up Pentecost number one and Pentecost number two, this is really interesting, because how this happen? Let’s look at the year 2020 in 2020.

We all know Jesus, like, you don’t need the third temple anymore. Why? Because it was for sacrifice. But Jesus was the sacrifice. So the point is, Jesus was the final Adam, but he was the. He was the Passover lamb. Okay, so when does Passover lamb come back to life? Resurrection. Okay, so why I’m saying this? Because Easter Sunday in the year 2020 occurred on April 12 in that same window of time between the 8th and the 16th was Passover. So there was a zero spread. In other words, Passover and resurrection Sunday were on the mark. They were the same time point.

Now, think about this. We all watched May Sunday, March 31. Sunday, March 31 was resurrection Sunday. 50 days from that was when the president of Iran was killed. That was Pentecost. But you’re saying there’s a second Pentecost. Well, because from the hebrew calendar, and I’m showing you this is hebrew calendar relative to our calendar in 2020, the hebrew calendar and our calendar were lined up. Are you with me? But this time around, the hebrew calendar. So the hebrew calendar this time around is not lined up with our calendar. The hebrew calendar was Pentecost. You can google this, but I’m trying to find the slide.

But it’s April 20 22nd. So April 22, April 22, Pentecost. So if you run 50 days, because 50 days from March 31 was May 18 19th, 50 days from April 22, the Hebrew Passover 50 days is specifically June next week, June 11. Damn. So what can we expect to happen June 11 in your mind? This is the crazy part. I’m just telling you I believe I would say this, it’ll be again the sign of Jonah, but it’ll be judgment. God’s going to bring judgment on the global elite. Something’s about to go down here and so let’s kind of put some pieces together.

So we have, we’ve spoken before on your show. I think we even called one of them. Mayday, mayday, mayday. I’ve heard three prophets use the word mayday, mayday, mayday. I’m still telling, I’m still on the point of May Day, may day, mayday. Because if you study the julian calendar, we’re still in May. Today is the 4 June, but the 22 May. Interesting. Julian calendar, the julian calendar runs two weeks behind. Why is that important? Oh, it’s not important. No, no, it is, because the roman calendar, which we’re using right now, roman times, you know, when you.

Somebody had a good point, your computer programs are always, you know, the default font is always timed roman, like the month. The month, like dis is ten, it’s not the 12th month. Okay, so we’re using the roman calendar. But the roman calendar wasn’t in existence during Jesus. It’s only 400 years old. Roughly what was in existence during the time of Jesus was the julian calendar. It started like, I think 60 BC or 40 BC. So it’s like 220 years old. So it’s older than when Jesus was on the earth. So this is more, more an accurate calendar, the julian calendar.

So running the julian calendar today is only the 22 May. This is where it gets interesting, because if we look at the calendar, so that right here we got the fourth or the 22 May, we’re still in May, we go into this weekend is the 8th, 9th of the gregorian or the roman calendar, but specifically this 9th, because when they used the petrodollar contour, the Kissinger, they were using the gregorian calendar. Okay, so if we use that gregorian calendar, that takes us to this Sunday. So 50 years, I’m just looking at the time window. That’s this Sunday would be the end of the 50 year contract for the Kissinger, saudi contract, and that’s this Sunday, the 9th.

But that’s only still. This is only the 27 May. Now, two days later, if we run it doesn’t matter what clock you’re using, we’re just counting 50 days from April, 2250 days from April 22. The hebrew calendar Passover is two days later, the 11th of the 11th. Sorry, the. Yeah, the 11th. We should expect something to happen. But that’s the 29 may still. Right. And this is cool. Part. I didn’t ask your question. Two days later is a credible time point, because two days later is the last day of May. So that’s the 13th. And on that day, understand this.

How does this work out? That’s the last day. President, 45. That’s the last day. He is 77 years old. How does it work that on. On June 13, it’s the last day. He’s 77 years old. He turns 78 on the 14th. The 14th on the Julian counter is actually June 1. Interesting. Wow. And then that takes. Where does his verdict play into all this? Well, this is the interesting part on the verdict, right? When you look at the verdict, let’s. I’m not saying trump is not Jesus, but Trump used but God. So trump is not Jesus, but God uses all things, and there’s things called echoes and shadows of the past.

Okay, so let’s look at what happened with Jesus. It’s very simple. I can use two words. Sham trial. Jesus was put through a sham trial. And what was his verdict? Guilty. Guilty. We just saw 45 go through a. Yep, yep. Don’t say that. Trial. What was the verdict? Guilty. So what I’m showing you is a type and shadow of what’s coming. Okay. We’re about to step into something wild. I don’t know what that means, but I’m telling you, we’re at a moment in time where we’re about to witness. I truly believe I kept hearing this morning, trump card.

Trump card. Trump card. I kept hearing at 03:00 a.m. when I get it. 03:00 a.m. trump card. Trump. Like Google, I wanted to. What is the true definition of trump card? And it’s basically, it’s the card that wins any hand. It’s a secret card. In other words, it’s God’s card. And so we’re waiting for a moment in time that probably, statistically, is a one in 24 trillion chance. And why I’m joking about that number is because I literally googled, what’s the possibility of a black swan event happening? And, you know, it’s crazy. It said one in 24 trillion.

I don’t think either the scientists make these numbers up. But my point of the whole conversation is it’s a one in a one in. Like, that joke is, you know, so you’re saying there’s a chance. Right. But the chance is so small that it’s next to zero. But the point I’m trying to say is, when you put your odds of things happening on God, it ends up being 100%. So I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m telling you what happened with the sham trial. Shortly thereafter, Jesus was dead. Okay? My point of that is the United States, the corporation, all capital letters.

People look at your name on a driver’s license. It’s all capital letters. Look at your name on a birth certificate. All capital. The corporation must die to be reborn. So something’s got it. And then. So we’re going to go dark. It’s going to get scary. Don’t be surprised that we see military action. We go dark, we go scary. Whatever it means. Three days later, Jesus rose from the dead to the greatest. He rose from the death. He rose, he rose, he resurrected. This is the whole bottom line of Christianity. I don’t care what version of the Bible you read.

Every one of them say on the third day he rose from the dead and conquered evil. So we’re about to see something go downwards. On the third day we will see the greatest victory in history. Something’s about to go down. I don’t know. We can all feel it. I mean, come on, everyone can feel it. I mean, it’s in the air. I mean, we all feel it, but. But we need God. Like in other words, why I’m saying that is because without see, at the Red Sea, Israel was finished. They needed a miracle and they got it.

They got the one in 24 trillion chance. We need the Red Sea moment. We need the miracle. We need. We need the miracle. Jesus Christ was dead in the tomb. Evil one, look what they’re doing. When Jesus was in the tomb, they even called it good Friday because they were celebrating. Get it? Evil was celebrating when Jesus was in the tomb. Turn on the news right now. Who’s celebrating? The same people that created the sham trial. They’re all celebrating. You see what I’m saying? Celebrations turn boomerang on them. So when, when God intervenes, the celebrations turn into a boomerang and it becomes the worst day of their life.

And it only takes 24 hours for this event to go down. I don’t know what that means. I’m just fastening my seatbelt. I’m telling you. Next. I honestly believe it’s like, I don’t know the day of the hour it’s going to go down, but all the stars are, all the mathematics are literally saying next week because of if God’s going to do something, you know? I do know one thing is like we, we saw all he’s taken from the earth at Pentecost with a George Floyd riots. Yep. In Pentecost, year 2020. The equivalent to that time point is June 11.

Pentecost. What happens? I don’t know, but it will be related because that was the second seal of revelation. The second seal was peace was taken from the earth. So that was the second seal of revelation, the second horseman. So what we’re looking for right now, Nino, is not the second seal because that’s already open. So what we’re waiting for is specifically the third seal of revelation. The third seal is the greatest financial event in human history. So what would that mean? It would mean the takedown of the world’s reserve currency of how they built Babylon. And that would mean the flipping of the financial skills.

That would be the moment that Christ walked into the temple and flipped the tables on the money changers. So their money, it’s like their money that’s worth everything, become worthless. In other words, it’s not going to go to zero, but it gets dethroned as the world reserve currency. And suddenly God’s money, gold and silver, explodes, you see? So the fall of mystery, Babylon is tied in directly with the flipping of the financial scales. It’s tied in directly with what happened when Belshazzar was partying and drinking, partying, drinking out of the golden chalices. What are they doing? They just won in the courts.

They’re celebrating. They’re partying. And suddenly. I’ll leave it on this. And suddenly a hand appeared and wrote on the wall, many, many, Tekel, afharseeb, you evil ones have been weighed in the balances. You evil ones have been found wanting. And your kingdom on how you built it has come to an end and will be given not this time to the Medes and the Persians, but to the church. So this is the flipping of the financial scales. So in my heart, I truly believe it goes down this spring. God historically has moved on his feast. These are not my points of time.

They’re his. He created the times and the seasons. He’s spoken through his prophets. The great wealth transfer starts in spring. Spring doesn’t end until June 20, the last day of spring. On top of that, we’ve got still, we’re in May and we’ve got a biblical feast, huge feast that opened the second seal of revelation four years ago. And I personally am waiting for the start, the start of the great undo for the great redo. And Daniel twelve seven says, it shall be for a time, times and a half a time. This is scripture, and I’ll leave it here.

The scripture says this, it shall be for a time, times and a half a time. That is in terms of timeline, a 1260 days. 1260 days. So Jesus got baptized and his ministry was 1260 days. Then they killed him on the cross. Okay, what happened with the inauguration of January 20, 2021? This is beautiful. 1260 days it shall be. So that evil that has been will be for 1260 days. 1260 days from the inauguration, 2021 is this 4 July. How does that math work? 4 July, really? To the exact day. Wow. All right, let’s see. We’ve got historic going on.

I know. So lots of things to look forward to. Yeah. So basically this weekend, Sunday the 9th, and then two days later is the 11th. That’s Pentecost. Two days later, last day, Trump, 77 years old. 77 has been all over Trump. I’ve done the math on that, so I don’t know, except I am fastening my seatbelt. Whatever goes down, God’s in control. June is expand. Then we’ve got God stating through several prophets, the great wealth transfer comes in spring. Okay, so spring ends in the 20th. And then that leads us into 4 July. What happens? I don’t know.

But I sure hope people have listened to you. Listened to me. I sure hope people are outside of the financial system. I truly hope people are holding silver and gold. I’m not giving financial advice. I’m telling you, when God flips the financial scales, you better be holding God’s money. And let’s leave it at that. All right, Bo, where can people find you gold? 2020 and that’s my website. Go to YouTube, put my name there. More recent videos. But Nino, thank you for giving me this platform. Got it. And we’re gonna do, we’re gonna do sheila home next week, correct round.

Absolutely. Absolutely. Oh, and then to finish up too, those who want. I got my book, so I’ll go to my website. If you want the book, man. The book is all of what I’ve talked about. There’s like, details, beyond details in this book, more than we’ve even talked about. And it’s incredible how God has lined all of this up perfectly. You don’t, when you read this book, you’re going to realize how perfect the math is. So none of this is random. God. God is in complete control, but he’s not in control of you because that’s why Adam and Eve fell.

You see, there’s free will. And so ultimately, Christ is coming back. Christ is returning. We know that. Okay. But when he returns, will he say to you, well done, my loyal, faithful servant, or who will he say to you? I don’t know you. Which side of the fence are you sitting on? If he don’t know you, okay. You’re going to be in hell with Satan for all eternity. If you look at eternity in terms of us, a line of time, it’s literally slash your finger through it. That’s our lifetime. Eternity just goes forever. All right, Bo, thank you so much, man.

Folks, get over to see about gold forecast. What is it? Gold forecast. Gold 2020. Gold 2020. All right. All right, Bo. God bless. Thank you.

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